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Open file (237.27 KB 1280x800 hotpocketvault.jpg)
Requesting/Claiming a board v2 (Now with less blogposting) Anonymous 02/03/2020 (Mon) 17:46:07 ID: 8a505b No.3534
Currently board creation is not enabled for regular users. If you are willing to own and moderate a board do the following: - Create a user account on the site. - Reply to this thread with the following: >Board URI >Board name >What is the board about? >Your user account name I don't really care much about what you want to do with your board so as long as it's legal you're gonna get the board. Boards which are dead* for more than 2 weeks are up for claims. *dead means the BO is absent. CURRENTLY CLAIMABLE BOARDS (updated 2019-12-14) /dig/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-14) /hypno/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-06) /co/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /his/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-14) /loomis/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /pdfs/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /hyper/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /cowrevolt/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-22) /manip/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-30) /ggrevolt/ (owner last logged in at 2019-08-15) /suicide/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-18) /sjws/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-11) /rule34/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-03) /aus/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-13) /christian/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-30) /workrelated/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-19) /8tube/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-17) /cuckquean/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-18) /sohard/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-22) /dempart/ (owner last logged in at 2019-09-27) /jenny/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-08) /gamergatehq/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-11) If you login to your BO account before someone else claims your board, it will be closed to claims Since the last thread was flooded with off-topic blog posts I'm making a new thread for this. Please try to stay somewhat on topic this time.
Edited last time by PPP on 02/03/2020 (Mon) 18:25:39.
So I went to the supermarket this morning
You should update the list. At least /ara/ has been claimed, and I'm pretty sure /abdl/ has an owner too.
>>3537 I can confirm for /abdl/. I logged in last at the most a week ago and check the board daily.
/fit/ isn't up for claim either.
>>3537 I just checked the old thread and /ara/, /abdl/ and /fit/ should be removed from the list in the OP.
(updated 2019-12-14)
Open file (62.17 KB 686x856 PPPsubvertingcow.png)
>Edited last time by PPP on 02/03/2020 (Mon) 17:46:57. Are you really trying to subvert julay? >>>/cow/30431
But why is the hot pocket vault full of calzones?
Open file (142.49 KB 300x100 dethbergbanr.gif)
Open file (385.78 KB 300x100 dethcoronabanr.gif)
Open file (24.79 KB 300x100 dethtalksbanr.jpg)
Open file (27.62 KB 300x100 dethkellybanr.jpg)
/deth/ Death Lore: True crime, deadly diseases, & other critical issues. Hey! You guys wanna host a /deth/ for me? The boards i have it on have issues and I want to make an issue 3 anyway. https://I AM A SPAMMER! REPORT ME!/deth/catalog.html https://shillchan.org/deth/catalog.html It'd be like these but new + diff articles. acct:ToxicEpoxy
>>3558 heh, nice filter. i'm just an anon tho, i just host those boards there
>>>/ita/ shows up as dead, I want it and I want it now >Your user account name mememan69
>>3572 Sorry lad, I'm here t. Plafoniera
Can i have a board to post all spongebob squarepant episode ? If yes. /SS/ Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Collection Spongebob
>>3599 If yes what?
>>3600 If yes i'll upload spongebob to julay. All of it.
Not sure if any other staff is reading this thread. >>3558 I really don't want to have to respond to any global reports or globally moderate a board full of gore. If someone else makes the board it's their responsibility, not mine, I'd rather not have to look at that shit. There's a staff member here who will probably make it for you. >>3599 >/ss/ You are going to single handedly disappoint every straight shota fan in the webring. Best of luck, it's done.
>>3558 Oh fuck it whatever I made the board. I hope I don't regret this. It's done.
>>3601 Sounds like a massive waste of site resources.
>>3612 I disagree. >>3599 How much money do you make a month?
Requesting a christian based /b/ board.
>>3614 >How much money do you make a month? it depend, between 3 to 14k a month depending of the willingness of my whores.
