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Open file (237.27 KB 1280x800 hotpocketvault.jpg)
Board Requests/Claims Anonymous 02/03/2020 (Mon) 17:46:07 ID: 8a505b No.3534
What is this all about? JulayWorld doesn't allow anons to create boards themselves, and boards are handed out by global moderators. You can use this thread to request a board. Additionally, if a board is dead, you can request to claim it. How do I request a board? Create a user account on this site by clicking the "Account" link at the top and then registering. And then, make a new post in this thread with the following details: >Board URI >Board name >What is the board about? >The account you just created (You don't have to create a new account if you already have one, just use the account you already have.) What are the rules for owning a board? The main rules are listed at https://julay.world/.static/pages/globalRules.html#board-ownership . Basically, don't request a board for illegal shit. The rules are pretty lax on board creation but the decision is still at the jannies' discretion. How do I claim a board? Just make a post requesting that board and your username (register first as explained above if you don't already have an account). Which boards are claimable? Go to the boardlist by clicking "Boards" at the top. A list of boards will be shown. Boards which have a skull icon next to them are dead and are claimable.
Edited last time by robi on 03/29/2020 (Sun) 15:22:08.
So I went to the supermarket this morning
You should update the list. At least /ara/ has been claimed, and I'm pretty sure /abdl/ has an owner too.
>>3537 I can confirm for /abdl/. I logged in last at the most a week ago and check the board daily.
/fit/ isn't up for claim either.
>>3537 I just checked the old thread and /ara/, /abdl/ and /fit/ should be removed from the list in the OP.
(updated 2019-12-14)
Open file (62.17 KB 686x856 PPPsubvertingcow.png)
>Edited last time by PPP on 02/03/2020 (Mon) 17:46:57. Are you really trying to subvert julay? >>>/cow/30431
But why is the hot pocket vault full of calzones?
Open file (142.49 KB 300x100 dethbergbanr.gif)
Open file (385.78 KB 300x100 dethcoronabanr.gif)
Open file (24.79 KB 300x100 dethtalksbanr.jpg)
Open file (27.62 KB 300x100 dethkellybanr.jpg)
/deth/ Death Lore: True crime, deadly diseases, & other critical issues. Hey! You guys wanna host a /deth/ for me? The boards i have it on have issues and I want to make an issue 3 anyway. https://I AM A SPAMMER! REPORT ME!/deth/catalog.html https://shillchan.org/deth/catalog.html It'd be like these but new + diff articles. acct:ToxicEpoxy
>>3558 heh, nice filter. i'm just an anon tho, i just host those boards there
>>>/ita/ shows up as dead, I want it and I want it now >Your user account name mememan69
>>3572 Sorry lad, I'm here t. Plafoniera
Can i have a board to post all spongebob squarepant episode ? If yes. /SS/ Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Collection Spongebob
>>3599 If yes what?
>>3600 If yes i'll upload spongebob to julay. All of it.
Not sure if any other staff is reading this thread. >>3558 I really don't want to have to respond to any global reports or globally moderate a board full of gore. If someone else makes the board it's their responsibility, not mine, I'd rather not have to look at that shit. There's a staff member here who will probably make it for you. >>3599 >/ss/ You are going to single handedly disappoint every straight shota fan in the webring. Best of luck, it's done.
>>3558 Oh fuck it whatever I made the board. I hope I don't regret this. It's done.
>>3601 Sounds like a massive waste of site resources.
>>3612 I disagree. >>3599 How much money do you make a month?
Requesting a christian based /b/ board.
>>3614 >How much money do you make a month? it depend, between 3 to 14k a month depending of the willingness of my whores.
>>3628 Pay a month of hosting here to demonstrate you're willing to be responsible, and I'll set you up something better. https://julay.world/.static/pages/donations.html >>3627 You too. “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” –Yeshua ben Yosef
>>3629 What is "something better" like ? I don't have any crypto setup atm.
>>3629 >Yeshua It's Jesus. Also i'm a poorfag so forget my post.
>>3629 >Yeshua ben Yosef Someone hasn't read the Bible i see.
>>3630 Icecast server. I need to dev an mpd for video, and destroy cytube/synch for good. >>3631 Are you English? >>3632 Tell me you read the Septuagint?
>>3634 Naw um scottish
>>3635 Same difference. Yeshua is his real name pronounced in yiddish.
>>3635 Also I actually did read and I feel like a retard. Thanks boss.
>>3636 They spoke aramaic, not modern yiddish, although it remains Yoshua. In the greek text you mention it converts to Iesous. Although i need to study it more, so i guess i will hold my horses.
>>3638 When you get to my point, you learned everything you were told were several lies, and the only true religion was copied off the gyptians. –exChristian that sat down to read EVERYTHING
>>3634 So you are asking me to donate to get a key for the Гунтstream ? Nah thanks i got a pajeet internet connection, i can watch 360p stream but never stream myself. Also the 20mb limit seem to be ample enough to post spongebob episode.
>>3640 Nope, your pay is collateral to engaging a symbiotic relationship where I host you spongebobs while I get funding for developing something I've always wanted to achieve. Once it's finished, I'll sell it off and you can get your returned investments in capital and source code. Later later when I have my ISP, I plan to make a sneakernet network I can just ship you a drone with an SDUC and you can share anywhere.
>>3641 Like I said i'm a total poor fag. I couldn't pay even if I wanted too.
>>3641 If i understand that clearly, you are taking hostage my spongebob in exchange of donation ? If that's the case tell me, if i can continue post my episode on >>>/ss/1 i'll keep it at that. I was lying for the money i'm not a prostitute manager i'm a neet, if that's why you are soliciting a potential investor, ill donate when i can
>>3642 Np, always venture, always gain. Same offer I've given to anyone willing to own an imageboard. /pol/ never contacted me back.
>>3644 The only reason I wanted the board was for a joke anyway.
>>3643 Lmao, I'm not affiliated with julay administration, but I always compromise to make dues If your donation gets a green light from Robi, I know you're serious: that's the collateral. I am dead serious though about developing. The more libre software, the better. Everyone has been dying to move off from cytube/sync, and an mpd branch for video is best suited for this. There's a lot to program, like make rooms, lists, modes, admins, pretty much IRC+media.
>>3645 Julay.world itself is nearing disk space, why >>3612 said that. But I see it as a funding problem: more money into julay means more money to increase storage. It's mongodb, so it cam be remotely extended.
>>3647 So probably not a smart idea then. I'll stick to trolling then. You have my 100% support even though I can't donate.
>>3646 Welp, good luck to you it sound interesting but i don't see myself on a computer in 15 years, i'll plan to go off grid.
>>3649 I'm technically off grid too. The only way you're seeing this is because I'm leaching off an open wireless router meters away from my residence. But I know the importance of maintaining quality software for decades to come. I want my grandchildren to enjoy a Turing machine at least once.
>>3650 Is that why you're planning on drone carryong sdcu ? Top kek lad keep doing what you do :^)
>>3651 Yep. Sneakernet will be the only net 2038. Google& Facebook both depend sneakernet because not even fiber yield enough throughput than swapping NAS hot physical room to room. Drones are becoming so cheap you can build them out of debris: it's the design and AI that really makes the drone, if not it's a rocket.
>>3652 how much open source ai drone is available as we speak ?
>>3649 I want to go off the radar as well. RFID Technology is not something I want to get involved with. I'm not cattle.
>>3653 All except government contracts: https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=drone+ai Saw the Project Maven walkouts. AI development pretty much requires open source work to parallelize everything. AI jobs literally require you to use and support open source. >>3654 Wimax/wibro is pretty ok. Girlfriend wants to use the laser method. But you definitely need a piggyback to the wired.
>>3655 I believe the best action is simply don't play. If I die. Who would really care after all I only live for God and heres the thing if there's nothing worth living for there is nothing worth dying for.
Please stop derailing the board request thread again. Go derail a >>>/b/ thread or something.
>>3657 Alright I made my board on alphachan so that's fine. Is it alright if I promote my board on here?
