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Open file (54.61 KB 158x200 ClipboardImage.png)
The Rebirth of Jul(a)y Robi Board owner 04/28/2020 (Tue) 15:45:00 ID: 51cfb0 No.8318
Since the last thread (>>8102), I've come to understand that I've created too much of a panic. So, here's a new OP with a better explanation. TL;DR JulayWorld will be recreated with a few boards remaining under a different name (TBA) using a new imageboard software. I'll be helping the BOs who are willing to create their own imageboard migrate their boards. Rebirth Date JulayWorld will be re-born on 2020-07-27. Garfield has stolen the pipe, but the paper is in a loop -- and you can see that once again, Jon is sitting in his chair reading his newspaper. Rationale I'll copy this verbatim from the first thread since my thoughts haven't changed. In these past 9 months, I've come to realize that the idea of a centralized imageboard with open/semi-open board creation is flawed in the current year. In my experience, entralization causes three main problems when it comes to imageboards: a) Big responsibility, b) Disinterest in the imageboard, c) Single point of failure. Running an imageboard with a lot of boards is a risky endeavor with a big responsibility. Until now, I've been fine with running it, but as of recently, more and more threats have showed up for Julay, and I don't want the management of Julay to take over my life like it did for Freddit. I honestly have a lot of IRL things to do, and everytime something happens on Julay I have to drop everything I'm currently doing and work on fixing whatever happened, which (in the case of stuff like takedowns) costs both serious amounts of time and also money. In the past few months, I've felt that I've become more and more distant to Julay. The main reason is because I don't use most of the boards that are on Julay. I don't want to manage boards that I don't personally have any interest in, and so their moderation woes have become more and more of a burden as time went on, and at this point I don't want it to go on like this. I'm sorry to disappoint people, but I'm not going to become Moot 3.0 and devote my life to Julay. It also worries me that there is only a single location for most of the boards in the webring. The entire point of the webring was to have many boards each catering to their own community and their own related boards so a board going down wouldn't affect the others and the other boards could provide a shelter temporarily if necessary. However, human nature states that people will always flock to the lowest barrier to entry. It is much easier to create a board on an existing imageboard than it is to start a new one for yourself. Therefore, Julay has overgrown to almost 100 boards, which is a shame and something I should've prevented early on. However, at the time (August-October 2019) there were still many communities left without a home as 8chan died and left behind a void that has been unfilled since (8kun is not, and will never be 8chan), and so I've provided board creation for boards that didn't have anywhere to go. However, since then a lot of dust has settled and I think it's time for people to slowly expand out and fulfill the webring's original purpose. Which boards will remain? This has yet to be decided. I'll announce it clearly as soon as it is. What will happen to everyone else? Board owners can contact me with proof of their board ownership to get help with setting up their own imageboard. If multiple board owners are willing to set up an imageboard together they should also let me know. You can contact me at admin <> julay ! world, or #julayworld @ Rizon. I am going to be working hard to make an easy to understand guide for people to set up their own imageboards within the next few days. I will try to make it as retard-friendly as possible, and I will try to provide help to people who have trouble setting it up. Additionally, I've gotten back to working on Final Solution day and night. Final Solution (when completed) will create an imageboard mesh, which should (hopefully) eventually replace the current webring system and be more resilient than the webring. What about the donations? I currently have enough donations to cover the time Julay will still operate as Julay. I haven't decided whether I will accept donations again after the rebirth. What happens if the site goes down before that? If Julay goes down before I have finished all my preparations, there will probably a period of downtime before the new site is launched. See you on the next episode.
Edited last time by robi on 04/28/2020 (Tue) 15:47:50.
>>8318 /2hu/ > /v/
Open file (873.81 KB 160x160 137280628668.gif)
just make Luke Delf admin and take the chosen boards to the new site julay.chan or milk.chan
>>8319 /2hu/ is a containment board, don't come to /japan/ please we need even less sokuniggers
Open file (69.64 KB 640x476 1388146794493.jpg)
I'm so sick of you attention whores ruining everything.
I know it's probably fruitless, but I'd like to second the keeping of /britfeel/ that >>8288 suggested. We just want somewhere to have our little anonymous discussions in peace, we don't allow extreme graphic content on our board and we have no relation to brit/pol/ or any of those types of boards. I'd also like to suggest that /retro/ be kept on, I love that board. >>8293 We haven't had that many posters since 2015-2016 on 8chan, but we're still very active relative to our size, more so here than we had been in the last couple of years on 8chan.
Save /nido/, don't be a faggot
i strongly advise any schizo to not make unnecessary list because of we end up with 6 million of those it won't help robi at all, i would like to know how you're going to choose the boards, can you give us more input about that?
disregard my post you said you'll help BO migrate and then act from there.
Would keeping /fascist/ be out of the question? The only reason I ask is because it's a pretty active board here and has been part of Julay since August.
Retard-proof guide for getting hosting and setting up/running an imageboard should have existed for a long time now. This will be very valuable.
>>8318 >Which boards will remain? This has yet to be decided. I'll announce it clearly as soon as it is. Would you devise some guidelines to make us understand which board are considered "worth saving"?
>>8322 *Pedofags FTFY, I can't blame Robi for wanting to start over, you can tell there are certain (((parties))) coming over, trying to establish/force their cultures and views onto the rest of the site. Best thing to do is to save the big boards people will want to visit(/cow/, /v/, /k/) and the rest of the boards here that have a somewhat active community can go somewhere else, but ground rules need to be established up front, and lines drawn
Open file (1.02 MB 805x846 ;_;.PNG)
As gay as it sounds,it always saddens me to see such losses to the global Tuvalese Fisheries and Forestries discussion forums; thank you truly for hosting many of us here during a time of immense chaos, over what feels like an eternity Robi. Let me add that I appreciate your consideration of maintaining the hosting of /k/ among other boards, and hope that you will consider the same treatment to other boards.
Robi! Your unreleased boardtable-fix plugin is included in the Instant LynxChan playbook I'm cleaning up for release. I wan't given it under any particular license. You want to put it up in a repository under MIT so I can link to it properly?
Relatively new, definitely don't want to be a nuisance so if this is a garbage question don't just disregard it. But is there a julay discord for cake artists?
Open file (15.33 KB 255x255 1554611357514.jpg)
>>8335 >Discord
>>8335 >unironic pedo tranny discord zoomer
>>8335 Don't worry about this julay place, and kindly go back to where you came from. And keep to your discords, please, nobody wants you faggots anywhere
>>8337 Woops, my bad. Better alternative?
Open file (1.03 MB 991x1426 cuckchan go back.png)
>>8339 Here is your alternative I hear all the most popular posters and mods there have some sort of discord they go to, why don't you ask them instead?
>>8323 nah single thread boards do not deserve the bandwidth space.
Open file (601.85 KB 639x474 123643624.png)
>>8335 >is there a julay discord for cake artists? You feds crack me up. They give you a little manual to post like this?
i'm ashamed, literal 0/10 bait and i fall for it. pls robi delete the off topic
>>8333 You know what, let me release all the addons, boardtable included.
>>8342 If there are enough big threads, they could be incorporated into /bg/(random: generals) or something, if for no other reason, than because it might attract a big enough following of autists, who visit the site for that particular topic alone. Speaking of which, will /b/ have a chance of migration? Board has been dead, but I don't know where else an active /b/ that is worth a damn can be found
Make a board that is nothing but /meta/.
>>8331 >boards people want to visit >/v/ julay got shitty when it allowed /v/ It attracts the worst kind of posters second only to /pol/
>>8345 I'll look forward to it.
Open file (211.77 KB 1280x882 ME1GxzOzGXk.jpg)
>>8318 >Which boards will remain? /fascist/, /monarchy/, and /liberty/ must remain. This is the Holy Trinity - the heart, brain, and soul of Julay, these are the pillars which hold the ground upon which we stand, the triumvirate which was a part of the site since its inception. If one falls, the others fall. They obviously cannot go anywhere. /nido/ and other non-English boards can go somewhere else though. I mean come on, let's at least keep things English around here.
how nu julay should be structured >general topic boards >general specific threads within said boards >focus on quality thread over quality posts >rules that follow no strictness then what the BO considers that is all >>8346 that would make the sense to me.
>>8348 unless you're talking about 4/pol/, 8/pol/ posters were some of the more bearable back on 8chan, at least until 2016 election brought all teh Q boomers. If you're a triggered leftypol tranny, kindly fuck off back to where you came from As for /v/, I think it just needs better moderation. Every single BO was a disgrace, and pretty much let the posters do what they want. Like I said, ground rules need to be put in place, so that undesirables are to be kept out, and the focus of the board is what the board is about, not endless offtopic threads
I appreciate people suggesting ideas for the layout of the new imageboard. Please keep posting them as it helps me recognize any shortcomings of what I come up with and also give me ideas to consider.
>>8351 so a MEDIA board with video game, tv, film, comic and what have you general threads within.
>>8350 The Triple-chad Alliance should stay honestly
>>8351 I like this idea Too many boards that don't deal with a general topic, also why is /cowrevolt/ still up >>8355 /adbl/ /cow/ /ita/ and /robowaifu/ are also Julay Culture
>>8352 >Hating /pol/ automatically makes someone /leftypol/ No the problem with /v/ and /pol/ is that it's userbase is full of nothing but underage retards with nothing really say or contribute of value and spend all their time circlejerking and screeching anywhere they are not wanted.
>>8350 >>8355 You know if those three board really have solid userbase their BO should team up and made their own imageboard in the webring.
>>8340 Just anywhere I can continue to do deliver requests is all I care about
>>8353 >ideas for the layout As in the frontend styles and structure? There's a whole bunch of improvements that could be made, especially to make it more noscript friendly.
>>8360 I meant more as which boards to keep/how to structure them, but sure, that works too.
>>8343 You do know that discord bans loli right? Not only that, but if you're on a server where someone posts it, everyone is getting banned. Makes me wonder why so many loli artists use it for their art.
>>8357 You just described pretty much every 4chan board these days. You're a left leaning retard, most likely a tranny, too, and /pol/ makes you soil your panties, at least be honest about it And julay/v/ was one of the least obnoxious /v/ incarnations to date, in my opinion, altho that might just be because it was largely un-populated, so maybe I just didn't notice it enough. Again, that can be resolved with a strict ruleset in place that prevents obvious newfaggots or off topic posters from thinking they're welcome, but at the same time, not over-moderating and deleting things you don't like for no reason, like the cake kike did. You got to find that sweetspot
>>8361 Oh, in that case I won't get autistic. But I do want a hovering reply box that can be opened/closed like jschan, and also make the thread return to the +50 version after posting.
>>8354 and I mean general threads for topics to do the bulk of the work plus genre/niche generals to cover more specifics like a /rts/ general where game nights are hosted in the video game general. honestly what could help is the ability to pin posts that sticky on your browser until you close them.
>>8363 No, you are just a faggot who doesn't understand that nobody likes your shitty boards shitting up the place and doing "if they don't like me they must be x" argument which shows you don't have an argument at all. Both /pol/ and /v/ love to go on how much they hate kikes but are always sucking their kosher sausage. Wherever they go they only bring cancer.
Open file (855.32 KB 1950x2154 ddvorg2.jpg)
>>8356 >/adbl/ /cow/ /ita/ and /robowaifu/ are also Julay Culture Agreed, but /monarchy/, /liberty/, /fascist/ are core political boards. But those boards are nice too.
Open file (84.33 KB 1280x720 Jew Tears.jpg)
>>8318 >Julay has overgrown to almost 100 boards, which is a shame and something I should've prevented early on. Now if only you had listened to everyone that was screaming at you not to let it happen.
>>8367 /fit/ is literraly about core, therefore /fit/ is core board.
>>8362 I did not, no. Figures though.
>>8369 Can't argue with that.
>>8370 Go to bed, fed.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
>>8366 >still going off about muh /pol/ yep, got a wild one here. How about you don't come back around these parts, if this is such a sore subject for you?
>>8358 I agree with this. Could become something really cool
>>8373 >Still no argument >Still butthurt about being called out Hows that drumpf working out for ya?
>>8366 >shitting up the place and doing "if they don't like me they must be x" argument You mean like you're doing right now?
I want /vg/ back. No more mark/v/ users ruining my videogame board
Open file (2.64 MB 3000x3715 Grace + Rita x.png)
>>8350 >/nido/ and other non-English boards can go somewhere else though I would vouch for /ita/. I don't speak a word of Italian, but I like having them around. I would also vouch for keeping a /b/ around--it makes a good middle ground like /meta/.
Open file (8.51 MB 864x480 Oblivion Gameplay.mp4)
>>8375 >tranny seething >muh drumpf kys
>>8375 Nobody is going to argue with someone who is obviously a triggered tranny of some description, in a meta thread about the dying imageboard itself. You clearly don't belong here, how about you forget about this place, pack your bags and go back to reddit or twitter? No meanie /pol/ tards will ever bother you there, pinky promise >>8374 >>8358 I agree, if only so that political autism can be contained to one imageboard, that caters to several different tastes. I would still prefer a blanket /pol/, but from the looks of it, there aren't posters posters here with the spine for it, moderation or otherwise
>>8380 >Still thinking people who don't like /pol/ must be /leftypol/ And you still have no argument.
>>8372 I don't know what to tell you. Things were easy on 8ch when it was around, I've never had to go looking before. Get here an everyone's on their way out so...
You have a fatal flaw: kindness. Kicking the kids out then letting them right back in when they cry >where will I go? Is retarded. It's time anon fends for themselves. at least you took part of my advice. Thanks for the last 9 months
Whats with people worrying about being kicked off? You guys aren't being booted off the webring, just given a new home with new administration. You can always visit daddy robi
Open file (853.91 KB 4160x3120 Hbhb9xF.jpg)
Open file (43.87 KB 480x640 IpPWago.jpg)
Open file (970.80 KB 3084x4626 R7Kvlzl.jpg)
>>8381 Nobody mentioned leftypol, but it's telling that when somebody said "trannies", your thoughts immediately jumped to leftypol, funny how that works Also, you're shitting up the thread, take your dilation back to the designated dilation station, if you're not going to contribute to the thread
>>8318 Robi one important question you should answer first: How many board you want to keep in the julayxRebirth?
>>8385 You should tell us why you are obsessed with trannies first And you should tell us why you are so insecure you sperg out for how dare anons reveal the truth that you are the faggots nobody actually wants round here.
>>8387 >You should tell us why you are obsessed with trannies first >us How many voices are in your head tranny?
>>8328 /throd.
>>8388 You know you shouldn't be so obvious with your switching IDs
Seems Chobitsu is the schizophrenic spammer annoying imageboards with his persecution complex >>8311 Does he not know Social Justice doesn't exist, esp. out of all websites, here. >>8390 He's so triggered by men in dresses, he comes to Julay to cowlog about how he didn't come up with a simpier idea to get free money with program socks patreons.
>>8357 This is soooo true. We should enforce temporary site-wide wordfilters whenever raided by cuckchanners or underage skiddies. It's so frustrating trying to read a conversation on politics and you're stopped dead in your tracks by some DILATEfag. >>8368 Live'n'Learn, lad. >>8385 I mean, they had a discord up for tranny problems. I don't think it's such a big of a stretch to associate the two. Communism has always been Socialism for the mentally retarded.
>>8390 Stop shitting up the place and doing "if they don't like me they must be x" argument
>>8393 So like you are doing?
>>8394 No, like you are doing.
>>8383 Technically it's Robi's fault in the first place by allowing sick wierd ass pedo communities that cause legal trouble. And the pedos themselves that nobody likes. As pedofags are the cause of the problem they just need to make their own shit.
The biggest factor in running an imageboard now is political, not technical. When one shitpost can collapse a billion dollar industry, the stakes increase substantially. Personally, I strongly dislike the current meta and I'm waiting for sufficient technological advancement so we can progress to the next. I hope this has been a learning experience.
>>8395 >No U So you really are just admitting to being the 12 year old edgelord that invests boards like /v/ and /pol/? Do you feel like a cool boy now?
>>8398 >Do you feel like a cool boy now? At least I feel like a boy, tranny.
>>8399 rekt
>>8398 kill yourself freak
>>8396 Fuck off, if anything it's my fault for letting all these boards in. I defended loli back then and I'll still defend it today just for the free speech aspect. If it wasn't this it would have been something else. The roaches coming out to celebrate this are pathetic but so are the anons that can't figure out how to host their own website. It's the fucking internet why are you even on it if they can't into computers? I've been thinking of opening a node or two up on the webring with the Trumpbucks I just got. I haven't decided what I'm doing yet and I'd limit each node I personally run to 10 or less boards. I'm sure there are others planning to do similar things. You've all been given 3 months I don't foresee any problems with every board finding a new home.
Open file (15.87 MB 1920x1080 LIBERALIST_s01e04.webm)
>>8323 /britfeel/ is small enough that it could probably happily exist on a $2 VPS from https://buyvm.net/kvm-dedicated-server-slices/ You could probably even forgo a domain name and use the webring for discovery instead.
>>8399 And there you go, literally call everyone you don't like a tranny. Enjoy proving everyone that you are worse than a nigger.
>>8323 Perhaps all regional boards could migrate to a single dedicated Imageboard.
Open file (31.17 KB 490x322 logo.png)
It's up.
>>8402 The current meta for/against loli is that jews want to outlaw it because it threatens their CP monopoly, and normalization of freedom of speech/information also means that if CP ever became legal then proof of their crimes becomes legal for the citizen to possess, and suddenly the general public can see those videos and start connecting dots and arresting abusers. I can't find the link, but one agency somewhere ran a program where they issued cropped photos which allowed people at large to look at and try to determine locations, and they started solving cases at a huge rate before they were shut down by the (((authorities))). Real children are being raped, tortured to death and eaten, not necessarily in that order, and the jews want you distracted by whether or not drawings are illegal.
>>8361 >1 off-topic/random board Not sure if it should be SFW or not. SFW random boards tend to attract more users and have a slightly higher quality. >1-3 porn boards One board for real life porn, one for 2D porn, and maybe extra boards for gay or shemale porn if there's demand. >No more than 10 hobby boards Wait to see how many of the existing boards will move to or create another place before making the list. >1 obligatory meta board Used for news, complaints and feature requests. By the way, will you allow loli/shota pornography in the new site? I'm asking this because /delicious/ being reported by a kike for "hosting CP" is one of the main reasons julay is shutting down.
Just ask yourselves how big that particular illegal industry is, how Mossad was involved, and exactly how much money and power is coordinated to protect that monopoly, and you'll see why the imageboard meta has become what it has. Daily reminder that EVE Online became a major money laundering point for CP, especially in Goonswarm.
>>8409 You will be relentlessly attacked 24/7/365 because you are threatening a multi-trillion dollar industry without realizing it.
Why are there people getting sentimental over a website? It's not even like it's going away, it's just getting a new name, new software and some boards are disappearing.
Politics are for niggers and normalfags. loli is love, loli is life.
>>8413 The jews don't like your hobby because it threatens their political control, so therefore it is political. Open your fucking eyes.
Open file (962.55 KB 640x385 g2whtgct.bmp)
>>8402 So In other words guess you're some global that allowed this problem to happen in the first place where any Jew like Esther Aronowitz gets free ammo to destroy peoples speech that is not the worthless, like the type of pedo community you defend which is just a bunch of know-nothing fucking animals jacking off kids, only creating problems. >The roaches coming out to celebrate this are pathetic but so are the anons that can't figure out how to host their own website. Celebrate? I don't celebrate censorship you fucking moron, but there's something called cause and effect. Anyway, Good job. Show your fagtag and go burn with the shit you have created, robi should find out who (((you))) are faggot, since you won't own up to it. >>8408 <The seething tranny is a pedo Wow what a surprise
>>8415 jews have the highest rates of transgenderism and schizophrenia. Kike.
i can't stand the retard that doesn't understand larping retard are not retard. I come on julay to have fun, and by fun i mean reading autistic post about subject i'm interested in, pretend to be retarded with other people pretending to be retarded and as soon as something worth putting effort into i switch back as not retard and try to produce something at least i deem interesting. Now obviousely time says you can't pretend to be retarded because it attract people not pretending to be retarded, problem is i've always swam in retard and pretending to be retarded is how i get my lulz, it's not even going full retard. Now i'm overwhelmed at what i did and i'm ashamed, retard are only retard when it's obvious they don't understand the context, but on a mongolian jewelery dealer you can't just choke your ennemies to death and gloat about the lamentations of their whomen because they have neither a life nor cunts to lose. I feel retarded but the number of people that i recognized smarter than me are older people, which make me believe inteligence and knowledge come with time and tremendous invested work, problem is everything seem to come and go as cycle, how am i suppose to bring the change in the world when what i do in private contradict what i do in public which contradict what i should or not should be doing with my time. i feel ripped appart from three important force, honor, earth and the sun, all of which draws you from different direction but ultimately put you on a road, and i'm not even sure that road will guide me to rome. so Jewlayer, what do we do about the retard boogeyman?
