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Open file (329.95 KB 474x476 ClipboardImage.png)
Meta Meta thread Robi Board owner 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:09:05 No.2
1. Stay on topic (site issues, board issues, etc.)
2. Don't post or link content illegal in the United States of America
3. While we all appreciate autistic drama, try to not get too involved in shitflinging between boards
4. Enjoy your stay
Shekel Beg/Give Me Money
This bunker costs foreskins to operate. I can cover it from my pocket but if people could chime in that'd be great. I need $33/mo to run this place. I'll use any surplus to cover for the next month.
If everyone who read this donated $1, I would earn more than Ethan Ralph does in a week.
BTC 1LK5C1oHBMiGwc3nSGa8Xioc6AApy5NBk3
ETH 0x5B9ab40e2098F5eF0c88fEe2e594BA318752a788
If you have other currencies/anonymous payment methods I'll add them.
Server Specs
2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz
Source Code
Frontend: https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx 2.2.x branch
Backend: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/ 2.2.15 branch
- https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring

This thread is the "I have a small problem that's not worth a thread" thread.
Edited last time by robi on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 18:35:12.
Hi BO. I just wanted to ask if it is okay to call on people say streloks on other obscure bunkers like 08chan to here? I kind of have suspicions that 08chan is infested with feds, journos, and other undesirables so I wouldn't want to cause everyone here to much trouble.

Thanks for everything though, it's very comfy here and it feels good to be back.
The server has been upgraded.
That would be great. Just tell them to request a board as explained in the board request thread.
Open file (38.83 KB 192x192 pedophile.png)
Testing a LynxChan vulnerability.
Testing a LynxChan vulnerability #2.
Open file (1.41 MB 6250x3508 8ch_evacuation.png)
Hello, I'm an admin of smuglo.li. There has been a bunch of talk about setting up a webring of bunkers, and ideally I'd like to start one off with our two sites. If it works, we could perhaps expand it to cover most if not all other bunkers as well (it will be easier to sell to other bunkers if we have something working first). 8ch may well come back up, but at this point I really don't think we can rely on it any more.
I like this idea, reminds me of 90s web. The admin here usually comes around a few hours from now.
This could be the dawn of a new, old age. If one of our heads gets cut, another two will form in its place.
Hey. Talked to you on IRC. I added an initial version of the webring to here.
I'll make the addon publicly available soon.
Source code for the webring addon released. Check the OP.
Hey, there seems to be an issue when I try to connect to here on Waterfox. The site keeps timing out on me.

It can't be a VPN issue since I'm posting on Iridium right now on the same laptop. There's seems to be an issue with the https. I'm using the SmartHTTPS addon.
Anon I sent the admin a message and I'm sure he'll check into this whenever he's awake. Just as a long shot could you please attempt doing a hard refresh to clear your local cache to see if it solves the issue? Some js files were recently updated here.
To add more info:
OS: Fedora 30 64-bit
Kernel: 5.2.7-200.fc30.x86_64
Browser: Waterfox 56.2.12 64-bit
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0

Cookies Exterminator 2.9.4
Decentraleyes 2.0.12
Smart HTTPS 0.2.9
Tab Groups 2.1.4
Tampermonkey 4.9.5941
uBlock Origin 1.21.2
uMatrix 1.3.17rc4
User-Agent Switcher 1.3.9
Zotero Connector 5.0.57
Cisco's OpenH264 Video Codec 1.6

VPN: Mullvad with the 2019.4 client
Thanks friend! Clearing the cache and using Safe Mode at the same time didn't solve the issue. I know Waterfox had some issues the past few months rendering certain sites, but from what you or another anon said in smugloli, you didn't seem to have a problem with your copy of Waterfox.
Do you have any Linux/BSD handy? Can you post the output of "curl https://julay.world/ -k -vv"?
You can run that command on Windows by downloading curl from https://curl.haxx.se/windows/, extracting it into a folder, shift+right clicking on the folder and clicking "Open Command Prompt Here" in the context menu, then entering the command above followed by "> curloutput.txt" then uploading it/pasting the output. If it works without your VPN but doesn't with your VPN, check if your VPN allows you to expose a SOCKS port and then you can provide it to curl with something like "curl --proxy socks5h:// ...rest of the command..."
Apparently I'm blind and can't read that you have Fedora, sorry. Just run the curl command and let me know of the output.
So I don't know what was done last night but errors I have been getting for julay world have been replaced with 504 - host took long to respond errors
I have a bit of problem. The output is too long for a regular post and I can't post the txt file I saved the output to.

Is it possible to add .txt files as a supported file format?

I'll just go ahead and post only the stuff involving the actual connection in the meantime.
[anon@meta ~]$ curl https://julay.world/ -k -vv
* Trying
* Connected to julay.world ( port 443 (#0)
* ALPN, offering h2
* ALPN, offering http/1.1
* successfully set certificate verify locations:
* CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
CApath: none
* TLSv1.3 (OUT), TLS handshake, Client hello (1):
* TLSv1.3 (IN), TLS handshake, Server hello (2):
* TLSv1.2 (IN), TLS handshake, Certificate (11):
* TLSv1.2 (IN), TLS handshake, Server key exchange (12):
* TLSv1.2 (IN), TLS handshake, Server finished (14):
* TLSv1.2 (OUT), TLS handshake, Client key exchange (16):
* TLSv1.2 (OUT), TLS change cipher, Change cipher spec (1):
* TLSv1.2 (OUT), TLS handshake, Finished (20):
* TLSv1.2 (IN), TLS handshake, Finished (20):
* SSL connection using TLSv1.2 / ECDHE-RSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305
* ALPN, server accepted to use h2
* Server certificate:
* subject: CN=alogs.theguntretort.com
* start date: Aug 12 21:40:52 2019 GMT
* expire date: Nov 10 21:40:52 2019 GMT
* issuer: C=US; O=Let's Encrypt; CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3
* SSL certificate verify ok.
* Using HTTP2, server supports multi-use
* Connection state changed (HTTP/2 confirmed)
* Copying HTTP/2 data in stream buffer to connection buffer after upgrade: len=0
* Using Stream ID: 1 (easy handle 0x56500de84870)
> GET / HTTP/2
> Host: julay.world
> User-Agent: curl/7.65.3
> Accept: */*
* Connection state changed (MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS == 128)!
< HTTP/2 200
< server: nginx/1.14.2
< date: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:30:52 GMT
< content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
< content-length: 6132
< last-modified: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:21:43 GMT
< vary: Accept-Encoding
< accept-ranges: bytes
< expires: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:30:52 GMT
That seems alright. You might want to check your VPN as mentioned above.
Requesting a bittorent tracker for sharing&aggregating peers and files:
That way when this bunker does eventually go down, we can continue threads later, an "no file" is lost.
If abuse come by, that's on peers and not you.
Why, it's a torrent just use the DHT.
Open file (27.94 KB 540x532 1533444879830.jpg)
Is there a better way to call up catalog than typing catalog.html into the address bar?
Open file (5.14 KB 395x166 here.png)
Open file (8.61 KB 439x48 ii.jpg)
But then it seems I have a different issue.
What's your browser?
I've been meaning to add a text link for the catalog in the usual place but I've been busy with other things
Niggerfox I know...
But the same thing happens on different browsers as well, so it's not just that.
I don't know. Does anything happen if you click where the images are supposed to be? Are you blocking the CSS?
They aren't images I'm too used to web 1.0. What's your OS and what language/character set are you using?
They work fine I just can't see them. It's not big deal I suppose now that I know where they are it's just weird, lol.
I'm going to guess they're just the same color as the background and your OS color settings are over writing what the CSS here is set to.
Open file (20.29 KB 292x92 yyy.jpg)
Is it something I can fix?
Because tracker helps you find shit between unknown peers. Everyone that I know refuses to have their client dug for files.
Open file (32.80 KB 714x124 Untitled.png)
Do you see these icons in the top left of the header and in each post?
PenumbraLynx seems to depend on an Icons font to be locally installed, and some people don't seem to have it. I'll replace it with a local instance of fontawesome instead, and add text descriptions.
It should be fetching the Icons font from the static folder. I suspect their browser isn't loading it.
Had a weird issue with a captcha earlier on. Should have tried to take screencap but will remember to do so next time.