>>3657 fuck off janny
>>3534 >Board URI /bantb/ >Board name random banter >What is the board about? pretty much anything. I like to post archives i make there and have just general old banter. Its connected to a cytube where we play news videos and other stuff when there are happenings. for the description of the board you can put: Banter of the random variety >Your user account name BadBois
>>3749 Done.
>>3751 can i get the css for julay? My lynxchan css doesnt cover the bar where the bird is
>>3657 Suck my fat nigger dick nerd
>>3753 >Get a CSS wat, not staff but i made a CSS yet i don't understand your request. Could we request the CSS parameters? man i wasted days figuring it out on my own then. html { background-color: #000000; }
I want to make a board to help people /rec/ Requests & Recommendations Helping people find stuff recguy
>>3756 Can you find me a gf? Robi was unwilling to install for me a gf.
>>3753 Are you the guy who came into IRC asking for the tomorrow CSS? The entire frontend is open source. But the tomorrow CSS can be found at https://julay.world/.static/css/tomorrow.css >>3756 Done, enjoy
Open file (888.01 KB 498x278 tenor (5).gif)
>>3756 It's going to be great having you here.
>Board URI bbg >Board name Bonbibonkers General >What is the board about? A TikTok girl named Bonbibonkers. Just posting her latest videos and some drama discussion. We were bunkering on endchan... but that's been down for a while. >Your user account name julaybbg
Julay is becoming the new 8chan where every niche community come to live another day.
>>3783 Centralization is GREAT
>>3783 I'd honestly prefer larger boards to have their own place in the webring, but everyone is welcome to stay until they can get one.
>>3784 I did want to host myself in anon.cafe due to their atmosphere but some of their romanian rules are very specific and might land me a closure, as my topic is general images and some of them probably candid. One would think gypsies are soft on that but it seems they borderline can ban 2D, let alone a mom walking on the other side of the street with a kid coming from the beach; oddly specific but it can happen.
>>3787 I'll host for a price >>3641
>>3788 My current userbase is 1 (one), including me, i might take on your offer but i need to be very careful at promoting and constructing my board for at least the next 6 months, the chileans have shown us that rampant movement along with careless promoting brings nothing but trouble, there might be some good elements but that's a consequence of quantity, and my topic is not even that big so i will bring only but trouble, doesn't help the native 8chan board userbase was 3 (three), include myself too, and they haven't replied to any post in the last 45 days. I do want to donate even as a normal user but i don't use crypto, i can only tell you i will buy a pipecat shirt or 2 in the same 6 months. Or are you holding me into a board paywall? if you really want funds for the personal project, i can spare a few bucks too but i would suppose a similar non-crypto way to do it.
>>3789 If the collateral is successful, I'll setup something for you to make monthly payments with. I prefer monero transaction for both our safeties. You don't have a cryptocurrency atm near you to make monthly payments? I'd hate to go back to paper trails.
>>3781 Done.
>>3789 You shouldn't believe every shitpost that comes along. >>3794 You're going to force us to start using capcodes all the time, aren't you? I'm bored of this game. From now on I'm using the broom every time I see you.
>>3799 Like I said, broom. Stop derailing the one thread I requested stay on topic and stop asking people that come here requesting boards for money.
>>3805 While I'm sweeping anons should be aware that I'm going to clean up this thread sometime in the next 24 hours. I don't want to wade through 20 shit posts every time I check in to see if there are board requests. You have 97 other boards and every other thread on >>>/meta/ to discuss these things. I don't want this board turning into 8kunt/sudo/.
>>3799 >You shouldn't believe every shitpost that comes along. Hence the "might", although i understand the need for donations as we are on the line for only another month, putting drones on the air is another thing and i would like a damn good shirt out of that hypothetical shitposting venture by crazed punks. Also sorry for the question but where can i see the available file types we can upload? i was thinking about .tiff but i wanted to ask to avoid trouble.
>>3805 My apologies: >>>/b/1633 >>3806 Always archive before you do, and thanks.
/pol/ Politically Incorrect Politics Benito
Open file (212.18 KB 500x656 2394235612345.jpg)
>>3859 Nice yoke.
>>3859 But we already have a /pol/.
>>3761 yeah. Im trying to change the colour of the banner bits where the bird is. That css doesnt work in custom settings css though. Is there one i can play with?
>>3866 Notice all the .theme-tomorrow prefixes. That's probably why it doesn't work. Try removing those and then adding it to custom CSS.
>>3867 Yeah i tried that earlier. Ill try to grab something else ig.
>>3866 Are you on crazy pills or you don't actually know what's going on? It's here >>3755
Open file (72.50 KB 1618x181 barhihlight.png)
>>3871 Oh i didnt notice that becuase it had it spoilered. anyway i still have the problem because theres a bar at the top that wont change colours
>>3873 You marked 3 bars in that picture, which one?
>>3884 the one below the top nav and above the black background. Ive already came up with my own solution by moving nav down by 5.1%, if you still would like to share how to change the colour of it i would apprentice
Open file (40.21 KB 300x100 dethebolachanbanr.jpg)
>>3610 oh, it's not a gore board, it's a true crime thing with a lil /ebola/ thrown in. i mod it plenty you guys wouldnt have to do much. i could use your guys help here, you're the only stable chan anymore
>>3916 You know how to move the navigation bar: >nav.top-nav >{ height: 1rem; } To move the bar you write about it's the rule: >.board-header >{ margin: 1rem 0 0rem; } Now this one is tricky, both the burd bar (footer) and the under nav bar (header) use the same rule for coloring it seems >html Looks like the burd one responds to >{ background-color: #000000; And the one you mention responds to a specific gradient command >background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #000000, #1A1A1A 200px); } I tried to make it solid but i got tired, it was also one of the last rules i got the hang of it. So i just made the gradient smaller to make it flashier (25px) and picked two colors, you can also pick the same colors to make it solid but i don't remember why i didn't. On-topic because it's about claiming the boards truly as our own :^)
>>3925 I already made the board for you last week. It's just been sitting there dead (I guess that's pretty fitting since the name is /deth/)
>>3927 Thanks ill try it out
>>3928 nigger you are just going to reset the board for the 6 gorillionth time
>>3928 just saw, thanks so much. booting up this wkend
>Board URI /multichan/ >Board name Multi Chan >What is the board about? https://multichan.org/ >Your user account name multichan Also please move this thread from /b/ to /multichan/ https://julay.world/b/res/1634.html Thanks
>>3947 What the fuck are you talking about faggot
>>3968 Bump! Admin pleaaaaaaaaase :DDDDDD
>>3968 >advertisement board Great, that's what I want to see in the board list. Ads.
>>4187 Are you the admin? I just need a place to discuss the website and bug reports, if you don't want it to be here I can do it elsewhere, just tell me.
/8kun/ /8chan/ /8ch/ /s8s/ Embrace Autism Shit 8goobers say. A catch-all like >>>/reddit/ used to be my_cunt More catches maybe requested at later times. Tempted to operate a /sms/ for shit social media addicts say. Maybe a /sns/ for normalfags. SFW, NFSW spoiled, listed in the overboard.
>>3534 >/suicide/ (owner last logged in at 2019-10-18) 🤔
>>3534 /datamining/ Exposing robi's lies Fuck you robi and euphoria robiissofuckingays Now give me the /kind/ treatment, bitch.
semen yourself in drown
>>4589 Have you considered drowning yourself in semen?
>>4589 I read through all three of those caps. Literally no proof offered whatsoever, not even a shred of it.
Since /b/ is abandoned I would like to take it over and make it a success instead of turning it into a 'loli' board and letting it die like the previous owner did. Username: random
>>4748 >User:[redacted] >Board: b >Time: 02/12/2020 (Wed) 20:29:17 How about you continue working on your piece of shit website and we'll link you to the webring instead?
>>4749 Literally wat.
>>4755 The board owner of >>>/b/ last activity was 2 weeks ago. Needs an entire month to be called abandoned. However, wouldn't it be better you host your own IB for julay admin to link away from "poor global volunteers" instead? Or are you too poor too?
>>4762 Read OP. >Boards which are dead for more than 2 weeks are up for claims. Not sure if /b/ is up for claims though, I asked to hold on to it for now but it never got transferred.