>>8415 Yes I'm some global that ruined free speech by allowing free speech. It isn't illegal in the United States so it got allowed in. I'm also the one that allowed in the spics. Don't like it? Good news, you can start your own imageboard.
>>8418 >brought the pedos >brought the spics yeah, I'm thinking you can fuck right off and join them somewhere else, when julay2.0 launches
>>8417 imageboards aren't allowed to be fun anymore, the (((authorities))) consider them to be too dangerous to be left uncontrolled.
>>8419 I don't care much for either board but the fact is they don't break the law by existing. What's your favorite board? Perhaps the media should be alerted that it exists too. I'm sure >>>/k/ would like a little attention. I hear guns are illegal in most of the world.
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
Okay, julayanons. Name top 5 boards you love. Then name 10 others boards in addition to keep.
>>8423 burn them all and in their wake invent more generalized boards
>>8423 /cow/ /monarchy/ /fascist/ /liberty/ /abdl/
Open file (46.93 KB 640x480 141051.jpg)
>>8422 yeah, you sound like you're straight off the boat from plebbit or cuckchan take your moralfagging somewhere else, nobody cares about you, no-name faggot that ruined julay.world
>This has yet to be decided. Give me a straight answer. Is /mon/ going to make the jump?
>>8396 >pedofags are the cause of the problem This time lolis were the scapegoat, but the kikes trying to shut down image boards will attack them with anything they can find. A couple of days ago Fatchan was in troubles with their nameserver host because the same kike that reported julay reported them too for "being the successor of 8chan and /pol/" (https://fatchan.org/news.html#5ea4baec2f37e435b5a1dce0) when in reality Fatchan's /pol/ is fucking dead.
>>8426 Your new is showing. :^)
>>8418 >legality in united states >doesn't even understand the "new" contradictory vague talmudic laws >irresponsible retard >"sweetay If you don't like my global trannypedo glowing allowing wierd pedofags on julay that caused the entire problem then ____ " Show your tripfag tag already you irresponsible, retarded, incompetent fucking imbecile. You must be removed.
>>8431 >>8432 >>8433 Are you okay?
>>8404 We will certainly be looking into these kinds of things if it comes to it, but the problem is that none of us on /britfeel/ have any expertise or knowledge whatsoever when it comes to web stuff; we're mainly a bunch of useless NEETs and retail lads. One of the things that really puts me off running my own imageboard, aside from the huge target it paints on your back, is that as far as my understanding goes, you need to do all that sysadmin-y stuff like patching bugs and flaws whenever some crafty autist finds an exploit. I simply don't have the brain cells or the prerequisite knowledge for that, crudely editing basic HTML and CSS in a text editor is about as far as my web skills extend. So even if there was a perfect noob-friendly guide on how to set up an imageboard, maintaining one is likely a very different story. Could be wrong though, like I said I don't have a clue. >>8406 Sounds like a good idea on the surface, but you only have to look at places like /int/, or hell, the real world, to see that putting different countries in close proximity of each other doesn't always work out well. >>8423 /britfeel/, /retro/, /v/, /ara/ and all the other fap boards, and /mu/ (RIP) Beyond that there's no boards I really dislike or think shouldn't exist, besides perhaps the ones that never had more than a couple of shitposts on them, or haven't had any real activity in several months.
Open file (271.43 KB 567x818 abdl pram.png)
Remove (((/abdl/)))
Open file (432.31 KB 1135x922 liberty quote.png)
>>8438 Seething
>>8323 >I'd also like to suggest that /retro/ be kept on, I love that board Seconding this
>>8437 >when it comes to web stuff; we're mainly a bunch of useless NEETs and retail lads. This is nearly every retard running a forum/imageboard. If Josh can do it anyone can do it. It isn't that hard. >you need to do all that sysadmin-y stuff like patching bugs and flaws whenever some crafty autist finds an exploit. It's literally copying/overwriting files. That's it. You aren't writing the software yourself you're just running it and updating whenever something like that happens. This is why this "reboot" or whatever you want to call it needs to happen. Anons need to learn how to run their own imageboards instead of constantly moving someplace only for it to go down. We told all you faggots for months that putting all your eggs in one basket was a bad idea and you should learn how to run a website. Robi finally decides to do this and what's the response? >HEY GUYS JULAY IS DYING LETS ALL MOVE TO FATCHAN AND ANON.CAFE!!!!!! You can lead and anon to all the tools in the world but you can't force him to produce OC. This has been a problem for a long time and it just keeps getting worse everyday. Anons have become spoiled children. Like spoiled children they need to be kicked out on the street to learn the hard way. In the end they'll be better anons once they've slept out in the cold and starved for a bit. It sounds mean but it's the truth and today's events validate a lot of things. Robi made a thread 6 hours ago and already the usual suspects showed up. Josh/Mark-chan shills everywhere (and retards actually go, imagine that). Same D&C shitposting as we've seen on julay/v/ for months instantly starts back up. PPH stats higher than they've been in a long time. Faggots that begged for loli to be removed months ago show back up and of course the actual pedos had to come by to let everyone know they should be accepted.
>>8441 >all of you are spoiled children, you should be GRATEFUL we allowed you to stay here holy shit, if this is what administration here is like, everything is starting to make sense
>>8442 Yep, it's my fault you're too lazy to take control of your own destiny.
So, are we dying or not?
>>8442 Wow, what a horrible interpretation. 1) That's not a staff member, though I believe I know who it is and I'm glad that he took the time to write it out. 2) He's saying that instead of expecting everything from your Imageboard Daddy, you should try to do something yourself instead. And frankly, yes, you shouldn't expect anything from me. I run this imageboard, and if I do something you don't like, you're both allowed to criticize me (which I can take seriously) and also go and make your own better imageboard, but you can't force me to change anything.
Edited last time by robi on 04/28/2020 (Tue) 18:46:18.
>>8334 >delicious has over 5000 posts I guess we're safe then... right?
Fuck off you turbonigger, stop acting all smug when you killed /n/ and cattered to all the pedos because muh childs drawing is FREE SPEACH.
>>8446 Sorry, I'm not planning to have porn boards in the reboot. That's one of the main things that put me off Julay for months: endless porn dumps for a variety of fetishes that I don't care about, hosting them simply because we allowed them in early on and it'd be a dick move to let them go.
>>8446 I think porn boards are kind of fucked here. Also /hgg/ just left for fat bald bastard house.
I have a protest. You making a tutorial for clueless techlets will only bring headaches. "Installing" lynx is easy af and it's pretty much copy paste a folder. If you need a manual for that you shouldn't run a site. Here's the manual if you doubt the above stated easiness: >have mongo, node and imagemagick >get LC-ver-whatever.tar.gz (not git) >extract it somewhere >copy the frontend there >check the settings file >do npm install >optionally set up a web server ./boot.js
>>8448 who gave /pol/ and /c/ to /abdl/ rabbi.
>>8447 I am curious why /n/ is down, what's the drama with that(haven't been here in months)
>>8448 Good luck with all of your endeavors.
>>8423 /retro/ /v/ /film/ That's it, and /v/ isn't even special, it can migrate to any other imageboard. That leaves the other 2.
>>8451 If I said I did, what would you do? Pretty much no-one is using those boards. I'm sure you can have serious discussions and /abdl/ won't interfere. And yes, you are the only autist butthurt about shit like that, if you wanted a reply to your IRC messages.
>>8452 delete my double post
Open file (55.65 KB 128x252 potato maid.png)
Isn't this move like verbatim the whole 8chan to 8kun thing? Also don't worry about the webring, the sokuniggers will continue to provide 25% of the entire ppH by just asking for hosts like the parasites we are.
>>8451 Probably the /pol/ BO
>>8448 >>8449 Ah, that stings. Oh well. I guess me and the BO would have to plan a migration/whole board backup within the next 88 days.
>>8456 >If i sid i did, what would you do nothing since >>8448 prefectely satisfy my autism.
>>8448 Maybe you should notify the BO of porn boards about this, so they can take the necessary measures with enough time.
>>8451 I did. >>8459 That's me. I needed someone to run it while I was innawoods hiding from Wuflu. I'm only here today for resupply. I gave it to the Diaperfags because I thought it would be funny. I see I made the right decision.
Open file (4.01 KB 821x143 8chan_moe.png)
>>8407 can't post.
Open file (811.57 KB 2000x2829 abdl tarrant.png)
>>8463 >I see I made the right decision. Based /pol/ BO
>>8463 Congrat you are worse than euphoria.
>>8441 >We told all you faggots for months that putting all your eggs in one basket was a bad idea To be fair, Julay staff also told us faggots that we could have a board here, and /britfeel/ specifically was one of the very first few to apply: >>46 . If all the eggs going in one basket was the problem, the blame really falls on whoever it was that was accepting all the board requests once they started piling up, not on those who took the offer being made to them. Closing the borders earlier might have forced anons to improvise and learn months ago when the webring was only being attacked by a lone dolphin-loving autist, but right now is a really bad time for imageboards as a whole. >You can lead and anon to all the tools in the world but you can't force him to produce OC OC isn't really our problem, we have various graphics/image editors and music makers, even a game developer who occasionally shows up, we just don't have anyone that knows about web stuff. You can't expect people to be skilled in every field, even if it's one that seems easy and obvious to you, and some boards just don't have the benefit of having a /tech/guy on board to help them out.
Open file (1.09 MB 1280x720 welcome to abdl.png)
>>8466 Seethe harder. Do you need a diaper change?
>>8408 We have a winner. There's extremely powerful forces trying to clamp down on any free speech outlets and especially anything that could possibly be used to post evidence of their crimes. There is a reason every technology and service is required to have an anti-CP killswitch baked in - and it isn't to protect children.
>>8466 You just need to spend more time lurking the diaperfag board. At first I was disgusted. Now I'm comfy innawoods with all the cloth diapers I'll ever need. Toilet paper is a jewish invention. They convinced you potty training was good for you around the same time they cut off your foreskin.
>>8462 Oh yeah, I definitely will, if the global announcement isn't enough of a notification.
Open file (151.54 KB 941x777 thick asian diaper.jpg)
>>8470 >Toilet paper is a jewish invention. They convinced you potty training was good for you around the same time they cut off your foreskin. That's right, (((they))) want you to work all day and ignore your natural biological and psychological rhythms, making you hold it in as you slave away for the Jews all day. Not many reach this level of redpilling, I am impressed.
>>8471 So you're deleting all the porn boards, but going to let /abdl/ hang around? Why?
>>8473 /abdl/ is not a porn board, it is lifestyle board.
>>8473 it's a porn fetish, it better go, or i'm the retard here, they are pretending to be retarded in hope to harvest some sperg tears not realizing that consequences will never be the same.
>>8475 Are you going to write a manifesto and bomb the Pampers factory?
>>8474 What's next? Brownpill board?
>>8476 >Are you going to write a manifesto and bomb the Pampers factory? Only if they are huggies extremists.
>>8473 you're talking to somebody who hangs out with literal underage discord trannies on the /cow/ ibs streams, the obvious answer is that he likely posts on /abdl/ himself. honestly, not like it matters. there will likely be better alternatives by the time 90 days are up. there is nothing special about this place. many people only came here because it was there, many more will not bother checking in again after it gets shut down, especially if their boards were killed off
>>8470 >>8472 Diapers and paper toilet are degenerate. I don't even understand why you would use diapers innawoods, when you know the good leaves it's actually better than hygienic paper. Or you can use a wooden stick like people did before paper toilet was invented.
Open file (23.17 KB 333x500 cute4.jpg)
>>8475 Why do diapers make you so angry? It's a kind of comfy underwear, anon. Did your mommy neglect you and give you a rash? Aww poor baby
>>8479 I don't really care, I think it might actually act as a buffer similar to how /baphomet/ and /hebe/ were, but my concern is that being too lax about this sort of thing and all the other boards will be consumed by it.
the SFW OVERBOARD is floodded with diapers, shit and piss, and robi you wonder why i'm butthurt about hose shitty board no one was using? make me a lolcow go on, i don't care, when will we take care of the fucking literal jewish kabal run /abdl/
Any BO who's board isn't getting moved over can reopen on tvch. Email me at gahoole2@airmail.cc If the BO is mia but the users want to move it same deal
Open file (525.75 KB 719x1024 diaper loli nazi.png)
>>8483 Silence, baby, or we will silence you with a pacifier.
>>8483 Are diapers, shit, and piss not safe for work? >implying you work >implying you even cared about /pol/ Didn't see you posting any threads when I was running it.
>>8483 Natural bodily functions are nothing to be ashamed of, kike
>>8484 How can we trust you to respect the boards when you don't even respect the timeslot? Seriously though I'm happy to see you're willing to take in anons but wouldn't allow Mark in.
>>8486 /fascist/ /liberty/ and even /monarchy/ is where the big boys go talk, not on retard board run by shit fetishist.
Open file (380.38 KB 763x1047 diaper integralist.png)
Open file (97.72 KB 1100x782 aurelia caption.png)
Open file (2.93 MB 2392x4100 grace diaper.png)
>>8489 >/fascist/ /liberty/ and even /monarchy/ is where the big boys go talk <implying
>>8489 It's funny to see a sperg that couldn't even run /n/ complain about /abdl/ doing a better job than he did. Your spergout will never be forgotten and I know for a fact you don't post on those boards because you're very easy to spot.
>>8491 lol, is that guthrum? or the retard that came after him?
>>8492 It's Гунтhrum.
>>8491 thanks you for your input JEWS, go make a thread on me.
Open file (2.63 MB 2792x2700 OyVey.png)
>>8494 I'm actually Euphoria. I reported all the sites in the webring because I'm still mad about being called a clout seeking faggot. I couldn't just quit and go on my way I had to get back at all the anons that called me names. As an expert in loli and pedophilia it was easy to collect the links I needed to deplatform and scare all the boards in the webring.
>>8492 the very same one that had a massive tard fit, and literally handed the entire board over to a random that was willing to "clean out the spam", and then simply took over and did what he wanted? the same one who couldn't handle one spammer, and shut down the entire board so he could take a nap and cry? the same one that was likening anime to child porn and claiming that it was a secret mossad operation?
use fatchan's software
>>8495 I would change this qt Jewess' diaper ngl
Open file (345.75 KB 935x718 Joint Shekel Finder.jpg)
>>8494 >Calls others kikes >Has the F-35 in his ID Not a good start.
>>8498 JSchan?
>>8318 If you are planning to remake Julay with potentially different technology/software, then consider asking mlpol for what they've been developing lately. They recently deployed it to their boards, and while the default settings/CSS are not to my tastes, I think the underlying actions offer a lot of customizability and control while addressing some of the shit UI problems that image boards have traditionally had.
>>8503 >check mlpol >it's literally just vichan with hacks Explain how this is an improvement and why anyone would use software written by ponyfags
>>8496 you're not euphoria.
>>8505 Holy shit you're dumb
>>8350 I second this idea. t. /monarchy/ and /liberty BO
>>8501 yeah the shits good
Open file (2.49 MB 640x360 im spartacus.mp4)
>>8505 You're right cause I'm actually Euphoria.
>>8508 Serious question: if you were provided an imageboard for your boards, would you migrate there?
>>8509 The captcha implementation sucks tho. It lacks a timer to tell you how many seconds are left before it expires, and you have to refresh it manually and clear the text in the box.
>>8512 My concern would be stability and moderation. Julay's a known quantity and I'm fairly confident the server isn't going to shit the bed outside of /abdl/.
>>8514 Definitely has its problems but all in all I find it a good suggestion so I made it
Open file (29.75 KB 240x160 SO MUCH STUPID.gif)
>>8318 I don't understand your rational for this and I hope you come to your senses, though your autism may prevent this.
>>8375 >Hows that drumpf working out for ya? Wonderfully. Better than expected, even. Can't wait till November tbh. >
>>8515 I would rather julay just keep no more than five boards, like /cow/, /k/, /v/ and whatever, which would make the webring board listing saner. I own a vps and can provide an imageboard for whoever want to manage it. I don't have the will nor the time to babysit communities, I just want to sys-admin because Robi is right about the need for anon to actually do something and spreading out.
Open file (38.32 KB 574x574 ligma.jpg)
>>8397 >When one shitpost can collapse a billion dollar industry This is a world I want to live in tbh. Sign me up Anon.
If /monarchy/ /liberty/ and /fascist/ can't stay what about giving them /new/ and letting them fight over it?
>>8522 If you're covering the sys-admin side of things then I'd be far more amenable to moving /monarchy/ and /liberty/ to their own imageboard.
I am willing to run a couple of nodes as well provided any BO won't allow CP and won't use it for a porn dump.
>>8411 >24/7/365 So that's what, like, 7 years-worth? We can wait & endure that long I bet. :^) >>8448 >That's one of the main things that put me off Julay for months: Me too tbh. Ecchi jokes like in /cow/ are one thing, but non-stop porn is very off-putting for me. A) There are metric shittons of it literally everywhere on the Intertubes. B) IBs have something to offer that's increasingly rare: namely Free Speech. Shitting the place up as just another porn dump was never a good idea, and it never leads to a good outcome.
Open file (213.56 KB 509x484 dup.png)
>don't know where to run >every board is shutting down, getting increasingly harder to find, or just dead with no new content is there going to be another board set up for vidya-related topics? that's about the minimum I want out of this place, and one that's not run by the cakekike preferably.
>>8525 Alright, I'm on it. I will contact you on one of your board tomorrow.
>>8471 >>8462 >>8448 Wait, by Porn boards, which are you talking about out of the following? >/hyper/ >/ara/ >/abdl/ >/hgg/ >/delicious/ Just to be clear, I'm only asking so that anons who have the boards can move right now instead of waiting for their demise.
>>8528 I'd be up for it but I'm a fetishist, is it still okay?
https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution Is this the right repository for the new software? Because it haven't been touched in the past 5 months.
>>8530 /v/ is most likely going to stay. I enjoy it more than any other /v/ board, webring or non-webring.
>>8532 Yes, even though /hgg/ isn't a porn dump, it's not really a board that I'm interested in unfortunately. >>8535 I'm working on a (currently non-public) rewrite that hasn't been published yet. I'm going to open a public alpha once I restore the basics.
>>8504 b/c they have some of the most sophisticated technologists in the history of IBs is why. the ponywars proved that. jewt disappeared, we remained.
>>8423 /v/, /fascist/,/ck/,/a/
>>8537 >I'm working on a (currently non-public) rewrite that hasn't been published yet. I'm going to open a public alpha once I restore the basics. Why?
>>8423 /cow/ aswell
>>8448 Withouth loli there is no imageboard. Loli is imageboard culture.
Open file (270.11 KB 704x540 (((Hiro))).png)
Open file (82.66 KB 691x680 (((Jim))).jpg)
Open file (196.56 KB 1226x720 (((Mark))).jpg)
>>8536 good to hear, would creation of new boards still be possible under nu-julay? or just a set amount of boards you're interested in?
>>8542 I don't think he means no X, just no X dumps. I mean, am I correct here? It's just to avoid the double overboard autism?
>>8524 I like that idea. Imagine creating boards for extremely vague topics (animation, games, porn, politics) and letting the current groups fight to death for their control. >>8543 Definitively a set amount of boards, otherwise he wouldn't be telling everyone that almost everything will be gone.
>>8423 /cow/ /k/ /v/ /monarchy/ /sw/
>>8544 Its obvious what hes implying. Loli will probably not be allowed.
>>8423 /liberty/ /monarchy/ /k/ /sw/ /strek/ RIP
>>8544 And no,he means NO porn boards.
>>8423 The boards I love the most: /fascist/ /robowaifu/ /cow/ /sw/ /ita/ And other boards to keep: /liberty/ /monarchy/ /abdl/ /tech/ /loli/ /ara/
>>8548 you know /strek/ moved to 8kunt right?
>>8545 >>8524 /monarchy/ wouldn't survive in a generalized politics board. It's more of an obsession than just a political ideology, increasingly irrelevant for contemporary topics. It would be a death sentence to /monarchy/
Open file (11.08 KB 838x271 alice_violent.png)
>>8542 The fact that loli is now analogous with lewding the lolis saddens me.
>>8551 All too well.
