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Open file (2.77 MB 2000x2000 SMC COOF.png)
Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 08:43:57 ID: 47c936 No.7817
Continued from: >>>/meta/2 Rules 1. Stay on topic. (site issues, board issues, etc.) 2. Follow the global rules. 3. While we all appreciate autistic drama, try to not get too involved in shitflinging between boards. 4. No spam. 5. Dolphin posts will be jannied on-sight. 6. Enjoy your stay. Server Specs 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz 8GB RAM 180GB SSD Source Code Frontend: https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx julayworld branch Backend: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/ 2.3.7 branch Addons: - https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring - Some add-ons I've been kinda lazy to release This thread is the "I have a small problem that's not worth a thread" thread.
>>7817 What happened to the boards being culled? Did Robi back down from it?
>>7819 I'm pretty sure OP isn't an admin, and is just grifting on robi with his predicament. Only and admin would make a new thread after the other thread had been archived.
You might be aware of this but board owners cannot ban tor posters nor delete their posts by ip
>>7826 I knew OP wasn't a member of staff or else they would've used a role signature, but I was posting it in this general meta thread as the other one was locked and I felt there was no point making a thread for my question
Is there a reason why /loli/ isn't showing up in /tism/? Do those options still need to be checked or not ever since the overboard reshuffling? >>>/loli/146
What happened to /modeltanks/?
>>7829 >ban tor posters Tor posters have no ID, so they can't be banned. Are you asking for a switch to turn off Tor posting on a per-board basis? >delete their posts by ip What would IP mean in this case? The only thing you'd be deleting would be all posts from a specific Tor exit node.
>>7932 You don't need to keep them checked anymore, they'll show up on the autismboard. The board is currently hidden from all overboards.
>>7819 Sorry for not clarifying this. 1) Not enough free time, currently working on other stuff while helping out family in Ulaangom. 2) Many valid points were raised in the Board Request thread which made me put off board culling until I can revise it more sanely. I will update the global announcements soon.
>>7940 I figured that was the case. Thanks.
>>7939 I would like a feature like that, currently you can't do anything besides deleting their posts one by one when you get spammed
Keep getting connection failed trying to post.
Will there ever be a functioning post history system we'll be able to use? I would like to be able to press a button to get all the posts a reported anon makes rather than using ctrl+f on his hash on several threads.
Bls unlist /fit/ from the autismboard and put it on the Overboard, it deserve SFW attention. t.BO
>>8049 Hey toutatis, why did you leave and let /n/ die?
>>8052 >why did you leave because having responsabilities on a mongolian dating forum is time consuming. >why did you let /n/ died I never wanted it to happen, i trusted a cumbrain to take care of it while i prioritized IRL and he gave it HRT.
>>8053 I guess you have more free time now, maybe a butt buddy to help you moderate the board now? FYI, we officially have a dating thread if that's of interest to you >>>/lgbt/4 /n/ is now officially >>>/pol/, gonna have to wait, Toni's been busy too
>>8055 yeah, fuck you too, euphoria.
>>8066 I'm not the powerhungry gvol. —gu​nthrum sympathizer
>>8067 i did Гунтhrum wrong, he knew the truth, loli is cursed, maybe i'll go and try to grab some power on this mongolian weaving cob web wedding and hang all the gays and the faggot for once, it won't be asked , but needed, in my dreams every socks were white and unified, no yellow stain on them and no poop socks either. i may, you'll call me a dreamer but if i weren't a dreamer, i wouldn't be autistic either.
>>8069 Hey, if you feel owning gays on an imageboard it's your calling, go for it man. I just feel you don't captivate why gays have always been welcomed aboard. I've been fine with /trapshota/,if you're really asking.
>>8076 >i feel you don't understand why gays are welcomed aboard i do, and i don't care about it, i'm just butthurt for trusting a fag, consequences will never be the same.
>>8078 >i'm just butthurt for trusting a fag, consequences will never be the same. Ah, that I understand. Glad you're learning. We'll have fun. I'm sad the trust between the two of you is gone, but don't say I didn't warn julay administration. Pedoautism needs a cure fast.
>>8079 i perfectely know i could have claimed /c/, i could have claimed /pol/, i even could have claimed /news/ but i haven't because autism. i need fun yes. you're ok lad stay yourself big guy.
>>8316 Please repsond. >>8310 >>8315 >locking the thread Great idea.
>>8317 >>8448 Read it and weep
Mark my word, Julay will be killed before its rebirth.
Open file (2.65 MB 320x240 r1sbq5m.gif)
>>8750 One can only hope.
>>8849 Shouldnt you bee waiting for your next QueerAnon post?
This is not strictly about julay, but does anyone know if something happened to fatpeople? I don't seem able to access it.
>>8936 someone ddosed it and it's down for the forseable future, probably the same 8kunt/alt chan trannies that have been harassing other imageboards, including this one. imageboards are going to go the way of the dodo soon, at this point
>>8937 Thanks for the reply. Do you have any screencaps or anything about it being ddos'es? Fuck trannies, hope they all rope.
>>8936 http://archive.li/IrPlj It's dead. Looks like a permanent death.
>>8937 All because of those eugenicists WHO WORSHIP THE MIGHTY NEGRO MALE.
Jesus christ, don't scare me like that!
What caused the 502? >>9280 Seriously.
anon.cafe will go down in the next 3 days and never coming back julay.world will go down exactly 2 weeks from now and will never coming back until rebirth. smuglo.li will go down 1 week from now. Every single imageboard in the webring will be in constant attack in the nexr 3 months. Be prepared and work hard my little bees, you don't have much time left. The operation is starting.