/blog/ Internet Dump The literal dumping ground of the internet my_cunt That euphoria has less to sperg about.
>>5039 >That euphoria has less to sperg about. what?
>>5046 I typod the fuck out of that: "That way[sic] euphoria has less to sperg about [since he's purging /b/ threads and other migrated threads from other boards." >>>/blog/ can be that dumping ground until a proper >>>/b/ owner is found. I'd hate to moderate >>>/b/ though.
>>5047 The fact that two threads got dumped onto /b/ without asking was a mistake in the first place which is why they were deleted. When a board owner has a thread that is off topic, they should delete the thread or lock it or handle it in whatever way they wish to handle it, not request the staff to dump it on another board and make it that board's problem. I have historically only moved one thread from one board to another, and I got both BOs permission first.
>>5048 >When a board owner has a thread that is off topic, they should delete the thread or lock it or handle it in whatever way they wish to handle it, not request the staff to dump it on another board and make it that board's problem. Muses, toutatis, and I disagree. >>>/blog/ will provide an avenue for other board owners to dump interesting threads they don't want to delete but migrate over, and as well blog. Muses migrated two threads we both liked and now they are gone >>4984
>>5049 Okay if you specifically want a "dumping grounds" board, you can have one. It's done.
>>5050 Thanks man. And whatever you don't like in >>>/b/ or >>>/delicious/ and don't want to delete, you're free to migrate to >>>/blog/
Inquiring about claiming /hypno/ Account name: Excellent
Lmao did you just give the /r9k/ board to dolphin you fucking retard? Where is that post from "fatman" or something requesting the board from bigguy?
Requesting: /r9k/ ROBOT9001 NORMALNIGGERS OUT account name: strith Reasoning: the previous BO of cafe/r9k/ gave the board to dolphin-nigger who proceeded to delete it. Figured I might as well setup something here, could always be used as a bunker in case cafe/r9k/ both returns and gets a trustworthy BO.
>>5109 You’re welcome on >>>/blog/ I’m not sure /r9k/ will be granted, or >>>/b/ wants your type of posts. Make a general /r9k/ thread if you feel strongly about the theme.
>>3534 BigGuy deleted anon/r9k/, so I want to claim a comfy bunker here. /r9k/ NORMALFAGS OUT ROBOTS nikrome
>>5114 Not going to try to make /b/ or /blog/ a new home for robots. Figured I'd try to secure a bunker here, but if it won't be granted we'll just stay on fatpeople.lol/r9k for now.
/tg/ Traditional Games Board games & cardboard kimeemaru
>>5117 Done
Name: Wonkaer Board URI: /expansion/ Board Name: Body Expansion & Weight Gain Board would be dedicated to basically all types of body expansion and weight gain. Compared to the abandoned /hyper/ board, this board would be more broad, allowing more people to post and make threads about whatever floats their boat. Appreciate your time looking at this. I know this is an odd request.
>>5247 Can't you simply take over the dead /hyper/ and change its scope? As long as you do not allow too low-quality content there shouldn't be any major problem.
>>5254 I mean I guess so. I just figured that they might prefer to keep it as it was. I personally don't care that much. So I'm fine either way.
>>5247 I gave you /hyper/
At this moment, out of the current non-hidden boards, these boards are available for claim: /sm/ /x/ /retro/ /4chon/ /dig/ /loomis/ /workrelated/ /hypno/ /fit/ /pdfs/ /cowrevolt/ /his/ /ircsecrets/ /ss/ /webm/ /milhis/ /ggrevolt/ /suicide/ /drugs/ /sjws/ /icup/ /leftypol/ /32/ /christian/ /sohard/ /manip/ /rec/ /aus/ /8tube/ /cuckquean/ /dempart/ If the BO comes back before you claim the board, it is no longer available.
>>5340 Fair enough then. Thanks man!
>>5341 >/fit/ What the fuck is toutatis doing then? >/icup/ >/rec/ Didn't even stand a chance.
>>5348 >What the fuck is toutatis doing then? He left.
>>5360 For what, sportschan/fit?
>>5341 Can I get /hypno/ then? Username: rate
>>5360 May as well give me /n/ though since I am the only person who uses it to report.
>>3534 >/jenny/ (owner last logged in at 2019-11-08) This is incorrect. Mods pls fix this, I'm right here.
>>5374 Done. >>5378 That board isn't available.
>>5247 >>5340 Previous Board Owner of /hyper/ here, I logged in like three days ago, why did you give him my board?
>>5396 You evidently didn't. When I transferred the board, yours was listed as inactive for over 2 weeks.
>>5397 I don't know what to say, I logged in as Zoom, stayed around a bit to see that nobody posted anything and then logged out. Is there seriously nothing I can do about it?
>>5398 Do you have more than one account?
>>5399 Yep, had one for /bane/ but I do not think I used that one. I mean, I guess it's not such a big deal since there were very few posts on it, kind of bites that all the content got deleted though. I'll see if the new head wants to at least get me back on as a mod or something. Doesn't seem that the new rule deviate much from what I had set up. Sorry for the bother.
>>5400 >but I do not think I used that one You might have logged in to the wrong one. I suppose it's not impossible that lynxchan fucked up hard, but at the time of transfer your board was marked as dead. >I'll see if the new head wants to at least get me back on as a mod or something. Doesn't seem that the new rule deviate much from what I had set up. I'd definitely advise talking to the BO if he deleted some content and you'd like it to be back (as well as having whatever new content he's allowing).
>>5401 Yeah it's probably a lynxchan hiccup, still it really fucking bites. I mean, I post the board on the AHGs like every week. Let's hope the new BO will at least hear me out.
>>5383 >>5397 >>5399 >>5401 Hey chief, since I'm not the only one having such an issue, I'd like to restate my previous post that your information is incorrect. I've been logging into /jenny/ every few weeks well since last November. Please correct the list, I'd rather not have some schmuck take my baby from me because of faulty intel.
>>5407 Don't worry, /jenny/ isn't marked as dead on boards.js and your latest activity was marked as being about 19 hours ago. I've posted the updated public boards list and I can try to go through all the boards (which will be a pain in the ass since there's over 90) to see if any private boards are available for claim as well, and then update the list.
Here, this is the easiest way to view public boards that are available for claim: https://julay.world/boards.js?inactive=on Some boards have chosen to hide from the boardlist which makes it a pain in the ass to see if they're available for claim. When I transfer a board, I check this, and I also check the account history. When I transferred /hyper/ it was definitely marked as dead on boards.js and 2 weeks inactivity. Your board is not on this list so you're safe, don't worry.
>>5409 >>5411 Thanks bruv, I appreciate the attentiveness.
Open file (245.83 KB 1000x850 79815541_p0_master1200.jpg)
>Board URI /loli/ >Board name Lolis >What is the board about? Lolicon. >>>/delicious/ are nice, but is more related to r34 and western drawings. >Your user account name MrSetim
>>5479 I hope they grant it to you, they'll probably rebuff you by saying there's /delicious/ still anyhow. If you get it I'll be your biggest browser tbh. Good luck
>>5479 Normally when people request boards that seem to be duplicates I direct them to the board that I think already meets their needs or I ask them how their board differs from the board that already exists (so that we don't have several boards for the same topic). However there are one or two people complaining about whatever so I'm going to give you the board despite the fact that you are an overlap of /delicious/ that is slightly more specific. In your board settings, do not uncheck the box that says "Don't index on top boards, board list, frontpage images and overboard." Leave that turned on. Otherwise enjoy your board.
>>5486 I concur
>>5489 >No, fuck off I'm not posting there. Why? >Give me the board faggot. No thanks. We don't need a board for every minor topic when there's more than one board like /k/ and /n/ willing to take the threads.
>>5490 >corona-chan >minor topic
>>5491 If you want to be autistic, try "every oddly specific topic" instead. >>5492 Go ahead.
>>5493 >The biggest outbreak since per-industrial times >The world doesn't know how to cope <yeah you know, it's a nothingburger really, not as big as gaymergate baste
Coronavirus belongs on /bane/ It's resulted in all the airlines crashing and everyone wearing masks.
