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Open file (47.35 KB 688x476 ungern.jpg)
Royal Court King#codmAO 08/25/2019 (Sun) 20:41:49 No.1
Welcome to /monarchy/.

Emergency Radio Bulletin:

This is a meta thread. In other words, a court, if you will.
Anyone save the flags from the last board? We can't LARP without our LARP badges.
I'll post some when I get home. Lynxchan doesn't require you to resize flags before posting so finding them should be real easy.
All right, here's a few that I remembered. Lynxchan auto-resizes the images once you upload them so it's pretty easy for anyone else to add a flag, just make sure filesize is less than 32 KB.
Open file (31.87 KB 432x260 FRIDERICUS REX.png)
Open file (5.59 KB 1200x800 HEIL KAISER DIR.png)
Open file (940.00 B 1280x853 The Hapsburgs.png)
I couldn't find the old Anarcho-Monarchist flag we used to have, but here's an alternate. And the Mad Monarchist flag for good measure.
Here's one that we didn't have before but I think would be cool to have now.
Welp, Endchan and the 2hu boards are up again.

I guess we got colonies now.

I am really getting sick of this moderating stuff.
I don't really care for those colonies, tbh.
Don't know much about 2hu, but haven't had good experiences with endchan. Would you be able to add the flags posted above?
Also, if you want your role tag to be displayed in your posts, you need to put the "#rs" hash into the name field.

if you don't like doing BO stuff I can be your hotpocket
I wanted to propose this at the original board. If we're going to add flags, can we have these more aesthetically pleasing flags for the Russian Empire instead of the other one?
I don't want to do this anymore, and will be considering passing on the boards to someone else. There is a procedure in place in the rules (that has been for some time and I wonder if no one has noticed it or if no one has been interested (or, more likely, no one has read the rules), <<209 if you're interested) that I would like to enact, but do not know if I will be able to. I do want to at least see this through until September 12th (or one full week after the 8chan Congressional hearings, whichever comes later) so I can be sure to at least see this through, however wise or not that may be.

>Would you be able to add the flags posted above?

>Don't know much about 2hu, but haven't had good experiences with endchan.
>I wanted to propose this at the original board.
It looks like this is the board by popular consent anyways. I'm not sure how much say I have in the matter.
>Also, if you want your role tag to be displayed in your posts, you need to put the "#rs" hash into the name field.
Good to know, but this is the tradition from the old board. Got to have some pretenders every once in a while to rile things up.
Cool. Thanks!
Will you give up on all boards or just the minor colonies? Imo, the whole 8chan downtime thing doesn't make a difference, seeing how small our community was. We could always rebuild here.
This is pretty comfy. It's also weird having our board appear on the front page.

I'd like to keep the colonies, if at least as little advertisements.
The rest of your flags suck. I'm a lion. Get in the car.
Resized to be below 32kb.
Thank you.

I have to note that I have had nearly zero issues adding flags to the board. On the other board I'd have to do a number of refreshing and cache bs to see if the new flags were working, or sometimes only after a day. Here they just...appear.

Likewise, posting doesn't seem to be complete bullshit where sometimes your post will disappear and then you'll end up double or triple posting. Maybe I'm speaking too soon though.
Then could I ask you to add these? >>189
This place also needs the flag of the house of holy kings.
For a name I suggest this: Árpád vére, hej!
"Árpád vére" means blood of Árpád, and "hej" is just a cry. It's a line from this song: https://invidio.us/watch?v=r6PU5juqyVU
Aye, give the Franks and Saxons a little love. The Russian Imperial Banner doesn't need to be added since we have this one already.
I missed this post. Added.
Open file (495.25 KB 2000x1500 kibaszott_víb.jpeg)
Thank you! Now I get to use words nobody else can understand or even spell properly.
Can you change the board title to Past, Present & Future as it was on 8chan?
It wasn't "Past, Present, and Future" for nearly a year on the old board.
Open file (2.23 MB 290x595 classic.gif)
>A man holding a sign of an anime girl holding a sign
This is asking to be looped
Change it anyway
Dear lord messing with the CSS on this board is a lot easier than on 8chan.
And I have to commend you, for this new background is superb.
Open file (26.90 KB 770x400 bklogopromo_0.jpg)
Open file (8.75 KB 260x194 burgerking.jpg)
Requesting this for
anarcho-monarchist flag
Chetnik flag
I resized it the rest of the way and added it. We'll see how it looks.
Anmons already had a flag. I forget what exactly it was, but it was some usual boring black/yellow stuff. Even though that might be more fitting.

/monarchy/ needs an heir.
Open file (69.58 KB 842x848 bully2.jpg)
>/monarchy/ needs an heir.
I vote for the "You want tyranny? I'll give you tyranny" memelord.
I could, but I have no experience w/ running a board.
Also, it might divide the peasantry after electing a tyrant.
>I vote for
That's not how things work around here.
Edited last time by GK_Stone on 09/09/2019 (Mon) 02:59:20.
I have experience hotpocketing if your neck tires of the crown, King.
E-mail me.
It is done.
Listen here chump. How hard do I have to piss you off before you feel the need to personally ban my ass? Don't make me deactivate the last of my shitposting inhibitors.

Can you hear it? Destiny calls: *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP*
Is it still acemous@8chan.co?
Yes. As it's listed in the rules.
As I thought. I knew those rules were written awhile ago, wanted to make sure they were still valid. The message has been sent.
Open file (63.89 KB 671x557 ClipboardImage.png)
Sorry about that. I can still log in just fine. In fact, confederate-kun has still been sending me messages. But, let me try another address in case the provider is more screwed up than I thought.

Try King@dwfafychan.33mail.com
Hold up, I'm the Confederatefag. Have the messages been going through then, or do I have a doppelganger?
...you didn't e-mail during the initial chaos?

Oh well, here's hoping it all turns out alright.
That must have been somebody else, then. Godspeed to the other confederate-kun, hopefully he finds his way to /liberty/.

I am the heir-apparent, peasants, by divine right. God has bestowed upon me his most holy symbol, the role tripcode.
History in the making.
Open file (291.07 KB 1920x1080 Happy_Accelerator.jpg)
Good, good... This little colony would make a neat addition to the digital empire. Let the conquest continue! For God, Tsar, and Fatherland! RUSSIANS GO FORTH!
Open file (464.95 KB 800x882 00770.jpeg)
Our sovereign needs a coronation speech, tbqh.
>furiously taps wine glass
Here here!
This is not, as a great man once said, the challenge of our time. For there is no difficulty in answering this query. None of us here would even for a moment hesitate before answering, with volume and conviction, which we prefer. To submit to equality is to cut down each man until he is no taller than the least among us. Equality is a chain, a yoke forced upon the strongest of men, so that the weakest may plunder his efforts and name them his own. Who among us would deign to stoop to such barbarism? None! No man graced by God would deny his own will, would forsake his place in the holy kingdom. Even brute beasts, could they but think, reject the lie of equality in their eternal struggle. Only the worm, the lowest of the low, that cannot rise above even the dirt it crawls through, would demand that all others be reduced to its pitiful existence.

