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Open file (2.66 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Requesting a Board Robi Board owner 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:15:30 No.3
Currently board creation is not enabled for regular users. If you are willing to own and moderate a board do the following: - Create a user account on the site. - Reply to this thread with the following: Board URI Board name What is the board about? Your user account name I don't really care much about what you want to do with your board so as long as it's legal you're gonna get the board. Boards which are dead* for more than 2 weeks are up for claims. *dead means the BO is absent. CURRENTLY CLAIMABLE BOARDS (updated 2019-12-14) /dig/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-14) /hypno/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-06) /co/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /his/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-14) /loomis/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /bane/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /pdfs/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /ara/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /hyper/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /cowrevolt/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-22) /manip/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /ggrevolt/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-15) /leftypol/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-01) /fit/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-20) /suicide/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-18) /sjws/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-11) /rule34/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-03) /aus/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-13) /abdl/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-31) /christian/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-30) /workrelated/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-19) /8tube/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-17) /cuckquean/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-18) /sohard/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-22) /dempart/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-27) /jenny/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-08) /gamergatehq/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-11) If you login to your BO account before someone else claims your board, it will be closed to claims.
Edited last time by robi on 01/16/2020 (Thu) 16:03:24.
Firearms, militaria, military history
Robi is probably asleep but will take care of this when he sees it. Good to see you /k/omanndo
Hentai Games General
Lewd games
Welcome anon, I'll make sure the owner sees this as soon as he wakes up.
Honorable /cow/boys, I come from /ita/, requesting a board, or at the very least a containment thread for these dark times.
Read the OP.
Follow the instructions in the OP anon. Can't set-up a board for you unless you give us the details listed in the OP.
Board URI /x/
Board name Paranormal
What is the board about? God damned Ayyy-logs and other paranormal phenomenon
Your user account name Spooky
Video Games
Video Games and Video Game related content
Feel Britannia
General discussion for British lads who feel
Give us a /strek/ and I'll dump it full of OC I had saved.
Done. Have fun.
I'll admit, I fell for it.
Please read the OP.
Was meant for a fag that hinted he'd make one but fuck it I'll request it. We need a bunker.

Hasperat Removal
Swoleness and Star Trek
I really hope the guys that did the LARPing in character come over. I laughed every time I went in those threads.
Open file (2.21 MB 576x360 6875467897890789.gif)
Hey Robi can we get ((())) like back on 8ch?
Open file (61.60 KB 853x480 1261765069269.jpg)
Do not do this.
Open file (826.00 B 120x160 1464824725855.gif)
Open file (13.97 KB 250x200 1260991407951.jpg)
Colorizing the triple parens is a meme that Jim added to pander to trumptards. You don't want to be a trumptard, do you?
Trumptards love jews and isreal why would they ever use that.
Tibetan Throat Singing HQ
/trapshota/ - Girly Shotas
Just delete the shitposts there and let us dump our usual stuff.
Read OP, you need to include a username that will be the BO.
Username: Otokonoko
Please create the account by going on the frontpage, clicking "account" on the bottom right, and then registering. After that I can give you the board.
>>269 (me)
I checked my e-mail, and I have yet to receive a verification e-mail from musesofsums@cock.li?
Does it take a long time to receive it?
So ever since the name change I've had to cycle through VPNs and browsers trying to get this site to show up. Even tried mobile and I just got a white page. What's going on?
That's really odd. I've got 3-4 IPs and none of them have this error. Try clearing your cache. If this was earlier today, Lynxchan was having some instability which was fixed.
Almost every single IP I have is banned as "known spammer" or whatever. Can something be done? Was there a massive spam raid here before?
The admin is asleep but I ran into this problem posting from VPNs before. I think it might be something built into Lynxchan. Whenever he wakes up I'll direct him to this thread.
Actually it might be best to make a new thread to avoid shitting this one up.
I just tried and I got an error on Waterfox as described before I cleared catch and now I am getting a 504 error.
Can you try now? I enabled the use of block bypass to post through blocked proxies.
Test test
Niggers and jews
Are bad news
Yup that worked, thanks mang.

While we're here, is it possible to add jewtube embed?
Not without writing an addon for LynxChan. LynxChan does not have embed support by default.
Damn that sucks, it's a pain in the ass without it but oh well. We'll survive.
If you post a link it'll embed upon click. I actually like this way because just loading threads doesn't leak data back to youtube.
Oh yeah, I see. Pretty neat.

What about invidio?
Will add support for this soon.
Hypnofaggotry without trannies
Admin should be around in a few hours. At some point we'll probably enable board creation so you guys can do this yourself since there are more requests for boards coming in now. Sorry for the wait.
Thanks man, no need to apologize about the wait.
Random Acts of Kindness
No Bully! Help others!
Open file (2.00 MB 436x245 (You).gif)
Done, enjoy your stay.
Done. I apologize for the delay anon I forgot about this because I've been busy this morning. Enjoy your stay.
Open file (824.19 KB 250x250 1459309947959-1.gif)
Thank you, friend.
Thanks man.
Can we get a /Fit/ Board? I need to know whether vegan diets are good or not
Read the OP. If you want to be the BO I'll make it for you.
Can I get /co/ made?

Comics & Cartoons
Discussion of Western Comics and Cartoons

Don't know if many /co/ anons are even still around, but I'd like to corral as many as possible. The Vol on 8ch was beyond terrible and the quality of the board slid.
I posted on /co/, was planning to make a new thread when 8ch crashed with no survivors.
Open file (64.96 KB 1000x563 improvement.jpg)
BO who is your favorite anime?
Gold, property rights, and Physical Removal
Open file (555.92 KB 1000x793 NEET.jpg)
Done, enjoy your stay.
Open file (28.13 KB 500x375 BPS1.jpg)
Robi is really into ecchi and his favorite anime is Battle Programmer Shirase
ShockWave Flash Media & Discussion
Open file (991.01 KB 245x275 1385131114858.gif)
You should probably enable uploading .swfs on /f/.
Thanks fam
I just type "swf" in allowed filetypes right?
Scratch that, looks like swf needs to be added serverside.
Technology and Computing
Technology, computing, and related topics
Open file (1.39 MB 1280x720 terry davis cli.webm)
Done, welcome aboard.