Essentially it asked for captcha, entered it, nothing happened. Eventually closed box and tried to post. Got failed captcha. Tried to post again, made several runs to 100% before by post went through. Not quite sure what is going on.
That's odd but I did restart the server a couple times to update the webring addon earlier today. Maybe it was just bad luck?
I think there's a problem with the webring plugin. /animu/ shows up as a local board instead of a webring link.
I think I know what it is. The /animu/ webring.json hasn't got a title property. I'll ask the BO to set it.
Nope, but there are also there and work, just invisible
Figured out the reason. Since they didn't add the title before, and the lynx webring addon checks for that when determining whether a board is local or webring, it showed up as a local board. It updates hourly so it should be fixed soon.
That's really odd. I thought it could be a webfont problem but I see from your screenshot that your browser has loaded the hack webfont which is the regular text font.
Why is vch.moe blacklisted from the webring here? /v/ and /tv/ are bunkered there.
Fuck off CakeJew
im not mark tho
Okay Mark
Like I said it happens in other browsers, too. Everything else loads properly, I dunno what's with these two elements.
Open file (50.66 KB 1383x164 ClipboardImage.png)
1. With the page open in Firefox, open the network dev tool (CTRL+SHIFT+E)
2. Click the "Fonts" box and check the "Disable Cache" checkbox.
3. Reload the page with F5

You should have something like the attachment if it's loading them both properly.
nope, no difference
Does it have both fonts listed like in the screenshot though?
it's empty
wait I did a thing, yes it's showing. When I reloaded it the empty spaces turn into boxes like something was about to load but then nothing did and it's back to normal
On mobile i know phonefag the comment message block when you click on a reply sticks until u refresh
vch follows julay, and because the webring is recursive, and the other bunkers follow vch, it's not that big deal if julay blacklisted vch. As strange as it is.
It would be best if the circle was completed, julay is the only odd one out at this point. Blacklisting vch is just petty, even if it's cakejew.
fuck mark
Fair. The webring is working as intended. julay doesn't want to show Mark. It won't show Mark. The bunkers that do, will show it. That's the whole point.
Mark is a liability, I'm surprised any bunker is willing to associate with him.
>It would be best if the circle was completed, julay is the only odd one out at this point. Blacklisting vch is just petty, even if it's cakejew.
It's working as intended. Every site can list whoever they want. He should be thankful anyone is willing to link back to him at all after what he pulled the other day.
Is it possible to have post deletion without a password?
aaauuuggghhh no
homosexual in fact of course
Robi what did I press that closed that gay threads window on the right. Did it accidentally and can't repeat it now.
Open file (84.10 KB 388x292 gaysidebarcontrols.png)
Can you filter spacecancer so that fags couldn't shill it?
Would it be possible to implement formatting keboard shortcuts the way 8chan had? E.g., ctrl+S for spoiler, ctrl+I for italics, ctrl+B for bold, ctrl+R for srs bidness, and so on.
I manged to get it work via excepting julay from the SOCK5 proxy. I can understand if you guys can't support proxies for server security, but I don't like it when the client has trade his own security just to use the site.
Why is the file size here so gay? I mean, only 12mb? Come on.
Every BO can set their own.
Oh I see, good to know.
It would be helpful to have the boards name listed on their threads when viewing the overboard. This is not of vital importance since mousing over the reply button displays the address in my browsers status bar and I can usually tell where the thread is from by its content but I'm still making this post anyway.
Speaking of the overboard, I've noticed that posts still appear on there even if the board they were posted on is delisted. Defeats the point of delisting a bit if everyone can just see the entire board's activity anyway.
How do you embed Youtube links in a post?
Just post the url and anyone reading will be given the option to watch it embedded.
That thread was posted before the board was delisted. We need to re-index the overboard. It'll probably get done tomorrow sometime.
I want to raise awareness to the fact that /x/ does not have a banner. Can the BO or site owner pls fix this so it doesn't look like the dead bunker it is.
I'll let the BO know whenever he shows back up. In the meantime I'll see about making a default banner that'll show on all boards.
add relative time option to see when replies were posted and view replies in tree form like back in the good ol' days
Something I just noticed--if you spoiler an image using BO privileges, and that image is in the OP, its thumbnail still remains unspoilered in the catalog.
So not sure why but I tried using this site from the same browser and computer from different locations, each time making sure to clear cache, and only a few legit locations let me access this site. I keep getting 504 server took too long to respond errors. This was not an issue before the site's name change.
It seems like there's a sitewide limit to the filesize. It cannot be raised above 12 MB at the board level.
Is there a reason I need a captcha after every post?
I like the pseudo Hacknet-esque look the place has, but we definitely need more than 2 skins.
This is something that can be set by the BO so it'll vary depending on what board you're using.

This has been reported by a few anons. Anything you can provide as far as your local configuration would be helpful.

My guess would be it's cached on the server and the cache just needs to be refreshed but I'm unsure.

This can be enabled under settings.

Working on adding new CSS styles.

Admin is a bit busy but I'll direct him to this thread.
increased to 18m
will ask lynxchan dev
is it still there? then it's a lynxchan bug. will ask the dev
just post it and an [embed] link will appear next to it
default banner underway
>relative time option
settings > other
>tree view
haven't had this issue with 3 different VPNs, maybe the site was overloaded when you were trying to hit it. if it happens again post your browser info and public VPN and if you want find me on rizon (username robi) and we can figure it out
block bypasses are enabled for dnsbls-blocked ips, however you will need to enable cookies, otherwise it won't work.
i'll add more themes soon.
>increased to 18m
Thanks my man, you're a good admin. I'm occasionally getting (connection failed) when uploading files though, even when its just one file that is smaller than the
new limit.
I think the (connection failed) bug is gone, I can post files again. Forgive the shitty formatting on my previous post by the way, I'm sleepy and made a mistake.
>webrings in the wrong file
No about:
Failure at weeks old/10
I've been getting Connection Failed too. Still hasn't gone away.
>is it still there? then it's a lynxchan bug. will ask the dev
We ended up setting the board to listed anyway, so I couldn't tell you. Someone said the overboard needed to be re-indexed to solve it, but it seems a bit silly that it'd have to be done manually like that.

I do have another issue though; I've noticed that all post times are displayed to me in a different timezone to the one I'm actually in, and I think it's likely because I'm using a VPN. Most other imageboards I've used seem to use "local time" automatically, so it's never been an issue before. I don't know a thing about webdev, but I see Lynxhub has a "local time" option in the settings that fixes it, so it might be able to be ported over or something.
>Someone said the overboard needed to be re-indexed to solve it, but it seems a bit silly that it'd have to be done manually like that.
I was hopeful that it would fix it. I talked to the dev and found out 3 settings have to be a certain way. One of which is the board must be unlisted before the first thread in it is made or any threads will show up on the overboard. Re-indexing would have removed it from the overboard index and forced it to update which would have flushed any threads from unlisted boards out of it.

>I don't know a thing about webdev, but I see Lynxhub has a "local time" option in the settings that fixes it, so it might be able to be ported over or something.
We run an older version of Lynxchan so this might be something that was only added recently. You aren't the only one that doesn't know a thing about webdev StephenLynx seems pretty retarded and isn't very open to suggestions he doesn't think are good ideas. Which is fine, it's his software and he's helpful when you need to talk to him but he can't into UX. There really isn't a good imageboard software available. Robi has been hacking this one to fix various problems in it but at some point I think he's going to get tired of it and just do his own thing
Please allow image posting over Tor, or at least make it a board option. Every other bunker has this feature and so did 8chan for quite a while.
Temporarily enabled image posting. Keep in mind that I might have to turn it off if we start getting illegal shit through it.
Quick questions.
Is there a link to all a board's banners like 8chan had? Or all the flags a board has?
The vichan image boards have a shortened thread view of the last 50 posts once the thread reaches 100+ posts. The url template is like:
Can it be possible for that feature to be brought here?
Can it be possible for multi-image posting to be possible when javascript is disabled? That's the only feature that actually hurts to lose when JS is blocked. Everything else is nice, but mere conveniences in the end. Multi-image posting however is a huge help. Or does that require too much work or a minority of posters to put work into? Since I've never seen an image board keep that feature without requiring JS to be enabled too.