All you that are men, I therefore ask not to choose a side in some dialectic, but to be men! Let fathers father, and rule their families. Let lords rule their land, and upkeep it for their tenants. Let kings reign over their realms, and preside over their vassals. And let our Father reign over his, shepherd to us all. Through this shall the natural order be restored.
Edited last time by HHHPinochet on 09/12/2019 (Thu) 06:13:44.
Probably going to post old exerts from the 'stop thinking like republicans &gt;8|' thread and rebrand it.
Why did the board die? It was doing do well.
The board is not dead.
I am still alive.
Open file (138.42 KB 607x582 007.jpg)
I wouldn't let the board die even if it were begging me to mercifully kill it.
Sure but I mean it was really active and then just stopped.
Open file (85.23 KB 246x246 1445895456160.png)
I still can't get over how reddit-tier/underage-tier online political discussion has become, exemplified by the -tan.
What were the tans of the past? Appropriate. Unsurprisingly, /k/'s, /pol/'s, /n/'s, and even /v/'s, /vr/'s, /co/'s, etc. were MEN. Because these design choices were made by functional adults, not dysfunctional underage porn-addicts wanting another "waifu" to add to their harem. Ironically, decided by popular decision rather than by the BO.
I just want my old, pre-2016 Internet back. The first half of this decade was at least bearable, even if a step down from before. I hate it. I'm glad 8gag died. I just wish'd last, and I wish 4gag, and the rest would go down as well. Then the normalfag sites, though they're more likely to be taken control of by the coming Caesarian State, rather than destroyed. Speaking of which, hail Caesar, Spengler was right.
What do the PDF images represent/what are they from?
I don't really mind having a cute waifu-like board-tan honestly. Grace-chan doesn't seem like it was made by a porn-addict, nor does /fascist/'s. It's just a fun thing to have and honestly literally anything is better than Cuckjack and Pepe spam
Nice Aristocrat
I understand the desire for longform discussions that seem to have disappeared from the net. I must say, I've done quite a bit of posting myself on this board (inb4 "(YOU) BOARD"). Usually, I only namefag when it's 'official capacity.' Such as in this thread. What can I say? I don't know what the Prince will do in the near future, but for my part I hope I've tried to encourage others who are posting the most, ask questions of them, reply with longform discussions of my own. Even if sometimes I feel what I'm doing is too simplistic and like a mother of 5-year olds ("Oh, what a neat banner, here, I'm going to post it up on the refrigerator so everyone can see!"), I hope others might do the same.

The point is that even though you aren't making the most salient points necessarily or maybe you don't know what to say to someone, at least you're encouraging others, and being the kind of behavior that you yourself want to be. Just encouraging others in general seems to give pretty positive results in the long-run, especially in smaller forums like this one. More generally, the key principle is that I want to encourage other peoples' productivity, which is kind of the reasoning for the boardtan as well. I can see why people might think it's cringe or whatever, but at least these people are trying to be productive: be artists, make content, etc.. I'd much rather support them than someone who just faffs about with one or two sentence complaints saying how they hate this or they hate that and want the world to change for their sake. Now, if I was faced with someone making an OS-tan v. someone who wrote a 30-page thesis about why OS-tans were the devil and the most cringe form of art, I'd have quite a bit of difficulty because I'm faced with whose productivity to encourage: the essayist or the artist. But as I see it, that's not the decision I have to make here, so unless the haters want to step up to the plate, shovel some manure, put their back into it, and actually work and sweat a little bit, I'll have the artist's back for at least putting their sweat and soul into it. Kind of hypocritical given how lazy I feel I am, but anyways...

The short version is if you end up replying with short spats complaining how others aren't giving more longform replies, it's a little hypocritical. "Be the change you want to see in the world." Isn't that the solution to this?
Open file (883.89 KB 699x1003 7b5.png)
>I just want my old, pre-2016 Internet back
Get a load of this newfag. Board-tans were normally all female in the past, hence the "-tan" suffix. 2016 was a pretty shitty year too, true imageboards died in 2010.

>I'm glad 8gag died
We can agree on one thing. Let's pray for it to stay that way.
I have made 16 threads alone on this board.
What I hate the most about the old guard is they tend to be welfare queens that sit around and complain rather than contribute to any meaningful, regular discussion. In this regard, to hell with the old guard and their knack for complaining and not posting.
Grace Chan is courtesy of yours truly. I have been the champion against this homosexual longing for a male mascot. I doubt the Old Guard has the capacity to create to a board tan.
We are a despotate now, not an aristocratic republic. The new vanguard will build from the rubble of the previous wars.
Based. pro-monarchist fascist death squads are at your disposal for the enforcement of the despotate, your grace.
Open file (225.00 KB 669x729 879546-mio_91.jpg)
Long live the Vanguard
Down with the Old Guard!
Ours is the Age of Gold;
Theirs is the Age of Silver!
The Old Guard brought among them
monarchomarchist decay and age.
To the Vanguard belongs the future.
Cute, but deadly – our enemies stand no chance.
It seems 8chan will return as 8kun.net in the future.
I wonder how big of a honeypot this will be. I’m definitely not gonna touch it withoht Tor. I’m glad it’s coming back but it’s gonna suck if I have to remake my board again.
Honestly, I have to say I am grateful to have this place. This is one of the few places where my content doesn't get curtailed by butthurt moderators who personally grudge me. It's relaxed moderation and well handed rules is a perfect example to all board communities to follow. And our king is always distant like the Sun, a shard of light letting us know our liberties to talk, but also influencing the board and responsive to the community. That is a real golden gift.
Whereas other moderated communities have fatal flaws. Among them are --
#1. Partisan mod cliques (where, for example, all the mods are constitutional monarchists/or absolutists) and they pick on you if you drift.
#2. Too many mods/too rulecucked for any fulfillment of OC to pass.
#3. The owner who hates anime and bans it to appeal to his crew.
It's good that this board has a few notable rules limiting excessive outsider influence, but also enough to allow outsider communication. It's good for our community because we're such a niche corner and repetitive threads/non-monarchist groups could easily flood us. It's a good balance between not having an excessive number of moderators circlejerking/fair rules.
Most monarchists online go to r/monarchism as redditors or are among the discordcucks where there's heavy-handed moderators and cronyfaggotry in these servers. That's why I tend to revile most other monarchists online -- they are full of reddit.
That's why I have to say, despite its downfalls and our animosity between other anons here that sometimes springs out, this board is a goddamn paradise compared to the rest of the monarchist community.