>>8554 bloody shame though
Open file (28.12 KB 609x210 no more competition.png)
>>8542 I mean if you just time traveled forward from the year 2008 you might have had a point, but the imageboard culture of then and now aren't really identical anymore. Not only because the demographic makeup of board users has changed, but also because the culture itself has. Back then the internet was much less regulated. Someone posting cp was lauded as madlad. The IB experience was more like a childish rollercoaster ride. People did a lot of things for the lulz instead of doing them to defend or attack someone. Yes, raids were a thing, but they were done to cause to laugh at the havok that ensued, not to fight back against X,Y and Z. Those days are long gone, image boards being 95% anime centric is a thing of the past. Loli being ostracized and excluded everywhere is a sign of that. You can't stop that progress. Boards are no longer otaku. They're counter culture, and counter culture doesn't care about little sexualized 2d girls.
>>8339 >>8359 Learn IRC.
>>8557 IRC is shit
>>8523 Put a good enough shitpost in front of a large enough audience and you can change the world. Politics are downstream of culture.
>>8552 >Implying Grace wouldn't come top Most faggots here probably were still in diapers when /new/ was a thing so /monarchy/ might end up on top.
>>8556 >2008 Imageboards as a culture died for the first time in '07 with chanology so you're already way out of your league by citing that date. The internet as a whole got fucked up when it became non-white and full of phonefags, and it will only retain relevance in whichever spheres of technology remain white. You're not "counter-culture" you're just a mainstream faggot jew and it shows.
>>8561 it didn't die with chanology, and it didn't die more then once.
>>8358 >>8374 >>8380 I'm not so sure they would do so well on a purely politics focuesed imageboard. Part of what makes them great right now is that they're relatively laid back.
Hey, just an idea that came up to me. How about a /junk/ board, dedicated to all those smaller boards that have very few users, but still see occasional posts every once in a while (or even just for the porn)? It could have NO thread creation and a cyclical thread for each individual micro board. For example, /britfeel/, /mu/, /ara/ and /hyper/ all see very little posts, as boards, but as individual threads they could still work. Again, if porn isn't allowed, maybe you could at least give it to the smallest of the boards and just cull the threads entirely if nobody bothers posting there.
>>8564 So if /b/ had a use?
>>8564 just because they have small numbers now doesn't mean they're not capable of them, so while I like that idea, I think putting boards into it will be hard autistic work the moment whoever fucks up and puts in the wrong board
>>8556 >image boards being 95% anime centric is a thing of the past If you ban loli you will not have a living imageboard. Its simple. People dont like censorship and rulecucking. It doesnt matter if they dont like loli themselves. Loli is imageboard culture. Once you start banning that people will leave. Look at 8kun for example. The remaining people on it left immediatly when they decided to ban loli. Its like a wasteland now.
>>8565 kek
>>8567 I think you're vastly overestimating how much value the aver user of an image board puts into being able to see loli. For better or worse, we will see if your statement holds true. Chans will gradually purge loli, not over the course of weeks or months, but a few years. If by then you have an active, lively board on the darknet, and all the other boards out in the clear(minus cuckchan cause it got legacy rep) died, I'll concede.
>>8566 Well, what's the solution them? Just up and tell them to fuck off? >>8569 What if the content is filtered first by encrypting it though? Another thing, I've heard the problem came about from people hotlinking images, how about disabling that?
>>8570 the way that I would do it, I'd have a hunger games type deal where people would vote in low post boards, whoever died gets thrown into your freezer board until next time around where they have a chance at getting their board back tbh. but it'd be alot of work so unlikely. I do think "freezing" boards aka taking them out of public, might be a feature to consider though.
>>8571 Why not have a board that had a hunger game to decide the board theme for the month?
>>8572 might work better that.
>>8318 /fascist/ should remain, not many boards can match it quality-wise.
>>8564 >For example, /britfeel/ I appreciate that you're thinking of us mate, and in a worst-case scenario we may end up having to do something like that, but we have enough of an established board culture built up over the years that we'd really prefer to have our own board if at all possible. It's the little things, like having our own banners and wordfilters, and having the ability to moderate our board the way we like it moderated, rather than it being left up to the whims of some unelected bureaucrat random BO/vol who isn't one of us.
>>8575 make your own website at this point.
>>8576 I'm guessing if most of the boards haven't yet, chances are they can't, or even worse, the people who can may not have the board dwellers in their best interests. Man, I truly miss the wild west style of old internet.
Open file (792.40 KB 664x1000 1587341307563.png)
>>8448 Never expected you to be this retarded.
>>8350 Hey, rude! t. ita
>>8576 What >>8579 said, if something like that was at all possibile, then it likely would have happened already. We're all either too retarded, too poor, too busy, too not-wanting-the-responsibility, or simply too damn lazy, and it's not unsual for many anons of smaller boards to disappear for months at a time. Just look at the webring as it stands; each site usually has (or had) at least one of the major 8chan boards holed up on it. With a large userbase, the chances of one of the anons on those boards being "that techy guy who knows how to set up websites and shit" is much greater than if your board's only got 5-10 regulars who stack shelves for a living. That's why I think the webring will always be the way it currently is for as long as it's able to exist: a handful of sites each housing one or two major boards plus lots of small boards. You won't ever see "1 site = 1 board" or anything even close to that, because the smaller boards simply don't have that option available to them. I guarantee that without the collaboration of larger boards, all the smaller 8chan-derived boards and their respective communities will die. Obviously I'm going to be biased, but I think that would be a damn shame.
>>8448 Based and decentpilled
>>8582 all the decent communities died out along time ago
>>8448 Sooooo.........8kun then?
>>8582 Pretty much. I myself could probably make the time to LEARN TO CODE but if I get caught being the host of adult content in my country I'm fucked. The only thing I could do is develop software for other people to use(and even that carries a risk here - liability), but until I'm that proficient I'd have to spend years learning.
>>8586 you don't really need to know how to code, just basic html tbh.
>>8587 I'm talking about creating new projects with new tech, I already said I couldn't host any content.
>>8588 not calling you out but also calling out but, let me tell you, alittle something. why're you thinking to assume something new when so long as you've got it working with the webring it's all you'll ever need
>>8584 I disagree, although I'll concede that they're only hanging on by a very thin thread at this point.
>>8590 I'll unagree your disagree
R O B I The other webring IBs are getting inundated with board requests. I think it's in everyone's best interest that you gave us a board list of: >Boards you want to keep as is >Boards that must change >Boards that have to go Because as it is you're just making it impossible for other IB Owners to give a proper yes or no to new bunkers. I mean, why do we need three equally similar boards on three different websites if you were okay with them in the first place?
Well People I’ll see you there later
>>8589 Did you now listen? If I just wanted to host a board I'd take a random build and work from there, but I don't want to get v&. But also, I wouldn't want to support federalized webhosting if I had the opportunity to support decentralized hosting. Right now I don't have time for either. Once I'm fluent enough in Japanese to stop having to study every day I'll take on coding, but that's still a while off.
>>8594 maybe if you were as much of a weeb you wouldn't have to find a new home, checkers make.
Hey OP? Do we have a way of contacting you just in case?
>>8595 I don't learn moon because I'm a weeb. I learn it because I wanted to see if I can. The amount of anime titles I watched since 2000 I can count on two hands. Also >implying I don't already lurk on tor I'm mostly just here to watch what I've been warning actual weebs would happen for years.
>>8596 (223) 475 9081
closed weebs.... the nerves.
>>8598 Do NOT call they asked me to show them my cutest dolphin porn picture
>>8592 >The other webring IBs are getting inundated with board requests It's also magnified by the fact that everyone wants their board to be on more than one imageboard, so that if anything like this happens again they'll be more prepared for it. The webring has been chugging along fairly smoothly up until now (recent attacks aside), but I think the "growing pains" of a major host shutting down will test whether the project is really able to survive long-term or not.
>>8318 I respect your decision and can completely understand, but many boards are going to die. PLW has made it clear they don't have the resources for any new boards, anon.cafe and fatchan have resource issues and will only be taking a small handful, smug is picking and choosing what they want but no real commitments, and who the fuck knows what floridians and the frogs are thinking of. Looks like there could be some good quality boards that may not be able to find a host.
Open file (719.99 KB 1132x1000 rxVYX1588121545.jpg)
>>8603 come up with a better idea that doesn't amount to cutting alot of shit off
>>8598 >>8600 That's a fake number. This Robi's real number. 1 (800) 591-3274
Open file (107.50 KB 600x600 dvach.jpg)
this is unnecasry and retarded, you don't need to make a goddamn annoucement 3 months before shutting down your site, nigga just pull the plug and let these fucks fend for themselves.
I've heard nobody wants /abdl/
Open file (42.49 KB 404x404 top_dis.jpg)
>>8607 >nobody wants a board about disgusting degenerates getting boners from used diapers. As it should be.
>>8607 I-I want you, /abdl/fren.
Open file (415.23 KB 849x1200 really wet.jpg)
>>8607 We got too cocky, diaperbros
>>8448 Could you ban cartoons as well, after all, this is an ANIME website.
Just ban /delicious/ for god sake, western cartoon is fucking disgusting to look at, let alone fan made cakes. Chinese knock off of /loli/.
Just ban /loli/ for god sake, chink cartoons are fucking disgusting to look at, let alone fan made mochi. Mexican knock off of /delicious/.
I will regret this I'm eyeing a domain name and buying a VPS tomorrow. In a few days I'll have something set-up and start accepting applications for boards that want to move. No idea how many I'll host but I'll take in at least 10. I think 10 is a good limit for each site in the webring. I'll drop links whenever it's ready.
DOLPHINCHAN UP: https://dolphinch.xyz/b/
>>8626 Based and scrapepilled.
>>8628 I'm not logging IPs this time, okay.
Open file (1.99 MB 5024x2824 Dead dolphin.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>8629 I find it very odd that you said you were leaving just days ago but here you are shilling as soon as this news was posted.
>>8629 I can feel my ip's paint wearing ever thinner by the second. You're out there scratching at it right now, aren't you?
>>8632 No, it's very safe.
Open file (210.53 KB 1421x800 Dead dolphin 2.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>8633 >very safe X
>>8634 t. robi
Open file (4.05 KB 800x400 1588131042211.png)
notice me senpai add this to your hosts if you don't know what this means see: https://gist.github.com/zenorocha/18b10a14b2deb214dc4ce43a2d2e2992#2-modify-your-hosts-file I won't be dealing with registsrars >why didn't you just type it cos i don't want it "archived" by search engines
Open file (207.21 KB 964x848 orca_eat_dolphin.jpg)
>>8635 t. pedo
>>8635 Why are you impersonating me again?
>>8606 Not every place is 4cuck, m00t. Unlike you, Robi has some principles.
>>8558 IRC is fine, as far as it goes, particularly in the past. It's exposing of your actual IP to everyone on a channel is what makes it useless today.
people don't see the bigger picture. banning loli is giving them an inch. look at what happened with 8chan in 2015, hotwheels gave them an inch, he gave away /hebe/ and /younglove/, jim took over, wiped them out, and everything was fine and no one but the users of those boards complained. fast forward to 2020, now every board is banning cartoons, 8kun is banning loli, julay is banning loli, what will they take in 2024? will it be furry? will it be all hentai? its like every amerimutt election cycle, they move a few inches forward and take away more freedoms. and don't give me this "oh i lost interest" bullshit robi, i understand and accept your decision, you got a life to live, but be honest about it. First you were going to shut it down, then within a day you flipflopped into "im going to remake it without porn". so you never really lost interest, you still want a place to discuss things you like freely and without censorship, you just want to remove the porn (specifically, loli content) for fear of getting VAN'd. and i theorize that the reason you'll remove all porn straight away is because you know that what i said in the first paragraph is true, in 4 years, when they need to virtue signal for the next mutt election, they will come for other forms of porn too and you'll be in the same predicament.
Open file (42.71 KB 688x456 happy_merchant_mask.jpg)
>>8641 >banning /hebe/ and /younglove/ was a bad thing okay ni/gg/er, fuck off pedo.
>>8642 >pedo pedo pedo is this all you can say faggot? do you even have a point to make other than autistically screeching the same word over and over?
>>8641 The pedoboards were a true plague on that website. They constantly posted images bordering on cp, often crossing the line into cp. They would directly link to cp repositories on the onion network. Don't act like it was a bad thing that they got killed. >but muh normalfag deterrant Goreposting isn't actively breaking the law. >but muh free speech Jacking it to children isn't free speech. >but muh freedoms You shouldn't be free to fuel the cycle by which children are harmed. Consider having a small piece of metal migrate swiftly through your cranium.
>>8641 epic bait. Actual pedo boards getting banned is not even remotely similar to loli getting banned.
>>8645 It is when they functioned as the canary. At the end of the day they did gauge the glow levels. Only rampant normalfags bat an eye at loli or hebe, but i understand the current implications of hosting said content.
>>8644 yeah i bet you care so much about the children(tm) being hurt. you don't really give a shit, its just virtue signaling. >>8645 yes it is. and then you normalize it, and feel like its normal. in 4 years they'll start tackling down hentai or furry and you'll be like "epic bait. actual loli boards getting banned in 2020 is not even remotely similar to hentai getting banned". and it will progressively get worse until you have a microchip up your ass. but the future generations won't know the difference so its ok right? you fucking cuck.
>>8647 >antipedo posters are just virtue signalling, therefore pedoboards are okay and all the shit they do is okay I have one anus here for the suckling, you can start any time.
>>8642 >>8644 >>8645 Neither /hebe/ or /younglove/ is pedo, retards. Pedophilia is attraction to children. Hebeophilia is attraction to teens/young adults.
Open file (138.21 KB 598x768 0612220126.jpg)
>>8642 >>8643 >>8645 ok, /hebe/ and /younglove/ were the canaries for free speech. /hebe/ and /younglove/ were not technically porn. nor were either of them technically illegal. /loli/ is seen by many idiots as being CP in spite of them not being children. /hebe/ and /younglove/ are seen as you guys as CP in spite of not being porn. do you really fail to see the connection here?
Open file (4.36 MB 574x480 masterchan raids.webm)
>>8650 I distinctly remember Hotwheels making at least one or perhaps all of those boards text-only very early on, so I don't really know what people here are talking about. The reason why they were considered canaries is because it was literally just text discussion AKA speech. It was the pedo generals on /b/, as well as the cp botspam that affected all boards, that were the real problem, and I believe those faggots came from masterchan initially.
Open file (130.77 KB 635x644 Iwakura38.jpg)
>>8537 >/hgg/ isn't a porn dump, it's not really a board that I'm interested in /hgg/ is quality. don't remove it. or else. i'll cry
Open file (5.65 KB 242x208 images.jpg)
>>8318 You do realize that smaller communities have absolutely no capacity and time to host their own sites, right? When you have 10 people posting in their spare time, you de facto rely on larger sites to host a board. What you're effectively doing is telling them to fuck off back to 8goon or beg the rest of the webring to shelter them, making your idea of "heh just decentralize yourself mkay" defunct by default. I'm all for cleaning all the dead empty shell boards made on a whim and not allowing all the porn dumping boards, but telling all the people who finally settled down and having hasteless comfy discussions that only PPH shitposting boards can stay is just nigger tier. Whether you like it or not, if you started hosting a site you now have responsibility for people that flocked to you in their time of trouble.
Open file (515.53 KB 640x634 1588126655494.png)
Lolicons are invincible. /loli/ reigns supreme as fagtoons boards get the boot.
JULAY TOP BOARDS By independent studies /v/ /k/ /facist/ /hgg/ /pol/ (before being diaper cucked) please keep these. is anyone else here also interested in having a proper /miku/ or /vocaloid/ board?
>>8655 >/hgg/ no porn boards.
>>8256 oh I see , the domain is about to expire and you won't renew it because you want to start fresh
>>8653 8moe allows custom board creation, so it will likely fill this niche.
>>8658 Fuck off Mark
If people want a loliboard they should host it themselves.
>less than a full year into it's life Rob pulls a Moot right after Jim did so a while back which was the very reason people chose to come to his site. 2020 truly was the death of imageboards wasn't it? 8chan went down, 4chan officially just became reddit 2, 8chan became 4chan 2 before it even went down, now Julay is just becoming 8chan 2 but even worse in less than a month it pulled an 8kun shtick itself. At least 30 imageboards were willingly or unwillingly pulled down in that time frame, some of them the only truly decent alternatives to original 8chan. Yeah no, this was a meme, but I am certain now that by 2025 the FBI will just conduct a mass genocide against anyone who's ip was ever logged into an imageboard, it doesn't matter if they were even just lurking, they're fucking dead, Things have been going horribly, so bad that it's legitimately a sign of things to come and can only get worse from here, this is something every single /pol/tard or admin bootlicker across all sites don't understand, the gradual dilution and erasure of imageboards will eventually kill you too. First they came for cp. I did not speak out because I'm not a pedo and understand that cp puts too much stress on the site. Then they came for loli. I did not speak out because I'm not a lolinigger. Then they came for porn. I did not speak out because I am not a coomer who gets his porn off imageboards. Then they came for the Nazi's. I did not speak out because I am not a /pol/tard. Then they came for the communists. I did not speak out because I am not a /leftypol/ tranny. Then they came for the casuals. I did not speak out because I am not a casual discussion user. Then they came for the hobbyists. I did not speak out because I don't care about hobbies. Then they came for me. And there was no one left To speak out for me When Rob, Jim, Ron, Moot, Hiro, Space, Milkdud, Josh, Nano, all these niggers are held up in US court and shot by a firing squad on live television because the internet became outlawed in 2024 and they were accused of supporting the worst of it and being the biggest menaces to society maybe they'll think about what they did to themselves as much as they did to us. And maybe, just maybe when the bootlickers realize their authoritarian wet dream came true, but they had the misfortune of being on the wrong end of the rifle instead of being the one's holding it, they'll realize just how important it was to have defended their brothers, no matter how autistic or retarded or as much of a burden as they might have been to the whole family. It's funny, I always thought imageboards would end with people finally realizing that the time for a final battle against the modernity and mainstream they all fought against had arrived. Yet, all I can see now is it dying with the majority of users applauding the enemy attacking them. You all surrendered before it even began. In a way the ultimate and final shitpost.
the internet is shit nowadays and it's all apple's fault i still remember seeing see pee as an add on one of the major porn sites a decade ago
Open file (1.99 MB 5024x2824 Dead dolphin.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>8636 OK fixed. You don't have to do that. Bookmark this instead: https://bvll.neocities.org/test/
>>8653 They absolutely can host their own sites. It costs maybe $2/month for a server good enough for a small set of boards, and if it needs more then the $3.50/month tier will more than cover it. It's just a matter of bothering to do it, something even YOU can do.
>>8653 10 boards of 10 people has potentially 100 different people. The chances that one of them is capable of renting a VPS for $10/month and following a step by step tutorial to install lynxchan on it is not low.
>>8656 hentai GAMES are GAMES not PORN. A game isn't porn just because it contains porn.
>>8666 >$10/month Pah, nowhere near that much is necessary. For 10 boards of 10 people you should be paying $5/month max, and you can probably get away with half of that.
Open file (1.37 MB 620x620 12345.gif)
>>8653 There's also the issue of splintering communities. By the very nature of a community you have an aspect of centralization. You can't have one if everyone's off creating their own little shoutbox for the sake of decentralized community discussion. It just sort of defeats the purpose of creating a community in the first place. The webring can hold people together pretty well on its lonesome, but if everyone's off making their own flavor of /tv/, /v/, or even /pol/-- there won't be any discussion, let alone a community.
>>8667 no porn boards
>>8669 can I have a /v/ there?
>>8606 >Shit commie waifu >Just be a backstabbing prick bro
Open file (120.69 KB 1072x712 .jpg)
>>8673 It just werks.
Open file (1.08 MB 1887x906 brave_iNYC4BXDYW.png)
Open file (850.16 KB 1847x712 brave_0AOlhEi7JY.png)
>>8661 here's some of the top threads currently on /delicious/. This isn't loli straight out of some animu. It's sick freaks who jerk off to fucked up shit like "loli anal" and other perverted fantasies. Even having these screenshots can get me v& as all of this considered CP. I wish robi had thought of other users before adding that revolting board. Just being on the same site as a bunch of freaks who are literally distributing and profiting from CP is inexcusable. THE PICS ATTACHED ARE A HILL THESE LOLIFAGS WAN'T DO DIE ON. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR LIES. THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE DEFENDING, THEIR RIGHT TO JERK OFF TO IMAGES OF YOUNG CHILDREN GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS
>>8676 Sir, did you just post cp by posting those screenshots?
>>8676 >children They're drawings, not real people.
>>8676 What about the other boards? Specifically the one looking exactly for older women?
>>8626 >>8629 >>8633 >>8635 >this time How many times have you leaked anons IP's because they were mean to you? 3 or 4? It hasn't even been a week since your last leak
>>8681 No, only once last week. Dolphin no longer gets offended now. DO NOT WORRY
>>8671 not porn.