>>5494 what?
>>5493 is /furry/ up for claims? if so, i'd like to claim it.
/ss/ must be straight shota, not goddamn spongebob squarepants. Username: cumcalculator
>>5500 Don't you dare make Spengbab into porn dump grounds
>>5501 fuck you, i know you do this on purpose.
>>5498 >is /furry/ up for claims? You do realize you can check, right? No, it's not. >i'd like to claim it. You do realize in order to claim a board you need to post your account name?
>>5503 i thought the only way was looking at the OP of this thread which hadn't been updated in a while. >you need to post your account name? i know, but seeing as i didnt know whether it was up for claims or not, i didn't. all good though.
>>5506 https://julay.world/boards.js?inactive=on Ignore the OP, OP is a faggot.
>>5507 oh thats how, i see, the ones up for claim are the ones that say (dead). thanks anon.
/natiofr/ Extrême Droite FR French politics and shiposting about french autism FNiste
>>5511 Ok, done
>/h/ >hentai >2d supremacy >camisole1488
Is there a way to tell how long has it been since a board owner has logged in? I don't just mean the (dead) tag near the board name, I'm talking about the last active login (or in the case of the dead ones, last active date).
>>5520 seconding this, i'd like to know too.
>>5341 can i hab /dig/ i don't knbiw what a username is on this site or how this works but i like /dig/ :3
/wizard/ Wizardry Disregard Females, Acquire Magic LeRoi
/war/ Warfare Warfare KingSackhead
>>3859 Re-requesting this because >>3865 >>5652 There is no longer a /pol/
Julay is dead, euphoria had no right to kill /n/.
Open file (164.88 KB 800x602 tama.jpg)
>>5655 Implying nekomimi isn't an upgrade
>>5655 >>5656 gib /pol/
>>5657 Board requests have been piling up for a few days. Robi is kill, just look how none of these have been made: >>5629 >>5627 >>5519
>>5658 euphoria take care of the boars claim usually.
>>5659 Your replying to him. When he fucks up he hops VPNs.
>>5660 I'm not Euphoria
euphoria you're a fucking faggot. if /pol/ doesn't replace /n/ julay is controlled by a mongolian jew.
>>5500 fuck you, if anyobody give /ss/ to a faggot for porn i'm done with julay. t.BO
TRUST ME DUUUUUUUUUDE i wille take care of /n/ DUUUUUUUUDE I know the culture of the board DUUUUUUUUUUDE you fucking cumbrain need all the ropes, porn make 90%of the fucking internet and you ABSOLUTELY need to give hrt to a /pol/ for one more degenerate topic. >it's not porn DUDEEEEE, we just jerk off about the idea of little girl larping as cat DUDDDEEEEE. WOAH DUUUUUUUDE calm down DUDDDEEEEE, WHY AEE YOU MAD DUUUDDDEE. Ib are dead, and it's not a meme.
<why arz you mad dude the board was ded ah yes, you just kill a legacy board because it doesn't have 9000pph, explain how it could be alive at all now? <my board my rule and that's how you get hanged when dealing wirh real people. yes i'm sperging out, kys euphoria i hope you get corona'd.
Open file (539.48 KB 268x215 BUTTHURT.gif)
Open file (37.57 KB 446x600 1431351301487.png)
/pol/ People Only Love political sperging & funposting kimeemaru
Open file (1.30 MB 518x500 nep_laugh.gif)
>>5664 Oh my.
>>5662 >>5663 >>5664 >>5665 >guthrum still mad after he got memed on That said, I think people should stop thinking that since <this popular imageboard> has a section called <some letter> then every other imageboard should have a <some letter> section with the same topic. It's the real death of an imageboard.
Open file (438.85 KB 640x360 giggle.gif)
Posting in a Guthrum sperg-out thread
Open file (244.71 KB 400x200 barragan laughing.gif)
Been away for a week or so. Had to relocate from Ulaanbaatar to Ulaangom with family due to coronavirus. I'll be back as I have free time. >>5662 >>5663 >>5664 >>5665 >>5655 >>5652 Calm down. I'll write down some concrete rules tonight, after which I'll start working on board claims and creation requests.
It's time to calm down. The few threads that had content in them were saved, the other 4 pages were a bunch of threads with no replies/discussion. Nobody was using it, the board was fucking dead.
IB were always gay, but now it's populated mostly by faggot. very nice. i can't believe robi willfully let /n/ become a trannie.
>>5674 fuck you euphoria.
Open file (86.36 KB 479x523 nagatoro cat girl.png)
>>5675 neko > news
>>5675 If you loved the board so much, why weren't you using it? Or anyone else for that matter?
>>5678 fuck you euphoria, i always knew you were fucking gay.
>>5679 Actually gay porn is banned on /n/, it's a straight only board.
>>5675 I don't care what the fuck happens on the boards, and I have no obligation to moderate anything other than /meta/ and things violating the law. Quit your bitching and get in line for a board request.
>>5681 /gay/ euphoria only Spongebob
>>5682 kek, okay done
>Board URI /modeltanks/ >Board name Model Tanks >What is the board about? Model tanks (plastic, metal, resin, etc) and other military vehicles. >Your user account name Stug3
>>5684 lel.
>>5684 thanks fag. nigger
/wizard/ Wizardry Disregard Females, Acquire Magic LeRoi
>>5684 >this board is locked for posting unlock it and explain to me why I cant post on it myself as the BO.
>>5689 Lol butthurt
>>5689 Sorry there's already a board for getting mad and sperging out at me, it's called /meta/
Open file (271.30 KB 619x333 1569491664640.png)
>>5691 You're telling me i can't have a cyclical on a dedicated hate board for faggot to daily remember you to fuck yourself? ADMIN ABUSE REEEEEEEEEEE
Open file (43.04 KB 600x600 toutatis.png)
>>5693 protip post smug anime loli it fill me with genocide tier anger
euphoria, stop deleting my posts. Huh, so euphoria is loleron. Oh well. If you want to discuss politics, I'll grant you one cyclical on >>>/blog/ But your political discussions cannot be anywhere else than the thread.
>>5696 I haven't deleted anything in a week. https://julay.world/logs.js?boardUri=meta
>>5697 Well, someone deleted >>5695. Anyhow, >>>/blog/282 for anyone that really wants to discuss politics.
Open file (3.08 MB 1623x2800 79657992_p0.png)
>Board URI /stalker/ >Board name S.T.A.L.K.E.R. >What is the board about? Mostly discussion of the stalker games and other media based on the Roadside Picnic universe. It would also be open to stalker related /k/ topics. >Your user account name Bratishka
>>5709 you want an entire board to discuss one game? Just make a thread on /v/ or enjoy it dying after 100 posts
Why did my post get deleted? /war/ Warfare Human Violence KingSackhead
>>5734 it didn't: >>5629
Open file (223.25 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault(1).jpg)
>>5709 >bratishka BASED.
Seems like mods here are too busy sperging about lolis to make boards
>>5822 👈 And when are we going to see your onion instance in the webring?
>>3534 /retro/ Retro 1990-2000s retro computing symatec
/a/ Cuckime anti-dolphin is a codeword for anti-white kimeemaru
>>5735 Shit my bad. How do I know when the board is created?
>>5900 Robi said he was going to do board requests. I'm giving him a day and if he doesn't get around to it, I'll start doing them. Sorry for the wait.
>>5507 I thought this only displayed public boards and that particular board is hidden. :^)
>>5709 Maybe you could make it dedicated to Slav gaming and slavstuff in general instead? Overspecialization kills boards.
>>3534 /dolphin/ Kind dolphins only Big bottlenose dolphin
Open file (1016.14 KB 836x550 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5953 >>/dolphin/
>>5954 >dead dolphins oh dear
Can I claim /retro/? Username is rate. Thanks.
>>5901 still waiting
>>5987 Any day now...r-right?