>>3628 Pay a month of hosting here to demonstrate you're willing to be responsible, and I'll set you up something better. https://julay.world/.static/pages/donations.html >>3627 You too. “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” –Yeshua ben Yosef
>>3629 What is "something better" like ? I don't have any crypto setup atm.
>>3629 >Yeshua It's Jesus. Also i'm a poorfag so forget my post.
>>3629 >Yeshua ben Yosef Someone hasn't read the Bible i see.
>>3630 Icecast server. I need to dev an mpd for video, and destroy cytube/synch for good. >>3631 Are you English? >>3632 Tell me you read the Septuagint?
>>3634 Naw um scottish
>>3635 Same difference. Yeshua is his real name pronounced in yiddish.
>>3635 Also I actually did read and I feel like a retard. Thanks boss.
>>3636 They spoke aramaic, not modern yiddish, although it remains Yoshua. In the greek text you mention it converts to Iesous. Although i need to study it more, so i guess i will hold my horses.
>>3638 When you get to my point, you learned everything you were told were several lies, and the only true religion was copied off the gyptians. –exChristian that sat down to read EVERYTHING
>>3634 So you are asking me to donate to get a key for the Гунтstream ? Nah thanks i got a pajeet internet connection, i can watch 360p stream but never stream myself. Also the 20mb limit seem to be ample enough to post spongebob episode.
>>3640 Nope, your pay is collateral to engaging a symbiotic relationship where I host you spongebobs while I get funding for developing something I've always wanted to achieve. Once it's finished, I'll sell it off and you can get your returned investments in capital and source code. Later later when I have my ISP, I plan to make a sneakernet network I can just ship you a drone with an SDUC and you can share anywhere.
>>3641 Like I said i'm a total poor fag. I couldn't pay even if I wanted too.
>>3641 If i understand that clearly, you are taking hostage my spongebob in exchange of donation ? If that's the case tell me, if i can continue post my episode on >>>/ss/1 i'll keep it at that. I was lying for the money i'm not a prostitute manager i'm a neet, if that's why you are soliciting a potential investor, ill donate when i can
>>3642 Np, always venture, always gain. Same offer I've given to anyone willing to own an imageboard. /pol/ never contacted me back.
>>3644 The only reason I wanted the board was for a joke anyway.
>>3643 Lmao, I'm not affiliated with julay administration, but I always compromise to make dues If your donation gets a green light from Robi, I know you're serious: that's the collateral. I am dead serious though about developing. The more libre software, the better. Everyone has been dying to move off from cytube/sync, and an mpd branch for video is best suited for this. There's a lot to program, like make rooms, lists, modes, admins, pretty much IRC+media.
>>3645 Julay.world itself is nearing disk space, why >>3612 said that. But I see it as a funding problem: more money into julay means more money to increase storage. It's mongodb, so it cam be remotely extended.
>>3647 So probably not a smart idea then. I'll stick to trolling then. You have my 100% support even though I can't donate.
>>3646 Welp, good luck to you it sound interesting but i don't see myself on a computer in 15 years, i'll plan to go off grid.
>>3649 I'm technically off grid too. The only way you're seeing this is because I'm leaching off an open wireless router meters away from my residence. But I know the importance of maintaining quality software for decades to come. I want my grandchildren to enjoy a Turing machine at least once.
>>3650 Is that why you're planning on drone carryong sdcu ? Top kek lad keep doing what you do :^)
>>3651 Yep. Sneakernet will be the only net 2038. Google& Facebook both depend sneakernet because not even fiber yield enough throughput than swapping NAS hot physical room to room. Drones are becoming so cheap you can build them out of debris: it's the design and AI that really makes the drone, if not it's a rocket.
>>3652 how much open source ai drone is available as we speak ?
>>3649 I want to go off the radar as well. RFID Technology is not something I want to get involved with. I'm not cattle.