Please email him, at least so we can retrieve all the content and fuck off permanently.
Would /monarchy/ be interested in participating in "8ch-like" events like those 9chanmanias or the 8cup? Maybe rebranded or something?
That would be cool actually. Even if we are staying here. Lynxchan is not perfect but I kinda like it tbh and new 8chan might be a honeypot.
BO I just noticed that TLS is broken on this board. I think it's your custom CSS. Would you like us to host the images on the server itself?
I would like this, but it personally makes me wish there was more OC here in general for that kind of stuff.
I believe we should re-design parts of the /monarchy/ emblem. It was good in the beginning, but the biggest problem is the national flags on the coat of arms. We should decide on better symbols to replace the national flags with.
Also, since we've hopped the boat off 8chan, we should add julay world to the emblem.
Open file (400.54 KB 1000x1000 julay_final.png)
Open file (3.16 MB 2000x2000 smc profile 5.png)
Open file (4.56 MB 3840x2160 smc profile v2.png)
I approve. Here are some things you might find useful.
Open file (4.13 MB 2160x3840 smc chill hh.png)
Open file (4.23 MB 3840x2160 SMC Profile v1.png)
Open file (4.91 MB 2160x3840 SMC 2.png)
Open file (5.32 MB 2160x3840 SMC 1.png)
3D mascot is too NSFW too add, lol. I'll probably try the 2D one.
Open file (1.19 MB 2364x1804 julay world edition.png)
I have a difficult time editing it, tbh. But I considered making the 'JulayWorld' text larger.
Please locally host the background image, it's giving me an SSL warning. You can upload it to the meta thread and replace the URL.
Original maker of the /monarchy/ coat of arms here. Gotta love how it lasted all of 2 days before 8ch was nuked. Anyways, what symbols should we replace the flags with? Perhaps the crowns of different nations?
>Anyways, what symbols should we replace the flags with? Perhaps the crowns of different nations?
No, that is too much. I don't know if that would work very well with heraldry.
Could we make this into a flag?
Open file (54.90 KB 500x667 7.jpg)
Another sleepy day on this board.
Probably the wrong place to post this but could someone please un-blackpill me, after time after time of being looked down upon for being a monarchist( and traditional christian but that may not be relevant to you) and seeing it happen to others it feels like life has lost it’s lustre
Make a /monarchy/ feels thread or something.
Just breathe anon.
Open file (295.78 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Believe in the power of the individual, anon. There's many things that you personally could change for the better. Do not put your faith in other people or depend on their opinions for your happiness, they are easily manipulated, and could be everything and anything under the right circumstances, they can easily become even monarchists and traditional Christians all of a sudden, don't assume it's impossible. I would personally argue that most people in history were never Christians nor monarchists nor liberals nor communists nor anything to begin with, not before, not now and not in the future, the majority will always defend the status quo no matter what it is, they aren't critical thinkers, so their opinion is irrelevant.

You need to bring positive changes into the world every once in a while, you can't just keep accepting bad news and negative input endlessly or of course you'll get blackpilled and depressed, there needs to be some kind of output from you too. Make a plan to earn money, become the next Bill Gates and fund monarchist projects, or even buy a small country somewhere. It's tiring to be a pawn in some info war, and you will get burned out quickly, it's easier to become a millionaire than to keep going at this rate (not that I would know) so try to focus on yourself and what positivity you can bring to the world instead of occupying yourself with the fruitless endeavor of fighting hordes of insignificant NPCs.
After reading your input and having a bit of time to think I feel much better now, thank you very much anons
you're welcome anon.
Open file (3.60 MB 640x360 15733397886220.webm)
Take care, anon. The only way to be a monarchist or Christian in today's day and age is by shielding your convictions in post-irony when public, not doing so would be the same as going outside naked.

There isn't much difference between irony and the real thing anyway. One minute you're laughing at JoJokes and funny Gachimuchi memes, the next minute you are being gay and sucking dick "ironically" if you aren't careful. It's the same with monarchy and Christianity, one minute you're ironically shouting DEUS VULT and chanting along with the VALAAM MONASTERY CHOIR in the school bathroom room, the next minute everyone is an "ironic" monarchist and an "ironic" Christian and you and the boys are "ironically" retaking Constantinople from the Turks. It's no joke.
Weak men collapse under pressure, strong men learn to deal with it and prosper. You live in a sick suicidal society and you have to remember all the people looking down on you are drug addicts, whores and scum that could not survive in any other environment.

Life is bleak, it's always a struggle. But it's better a struggle than a slippery slope to suicide.
Your circle image is really stupid. Being concerned about the weather is not a negative thing. There are many people who have no control over where they live. There's a whole bunch of shit there which is just plain dumb.