>>5987 >>5989 Sorry guys, hold on, doing it now
>>5500 not currently available, BO signed in today >>5519 done >>5616 need username >>5627 done >>5629 done >>5685 done >>5709 >>>/v/ >>5857 done >>5874 done >>5964 already taken Going to ask robi what he wants done about /pol/, I can just bring /n/ back instead and give it to someone or we can do a new board
>>6026 Based. Thanks
>>6026 Tell robi to stop being a pussy and just gimme /pol/ already ;^)
Open file (320.11 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6026 Thanks mate
>>6026 >already taken Ah right, I forgot someone had requested it already. Thanks anyway, keep up the good work.
>>3534 /dolphin/ Dead dolphins Drive over them dolphin
>>5857 So, this is kimeemaru's username?
>Board Ownership Rules ¶ >[...] >5. Dolphins may not request or own boards. BASTE
Open file (133.95 KB 340x586 this_is_cat_country.jpg)
>>6084 Silly fish. You have no fingers, how can you even type?
>>6085 Uh, robi types for me.
>>6086 robi's a good guy tbh in course of fact. helping everybody, even fish.
>>6089 I'm a mammal -dolphin
Open file (41.95 KB 590x350 laughing_seal_bro.jpg)
>>6090 silly fish, pls. everyone knows you live in water. ergo, ur a fish.
>>6091 No, robi is my owner. He keeps me in a cage, so I sperg to be released and unpinned.
Open file (56.19 KB 1280x731 worlds_greatest_pony.jpg)
>>6092 >kept imprisoned and forced to watch gaymergate music videso how cruel. there, there.
Off topic but is fatpeople.lol and the /r9k/ bunker down again?
>>6280 yeah it does seem to be across TOR atm. clearnet is fine though. i wouldn't worry about it. JSChan is under heavy development atm anon. i'm sure tom will have it back up soon.
>>5964 Given the latest stunt from our friend, can I get /retro/? Assuming it's still without an owner, of course. Username is rate. I also manage other boards.
>>5341 /x/ Paranormal An alien, bigfoot and succubus walk into a bar... tinfoil
>>3859 >/pol/ Requesting again under my new account: Hitler
>>6281 >>6280 Updated servers and changed IP. I tried to make it seamless but DNS caching has some people still hitting the old ip. I turned the old servers back on for now and will keep both running until all requests goto the new ip. So no need for alarm, not going anywhere :^)
>>6336 thanks for the update mate.
Are politics boards banned on this website or what? How come there's no /pol/ or /leftypol/?
>>6351 >How come there's no /pol/ or /leftypol/? Because people enjoy posting without FBI.
>>6351 Between /fascist/ and /k/ you basically have /pol/
>>6354 >Because people enjoy posting without FBI. >without
>>6351 Even when there was /n/ which was in essence ran as a /pol/ it wasn't actively posted on. I figure most people that are content posting on the webring have developed politically to a point where the overarching ideologies of the average user are relatively homogenized and not worthy or interesting enough to discuss. So while making a literal /pol/ board would probably bring new users in it would also bring glow niggers and ultimately degrade the quality of the rest of the webring if it got active enough. I think a thinly veiled political board that isn't /pol/ in name is better for that basic level of gatekeeping newfags that come through, see no epic /pol/ board, then fuck off. /n/ served that function well enough until our resident lovable retard fucked it up. A /n/ or /news/ that mandates an actual current event be the main focus of the OP would be best. I'm not interested in catalogs littered with the political opinions of retarded teenagers and their entry level ideas on how epic NatSocism is.
>>6359 good post >inb4 not asking my opinion nigger :^)
>>6354 >>6356 >>6359 What about /b/ then? You'd think it would be the most popular board on any imageboard, but here it's almost abandoned.
>>6367 Probably because each board has its own "off-topic"/"random" thread and people prefer to post in their own favourite boards instead of a site-wide gathering like /b/ is.
whats the (autistic) icon for now? no show on the overboard?
Absolutely inspired by the recent sperpisodes of >>>/pol/ rejoining our presence /lgbt/ All your gays belong to us. Porn, propaganda, fun, cute legal stuff _18+_ TransRights Pedos get shot on sight.
>>6593 >Pedos get shot on sight. Cringe
>>6594 The board, to maintain good standing with Robi's masters, has to be 18+, so it cannot have non concentual persons. Loli&shota is discouraged unless it's propaganda for adults. The barrier is that adults should ask for adults, not any other way. The board will be politically neutral, but the BO aligns liberal, as they prefer free press.
>>6593 Turn me into a cute girl uwu
>>6597 18+ shōjo indeed! UwU
>>6593 done
>>6603 Amēn brother. May YHWH bless you in your trials.
>>6593 does that mean we finally get /cutebois/ back since this is allowed? :^)
/leftypol/ Leftist Politically Incorrect leftism, socialism, revolution, class conflict MrSniffles
>>6610 I'll allow a cutebois cyclical. Iirc julay had >>>/trapshota/ because off, but 18+ please. Nobody wants julay down. >>6613 Bunkerchan exists.
>>6614 /dolphin/ DOLPHIN DOLFINS dolphin
>>6614 >cyclical on a board with trannies No.
>>6617 /dolphin/ DOLPHIN DOLFINS dolphin
Can I claim /retro/? Username is rate. It's the third time but with the recent spam I guess it went unnoticed. I know what happened to the board and I'm taking it exactly to avoid another situation like that.
>>6617 I'm not going to deny you using my board, I love cutebois, I used to be a regular until Fredrick Brennan leaked IP addresses. Tis the reason I'm welcoming you aboard >>>/lgbt/4 But you also have to understand our trans friends are also people looking for a home too. You can completely ignore their propaganda, and I'll support you. The more gays the better. I still want an actual scientist to prove to me HRT isn't bogus pseudoscience.
>>6614 /pol/ can have a board but /leftypol/ can't? wow
>>6621 I'm saying you've always had a board: https://bunkerchan.xyz/ Why are you here still?
>>6621 You can't create /leftypol/ since it's already been made (as a joke). You can claim it though if the BO hasn't logged in in two weeks.
>>6622 >I'm saying you've always had a board: And? I want my own, and I want it here. You can't expect us to stay isolated in our little corner of the internet. >>6624 I checked, it doesn't exist.
>>6626 I guess it's been removed at some point then. It existed at some point it's even mentioned in that post >>5341 Then you'll just have to wait for someone with actual authority's reply like the rest of us or try going to the irc and ask there.
>>6626 Make another and join the webring!
>>6626 >still being a feelz over realz leftycuck in 2020 You can use >>/pol/ like everyone else. But i guess just the acronym reminds you idiots of the massive buttrage of having to flee from political opponents arguments(again) and then turn into homotranny freaks over the years, serves you complete morons right.
>>6633 >implying you aren't a feels over realz leftycuck like the rest of us Just accept it, retard.
Open file (442.74 KB 640x855 1580093581585.jpg)
>>6638 It's so pathetic that people like you always need to project your failed non-organic msm and (((system))) supported feelz over realz clown world narrative on to others But keep kvetching if it makes you feeeeeel better about your factless mentally reduced marxist death cultist religions that requires the maximum amount of lies, dishonesty, escapism, abnormal, unnatural and artificial to pass for a half-"reality" which leaves at least 50% permanent cope left hence the need for all the escapism, all censorship and all the suicides from the freaks in your faction. But go ahead, keep cave painting the the fake left-right paradigm and get outraged by "fascist" Orange man and other puppets like a good NPC on such places as now deceased jew samuel newhouse's reddit TM, these places exist just for you. No reason to leech bandwidth here outside of >>>/pol/. Anyways regardless of the petty ideological distractions they like to fill heads with what it always comes down to is race and nation, and people like you have a lot more cave paintings to go before you reach sanity. And remember while you're at mumbling about "not real gommunism" don't forget to take more horse urine pills to become a genetically erased dead ends just like schlomo prescribed.
>>6643 >keep cave painting the the fake left-right paradigm kek, you're only against it because it accurately portrays you for what you are, you're either totalitarian centrists at worst, or a different kind of leftist at best, but generally left-leaning nonetheless. You can cover up your ideology in all kinds of fluff and superficial differences, but at the end of the day national-"socialism" and national-communism are only a step away from each other.