Also testing to see if spoilering works when JS is disabled.
>I've noticed that all post times are displayed to me in a different timezone to the one I'm actually in
I have Firefox and, since I set privacy.resisteFingerprinting to true, my timezone became UTC+0 instead of GMT+X. Not only here, but on fullchan and halfchan too. Sorry if this doesn't solve your issue.

I have two unrelated questions:
1. how do I upload a gif so that the preview is not animated (like here >>335 )?
2. can you please add to the help page which file extensions are allowed and maybe also how to sage (I keep forgetting which field I have to fill is, I was used to check a box)
>Is there a link to all a board's banners like 8chan had? Or all the flags a board has?
If you're the BO you can see them in manage board. Not sure about how to do it otherwise.
Open file (292.33 KB 1243x514 jr.jpg)
Robi is it possible to enable hiding or closing posts on the homepage? Have a little cross in the corner like pic related or something?
Open file (4.96 KB 356x107 spoilers.png)
I think it's because I'm aggressively blocking fonts, but what does the spoiler section look like? A simple check box would be better.
Open file (614.04 KB 1200x900 evacuation.png)
Hello, I'm the admin of a new bunker host at https://anon.cafe, which is running LynxChan 2.2.12.

Thank you to this site's administration for providing the LynxChan webring addon, which is active at https://anon.cafe/webring.json and has already subscribed to Smuglo.li and Julay.world. If Robi sees fit to do so, we'd be happy to be peered by Julay.world's webring.
It automatically adds new imageboards you just have to wait for the server to update. Looks like you're already showing on boards.js. Good to see someone else actually putting in some work.
testing to see which ones quote and which ones don't


test board when?
>test board when
I'll make one
I'll link him to your post but I'm working on re-doing the homepage anyway.
>I'll make one
Here you go.
absolutely based and redpilled
We currently have a board bunkered over on vch. If our BO were to decide to make the switch, is there some way we could port the threads we have on vch over to Julay?
Open file (501.98 KB 831x1080 1565559547618.png)
May you enable a checkbox on the settings menu to force-disable thread auto-update?
By default, auto-update at the bottom of the page is checked on, with the only way to disable it is to scroll to the bottom of the page immediatly as the page is loading and check it off.

Never liked the feature as it chugs memory trying to load posts during the background on a high-velocity thread or when initially entering one, it is an useful feature indoubtly and it should stay enabled by default, but i would enjoy if it allowed you to disable it.
Remake the threads you gawd damn alog
No reason why we couldn't, we've already ported several threads over from 8ch and intend to do more if the fedhole ever comes back online. Mostly just a matter of how much effort.
If you're talking about copying threads verbatim, I can write a script which scrapes the page, which shouldn't be too hard as I had already prepared one for 8chan about 2 years ago which is pretty similar to vch's software. If you want this, give me a heads up and I'll spend a couple of threads porting the script to Lynxchan.
Alright, I'm gonna work on it.
Open file (906.53 KB 500x284 1566002579206.gif)
If you may pardon me for the extremely late response, i had a rather hectic day.
Thank you kindly for your efforts and may you be successful in your work.
It would be helpful to have Last 50 Posts
TempleOS css when?
Did you do something with the servers or website today? Performance is much better. Other websites are still the same so I know it wasn't my own connection that could have been the one to improve. Things were already fine as is, but this improvement just makes things better.
Open file (211.59 KB 1114x427 7.jpg)
Robi you have to make the furcancer board unlisted or something, this shit is unacceptable.
The icons in the top right corner (and the sticky symbol) appear completely invisible on my end, what gives?
Open file (237.77 KB 1182x453 uu.jpg)
Open file (689.71 KB 1200x794 ClipboardImage.png)
You've got to pay for the fur to go away >>653
Robi mind making a dark grey theme like the clear theme(faggottext is redtext)?
Open file (3.50 KB 215x26 Untitled.png)
Please let us turn off the flashing rainbow text
No, I'll just stop using the site.
Robi, shouldn't this say 'logo' rather than 'logos'?

Also the number of boards in the webring now exceeds the default lynxchan boards listed per page so there's a second page, but it doesn't show because the number of pages needed is calculated from the local boards only.
SWF posting doesn't work on my end.
Already posted files work fine, but whenever I try to upload I just get an error saying "a file had a format that isn't allowed by the server".
Currently using Nightly, and I get the same error with normal FF.
Did you see this?
The Lynxchan webring plugin generates the logo entries in webring.json under the key logos but it is supposed to be logo so it won't read the icon list from any Lynxchan site.
You're making me think furshit on the overboard is a good thing.
Kill yourself, furfaggot.
Not if it prevents you from getting triggered again
Kill yourself, furfaggot.
Not if it prevents you from getting triggered again
>Ever siding with furfags
Fuck off back to discord and never come back
>n-no u
Kill yourself, reddit furfaggot.
Why are meta threads so fun?
Is it possible for a board to be on the board list but not appear on the overboard?
How do I identify myself as board owner here? Unless I’m forgetting how to do it correctly doing “## Board Owner” like on 8chan doesn’t work. Sorry if it’s a stupid question but I’ve tried several variations to no avail.
Weird I thought I looked in there earlier. I must be a bad reader. Thanks for the help.
change the webring addon from

name/uri/ - description


name - /uri/ - description
you forgot the magic word

Also, if possible, please change it to
[code]<span class="ib-name">IB</span><span class="board-name">/board/</span> - description[/code]
styling the ib-name with a muted colour by default. Because it's the boards that matter, not the domains.
And this way you can use custom CSS to e.g. insert that dash or mute the whole line except for the /board/.

I can't dirty my mind memorizing this ROBI
not an actual complaint it's just a prank bro
or add a space and a dash to the addon
So when I used this image on 8gag, the thumbnail read "Oh anon-kun please click me, I have something to say to you," and the actual image read "You're such a fucking faggot holy shit." Now it doesn't work at all. How do I make this image work with the way Lynxchan handles thumbnails?
Fix the webring for phones.
So the downtime was caused by MemeDB, but what exactly ent wrong in more detail? I’m curious what it was and how it was fixed.
>t. TotallyNotA13374ax0R5.exe
Would it be possible to unlist the site from Google? I can find the board I post on with an easy search and we have had many problems with newfags int he past.
Seconding mega-Hitler's request, muh sekret klub.

Robi, would you be able to implement this and port all of the threads on vch.moe/sw/catalog.html to https://julay.world/sw/catalog.html ?
Any update on this? If it can't be done soon, I'd like to know that so I can do the import process manually.
Robi is asleep but I'll remind him about this whenever he wakes up.
Can Robi import me a gf?
Open file (76.80 KB 1110x524 ClipboardImage.png)
Piracy's a crime anon.
always pirate everything
Open file (185.19 KB 1277x1022 Screenshot.png)
I know this is extremely minor and not at all worth mentioning however the lack of a space between "Posts" and "Users" is annoying the uniformist in me.
As a IRL /tech/ fag, robot.txt should be more than enough for google as they apparent respect it (not that it imediately clears google cache, other crawlers would have to be manually added and as with most network changes it can take a little while to propogate).
Open file (553.69 KB 1829x830 friends.png)
I'd suggest making bigger space for our new fellows in the webring
Onion server doesn't work...I can only view, but not post.
Hey guys, would you consider adding the board tags into the webring broadcasts? That would give everyone the option of sorting and searching for tags across the entire webring federation.
Is there a way to change the bump limit?
Look under Manage board.
Seems to be working for me. Let me know if you're still having a problem.