>>8682 Your full of shit Dollphag You leaked IPs from ocean chan before that, and didn't you also leak from your irc or something. I've completely lost track now
You picked a fell of a fucking time to throw your hands up and say "fuck it", faggot. Fatchan's dead.
>>8685 And (((Eshter))) killed it. >>>/v/31133
>>8672 fuck you mark
>>8685 Anon, the sever date is late July, it's not going to be gone by the end of the week you know.
>>8685 Implying that's in any way Robi's fault or responsibility.
Open file (5.58 MB 720x1280 pig_with_tits.webm)
>>8696 I'm not. I'm just saying he has horrible timing.
>>8697 go fuck yourself asshole.
>>8667 >A guy isn't a fag just because his ass contains a dick.
>>8698 So who is it that """reported""" fatchan?
>>8701 The name given was "Esther M. Aronowitz" https://fatchan.org/news.html#5ea4baec2f37e435b5a1dce0
>>8701 The same "esther" email apparently.
>>8701 Like >>8693 said, the same kike who's been hitting every imageboard from this place to 9chan -- Esther M. Aronowitz.
Open file (43.40 KB 664x539 1574360453348.jpg)
Why 9chan.tw can keep its boards, and Julay have to quit other boards? Well in any case, I just want freedom of expression, so to keep political boards should be the good thing, with maybe keeping multiples ones instead of a big one. Hell, I prefer to not have porn boards than to not have political ones, of any kind. and im not even a constant /pol/ poster.
>>8397 doesn't apply to me >>8664 im not using any 3rd party that can disturb normal functioning on a whim and it's not hosted in the land of the "free" the only con is slower net speed
Open file (72.09 KB 601x902 spacecoyote.jpg)
>>8705 >Why 9chan.tw can keep its boards, and Julay have to quit other boards? Robi made it clear that he doesn't have the resources to keep more bunkers afloat and I'm fairly sure he got burned by that whole Esther thing. We truly should have had a divide on these IBs. One IB for porn, one for political discourse, one for vidya and passtimes and assorted ones, instead of all this overlap which has killed more users than it has saved.
>>8397 >The biggest factor in running an imageboard now is political, not technical. When one shitpost can collapse a billion dollar industry, the stakes increase substantially. "Meme Magic" was a cancerous, faggy term, but it's no exaggeration that concentrated shitposting can move mountains. That's why the faggots that be want us gone.
>>8707 Thing is, who's gonna step up and put their necks on the line to make replacements? The average anon prefers to eat on another's dime than assume the huge responsibility of merely being a BO let alone a site owner, and Robi and Fatchan's guy have showed just how easy it is for someone to fold when going gets even slightly tough. I doubt the survivors still up on the ring like anon.cafe are going to be willing to host either given the target it'll put on their backs -- it's only autistic trainwrecks like Mark and Josh who aren't budging, and even they might get destroyed just by running out of cash to host.
>>8707 Problem is that porn obsessed people are incapable of doing anything productive because they're addicted to jacking off and taking everything for free, and /pol/ is full of nigger-IQ toolbags who claim to want to fix the world but actually just want someone else to do everything for them. I agree though, smug is one of the most successful sites and they allow loli, but there's no porn boards or political boards.
Day 1 of the shutdown announcement: >everyone is requesting boards on anon.cafe >fatchan dies
>>8318 I will miss julay, but I'm looking forward to what comes after. Will the successor have a tor node?
>>8712 I highly recommend BOs, especially those of /fascist/, /pol/ and anything else the kikes will immediately try and kill look into how to host their own IB with one dedicated board, that being their own. Look into now before rowbee does his tard proof instruction manual just in case he never delivers and to be better prepared for the future. If dolphin can do it then anyone can.
>>8715 >dolphin can do it Oh, really, I wrote a LynxChan install script. Installs the reverse proxy, sets up tor, etc. I'll publish it on DolphinChan right fucking now.
>>8717 Hmm... to publish the script or to continue to play with my Proxmox cluster. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!
Open file (454.29 KB 720x775 1515509817309.png)
>>8718 >>8717 >less than a minute until he realized he couldnt do it heh
Open file (6.58 KB 300x180 Dead dolphin 3.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
FYI you can run LynxChan on a VPS with 1/2 GB of RAM which is ~3 USD/mo, ofc 1 GB is better
>>8423 /v/ /mon/ /retro/ /cow/ /adbl
>>8720 #!/bin/bash echo "Welcome to dolphin's LynxChan install script!" script_version="1.0.9" new_version=$(curl "https://fuckoff.pedo/lynxchan/lynxchan_version_install_script" -s) script_name=`basename "$0"` frontends=$(curl "https://fuckoff.pedo/lynxchan/frontends" -s) distro_name=$(lsb_release -a | grep "Distributor ID:" > /tmp/distro_ver && sed -i "s/Distributor ID://g" /tmp/distro_ver && sed -i "s/No LSB modules are available.//g" /tmp/distro_ver && cat /tmp/distro_ver | tr -d " \t\n\r") if [ "$script_version" != "$new_version" ]; then echo "Downloading update..." wget "https://fuckoff.pedo/install_lynxchan.sh" -O $script_name bash $script_name fi echo "What is your domain name, e.g. dolphin.com?" read domain echo "Where do you want LynxChan to be stored? I recommend /opt/LynxChan." read lynxchan_dir echo "What is your chan called?" read chan_name echo "What is your chan's front-end? $frontends or lynxchan?" read front_end echo "Enable tor? Answer 'yes' or 'no'" read tor_enabled function install_tor { mkdir /var/lib/tor/imageboard/ if [ "$distro_name" == "Debian" ]; then sudo apt install -y tor chown -R debian-tor:debian-tor /var/lib/tor/imageboard/ chmod -R 700 /var/lib/tor/imageboard/ fi if [ "$distro_name" == "Ubuntu" ]; then sudo apt install -y tor chown -R debian-tor:debian-tor /var/lib/tor/imageboard/ chmod -R 700 /var/lib/tor/imageboard/ fi echo " HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/imageboard/ HiddenServicePort 80 " >> /etc/tor/torrc sudo systemctl restart tor } function install_mongodb { if [ "$distro_name" == "Debian" ]; then echo "Installing required packages for MongoDB!" sudo apt install -y gnupg wget nano wget -qO - https://www.mongodb.org/static/pgp/server-4.2.asc | sudo apt-key add - echo "deb http://repo.mongodb.org/apt/debian buster/mongodb-org/4.2 main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-4.2.list sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade -y sudo apt install mongodb-org -y fi if [ "$distro_name" == "Ubuntu" ]; then echo "Installing required packages for MongoDB, then I will install MongoDB for you!" sudo apt install -y gnupg wget nano wget -qO - https://www.mongodb.org/static/pgp/server-4.2.asc | sudo apt-key add - echo "deb [ arch=amd64,arm64 ] https://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu bionic/mongodb-org/4.2 multiverse" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-4.2.list sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade -y sudo apt install mongodb-org -y sudo systemctl enable mongod && sudo systemctl start mongod fi } function install_nodejs { if [ "$distro_name" == "Debian" ]; then echo "Installing NodeJS..." curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_13.x | bash - apt-get install -y nodejs apt-get install -y build-essential fi if [ "$distro_name" == "Ubuntu" ]; then echo "Installing NodeJS..." curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_12.x | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs apt-get install -y build-essential fi } function install_lynxchan { if [ "$distro_name" == "Debian" ]; then echo "Installing LynxChan..." sudo apt install git gcc g++ file exiftool sendmail ffmpeg unzip python make cmake imagemagick libmagick++-dev -y sudo git clone https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan.git $lynxchan_dir cd $lynxchan_dir sudo useradd --create-home -d $lynxchan_dir --system --shell /sbin/nologin node cd aux sudo cp lynxchan.systemd /etc/systemd/system/lynxchan.service sudo systemctl daemon-reload && sudo systemctl enable lynxchan.service && sudo systemctl start lynxchan.service cd ../src/be npm install cp -r settings.example settings if [ -n "${frontends[$front_end]}" ]; then mkdir $lynxchan_dir/src/fe -p wget https://fuckoff.pedo/lynxchan/$front_end.tar -O $lynxchan_dir/src/fe/$front_end.tar cd $lynxchan_dir/src/fe tar xvf $front_end.tar rm $front_end.tar find $lynxchan_dir/src/fe -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's/DOLFINCHAN/'$chan_name'/g' fi if [ "$front_end" == "lynxchan" ]; then git clone https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/PenumbraLynx.git ../fe cd ../fe git checkout master find $lynxchan_dir/src/fe -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's/Insert title here/'$chan_name'/g' find $lynxchan_dir/src/fe -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's/Insert footer here/'$chan_name'/g' fi sudo ln -s $lynxchan_dir/src/be/boot.js /usr/bin/lynxchan echo "Almost done installing LynxChan." echo "Copying config from the root server..." mkdir $lynxchan_dir/src/be/settings wget "https://fuckoff.pedo/lynxchan/general.json" -O $lynxchan_dir/src/be/settings/general.json echo " { \"address\": \"localhost\", \"port\": 27017, \"db\": \"lynxchan\" } " > $lynxchan_dir/src/be/settings/db.json sudo chown -R node:node $lynxchan_dir sudo systemctl start mongod sudo systemctl enable mongod sudo -u node lynxchan -ca -l root -p "123!" -gr 0 -nd fi } function install_reverse_proxy { echo "Installed LynxChan. Going to install apache2 for the reverse proxy" sudo apt install -y apache2 sudo wget "https://fuckoff.pedo/lynxchan/default_lynxchan.conf" -O /etc/apache2/sites-available/lynxchan.conf sudo a2enmod proxy sudo a2enmod ssl sudo a2enmod proxy_http sudo a2enmod proxy_https sudo a2enmod remoteip sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo a2ensite lynxchan.conf echo "Getting SSL cert" sudo apt install -y python3-certbot python-certbot-apache sudo certbot --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly -d $domain sudo sed -i "s/mydomain.com/"$domain"/g" /etc/apache2/sites-available/lynxchan.conf a2dissite 000-default sudo systemctl restart apache2.service } install_mongodb install_nodejs install_lynxchan install_reverse_proxy if [ "$tor_enabled" == "yes" ]; then install_tor sleep 15 tor_address=$(cat /var/lib/tor/imageboard/hostname) else tor_address="TOR NOT ENABLED!" echo "No tor :(" fi echo "Starting LynxChan. Default login is root/123!" sudo chown -R node:node $lynxchan_dir sudo systemctl start lynxchan echo "Tor address: $tor_address"
based dolphin
>>8726 >fellating yourself pathetic
>>8423 I just wanted to talk about videogames.
Open file (125.17 KB 1024x538 Dead dolphin 4.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>8730 ahahahahaha
fatchan has been taken down i repeat fatchan has been taken down Fatchan was reported to and booted from Voxility. Here is a conversation with BuyVM's owner Francisco: [17:33] Francisco: @Fatchan i'm betting you're who i jsut got an email about [17:33] Fatchan: And im betting I know who emailed you [17:33] Fatchan: Well what a great day for me [17:33] Francisco: well, i can't do anything when vox nulls the IP [17:33] Francisco: so you're kinda fucked [17:33] Fatchan: Damn [17:33] Francisco: for a lack of a nicer term [17:33] Fatchan: Yeah I get it not your fault [17:33] onekopaka: rip [17:35] JcfeJohn: Thanks :smile: [17:39] Morphine: what is going on [17:39] Morphine: im confused [17:39] Francisco: don't worry aboot it [17:39] Morphine: kk well im going back to work on my VPN [17:46] Fatchan: @Francisco Obviously you know what the issue is from that email, but if I host the same stuff on my regular slices IPs for now to hold me over is that a problem? [17:46] Francisco: i've told you our policy before [17:46] Francisco: i'm against it, i don't want it on my network [17:47] Francisco: but as long as you aren't breaking the law with the service [17:47] Fatchan: I think you have me mistaken of who I am im not trying to start anything here [17:47] Francisco: i don't have much of a leg to stand on without looking like a hypocrite [17:47] Francisco: then you and the other person it might be are hosting the same site :stuck_out_tongue: [17:47] Fatchan: Im an independent site from who that email claims I am. They have hit a bunch of similar sites domain, nameserver and hosts [17:47] Francisco: or close to it [17:48] Fatchan: I would just rather be told to leave via email after somebody actually looks at the site [17:48] Fatchan: Rather than be suddenly nuled by vox after an email saying im somebody im not [17:49] Francisco: pm me your domain [17:49] Francisco: so we're both on the same page here ...continued in dms: [17:50] Fatchan: My domain is fatchan.org [17:50] Fatchan: Email is from Esther M Aronowitz [17:50] Fatchan: Claiming im 8chan [17:50] Fatchan: Im aware of the stigma aroudn them and I'm not them, or close to it in terms of content or notoriety [17:52] Francisco: waiting on a google cache to load [17:52] Francisco: unless you got another path into the site to screenshot it [17:52] Fatchan: you can also check archive.is [17:52] Francisco: for /pol/ [17:53] Francisco: archive.is isn't getting much [17:53] Francisco: anyway, your /pol/ is pretty questionable [17:53] Francisco: i'm not going to have much of a leg to stand on with them for it [17:54] Fatchan: Thats fine, look im not upset at you or vox, just making sure its clear im not trying to run 8chan through buyvm or something [17:54] Francisco: being a german company it's pretty hard for them even if they wanted to allow it [17:54] Fatchan: since I know you have said no to them before [17:54] Francisco: yeah, Nick Lim still bugs me every few weeks [17:54] Francisco: once he gets wiped from another DC [17:54] Francisco: did HE boot you off their DNS? [17:54] Fatchan: yep you bet [17:55] Fatchan: and my domains are next I assume [17:55] Francisco: onwards to TOR i guess [17:55] Francisco: but that makes it hard to moderate [17:55] Fatchan: 8chan is having an exodus and my site became the next hotspot for /v/ [17:55] Fatchan: pol was relatively dead but i guess its a bad idea nowadays [17:56] Fatchan: anyways you probably dont care much about the meta of the community [17:56] Francisco: well, the google cache for your /pol/ [17:56] Francisco: is people demanding the jews be wiped off [17:56] Fatchan: but its a shitshow basically [17:56] Francisco: be it trolling or whatever [17:56] Francisco: it's still going to come off bad [17:56] Fatchan: Thats fine, im happy to shut down or move elsewhere. Not trying to fuck up your business for a hobby site. [17:57] Fatchan: Thanks for DM contact btw, at least a host with some understanding. [17:57] Francisco: you aren't, i take a stance of 'law of the land' [17:57] Francisco: but, EU makes it hard for anything questionable [17:58] Fatchan: Are you saying I could host that if I'm on only US slices on your IPs? [17:58] Francisco: speaking hateful or hating on the jews isn't against the law [17:58] Francisco: saying you're going to shoot up a school probably is, but as far as i know the feds have yet to shutdown any of the chan's [17:58] Francisco: they all just get shamed to death [17:59] Fatchan: Well I really am not intent on running a huge pol board or becoming the next school shooter announcement place [18:00] Francisco: i'd hope not [18:00] Fatchan: But I think I would rather just find elsewhere than cause more trouble here [18:00] Francisco: i'm just trying to give you a break down of how things normally go [18:00] Francisco: we've had a bunch of terrible sites on us [18:00] Fatchan: This person will keep sending you and whoever I host with next emails [18:00] Francisco: and there's at least 1 article on the new yorker calling me a nazi [18:01] Fatchan: Yep, looking like TOR is gonna be the only option for these kind of sites I would love to start a bulletproof censorship free site, unfortunately the influence of (((certain))) people and the stupidity of people answering support emails is too great. It would cost several thousand yearly to run a site and make it as resilient as the old 8chan. Unfortunately I'm not a multi millionaire pig farmer, and unfortunately the last multi-millionaire pig farmer doesn't give a fuck about us anymore. I see this as as the end of an era for imageboards. We had a good run. Sorry and thank you all.
NB: I hope none of you are dumb enough to go to dolphinchan. >>8641 >First you were going to shut it down, then within a day you flipflopped into "im going to remake it without porn". >so you never really lost interest, you still want a place to discuss things you like freely and without censorship, you just want to remove the porn (specifically, loli content) for fear of getting VAN'd. No, I really initially planned to shut off entirely and I'm still wary of the reboot. But I'm a limp-wristed faggot, to put it bluntly, and I couldn't let go. Perhaps once Final Solution is ready I'll finally shut off Julay (or its next iteration) for good. That's why I'm only keeping boards that are worthwhile in my opinion. >remove all porn straight away Nothing will happen for the next 89 days and everyone can scrape the entire contents of the boards and set up shop somewhere else. I have given everyone plenty of time to migrate. It's not about me getting vanned, it really is about me actually getting so tired of Julay that I was about to pull the plug without notice, but my conscience said no. >>8653 It really isn't hard to host a small imageboard for people. You can get a random VPS in the US for $5/mo or less, and then just install LynxChan or NPFchan. I even said I'd help with the sysadminning troubles and am preparing a guide for the basic shit. What more do you want? >Whether you like it or not, if you started hosting a site you now have responsibility for people that flocked to you in their time of trouble. Which is why I've done the responsible thing and given them 90 days to migrate everything. >>8657 The domain is going to expire on April 2021 because of our domain transfer. >>8685 >>8693 That fucking sucks. And it's also why I'm telling you to SPREAD OUT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, SO WHEN ESHTER COMES OUT TO FUCK WITH AN IMAGEBOARD HE DOESN'T TAKE DOWN EVERYTHING ELSE >>8715 Adding to this: Please consider using Tor if you want to host those kinds of boards. This is not about quarantining them. Let me repeat. This is not about quarantining them. This is to protect the boards from being fucked with. Adding Tor imageboard support to the webring might be a very useful feature.
>>8354 I love this idea for nu-julay. If something is really dominating then it can be considered for its own, but I'd say a full media board for at least 2 months to see how it goes. I'm sure there's other things that be rolled into one without feeling too weird.
I'll fix the script tomorrow. Need to sleep. I'm beached.
>tfw blackpill-chan was right the entire time Somewhere there's a guy smugly nodding to himself thinking "I told you so"
Additionally, here's a more stream-of-consciousness explanation. <~rabbipires> vox nulled the IPs <~rabbipires> tomfc is done <~rabbipires> now will someone please understand why i don't want to host 100 boards <dolphinbat> should have just kept it /cow/ like >we told you <~rabbipires> maybe i should write it in big red letters that this is to prevent centralization <~rabbipires> troo <~rabbipires> i'll keep like 5-10 boards <~rabbipires> look it pains me to fucking let go <~rabbipires> you think i'm fucking throwing a party over leaving people stranded without a board? <~rabbipires> but people need to _fucking learn_ to stand on their own legs, for fuck's sake <~rabbipires> i'm not going to be around forever <~rabbipires> i might disappear tomorrow <~rabbipires> if i do, who the fuck will take care of your internet excrement? pay the server bills? fix the server when something goes wrong? <~rabbipires> i don't want people to flock to the next Big Imageboard(TM) this time <~rabbipires> make your own
>>8739 >fake logs
piss off, luke
>>8734 >SPREAD OUT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE I made few posts on /hgg/ to tell them to make their own imageboard, but with host/registar set up in Arab/African country. If that fails then clearnet should just die.
>>8742 i dont think arab/african countries have computers at all anon, let alone server hosts. they dont even have sewers or running water.
>>8742 I wonder if there would be any point in preemptively sending an email to your host/registrar explaining that the infamous white supremacist named Jim Watkins is using the alias "Esther M. Horowitz" to slander web communities that don't follow white supremacy and any reports from them should be ignored under threat of legal action. It would tell you who to get a backup for ASAP at least.
Open file (65.83 KB 258x298 frustrated.jpg)
>>8680 They're gone too. 89 days to go. >>8676 >thinks https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-30698640 and https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/57eaaf23-0cef-48c8-961f-41f2563b38aa are good articles when thry're basically bashing loli artists in general If that's the case, why not ban Vladimir Nabokov's legendary novel called "Lolita"? (sarcasm)
>>8653 >No capacity and time That's their problem though isn't it? He's already said he's gonna show people how to set up their own imageboards easy, so if you are not happy you can create your own and add it to the webring.
>>8734 I don't think people are really against spreading out but the combination of lacking automatic redundancy like final solution promised as well as people missing information on how to get started impedes any willingness alot. At this point I'd settle for handing around torrent files we scribble our insults into
>>8738 what did he tell you ____ use my board faggots
Open file (45.52 KB 484x374 Dead dolphin 5.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>8744 It's worth to try anyway. >>8746 Good idea. >>8751 >Inb4 Dolphinfag is (((Eshter)))
>>8749 >how to get started it's not that simple and telling everyone to host their own site is bad setting lynx chan is easy but it's the last thing you do what you aren't told is that you need some /g/entoo experience to sys admin and not have retarded whoopsies someone wiped us out again
>>8753 >>8752 this is why you don't deserve nice things all you do is whine muh free speech muh no where to go
>>8755 It's because you're worse than Mark at this point. Now go jump into nearest waterfall.