>>6643 >wordswordswordswords How do faggots like this still exist lmao. If you hate jews just say so and move on, nobody wants to read your pseud screeds
>>6613 >>6655 I think adding a /leftypol/ colony to the mix would be entertaining. But /fascist/, /liberty/, and /monarchy/ will still be the predominate trio
>>6660 The holy trinity. Too bad >>>/trapshota/ and >>>/n/ had to die for >>>/pol/ to finally exist;-;.
>>6300 Just replying to my own claim to cut past the autism.
/leftypol/ Communism Hammer and Sickle anonumous1276
>>6660 Fuck off, you have bunkerchan and all your faggot friends to be with
>>6633 >>6621 Actually just go on /pol/ like they do on cuckchan
>>6687 >no more cyber bullying literally just close the tab, retard
Out of curiosity, what is the best way to get people to come and post on your boards regularly. I've tried posting the link to my board on relevant threads on 4chan, but my posts are usually ignored, or deleted. Any tips would be appreciated.
>>6850 >advertising webring on cuckchan Fucking kill yourself you brain dead nigger holy shit.
Since it was one of more abused areas by the libshits when luggage lad departed, I'll go ahead and claim this if no one else will to keep bad actors at bay (for the moment). IMO this board should be a global instead but w/e. /tech/ Technology and Computing Technology, computing, and related topics (like anime) Chobitsu note - SFW if that matters anymore now
>>6852 >and related topics (like anime) huh
/scat/ poop lover /abdl/ cousin nuro925
>>6850 >>6851 stop talking to yourself schizo, your not funny.
>>6876 I highly advise you to ban self-pictures, eating and possibly even males as a whole if you don't want that board to be absolute garbage
>>6879 >if you don't want that board to be absolute garbage >scat >garbage whats the difference?
>>6850 >>6851 >>6877 ...I can't understand why you would think that I would be insulting myself here. I just came here for advice.
>>6885 Are you the same cuckchanner from that thread in /robowaifu/?
>>6885 I mean, i understand your question, i still have the same feelings but asking how to properly advertise on cuckchan is asking for all-out full trouble. What i did was "reseach" (reluctantly lurk there) for a while to see if there was any posters worth while, then ask yourself if you should reach them due to environment damage (acting retarded in their free time) and then actually reaching them. I stopped at the second step because, while i did see quality posts, they were simply too few in the sea of shit even in the small niche boards. If i was to reach them nothing guarantees me they will act consistently because the board is simply not consistent, they act retarded 6 days and one day 2 dudes (or the same one) post something useful but that same day is also the most chaotic one, even when it was in mid-week. It's not worth it, and you should feel bad for not doing a proper investigation.
>>6885 >advice My advice is that you should kill yourself you stupid scum.
>>6938 gtfo. you're not welcome on this site dumbass. back to your tranny federation.
>>6953 Why are you hiding between TOR for? ACF is unwelcomed, not TransFriends >>>/lgbt/
>>6954 so now you're outing yourself as a glownigger too? GTFO
>>6955 Glow? Do you think I glow?
/slav/ Slavic culture, history and media Discussion of culture/traditions and history of the Slavic people. A slavanon hangout spot. modern politics and news would be allowed if kept to a specific politics thread, since there's no need for another more specific /pol/ mothman please gimme
/vp/ Pokemon Discussion of pokemon games, anime, card game, and all other related media Malasadafag
>>6980 thats a 404
>>6980 >>6981 monster is on smug. once we have the Final Frontier, we should be able to do something like this: >>>>/smug/monster
>>6980 also that's a monster girl board
>>6980 Did you mean /mon/? /monster/ is the monster girl board, /mon/ was a board for monster collecting games.
>>6985 that's what i think he meant, if it was mon isn't just for pokemon and doesn't touch on the other media pokemon uses
Open file (106.50 KB 666x666 devil.jpg)
You are a monster!
>>6987 This for NPCs might be good. >>6986 Yeah, sorry, I meant >>>/mon/ I don't know why I confused it with smug/monster/
>>6983 Would be nice if the crosssite linking went full on kotatsu-style linking >>>>/site/board/thread/post or >>>>/site/board/thread,post
>>7003 I'm guessing that's what it's going to wind up being.
We have reached 100 boards. I'm going to be temporarily closing board creation until I decide that more boards are okay. Sorry to those who didn't get their boards in. A board cull will be done soon for boards which have had no activity for a while. Afterwards, board creation may be opened again.
>>7013 What about claims?
>>7003 It won't work. Case in point, all >>>>/julayworld/ links would be fucking broken right now because the site name was changed to garfieldworld.
>>7013 don't be ron and purge good posts pls
>>7013 lmao, now that's pretty fucking gay. Why wouldn't more boards be ok? Is this just some excuse to not get /leftypol/ in here, considering all the whining that allowing /pol/ has caused?
How do I know if a board that doesn't show on the board list is dead and claimable?
>>7023 You can see if a board is claimable if it has a skull next to it on the boards tab.
>>7022 Poor /leftypol/ anon
>>7022 >woah daddy why does brother get all the cummies, i want to have your cummies too thats fucking pathetic.
>>7022 There was a /leftypol/ for months and no one used it.
I'd like to claim /sm/.
>>7071 My username is coconutmilk
>>7050 This is why communism cannot co-exist with capitalist/imperialist entities. Fucking retards stealing all the users.
Has anyone claimed /tech/ yet? If not, my username is "NULL_1".
>>7087 Didn't notice >>6852. Is that processed?
>>7088 a) it's still ded b) i just logged in and it's not on my list looks like it's still up for grabs. maybe they are reconsidering making it a global as i suggested? >t. Chobitsu
>>7089 haven't reached rock bottom >t. NULL_1
>>7090 haha what does that mean? btw, can you tell me something about yourself, for example your experience around /tech/?
>>7091 >/tech/ experience It could be a lot more ded. There was the quality autist, phone hacker and game engine programmer. Recently there is some foss politics drama discussion going on. I lurked through most of those stuff. After that autist's screech, things start getting a bit better. There is more real tech now. Imo better be ded with /tech/ honor, than living with /g/shill cancer. Slow but gold. >myself I came from 8ch/tech/. Was an eternal lurker. C is the best language and death to Javashit.
>>7092 ok, that's fine. robi: as far as i'm concerned, go ahead and give this guy NULL_1 the board rather than myself. i just wanted to keep it out of the hands of trannycoders and if he loves C and hates JavaScript it's probably a good sign.
>>7092 >It could be a lot more ded. oh, heh I'm a little slow on the uptake. i meant 'ded' as in "there's still a skull beside /tech/ on the board list". :^)
>>7092 >game engine programmer. You made me sneeze hard anon, it hurt. >>7093 >trannycoders What's that?
>>7097 He probably meant SJWs and programming sockfags.
>>7098 Ah, infiltrators and destroyers. I'm familiar. I thought he meant something completely different. The programming socks crew have always been regulars here though, so don't let that surprise you. Sneezes at robi
Open file (13.35 KB 324x324 disgust.jpeg)
/disgust/ Lose hope Posting various content that will make you feel nothing but disgust. camisole1488 This is more than the typical gore or scat dump, but rather anything that gives you genuine discomfort upon finding out.
>Board URI /choroy/ >Board name Choroy Proudness >What is the board about? Angry green parrots >The account you just created choroy
>>7245 Another spic board about birds because three is not enough
>>7245 fuck off spic
>>7248 >>7247 Why are birds suddenly a spic symbol?
>>7245 >crear otro board porque te rajaron el ano en los otros tres Considera el suicidio.
>>7251 A chilean symbol. Also who knows.
Open file (17.30 KB 785x342 ClipboardImage.png)
The boards in pic related are going to be culled at Thursday, 2020-04-16. Please save any content that you want to keep before then.
>>7014 Claims are still going to be done as usual. If you want to keep one of the boards that are going to be culled, you can ask for it, but common sense will be used. >>7016 The boards that are going to be deleted haven't had posts in over 45 days, and there is a week to archive everything. >>7093 Alright, give me a bit (if it wasn't done already). >>7245 We already have 3 Chilean boards already. What's the reason for yet another board?