You aren't some super man who decides his own fate no matter how much libertarians want to tell you so. If your neighbour decides to play rap music at 4am as loud as they can you're going to be woken up if you like it or not. Understanding you're not in control is one of the most important aspects of controlling what you can control.
Open file (22.21 KB 1227x173 2134.png)
Out of respect for Julay niggers, I deleted my thread.
But he exaggerates how much traffic is potentially brought in. That thread was dedicated to lassoing around monarchist circles, not halfchan, discord, and reddit in general, but circles where only 1-2 people might follow over.
>Understanding you're not in control is one of the most important aspects of controlling what you can control.
I'm pretty sure this is exactly the point the image is trying to convey, so I'm not sure what your objection is.
God always wins in the end. Just keep doing what you're doing stoically. Life gets a lot easier when you stop caring about what others think of you, so I recommend working on strengthening the part of yourself that doesn't give a fuck about the opinions of others. Life in the catacombs sucks, but it's better to take it in stride with a smile on your face, even if you have to fake the smile a bit.
Open file (340.26 KB 731x1024 S3gvM84tLws.jpg)
This.I don't think he really had anything to say, he just wanted to use the opportunity to let out his bottled up butthurt for libertarians. I swear fascists have an average IQ of like 40.
>Weeaboo wants to talk about IQ
Lets not, you woudn't look very good when people ask why a "high IQ" person is building a life style around children's cartoons.
Open file (163.51 KB 680x747 13e.jpg)
Explaining that to you, would be like explaining quantum physics to ants.
Are you the same king as the one that was in charge last on 8chan?
Boards such as /ck/ and /x/ were all women, but boards such as /k/ and /pol/ were in fact, men.
"-tan" has nothing to do with sex, it is merely a babyish way of saying "-chan". Males can be moe.
Lastly, your usage of "Get a load of this newfag", which I have seen used repeatedly by fools who themselves are no doubt new as day, suggests something negative about you yourself.
I'm the creator of the original image. Call me a homophile again, peasant swine, but to my face. Then, you shall see what will happen. :^)
I know this feel. The general sodomite behavior of this board is unfortunate and I too, despise it with all my being. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but better our own selves elsewhere. Leave the burning wreckage to the rotten children, be the change you wish to see.
I'm pretty sure he is.
Th-thanks, y-you too.
While I do agree that the utter obsession these degenerates have with anime is troublesome, it's probably not a good idea to start shitflinging/using ad-hominems and therefore being illogical about it while making yourself look like a fool. There is literally nothing wrong with animation, Japanese or otherwise, and neither is it "childish", and I do pity you that would stave away from it just because you see it as "childish" or "girly". Beowulf was seen the same way, a children's story, before Tolkien argued that it was something for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, one musn't indulge so deeply into, for instance, Japanese animation, that they begin to shove it in everything they do and make fools of themselves. Like that image >>1153. It looks incredibly foolish; it's embarrassing. Even if it wasn't anime, "holy guardian of the [] conservative revolution", what a joke. And instead of trying to reason, he just scoffs >>1157. "No, YOU are dumb!" It's absolutely childish and I'm absolutely sick of it, and it's exactly what I was talking about here >>812. There comes a time and place for Japanese animation, Western animation, comics, video games, etc., like specific "recommended" threads (or even better, threads about a specific piece, with the OP not being a gigantic faggot and actually providing fuel to the discussion, i.e., e.g., "Hey /monarchy/, any recommended anime? I watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes and etc. etc. etc." as opposed to "recommended anime" or "While Sheev Palpatine is a degenerate Sith and an all around evil guy, he was the best thing to happen to the Republic because etc. etc. etc." as opposed to "Name a better monarch than Sheev. I'll wait."), not shoving it in everywhere because you can. Also, one of the cancers that killed 8chan (literally, actually) was activism (or more specifically, "being a gigantic, attention-whoring faggot"), which has always been hated in some form for some reason, from Chanology to GamerGate. One of the worst cancers to come from that activism was the degeneration of imageboard memetics to "propaganda". Case in point, that image with the anime girl. It's absolutely gay. As if propaganda "OC" wasn't bad enough, these fools have to shove their anime or MLP into it, like some DeviantArt-tier fagwad. Who in their right mind is going to take them seriously if they can't even take themselves seriously? Art comes first. The message, if it is absolutely needed, should always come second, lest it be landfill-worthy and quickly forgotten.
Open file (60.11 KB 1536x864 6214501095752807.jpg)
>I'm the creator of the original image. Call me a homophile again
Pressing X to doubt this homo.
>Leave the burning wreckage to the rotten children, be the change you wish to see.
Pack your bags. See if I care.
>says the furry
Are you Christian?
I don't really attend Sunday mass.
The Aristocrats of Old Guard talk heavy stuff about becoming separatists as to avoid this 'burning wreckage', but two can play that game. I could always leave this board and start my own separatist faction. It makes no difference for me because I have always been a renegade.
Frankly, I am also tired of this slow board too.
Open file (849.45 KB 604x720 Grace in laurel.png)
We have terse disagreements about anime, but what political board doesn't? Anti-anime gang is prevalent in monarchist circles, but likewise a couple animefags such as ourselves who post these cute reaction pics wherever we want. There is no crime in it.
Our board has many opportunities to improve. Since our last king abdicated, the new king has brought a unity of crowns between /monarchy/ & /liberty/. This was a somewhat unprecedented unity, if it is correct.
Open file (316.06 KB 900x600 8ch_leftypol.png)
Never mind. I was going to ask if you were born after 1994, but quite frankly your original post is a prime example of my original complaint about the board and I highly doubt you'll bother listening. I had hoped that maybe you would listen if I mentioned to you that you're being arrogant, illogical, and thus a devilish fool. What times we must be living in where the irreligious, and often atheist users of 4chan back in the day were easier to have disagreements with and learn things from through discussion than the people of today, who shout names to any who dare disagree.
>Are you complaining about the reading list?
No, >>1153.
>new faction
What point would there be in doing that?
And slowness isn't so bad, though most boards on 8gag were nigh dead, which was a problem. At the very least it allows one to think more about what he may want to say. However, one of the major problems of that site in its waning time was the influx of "yikes!" and "cringe and bluepilled" niggers who were probably kicked from 4gag for """trolling""" and came to 8fag to shit up the place. At least, that's my guess anyway.
Yes, as evidenced by your avatarfaggotry. Strike Witches is overrated.
A nu-/leftypol/ meme. I believe with the utmost conviction that it's a result of redditors. Something about it, and I think it's the shitty memes "content" that originally came from it being straight from plebbit and kikeberg/twatter.
No I'm not a commie. I lurked /leftypol/ back in the day (before 2016) because I like high-quality OC. I stopped when they (i.e. the cancer that had flooded the board, like every other board) went the "LOL WHO CARES IT'S JUST A """MEME""" BRO XD" route that everyone else goes.
>We have terse disagreements about anime, but what political board doesn't?
/pol/ back when it was good. While there was the occasional stray complaint (note: "stray", as in, not common), these were generally ignored because anime wasn't a big problem. Why were they ignored, and why was anime not a big problem? Because in those days, people generally stayed on board topic, and thread topic. Anime and others would have been used as reaction images, or if relevant, something else, but you didn't see it everywhere. People understood that /pol/ was "/pol/itically incorrect" not "/a/nime and /pol/itics". People wanted to discuss things and enjoy themselves, and there was an understanding that in order for this to be the case, every individual needed to behave themselves. Bans and those who gave them were (generally) sensible those days, and you can find discussion in the archives of users expressing that they deserved the ban they had received, because they had humility. And fags complaining about anime were rare enough to be ignored, because most anime threads were found on the Japan boards, and the occasional "/pol/-approved anime" thread was only found once in a while.
Really? Seems to me to be the opposite. Monarchists seemed to be way more obsessed with anime well before the Internet cultural melting pot of the 2016+ period I think there is a stark difference between the "Ron Paul will make anime real" jokes of 2012 and the Internet multiculturalism of the 2015-16 period and onwards. I hope there's a good argument for those who disagree, because I sincerely doubt there is.. I have absolutely no idea why, though I have some guesses.
Now, if you look at the beginning of this argument, you'll see that it started with some idiot who had to make baseless assumptions about someone who disagreed with/didn't understand an infograph, which in turn angered him to the point of damage-controlling and responding with an ad-hominem attack about the fact that the original accuser posted an anime-style image. Instead of fixing the issue at the source (they're both fools; the former for his what-if spitefulness and lack of reasonable thought, and the latter for his illogicality, emotional-takeover response, and putting something potentially worthwhile down just because it's "X"), you have appeared to try to hand-wave it away. Hand-waving does nothing but cause more problems down the line, as the issues are never resolved, besides that it is hardly ever just.
I was talking about the creator of the male mascot, which I'm sure you could have inferred if you bothered. In any case, you ought to pull your head out of the gutter. Not everything is about sex. Perhaps you ought to pull your head out of your rectum as well, given your other point, for why would I care if you care that I wanted out?
May God help you.
I should have specified: ALL imageboards, and in fact the Internet that most use or at least know of as a whole, is a "burning wreckage". I called those here "rotten children" because, presumably, the reason they are so hard to deal with is simply because they were raised horribly and are too simple to try to or to be able to fix themselves. You'd be better off just keeping to yourself, which is what I've been getting better at doing. I nevertheless stick around imageboards on occasion in case I learn something new Come to think of it, in the past few years, I've mostly only learned new things while looking at 4chan archives from years ago. Make of that what you will. or something changes around (it won't, but you never know). It's a shame, but there's nothing that can really be done about it, unfortunately.
And, why do you keep posting Sakamoto everywhere? Presumably you enjoy the series, so why? What's so great about it, besides the animation? It's utterly base. Unless you just like her, but why? Wifeism is delusion, unless you like her because she is a manifestation of "you" per se, which while not delusional is absolutely pretentious and borderline narcissistic, and thus borderline idolatry. Or do you just like her character?
>"I've always been a renegade."
What exactly do you mean by this?