Thank you
Please respond
Discussion of all things monarchy. Historical accounts of monarchism. Pro-monarchist political discussion. Restoration movement trends.
Could we get a board for crafts and creativity? A place people can post paper craft, warhammer models, wood carvings. Any thing that's cool and interesting.

I know there's smug/tg/ but the BO is a faggot and they're too busy larping as elves to post cool models.
>>277 (me)
Robi, if you are here, could you transfer the ownership of /mu/ to me again? Also, can I get volunteer role for /v/, too?

New Account: Muses
Open file (324.84 KB 507x419 GAMERSRISEUP.png)
>I don't really care much about what you want to do with your board so as long as it's legal
But what is and isn't legal? Are shitpost that are "I'm gonna blow the IRS building and you're not going to stop me" illegal now?
- /svidya/
- Strictly Video Games
- a board dedicated to truly discussion about videogames. Nothing off-topic. NSFW friendly.
- svirra
>- a board dedicated to truly discussion about videogames.
Should read a board dedicated to shitting up better vidya boards and then complaining about them.
History & Humanities
Serious Discussions
We would obviously prefer that threats of violence weren't posted. Concerning what is and is not illegal to post: The server this imageboard is on is located in the United States so it falls under their laws. A lot of thought was given to hosting it elsewhere but it was hard to find any other country that allowed as much as the US did. One country we looked at had strict laws against loli. Another just passed hate speech laws. Surprisingly, the US laws were more lax than anywhere else.
Open file (1.03 MB 1220x1599 ritacianotcg.jpg)
Sezione Italiana
Lupi Italiani, Memi Ilari, Ritratti di Rita Ciano
Many thanks.
Can I have /reddit/ please?
I want it to be a place to discuss useful subreddits and user content on Reddit. Like if there is a good AMA with a popular star like Frendan Fraser or Bruce Campbell.
Read the OP
The Front page of the internet
Being cool and awesome for upvotes
Thanks, I was worried you'd never return after I replied like a couple of others. I'll get you taken care off when I'm on PC.
The Third Position
Fascist, 3rd position discussion
Read the OP
Maybe should hold back on board creation since now you've got a bunch of dead boards that nobody will really use.
People come and request boards. Most are no more active than they were on 8ch.
Fuck off, snitchan.
The boards are at least as active as they were on 8ch. Maybe you should run your own imageboard.
>The boards are at least as active as they were on 8ch
Which is not at all? Saying it's best to focus on a few and get some life into them first before expanding.
If they come looking for a home we won't turn them away. The intention of this place was never to grow big it was to give anyone a home that needed one.
Okay then. Next question would be if there's a way to categorize some boards together at least under subheadings like maybe entertainment, hobbies, porn etc? I would suggest having the boards listed under these categories as well not to show active users so your average retard doesn't go "dead board" and ignore it.
Robo, Cyborg, and Mecha Porn
what it says on the tin
i cant mod this, dont got time. any anons wanna?
Can't make a board if no one wants to be the BO. If you can find a BO I'll make it.
Breaking News
Art Gains
Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Photoshop
Neat. I missed having the board around even though I mostly lurked.
Here's the resource hub page archived if that helps.
Much obliged.
The homeless Dead Wandering-Cultist Imageboard
Esoteric Chonism
oh fug, I didn't expect you to be so quick.
1990's and 2000's Nostalgia
Big Guys (4U)
Crashing this plane with no survivors
Your New New Home
fuck off faggot, julay is furfag-free board

The NEW Library of Alexandria
Book sharing, /lit/, writing tools and tips

Thanks in advance
Gonna have to clear that with the khan first.
Awesome, thanks dude!
At least learn the difference between a site and a board

Surely it's worth it so people who get triggered by furshit can just say >>>/furry/ when they see it right
kys furfag
Why do furries make you so mad, anon?
While I suspect Robi will grant you your board, I'm not going to be the one responsible for him waking up to a front page full of furry porn.
Didn't occur to me that it would show up on the front page. Can that be disabled?
We need less boards and more consolidation of boards. A /film/ and a /bane/ are unnecessary duplication when you could simply have /bane/ generals.
Robi why the fuck did you allow furfag shit here? They're already posting their degenerate porn and shitting up the hope page. I will legit not post here while this is allowed.
>gay weeaboo tranny cartoon porn on the home page
>"I sleep"
>furfaggotry on the home page
>literally only one questionable image
>board rules ask for porn to be spoilered
Do you miss Moot that badly?
They donated lots of bitcoin. If you match their donations I'll delete their board. :^)
>Board URI
>Board name
DIY Robot Wives
>What is the board about?
Advancing robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality.
>Your user account name
>DIY Robot Wives
Modern day Pygmalions.
Just so. But with hookers and blackjack and shit.
There's also a SFW overboard feature too. anon.cafe just had it enabled.
Done, I wish you luck.
Thanks mate, much appreciated.
BTW, I don't know if you differentiate on it, but /robowaifu/ is a SFW board.
Quick question, is the Overboard already SFW by default? Because in my opinion it really should be, just to be safe.