We can look into this but it'll require all versions of the software to agree on a standard for it.

We'll talk about it and get back to you guys.

I'll look into it.

MongoDB crashes as it's known to do from time to time and we restarted it.

There are limits to even the Mongolian's abilities.

I forgot to bug him about this because I was away all day. When I see him I'll direct him to your post.
>We can look into this but it'll require all versions of the software to agree on a standard for it.
Understood. It's obv. that Robi + Smug Admin lead the charge as far as the webring federation goes--certainly Robi quite literally set the original standard himself. Consensus is valuable, but I imagine unless there is a strong objection voiced everyone will follow your lead.

Just to reiterate the basic idea: as a user it would be great to be able to search for tags across all member boards at once.
Delisting from google means most boards will be dead forever
Better than having a steady stream of retards wandering into the site and make things worse.
Server runs out of disk space because of livescreaming. If I don't catch it in time it causes MongoDB to blow up spectacularly.
I should be able to write it. Please wait until the weekend.
Хэрэв та надад хангалттай мөнгө төлвөл.
I'll do it.
I don't have the same issue. Can you still reproduce?
I'll ask Tenicu.
>I'll ask Tenicu.
Great, thanks. I believe fatchan's admin is willing create a search tool if that info is ever made available to him. I wouldn't be surprised if other site admins followed suit once the data is out there for everyone.
A public board so that if desired a user can get get some experience with to Lynxchan's moderation UI before becoming a BO/vol.
[Account name does not matter as this is just an idea]
The onion service appears to be down?
Back up!
Open file (153.29 KB 890x296 Trooper thumbs up.jpg)
>I should be able to write it. Please wait until the weekend.
Thanks Robi.
Why did you remove star of david from vch on the webring?
I defined it as a fallback in the first place. vch.moe seems to have finally integrated the logo setting into their webring node.
Edited last time by robi on 10/05/2019 (Sat) 14:53:12.
It should be mandatory tbqhwy
Vichan scraper can now scrape everything except files, which will be done in about 1-2 hours. After that, I just need to deal with some Lynxchan fucky-wuckies (i.e. last 5 posts in a thread are hard cached in the database and inserting posts does nothing (fuck you Sergio), amount of replies in the catalog shows as 0 because those are also statically calculated (fuck you Sergio), board index pages work the same way and it only shows page 1 (fuck you Sergio)) and then it should be working. Peace.
Anyway to scrape 8ch with it? Two reasons: A) It might come back up, if only briefly, and it would be nice to be able to quickly move here for those who want to flee from it now. B) I have my own page saves locally it would be nice to grab and automatically push here. Peace.
I don't know how much OpenIB diverged from Vichan, so I will have to patch it when it comes back online, but it can work.
BTW, how do you deal with in-board linking (eg >>1015) in pages, are these recalculated properly and point to new local posts?
Great. Any chance of making it user-operable? That is, say I install greasemonkey can I run the script and point it to the big file dump of pages (perhaps one-by-one) and dump them here? This would be ideal tbh.
>cached in the database
so not actually cached
trannycoder strikes again
It's early, I'm probably not being clear. A) I saved all my board's pages on my local hard drive. B) I've got a bunker here now. C) I've been methodically replacing posts one-by-one by hand ever since.

As you can imagine this can get tedious, and for no good reason since it's obviously automatable.
It's cached in the database because it's generated content. I'm talking about the "latestPosts" attribute of documents in the threads collection, which is used to list the latest posts in threads on the board index. Those are cached to avoid re-rendering them on every page view, but the database is a terrible place to store them.
The post IDs stay the same from the board they're imported from and new post IDs will start 1 post after the last post that was imported, just like it would be on the original board.
Sorry, no. This needs access to the LynxChan database. You would need to tell me which board you would like to import. I maybe would be able to import by scraping static thread pages, it shouldn't be too hard, so if you give me your dump of static pages it could work.

That sounds encouraging but there's a caveat: since live posts are already mixed in here at the bunker board, I certainly don't want to stomp over them by a simple en masse dump. Also, the post numbers are different from the originals.

I have been working through the threads one by one starting with the ranked set smallest to largest, so maybe I can send you the thread copies that are not yet populated here yet?

Actually, I was already working on a tool to archive the board. Can you give me an idea of the format you need and I can just preprocess everything into JSON for you? I can adapt the post numbers, etc as needed on my end.
Hmm. Since stephen lynx didn't allow for BOs to manage images after the fact, then the media files will have to be part of the data dump I give to you simultaneously.
Making it close to something like Lynxchan's JSON format (i.e. https://julay.world/meta/res/2.json ) would work.
OK, I"ll get on it. Just make a post here when I'm ready or is there a more suitable contact method. Also, do you think you'll post this Vichan scraper on your gitlab?
It will be posted as soon as I addressed the issues I posted above. Also, I've architected it so that it will allow Vichan -> Lynxchan, Lynxchan -> Vichan etc. and any other new imageboard engine in the feature.
Sounds good. I'm sure OpenIB -> Lynxchan/Vichan would be of value to far more BOs than just me, heh. Thanks Robi! I'll just make a post back here when I'm good to go.
Also, one other issue comes to my mind.
A) I preprocess all the files into suitable JSON, adjusting all the post numbers & links for the soon-to-be-dumped posts, reflecting the new, latest post number made here on the bunker instead.
B) How to keep someone from posting during the board update?

I'm assuming you'll already have some lock mechanism? The reason I'm asking if you can see it from my end, I'll have to pick a 'latest number' base to start all the renumbering from, create all the JSONs, archive it, post it, then make a link here to let you know it's ready. Between the time you get the message, download the archive, unpack it and feed it into your system it's not unlikely posts will have been made in the meantime from my final number choice all the way back on my end.

So, do you have any way to both adjust the starting post number, and to lock down the board during the update process? Cheers.
>adjust the starting post number against my JSON numbering*
Roooobiiiii, it's Monday.
Open file (278.50 KB 500x478 ClipboardImage.png)
Apparently I need to reimplement Lynxchan's thumbnail generation and file handling. To cut a very long story short, Lynxchan is a piece of shit that does not provide any sort of reusability of its engine's parts whatsoever. Give me a couple days.
Robi could increment the post counter in mongodb with findAndModify by the number of posts being inserted, give increasing post numbers to each one, then insert them.
I see, thanks. I figured something like that was feasible. I'm writing everything entirely from scratch on my end so I have complete flexibility if he needs me to adjust anything.
I think /fascist/, /k/ and /n/ should be removed for the safety of julay.world.
All right. Thanks for doing this, please don't mistake my whining for ingratitude.
/k/ and /fascist/ are fine. They're all pure theorycraft and nothing comes close to fedposting there. Don't know enough about /n/ to comment.
>hotbeds of white supremacy and fedposting aren't a danger
Okay retard