I welcome the "Selection for Societal Sanity" that the coming Caesars will bring. They will finally put a curb on the botched madness that is the Internet, once and for all, though personally I'd rather that they just destroy it completely somehow, since the "digital revolution", with the exception of video games and other advances or """advances""" in art, was a worse mistake than the industrial revolution. Oh well, at least it's good for stories.
*Also, the Internet is full of rotten children, it's not just here, obviously. It's just that this is the same as the others, just monarchist.
Also, gangshit is a horrible meme. I only said 'anti-anime gang' because it was a convenient way of describing it. There is a whole multitude of anti-anime fags, but I understand why animefaggotry is excessive on this board. I initially did it to become cancerous.
Open file (144.37 KB 749x802 25e.php.jpg)
>I was talking about the creator of the male mascot, which I'm sure you could have inferred if you bothered.
Uncle /pol/? There was no proof that /monarchy/ had a male mascot.
Open file (250.81 KB 850x1240 perrine-waifu-sakamoto.jpg)
>I was going to ask if you were born after 1994
Nvm, actually 1996. If it makes any difference, I started using imageboards near 2015 and was a total newfag until the current year still am
>What point would there be in doing that?
A fresh start, or getting a diff community like how /b/ had a schism and became /b2/.
>Yes, as evidenced by your avatarfaggotry
>And, why do you keep posting Sakamoto everywhere? Presumably you enjoy the series, so why? What's so great about it, besides the animation? It's utterly base. Unless you just like her, but why? Wifeism is delusion, unless you like her because she is a manifestation of "you" per se, which while not delusional is absolutely pretentious and borderline narcissistic
I avatarfag because I got tired of bumping heads with the anons and other anons mistaking me for someone else.
>What exactly do you mean by this?
Because like Caesar, I came, I saw, and I conquered. That was how I felt about /monarchy/ since the beginning, but after my Norman Conquest I decided to stick around the board.
Grace was based off Perrine in pc related. The glasses weren't a fetish item or anything, but they were removed because I felt I didn't want the board tan to completely resemble her. It is a sign of conquest that I chose to waifufag and model the board-tan after her, tbqh
Open file (216.59 KB 400x400 -H1mjGC__400x400.png)
>what a joke
That's the point, genius. The only way sincerity can survive in the age of cynicism is by disguising it as a meme or a joke.

>Who in their right mind is going to take them seriously if they can't even take themselves seriously?
Exactly. You can't make fun of those already making fun of themselves, and no one is being taken seriously in the age of post-modern cynicism anyway, the era we are living in is anti-seriousness, update your brain to the 21st century, anon. If you take yourself too seriously by default, people will mock you for being too naive or for being some edgelord. If you don't take yourself too seriously, if you make fun of yourself and your own ideals in an ironic but wholesome way, you will rob your ideological opponents of the opportunity of mocking you and they will be forced to finally drop the irony and actually demand serious answers. This is known as the NEW SINCERITY. It is NEW because the old sincerity which you are demanding from everyone right now, is dead. How do you we know it's dead? Because we all experience what >>1132 anon experienced. We cannot talk about our ideals and convictions in public without being met with serious cringe. Don't hide your power level, become an ironic Christian, an ironic traditionalist, and an ironic monarchist, but also be completely ultra sincere about it, ironesty should be the new honesty, you must have fun while telling the truth, pure seriousness won't cut it any more.

>And instead of trying to reason, he just scoffs
Oh the atrocity! We don't owe our time, the most valuable non-renewable resource that we have, to entertain every peasant on the internet with long, thoughtful debates.

>It's absolutely childish and I'm absolutely sick of it
>arguing with people on the internet
>actually arguing with people and not using your opponents as a source of entertainment
Take it easy, anon.
Open file (95.82 KB 750x750 1559644627-3.jpg)
The rest of your posts are basically:
>anti-low energy trolling
Why do you want to turn this place into some boring shithole like reddit but with anonymity? You talk about oldfaggotry a lot but you're forgetting that all this stuff comes from ANIME imageboards which were started to discuss Japanese culture primarily, and all this political/activist bullshit came much later. Most of these self-proclaimed "oldfags" are unironically redditors who only knew 4chan (not even the shitload of other less cancerous imageboards at the time) from second-hand experience because of all the raids and shit, they completely missed what the culture was about and mocked 4chan and for being the asshole of the internet, and later in 2010 they themselves started posting on 4chan before migrating to 8chan with gamergay, while still mocking the very websites they post on because they could never assimilate and were never part of the fun shitposting culture. I'm not implying that you should leave, but isn't it easier to change your own circumstances and actually go to reddit where you will be happier with all the serious, boring rulecuckery, than to force everyone here to behave differently? Of course people want to have fun and shitpost, imageboards are the only places where you can really do that and there's nothing wrong with that.