Anyhow, requesting:
>Mature 2D Women
>Mommy Issues, Christmas Cakes, 2D Moms

(is Julay's mascotte Super Milk Chan?)
Done, godspeed anon.
And yes that is a matured version of SMC.
Open file (118.60 KB 1338x937 1451960017898.png)
Un subespacio seguro™ con buena gente©
Ah, I assumed so. And it's a pretty damn good show, too.
Anyhow, thanks!
Each BO can set that themselves. Check in manage board.
Hmm. I've looked back over the board options again and again as well as the 'moderation manual' page. Even using search on the page doesn't seem to turn up anything related to SFW. Am I looking in the wrong places or maybe I'm just a moron? :^P
StephenLynx can't into GUI. It's actually under Moderate Board. I went ahead and set it to SFW for you.
Thanks. When I attempt that link I get a
>You are not allowed to moderate boards.
Here's the underlink on my end, btw so seems like it should work for me.
I believe it's set to admin only. I'll ask robi about this next time I see him.
Forgot to mention other than SFW there aren't any other options on that page you don't already have access to on the manage board page.
No worries, it's not like I need access to it now. Thanks again.
If you really want to thank me get the research and development on those robowaifus done ASAP.
Kek. Will do mate.
Open file (129.83 KB 500x500 299 - 3sCCBLI.jpg)
Asking for
Big Girls (4U)
Hyper proportions, 2D BBWs, Hourglass, /gts/
please consider unlisting this shit like the furries
There is an amazing invention anon. It's called the page down key. You can just scroll right by and ignore things you don't want to see.
If you're going to be posting unspoilered porn, delist your board, you can do it from the board settings.
He's right though, unless they plan to run a SFW board I'd prefer not having to constantly run across their porn dumps in the process of my janitorial duties.
Pardon me for asking this, but aren't NSFW boards already ignored from the overboard?
I'll follow through with it, though, so thanks a lot.
Picture Manipulation and Editing
Shoops, Edits, Requests, Photo Manipulation
Otoko no ko
Lolis with a few extra inches
Open file (407.45 KB 1627x3303 thq_chance_of_a_lifetime.png)
Thanks for the help!
I remember when normalfags got mad at it.
/furry/ doesn't allow unspoilered porn.
All existing threads that weren't on topic got moved to >>>/b/
Claimable boards updated.
Anti-GG Revolution
fight against gamergaters
Discussion of cutting your dick off and getting on HRT
I'd like to claim /strek/ since it's dead now. Username HHHPinochet.
Please disregard this request, /strek/'s BO has returned.
I'd like to claim /strek/
Username dukat
Open file (142.42 KB 1024x683 6356098185_f4a83b4911_o.jpg)
Done, good luck comrade.
Health & Fitness
Huge gains
Younger lolis
Fuck off to snitchchan, they'll love your kind there.
Cry more faggot.
Go be a pedo somewhere else, you're not getting a board here freak.
No pass shit test, cuck site for gaybois. Trap shota fine tho? Fags. Literal fags.
Open file (870.62 KB 707x1000 64789107_p1_.png)
>pedo shit rejected
>we didn't pass the pedo's shit test
What will we do now?
>Pedo shit rejected
Except for the board about fucking underage boys crossdressing, you mean. Mods confirmed pederasts.
Open file (71.98 KB 764x764 D5b_JZ4WkAAdI5g.jpg)
Cry harder, cuckold.
/trapshota/ was a joke board that somehow attracted actual trapshota fans, they've been tolerated until now because they keep to themselves.
Whether you're just a run of the mill pedo or some salty altchan faggot trying to stir shit, you're not getting your pedo board.
>Lets himself be told what not to be attracted to
>Denies the beauty of little girls for old whores
Femdommed little gay boy with no balls.
Haha it's just a prank. Go jerk off to little boys you niggermidget.
I don't really care about Japanese cartoons, where can I see some IRL lolis? I NEED IT
Damn, I miss /b2/ so much.
we all just have to
Open file (72.97 KB 1023x820 9fgbjwqi4e321.png)
I'm tempted to either claim /abdl/ or /asmr/ because I'm a giant faggot and kinda miss those communities on 8.
Fucking hell I am going to regret this:

Adult Baby / Diaper Lover

No about.
I'd still like to claim /strek/
Username: dukat
I'm pretty sure these posts came right after smuglo was down.
Glad it's back up, so they can contain themselves there.
>blaming smuglo
Kek. Almost two months of d&c attempts did you really expect it to work this time?
As long as it's adults wearing diapers that's fine I suppose.
If you're going to be an unspoilered porn board, consider delisting, or at least until Robi comes up with a solution so boards like this don't pop up in the overboard and frontpage anymore.
Didn't the /strek/ BO show up again or something?
To be fair, there have been quite a couple of shills on smug trying to spread bullshit about julay, I suspect they're from cake/v/ but whatever.
>Didn't the /strek/ BO show up again or something?
Kinda. Someone was going to claim it, but then they backed out so I could have it. I was the BO of 8/strek/.
I let the admin know, I'd give it to you right now but I don't think I can since they default back to him when they come up for claiming.
Ok. Thanks.
It's yours. BO still hasn't logged in since it came up for claims. I was under the impression that he did which is why we didn't transfer it to you sooner.
Excellent, thanks!
Delisted, cheers.
>/abdl/ is returning
>starts shit on julay
>deflects and brings /a/ up from out of nowhere to start shit with them
Where oh where, have I seen this exact playbook before?
Was going to suggest giving it away. Sorry I couldn't say sooner. Site doesn't like my usual country internet so I couldn't get on this site for about a month.
What error does it give you? Are you attempting to use the www subdomain? Trying to debug this problem.
Err_Connection_Timed_Out Error
Ever since the change of name to julay.world from alogs.theguntretort.com been getting that. Weird it makes such a difference but it does.
Thanks, I've been trying to get someone to give us the error for almost a month now. We'll look into it. The domain switch shouldn't be causing errors like this.
Could you try flushing your local DNS cache to see if it fixes it for you? Does the secondary domain work for you? (https://spqrchan.xyz/)
Edited last time by CP/M on 09/26/2019 (Thu) 03:01:33.
I'll let you know next time I'm inna country and if you don't hear anything it hasn't worked.
So, how exactly can you browse delisted boards? I feel like an idiot but I just cannot.
Can we have an IRL loli board? Pretty pretty pretty please?
Or maybe one centered around orbiting?
>can we have a 3D pedo board
You just type in the name of the board in your browser, make a bookmark or whatever.
If you're wondering why you can't access /abdl/, the guy who made it deleted it right away for some insane reason probably part of some spacetranny op
If someone wants to start /abdl/ for real, I have no problem recreating it.
Get out of here ralph.
No need to. See, I'm cataloguing all the active boards to help anons know which are where and I could have sworn I had seen that one.
Thanks for the help.
Check the logs. The BO deleted it the same day it was made after uploading some things. I can't remember the date but it was within the last few days. All logs are public and can be found at the bottom of the home page.
So that’s why I couldn’t find /abdl/? I’d run it myself but I don’t know if I want to juggle two different boards. Hopefully someone will claim it.
/suicide/ bro
Open file (33.65 KB 600x600 jpg.jpg)
i think its going to be dead
Since this site is already degenerate enough to have a board for shota traps, can we make a /loli/ board too? I really miss 8chan's /delicious/ board and need my fix.
CakeJew's ni/GG/er thread is where you belong.
I don't know those words.
Click the link, its your new home https://vch.moe/v/res/60950.html
Since you're "new" here, here:
Lolis are not allowed: >>785
I think he's not from the webring.
>Lolis are not allowed
>Trapshota is a board
traps > loli
Well imagine my shock.
Sorry, anon, julay.world only accepts homosexual pedophiles, not heterosexual degenerates
seriously though where can I go for loli content
You can have a loli board we just don't want 3D borederline pedo content.
Open file (245.55 KB 500x375 disgusted_sigh.png)
That should be banned, just like it was on 8chan since some of it looks too much like the real thing.
It wasn't banned on 8ch you retard.
Which global vol are you since you're posting from a new ID?
I thought julay policy was to not make any loli related boards, besides /trapshota/ but even that was meant as a /pol/ bunker.
Dumbass, he's talking about prepubescent/pubescent 3DPD, not 3D CGI.