You realise that nobody believes you, right? Do you want more retards shooting people because >muh hitler >muh jews? /n/ is going to have to be moderated to remove all >muh j00000000z garbage or else. It isn't used and currently all anybody there wants to discuss is shootings. Kill yourself.
Robi allows white supremacy to be openly posted in the /cow/ cyclical, too. Hey, snitchchan.xyz wants their fed honeypot status back.
Open file (246.96 KB 1277x361 ClipboardImage.png)
Lol kys fag you have no clue of the culture of these boards, especially /fascist/. Half of /fascist/ these days is masturbating over the superiority of the Amish and interpretations of Bible verses
>another /christian/
and it isn't deleted because?
The Amish are praised more for their lifestyle than religious beliefs there
>heh fascists are just theorycrafting why retards should go shoot up synagogues and/or blow up power lines
>No fedposting allowed!
>Check out our 'baste' brown person that means we aren't white supremacists no no no!
very cool
>oy vey not /christian/ stuff! BAN
>blatant anti-semitism
<Christian t-totally wasn't cancer that shat up other boards you guys!
<Christianity is totally pro-semite see look at how I say "OY"
Why are whites allowed on the internet again?
Lol nice job outing yourself as a baiter. Have fun fag
>Calling out what killed 8ch is baiting
<Calling out what killed 8ch is baiting
Robi, the longer you allow white supremacists to ironically post here, the sooner this site is going to die. Perhaps that was your plan all along? Do you want to entrap anons with the feds?
Cripplekike trying to SHUT IT DOWN for his new trans friends, or gay ops from Jim and co to remove competition of their honeypot site?
Not that other faggot, but it's probably one of the discord trannies stirring shit. Although, they might go nuclear at any time and flood CP or send journalists here.
>implying journalists aren't already here
Why are niggers allowed?
>Why are human beings allowed on the internet?
Good question. We should ban humanity from benefiting from free and open communication without fascistic intervention.
lol niggers aren't human
More human than cumskins :^)
This is what happens when Pol is hosted on a website

People start calling each other kikes and niggers and faggots and nothing gets discussed

Hugbox safespace much? Yes it drowns out all organic conversation

The only solution to Pol is the final solution which is to gas all the Pol wiggers
20 shekels this is Sen
>hotbed of white supremacy
>unironically thinking in Vice talking points
Holy fucking shit kill yourself you turbofag. Your moronic tone-policing is the reason people are willing to post on CIAnigger-infested Lithuanian cave-painting websites, because every other forum on the internet has been ruined by cock-smokers such as yourself.
Woah-ho-ho! Wow. Sheckels? That is a good one there sweetheart ;)
(((Shut it down!)))
<"Send in the drones!"
Open file (31.87 KB 303x375 serveimage.jpg)
>CIAnigger-infested Lithuanian cave-painting websites
back to >>>/reddit/ with you kike
fuck you sen
Open file (1.24 MB 996x750 julaymeta.png)
If only you knew how bad things really are.
Open file (4.42 MB 444x250 y8].gif)
>he thought this was a lefty bunker
You're not gonna be welcomed anywhere. Kys, nigger
Just go post on the trannypol bunker with the other fags in drag.
Mods are deleting based on political leaning. Keep that in mind, free speech activists! :)
lmao yall mother fucking alogs with no job, get a job you fucking niggers, using the movement, who the fuck is using the movement?
kek, every time.
>tranny lolberg eurasian supremacist site admins support white supremacy
That's a good joke. It's a self-neutering unperson.
I actually like to read Uncle Ted at some point tbh.
100% /ourguy/. Glad to see that administration is Kaczynski-pilled. You should check out the anti-tech thread on /fascist/ sometime
Open file (372.76 KB 1200x1800 s1200.jpg)
Open file (77.96 KB 660x510 hoppe no free speech.jpg)
Free speech is a meme. If you spread commie propaganda, get out of my helicopter.
If I spread socialism instead, would I die?
Cool. Glad we agree that free speech only exists only for real human beings.
Communists are not human.
If you survive the drop from the chopper you'll get recruited into the McPMC.

And you're a subhuman, so you don't get that privilege.
Open file (2.87 MB 2048x1367 ClipboardImage.png)
Yo, I'm here from /late/ to ask if we can join the webring--we're up at https://late.city/late.
I fucked that up twice now, it's
Polite sage
is vch down for anyone else? I can't access it.
Yup, cloudflare timeout errors here too. Did that psycho cripple pull something while I was asleep?
Same here. Connection Timed Out. Time to bother Mark about it, I need to shitpost about video games.
How about you kill yourselves and join Mark's cult of personality in the afterlife?
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 10/15/2019 (Tue) 19:14:17.
Open file (87.05 KB 498x492 giphy (3).gif)
Robi, it seems like vch is going to come down in the next few days as it seems like 8kun is in the process of getting put up. I'd really appreciate it if you were able to get that script done before vch gets shoa'd.
We'll follow you. This got lost and I forgot about it so sorry for the late reply. In the future it might be best to make your own thread for this kind of thing.
I'll try to finish it.
You should start appearing in the webring in about a half hour. This should work across the entire ring assuming no other imageboards in it blocked you for whatever reason.
Open file (581.54 KB 1440x2709 crop.jpg)
Small webring script bug. It showed "ago" without a time for fatchan/tech. I'm the admin there so if something is wrong with my webring output im happy to correct it (not running lynx or infinity) but my other boards show activity correctly.
actually just noticed it happens for a few different boards, so probably not me.
i've noticed that myself as well before now, so breddy sure it's not your stuff Tom.
I know back on 8ch you had to do something with board settings for the system to register that you're active so the board doesn't go up for claims, is that also how it works here?
.WebringButton {animation: none;}
Either in the CSS settings or as a userstyle.
Is this site going to go down once 8kun is back up, or will it be a permanent safe haven? I ask because I know at least some of us don't want to return to 8gag, given its a hotbed for glowniggers and boomers now.
I believe robi's words where "As long as people keep using the site, I'll keep it online".
>hotbed for glowniggers and boomers now.
You're saying this like if admin here isn't FBI friendly.
Let's hope a canary gets made.
It's based on account activity.

See: >>1236

Will use thread until we come up with something better.
>Hash: SHA256
Try again. It's the post quantum generation, if you haven't been paying attention.
What OS do you use?
Not a monolithic if you're asking.
The guys over at mle.party have installed the webring, but they can't seem to get announced on other IBs, what gives?
I want to know so I can see how they sign their release.
Could you allow .txt uploads? I tried converting to .pdf but the result sucks.
>sign their release.
Are you saying your release distro doesn't come with a minimum of 2 compilers for Diverse Double Reproducible Compilation, in the post quantum era?
Because signing source is stupid if you don't read what you are compiling, that's how Linux weenies got cryptomined
File renamimg doesn't work?
Any chance of delisting /test/? Cocksucker is using goatse as an OP and I'd rather not have to look at that faggot shit on the overboard please.
Sorry for the very late reply. I do have the option to reply now, but the captcha is always expired...
They need to be added by another imageboard in order to become visible.
What the literal fuck is that tit with tits in the footer
You're in too deep robi

BTW the transparency folder 404s on the onion domain
On Infinity, links to favorited boards took you to the catalog if you were on a board's catalog while you viewed them: e.g., if I were currently on the page julay.world/leftypol/catalog.html, and I had /furry/ favorited, clicking on the /furry/ link on the top bar would take me to julay.world/furry/catalog.html. Would it be possible to implement this in Julay?
I thought of reaching you at IRC as you suggested, but there's no longer need. Thanks, the issue is fixed!
gtfo you freak. you think this is lebbit. how did you find this place in fact of course?
Merely pretending to be retarded, friend.
Feature request: date/time displayed for phone posters.
Phone poster here
I found a bug
When you click on a picture, it loads the full res version, but stays the same dimensions as the thumbnail.
I just noticed it when I clicked on the first pic itt:
Some of julay's boards aren't showing up in the webring on any other sites (/abdl/ and /d/, for instance). Is this intentional?
yes, fuck your diaper degeneracy
Doesn’t that hinder the growth of the board? /abdl/ was pretty big on 8chan and most people have no clue that it’s established here. I can see why one wouldn’t want the new posts to show on the front page of Julay but I think it should be more easily discoverable
kys diaperfag
Someone needs a diaper change it sounds like
/abdl/ was one of the largest listed boards on 8chan. I think it was in the top 10.
Someone needs a gut change
>spoilered image still appears on the frontpage
StephenLynx is a nigger.
Open file (5.53 MB 1280x608 1569366119284.mp4)
that's weird, my post here was spoilered on the front page
Hmm, that is a bit odd. Probably related to the fact you, the poster, spoilered it vs. the dumbass above being spoilered after the fact by a mod. Just a guess your case didn't bring out the bug in Lynx's nigger code, and the other one did.
Saw the banner about the new monitoring system Robi. That's great news, keep up the good work mate!
Open file (84.23 KB 256x278 1573343921454.png)
Is there a list of supported files? Text files don't seem to work.
that was my suspicion as well when I mentioned it
Webring list is fucked some how
vch isn't listed and the julay list is different from the vch list. In fact none of the webring lists seem to match up at all.
vch.moe is still using Cloudflare which blocks bots or in this case, Julay.world's webring addon from accessing /webring.json. There is nothing I can do about it unless Mark disables the DDOS mode of Cloudflare.
The webring lists probably don't match because every board updates their lists at different times.
Thanks for the explanation Robi. I notice he's not showing up on other board's webring either. Why does the cakejew even participate if he's just going to effectively delist himself? I assume he can still display the webring status from his side of the (((kikeflare))) wall? (I refuse to go to sites that hide behind cuckflare now, so I don't know)
So compressed files are not supported either? Is this by design of lynxchan or was it modified? Zip and 7z don't work.
thanks for the feedback guys
Thanks anon, I see that he does see the rest of the webring behind his wall. So that still leaves me wondering what's his game then?
Cloudflare doesn't affect traffic going out so there's no reason vch couldn't access other websites.