Is it all childish and immature? GOOD! IT HAS TO BE. I want to see young monarchists here, I want to see newfags and zoomers, I want the next generation to be monarchist, not socialist or fucking liberal. You will not attract young people with some shitty gerontocracy of old grandpas who only have boring fruitless discussion about things they can't change, who only moan and groan about anime and the very trends young people are into instead of co-opting them for our cause. This kind of pig-headedness will not only ensure that we remain fringe, but even make the socialist, liberal, centrist, fascist, or whoever more convinced in their own beliefs! That they were right about us all along, that monarchy is some ancient, outdated relic from an older world and it's completely irrelevant to today's day and age.

>you have appeared to try to hand-wave it away. Hand-waving does nothing but cause more problems down the line, as the issues are never resolved, besides that it is hardly ever just.
I can't imagine where you get all the time to reply seriously and thoughtfully to every single troll out there, but personally I don't live in a prison with nothing better to do. The guy who misinterpreted my infograph misinterpreted it because he didn't care about it in the first place, he just felt like he needed to say something to the libertarian. If you've been on /monarchy/ long enough then you would understand that I do take my time write things out reasonably and logically in arguments, and I do hope other anons prove me wrong when I do so, because then I grow in wisdom, but why should I honour every fascist nigger out there the same way? Those people do not engage me with reason and logic, so they don't deserve any from me. If I feel like I'm arguing with victims of ressentiment or feelz>realz retards, the only thing I could gain from such an interaction is entertainment, it is how they pay for my wasted time. Attention is literally the currency of the internet, huge companies like Google and Facebook exist because people PAY ATTENTION to their ads and shit. Time literally becomes money, and you expect me to give away for free to every nigger out there just because? lol. Consider it an honour I typed all this shit out for you, though I didn't do it just for you, but for anyone else who might be interested in what I have to say.
Open file (74.99 KB 766x304 ClipboardImage.png)
Glowniggers have caught onto /fascist/ here on Julay
Open file (9.63 KB 234x216 k12312490139-1243.jpg)
rip /fascist/
Good thing glowniggers don't give a fuck about us monarchists.
>implying there aren't glowniggers right now looking at our GracexIntegralist OC
Open file (49.03 KB 405x470 0202020202.jpg)
Glowniggers don't care about us.
You guys are going to get v&'d, but we'll be fine. They just...
They think we're larpers and not serious about all the stuff said here, like we were just larping all along
>You guys are going to get v&'d, but we'll be fine. They just...They think we're larpers and not serious about all the stuff said here, like we were just larping all along
Sad but true. Luckily /fascist/ behaves more cautiously than /pol/ and has a paranoid BO who has stated that he wants to go innawoods eventually though so I don't think they're in any immediate danger right now. It's not too surprising honestly that glowniggers are watching places like that.
Reminder that we aren't under any gag orders and you should keep an eye on this page: https://julay.world/.transparency/
Open file (776.82 KB 1250x1000 cia-chan.png)
Thanks for the reminder, everyone needs to do this periodically. I had actually just checked after I was shown the article.
>/leftypol/ back in the day (before 2016) because I like high-quality OC
lmao, that's like saying you like high-quality diarrhea lol

Now this a real problem. Fascists turn everything they touch into shit. It's like you're riding with people in a cramped elevator, and then a fascist covered in shit walks in and taints everyone he touches with his filth.
>oh but muh race
>oh but muh traditionalism
All of that existed before their shitty ideology. Imperial Russia had real pogroms persecuting Jews and deporting them to the Pale of Settlement, other monarchies had something similar going on. All the fascists had was some fictional Holocaust invented by kikes that Cuckler supposedly did, all the other fascist governments were more/less ambivalent to Jews, they were more concerned about power.
>Imperial Russia had real pogroms persecuting Jews and deporting them to the Pale of Settlement, other monarchies had something similar going on.
That was just LARPing, r-right?
Hopefully, glowniggers don't start looking here now that we are harboring fascists/anti-semitism
Open file (539.99 KB 440x612 judeobolshevism.png)
>Imperial Russia had real pogroms persecuting Jews and deporting them to the Pale of Settlement
And look how that worked out in the end. The Jews destroyed and then took over an entire empire, killing millions with their atheist communistic ideology with roots in the thought of (((Karl Marx))) and (((Moses Hess))). I could also argue the JQ was handled in the past more on a religious basis than a truly racial basis. You can still find cucks today who claim that if a Jew accepts Jeebus as his lord and savior (Michael Hoffman, E. Michael Jones, etc) that he can be magically redeemed. The real redpill is that both fascism and monarchism are dead pipedreams on our current trajectory due to the development of technique and technical civilization. Multiculturalist slave-plantations are the future
Oh look, another depressed and resentful feelz>realz fascist moron. What should I do with this low IQ nigger according to our resident anti-anime "oldfag" redditor? Attempt a deep intellectual debate founded on logic and reason? Steelman his bullshit assumptions and baseless strawmen that he pulls out of his ass? Write out an essay on why the Jews were persecuted simply because they were a treacherous ethnic mafia that was contemptible wherever it went? Try to bring out all the facts and proofs and statistics showing how the Russian Empire was the most anti-Semitic monarchy at the time so it would likely become the first target of a Jewish revolution, especially when funded by an enemy government?

Interestingly enough, this fucking nigger with down syndrome felt the need to end his post on some blackpill this time, admitting what we know all along, fascists are cynical victims of ressentiment, there's no arguing with them because they are already dead inside. If even he has lost all hope in his own ideology, why should I even pay attention to anything this zombie of a man says? He has nothing to offer me, he now only acts to convert others to his ideology so that they can offer this poor lost soul some companionship in his depression, so that we can bitch and whine with him on how everything is fucked up. Oh how misery loves company!
Nice blustery pseud-post.
Do we have any supporters for Grace Chan? Please give a (You) and make it clear everyone in this thread.
>I avatarfag because I got tired of bumping heads with the anons and other anons mistaking me for someone else.
No one cares who you are. Go to some forum if you want to go avatarfag, fag
Nigga, I am still gonna avatarfag. It gets annoying when you only have a rep as 'stop thinking like republicans &gt;8|' guy and other people think it's you when they get into other arguments because it's such a small board.
Believe me, your posts are so unbelievably dripping with autism that you don't even need to avatarfag. With the board being this small it's easy to figure out who is shitting out all of the word-vomit TL;DR thesaurus postings.
Not the only one here who longposts as evinced in this thread.
Grace = good.
It was in the thread where the mascot was being decided. Grace-chan won out. I don't have a problem with that, the problem is that Grace-chan was decided because she's female.
The glasses bit was a result of someone claiming she was hot with them after I had made an accusation of fetishism, like pottery.
>I made her based on waifufaggotry
Like pottery.
>>1172 isn't me.
Open file (33.85 KB 466x418 hooded_feel.jpg)
Never mind. Dunno why I bothered. Maybe one day you'll use your head and listen. Maybe one day you'll see.
May God have mercy on you all.
Thanks for being around. Knowing one person out there isn't a complete moron really does help.
Open file (189.25 KB 462x450 15734052709470.png)
lol, I spent like two hours writing all this shit out:

And the guy who wanted a serious argument from me fucks off. In case anyone is wondering, this is why I prefer to scoff and "handwave" instead of taking every motherfucker out there seriously. Life is way too short to waste on resentful assholes. If I am to invest my time and energy into anyone, it should not be people want to bring everyone down to their depressed state, it should be people with wills of steel, who are desperate to rise up and to be powerful in mind and spirit, and not just for themselves but so that they can also raise up other brothers who want the same kind of glory. The victims of ressentiment are to be pitied, not hated, their daily existence is characterized by suffering, but since they won't accept any help or pity, and they share the same passion for destruction that leftists have, the only thing that's left is to just continue on your way and trample them beneath your feet like the insects they are.
Don't feel too bad, I really enjoyed both your own autismposting, as well as the autism posting of the other anons.
Open file (132.28 KB 1080x990 7Drsr38dV6E.jpg)
Thanks fam, you're alright.
I will drink in your honor.
Custom board CSS is temporarily disabled until Robi finishes fucking around with the themes. Once he does you should be free of the cancer that is Yotsuba B.
The background and stuff are still kinda iffy.
Temporarily disabled for now, I recommend everyone just use the Tomorrow theme. Robi is supposed to be adding a template to make it easy to add custom themes, once that's up I'll try adding the background back in.
>I recommend everyone just use the Tomorrow theme
I finally found this board after thinking it was gone forever after 8chan fell. I'm glad to have you guys back.
Open file (24.85 KB 520x294 12802592_f520.jpg)
Welcome back, brother.
It's nice returning to the realm of Don Quixote.
Does the old Board Owner still browse?
It would be cool if he migrated the old board to 8kun. Not saying we should go back there but I also don't want to lose the old content if there's a way we can recover it.
admin@isitwetyet.com is the email to request a board migration using his Shared Secret
deadline is december 31 btw
>>1555 >>1557 The old BO gave me his shared secret, I'll see if the 8kun admins will restore it.
>>1555 I don't think there's any content of value left there.
If we're going back to 8kun, I would recommend a new board because I wouldn't want to see a bunch of oldposts and unearthed animosity from those old days. A few of us liked the clean new start.
I suggest keeping the 8kun version open as a bunker and archive, ironically.
>>1560 We're not going back. This would be strictly to grab PDFs, OC, and any other content worth archiving. Once we've grabbed what we need I'll probably wipe the board clean.
The Court requires courtiers. I anticipate having limited Internet access in the coming week, and my ability to moderate may likewise be hindered. You folk are fairly well-behaved and there isn't much moderation that needs to be done, but I would prefer that someone be present should the need arise. If someone's willing to take on the mantle let me know below. I would also politely ask that you watch over our colony in /liberty/.
Happy New Year to everyone.
/monarchy/ is back on 8kun. If there were posts, PDFs, OC, or anything else you wanted to save from the board now is the time to do so. I will not be moving back to 8kun and will only post there to direct people here. https://8kun.top/monarchy/catalog.html
>>1688 Everything of value was recovered and placed in webm thread. But going back and looking at cringe oldposts + autistic infighting made me want to die
>>1558 >>1562 >>1688 Thank you. Saving everything now. Even the autistic infighting
Requesting these as banners
Open file (182.68 KB 900x600 cavalier_poodle.jpg)
Requesting this as a banner too
Make this a banner too.
Open file (245.95 KB 1291x920 EFll-lJUcAAG98M.jpg)
Open file (327.73 KB 1536x1044 Eikon_Basilike_1649.jpg)
Open file (43.77 KB 810x511 1474334782934.jpg)
These could also be potential banners.
Open file (108.54 KB 793x364 high tory.jpg)
Btw, I recommend replacing the 'High Tory Gang' banner with this one now.
I use this to resize images... if you need the tool. http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/
>>1878 Can someone name the 5 men in the Reaction image?
>>1922 I see... Ernst Jünger first... Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Joseph d' M*istre, Thomas Carlyle, and Julius Evola. My preference goes for M*istre and Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn. The others I don't have a strong opinion for. And these aren't really my favourites, but M*istre + Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn are likeable imo.>>1922
>>1922 Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin,
Why is this place marked as "(Dead)"? I know its pretty damn slow, but it isn't dead. R-right?
>>2375 It means that BO hasn't logged in for over two weeks I think
Open file (904.25 KB 500x532 1581388345066.gif)
>>2375 >>2376 I'm scared, anons.
Rumor has it how the King caught Corona Virus. PRAY FOR THE HEALTH OF OUR KING This royal line of kingship has passed through near six years of three royal monarchs, and it is our holy injunction to wish good health to the 4th King of /monarchy/! LONG LIVE THE KING GOD SAVE THE KING
Open file (76.38 KB 500x491 4anoboli-jw.jpg)
The peasants are hopeless without you milord, they need you to reaffirm that you're the boss of this gym.
Open file (35.92 KB 768x432 your new leader.jpg)
>mfw i claim the board, topple the last visages of monarchy, and set up a people's republic
>>2398 If you posted Kim I might have gotten on board.
>>2375 >>2376 >>2389 >>2391 >>2398 >>2399 >>2400 Don't be so hasty, faggots, I post regularly, I just haven't had to log in because you lot are well-behaved enough that I haven't had to moderate. It's clear however that I have been too lax in my reign. The peasantry must be culled to remind you of your place, after this post dubs will determine who gets executed as an example to the rest.
>>2408 Rolling for dubs
>>2408 Death to monarchs and monarchy! Heil Hitler, fascism is superior.
Open file (45.70 KB 640x421 wvu2tr5HZ3w.jpg)
>>2412 Allahu akbar, brother! Post-female Islamic twink-fascism when?
>>2412 The funny thing is though that /fascist/ is chock-full of monarchists and those in favor of aristocracy
>>2413 >>2416 >chock-full of monarchists Who, that one Juche-pilled Graceposter and the Mexican Synarquista? Hardly 'chock-full'. >those in favor of aristocracy Which isn't always the blood nobility, friend. Aristocracy is, after all, the rule of the wise, not of blood.
>>2417 There is such thing as electoral monarchy, y' know?
>>2418 Elected monarchs were the blood nobility, however.
Open file (285.94 KB 1050x862 zRAju8P.png)
>>2419 Y' know, why does /fascist/ need to lecture us about blood? Isn't that what you are all about? You talk about inbreeding and how royalists like to place emphasis on the blood--but what you guys? Almost the same mentality when it comes to opposing racemixing and and preserving your kin. How do you cope with that?