>>3653 All except government contracts: https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=drone+ai Saw the Project Maven walkouts. AI development pretty much requires open source work to parallelize everything. AI jobs literally require you to use and support open source. >>3654 Wimax/wibro is pretty ok. Girlfriend wants to use the laser method. But you definitely need a piggyback to the wired.
>>3655 I believe the best action is simply don't play. If I die. Who would really care after all I only live for God and heres the thing if there's nothing worth living for there is nothing worth dying for.
Please stop derailing the board request thread again. Go derail a >>>/b/ thread or something.
>>3657 Alright I made my board on alphachan so that's fine. Is it alright if I promote my board on here?
>>3657 fuck off janny
>>3534 >Board URI /bantb/ >Board name random banter >What is the board about? pretty much anything. I like to post archives i make there and have just general old banter. Its connected to a cytube where we play news videos and other stuff when there are happenings. for the description of the board you can put: Banter of the random variety >Your user account name BadBois
>>3749 Done.
>>3751 can i get the css for julay? My lynxchan css doesnt cover the bar where the bird is
>>3657 Suck my fat nigger dick nerd
>>3753 >Get a CSS wat, not staff but i made a CSS yet i don't understand your request. Could we request the CSS parameters? man i wasted days figuring it out on my own then. html { background-color: #000000; }
I want to make a board to help people /rec/ Requests & Recommendations Helping people find stuff recguy
>>3756 Can you find me a gf? Robi was unwilling to install for me a gf.
>>3753 Are you the guy who came into IRC asking for the tomorrow CSS? The entire frontend is open source. But the tomorrow CSS can be found at https://julay.world/.static/css/tomorrow.css >>3756 Done, enjoy
Open file (888.01 KB 498x278 tenor (5).gif)
>>3756 It's going to be great having you here.
>Board URI bbg >Board name Bonbibonkers General >What is the board about? A TikTok girl named Bonbibonkers. Just posting her latest videos and some drama discussion. We were bunkering on endchan... but that's been down for a while. >Your user account name julaybbg
Julay is becoming the new 8chan where every niche community come to live another day.
>>3783 Centralization is GREAT
>>3783 I'd honestly prefer larger boards to have their own place in the webring, but everyone is welcome to stay until they can get one.
>>3784 I did want to host myself in anon.cafe due to their atmosphere but some of their romanian rules are very specific and might land me a closure, as my topic is general images and some of them probably candid. One would think gypsies are soft on that but it seems they borderline can ban 2D, let alone a mom walking on the other side of the street with a kid coming from the beach; oddly specific but it can happen.
>>3787 I'll host for a price >>3641
>>3788 My current userbase is 1 (one), including me, i might take on your offer but i need to be very careful at promoting and constructing my board for at least the next 6 months, the chileans have shown us that rampant movement along with careless promoting brings nothing but trouble, there might be some good elements but that's a consequence of quantity, and my topic is not even that big so i will bring only but trouble, doesn't help the native 8chan board userbase was 3 (three), include myself too, and they haven't replied to any post in the last 45 days. I do want to donate even as a normal user but i don't use crypto, i can only tell you i will buy a pipecat shirt or 2 in the same 6 months. Or are you holding me into a board paywall? if you really want funds for the personal project, i can spare a few bucks too but i would suppose a similar non-crypto way to do it.
>>3789 If the collateral is successful, I'll setup something for you to make monthly payments with. I prefer monero transaction for both our safeties. You don't have a cryptocurrency atm near you to make monthly payments? I'd hate to go back to paper trails.
>>3781 Done.
>>3789 You shouldn't believe every shitpost that comes along. >>3794 You're going to force us to start using capcodes all the time, aren't you? I'm bored of this game. From now on I'm using the broom every time I see you.
>>3799 Like I said, broom. Stop derailing the one thread I requested stay on topic and stop asking people that come here requesting boards for money.