>>7331 Thanks for the head-up Robi.
>>7332 >The boards that are going to be deleted haven't had posts in over 45 days WOW, whole 45 days! That's like nothing for a slowboard. You shouldn't delete anything with more than 100 posts.
>>7331 What if the board is intended to be a bunker? There are boards on that list that are there for bunker purposes and the main board is on anon.cafe
>>7336 he didn't think that through.
>>7331 I understand cleaning up the bunkers/archives but can you not delete /his/ or /manip/ please? There are no alternatives on the webring.
>>7331 would have included /fur/ in the list if you were to ask me
>>7331 What about /dolphin/?
Open file (40.97 KB 220x132 tenor.gif)
>>7331 >ipfs
>>7347 <IPFS Good stuff, obviously. Near as I can tell, only ZOG gets nervous about it or rails against it for (((some reason))). If and when the technical underpinnings get fixed sufficiently to afford better anonymity and non-repudiation then it will likely be the chief way forward for a private, durable Internet.
Open file (436.22 KB 498x278 tenor.gif)
>>7341 >can you not delete /his/ or /manip/ please? There are no alternatives on the webring. While the action of deleting boards is debatable, it's true that so far those two boards you asked to keep had no posts for more than 45 days, so if you really want them you should actually use them. Good content generates interest, so if you start a few good threads people might help you. >>7332 >Claims are still going to be done as usual But I've asked to claim /retro/ three times and there was only radio silence. If you don't want to give that board because of what happened last time, at least say so explicitly.
>>7350 Do you understand the purpose of a bunker board you brainletto? It's there to fall back when the jews hit again.
>>7349 Give us the proof, Mr. Gaslighting dipshit.
>>7351 I wasn't talking about bunkers. I was talking about /his/ and /manip/ which, according to the guy I replied to, have no alternatives on the webring, i.e. they are not bunkers (at least for webring boards.) This applies to other non-bunker boards like /sohard/ and I'm also not claiming that deleting boards is inherently good, but that if you are interested in a non-bunker board then actually use it from time to time.
>>7350 >>7353 You make a fair point but you also sound like an obnoxious faggot, so I don't really care. I had completely forgotten about those boards because using the overboard, I'm only seeing new posts. If I had known inactive boards get purged then I might've helped out more but I sure as fuck won't know because they are getting deleted in a week.
>>7332 >We already have 3 Chilean boards already. What's the reason for yet another board? Because 2 of them are dead and the active one has moderation issues. We need a proper, well managed board.
>>7331 Why? Several of these boards are important.
Open file (274.73 KB 576x864 1427146791671.jpg)
>>7342 >>7331 i want to claim /furry/, but the BO keeps logging in before it goes up for claims so as to keep the board under his name even though he doesn't post on it or moderate it at all as far as i know. i'd like to ask him if he'd like to relinquish ownership before anything but i have no way of contacting him other than the very board he doesn't even browse anymore. account name is berylium by the way
>>7395 as long as bell doesn't get /furry/ who owns it is none of my concern
Why was I removed as board owner of /tech/? -dukat
>>7427 For being an 8kunt shill lmao. Go back to your fed honeypot
>>7428 When did I shill 8kun on /tech/?
>>7331 Good. I've been saying for months now we need to rationalise the board list. However you seem to be targeting bunkers and archive boards rather than just doing the logical thing and merging 'normal' discussion boards with overlapping topics.
>>7430 Pretty sure he just listed boards with no posts or activity for months.
>>7433 That's a dumb way to do it. What's needed is to ask the BOs of boards than get a handful of posts a month to merge if they can and share out the new moderation roles.
>>7433 Gee, its almost as if they're bunkers and therefore won't have posts unless their main site goes down...
>>7429 /strek/ left the webring for 8kun. We can see where you lie with all of this.
>>7437 >/strek/ left the webring for 8kun. We can see where you lie with all of this. [citation needed]
>>7427 He thought you were inactive because it was up for claims for several weeks but I see you logged in a few days before it was transferred. I just transferred it back to you.
>>5964 >>6290 >>6619 >>7350 I'd transfer to you but the BO logged in 5 days ago.
>>7448 >>7452 I think I've found a bug. >>>/retro/ says it's dead but the BO logged in on the 5th of this month. I'm thinking the same thing happened with >>>/tech/ and the icons aren't updating like they're supposed to.
>>7363 >Shalom Ach! heh, never happening in your lifetime (1).
>>7447 Nope. I totally took /strek/ back to 8kun, but I intended /tech/ to be an alternative, not just a bunker. 8/tech/ had questionable moderation.
>>7484 Guess I just never noticed. I still want a wider SF board rather than just one focussed on trek. I know that /strek/ was pretty ok with other actual SF (so not Star Wars) in the past but the name put people off even looking.
>>7372 >Because 2 of them are dead And now you wanna have 3 dead ones.
>>7484 You know nobody wants to use /strek/ here because you took it to 8kunt right? May as well just delete it.
>>7549 Better to redirect them to a new general Science/Speculative Fiction board here then delete it a few months later. That way we've got a board here that's not in direct competition with /strek/ on 8kunt and /1701/ on 420chan which would be silly.
Open file (3.18 MB 1920x2500 80710168_p0.png)
>>7331 sorry robi, due to some miscommunication@HQ, >>>/gamegatehq/ must be revived. I apologise for the inconveniences this may cause in these troubling times.
>>7557 >That way we've got a board here that's not in direct competition with X. I'm not too sure you even understand what we're about here, newfriend.
>>7549 It's the /strek/ bunker. It's a place to regroup if 8kunt goes down again.
>>7332 can I have gamergatehq? I'm really big into eusocial insects with multiple mated females instead of single queens.
>>7331 Concerning this cull and bunker boards: would a middle ground where a board called something like /bunker/ was created to host anons coming in from elsewhere until a board could be set-up for them be okay? Anons could make a thread there to reorganize and wait until someone showed up to make a board for them. I think this is a happy medium because it prevents dead boards from lingering in the catalog, serves as a holding area for any future exoduses, and gives anons a place to organize until a suitable board can be made here or elsewhere in the webring.
>>7593 >>7549 >>7484 I don't want to see /strek/ go and wish they'd come back. dukat given yesterday's events what are you plans for the board?
>>7593 8kunt is practically down already, please come back.
Does anyone know where the hell /fringe/ ended up? I'm sorry to ask this here, but it doesn't appear to be anywhere on the Webring, and they don't appear to have any bunkers, either. It's really strange, and unfortunate, since they had some really good content back on 8.
>>7741 >/fringe/ >good content kek
Can the inaction of a BO be considered important for the admin/mod team to send someone to mop up a mess if the users themselves are requesting it? If so, can i get a mod position, even if temporary? i rarely did a ton with my user account but i've made some moves unrelated to all this that proves i'm not a dolphin, you have my word i won't meddle with any other board than the one reporting stuff/requesting a clean-up.
>>7755 >Can the inaction of a BO be considered important for the admin/mod team to send someone to mop up a mess if the users themselves are requesting it? Depends, is the board you're asking about allowing things that violate the global rule? If not we don't get involved in how the board owner runs his board. >rest of your post I would advise requesting a board. We only have globals to enforce the one global rule (nothing illegal in the USA can be posted).
>>7756 >If not we don't get involved in how the board owner runs his board. Yes, i understand but i thought there could be a "special case". Thanks anyways. >We only have globals to enforce the one global rules Makes sense, i thought it was a multi-task kind of deal due to janitors already enforcing that. >I would advise requesting a board Very well, due to unstable conditions in most boards related to the topic i would like to request a video game "temporary" exclusion board. /vz/ Vidya Zone Arcade parlor for big boys Lensman
>>7758 >I thought I could waltz my fat jewish ass in here and get a board owner booted This isn't 8chan.
>>7760 Nice projection there
>>7758 >"temporary" exclusion board. Why is it going to be temporary? If you're just going to abandon it I don't see any point in making it in the first place considering board creation was closed for awhile so we can figure out what to do with boards that have no posts at all.