Open file (218.15 KB 1104x1129 bt39.png)
>>10008 Sounds like bullshit but I believe it
>>10008 julay.world will be name drop in the news 3 weeks from now, over the accusation of "nazi", "8chan" and "pedophilia". Resetera is partially responsible for the death of fatchan and behind the so-called "Esther M Aronowitz ". Mark is a snitch and also responsible for the death of fatchan and julay.world.
You should post something like '''The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.''' in very board below the .onion link.
>>10008 >>10010 Nice LARP fagit.
>>10037 10008-10010 raging faggot? Look at the alignment of Mercury with Uranus tonight Trust the plan Q
>>10038 I'm certainly going to be aligning your anus tonight, fagboi
>>10041 how big's your Mercury anon
Da proofs for anon.cafe.
>>10008 >anon.cafe will go down in the next 3 days and never coming back Unless this is to be read as a threat\warning, you'd point to a /meta/ thread of theirs were this was announced. >julay.world will go down exactly 2 weeks from now and will never coming back until rebirth. >smuglo.li will go down 1 week from now. Read above. >>10010 >julay.world will be name drop in the news 3 weeks from now, over the accusation of "nazi", "8chan" and "pedophilia". So business as usual for imageboards. Did you know water is wet? >Resetera is partially responsible for the death of fatchan and behind the so-called "Esther M Aronowitz ". If there was an inkling of proof to this, you'd have a link to a thread where they would be discussing this or at least logs of someone from there talking about it. >Mark is a snitch and also responsible for the death of fatchan and julay.world. Read above. Get better proof, being right but unable to prove it is just as good as being wrong.
>>10008 >>10010 We should just use /abdl/ while we've got them. They could easily fuck so much with any would be reporters that try to appear. Probably our best deterrent since they call themselves the diaper/pol/.
>>7829 they can in newer versions of the software
>>7939 >turn off Tor posting on a per-board yes it's an addon
>>7969 i think there already is in 2.4
>>7817 how do I set the duration of a ban? what is the format? Do I have to write the date of expiration or the days/hours of ban? Can you give me an example?
>>11046 I'm not a BO btw
>>11046 1m 1h 1d 1w 1m 1y
>>7817 Impressive model. Was it made in Blender or something else?
>make a mistake in post >try to delete post and make a new one FLOOD DETECTED why is post deletion broken?
502, anything to worry about or just some normal shit breaking?
Open file (388.46 KB 720x540 miruku.jpg)
>>7817 Why is this ugly old hag dressed up as milk-chan?
>>11244 Give it a second and try again.
>>11854 Because she was supposed to be her when the site owner still had a sense of humor
>>11965 >Because she was supposed to be her when the site owner still had a sense of humor Caring for hundreds of manchildren daily in addition to all your IRL-responsibilities must be very taxing. We all should be praying for Robi tbh.
>>11967 >Caring for That's his first mistake >hundreds of manchildren daily That's his second one He should have gotten like at least two moderators per board and limited the number of boards from the start
Where can I find the script to transfer an entire board's posts to another one?
>>12097 I don't think it'll work on lynxchan2lynxchan https://gitgud.io/rb/MultiScraper
>>12100 is it ready for use
>>12111 it worked last time vch.moe existed and >>>/Nintendo/ was test played. Ask robi in IRC in a few hours, or email him.
>>12100 >>12113 For Lynxchan, both the importer and the scraper have been implemented (thanks to the work of renart). It should "just work". Note that MultiScraper requires server access on the target imageboard.
>>12111 >couldn't save file, name 'inc' is not defined >lynx.py line 307
>>12122 replace inc.download_file(f.path) with download_file(f.path)
What's (((this))) game? Looks fun.
>>12100 Is it possible for this to work on jschan or perhaps be updated to work on jschan boards?
>>12449 yes and yes? Ask him the Morning Luke. I'm glad you got traction with zchan.cc.
>>12466 Could be dolphin but his incessant need to make himself known with not so subtle hints will make it obvious very fast. Plus he wouldn't have the forethought to pretend to not be interested in the webring like the admin of zchan is, since dolphin is always looking for ways into it.
>>12480 It's just the timing, the ACF like MO, and >Creation Date: 2020-05-10T07:00:00Z
Open file (839.16 KB 2288x1712 P1010144.JPG)
>>12480 It's not JSChan, it's BelugaChan skinned. Took me a day.
>>12484 no zchan is too cool of a name, you could never come up with something so radical sounding unless it was zedchan, then it would be distinctly anglo and therefore retarded sounding and then it could be you
>>12486 >radical Nah, Sen picked the name
>>12487 who the fuck is sen
>>12489 IDENTIFY YOURSELF NEWFAG >>>/cow/7500
>>12483 >>12484 >>12487 Guess this is confirmation Dolphin is behind Zchan. Sen is the only person Dolphag hates more than robi.
>>12487 This is a lie. Do not believe the dolphinfaggot
>>12502 Ah, more, lies, dolphin. Also, drown yourself in semen.
Is the global.css in the git frontend the one that changes it to look like 8chan?
Hack lynxchan banner code to allow.mp4 for banners, this shit is ridiculous >>>/v/38764 I can redo all the banners in h264, and save 90% of used diskspace in spoilers and banners alone. NSFW tag when?
>>12818 lol, forgot to update my script >>>/vidya/38764
>>12818 <video> tags are not allowed to autoload on some browser unless you click on the page first, and they need a thumbnail background to show up before you launch them anyway, so this would be pretty pointless. And there's the underlying problem that animated banners will make your board look like some geocities fansite or a typical myspace homepage.
>>12838 remember when <embed> and <object> were kings? and autoplay was king for midis?
>>12839 Yeah, good times.

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