It very obviously isn't a /pol/ bunker. Surprise, surprise given the name the BO chose.
As a commissioner/requester, I agree wholeheartedly.
It was intended as a /pol/ bunker, the original board description was the one from 8/pol/ and there where several /pol/ threads on there.
It just wasn't used much, then some actual /trapshota/ fans came in and started spamming it with their porn, after which Robi gave him the board since his plan of making a lowkey /pol/ bunker didn't work out.
The current BO also removed all the old /pol/ related threads, which is why their posts only start around 30.

Of course if you where here from the start you would know all this tor pedo.
>It was intended as a /pol/ bunker
kek. well, the results speak for themselves. it also goes to show how gullible you guys are, you got troled my man.
>you got troled my man
Sure thing, Robi had a brilliant plan to troll everyone by making a /trapshota/ board while pretending it was a /pol/ bunker but he wanted it to be a trapshota board after all! 10/10 OP tell ShowMe he taught you correctly.
Read the OP, please. Give me the required information and I'll create it, however I will have to hide your images from the frontpage and the overboard for obvious reasons. You should still be visible in the board list and the top boards on the frontpage, though. I wrote the addon for that just yesterday.
Let me try:

Board URI: /delicious/
Board name: Cake
What is the board about?: Western animated (or cartoon) lolicon
Username: Speedy05

However I'd let someone else mod it since I have no idea how to modertae.
Did you create the user?
Just created it just this second.
Maybe it's not caplocks. Try "speedy05"
Nevermind, apparently user names are case sensitive. Enjoy your board.
Thank you, my man.
Thank you, sensei. We shall cherish our new 2D pedo home forever.
Maybe he deleted it as he realized we already had a /pol/ board?
Star Wars
Fuck Disney. The Empire did nothing wrong.
Also can our threads from vch be transferred over?
User account doesn't exist, did you register?

I don't know if Robi finished that script yet.
He said it could be done here:
I know, I'm saying I don't know if he finished porting it yet.
>User account doesn't exist, did you register?
I just did. Try it now.

Read the OP.
How do I request a site to be included in the webring?
Got it. Robi, when you wake up, would you be able to let us know the progress on that script, and when our threads can be moved?
reference images
Illustrated western style SFW, cartoon, comics, or original characters,
No Bloomers Allowed
Have fun.
Suicide and related content
Dead on arrival.
Alternative Hentai
Girls(?) and Boys(?) being exceptionally lewd

Needless to say it's for porn so it's fine to hide it if it is allowed in the first place.
As long as it's drawn it should be allowed.
If it's an unspoilered porn board either delist it or use the delist lite that Robi has developed (it allows you to still show up in the board list but no posts on the frontpage and overboard).
Actually I just activated the delist lite for you, should be good to dump as much porn as you want while still showing in boards and top boards.
Thank you very much.
Sh*t JulayWorld Says
funposts and ebin times
Loli Western Cartoon and Adult Cartoons
Girls and boys. being western animated (or cartoon) lolicon and also any age.

It will be allied with /acc/ on good terms.

Troskc is suspended from being a admin and instead the site will be in the hands of me.

I will be the new admin running /rule34/ the new moderator replacing the traitor troskc.
This place will be a no bullying place no sage allowed to bully me no random anonymous allowed to swear and abuse me. and also many artists those if loyal to me are invited. they can come if they want. they're will be no futa no gays or ponies nor violence. so I will be running it.
You need to register an account.
Loli Western Cartoon and Adult Cartoons
Girls and boys. being western animated (or cartoon) lolicon and also any age.
I have already registered an account.
Too late, it's already been claimed by troskc
requesting /mu/
Who is this?
Open file (1.29 MB 1280x960 nochan.webm)
Is there a reason /pol/ hasn't been created/claimed? Is it not allowed or is no one willing to deal with moderating it? My bad if this is addressed somewhere else.
>Is there a reason /pol/ hasn't been created/claimed?
Yes https://8ch.net
Freaked me out that my file uploaded so quickly, but I realized LynxChan must check already uploaded files for hashes and just link to it. Pretty nice.

Well, what's the difference between >>>/fascist/ and /pol/? If it can't be its own board, can it be a separate overboard for politics boards?
>Well, what's the difference between >>>/fascist/ and /pol/
Did you try going there? It's a board to discuss fascism/nazism, it's not a news or CY politics board.
If you name a board something completely different to discuss politics it's probably gonna be okay, after all normalfags don't know how imageboards work, they were just told that /pol/ bad.
You'll have to request it here >>3 and see what the admin has to say but originally >>>/trapshota/ was intended to be a /pol/ bunker before it was overtaken by actual trapshota fags who didn't get the memo.
>originally >>>/trapshota/ was intended to be a /pol/ bunker before it was overtaken by actual trapshota fags who didn't get the memo.
Yeah when I first saw it I thought that was just the admins way of making fun of me for wanting a /pol/.
/pol/ is on anon.cafe
I wonder what happens when you start posting actual /pol/ content there...
But then on the other hand, if people just keep posting poems it might happen the same thing as with trapshota and /pol/ will eventually become /dokidoki/
>Is there a reason /pol/ hasn't been created/claimed?
Because there is a witch hunt going on and I'm not putting every other board at risk to host a /pol/
>Is it not allowed or is no one willing to deal with moderating it?
We have political boards. Politics are fine we just don't want the heat associated with the board name.