It's actually counterproductive to him, because he's giving traffic to other websites, but other websites aren't giving traffic to him. Most of the "why"s are because he just doesn't know much about anything related to running a server, in fact someone else is doing it for him. I'm sure there's some way to give cloudflare exceptions, so specific servers can bypass it.
I see, makes sense then. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense on the surface which is why I was digging into it a little. Thanks.
>makes sense
>doesn't make much sense
lel my mastery of english is a thing to behold tbh.
>t. super-sayin english-sama
Is there any way to prevent Torfags from posting on one’s board like on 8chan? I usually don’t mind them but I have one poster I can do nothing about and it’s very annoying because apparently bans don’t register on Torfags
What's annoying about them?
There's one guy on /fascist/ who's acting jewy as fuck. Telling people to act like sluts and that you're a virgin incel loser if you're not smoking weed in commiefornia. He writes huge posts and gets bullied by the anons there then returns spewing more bullshit after every ban.
Reads like Mark Mann.
Opinion now that I read >>1460
Censorship via breaking bridges is never the solution, since you'll encourage then to move to VPNs and act the same.
What you want to ban is the behavior.
If you need to add rules and semi-auto script a robot to ban certain phrases, tell your users, and do it. That way your regulars conform, and insta-bans disrupters, not people that require TOR access.
Tenicu behaves this way on his /a/ because of that.
>semi-auto script a robot to ban certain phrases
Any pointers on how this could be done? Does it require much technical know-how?
>what is sed
>Plz don't ban the way I get to fuck up your board
Bridges which only invite in trolls and retards are bridges we don't need. VPNs cost money and a lot of the commies trolling boards can't afford them.
I'm the only tripfag on /fascist/ and /liberty/ besides the board owners and they are losing their god damn minds and demanding extra moderation tools and claiming to be getting raided by a slate article. Y'alls are making yourselves look very bad
Agreed, there need to be options to ban by tripcode or a better way to deal with torfags.
How do I view the CSS code of a board?
Is there a way to disable gif playing in thumbnails?
Please disable the forced bumplock after 500 posts that ignores all of the board settings.
Increased global bump limit to 750.
The .onion address times out.
pls fix robi
Open file (160.94 KB 863x910 beta3.png)
Yotsuba b like css in use on /tv/ now for any other board owners that want to get rid of the lynxchan look.
Uploaded to >>>/test/
>border on all post edges
>likes unabomber
I firmly believe that you should kill yourself
Maybe I'm blind and retarded, but it doesn't look like BOs have the option to bumplock/anchor threads, just lock them. Could this feature be added at some point in the future?
Does anyone else experience extreme browser lag when attaching images with javascript enabled? Sometimes it works fine, but usually my browser totally freezes for 30 seconds or more every time I drag-and-drop a new image into the quick reply dialog. It's particularly frustrating because if I try to add another image while it's frozen it makes my browser open the image in that tab, losing all of my progress in selecting files.
I'm not browsing on a potato, so hardware isn't an issue.

Technically multi-image posting is possible without javascript by selecting multiple files (ctrl+click) in the file browser dialog.
The problem is that it's very awkward to do it that way. If you want to preview the images you can't just use the arrow keys - you have to ctrl+click twice per file.
When LynxChan receives uploads with a posts it expects an accompanying MD5 hash. Your browser calculates that on the main thread (since StephenLynx hasn't heard of Web Workers) and that's why it lags.
Lynxchan is abosolute shit a managing page state efficiently JSchan will do a far superior job at it (already does in fact).
B U D D Y I think you meant FinalSolution there.
>not dead
uh what?
Ah, thanks for the explanation.
>uh what?
no u. Tom is working on it right now tbh in fact of course.
Any idea on what's causing thumbnails to be half whited-out? It started happening a few days ago and it seems to be worse whenever more than one pic is uploaded.
See this example: http://julay.world/.media/e16ceca32fb84d5c2ffff51032e2d096-imagejpeg.jpg
It's most likely MongoDB crashing halfway through an upload and the thumbnail being saved halfway.
I think I'm doing a blind shot but anyways
Did Robi make the /soyboys/ board back on 8chan?
Definitely not that, because the thumbnails for those posts used to be fine until the captcha bug downtime. They got corrupted at some point way after the upload.
The warrant canary is 404ing, what's going on?
Hey don't complain it's a blessing. Semman Flopson image is half-out. That more than makes up for any inconveniences tbh in fact of course.
Kek. We'll see M A T E Y, we'll see.
What does this icon next to the board name means?

For accessibility that icon should be more like

<span class="indicatorSfw" title="safe for work">
<i class="fa fa-briefcase" aria-hidden="true"></i>
<span class="sr-only">worksafe</span></span>
Have you never used 8chan?
Requesting that the copyright notice be changed to

Copyright © (You) 2019
Open file (169.43 KB 560x560 Consider_Best_Touhou.png)
/r/ CBT emote on guntstream
I can't access the hidden service since the server change.
Open file (627.34 KB 461x669 pot of greed.png)
/r/ing another emote on the guntstream
Open file (32.72 KB 600x450 zach.jpg)
Sorry didn't upload
Is it possible to get sage working on the site? or am I retarded?
Open file (2.73 MB 1280x720 (you).webm)
You are
Can a link to the catalog be added back to the top bar?
Was being able to see the IP hash of a post while logged in as a vol removed?
Nevermind I'm a retard.
can you add the ClipboardImage feature?
you know one thin i like about 4chan that i alwasy thought had over 8ch was the simple bar along the top and the bottom with the board names
its so much better than going back to boards and scrolling to find it
now, i understand that its not really feasable here not only because of the webring but also just because of the sheer amount of boards there are already
but you got the top 5 boards on the home page, maybe do top 10 along the top bar and bottom bars
8chan had a "show top boards" option, and you could individually "favorite" boards to get your own choices up there as well. You can favorite boards here too, go to the top of the page and click on the star next to the board title, and it'll put that board up on the top bar.
new theme is good, but you should make it fit in the width of the screen on mobile so it doesnt have horizontal scrolling (the top bar i think is the issue, it needs to wrap) and not show the quick reply squished on the right side of the screen.
also is it possible to make relative time mode not show the full date, or only show it on hover with a `title` attribute? it would look cleaner and less cramped.
>>1984 checked lol
Elaborate this for me, do people still use 1) Windows 2) and Print Screen and paste directly to the attachment section without cropping and altering a bit so remove deanonymizing markers?
not a windows user, but they probably use snipping tool which can draw/annotate and copy to clipboard
Open file (16.12 KB 1193x89 ClipboardImage.png)
Seems to work fine for me using Linux. You can just take screenshots and send them to the clipboard with most distro's and operating systems, including windows. Then you can usually paste them into the posting box and they should go into the files. Sometimes it doesn't work if I'm pasting form a different virtual machine though I've noticed, but that's probably just some user error on my end.
Make me a video recording of this, I've never heard of this "feature". Your "screenshot" here is cropped, and immediately identifies you as an owner of a 1280x, custom css, sans serif 12point user.
Video of what? Just take a screenshot and paste the clipboard into the post box and you should be able to directly upload the image. What does profiling have to do with this? Also resolution is spoofed in tor. Obviously I wasn't making an attempt to anonymize the image with custom CSS running.
Could I get that Christmas Julay girl?
Most people use a tool that allows selecting an area of the screen for a "screenshot", not just hitting printscreen.
Robi, what happened to the old onion address?
Is there a setting to automatically lock a thread after a certain number of posts?
Is there a way to make my board Read-Only?
Click "Moderate Board" on the board index at the bottom and tick "Locked".
I tried to use the old address after the server move but it didn't work so I regenerated it.
I don't think so, at least not natively in LynxChan.
I'll post the full versions in a separate thread soon.
>Click "Moderate Board" on the board index at the bottom and tick "Locked".
Thanks, lad
Can you please add the dark theme as an alternate style? This allows people to switch it via View -> Page Style instead of requiring js.

