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Peasant 02/15/2020 (Sat) 04:39:50 No.2185
>his monarch isn’t the direct descendent of your countries native gods Why even live? Is there a single greater symbol of stability and tradition?
>>2185 >Is there a single greater symbol of stability and tradition? I don't know, maybe not being a cuck and actually doing something?
Open file (87.41 KB 1024x682 LamTqUax.jpg medium.jpg)
>>2187 To be fair, I think the Emperor did a lot. He read the declaration of war and supported the morale of the IJA.
There are many unsightly monarchists these days that brag about feudboyism and speak of monarchy's main good attribute being how easy it is to kill the monarch. I think I like OP for actually speaking with some small reverence for once towards monarchy itself and not by extension of Medievalism.
>>2185 Before this jumps into Christian vs. Pagan round two-or-three, I want to mention that everyone wants what OP has mentioned. A monarch descended from divine source, a person of innovation and tradition. Even Christians; for remember, Christ first-born of Mankind and Son of God--and the House of David. Every land should be holy, and there should be a great reverence for the descent of kings and emperors. Or, at least what descent in spirit--as some monarchs claim to be restoring the glory of a monarch they are not related to--but somewhat in the spirit of their reign.
The House of Windsor is directly descended from Odin.

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