>originally >>>/trapshota/ was intended to be a /pol/ bunker
It was a joke/shit posting board that attached actual fans of trap shota.

A news board already exists for current events but no one seems to be using it. /dig/ was intended to cover a similar purpose as certain threads on /pol/ did but the only one using it is some anon dumping IRClogs.
Maybe a good concept considering the typical /pol/ one-liners make it really easy for the feds.
Australia and shitposting
Gay, fag, homo, male, cute
What is your solution to the tranny question Anon? :^)
No trannies are allowed on /cuteboys/.
/cuteboys/ BO here. No worries about locking down the board. I definitely understand how a lot of the content might be too sketchy to deal with in the context of DOST stuff. It's unfortunate but understandable.
Thanks man. I hope you find a place in another board.
do tell me where you set up shop anon, shame it didn't work here
Open file (7.71 MB 640x360 1.webm)
I don't want to be a burden on site owners in these trying times. The only other alternatives are anon.cafe or endchan. anon.cafe seems like they probably wouldn't want to deal with a /cuteboys/ board either after giving their rules a read. Endchan seems fine and willing to deal with a /cuteboys/ board but the site itself is kind of an unstable mess. I suppose there's always 8kun when it comes online, but I must admit I don't like or trust Jim, and half expect him to disable tor posting entirely. I even recall seeing a webm detailing how they were specifically targeting the 8ch /cuteboys/ board for data harvesting, but I either didn't save it or can't find it in my messy folders. Either way it was very creepy.
No, they had a /cutebois/ board and it is nowhere to be found now (probably deleted) and the only posts in it were crying about it's existence. Maybe anon.cafe might work or maybe erischan in the webring. I don't know.
I made the /cutebois/ board a long while ago. It still exists it's just opted out of being indexed, and it was so long ago I can't remember if I did that manually or not. But I claimed the /cuteboys/ board and got that transferred to me a month or so back. I don't think endchan actively suppressed the /cutebois/ board, I think I just probably accidentally disabled indexing way back then.

I don't think erischan is open for board creation. I guess I could ask on anon.cafe but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
News and Politics
News, Politics, Happenings
Open file (110.08 KB 750x736 fucking_nyaggers.jpg)
Maybe I'm just retarded then. Oh well. I just hope you find a home outside of Endchan and onto the webring somehow, anon.
Open file (938.29 KB 786x637 6453450.png)
Open file (1.61 MB 2416x1506 86787.png)
/Dhentai/ for drawn
/abdl/ or /crinkle/ for real ?
Think it would be better to have both under /abdl/ for higher user base. It would also be easier for people to find while 8ch /abdl/ is down.
Meanwhile there is >>>/d/2 while you wait for your board.
Open file (480.93 KB 830x1230 654345434323.png)
not bad, but needs to be seperated between diapered loli and abdl!
Open file (10.71 KB 51x57 j.gif)
Open file (10.89 KB 59x53 u.gif)
Open file (9.67 KB 44x56 l.gif)
Open file (11.03 KB 57x53 a.gif)
Open file (10.09 KB 51x52 y.gif)
Fuck it, I can't wait any longer

Adult Baby Diaper Lover
Are you going to keep it this time or will you delete it within a day? Also, will it be strictly 2D or are you allowing 3DPD?
I'm a different anon so I have no plans to delete /abdl/ if I am granted it. I was planning on allowing 3D but if most of the people don't want that I wouldn't mind strictly 2D since I like 2D more anyway
anon.cafe declined as well. I've submitted the shared secret for /cutebois/ on 8kun, so that'll have to do, unfortunately.
Open file (204.06 KB 542x533 Tired.png)
Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhh we need to make our imageboard, with blackjack, and cuteboys.
In all honesty, I think the problem is, ironically, exposure. We know our lads are scattered to the wind, but either we risk attracting the same faggots that took down 8ch or we stay stagnant and have to rely on internal advertising.
I'm the yellow-pages-anon, by the way, and I've had some troubles getting people to know which boards are currently active. i.e. half of /tv/ didn't even know that /bane/ was alive despite multiple posts detailing it.
>we risk attracting the same faggots that took down 8ch
Remove /k/, /n/, and /fascist/. Report all anons who post pro-nazi sentiments to their regional police.
While you're at it, I intend to have Tor disabled here, too. I will continue to be a mild inconvenience. Not a heavy inconvenience, only a mild one. For a long time.

But, do keep in mind, I have reported the site admin's nazi sentiments to the New York state police.
Do I need to make more reports to, say, more serious groups that will do more than put things in files?
Open file (672.31 KB 883x829 1465434778918.png)
I'm sure robi is currently packing his bags in preparation for the extradition request.
I'm sure. It's only a start, after all, have to make everybody aware one place at a time.
I look forward to going before congress in full Animegao kigurumi.
Open file (403.11 KB 449x717 akki4ns4ldz21.png)
Don't go away mad, just go away.

Thanks you guys are quick. You had already removed that asshole's shit before I could even log in and ban her.
>t. /robowaifu/
I think the local colleges here have some social science students ready to help shape public opinion here. I know, you all think they're dumb, but they're educable dumb. They can follow instructions. Plus, I won't have to pay 20 people in south east Asia to do it. I think instead of upping the ante to international counter-terror groups I may start with them first. What do you think?
bite me
I think if you weren't full of shit you would have done so already instead of making empty threats.
Flags, the symbols on them and the creation of them
Christian discussion outside of animubunker and /monarchy/
Open file (16.00 MB 461x480 AnonsWedding.webm)
heh, what did he mean by this tbh?
job stories, job hunting, what you do for money
thanks, but why am I unable to attach images on my board?
i dug through management settings and cant figure it out!
You had it set-up as a textboard.
im glad im not retarded or anything.