Additionally posting without cookies is broken. It is retarded what it is currently doing. All the no cookie feature does is have you solve a captcha so you do not have to solve a captcha for the bypass. Since you do not have cookies the bypass will not work.
>Can you please add the dark theme as an alternate style?
I will when I find time. It's a busy month.
Also, no-cookie on tor works fine for me. Are you talking about clearnet? tor node should return later today.
The onion address doesn't work again...
Yes, I am using the Tor browser and the problem happened with both the hidden service and through an exit mode. I am not sure how you get it to work. Where are you putting that captcha bypass code. The only place I know to use it is for the bypass captcha which requires a cookie to work.
>>2285 /nocookiecaptcha.js
>>2304 No, that does not get you past the bypass captcha.
Hey lad The guys over at fch.bet joined the webring, just came here to ask if you could link back to them Also they were asking about the drop down menu you have and if you could help them out with that.
>>2322 I already have the drop down menu, I'm wondering how to add a "webring" notification in the boards.js page like cafe.anon have
>>2311 It seems to work for me but I'll see what can be done. Spam filters got turned back on during lynxchan updates somehow and we didn't catch it for a day or so. This was blocking certain VPNs and probably tornodes. Are any other anons unable to post on tor without using cookies? If so, please tell me what browser you're using if you say Brave you'll get bullied We encourage anons to use tor and VPNs so if people are having problems with them they need to let us know. Smuglo kindly allows us to have a thread on /support/ so if you can't post here you can use that as an alternative to report issues like this. I try to check the thread every couple of days. https://smuglo.li/support/res/173.html >>2322 We will link back to you. >Also they were asking about the drop down menu you have and if you could help them out with that. I think this is included in the repo in the OP. If not I'll ask robi to update the repo. >>2325 I assumed the add-on did this. I'll ask robi about it or direct him to this thread next time I speak to him.
Edited last time by UNIVAC on 12/23/2019 (Mon) 10:50:39.
Open file (5.76 MB 640x800 15771022403512.webm)
>>2332 >I assumed the add-on did this. I'll ask robi about it or direct him to this thread next time I speak to him. OK cool thanks.
site getting ddosed again?
>>2332 >It seems to work for me Can you at least tell me the steps you are taking to post? I can not figure this out myself. You keep saying it works, but are not answering my question on how you are doing it.
You guys think its possible to make the webring boards invisible to google searches, like 8chan was?
>>2163 >I don't think so, at least not natively in LynxChan. Would it be possible for it to be added in?
Open file (67.03 KB 983x700 torjulay.png)
>>>2367 Pic related. Once you solve captcha it'll give you a code to input for any boards that require them.
>>2368 The problem is that you also need a captcha bypass to post. The bypass system seems to only work with cookies. You can use that page to solve the bypass captcha, but since you do not have any cookies it does not save that you have the bypass.
>>2369 I find it odd that it isn't working for you considering how locked down my tor browser is. As you can see from the picture I don't even allow CSS. What type of config are you using? I'll check it again but last time both admins looked at it they said it works without cookies.
Ok I checked again and my tor browser is not allowing cookies and I can by-pass without them. Are you sure you aren't using the regular captcha? You have to click the link to "No cookies". The page is unclear so we'll try to make it more user friendly but I can confirm it does work without cookies.
Open file (5.32 MB 2160x3840 SMC 1.png)
Open file (4.91 MB 2160x3840 SMC 2.png)
Where can I find the rest of the full sized milk chan pictures? I only have these two.
Open file (1.49 MB 852x480 tryingtopost.webm)
>>2373 >>2374 I can not tell if you are trolling me or not. I made a video for proof of what I am trying. What am I doing wrong? It should not be this hard to post.
Do the board owners see my full IP when I post or just a encrytped one?
>>2377 I can upload them somewhere for you later. >>2378 When given the code after solving the captcha you should go back to the thread itself (or index if making a new thread) and use that code for any captcha you encounter. It will remain valid for some time before you'll have to do the no-cookie captcha again. The problem here is StephenLynx in his infinite wisdom redirects you back to the basic captcha page instead of the thread/index you came from. It's very confusing and bad web design like most of Lynxchan. Hence why we're frustrated with it and don't want to spend any longer on it than needed. I will see if this can be fixed with a simple add-on or something though because it is annoying. To summarize: >Go to "no cookie" captcha >solve it >when given code copy it somewhere >go to any thread/make a new thread and if asked to solve captcha use the code you were given instead >>2380 BOs, admins, global vols, and board vols can only see a hash of the IP address.
>>2377 >>2382 >I can upload them somewhere Done, see this thread >>2383
>>2382 >When given the code after solving the captcha you should go back to the thread itself (or index if making a new thread) and use that code for any captcha you encounter. It will remain valid for some time before you'll have to do the no-cookie captcha again. Did you even watch the video I attached? I went back to the thread and then used the code in the captcha I encountered. It did not work. It just brings me to the bypass page which you need cookies to get past. Is there some secret captcha that is not showing up for me? I do not understand what is supposed to happen. I seem to be doing everything correctly. I even attached a video as evidence, but you seemed to ignore it. >The problem here is StephenLynx in his infinite wisdom redirects you back to the basic captcha page instead of the thread/index you came from. It's very confusing and bad web design like most of Lynxchan. No, the problem is that the bypass system only works if you have cookie enabled. This means that if you do not have cookies enabled you can not post. >To summarize: Let me give you timestamps of me following these steps in the video I already posted. >Go to "no cookie" captcha 0:15 >solve it 0:21 >when given code copy it somewhere 0:29 >go to any thread/make a new thread and if asked to solve captcha use the code you were given instead 1:02
Testing posting without cookies and tor.
Open file (2.29 MB 1280x720 postingnocookies.mp4)
>>2391 Stephenlynx is a nigger. See mp4 related. It works.
>>2393 >See mp4 related. It works. See my webm. It does not work. I am using umatrix to block cookies. What are you doing to block cookies? If both javascript and cookies are blocked how does the site know that you filled out the captcha bypass? Does it use some privacy invasive fingerprinting to track sessions to tie the bypass with a user?
>2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz >8GB RAM >180GB SSD >plus reverse proxy >33 USD How? Good deals tbh.
where is anon.cafe i need my friends
Open file (423.31 KB 600x451 1543347466920.png)
>>2398 I don't know but I want it back
>>2398 >>2399 >502 maybe it's just a case of StephenLynx being a nigger (again)
/ita/ BO here I appreciate you going out of your way to ban content that may be unsavory, but is there a way to see how long a ban will last from the moderation panel?
>>2403 The guy was clearly using proxies, so you might as well just remove the bans tbh, I mostly used a ban instead of a deletion like last time because he was posting the exact same message and image, and with the ban you can at least put in message to tell them to fuck off.
>>2394 Thanks for reporting. I looked into this some more and found several other issues with the captchas in general. We're going to try to fix it because there is also an issue with them on clearnet. For now I would advise allowing the cookie and making sure to dump it at the end of your browsing session or cycle circuits as often as possible. I swore I had cookies blocked when I tested it the first time but it turns out I didn't. Upon looking again and making sure they were disabled I finally replicated it. I've passed on the bug report to StephenLynx as well.