>>8757 and who am i
>>8758 A Faggot.
>>8759 >A Faggot who can into computer ftfy
lets recap >200+ english IBs available since ever >1 sort of shuts down >noooooooo, it's over *khs* you're all such faggots i can't even
>>8747 Who cares what bongs think.
>>8318 when are you announcing the new website for julay or is it staying here just with all the unnecessary boards cleaned?
>>8763 Will be announced after the reboot.
>>8764 >right after I stop eating 2.0
>>8757 i have provided what you want, IB where anything goes with only 1 rule (no real kids) what's your issue, are you so retarded you can't tell im not dolphin
>>8702 >17:47] Francisco: i don't have much of a leg to stand on without looking like a hypocrite Who's the faggot that recommended Buyvm, lmao? >>8404 And to anyone doubting: >It would cost several thousand yearly to run a site and make it as resilient as the old 8chan. Unfortunately I'm not a multi millionaire pig farmer, and unfortunately the last multi-millionaire pig farmer doesn't give a fuck about us anymore. So strop saying it costs a couple of hundreds, it costs 2-5k€/month for a true self owned CDN. >>8710 And you don't make enough money for me to work on administration full time. >>8723 Stop-this-myth.
>>8768 and if you end up with much traffic you could use cloudflare but then they could kick you later
>>8761 Most of them are trannies shit.
>>8768 >Stop-this-myth. https://bpaste.net/UPEQ git gud
>>8768 I recommend random lowendtalk providers. They're cheap.
>>8772 Wishosting is what I use for DolphinChan. $7 gets me an 8GB 200GB HDD VPS.
>>8768 The Aussie secret police got him or he has no balls. You don't need to replicate CloudFlare to host shitposting, so no, it doesn't cost "several thousand yearly." He's just blame-shifting.
>>8536 Are you going to force it to be SFW?
>>8779 I have the feeling that once this purge is over and things settle down a bit, he might allow NSFW content again, but will obviously restrict it to non contentious content.
Fatchan admin here. Here's what I said to somebody who asked why I think Francisco is taking this stance after vox nulled me: >you need this context >when 8chan got kicked off cloudflare it was the second website ever to be kicked off, first was the daily stormer >8chan immediately went to bitmitigate, another company offering protection from ddos who ran most of their infra on voxility >then bitmitigates business was nearly ruined because vox kicked off bitmitigate >fran doesnt want anybody hosting that kind of site on his network because the same that happened to bitmitigate will happen to him >cloudflare and vox will cut ties and it will destroy his business >>8768 >>8780 These anons are basically right. Sure, you can host an imageboard for cheap. But to support a lot of traffic and have control over where the abuse reports go is very expensive. You can register your own ASN, buy ip space, colocate in a datacenter (like 8kun and 9chan have). You can try and become independent. But ultimately you are always at the mercy of a bigger company who with enough bad press can pull the plug. Also if you host an imageboard you need ddos protection, and the only providers big enough have a track record of kicking out customers for political reasons. I remember this is one of Joshs biggest concerns. He mentioned preparing for a "post-cloudflare world" and I don't think it looks pretty.
Did dolphin take down my robot barrel fire gathering? Again?
>>8782 >Fatchan admin here. If this truly is you, then, how about you just do what is said here >>/v/31273 and get him to re-host the site? tl;dr Pick a list of core bunker boards, type on the front page that you are not responsible for the words posted by anyone, as well as the fact you do not condone or are in any way affiliated with 8chan and maybe revert back to fatpeople.lol instead of fatchan, dropping the -chan from the name. Would that work out for them? >I remember this is one of Joshs biggest concerns. He mentioned preparing for a "post-cloudflare world" and I don't think it looks pretty. What does that mean?
>>8784 >What does that mean? DDoS protection will decide whether sites are able to exist by either hosting them or not.
>>8782 You did good, Tom. Out of curiosity, which plan did you use for Fatchan? I hope you didn't lose too much money. And is JSChan development dead with fatchan?
>>8780 is everyone here a retard
>>8782 Hi Tom, welcome.
Open file (28.57 KB 474x379 OIP (2).jpeg)
>>8782 Thank you Tom! >>8787 No Rodent, you're.
I cant tell if people are ok with the rebirth. Too much arguing over lolis and the various degree od degeneracy of its consumers and dolphins. I dont think splintering will be too much of an issue, at least no worse than when it was on 8chan. The webring can still be organized by pph, giving the already established boards (ex. /v/) the spotlight. Anyone who doesn't want to deal with those "people" can request their own board (ex. /vg/), and hope people discontent with the popular board come and inhabit it. Splintering is ok if the people dont want to be part of the original board right? The issue i see is multiple webring boards having the same name, and getting attention from across the webring. Maybe theres a way to have global attentionhungry games and board name restrictions? Maybe even have a simple tagging system in the webring catalog to organize based on general board theme to make it easier for alternatives to the popular boards to be seen?
>>8781 So the only difference between posting here than on the normalfag internet will be that I can say nigger/kike/fag/tranny without getting banned? I might as well just get a fucking twitter account then.
>>8448 Good for you, get these degenerates off this site.
>>8785 >the power of mass botnetted computers have dictatorship over what is allowed to exist on the internet Normals ruin society, and now the same kind of mass force is ruining my internet corner. :(
>>8790 Give it a bit of time. People still need to come to terms with the fact that hosting an image board that allows loli is suicide at the moment. People are(for better or worse) creatures of habit, and will learn to live with censorship if freedom is too inconvenient or dangerous. In a few days the complaints will ebb and you can get a better answer.
>>8786 >And is JSChan development dead with fatchan? This. It would be a crying shame to lose this very nice software b/c of this fuckery.
>>8795 I'm here for /fascist/ I'm not a qtard.
>>8798 Well too fucking bad because fatchan got deplatformed because of /pol/ not because of loli posting so say goodbye to your board too. As this motherfucker once said "We will hang together or we will hang separately." It seems like posters like you decided that the "hang separately" choice sounded nice.
>>8784 Im not booting back up the site any time soon, especially not a gimped version. <"post-cloudflare world" >What does that mean? It means when cloudflare made the near unprecedented move of kicking off a customer not for legal reasons, but political, they started a slippery slope. Before that cloudflare was the largest FREE provider of ddos protection and was content neutral. Ddos protection is a necessity when running an imageboard and fatchan had already experienced a lot of attacks. >>8786 Won't share what plan I used since I wouldn't recommend buyvm anymore. As for money, not more than $50usd/month and the site had plenty of spare capacity. >>8791 >So the only difference between posting here than on the normalfag internet will be that I can say nigger/kike/fag/tranny without getting banned I see this as the next thing sites will get reported for. If a single /pol/ thread got me kicked off voxility when it was such an irrelevant board, no amount of disclaimers is going to help. One malicious jew can cite offensive content on any board and paint you as an "8chan successor" to get the plug pulled. >>8797 Im still doing it in my spare time on my local dev server, just like I was before.
>>8739 Why did you do a rewrite of final solution on a private repository?
>>8685 b-based Robi!
>>8800 >Won't share what plan I used since I wouldn't recommend buyvm anymore. As for money, not more than $50usd/month and the site had plenty of spare capacity Stop-this-myth >>8801 Perhaps locally no: https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution
>>8798 Your logic is as retarded as the one the qtards used to ban loli in the first place. Degeneracy on an imageboard. If anything it keeps the normalfags away.
Open file (80.61 KB 182x207 expand.png)
>>8800 Thanks. jschan was slick and it would be a damn big shame to lose it. Perhaps some anon will rise to the task and we'll get fastposting once again. >not more than 50 burger coins This isn't 5-7 that some fag was talking about. I guess your IB grew significantly before the fall.
>>8806 Fat/v/ had hundreds of users, over 150 PPH, and used a DDOS protection service. It's completely viable to run an imageboard for 5-10 per month if you're small and don't have loli or /pol/-type boards. Hell you could probably run that for free from your own computer.
>>8664 you have literally no excuse to not post here
>>8808 >run that for free from your own computer. Now you're being malicious on spite.
>>8808 I wonder what's Trabia.com's basic DDOS protection they include with all their servers.
>>8700 >rape victims are fags your logic is as non functioning as your autism.
>>8813 they are eventually
>>8813 My favorite from him: >All gays are rapists >Homosexuality is spread through molestation >Homosexuality comes from abuse.
>>8811 Do you really think people DDOS every random website all the time? If you don't host anything that people don't want to be taken down and don't bait autistic dolphin niggers, it'll be fine. I'm not saying to say it's a good idea, but to prove the point that it's not expensive.
>>8815 what's wrong with the latter two?
>>8815 not all gays are rapists. They are all pedophiles though. homosexuality is certainly spread through molestation and abuse. but not every child/person they attempt to recruit is successful or there would be alot more of them.
>>8817 You're incredibly retarded. We live in the dystopia that even if you agree with everyone, even the 1%, people will cancel&deplatform you because. Are so ignorant you're not seeing a simple email is all that it takes to deplatform you? Not a DoS, not some elite cracking tool, an email. >>8818 They're largely false, and highly pompous.
>>8819 Lol, is that why Clintons got two terms, Podesta still smiles, and Epstein killed himself?
>>8820 How the fuck are you going to deplatform my computer if I don't host anything illegal? Literally the only way you can do that is by DDOSing my IP.
>>8812 AS43289 I.C.S. Trabia-Network S.R.L. https://bgp.he.net/AS43289 Peers: >42% AS3223 Voxility LLP (deplatformed fatchan hosting) >26% AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC (deplatformed fatchan nameservers)
>>8790 I like julay and only use a few boards that are coincidencenily probably gonna end up on the rebirth. I don't know much about owning site, but from a laymen's POV robi's reasoning seems pretty on point. It makes sense for there to be many more sites on the webring rather than just one large site that has everything. It also allows people who like lolishit and adultdiapers to have their own imageboards and add them to the webring.
>>8822 I literally call your ISP. And even call your Boss, since I know your address. I can't believe I'm talking to monkeys.
>>8825 What are you going to tell them? That I'm hosting a videogame forum? Good luck.
>>8801 It's not a private repository, it's private as in it only exists on my hard drive at the moment. I rewrote it because the original framework used was a sync-only one, and it would make it a lot harder to integrate many features I wanted. I recently added a few features to SQLAlchemy to support some of the more advanced usages of PostgreSQL. I'm working on boards and posting first. The API should be compatible with the first version, so no change to FinalFrontier is needed.
>>8826 No, he calls them and say you hate Jews. Then the cops come and shoot you in the head for being alive and say you committed suicide.
>>8823 Any provider will deplatform anyone if it could cost them even a moment of effort to not do so. Just hang it out there.
So is /delicious/'s gonna be back up until the "Rebirth" or are we just gonna have to post on Tor?
>>8830 Will be back up after the domain transfer is complete. Still waiting on that.
>>8825 >I know your address you don't know shit geo location is not accurate
once again we see that you don't want a site post you want drama to whine about
ROBI I'm releasing the Instant LynxChan playbook soon. I can't see your boardtable plugin on your A-logware account. Have you released it somewhere else? I'd like to attribute it properly with a license.
>>8836 Thanks for reminding me... You can just put this link there for now and say it's MIT licensed: https://gitgud.io/rb/MiscLynxAddons
>>8837 Alrighty, I'll do that. You want the copyright notice to be for A-logware or for Robi Pires?
>>8676 A lot of those pictures aren't even loli.
>>8826 Anything, really. ISP listen to calls over the clients. >>8828 Swatting is sooo last century. Now I just call, tell them to shutdown for any ToS reason, even if not true, and they do it, preemptively. >>8834 Your ISP has to know your billing address, no? Honestly, I'm gonna filter you. You're going in circles from the real problem.>>8835 Post your site
>>8838 Who gives a shit? Say it's Ethan Ralph.
>>8840 >Post your site look up
>>8841 Robi pls help >>8765
>>8843 >planning donations before the service is even running
Is somebody trying to end imageboards again? ._.
>>8847 >((somebody))
>>8847 Everyone that doesn't comprehend the notion of anonymity, yes.
>>8827 Ok, why is it only on your hard drive then? If your disk is toast, so is everything else?
>>8854 Are you implying Robi doesn't make cold backups every day?
>>8854 It's already backed up in another place too. Perhaps I should push, but when I'm doing code sprints Git just gets in my way and I make single "code update lol" commits.
Can someone post esther's attacks on other imageboards, including Julay?
>>8858 As far as I know, things that happened so far (in order): >9chan.us domain hosted on Epik got emailed: Taken down >julay.world domain hosted on Namecheap got emailed: Transfer pending, certain content Tor only >smuglo.li domain hosted on Namecheap got emailed: The owner of the TLD is not accepting communication and will pull the domain from under the rug, domain change underway >smuglo.li hosting provider BuyVM emailed: Nothing happened >julay.world hosting provider BuyVM emailed: Nothing happened >fatchan anycast provider Voxility emailed: Voxility nulled the IP, deplatforming Fatchan. Tom gave up
/delicious/fags are retarded, they could have named their board /rule34/ or claimed, don't know how that works though.
>>8859 Can nobody stop the terrorist organization known as 8kun?
>>8855 I was just trying to understand what is going on, which I do now with >>8857
>>8857 Make a new repo if rebasing. >>8859 You never posted the email, I need to see it. —litmusgal >>8860 >Pedos, being intelligent >>8862 Np. I have much private code I backup on Blu-rays anyways. I wouldn't dare unleashing in the internet anyways.
>>8863 I'll post it after I anonymize stuff. >if rebasing The code is built up from scratch. I'll move the old repo to FinalSolution-legacy or something as reference.
>>8864 Exactly, thanks. BTW, what are you using to anonymize your code? In overchan we were talking about using Donald Trump as the base model, using his Twitter feed.
Lol: Carl Benjamin model, I'd laugh my ass off.
>>8866 What do you mean by anonymizing my code?
>>8860 Why the fuck would they do that? They want a place for sexualizing depictions of little girls, not a generic porn section to hide inside of.
>>8644 >Jacking it to children isn't free speech.
>>8676 >Even having these screenshots can get me v& as all of this considered CP. No, they aren't, unless you live in some shithole like Australia, or South Korea, or the U.K., or (probably) Russia and, if you do live in one of those shitholes, it's your own damn fault for allowing your masters to disarm you in the first place, slave.
>>8870 >just be degenerate in your home, that certainly doesn't effect the larger society!
>>8872 Correct. Mind your fucking business, Karen.
>>8823 I don't know anything about peering, what does that mean in practice? If you used Trabia Network would this be an issue, particularly if it wasn't 8kun levels of high-profile? Note the Fatchan owner used Hurricane Electric for a nameserver because he thought they would be more secure because of their backend stuff, but when he got his account deleted he thought it was just their nameserver provider rather than everything they do.
>>8873 t. atomized bugman
>>8875 t. Moms Demand Action
>>8350 So we should make our trinity chan and add it to the webring then?
>>8878 Probably the best long-term solution, yeah. Since those boards have lower PPH and more effortposting it should be pretty easy to just use a lowendbox server. Make sure to take regular backups. I'll help with setting up the imageboard and adding to the webring if someone steps up.
>>8350 >the heart, brain, and soul of Julay, these are the pillars which hold the ground upon which we stand That would be /v/, /cow/ and /k/
>>8880 >the heart, brain, and soul of Julay, these are the pillars which hold the ground upon which we stand That would be /hgg/, /delicious/ and /jenny/
>>8879 Do you have that guide for setting up an imageboard yet? I want to do just that.
>>8881 Those are first boards to go.
>>8881 >conflating game development and purest love to e-thot worship nigr u wot
How does one get started with bitcoin? I've never used it before, is there a program I should use? Where should you buy bitcoin? I watched a video which said to use coinbase, can that be trusted or is there something better? I don't mind being autistic and don't need convenient applications or anything as long as there's instructions. It's for buying a server of course.
>>8879 So any of the BO's /fascist/, /liberty/, /monarchy/ going to do this?
>>8879 I've sent you a link for an advance look at the instantib.lynxchan role. I'll be putting the quickstart guide through its paces before I go to public release. Should be useful for your guide.
>>8888 checked
>>8882 Currently have to do IRL work, so it's currently a stub. Give me time until the weekend to start working on it for real. I will prepare it while there's plenty of time for people to migrate.
>>8890 >while there's plenty of time for people to migrate. Is there though with webring under attack?
>>8888 Checked and heiled. I've received it, I will definitely take a look. >>8885 Read >>8844 and associated posts.
>>8886 /fascist/ BO here, I like the idea but I'm a total retard when it comes to anything like this so I'm basically useless unfortunately. /monarchy/ and /liberty/ have the same BO though
>>8891 I've talked with the owner of BuyVM. Basically he won't deplatform anyone if we don't host actually illegal content. Even if the domain is taken down, one can just use /etc/hosts and migrate using that. I'm also taking daily backups from the server for everything except the files, and the discussions are more important than the files anyway. If everything goes tits up I'll extract a board minus IP data and just give it to whoever wants to host the imageboard.
Now the new smugloli site is down too
>>8859 Couldn't fat just stop using anycast? Freedoms > speed
>>8892 >Read >>8844 -> and associated posts. Thanks.
>>8895 Fuck
>>8893 you can have them on balkan chan if robi can dump them maybe we can import them idk if that's doable
>>8896 He didn't want to cause problems for BuyVM. I've talked personally with Fran, and apparently he's been arguing over email with Vox all day about this. This whole situation sucks because Fran has been nothing but helpful and he was uncompromising as fuck with the freedom of speech thing when I talked with him. His stance is "I don't like the content, but I won't take anything down unless I get a court order", which is the right kind of attitude.
>google captcha wall
admin@julay.world is still the way to contact you, right? I'm sending you an email. For the record, I'm a little disheartened by all of this. I brought my board to Julay because this place sold itself as a refuge for boards fucked by Jim. My board's gone done to less than half of what it originally had. Nobody is going to take us in. I am not even remotely tech savvy, how am I going to run a site, much less maintain it? If code goes haywire, that's it.
Hey, Robi. BO of /bandada/ here. I created an IB called bandada.club so if you want to delete the board I have no problems with that.
Open file (435.73 KB 1174x1073 rlmlaugh.png)
>>8904 I thought pedos had to be pretty good with tech to kite the feds all the time?
>>8906 I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that.
>>8905 Owner of /bandada/ here, this is not true.
>>8906 We're you that faggot crying wolf about the spic boards?
>>8904 >>8664 unless your board was about videos
>>8907 It's a stereotype that pedos know a lot about opsec because of their "hobby", hence my joke >>8909 Nah, I didn't even know spic boards exist? Why would they be relevant?
>>8908 Owner of /bandada/ here, this is true.
>>8905 Alright. Your board will still be deleted after the 90 days so feel free to migrate threads until then.
>>8915 Well, to not be bamboozled, I'd like the real slim shady BO to make a post on /bandada/ with his capcode.
>>8906 Ive talked to feds working on CP cases and the biggest platform they run into is Facebook and Facebook messenger. A lot of boomers have no idea about OPSEC and are fucking idiots sharing CP with each other openly. Also for those that dont get it: DRAWINGS AND WORDS ARE NOT PEOPLE
>>8916 do you think it's possible to dump only a couple of boards (instead of everything) and import it into an existing db?
Open file (32.79 KB 474x337 Q_predicted_this.jpg)
>>8847 Not end them j,ust herd them i say the kike never got fired from 8kunt,that whole shit was a stunt from the beginning in coordination with the pigfarmer and the happa on his behalf to remove anons from 8kunt8kunt becomes advertiser friendly and the cakeboi and acidfag herd all the "dangerous" users to a centralised pen where they can be controlled and monitored easier sponsored by the pigfarmer and VanwaTech™ However things went wrong and they instead went to fatchan instead of cakechan and since no competition can be tolerated they have ben doing exactly that since then,removing it and it has been working wonders. Notice which one is missing from the list >>8859
This year is going to be remembered as one hell of a ride... God fucking damn.
>>8920 I'll respond when I get the chance.
>>8923 I'm hopeful that when the niggercattle masses can leave quarantine things will go back to normal stable. They should have never been allowed on the internet in the first place.
>>8859 Robi, can we know the exact boards you're planning on keeping? I'm merely asking this so whoever has to jump ship can do it right NOW and so we do not get anon.cafe spammed with board requests - which already happened.