Open file (158.13 KB 800x800 Tumblr_JPG.jpg)
Content creators of 8chan that make videos on YouTube or their own sites to share with users of 8chan.
Jesus fucking christ
Open file (28.90 KB 410x407 distorteddd~2.jpg)
Absolute field day:
Open file (55.91 KB 500x459 do-you-ever-meme.jpg)
Board URI: /ircsecrets/
What is the board about?: #8chan and #8kun on Rizon IRC
Your user account name: owo
They've fucking found us bros god dammit
>user not found
Make your account.
thank you senpai ⊂(♡▽♡⊂)
1. /cuckquean/
2. Cuckquean
3. Women's partners involved with a 3rd party.
4. tyc
Did something happen to anon.cafe?
Done. Just curious, are you making a rival cuckquean or are you related to the other one?
My new account is AtlanticRBLX.
Transferred ownership.
Would /wx/ work here or is there any rule or resource constraint that would impede it?
Given that it would likely be a lot of video content.
Not as far as I know, but I'll check with the admin or owner just in case.
What is the subject of the board? I'm not familiar with it.
It's porn videos and images
We'll talk about it and let you know. My only worry with it is people dumping pedo shit. We've been enforcing the 2D/3D barrier to avoid having to run constant Dost tests.
Open file (424.92 KB 638x647 1565968044548.png)
They're not related to /cuckquean/. No idea why they requested a board here. Guess they're trying to be /cuckquean/'s rivals or imitators?
wood appreciation
Is this about actual pieces of lumber or just a board for dickpics? If it's just 2d dicks it's fine, but 3d needs approval from the higher ups.

actual lumber
No reason to get in the way of actual wood, done.
beautiful room.
Personal hugbox
Sorry that ones on hold for now, feel free to request /tv2/ or /zach/ or something.
Démocratie Participative
french news, politics
You have to make an account.
>You have to make an account.
I did already.
StephenLynx is a nigger
Thank you. I would like to know if i could force people to register an account before being able to post on a board. It would make moderation way easier.
Lynxchan doesn't support this and we won't be adding it via a plug-in due to the way plug-ins work. We're working on our own imageboard software but I'm not sure we'll include a feature like that because it goes against the entire point of an imageboard.
>Lynxchan doesn't support this and we won't be adding it via a plug-in due to the way plug-ins work. We're working on our own imageboard software but I'm not sure we'll include a feature like that because it goes against the entire point of an imageboard.

I asked this because our board will be more like the comment section of our website, thus driving traffic to /dempart/. It tends to also bring in trolls who flood the board.
Open file (458.09 KB 1200x900 touhoubodypillow.jpg)
requesting /2hu/
Read the OP
fuck the OP and fuck you too, do it for me
>>>/delicious/ already exists, unless you're talking about adult R34.
You have to 1cc EoSD blindfolded first.
We talked about it and decided we aren't going to host this because it's 3D porn. You'll have to look elsewhere sorry.
There are several 3D boards looking for a home. You guys would be best off starting your own imageboard and joining the webring
I've considered making a hidden service board for things like this, but know next to nothing about websites, let alone running a hidden service.
Open file (31.98 KB 278x119 lives.png)
I used to frequent 8chan's /cuckquean/ but can't since it went down this summer.

I'm trying to imitate the 8ch board since it went down. You can't be a rival of something that isn't around anymore.

That said, I was curious if you meant something else, and just discovered https://endchan.net/cuckquean/catalog.html

That says it is no longer in use but directs users to https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/ which I also didn't know about... I'm guessing this is what >>1220 is referring to?

Part of the problem with the fracturing of 8ch is if you don't communicate outside of that board then you don't necessarily know where everyone evacuated to...

I suppose for now I could post a link to Endchan and Anon.Cafe on https://julay.world/cuckquean/ and keep it up as another potential backup bunker?

I had checked https://julay.world/boards.js but it didn't list endchan.net or anon.cafe boards like it did other web rings... is it possible that Boards.JS will be expanded to link to those boards later so it will be clearer what topics exist on other sites?
is the official bunker board, yes.
Now this is some next level reddit spacing.
>2020 (almost)
>being a cuckoldry fetishist
The active board is at anon.cafe/cuckquean/, and the current fallback bunker board is still endchan.net/cuckquean/.
kys faggot
le reddit spacing meme
>2020 (almost)
>not even having your own very own cuckquean
It's like I'm among betas.
Can someone please contact the people at Retroshare about Julay/hypno/?
A board for bird enthusiasts

Thank you
Interesting board project ideas

1. A /secretrule/ knockoff (ask the 8chan oldfags about it)

2. A chan/board-culture based conlang

3. A board that roleplays as parliament
Open file (22.05 KB 300x100 1428932285265.png)
Open file (214.60 KB 730x1095 1436041552260.jpg)
Open file (57.98 KB 273x599 mods.jpg)
Open file (1.63 MB 720x1174 trigger.png)
>A /secretrule/ knockoff
I used to be a mod there and have a bunch of content related to the board including the old banners.
Looks like we can revamp this if you want to mod a new one

WebArchive are cucks who can't handle cripplecnhan so...
French fascism discussions
>3 days ago
Sorry for the delay I've had a busy week and assumed someone else had gotten to this. Your board is ready assuming you haven't gone elsewhere by now.
Did you use a real email account?
I had a problem with the keyboard language, i was able to log in and confirm the email now
No problem mate. Thanks for the board.
Do we have a /tg/ board?
There's one on smuglo.li. But if you want one here, then use the OP's template.
/hk/ for Hong Kong?
Read the OP. We will make it but you need to follow the template.
Jenny Nicholson
All things Jenny-related.
Fantastic, thanks.
The Gamergate Headquarters
Exposing MKUltra propaganda in games
URI: /ipfs/
Board name: Inter-Planetary File System
What is it about: A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open
Account name: ipfsmod
User not found, please make an account before requesting a board.
I find this hilarious.
Bittorrent: 1 billion wins
otaku, visual novels, japan, vocaloid, touhou
touhou, gameplay, secondary memeshit
What happened with smuglo?
That's the extremely rulecucked /a/ bunker right? Why would anyone want to make a board there?
Would you host a /webm/ style board or would that use too much storage?
Should be fine, just fill in the template in the OP and I'll make it.
Webm's/video file sharing
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog discussion

SFW board if possible.

