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Open file (28.88 KB 247x329 1533932512846.jpg)
Peasant 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:32:41 No.1265
Absolutism is gay. That is all - thank you.
Open file (479.50 KB 597x735 mot_louis14.png)
You're gay, OP.
absolutists that denies papacy need be purged
>>1265 I agree, Feudal monarchy was always superior
grumble, grumble, feudboys
>>2168 I approve this message.
Open file (2.80 MB 2048x1151 8259.jpg)
Open file (89.76 KB 960x720 Pr0c5s6y.jpg)
Byzantine Empire, not feudal.
>>2179 While the ERE was never explicitly feudal, it was more feudal than the Western empire was, and did empower regional landowners to a certain extent, even though the Emperor largely retained his power.
Open file (445.37 KB 1199x1516 1200px-Shah_fullsize.jpg)
Shah of Iran, constitutional monarch--breaks the remnants of Feudalism in his White Revolution. >>2181 ERE wasn't explicitly feudal, you're right.
Ivan the Terrible breaks the back of the Boyars and back the name of autocracy--autokrator a title under the ERE. Peter the Great initiates the Russian Empire, granting the Tsars their title of Emperor till the days of Nicholas II.
The divine Egyptian monarchy, not feudal by most anons' standards.
>>2184 Wrong. The Egyptian Middle Kingdom was the first feudal system in history.
>>2186 That discounts the Old Kingdom and New Kingdom. The Middle Kingdom still maintained the kingship as the center of Egyptian society (if no less in theory) and that process of nomarchs and priesthood would later transition back to less feudal standards. Ramesses II was from the New Kingdom.

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