>>2404 Aight, thanks for the heads up. Usually when it comes to this I just force the captcha for each new post/thread and whoever wants to spam has to go through twice the effort, it's enough to deter them, but thanks anyways.
/k/ bo here, can't seem to delete threads. There's been a fuckton of spam with the increase in PPH from the Iran crisis going on and I'm having a tough time staying afloat of it.
>>2413 Never mind, just retarded.
What is the user count on the webring actually counting? is it the number of unique IPs per day that visit each board?
>>2417 It's IPs. The thing with the user counts is every site counts them differently and whatever they report is trusted. Smug counts an average over three days I think. Lynxchan powered sites just give the number over the last 24 hours. If someone wanted it'd be easy to just fake the stats.
Julay isn't sending the authentication email for accounts. I tried it with anon.cafe and it went through fine.
What the fuck is with all the spics on /bandada/? Where did they come from?
Can you enable html tags in board announcements? I'd like to be able to put some links there. Thanks!
>>2420 We lost our original imageboard (the admin closed down the site) and ended up here as a temporary solution (not so much anymore). There are no rules against non-english speaking boards, as far as I know, and the board is hidden, so if you don't like us you can just ignore the board altogether.
>>1967 >the nazi primitivist bo follows bloodsports The horror ,what has unabomber to say about your online oversocialization anon?!
>>2448 Hello again, want to know how I know you aren't from here?
>>2449 What did you saw
>>2449 That was me, 491 is a different guy. >>2450 My deleted thread.
>>2423 >Board is hidden but the bo haven't hidden it from the overboard and you are constantly shitting it
>>2553 Hiding the board doesn't hide it from the webring anyways, at least on julay
>>2555 BO have the choice to keep new post appearing on the general overboard.
fuck is this dolphin chan shit is that the same guy who was trying to attack various sites on the webring?
>>2561 Oh it literally is >>2558 why the fuck is this niggers board listed in the webring
Pretty minor but on your about page the link to www.buybitcoinworldwide.com is wrong since the domian has "bitcoin" opposed to "bitcoins" in the name.
The dolphin nigger made his way into the webring and nobody has done anything about it. Then he began faking PPH to get at the top of the webring list, and began impersonating fatchan to bait users into clicking. The fake fatchan links redirect to a IP/user agent scraper where he is openly bragging about getting people's information on his site as well as in IRC. I have tried to inform all of you about this and nothing is happening. To the average anon, don't click on shit in the webring especially if you're using the internet bareback. Browse chans manually by typing the link into your address bar. Hover over links and if you don't recognize the domain, don't click it.
two thing: -I2P please -on /.static/pages/links.html and ./about.html, add addresses to the onions and whatevers. When I visit /index.html, I better see it instead.
>>2567 The CSS exploit is technically unavoidable if Robi doesn't disable custom CSS. I'm not the retard, but a simple .GIF, .JPG, .MP4, .WEBM, even .PDF attachment does the trick too. The only real defense is a textboard, which nobody wants.
>>2567 Confirmed. For the record: https://archive.is/Ufrzt >>2569 With a content-security-policy header, you can disable cross-origin requests in CSS such as fonts, images, imports, etc. So the worst you could do it make the page look ugly but not log IPs.
>>2567 What happens if I clicked on that shit?
>>2572 If you clicked on the fake fatchan link in the webring or clicked on the dolphinchan shit, he's scraped your IP and user agent and is bragging about doing so. Probably the worst he could do is try to DDoS any IPs he gets his hands on.
>>2573 I changed it immediately so whatever.
>>2573 >>2574 I just tried resetting my router to change my IP but I think it did nothing, please help me anons I don't know what to do now
>>2575 I also can't post from my usual browser, just from tor just realized so sorry for doublepost but anons I'm scared
>>2576 Go into settings and change the MAC address if possible, this usually causes your ISP to assign you a new IP. If all else fails, call your ISP and ask for a new IP address.
>>2575 Some ISP's don't assign you a new IP unless you've have your router turned off/unplugged for 30+ minutes.
>>2579 DDoSing random anons is probably too low for even the dolphin pedophile, but it's not that big of a deal. Just unplug your router for 30-60 minutes and you should get a fresh IP.
>>2573 >using your raw IP ever you should know better by now anon.
>2581 Very cool dolphin pedo, you scraped an IP. That's bad ass.
Do we know who invited him into the webring so they can be eternally bullied for being so retarded?
Why is 16chan in the webring now?
I fucked up. I thought the dolphin sperg would go away if I added his imageboard to the webring. I never expected him to actually start adding more entries to the webring and start scraping IPs. I am sorry for being a faggot and adding him.
>>2571 Not when you exploit data:text/javascript;base64,
>>2587 Fyi, you can reverse exploit him this way lol
>>2593 There is nothing to exploit. I fell for his ruse. He wasn't planning on actually creating an imageboard for himself.
>>2596 It should be pretty clear by now that his only goal is attention and every acknowledgment or (You) he receives is just egging him on to do more epic and wacky shit so people make more posts about him.
killed his IP logger
Quick reply is really fucked.
>>2605 >northern territory oh no, he's an aboriginal.
>>2605 What do you mean by banning you?
>>2608 I was just in IRC, was going to tell you 3 strategies to deter him for good, now that you have his phone number. You banned my IP, and you know I'm Chicago all weekend.
>User UNIVAC deleted the following posts: 2605 from board /meta/. I don't get it. Whatever
I just want to say, whoever is behind these antics did his job pretty well in destabilizing and causing confusion, also he's also one evil son of a gun. BO, these kind of moral hitmen is what we are against from here to who knows, freemen have too many enemies.
>>2617 >did his job pretty well in destabilizing and causing confusion, also he's also one evil son of a gun Nah, this is pretty basic shit that was done pretty sloppily. Little more than annoying.
>>2577 >>2578 I left the router unplugged for hours and it seems to have worked, just blogposting this to let you know it wasn't a larp and you didn't waste a post
>>2587 >I thought the dolphin sperg would go away if I gave him more influence and attention within the webring Are you actually retarded? Fucking idiot, all you needed to do was perma ban every IP he uses and ignore him.
>>2621 <Permaban VPNs, proxies, and resold IPs Who's the idiot again?
>>2620 I'm glad that worked for you.
>>2622 I didn't say ban all VPNs and etc but honestly it wouldn't be a bad thing. You should be paying for VPNs and other services to ensure your privacy is actually safe
Open file (47.15 KB 646x504 image~2.jpg)
>>2648 So are you saying he only uses free VPNs and proxies? > fuckoff.pedo https://www.digitalocean.com/company/contact/abuse/
>>2648 Shut the fuck up retarded homo, It's so fucking ridiculous when people like you, who know exactly nothing talk nonsense. Just go away lol
What's with the donations tab? Is this a new addition or is it the dolphinfag shitting things up?
Maybe I'm retarded but the poster history mod function doesn't work even when there are posters with the same IP hash in a thread. Also the file history mod function returns >500 >You are not allowed to manage media files. Didn't see anything mentioned here or in the lynxchan thread.
>>2652 It is a new addition. I can usually pay for JulayWorld from pocket but if people chime in that'd be nice too. >>2657 I'll check history. Only global moderators are allowed to check file history, but it shows up for board moderators too because StephenLynx is a stupid nigger.
>>2661 Addendum: we always had the "supporting" section in the About page, I just expanded it to another page to include statistics and more detailed info.
>>2661 what's History supposed to be doing? Right now it shows you nothing unless you delete the postId or threadId field on the url. If you delete that field it shows you all the posts on your board. I think the date field isn't working either.


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