>>3805 While I'm sweeping anons should be aware that I'm going to clean up this thread sometime in the next 24 hours. I don't want to wade through 20 shit posts every time I check in to see if there are board requests. You have 97 other boards and every other thread on >>>/meta/ to discuss these things. I don't want this board turning into 8kunt/sudo/.
>>3799 >You shouldn't believe every shitpost that comes along. Hence the "might", although i understand the need for donations as we are on the line for only another month, putting drones on the air is another thing and i would like a damn good shirt out of that hypothetical shitposting venture by crazed punks. Also sorry for the question but where can i see the available file types we can upload? i was thinking about .tiff but i wanted to ask to avoid trouble.
>>3805 My apologies: >>>/b/1633 >>3806 Always archive before you do, and thanks.
/pol/ Politically Incorrect Politics Benito
Open file (212.18 KB 500x656 2394235612345.jpg)
>>3859 Nice yoke.
>>3859 But we already have a /pol/.
>>3761 yeah. Im trying to change the colour of the banner bits where the bird is. That css doesnt work in custom settings css though. Is there one i can play with?
>>3866 Notice all the .theme-tomorrow prefixes. That's probably why it doesn't work. Try removing those and then adding it to custom CSS.
>>3867 Yeah i tried that earlier. Ill try to grab something else ig.
>>3866 Are you on crazy pills or you don't actually know what's going on? It's here >>3755
Open file (72.50 KB 1618x181 barhihlight.png)
>>3871 Oh i didnt notice that becuase it had it spoilered. anyway i still have the problem because theres a bar at the top that wont change colours
>>3873 You marked 3 bars in that picture, which one?
>>3884 the one below the top nav and above the black background. Ive already came up with my own solution by moving nav down by 5.1%, if you still would like to share how to change the colour of it i would apprentice
Open file (40.21 KB 300x100 dethebolachanbanr.jpg)
>>3610 oh, it's not a gore board, it's a true crime thing with a lil /ebola/ thrown in. i mod it plenty you guys wouldnt have to do much. i could use your guys help here, you're the only stable chan anymore
>>3916 You know how to move the navigation bar: >nav.top-nav >{ height: 1rem; } To move the bar you write about it's the rule: >.board-header >{ margin: 1rem 0 0rem; } Now this one is tricky, both the burd bar (footer) and the under nav bar (header) use the same rule for coloring it seems >html Looks like the burd one responds to >{ background-color: #000000; And the one you mention responds to a specific gradient command >background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #000000, #1A1A1A 200px); } I tried to make it solid but i got tired, it was also one of the last rules i got the hang of it. So i just made the gradient smaller to make it flashier (25px) and picked two colors, you can also pick the same colors to make it solid but i don't remember why i didn't. On-topic because it's about claiming the boards truly as our own :^)
>>3925 I already made the board for you last week. It's just been sitting there dead (I guess that's pretty fitting since the name is /deth/)
>>3927 Thanks ill try it out
>>3928 nigger you are just going to reset the board for the 6 gorillionth time
>>3928 just saw, thanks so much. booting up this wkend
>Board URI /multichan/ >Board name Multi Chan >What is the board about? https://multichan.org/ >Your user account name multichan Also please move this thread from /b/ to /multichan/ https://julay.world/b/res/1634.html Thanks
>>3947 What the fuck are you talking about faggot
>>3968 Bump! Admin pleaaaaaaaaase :DDDDDD
>>3968 >advertisement board Great, that's what I want to see in the board list. Ads.
>>4187 Are you the admin? I just need a place to discuss the website and bug reports, if you don't want it to be here I can do it elsewhere, just tell me.
/8kun/ /8chan/ /8ch/ /s8s/ Embrace Autism Shit 8goobers say. A catch-all like >>>/reddit/ used to be my_cunt More catches maybe requested at later times. Tempted to operate a /sms/ for shit social media addicts say. Maybe a /sns/ for normalfags. SFW, NFSW spoiled, listed in the overboard.
>>3534 >/suicide/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-18) 🤔

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