>>2417 A lot of the pagans are monarchists >Aristocracy is, after all, the rule of the wise, not of blood. Daily reminder that Aristotle argued that if there was a man who was so superior in goodness to all of those around him that he should be made king and all others should show obedience to him. Monarchy does not require blood. Only the excellent and wise should rule, blood descent is degenerate and does not ensure the rule of the best. Hereditary monarchists are never able to refute this, they only blubber about “but muh heredity!!!”
>>2420 Because inbreeding between family members who are too close creates retards and genetic duds like Charles II. What good is a monarch if he's no good at actually ruling? There's a difference between marrying within one's people and marrying within one's family. >>2421 Sensible. I certainly agree with the ideal of setting up a superior man as the leader, but I regard 'dictatorship', as opposed to 'kingship', to be superior.
>>2422 That's not the point--my point is the principle of preservation and maintenance. It is the same idea applied to a greater mass of people. As a natsoc friend put it, your race like an extended family. I like the ideal of hereditary monarchy, and I don't advocate inbreeding. I think w/ our knowledge of science, hereditary monarchy could adopt practices to prevent this problem.
>>2408 >>2422 Dubs have been granted, and the cull is complete. You may continue your regularly-scheduled shitposting.
>>2421 >Only the excellent and wise should rule There is no system that will reliably elect the excellent and wise, and all the ones that try and fail to do so only elect the liars and sociopaths who fool people into thinking that they are excellent and wise. It is an ideal that will never be reached. The appeal of the hereditary system is not its ability to constantly select the best, but in the inherent stability that comes with a ruling family that can make plans decades and generations into the future.
My appeal to hereditary monarchy is simple: Like father, like son. I think there is nothing better than the virtue found in this transfer, where a monarch is descended from the previous monarch. It adds a strong characteristic. The design has so many innate qualities and that the hereditary monarch takes the appearance and legacy of his father--it makes sense to me.
>>2425 It would certainly be impossible to devise a system which sets its goal at the cultivation and elevation of the excellent above all else, screening the population for those who are intelligent, show natural leadership abilities, and who conform to certain moral standards. With the technology we have today this is more possible than ever. The only real problem is that money is corrosive to all forms of true hierarchy and is a leading cause of corruption. In some way it will have to be dealt with. I do not know exactly how such a system would be set up, but I think that it could be created. I am certainly not against a hereditary system completely, and I do see its benefits, but I would lean against strictly adhering to this.
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
It's good to see the influx of newfags, but they will take time to learn the ropes. Consider this boot camp.
>>2572 All they need to know is that gracechan is fodder for diaperporn
>>812 isn't OP's pic the male mascot of this board? Kind of like how /pol/ had /pol/-tan?
Open file (75.39 KB 370x450 0909090213.png)
>>2904 >>2905 It is true that Baron Ungern is a /monarchy/ symbol. If you anti-anime people want to push that symbol more than Grace, then do so. Nobody is stopping oldfags from oldfagging. Heck, if you want your uber-male mascot or another anime girl to 'represent' your style, go ahead and do it. But Grace has been around since May 27th, 2018. This means once you introduce your new anime girl/male mascot, I reserve the right to oldfag and nag at you about how shit things are now Unless you stick with Ungern
>>812 lol almost every board you cited had a female mascot in addition to the male one
Is this still a board banner?
Open file (880.00 B 165x37 ClipboardImage.png)
Uh oh
>>2969 Is this board in danger now?
>>2958 I think so, I'll have to doublecheck. >>2969 >>2970 It should be fine now.
Open file (46.23 KB 400x400 Depressed Grace-Chan.png)
As it seems that Julay´s king is abdicating. What will be our next destiny fellow monarchs.
>>2982 There is no abdication.
>>2983 So. Where we migrate?
>>2984 I guess back to 8chan (former 8kun) until a better place is decided. But JulayWorld is a paradise.
>>2982 >>2983 >>2984 >>2985 Try anon.cafe or fatchan. They are open to board creation, but will be closing them after X bunkers move. Plus apparently Julay isn't going to disappear completely, it's basically just a way to cull several smaller bunkers. You could ask if you're kept online or not.
>>2986 Someone ought to go ask.
Open file (209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
Well, I guess we'll have to wait for the King to decide... It is a tough call since /monarchy/ on Julay was finally getting established by now. We still have a couple of months to prepare and pack our bags.
Let's have a discussion on where to go next.
>>2989 As far or as close to /abdl/ as possible?
>>2990 They're bro-tier honestly
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
Discussion on the situation is >>2991 But also, check out >>>/meta/8318
Open file (324.34 KB 1172x1108 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2994 I think it goes without saying we'd like to keep everyone together wherever that ends up being.
>>3002 Grace really needed to give /abdl/ a taste of her slipper
Open file (1.28 MB 604x474 spanking video.mp4)
>>3003 Grace gets perverse pleasure from turning naughty babies asses red before padding them
>>2989 We might end up getting a domain name of our own, which would be a board exclusive to us, /liberty/, and possibly /fascist/ if their BO decides he wants in. If it comes to that, some other anon will do the sys-admin shit so long as BOs keep up the content moderation.
>>3003 The royal chancla.
Would it be called Grace Chan? And would /monarchy/ be a defacto /ara/ board?
>>3038 The aim to have /monarchy/, /liberty/, /fascist/ might make the domain Grace unlikely. But I wouldn't complain
>>3039 We need something kino like trinity-chan
Also, we need to make it so we can post the same image over and over again. That needs to be fixed on hoppe sama soon.
>>1172 Oh god... According to this I'm ancient fag. Fuck.
>>2989 Bump. I would opt for some deep web direction. Preferably tor. If not for t he fact you niggers usually are to lazy to install it and go there. So these places usually end up dead after a while. Not sure where we could host something new and where
>>3117 We won't run into another busybody with the need to censor us.
Open file (117.39 KB 600x840 charlotte corday.jpg)
>>3116 >outing yourself as a /leftypol/ user You're going to end up like Marat out here.

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