>>7763 >Why is it going to be temporary? Because we don't know how much our BO is going to be on "apparent" hiatus. Personally i don't wish any bad, i have no qualms against him right now as i don't know his intention but a good sizeable part of the board has requested a "clean up" or a comment regarding the current status for a while, which is concerning to say the least. Right now they are not posting that because nobody is really posting at all other than one or two isolated generals that haven't been touched yet. I browse the board a good part of the day while i'm doing other things on the PC and i can manage to check often over the day in a place people might want a constant eye on. I understand there's been not one but two new off-shoot video game related boards already (three if we count some new posts at the old /vr/) but this one would be based as an option on a current situation that might be defused after a while, but it's been 24 hours already and we don't see how or why it could. Hence the "temporary", it's a moderated place to continue our activities while we see if it passes by, if it does i'm aware of the "delete board" function and i can and will use it when things are cleared. If it doesn't then i might have to deal with it, that's one of my suspicions with our current BO, he stepped in to stabilize things but he might not want to keep doing it and i can understand why if he did it for help and not for passion or necessity.
>>7741 I never used /fringe/ and I have no idea, but as it happens, back in August when 8chan first went down I did actually receive an email from someone who mistakenly thought one of my old 8chan.co email addresses was owned by the BO of /fringe/. He was asking the same question as you though, and I didn't respond to it, so unfortunately it's not much of a lead, but you could try emailing him yourself unless you are him, in which case, holy shit. There was another /fringe/ anon in smug/a/'s meta threads around that time too, but those threads have since turned into cafe threads, and they'll smack your ass with a banhammer you if they see that you don't have a post history on /a/, so I doubt that'll help much either. Sorry I couldn't be of more help anon.
>>7764 Sounds responsible, since board creation is currently closed I am going to speak to robi first before I make this board but if he's okay with it I will create it sometime in the next 24 hours provided you agree to wait until a global can move all threads to another board (most likely >>>/v/) should you decide to delete it. In the meantime I encourage you to attempt to contact the current BO of >>>/v/ either through the meta thread or on #julayworld on Rizon (I think he's asleep right now). As far as I know he does not have any vols so this can probably just be resolved through dialog and some help keeping an eye on the board. I do not think splitting off will solve the problems with /v/ since I've seen a regular pattern with it in the last 8 months. There has been an on-going effort by outsiders to shit it up since the day it was created and I don't expect it'll ever stop as long as certain people think they are entitled to control of all vidya discussion. I sympathize with what you're trying to do here but you need to understand exactly what you're getting into. I don't want another situation where a BO quits within a week and transfers yet another board to the globals.
>>7766 >provided you agree to wait until a global can move all threads to another board should you decide to delete it. Agreed, that sounds better than i thought. >I encourage you to attempt to contact the current BO >he does not have any vols so this can probably just be resolved through dialog I'm open to that, hope he responds in the next 24. Going to log into the IRC for him to chat. >I do not think splitting off will solve the problems with /v/ It's tricky because if these past days have taught us something is that longtime 8k/v/ users and JW/v/ users (which are a mixture of 8c/vg/, old renegades from 8c/v/ and local denizens) cannot coexist comfortably due to "culture" shock and pre-conceived notions, even in a ground zero environment both groups have different behaviors due to a couple of years isolated from each other. With that i meant to say 8k/v/ or its bunkers might not be an ideal place for most of the users and this /vz/ situation would be more of a supporting action to /v/ than an antagonizing one, but i cannot guarantee an odd situation of users not wanting to leave, which i highly doubt it as many think alike regarding jumping the least times possible. >There has been an on-going effort by outsiders to shit it up since the day it was created Same thing happened once in a while on /vg/, it's a seasonal thing. >I don't want another situation where a BO quits within a week and transfers yet another board to the globals As long as i don't kick the bucket i'm going to be present, but if it extends a lot then i might fall back with vols or downgrade myself a vol if someone more capable wants the place, which is seeing things too far and hypothetical to be fair. Thank you for your time.
>>7767 After discussing matters on the IRC i think i will have to take this back, i don't see the point of doing this as a supporting measure. I think it will utterly pointless at the end of the day and nothing will change. Good day, sir.
>>7768 Got logs? I'm waiting on the pruning to make >>>/vg/ or >>>/svidya/. The "splitting" meme is retarded seen as we're in the same site.
>>7769 Not worth it, i like your idea but i don't think it will work here. Just go with the flow or jump ship, i am out.
>>7770 Why isn't it worth it? Muses was hired because nobody was trusted enough to mantle >>>/v/ after 3 bad judgements from robi. It worked for a little while until kimeemaru rectally fucked him. I'm fine hosting a >>>/v/ so long as I'm paid. I'm not retarded to work 4FREE.
>>7765 Hey, no worries, and thanks for the lead -- it's more than I've been able to find on my own. I have to admit, though, that second image freaks me out a bit -- kinda makes me wonder if it's somehow connected to why the board hasn't come back. It's just really bizarre that this might be the only board with a significant presence that never was restored. I'm almost compelled to just try to start a new /fringe/ myself, but I would have no clue what the hell I was doing. Not only that, but I don't have the time to devote to moderation or anything like that. In the meantime, I don't know yet if I'll email him; I feel like I'd be missing out on something if I didn't, but we'll see. Thanks again.
>>7769 >/svidya/ So a board full of butthurt faggots that nobody wants to use who only exist to shit on other boards?
>>7822 t. markgoon
>>7823 8/svidya/ was pretty shit regardless of mark. Most of its posts were clustered in the meta thread and the entire board basically just defined itself as 'not /v/' rather than having an actual identity.
>>7331 But most of those are archives and bunkers.
>>7331 how the fuck does one archive these boards (oh no its already culled)
>>7245 why manip and chronoy deleted (other boards in list are fine) also what is /dolphin/ for
>>7769 wait what
Requestan' a board made for organizing gamenights >Board Name: Gamenight Organization >Board URL: /gamenight/ or /gn/ >Purpose: Organizing and setting up gamenights for various /v/ communities through the webring and other imageboards >Username: Solomon gib board plz much thank
>>7948 i'm sorry i missed the final last time it all happened so fast and i got the dates fucked up
>>7080 Someday, lefty.
The real reason why /leftypol/ got deleted is because I claimed the board and then proceeded to dump nigger dick pictures and scat porn all over the placeim just playing around to test the features. I also broadcasted the board to anon on /r9k/ as a refugee camp if /r9k/ got nuked again. Here the evidence, i shilled the board on /r9k/ and people thought I was dolphin and deleted it. https://fatchan.org/r9k/thread/46.html#557
>>8028 Not surprising, dolphin used plenty commie euphemisms. He used the name "ComradeScum" when he first tried claiming /r9k/. The fact that you used /leftypol/ perfectly fit Dolphin's behavior.
Open file (93.96 KB 1322x472 1574630294256.cleaned.jpg)
>>8032 >using Tor >not understanding sarcastic usernames
>>8033 He used commie euphemisms, I never said he was a commie himself. Just that he liked with fuck with /r9k/ that way, so it wasn't surprising that >>8028 was pinned as dolphin since that's exactly how dolphin could have fucked with them.
I would like to claim /ss/ please. My account name is araara123.
>>6593 >>6610 So has the stance on /cutebois/ changed? This board is hosting pretty much the same kind of content.
>>8044 no. fuck you euphoria.
>>8046 Fine faggot, you can have your shitty board to yourself. Can we have a straight shota board please?
JulayWorld will no longer accept new boards or do claims.
>>8105 what about now, king nigger on /v/ is being retarded again
/LakeofFire/ Punishment for Skinner Machines Probably a deterrence against computer games Lucifer Migrate \v\ backups to this board instead to desist the autism.
Open file (402.22 KB 712x622 ClipboardImage.png)
give me /v/ so I can rule it with an iron fist >Board URI >Board name >What is the board about? >The account you just created /v/ ▽ideo games not videogames notbaph
>>3534 Asking for claims on /monarchy/ greatHitoHato is my account
I would like to claim /gamergatehq/, my username is boney /gamergatehq/ boney
>>12832 Sorry, it's been transferred to Cole Lamberson now.

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