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Lynxchan 2.3 fuck-ups Robi Board owner 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:06:14 ID: 360c14 No.2289
Post any crashes you encounter after the 2.2 -> 2.3 switch here.
Fuck lynxchan lmao
>/sp/ >saved threads robi is a worthless liar confirmed
testing line 1 line 2 line 3
>newlines don't work Amazing. Stephen Lynx keeps fucking it up.
test test test >test test
Fixed the newlines.
Test >Testa Test Test Test Test Test
>>2297 Funny, i don't remember redtext working alongside other text in the same line I approve of this, but where is rainbow text.
>>2290 For some reason on some boards I cannot quickreply to anyone, is it something that board owners have to activate?
>>2300 There was a bug in the javascript, clear your cache.
>old posts now have maximum redditspacing I hope some things in the software were improved at least.
test test test
IDs in this thread: >>>/v/3245 disappear after post >>/v/3695
>>2305 Didn't the BO turn the IDs off around those days? /v/ currently doesn't use IDs
The drop-down menu for flags does not appear on the quick reply box on mobile.
Tapping the file upload button in the quick reply window on Chrome Android doesn't do anything. Can't post files.
Post with words longer than the width of the browser window don't wrap. Ex: OOOOOOO ### Edited this post because it's annoying on the overboard. ####
Edited last time by UNIVAC on 12/23/2019 (Mon) 10:37:24.
Just making everyone aware that we're going to get to bugs/problems as we can but in the next week or two things will take longer than usual. Things should go back to normal after the New Year when real life slows down again. >>2324 Thanks we'll try to fix soon. >>2320 It worked when I tested it. I'll look into it. Try deleting your cache to see if it clears up for you as the update broke a lot of things if you don't do this. >>2306 You're right the IDs were turned off by the BO at some point. >>2312 If you haven't try deleting cached data. I'll check it when I get some time later today. There are some on-going issues with mobile browsers we need to fix like the quick reply box opening off screen.
btw can you implement auto scroll down to your post? like on kohlchan.
>>2324 .divMessage{ overflow-wrap: break-word; }
I can't seem to hide any thread on the overboard except for the first one.
>>2330 If editing threads as a moderator, the r9k bot will not allow you to save edits if changes are made to the subject line only and the body is unchanged. This can be worked around by deleting something trivial in the body, then editing again and restoring it, but for obvious reasons this is inconvenient.
-Email confirmation doesn't work - I have been trying for ages now and still nothing comes through (email address is correct) -Delisted board still on the webring
>>2496 >-Email confirmation doesn't work - I have been trying for ages now and still nothing comes through (email address is correct) I confirm this, can't confirmate my account.
I can’t attach images to my posts on mobile anymore in quick reply. It used to work. I’m on iPhone


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