>>8926 I think the point is not to tell anyone until it's time to keep people's hopes up and prevent those who will lose their boards from jumping ship early.
If your favorite board isn't making the cut and you're tired of Mark and his butthole, come to 9chan.tw
>>8928 Shut up, Josh.
Open file (35.30 KB 644x372 yrxhxf.JPG)
>>8929 No.
>>8928 I'd sooner use social media
Open file (20.47 KB 640x447 1570680401857.png)
>All this bullshit again I just wanted to talk about video gaymes and call people nigger
>>8932 nigger
>>8934 Thanks
>>8911 Only the smart ones. If we were all smart, Chris Hansen would be out of a job.
Imageboards need good people, with a head on their shoulders, in order to stay alive these days, and Robi and his discord cabal isn't one of them. Good riddance, hopefully, the exodus will put a fire under the asses of other BOs here so that we can get actual, viable alternatives
>>8922 Gee Jim. How come your mom lets you have two federally approved honeypots?
>>8676 Based on that logic every one that does fictional violence is a murderer >children have you seen the desings? they are humanoids that poorly represent the idea of a children, heck, some of them are so deformed that they look ridiculous, only anti-democratic or too progresist countries allow laws against free expression, you sir are something very close to a radical racist >but make no mistake anyone who dare to harn a child will be punished......eventually cuz rich people >>8871 Russia was the first one to ban "anything that looks like a child" UK is pretty worse and banned Porn....PORN! >>8747 how about plus4chan?
>>8875 t. powerless authoritarian
>>8945 >Russia was the first one to ban "anything that looks like a child" UK did that in 2008. 2ch.ru had cp on it way after that. What Russia did was go from basically being super free to "we ban everything" quicker than most other countries. There was no slippery slope. It was a cliff.
>>8916 ETA on the guide how to make your own imageboard?
>>8653 >cuckime checked >being an entitled retard checked >being too fucking uptight to just make a board on one of the already stablished alt boards checked You comply with all the requiriments sir, you are needed on 9chan.tw
Open file (53.59 KB 708x1000 s-l1000.jpg)
>>8883 >Those are first boards to go. Not unless you care to tangle with the Knights of Jen
Open file (59.91 KB 403x345 1574530146835.jpg)
>>8739 I gotta warn you; the more people make their own dumb imageboard, the more people will be divided. The more division there is, the more squabbling will occur. The more squabbling there is, the less a community is able to hold together. Believing that everyone should have their own imageboard isn't a new thought either, by the by. Back then, that was called a "blog". Later, it was called "myspace". Now it's been watered down to be called "facebook". Note however what all of these ideas lack: a sense of community. Imageboards are meant to stimulate a community and allow people to bounce ideas off of others of differing opinion and yet still be accepted as an individual through anonymity. The imageboard community cannot be "decentralized" by any means because it requires idiots to come together in order to form the community of opposing opinions. If you wish to have everyone splinter away into their own little circle-jerk, then it would be more pertinent to tell them to "Get a Discord group", because that's what it will amount to. This is not to say however that we will have some constitution in the webring; but if we splinter apart too much, the webring will be nothing more than a facebook page index.
>>9087 >muh community based upon my epic anonymous culture please that's a fat load of crap, no one relies upon one another to do jack shit and you're all paranoid some fuckers gunna ruin your shit and you'd be completely correct in believing that because the attitude fucking breeds paranoia in response. and it's all down to the fact that anyone can gayop the place since there's very little public to tie anyone down. being anonymous is fine in a setting where communication is delayed but with it being as fast paced as it is in this infomational age, gotta be more then just outside the game ya'know.
Open file (9.81 KB 312x191 just a drawing.jpg)
>>9097 >being anonymous is fine in a setting where communication is delayed but with it being as fast paced as it is in this infomational age, gotta be more then just outside the game ya'know. Do I understand you to actually be suggesting anonymity is counter-productive here? On an anonymous imageboard...am I reading you correctly here friend?
>>9126 it's double edged. ok neat the merit isn't the person but the words that's great, however in play 70% of the time that's irrelevant.
Open file (366.90 KB 474x486 Hirohoko Araki.png)
>>9097 >Nobody relies on another to do jack shit. That is a contradiction in and of itself. You cannot disagree with something if you don't come here in the first place. We rely on eachother for these opinions. >Some fucker's gunna ruin shit That would not be the thing breeding paranoia; it would be the idea of elitism that we actually needed in order to stay a community in the first place. Having multiple communities with their own sense of elitism would destroy absolutely fucking everything with paranoia and infighting. >Gayops can take down down the place no matter how many fags are in the community. Yes, exactly. If you are allowed to have an evolutionary pressure such as natural zogbot thought-patrol selection, you only breed communities full of cancerous newfags that don't have a sense of self and they'll be the only ones allowed to survive. In fact, that might just be exactly what happens. Some sites crop up of their own accord made by anons and some people go to them. The most objectionable will be wiped out and the remainder will take in the rest while being under the supervision of whatever power wiped out the competitors. Hopefully the cycle will continue from there with anons not enjoying being fucked with by heavy moderation and/or actual federal stupidity and they'll keep making splinter imageboards. Otherwise, and for now, I disagree in having everyone make their own board. The community of anons is small enough as it is, it doesn't need more elitism and schism.
>>9133 i now realize these posts are probably just a gpt2 spambot. in the off-chance you aren't, mind rephrasing that into regular English friend?
>>9134 >We rely on eachother for these opinions. laughable, to assume it isn't merely pleasantries. >Having multiple communities with their own sense of elitism would destroy absolutely fucking everything with paranoia and infighting. you realize every board has had it's own "communities" and formed "communities" within on threads right? that has to be so off the mark and naive to think everyone uses everywhere in it's entirety. >Gayops can take down down the place no matter how many fags are in the community. not what I said, I said >anyone can gayop the place since there's very little public to tie anyone down meaning you can gayop your self while the feddie kike looks on in wonder as the discord groomer laughs at you.
>>9140 in this conversation we're having right this moment if you decided to call your self bob for the remainder of it and continued doing so for every post, there would be only certain times where it would effect how your posts are viewed.
>>9134 I think most anon browse multiple boards these days. I even lurk on obscure and nearly dead imageboards. There is no home in theses days, just places where you go and exchange with people who happen to be there at some point. Somewhere you can have threads that lives for some days, on other place they can go for years. Some boards are very short lived, some where up even before 8chan was a thing. And some moves sites and morph. The webring is really just a convenience for anon, it allows the more clueless to experience a kind of nomadism they're not usually familiar with. As long as there are people who cherish and understand the value of just going somewhere, lurking and posting when they feel like it on whatever board, anon will continue living.
>>8665 Not if (((Esther))) has anything to say about it.
Open file (641.88 KB 885x663 Dotory.png)
what about a board where I can put pictures of cartoons that arent naked or sucking a penis or similar? (pic: example)
>>9166 There's some people arguing that this Esther character might be none other than Jim. He wants to make sure his estranged userbase has nowhere to run to.
>>9170 Isn't that usually for /co/?
Did julay glitch out for anyone else, or was it me?
Open file (47.80 KB 290x249 nice.png)
>>8654 American lolis tend more to have twintails? >>8661 >>First they came for cp. >I did not speak out because I'm not a pedo and understand that cp puts too much stress on the site. Kill yourself pedoni/gg/er. >>Then they came for the Nazi's. >I did not speak out because I am not a /pol/tard. >>Then they came for the communists. >I did not speak out because I am not a /leftypol/ tranny. >just maybe when the bootlickers realize their authoritarian wet dream came true How can they be authoritarian if they're banning authoritarian ideology? :^) >>8676 >WAN'T want* >>8800 >especially not a gimped version. This is how I always intepreted the fall of Fat. You'd rather not run a site at all than run one that compromises your priniciples. Good man. Pic related. >>8860 Wouldn't have protected them. Some sites have been reported for indinvidual threads on non-offending boards. And I'm sure if those didn't exist, (((Esther))) would just target individual posts, or falseflag sites himself. Content is not the issue. Weak hosts and this deplatforming troll are. >>8650 >/hebe/ and /younglove/ are seen as you guys as CP in spite of not being porn. I never used those boards, but you can't just ignore the claims in this thread they posted tons of borderline CP and some actual CP (before being made text only because of this issue) and posted links to onion sites with CP the whole way. >>9171 Jim is too stupid and out of touch to be responsible. He only cares about /newsplus/ and only cares about the Qboomers as a way to generate cash through 8kun merch and direct them to /newsplus/. It's more likely Ron than Jim, though I'm betting it's most likely some random unaffiliated party that does this for shits and giggles. It's not like it takes much to make this fake email and report these sites. Anyone could do it.
Open file (46.54 KB 400x174 1000 internets.jpg)
>>9087 >>9134 You're casting your pearls before swine, anon, but I'm damn glad you still care enough and know enough to do so.
so, what, is /delicious/ coming back in a few days just to be removed later?
Open file (299.38 KB 675x676 1568954605872.png)
Open file (76.51 KB 998x1024 1559957517430.jpg)
>>9179 >>>First they came for cp. >I did not speak out because I'm not a pedo and understand that cp puts too much stress on the site. Kill yourself pedoni/gg/er. If you supported the authoritarian measures by which publications such as Color Climax were banned, you have no right to complain about anything. This right now is the bed YOU made, you fucking stupid goddamn nigger monkey. I hope it's fucking comfortable.
>>9187 It's never coming back, at least not on julay. Robi is scared and shivering in his boots.
Supposedly yes, they'll have 3 months to migrate.
Open file (379.26 KB 746x472 doublesmug3.png)
>>8928 >>8930 Is that Rustle? Isn't that "illegal"? How could you put something like that on Kirby? Loli and vidya need to be seperate! :^) >>9187 Robi claims so. Who knows though?
Lawcucks get out
>>9200 >tfw both times I tried to get porn of this drawn, the /delicious/ board dies
Open file (530.87 KB 885x663 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9170 No, there has to be a penis. >>9201 The law isn't what's cucking people here, unless you think the webring is 8kunny, as they are lawcucks.
>>9171 Jim's nu userbase is entirely qboomers who will buy his merch like tards, he's turning the site into /r/the_donald and prepping it to be reddit 3. He nor Ron took down the Fatchan or Julay links when Anon's posted them on 8/v/, if he were that desperate to keep us on, he'd have taken those posts down openly, and while it's easy to pin this on Jim, /intl/, Dolphinfag, or any /cow/ autist who's bitter about imageboards existing the truth is by now they'd be foolish enough to show signs of slipping up, remember when the FBI larped directly on 8/pol/ and then used their own screenshots as legal evidence? I personally think it's the glow niggers erasing as many splinters of 8chan that they can, why is beyond me, but they certainly haven't targeted any non splinter boards yet because they either don't know or only hold a grudge against 8chan splinter boards because there are currently way worse boards up at the moment than any of them.
>>9191 Kill yourself, pedoni/gg/er
>>9211 >pedos bad Hello NPC
Open file (55.90 KB 358x429 delete.jpg)
>>9213 Suck off a shotgun pedoni/gg/er.
Whatever you do, don't call anti-pedes feminists. They really hate that and we don't want to hurt feelings around here, now do we?
>>9215 Pedophilia is a modern concept resulting from late 19th and early 20th century Christcuck and Feminist ideology. I reject these and see it as my right (and Nature’s intention) to marry girls young. Fuck off NPC
>>9217 >Pedophilia is a modern concept So are a lot of just laws. Go fuck a cheese grater, pedoni/gg/er.
>>9218 >hurr kill yourself violently! Not a lot of substance. Keep seething
I just want a western loli board to frequent, why do they all keep dying
>>9220 Anger at pedoni/gg/ers is justified. >>9222 (Czech'd) Because pedoni/gg/ers hate them. They think if fictional cunny gets popular, demand for CP will fall and thus production will fall and they'll have less new children to masturbate to.
>>9218 Members of society must obey the law because they personally believe that its commands are justified. — Judge David Bazelon When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. — Frederick Bastiat, The Law The aim of the law is not to punish sins. — Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. — Thomas Jefferson Go fuck yourself, bootlicker. — Anonymous faggot
>>9224 >within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. Right, you hypocrite pedoni/gg/er. Your rights stop when you're asking for porn of children.
>>9223 Being enraged about pedos is about as normalfag as it gets
Open file (50.14 KB 1000x559 Aaaaah.jpg)
>>9229 Breathing is something normalfags do as well. Up your game, pedoni/gg/er. Or better yet, commit sudoku.
>>9230 I’m gonna stay alive just to make you seethe.
>>9231 You can't. Everyone dies eventually. Nice try though pedoni/gg/er.
>>9232 Keep replying, you just can’t leave me alone
>>9233 Leaving pedoni/gg/ers alone is a bad idea. They might wander off and fuck children. They ought to be culled. At the very least distracted.
>>9234 Seething
>>9235 Of course.
>>9235 >>9236 Just kiss already.
>>9236 Only if anon’s a cute loli
>>9237 Why would I kiss a pedoni/gg/er? >>9238 Lolis don't real.
>>9239 You’re unironically cringier than the pedo.
>>9223 >They think if fictional cunny gets popular, demand for CP will fall and thus production will fall and they'll have less new children to masturbate to. This is why honest men hate you and dishonest ones pass laws preventing people from proving you wrong with a vast amount of photographic and video evidence. You lie, blatantly, and you're not even good at it.
>>9240 >cringier >>>/facebook/ >>9241 Get fucked by Jamal in jail, pedoni/gg/er.
>>9242 Nice gay fantasy
>>9242 You know what? Money where mouth is. Post guns, faggot.
>>9222 >bvll . neocities. org there you go
Open file (60.14 KB 629x465 Alucard delet.jpg)
>>9243 Being one of the few homosexuals who don't fuck children would still be better than being one of the few heterosexuals who do fuck children. >>9244
Hello my comrades, I'd like to announce the development of the new-and-improved IBHost. This new one will use HTTP to communicate with nodes. Each node will use SQLite and PHP to create VMs, manage VMs, etc. Everything else is handled by the first server (front-end).
>>9246 >posts animu gun because he has none of his own and no capacity for violence at all Yeah, about what I expected.
Feels like I’m walking into Cuckchan or Reddit seeing this gay “hurr I wanna kill pedos, look at how virtuous and based I am”. No one cares, fags, keep wasting your words and screaming into the wind. It’s massive compensation for either sadism or them being pedos themselves.
>>9248 Why would I do as you say? You have no power over me pedoni/gg/er. I do as I please. >>9249 >“hurr I wanna kill pedos, look at how virtuous and based I am” Killing pedoni/gg/ers is just about as based as based gets.
>>9251 You have nothing and you know you have nothing but a limp dick and a folder full of BLACKED porn. I'm done with your punk-ass.
>>9251 Psychiatrists can help you control your rabid and irrational hatred. The first step to getting better is admitting you have a problem.
Open file (87.58 KB 1920x1080 revy delet.jpg)
>>9252 I don't have any BLACKED porn. Guess again, pedoni/gg/er. >>9253 Oh look, another pedoni/gg/er. No wonder you thought killing pedos is bad.
Open file (312.70 KB 593x861 1586892758181.gif)
>>9246 The astonishing differences between a black male and any other "male" from other races is as big as that of a child vs a man.
>>9249 Feels like I’m walking into Cuckchan or Reddit because a shit-tier troll keeps posting the same shit and absolute imbeciles keep replying to it every time while derailing the thread.
>>9255 True facts.
>>9256 I assure you, the pedoni/gg/ers genuinely want to fuck children. They are not trolls.
Open file (912.88 KB 1366x768 1512100759570.png)
>>9215 >>9230 >>9246 >>9254 Go back to >>>/loli/ pretentious Otakus.
>>9256 >a shit-tier troll Trolling, by its very nature, is not sincere. He's not a troll, just a moralfag fresh off the boat. Trolling is a art. I do apologize for my conduct, however.
Open file (228.48 KB 398x527 lild.png)
>>8945 >UK is pretty worse and banned Porn....PORN! That idea was abandoned after countless delays. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/uk-porn-block-law-cancelled HOWEVER, companies wants porn to be blocked, even if covid-19 is on every government's mind atm. >how about plus4chan? That could work. Only two problem, it's slow and it's unique platform will take a while to get used to. >>9170 >>9175 Excatly. IMO, having a sfw-eque /delicious/ wouldn't work since it doesn't have that nsfw spark that made /delicious/ so popular.
>>9245 spammed :)
Open file (397.66 KB 942x1701 Cake1Clothed.png)
>>9259 What if one likes western art? >>9260 >just a moralfag fresh off the boat. <Having morals is faggotry Behold, the pedoni/gg/er. Free of morals, he is not much different from a genuine nigger, straight from the streets of Chicago.
Open file (314.53 KB 1920x1040 Judge_Doom.jpg)
>>9263 >western art You mean Cartoons? we don't allow cartoons around here, they are Illegal!
Open file (6.74 KB 134x114 kate.jpg)
>>9264 I see lots of toons in this thread.
Open file (26.39 KB 330x500 The_Dip.jpg)
>>9265 Not for long.
Open file (302.41 KB 788x1200 67723942_p0.png)
>>9267 Who would create such a horrible thing? I bet it was the pedoni/gg/ers.
>>9268 That's God's cum.
Open file (414.26 KB 765x1261 Delicious board-tan.png)
>>9270 Tell him to aim his jizz elsewhere.
>>9268 And he talked in a voice, just like... T H I S
Open file (104.76 KB 577x485 3txmhl.jpg)
>>9263 >>9265 >>9268 >>9271 I'd wholly support drawn nude kids, if they were at least western and not some japshit garbage.
>>9204 It won't, Tenicu is being an ass.
Open file (111.90 KB 612x612 35471451_p0.jpg)
Open file (381.42 KB 1142x1447 carmen.jpg)
>>9274 Okay then.
Open file (121.16 KB 797x528 shrug2.png)
>>9274 Why not both?
>>9262 oh wow look at you your mom must be proud
Open file (1.89 MB 256x192 explosive nipples.gif)
>>9278 Are there other forms of loli? American tribal? Egyptian? Kangz?
I'm going to have a new node up in the webring in three or four days and will start accepting applications from BOs that want to migrate. I'd already have it up but I've been doing research looking for a host and a place to get the domain that won't yank everything down over one email. In the long ago I would have just hosted in Sweden but now they have hate speech laws so that's not going to work. I'm trying to avoid using the same host as the other sites in the webring because putting everything on one host is a bad idea. I'm going to place a hard limit on the number of boards at 10 or 15. I'm going to ask BOs that migrate to help with global vol duty. I'm going to have one global rule (nothing illegal in the US) and stay out of board affairs beyond that. I'm considering taking in loli/porn boards but I don't want the entire website to be a porn dump. I'm not interested in running lewdchan. If you know of a good host other than buyvm please let me know.
>>9332 Wishosting, a Ukraine host. wishosting.com kimeerau and dolphin use it. $7 gets use 200GB of storage and 8GB of RAM with 2 CPU cores
>>9333 >>9335 Ukraine has hate speech laws.
>>9338 No, no, the locations they host in are non-Ukrainian. I didn't mention this, but the owner is Ukrainian, but the company is in the US.
>>9341 It doesn't matter because we saw yesterday how easy it is to put pressure on a company even if they're hosting offshore. Any host operating out of a country with Hate Speech laws is unacceptable. It's just too much of a risk to host anything there with someone running around reporting everything. I never thought I'd have a harder time finding a host for an imageboard than I would for a public torrent tracker but that's the reality now. 10-20 years ago it was easy to get around this stuff you just set-up in Sweden and forgot about it. I'm thinking I'm going to need to find a host located in the US because it was the only country without hate speech laws last I looked. If I can't provide an environment that respects freedom of speech on the clearnet I don't even want to start this project.
>>9346 Hmm... ah, you can buy a VPS. Make it listen on, then setup Tor. Buy a few VPSes and domains and give anons the clearnet and the Tor address. Each clearnet VPS would have a reverse proxy routing through Tor using polipo (Tor address is set as the reverse proxy host).
>>9346 Japan might be an option, but that screws over loli boards because of their obscenity laws -- they'd have to self-censor. That being said, you said you don't care about them, so it might be viable for you anyway. At least I'll have somewhere with /pol/
>>9349 I would setup a reverse proxy that routes the site through Tor. I've done it before. It's not that hard. I would highly recommend learning about Apache/nginx and a distro like Debian/ubuntu. Knowing init/systemd is important!
>>9350 By doing that, a user could go to mysite.com and it'll hide the real Tor address that the reverse proxy proxies.