We've been migrated to 8kun and we're staying there but we would feel more comfortable having a bunker to fall back to in case shit hits the fan.
Done, you can set sfw and such under board settings.
Many thanks.
No problem, and I meant board management, but I'm sure you can figure it out.
I got what you meant but I still feel retarded, there's no such setting in the board management page. Not that big of a deal, however.
I set it to SFW for you.
Open file (44.71 KB 320x240 1334512440431.gif)
Sweet, thanks.
How would you like 3D porn addressed on /webm/ if it comes up? No dedicated 3D porn threads? No 3D porn in general save for things that make sense like perhaps in a comedic context?
>save for things that make sense like perhaps in a comedic context?
Heh, that was fast. There are huge numbers of porn-friendly places out there friend.
What? I'm trying to understand where the line is drawn, I'm not trying to push boundaries. If all 3D porn content is to be banned that's perfectly fine. By comedic context I mean things like Chris-chan's autism or the StephenLynx tranny's porn videos for example. Why are you attributing malice to me for trying to moderate effectively?
Just don't break global rules aka don't allow pedoshit.
>don't allow pedoshit
so can we get /cutebois/ back? :^)
8channel is without a janitor now, can we get a /libre/ board here?
Just fill in the template.
Sorry, no.
Board URI: /sm/
Board name: Shotacon
What is the board about?: 2D Boys
Username: enntoby

Given /delicious/ is here (and /trapshota/, even if that wasn't its intended purpose), I don't see why this would be an issue. There's currently no shota imageboard that I know of, the board on 7ch has been MIA for months (despite their loli boards still existing) and 8ch is useless. No 3D/CG content will be allowed as per global rules, will actively moderate to rid the board of 3D posters and content if they come out of the woodwork.
Robi pls answer
If it is 3D then I won't allow it. If it's 2D only like /trapshota/ then it's okay.
Done, sorry for delay busy week.
Thank you very much. Will try and populate the board with rules stickies etc. asap :)
Raids and lulz
Lulz river

>I don't want to deal with m8channel. I'm tired of bullying the inhabitants of this shit, so I decided to move here.
An alien, bigfoot and succubus walk into a bar...
Already exists but check back in about 24 hours because it'll probably go up for claims.
The OP says it's up for claim
OP is a bit dated. We're going to check for claims again in the next 12 hours or so. If the BO still hasn't logged in you can have it.
CURRENTLY CLAIMABLE BOARDS /dig/ (last login on 2019-09-04) /drugs/ (last login on 2019-09-18) /his/ (last login on 2019-10-14) /retro/ (last login on 2019-10-13) /argentina/ (last login on 2019-11-26) /cowrevolt/ (last login on 2019-10-22) /ggrevolt/ (last login on 2019-09-15) /leftypol/ (last login on 2019-10-01) /fit/ (last login on 2019-09-20) /delicious/ (last login on 2019-11-14) /suicide/ (last login on 2019-11-18) /rule34/ (last login on 2019-10-03) /aus/ (last login on 2019-10-14) /n/ (last login on 2019-10-09) /8tube/ (last login on 2019-10-18) /ircsecrets/ (last login on 2019-11-24) /cuckquean/ (last login on 2019-10-18) /sohard/ (last login on 2019-10-22) /dempart/ (last login on 2019-10-27) If you login to your BO account before someone else claims your board, it will be closed to claims.
Edited last time by UNIVAC on 12/29/2019 (Sun) 10:08:55.
BO logged in so /x/ is no longer up for claims, sorry.