>>9349 I don't have a vision for this or anything I'm just hoping adding a node will inspire others to do the same and I don't want to add one if I can't have freedom of speech on it. My main interest is allowing that and seeing what happens. >>9350 That's the plan; tor node, backup domains, and multiple VPSs. I use *BSD for my servers. I think smug has a good grasp on how to keep going despite the troubles so I plan on following their lead. I've already been in contact with them in the last couple of days to ask about problems they've had and how they fixed them. Whenever I get everything online I'll post here again and let you guys know.
>>9332 Consider choosing just one or two main "niches" instead of allowing anyone and everyone. See the following (numbered elements mean they could go either way) (echoes means it's risky but good moderation and/or putting it through some filters or unlisting may be fine) VIDYA /v/ /hgg/1 /f/1 /mon/ /fast/ /vr/ /agdg/ TECHNOLOGY /f/2 /robowaifu/1 /tech/ POLITICS (((/fascist/))) /liberty/ /monarchy/ [pol but call it something else] LEWD /hgg/2 /abdl/ /furry/ /ara/ /hyper/ /hypno/ /d/ /bbw/ /lgbt/ /clang/ (((LOLI))) (((/delicious/))) (((/sm/))) (((/loli/))) (((/trapshota/))) DISCUSSION (for lack of more specific terms) /cow/ /co/ /sw/1 /film/1 /retro/ /blog/ /doomer/ /strek/1 /his/ /christian/ /r9k/ /pone/ /x/ HOBBYISM (could be split in straight hobbyism and self improvement) /k/ /fit/ /film/2 /robowaifu/2 /mu/ /ck/ /loomis/ /icup/ /pdfs/ /webm/ /tg/ /p/ REGIONAL /ita/ /bandada/ /nido/ /britfeel/ /fch/ /ukr/ (french boards redundant because of the french IBs on the ring) RANDOM /b/ /bane/ JAPAN /a/ /2hu/ /cute/ (apparently smug already satisfies all three) TELEVISION /tv/ /sw/2 /film/3 /strek/2 (don't know much about tvch's owner) ALSO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SET YOUR ROBOTS.TXT TO AVOID BEING INDEXED ON THE JEWGLE
>>9363 Do not use robots.txt. Instead block googlebot and more using your webserver's blocking features, e.g. apache2 rewrite to 403: RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} (googlebot|bingbot|Baiduspider|Googlebot|DuckDuckBot|AOL|Baidu|mediapartner-google|adsbot|teoma|yandex) Make sure to add the noindex meta tag too.
>>9364 Oh yeah also block waybackmachine and archive.is, I don't know how people do that but it's possible from what I've heard.
>>9363 >[pol but call it something else] I somewhat resent this. Gives me bad memories to 8kun replacing /pol/ with /pnd/ as a gutless PR move.
>>9366 You can't block waybackmachine. Just send them a generic DCMA takedown request with fake info. Make it available at yoursite.com/dcma.txt and make sure to link to that in your email. They'll block the site from being archived and they'll remove all snapshots too. With archive.is, you must add a captcha wall. Now, with LynxChan, you'll have to code that all in NodeJS. With Vichan, it's not that hard. Just use securimage with PHP sessions to do it all.
>>9366 >>9368 Why the hell would you want to block archives?
>>9370 Imageboards shouldn't be archived. They are supposed to be anonymous. As a user, you should expect privacy, not being stalked-5-years-later-on-v-for-not-liking-a-certain-game thanks to archives.
>>9363 /furry/ should be (((/furry/))) because cub stuff exists and even without it a lot of furry art is ambiguously aged just like anime is.
>>9371 Nah fuck that shit. Archives are a god send. If you want privacy how about you exercise some fucking basic opsec and don't post things that can be traced back to you. Without archives so many fucking niggers like cakekike would be capable of endlessly gas lighting. No one gives a shit about your autistic fixation on being ephemeral, modern imageboard culture goes hand in hand with archiving.
>>9371 Fuck that noise. Archives are great for memorializing moments, stopping disingenuous faggots from lying or pretending their shit never happened ala Mark, and backing up claims with evidence. For example, this pic of Porchmonkey outright admitting his bullshit on 8kun was because of cowardly fear of Journos.
>>9374 Forgot to mention, that was taken from a cyclical, so it would've gotten lost almost immediately had it not been archived.
>>9367 Me too, but the alternative is plain to see. Fatchan got shafted for it with no recourse. In time we may be able to go back to our old names. >>9370 >glowie/agent provocateur like (((dolphinfag))) or cuckwheels wants your site down >posts cp >takes snapshot of site >uses it as proof you're hosting CP/right wing death squads/doorknobs >provider doesn't even as much as glance at your site despite you taking your time to carefully delete everything >weeks of work down the drain On that note, have a large mod team with their only objective to delete any cp spammer >>9374 I agree, but generally speaking I just save the page entirely.
>>9374 >>9373 You're talking to Dolphin, who became butthurt about archives because his previous autism with his emoji pillow Darling (seriously) got archived. All that is down now, but I plan to recover it soon.
>>9377 I'm not dolphin. I just joined in with this conversation. That's all.
>>9370 because he doesn't want to be sued?
>>9379 Okay, let's look at some of your posts then: >>9368 >You can't block wayback machine <Dolphin tried to take down his autism from wayback machine for darlingserver.com and dolpcorp.com >PHP <dolphin constantly shills PHP and is autistic about it >>9364 >apache2 <Dolphin bragged about using Apache2 before Yeah, fuck off.
>>9383 What? Apache is easy to use, so I use it. ><dolphin constantly shills PHP and is autistic about it Did I mention PHP at all? No, I didn't. ><Dolphin bragged about using Apache2 before I wasn't bragging about it. See the above answer.
>>9385 >Did I mention PHP at all? No, I didn't. >>9368 <With archive.is, you must add a captcha wall. Now, with LynxChan, you'll have to code that all in NodeJS. With Vichan, it's not that hard. Just use securimage with PHP sessions to do it all. You added a captchawall to your website fuckoff.pedo and talked about it for hours on IRC. Seriously, Luke Delf, go to sleep.
>>9386 >being this autistic over a few posts Gosh, you're pathetic.
Every time I ask anon for help setting things up Luke shows up to talk to himself. He's really dead set on not allowing anything constructive to be discussed here.
>>9387 And you're trying too hard to fit in. Go to sleep, Luke.
>>9389 What are you schizoposting about?
Go to sleep, Luke.
I registered a domain through OpneNIC and set up an instance of Lynxchan. The webring boards from Julay, anon.cafe and smugloli appear on the list, but since my site can't be accessed without using OpenNIC's DNS, what can be done to make it discoverable to other sites? Do I have to ask other webring imageboards to change their servers' DNS?
>>9413 Other IBs can change hosts file to direct to your site's IP, without looking any DNS up. Or they can switch to OpenNIC, it's compatible with ICANN addresses.
FYI, I've released all the custom addons I've written for Julay: https://gitgud.io/rb/MiscLynxAddons Hope these help someone.
Open file (5.53 KB 303x90 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9433 Check em.
>>8318 What about /film/?
>>9255 >tfw you will never be progressive enough to get abdominally pregnant with a nigger for social points when science goes too far
>>9413 This time I tried using Julay's fronted for Lynxchan because it's comfy, but it's half broken. For example, there is no new thread/new reply form. I only changed references to JulayWorld with informations appropriate for my site. Can someone provide a guide to use Julay's frontend?
Open file (7.65 MB 1136x9584 American lolis.png)
>>9313 Why yes, there are American lolis.
>>9532 >please read LynxChan's documentation on templates. Read the docs :^)
>>9386 >Luke Delf Is that dolphin's real name? Because another one by the same name is a known pedophile too.
>>9372 By that logic other boards deserving of (((echoes))) should be (((/hgg/))), (((/agdg/))), (((/d/))), (((/pone/))), (((/a/))), and (((/2hu/))) because of loli content.
>>9372 Cub is not human, though As in, it could likely pass as fantasy for whoever is trying to sue
>>9332 drawfag here, would you be willing to bring delicious if it was just drawthreads ? would that constitute porn dump?
>>8350 Remember when imageboards used to be about Japanese stuff?
>>9332 >I'm not interested in running lewdchan. Accept loli/western/aco drawthread and 1 or 5 threads to edits (decensoring/patreon like webs leaks, nude filter 1 for artists showoff/help & info for comissions and do not allow dumps, cuz a board is not an archive you have new things, those new things feed the big archive webs, your site stays small everyone es happy
>>9568 Well, how brazen. Would you perhaps draw a tiny Rita?
>>9568 Owner of anon.cafe/loomis/ here You can port them there in your thread no problem if it's your art, I don't know if the Administrator would have any problem for it though so you should probably ask him.
>>9576 Yeah, and?
>>9576 Remember when the internet was about military access codes and university experiments?
>>9332 I'll post this again, now with an updated registrars section: Potential hosts I know of for a webring site, does anyone have others to suggest? I am not an expert and mainly went by hosts I saw others using or recommending as free-speech hosts, this is not exhaustive and I haven't looked into all of them that deeply. 1. Buyvm.net, which used to host Fatchan and still hosts Julay and smug. Obvously the fact they took down Fatchan is not promising, but supposedly that is at least in part because they were using anycast IPs that relied on Voxility: >>>/v/31405 Also the log mentions Fatchan's (almost entirely inactive) /pol/ board so a different set of boards might not run into that problem. 2. www.trabia.com, the host in Moldova used by Exhentai. No idea what their stance on "hate speech" is but for a /v/-only site they might be good, hopefully a loli-allowing host in Moldova isn't going to flip out because someone in a videogame thread said "nigger". Has their own DDOS-protection service included, though it looks like if you actually come under attack and need to announce prefixes they charge you 100€ per month, more than you'll be paying for the hosting itself. 3. Steadfast.net hosts Sankaku Complex, including their booru that has a loli tag and makes no attempt to hide it. In trying to look up their policies I saw this 2014 Slashdot comment: >SomethingAwful is over at Steadfast.net, who has a rather first-amendment heavy interpretation of most laws. I know first-hand how their abuse desk works, and they'll allow practically anything that's not explicitly illegal. While obvously allowing SA is not the most glowing recommendation it might indicate they don't respond to frivolous complaints, since SA used to piss plenty of people off back in the day. The better evidence is probably the Sankaku Complex booru though. 3. nearlyfreespeech.net Included because they're a U.S. host named after free speech that supposedly take it seriously, but it looks like their pay-as-you-go pricing scheme might be too expensive for an imageboard. 4. zensurfrei.com I don't know anyone that used them but their entire website is about how much they care about free-speech and how they don't believe in hate-speech. Might be more oriented towards /pol/ but they probably allow loli too. Their site is pretty ambiguous about exactly what sort of resources they give you for any particular price, you have to talk to them. I read a comment that you pay them by mailing an envelope of cash so it might take time to set up. 5. Flokinet talks about free speech on their website but here is someone talking about how they banned his site for offensive content: http://archive.is/dEVWA 6. 1984hosting.com Based in Iceland, not sure what their loli laws are like. Named after the novel and in the same Slashdot thread someone said "they have defended their customers freedom of speech all the way up to the highest court in Iceland numerous times", don't know how true that is nowadays. 7. Colocation. I don't know much about this but colocation services might be more permissive. I noticed Trabia offered it but there are countless others. 8. Having a server in your house and paying for some sort of business account from you ISP that gives sufficient upload and doesn't forbid servers. Shows your IP if you don't use a service like Vanwatech or Cloudflare. Hard to shut down if you aren't doing anything illegal in your country, because it's your own damn server. If you compare with the plans we're thinking about it's not like the nessesary hardware is really all that expensive, and some or all of it might be in a spare computer you already own. The business account is probably the more expensive part, depending on where you live. Registrars: 1. Eranet International at Now.top is some Chinese (formerly Hong Kong) registrar that hasn't taken down 8kun.top despite extensive efforts against them, after several other domains were taken down. That seems as resilient as it gets. 2. Smug just switched to Tucows. They banned 8chan but should be more resilient than most to a random angry email. It's looks like Tucows doesn't sell them directly but goes through various resellers, so you would go to a Tucows reseller like EasyDNS, which supposedly is resistant as well. 3. r01.ru is used by dailystormer.su. They used to be at dailystormer.name using Eranet, and that domain is still under Eranet and redirects, so they weren't taken down from there either. Russia bans loli, I don't know if that would affect the decisions of a registrar. Looks like their website is only in Russian, which might be inconvenient. Searching their name finds this wiki complaining about them providing services for fake pharmacies, and they have a list of other offenders that might be of interest: https://fraud-reports.wikia.org/wiki/R01_RU Obvously just because a registrar allows criminals doesn't mean they allow legal but controversial sites, but it might indicate a registrar that just doesn't care about complaints in general. (For example I saw the aforementioned EasyDNS praised on blackhatforums for "only suspending sites for a court order", but they're a reseller for Tucows which banned 8chan. Though as mentioned they still might be better than most for sites that don't attract 8chan levels of notoriety.) 4. On a similar note here is an article with a list of "bulletproof" registrars used for piracy sites and various illegal activity. https://web.archive.org/web/20200430160454/https://medium.com/@chris.ambler.domains/bulletproof-domain-registrars-in-the-world-c749d5e66259 However note most (all) of them are resellers rather than ICANN accredited registrars, so someone could go further up the chain to see if the company they resell from will ban you. But some of those companies they resell from are Chinese or whatever and probably don't care.
Oh My God, I just got it. I realized a way we can create an anonymous message board without labeling it an anonymous message board in the eyes of the provider, normalfags and (((Esther))) I need someone who is really good at creating CSS to see if this theory sticks. If you're interested, please tell me.
Open file (148.83 KB 488x488 1569147771401.png)
Open file (538.48 KB 1006x768 1566533417853.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 1280x720 1587342855793-0.png)
Open file (37.02 KB 1441x2048 1571935259004-4.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 600x1000 1569525909085.png)
>>9591 smuglo.li was dropped from their former host because of Esther sending an email with a list of images which included a handful of loli but also a bunch of random bullshit. Here are some of the images that were reported. If you're trying to do something tricky keep in mind that a lot of providers will just drop you because it's easier than dealing with a report. And pretty much anything that makes it confusing to use will deter users more than reports. That's why I think the solution is resilient service providers.
Open file (106.04 KB 1556x321 8chan move to se.png)
Apparently the 8chan.moe domain is going down within 24 hours and they'll use 8chan.se instead. To be expected since 8chan.moe was just registered with some random company, supposedly the registrar for 8chan.se is free-speech oriented. This is why you pick a good registrar to begin with.
>>9594 That's a lewd chair I'll make you a mockup of what I mean
Open file (201.52 KB 1087x449 ib fun vs pop.png)
Some kind of LynxChan build tool just went up on Anon.cafe: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html Says its not for absolute beginners but maybe those with a bit of /tech/ knowledge can use it to make their lives easier. https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html >It is an Ansible role that turns a CentOS 7 server into a LynxChan 2.3.7 host with an nginx reverse proxy in front to handle HTTPS termination and traffic limiting. It is very configurable and includes variable documentation as well as a tutorial to help those unfamiliar with Ansible get up to speed. It's my hope that this will help Anon spin up new imageboards without having to struggle against many of their software's peculiarities and tedium.
>>9599 >sweden Lolicon is illegal there. How will they stay alive?
>>9609 I was wondering that myself, but keep in mind the domain registrar isn't the same as hosting it there. It's just that in theory the registrar is ultimately beholden to the Swedish government. If nothing else they're planning to have 8chan.cc as another backup domain.
>>9377 God speed if true.
Open file (192.25 KB 319x304 ZUN sip.png)
Hey Robi how are the chances for /2hu/ surviving the mass execution rebirth? BO is a stupid nigger that wants to merge it with /japan/ over on plw to sate his PPH addiction. It's already a miracle that /2hu/ survived the 8chan shutdown, I don't want to move sites again.
>>9616 You think it won't be a problem if someone registers a site like hitlerwasright.de?
>>8916 We are going to build a free Spanish IB Confederation, thanks for the shelter Robi.
>>8859 What exactly do you mean by emailed?
>>9586 Just to let you know about hosting in Iceland: loli is quite explicitly illegal https://www.althingi.is/lagas/150a/1940019.html 210. gr. a. translated summary of relevant parts is: any pictures, movies or "comparable material" depicting under 18's even if adults acting like minors or if not real such as in animations or other simulations." and there are hatespeech laws https://www.althingi.is/lagas/150a/1940019.html 233. gr. a. translated summary is: mocking, demeaning or threatens a person on a group with comments or other means such as images or symbols, on the the grounds of nationality, skin colour, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. the loli ban being passed in 2012 and hatespeech 2014 and both punishable with fines and up to 2 years in prison. 1984hosting has therefore been quite thoroughly defanged and is not an option for imageboards.
>>9667 They got Esther M. Aronowitz'd. Ever since Ron globally banned loli on 8kun and the remainder of 8kun/v/ fled to the webring, someone using that name has been emailing the hosts and registrars of all these imageboards with complaints about loli, /pol/, and ties to 8chan, in an attempt to get them all deplatformed.
Open file (112.86 KB 680x573 stop.jpg)
>>9634 Since he owns both I'd imagine robi just saying, "Fuck it, he has one already." and /2hu/ being rip.
>>9691 Footfags are such an inexplicable force. I'll never understand them and I fear trying to understand them leads only to insanity and depraved autism. That's an abyss I'm not willing to stare at.
>>9691 I bet Integralist-chan has the smelliest feet
>>9674 Thanks for letting people know.
LynxChan install script is back! Stephen says it's safe on /lynx/ Run: sudo wget https://dolphinch.xyz/install_lynxchan.sh && sudo bash install_lynxchan.sh
>>9691 I don't know what this shit is, but it's cringier than any /pol/ board will ever will be. Looks like they were right about coomers, btw, there is definitely something wrong with their brains
Open file (246.88 KB 600x600 loliclock.jpg)
>>9371 >not being stalked-5-years-later-on-v-for-not-liking-a-certain-game Only possible if you're a retarded namefag/avatarfag, or you're site administration. And the actions of the latter should be archived so they can be held to account for their actions by anons and to prevent revisionism. Kill yourself, dolphinigger. >>9594 >My magizine of choice is Comic LO. Based, and lolipilled.
Open file (208.59 KB 645x773 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (211.74 KB 633x758 ClipboardImage.png)
Robi, are there any board scrapers available that can move threads from lynxchan (or whatever Julay uses) to vichan? I'd like to move threads from /monarchy/ and /liberty/ to the bunker now that we have it set up.
Open file (135.26 KB 1456x317 futafags.png)
>>9691 >footfags
>>9716 Grace is a futa actually, it's a little known fact.
>>9691 I always wanted more OC, but I never expected this.
>>9719 I think this might the first image to feature all three board-tans in one picture. Who would have guessed this is how they'd make their debut as a trio kek
>>9714 >vichan I don't about your setup and I'm not an expert but are you sure that's what you want to be using, knowing the difficulty in switching later? If you don't like LynxChan there's also JSChan, a bit feature incomplete (no bump limit separate from reply limit yet) but in active development.
>>8916 There are some autismos out there that want /bandada/ to be deleted, don't listen to anyone but the actual BO on this.
>Killing niche boards to keep fucking /v/ around If you want to keep your pepewojak shithole so much you should've said it from the get go.
>>9770 WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH why won't you host my boards 4FREE? why won't lazy niggers take care of everything for me? Hey nigger, why can't you host your own niche site on a $5/month VPS and protect your precious content? Why do you keep wanting to burden julay when the whole goal of the webring was spread the burden out? If Robi keeps trying to keep all these boards, he's going to end up like Moot and Fred. Shit sucks, but it's better to cut the losses and force anons to learn how to fish instead of being spoonfed fish, in the long run.
Open file (61.09 KB 472x600 unclearthur.jpg)
Robi, can you keep /doomer/ around? If not, I'll try to get a suitable site up for the webring, but I'm a noob with webshit. Would setting up on a VPS be preferable to a server in-house? Hell, I have enough spare parts around to build a server even a raspberry pi if I have to, but I don't know about hosting it on a home network with firewalls/security. Can any webhostfags second >>9607 as a decently simple enough setup?
>>9780 Oh shit, should have waited a sec before posting. Anyway, what service would you recommend as a VPS? I don't mind shelling out for the fees, done that here on occasion.
>>9780 >don't like this movie? LETS SEE YOU MAKE YOUR OWN AND DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open file (26.39 KB 520x323 Canary.jpg)
>>9780 That also reminds me Not everyone has disposable income or any income at all some people can pay for internet and that's it and don't have any solution for losing julay
>>9783 He's right, if you had had the technical knowledge you would have done this a long time ago.
>>9781 Fuck doomers, you edgy 13 years can go right back to 4chan. I have always wanted to take control of your board and spam it with nigger dicks.
>>9791 What a nice color of bird.
I heard rumors that Julay shutting down and purging boards is because too many people started talking about the Diaper Cabal. Never bite the hand that feeds you, you dumb faggots.
>>9797 Nobody cares about your dumb porn board.
Open file (2.69 MB 2011x2500 1466868599246.png)
>>9783 What kind of fucking stupid argument is this? If you don't like a movie, you're free to not watch it and even loudly proclaim how much you don't like it. What you're not allowed to do is tell the director what scenes to shoot or the actors what lines to say. You're not compelled to enjoy what you're given, but you don't have the right to use someone else's resources to suit your needs, you fucking commie. >>9791 >Not everyone has disposable income or any income at all And how does this justify telling someone else that actually has disposable income how he should spend what is theirs? You don't have the resources to host your own site, that's your own problem and no one else. Shit sucks, but it doesn't mean anyone else has to chip in and give you what you want just because you can't buy it yourself. Might as well argue for free food, house and cars paid by everyone that dares to have disposable income. Considering those are basic necessities, it'd be even more legitimate. I fucking hate you niggers. You're no different than the communists or the religious zealots, it's always the same plan with different names and colors. Somehow, someone will magically bring about the paradise you crave for at no cost or effort for you so you can have all the things you want. Who is this entity, why would he do what you want and how is he going to even achieve that? Who knows? Who cares! He will show up though so there's no need to put any effort yourself, and when he does, there's no way this can ever go wrong! The state will provide for all your needs. The king will protect you. The fuhrer will take care of the undesirables. God will reward you. Allah will protect you. It doesn't matter, the problem will be solved once this mythical figure arrives and does all the work for you in a way that you can't even begin to explain how it'd realistically happen and it won't even take advantage of it's position over you to fuck you up, because he's such a good person, right? It's because of morons like you assholes that shitty people get into positions of power. You're the cattle they breed because you expect to be tended to at every opportunity and you fucking deserve everything you get.
Open file (416.26 KB 1750x2500 urabigkid.jpg)
>>9801 So, uh, you guys have any sites of your own set up? Any advice for us plebs to help us on our journey of self-sufficiency in the webring? I won't argue against your give a man a fish point, as I agree. However, successful communities are built on masters training up apprentices, so that they may also one day become masters themselves, and so on. We can't all be savants on our own islands, anon.
>>9801 >all that to say, "Too bad, poorfag." th-thanks
controversial boards can use bvll . neocities .org
>>9804 I'm not involved with the argument but the anon.cafe owner recently uploaded this: >InstantIB.LynxChan: An Imageboard Host Builder https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html I tried to find some hosts and registrars to suggest here: >>9586
I've been talking to some people today and I know of three that are planning to start new imageboards, join the webring and take in some boards. Everyone just needs to stop freaking out and be patient. If you run a board and need a new home contact me here: webring@firemail.cc
>>9816 Use Dolphin's script. An anon used it to create: https://chan.loli.church/
>>9804 https://chan.loli.church/ An anon in Julay IRC used dolphin's script as a test. It worked rather well.
>>9822 #FreePressRally when?
/nido/ BO here. You are the boss, do what you want.
>>9828 >I know of three that are planning to start new imageboards, join the webring and take in some boards Thank god someone's willing to have a heart in this trying time. Do any of your buddies have hard caps like OpenNic's 10-15, or preferences like "no loli/vidya only/no /pol/"?
>>9856 The plan right now is not to have more than one "hot item" on each. So the one taking in /pol/-type boards wouldn't host loli, and the boards taking in loli wouldn't touch politics.
>>9863 wise.
>>9828 You should go and tell the people over at /ita/ and /liberty/ about it
>>9691 You know what, this is starting to get to me. Foot fag has succeeded in indoctrinating this poor virgin's fetish.
Clean feet are better.
>>9828 Another thing I was also worried about is the development of a "shadow government" in the webring where only certain people are allowed to moderate who gets in and who gets kicked out. I only have cursory knowledge on how the webring works so I don't even know if it's a legitimate concern please help
https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution Planning to add at least the board listing today. Development of at least basic imageboard features should be fast enough, because the legacy repository has posting (without files) implemented which I can pretty much copy wholesale.
>Would compartmentalising every board into its own chan be a help or a hindrance? Splinterchan? The main problem with this is moderation. Someone can do a lot of damage if they attack a low traffic board. In order to pull this off, you would either need a "global mod node" where you could apply for global mod support, or just have agreements with other boards for some sort of shared modding. If there were a global mod arrangement, I would imagine it would work as follows: 1. anon reports 2. report has a timer, if timer exceeded, report is upstreamed to global mod pool a wordfilter could also be used to reduce global mod reports 3. if report is denied by globals it's kicked back down to local Separate sites for each board is preferable, but then there's the problem with the linking document. If we continue to rely on the cafe, the cafe will become the next target. This could be solved through the use of a blockchain ledger, or even a simple signed json file shared by magnet link or webtorrent. If either of these methods were used, we wouldn't even need dns providers. Think of it as a grey net. The main issue is boomers re-entering the webring, which means you need some sort of barrier to entry which the average anon isn't going to have a problem with, but the average facetwatgram faggot isn't going to be able to stand. Maybe even ban certain useragents, like phones or macs.
>>9936 Seriously? Moderation a bigger threat than letting high risk communities stand alone? I guess if you're not part of them it's easy to think like that.
>>9936 Fatchan's PPH captcha trigger coupled with block bypass negated every single one of dolphin's attempts to spam the site. Moderating small boards isn't difficult with a couple of anti-spam triggers in place.
>>9804 I have a server I'm already using to host some games for friends. It's up 24/7, so might as well use it to host an imageboard. It's also in Portugal and I very much doubt I'd get an issue with loli\political stuff here. It's a very conservative country, but they don't touch the internet much nor can they be arsed to care about any of that shit yet anyway. Once I'm done with some personal stuff and there's a proper guide to do this, I'll try to join the webring as well. Only thing that really worries me is getting some proper DDoS protection that doesn't bite me in the ass afterwards. >>9807 I used to be poor, young and stupid too so I know where some Anons are coming from. This might sound stupid but when I was a lad, I really hated that you had to pay 10$ a month to play Runescape with all content and never went past the starting area because of this. Many years later and after seeing what F2P MMOs are like, I'm convinced 10$ wasn't enough. You have to understand that what you can do is dictated by your strength and resources alone and if you really wanna do something for which you lack either of those, you either work on that or you're gonna have to be subservient to someone else that can do that for you at whatever cost he wants from you. That's what feudalism fundamentally was, live under someone that can protect you and enjoy security while giving him whatever he wants from you. This isn't about shaming poorfags but take this into consideration. Fatchan owner and it's /v/ BO do not have the strength or resources to keep swapping domain names around, hopping across registrars just to have the site up. Meanwhile smuglo.li is still fighting hard to keep their place alive and their BO has stated he does not want donations to keep going. One BO is unable to keep what he has, the other is. I really wished Fatchan was still around and thought the BO and it's italian moderator where doing an alright job, but you have to understand that these things happen whenever someone doesn't have the power to protect what he loves in the long run. If you refuse to understand this, you'll always be taken advantage by anyone that has more power than you, you'll never put any value in anything that's given to you and you'll never actually be a part of any community, just a tourist passing by.
>>9936 There's no point in decentralizing imageboards if you're still gonna centralize the moderation and there's no need either. What happens in an imageboard should be the responsibility of it's owner alone, otherwise you're inviting foreign moderation and putting extra responsability in everyone else in the webring. You'd also make every imageboard have to complain every rule in every country there's an imageboard. Let's say loli is legal in country A where there's imageboard B, but it's not in country C where there's imageboard D. Because D can't host loli, should B ban it as well even though it's not illegal in their country? Keep every imageboard their own state\country\principality\whatever. They keep their own rules, follow the law of the country they are hosted on, and the only thing connecting everyone is a plugin that links everyone that wants to be a part of the webring.
Do we have official julay powerlevels from Robbeh yet? I say boards with over 3k posts and over 2 pages of threads should stay. Minus porn boards since mongols are puritans, that would be in the ballpark of 10 boards. A few exceptions for good boards shy of the mark like /film/ could be made, so let's say round ~15-ish boards.
>>9980 Tom is a fucking retarded pussy. Hes too confident in his ability and pussied out at the first sight of adversary. Fuck fatchan, fuck you retards. Paying for shitty mmo games is for retards, who the fuck do you think you are to give an opinion on anything?
>>9993 I'd like to see you run an imageboard. Why not start your own?
>>9983 yeah this
>>9160 >nomadism based
Warning: Do not go to dolphinch.xyz. He's currently cloning boards from here to his own boards to get people to use his imageboard. He always logs IPs and has leaked them multiple times. Going there is at your own risk. >>10017 Will decide in the weekend. It will not be more than 10 boards.
Edited last time by robi on 05/01/2020 (Fri) 17:00:31.
IMAGEBOARD CIVIL WAR >4chan >julay >mark's puppets: --fatchan--, 8kun, 8chan.moe, 9chan >alt tranny federation
>>10022 But I use tor + VPN + tails, what can he do? It is harmless and he must have spent a lot of time and effort to make it. He seems to do it very fast as well so maybe his technicality is to be applauded. Dolphin, raising peasants awareness with the issue on privacy.
>>10022 > >>8626 >>8629 >>8633 >>8635 >this time How many times have you leaked anons IP's because they were mean to you? 3 or 4? It hasn't even been a week since your last leak Anonymous 04/29/2020 (Wed) 09:24:25 ID: 5e7a4e No.8682 >>8684 >>8722
>>10023 >4chan Doesn't stand to gain or lose anything, unless there's a freak accident that somehow turns ownership from hiro to Jim. >>9160 This anon gets it. As long as there's a community/niche for something, that part of imageboard culture will never die.
>>10022 Robi, these are the people that stayed after the sunshine leaks, and foxdickfarms, they don't care about IP leaks.
Hey julay/v/ BO you don't make it any easier for fatchan/v/ anon to get some footing huh, do you want them to go back to mark fat fold that badly, at least give them a warning first instead of locking the thread right away.
what is the BO of /v/ doing? Cant even put up a simple meta thread.
>>10007 Sorry I hurt your ff tom. I won't do it again
>>10007 I have one over here >>9406 and there is a handful of fat/v/ anons carrying over discussion.
>>10036 >>10039 go shit up some other board with your irrelevant meta shit
>>10036 Make your own goddamn thread, stop leeching of other people already.
>>10040 >tom Try again. And if you could stand against the Eshter kike so much better, where is your imageboard? This is a serious question.
If you are coming from fat/v/, vch, 8cult, etc, we have >>>/pol/ >>>/cow/ and >>>/gamergatehq/ for your nonsense. >>>/v/ is for video games discussion, nobody likes your thinly veiled /pol/ nigger threads So far I've seen major amounts of spam on /v/, so I have zero complaints about muses.
>>10060 No, come to dolphinch.xyz
>>10022 Ah, yes, more lies, you Italian conman
>>10061 >>10066 >seething dolphincuck you'll never get your anal virginity back and daddy left his mark forever EVER, just like your thread will be!
>>10070 t. robi (alias)
>>10060 If the only choices left for /v/ are either julay or cakekang, then it may as well just die.
Open file (29.63 KB 350x348 Smack Rabbit.jpg)
>>10060 Lots of "organic" hostility popping up against the fatchan lads out of nowhere all of a sudden, I see. >Muh /pol/ They've been dead/dormant since 8chan was killed, and still they haunt you, like a nazi ghost under your bed. Fucking pathetic.
>>10060 Posting shit like this only make you look like mark goon or mark himself making julay look as hostile as possible so fat/v/ refugee have to go and use his shithole site.
>>10093 Nice try, Mark.
Open file (17.52 KB 367x289 ClipboardImage.png)
Board list complete. Tomorrow I will be working on board index and threads. Everything is pushed to the repo. Started writing the guide. Also used some posts in the past threads about the possible hosting services to use, copyright Anonymous 2020.
>>10101 Is this for the reboot?
>>10104 >17 minutes ago >Robi @rb >pushed to branch master at Robi / FinalSolution I want to shotgun the fuck out of this newfag.
>>10022 >accidentally clicked one dolphinfag link Fuck, will I have to wear programmer's socks now?
>>10110 Do it right now! >>>/lgbt/ still welcomes /prog/ramming socks! they even have a programming&propaganda thread for all your --sissy-- programing needs!
Robi, will the threads on /v/ be transferred over to the new site?
at least let /delicious/ stay on the new site
>>10137 Robi doesn't care about "fetish" boards, hence why he's keeping /abdl/ but not /delicious/. Get Rekt and ditch this fuckin jip-joint for good when he takes it down.
Open file (88.15 KB 886x902 potty.jpg)
>>10173 /abdl/ is far more based than /delicious/
>>8423 Are /robowaifu/, /sw/ and /ita/ going to stay?
Open file (100.62 KB 513x486 Sukuna wew lad.jpg)
>>10097 >Herding the ni/gg/ers away from Jewchan <Must be MARK! You smell absolutely Jewcy.
>>8441 I'm kind of surprised a p2p chan client hasn't been made yet. The Limewire of chans. That'd be kinda cool and a throwback to some extent.
>>10137 You're better off asking /hgg/, if you want to join some existing imageboard. I don't have any hope left for this diaper fetishists website.
>>10221 A client hasn't been, but there are true p2p boards already. They're just not being used cause people have to moderate what they want to see themselves.
>>9828 To those three people who want to start new image boards - please use JsChan. And even more important, please DONT use Lynxchan!
>>10251 I'd prefer jschan based imageboards, but if it's easier to get lynxchan setup it's not that bad.
hopefully the imageboard software is free and open source
>>10254 naturally, this isn't 8goon
>>10252 Yeah, the thing is that the one site using Jschan also had the main dev as the admin, that might have been one of the big reasons why it ran as smooth as it did.
>>9712 Fuck off with this fucking low quality wojak memes>
>>9586 Long list of "bulletproof" hosting for warez sites that might have places to check out: http://archive.is/oRznG However please note that being bulletproof for warez is NOT the same thing as being bulletproof for controversial website, either on a company level or in terms of the laws in the country where they're based. Most of this list is unacceptable even at a glance, since for example the Netherlands bans both loli and "hate speech". Or Serverastra in Hungary which someone suggested for hosting The Pirate Bay which has a provision in their TOS against "content encouraging or suitable to encourage national, racial and ethnic hatred, promoting fascism, communism or other similar ideologies". But it might be a starting point for finding free-speech hosts if you also read their TOS, look up the laws in their country, and search what people say about them.
Open file (227.41 KB 360x215 1w07hw1588444565.png)
>>10285 <He doesn't know.
Open file (1.34 MB 1470x878 EW5yUGPU0AEQpxM~2.png)
Lol, it down scaled it.
>>10246 Yeah I'm familiar, but I think if there was a client with central moderation it would be a lot easier for peeps. Probably isn't done because it's ideologically impure. Like yea a largely decentralized system with a centralized mod that boots people with CP would be nice. I think that's basically how usenet works right? Idk been a while since I read about it
Open file (253.79 KB 1120x1240 trabia TOS.png)
>>10294 Additional possibilities for hosts I noticed in that list 1. alexhost.com Another host in Moldova, they proudly boast about ignoring DMCA (since they're not in the U.S.), but the page also mentions freedom of speech and only mentions illegal activities as banned. https://alexhost.com/page/dmca-ignored-vps--dedicated-servers/ Their TOS does not mention any banned content, but does say "In the case of a complaint regarding the content of the Subscriber’s information resource, the Operator hereby expresses his consent to disclose to a third party the Subscriber’s personal information (name and address of residence), as well as contact information for the purpose of solving the dispute between the Subscriber and the third party.". Not sure how serious the complaint has to be for them to do that, are they talking about legal complaints or what? Pricing seems reasonable. 2. ititch.com U.S. host, their website proudly talks about how they're committed to free-speech and privacy and will keep sites up in the face of opposition. Primarily (only?) payable in bitcoin, and lets you pay anonymously. However their low-priced options all have a pretty small amount of storage space, so for an imageboard it might be too expensive. I'm not sure just how much storage space would realistically be needed. 3. lolekhosted.net Moldova host, their website proudly brags "Never Receive Abuse Complaint", "You can host anything here!", "Marketing Emails, Scanning and more allowed", and "no-log policy". Clearly they cater more to piracy, spammers, and criminals of various sorts. But presumably at the point where you put "Never Receive Abuse Complaint" on your website you're not shutting anyone down for loli or controversial politics either. Can be paid in cryptocurrency. Be careful about backups in case they suddenly get shut down by Moldova police for some of the other stuff I assume is on their servers. Supposedly the company has been around for 11 years but it looks like they were in Poland instead 2 years ago (according to a comment that said they allowed anything except CP). Only offers 40GB of space unless you're paying $100 per month or more, so same potential problem as the last one. Additonal commentary about Steadfast and Trabia because an anon asked elsewhere: Steadfast definitely seems like the most mainstream host on the list, catering to businesses, and their website doesn't specifically say they care about free speech or anything. We know they allow loli because of the Sankaku Complex booru but for everything else it's much less clear. Their TOS doesn't say anything about hate-speech, though they don't allow piracy even via torrent files that don't host anything on their servers: https://www.steadfast.net/legal-information They require you to request a quote to get prices. Their website is a bit unclear about whether they offer VPSs, it's divided into "Cloud Hosting" and "Managed Hosting" (dedicated servers), and the lowest-end dedicated server is more powerful than what Julay uses, so it might end up overpriced. Trabia Network seems less mainstream and might be more promising. They don't say anything about free-speech either, but the fact they go so far as to be based in Moldova probably says something, and their TOS specifically talks about illegal activity: https://www.trabia.com/terms.html >Services of Trabia-Network may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or distribution of any information, data, or material in violation of any applicable Moldavian and/or International law or regulation is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: >a) UCE (Unsolicited Commerce Email) / Spam >b) Copyrighted Material >c) Trade Secrets or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization >d) Unacceptable content or links (Pirated Software, Hacker Programs/Archives, Warez) >e) Software/Systems that are designed to harm other people (e.g. Scam, Phishing, Botnet, Malware, Virus) Now, they don't specifically say "we won't take down your server if it's legal in Moldova". There's enough wiggle-room in their TOS for them to do whatever they want, same as any TOS. But the fact the rule about content is specifically "lawful purposes only" indicates they might be fine with 'hate speech' as well, it's just hard to say when the example of them being used is only Exhentai and not /pol/ content. In general a board named /pol/ will probably be fine on fewer hosts than a videogame board that happens to have people making offensive posts on it, but for all I know they could be fine with either. Their prices are on their website and seem competitive. Their DDOS protection seems more expensive than Buyvm ($100 dollars if you actually end up using it compared to $3 a month.), but I don't know how the two services compare and for all I know maybe the free version of their DDOS protection already matches BuyVM's without the $100. Someone posted something indicating something like 40% of their peering is Voxility, the company that shut down Fatchan, but from my very limited knowledge I don't think that's really the same thing as outright using Voxility anycast like Fatchan did. Especially because the same place that offered anycast via Voxility still hosts julay and smug without problem because they don't use anycast, while offering anycast for their other customers, without Voxility trying to blacklist the entire company.
>>8880 Those boards are the anus, bowel and colon of julay.world
Open file (42.69 KB 505x591 putquan.jpg)
how did julay defeat the bernd spammer? >i am not him, just watching his handy work destroy dolphin.pedo i believe the owner is using 2.4, no xander
>>10353 >dolphin.pedo i take it you know each other?
>>10294 >Or Serverastra in Hungary which someone suggested for hosting The Pirate Bay which has a provision in their TOS against "content encouraging or suitable to encourage national, racial and ethnic hatred, promoting fascism, communism or other similar ideologies". I don't know anything about that host but do note that, last time I checked, loli is not illegal in Hungary. That is, drawn artwork is not considered illegal if it depicts underage, as long as the creation did not involve underage people (for ex. taking pictures of CP and photoshopping it). However it has been a long time since I looked into that. There are laws in Hungary against publically showing iconography belonging to fascist/communist ideologies, for ex. you can't just walk down the street wearing a shirt with a hammer and sickle on it (the exception is either proper context, or being one of those tradition-keeping groups). Not sure how much this affects websites. There are hungarian hosts that ignore DMCA but they do so in favor of local copyright laws, for better or worse.
Open file (145.62 KB 203x286 tu.png)
>>9170 >what about a board where I can put pictures of cartoons that arent naked or sucking a penis or similar? Use >>/rcl/ I would tell you to use /co/ but that place is quite dead.
>>10343 Godspeed, anon Where has fat/v/ gone to though
Boards to keep have been decided. Making a new thread in a few minutes, because this one is oversized at this point.

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