Added >>>/n/ to list of claimable boards. Slipped by when we did claims originally.
Are you the one that got outed as a pedo?
Open file (56.67 KB 406x612 1570037891866-1.jpg)
Right. I'm sure spamming anon.cafe and sperging out in cake/v/ when you got outed was also a complete mistake.
retarded dolphin, why dont you commit suicide
I'd like to claim /argentina/
User: JDPeron
It's yours.
/delicious/ User: CakeBoy
I would like to request a board. URI: /milhis/ Name: Military History What is the board about: Everything relating to military history. Battles, weapons, persons, events and more. Account name: Stug3
>>2308 done.
>>2309 Thanks :)
Be aware board creation/transfers may take longer than usual over the next week or so. I'll check in as often as I can. >>2307 I haven't forgotten about you anon. I will check to see if the BO hasn't logged in yet. If he hasn't I'll transfer the board.
>>2169 Just logged into /retro/
>>3 /cl/ comic library comics of all kinds C966
>>2337 Done, Merry Christmas.
>>3 Thank you very much, also merry Christmas,
>>2307 here. I'd like to withdraw my request.
/n/ News and Politics News, Politics, Happenings, and Current Events Guthrum
>>2350 done
>>2349 Ok anon, I saw your request but wasn't able to check log-ins at the time due to Christmas. If you decide you still want it let us know.
This isn't a request per se yet maybe but are we permitted to have a /pol/ on this site?
>>2357 But we already have a /pol/.
I'll take /reddit/. Username is euphoria.
>>2360 Done.
/32/ Psychopolitics Studying intelligence agencies, secret societies and psychological Operations Gadriel
>>2370 Done.
I'll take /delicious/ since nobody seems to be up for it. /trapshota/ seems pretty dead as well so if it's up for grabs I can take over that board as well. I understand that this kind of content gets a lot of hate and it seems not many people are willing to run it. I'm willing to stick up for it. Username is euphoria.
>>2424 If you really want both maybe come to the irc and talk to either robi or pringles, whoever is online. #julayworld on rizon
>>2425 Sure, give me a second.
>>2428 Oh nice, competition! euphoria vs BigGuy Draw contest.
>>2430 Which site, anon.cafe? Also, it's been given to euphoria since he asked first. However he would like you as a volunteer for his board if you'd like to help. Redirecting him here.
I'm on IRC if you'd like to talk.
>>2436 Yes.
>>2436 Not found 🤔
>>3 /tower/ Mage's Tower Mage Refuge Modmin Many thanks
>>2444 Done.
>>2445 I've unindexed my board but its still on the webring and I've requested email confirmation multiple times but no emails are coming through. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
CURRENTLY CLAIMABLE BOARDS /dig/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-14) /hypno/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-06) /co/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /his/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-14) /loomis/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /bane/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /pdfs/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /ara/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /hyper/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /cowrevolt/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-22) /manip/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /ggrevolt/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-15) /leftypol/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-01) /fit/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-20) /suicide/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-18) /sjws/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-11) /rule34/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-03) /aus/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-13) /abdl/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-31) /christian/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-30) /workrelated/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-19) /8tube/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-17) /cuckquean/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-18) /sohard/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-22) /dempart/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-27) /jenny/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-08) /gamergatehq/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-11) If you login to your BO account before someone else claims your board, it will be closed to claims.
Edited last time by robi on 01/16/2020 (Thu) 16:03:07.
>>2487 I'll take /bane/ t. big guy kimeemaru
>>2488 Done.
>>2487 /abdl/ gaydar
>>2487 /fit/ - Health & Fitness Huge Gains Toutatis
>>2487 Can I get /ara/? Username is rate. Thanks.
I would advise against giving >>2499 a board unless he first confirms his identity if he made the account in this month on anon cafe. /r9k/ has a pesky sperg willing to go above and beyond, because he got bullied for posting cp link.
>>2490 I think the BO logged in since the claims list was updated. I'll double check later, if he hasn't you can have it. >>2491 >>2492 >>2499 Done. >>2506 It's first come first serve. If the owner of the board on anon cafe wanted it here he should have claimed it before someone else did.
>>2507 thanks
Why did I lose control of my precious /r9k/ board? I'm a dolphin.
>>2513 Pinging third party server for the purpose of harvesting IPs. Thanks for playing next time don't come to IRC to openly gloat about what you're doing
>>2514 I was joking. I knew I couldn't do that.
>>2513 Maybe they don’t want a known spammer and poster of CP in control of a board. >>2514 That’s worse than I thought they’d try.
>>2516 Please. I'll be good.
>>2514 >warned not to give dolphinpedo CP spammer boards >does it anyway >reverses it within the hour Pottery
>>2518 If you have a better option than >we must verify every person that requests a board I'm all ears. It isn't my fault we can't have nice things because of a few retards.
>>2520 Not every board. Everyone is aware this sperg is fucking with r9k in particular.
Fuck the pedos and shills. I'll be the new BO for /r9k/ since anon.cafe is getting DOSed by the dolphin pedo and jews. /r9k/ NORMALFAGS AND TRANNIES OUT ROBOTS Torrando
/r9k/ ROBOTS Dolphin pedo bad Bronecake Fuck off, dolphin pedo. Maybe we can have a BO fight.
>>2520 Some boards are exception of that rule, as evidenced by what happen in last hour. You've been warned that specific board has sperg, you ignored it and it backfired. fatpeople.lol owner also fell for this tactic. On the other side, it's understandable since our BO is a lazy nigger and didn't post a warning that such situation could happen nor did he provide e-mail to confirm his identity in case he wanted to make board somewhere else. t. first torpedo >>2506
The dolphin pedo has a fairly set modus operandi now. He attempts to take over anything /r9k/-related during interruptions caused by his spam or attacks. He variously claims boards on other sites, tries to claim them using identities he thinks will fit in, and when he is detected he spergs out before trying it all again. Why he does it? Nobody knows, and nobody really cares.
>>2530 Dolphinpedo unironically didn't make the board on fatpeople.lol. That was me and dolphin pedo just spammed the fuck out of it within minutes of its creation.
>>2530 >fatpeople.lol owner also fell for this tactic. Slight clarification: he wasn't warned, but he didn't know that sperg was haunting /r9k/ and he let him create board, which got spammed right away.
>>2533 Now that you have posted this, if he ever gets a board he will spam it before going “phew guys, good thing I defeated that nasty dolphin spammer amirite”
>>2535 There's not much that can be done. I anticipated he would try to start creating/claiming other boards in bad faith while pretending to be an average anon, which is why I created the board on fatpeople.lol before actually posting about it on /r9k/ and getting input about the idea of migrating. I don't know how I could have navigated it any better, or navigate it better now. I've asked Tom if he could maybe restore the board with the original account since that's the only way I can know the person running it isn't dolphin pedo. But the reality is there's no real way for me to prove that. I said in the original post that I'd be willing to transfer it to the anon.cafe /r9k/ BO and still would. It's all a massive shit show and part of it is my fault for not just locking the board right after creation or forcing captcha's for every post instead of just enabling the anti-spam triggers.
He also tried to claim /delicious/ right after I had already claimed it, then started begging to be a vol, then deleted all of his posts. I saved that entire board from who knows what.
>>2536 >I anticipated he would try to start creating/claiming other boards in bad faith while pretending to be an average anon, which is why I created the board on fatpeople.lol before actually posting about it on /r9k/ and getting input about the idea of migrating. I think that warning site owners on webring (Preferably through e-mail) would've been sufficient method of achieving what you wanted or at least should've been. Either way, now that his shenanigans are known, it should be easier to warn other owners with open board creation. **At first I thought dolphin-kun claimed that board to spam it and stir shit between webring sites back on /r9k/, so I'm glad that pandora box was opened by anon with good intentions instead of sperg. t. >>>anon.cafe/r9k/3940**
>>2539 >I fucked up spoiler Please don't bully
/tg/ Traditional Games The Meatbread Rises /r9k/ ROBOT CBT have sex incels kimeemaru ;^)
>>2551 Hi dolphin kun! Or do you prefer Luke?
>>2556 If being Luke causes more drama then I am.
/condor/ Proyecto Condor Imageboard chileno yc
Open file (30.66 KB 327x283 puchikool.jpg)
>>2630 Probably fine, but please jump into IRC for a bit if you would. Rizon #julayworld
>>2630 Done.
>>2557 Katie the penguin of doom and Invader Zim did it before you.
/robowaifu/ just became available. euphoria
>>2638 where? on julayworld?
>>2642 Yes? Where else? Check the boardlist.
>>2643 I want to claim /robowaifu/. Do I need to create an account? Which email service do you recommend? i am >>2642 . when i saw the update about /robowaifu/ the only thing i had on me was my phone.
>>2644 Sorry, I've already claimed it.
>>2638 Done.
>>2647 When are we getting an epic /board/ battle? /delicious was a wimp.
/touhoufags/ Touhou/toho only Come and talk about touhou. x000x1
>>2653 But there already is /2hu/
>>2654 Yeah, but I want to have another board in case /2hu/'s BO vanishes.
>>2655 Why? You know you could just ask Robi for control of it if it looks like the BO vanishede even though I reeeeeeeeeeeeally doubt that will happen.


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