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Here is the finished version of that pic I keep seeing posted.
I'm going to take a nap.
I wish we had an arsenal of drawfags or NEETs ready with NEETbux so bad.

^ An archive w/ Grace images (same old, same old)
Does Grace-chan ever wear a crown? I was thinking of drawing one on her for my rendition of the “laughing whores” meme with Integralist-chan and Grace. If she doesn’t usually wear one I’ll be glad not to have to try to draw it honestly.
I haven't seen any images of her with a crown. Although I imagine a tastefully done tiara might look good on her.
Grace doesn't usually wear a crown. It's usually the crown badge on her oufit.
That what it seemed like from looking at this thread. Well the good news is now that I won’t have to draw a crown and that my image is a lot closer to being done once I shade it.
This is basically where her design found its inspiration. The crown badge on her outfit is usually enough to signify.
The colors were simply regal colors, like purple, emerald eyes, and blonde (gold?) hair.
The name Grace itself is a play off the words 'Dei Gratia' usually on royal portraits, but also 'Her Grace' as a style. Princess Grace from Monaco is another guess?
I was also wondering this. Every king and queen should have a crown.

>Her Grace
>muh pronouns
kek, SJW detected. Off to tumblr/Siberia with you.
Open file (52.42 KB 683x651 ClipboardImage.png)
Wtf this can't be happening
I should really get around to making more Aurelia OC.
Open file (298.70 KB 640x800 watermelon.jpg)
I'm okay with this.
The dweebs will fair well with Alunya and Erika, but Grace will be chilling like a villain.
>kek, SJW detected. Off to tumblr/Siberia with you.
Hmm, does this count as an offense to lèse-majesté?
>but Grace will be chilling like a villain.
Someone please draw Grace as Joker.
With love from /fascist/
Open file (23.07 KB 400x400 50_400400.jpg)
I approve!
New OC has really uplifted my spirits now. I am pretty happy to see a piece like >>980 this.
I'm glad you guys like it. I find it pretty relaxing to churn these out occasionally while listening to music and Jewtube in the background. I plan to continue to make more from time to time when I get inspiration.
tfw no Halloween-themed Grace chan
Open file (513.60 KB 1500x1500 graceandintegralist.jpg)
Latest crossover w/ artist's twitter:
Open file (278.67 KB 1553x2050 Q3EF4vD050.jpg)
Grace ripping a constitution
lol, which board is this from?
Where did you find that hive of cockroaches? I don't really keep up with the word on the street, so I've been wondering where /pol/ and /leftypol/ have been holed up since the happening.
They are fine, but I decided to leave them alone.
Open file (849.45 KB 604x720 Grace in laurel.png)
Oh, I see you replaced her fetish item with another.
What was baleted?
Open file (93.45 KB 960x720 sakura_angry.jpg)
>social media
As if I needed any more proof. Absolute cancer. CANCER.
Let's not forget the "sexy" glasses, you degenerates.
Open file (8.16 KB 500x500 UnclePol.png)
Open file (263.28 KB 616x786 K-tan.jpg)
Open file (189.14 KB 375x292 Board-tan_party.png)
Open file (193.75 KB 1376x1347 Teen_mlpol.jpg)
Why are all the political boards female? What the actual fuck is this. If anyone is unaware, 4gag /mlp/ and /pol/ were merged on April Fool's of 2017. Well, apparently there's a board-tan. AND HE'S A FUCKING (limp-wristed) MALE.
Do you faggots even know who Gilda is? Vivian? Winter-chan? Good lord. "Hurr but X -tan was female therefore it's okay" Besides that Christ-tan came about later on when /pol/ had really started to sag, it just makes sense because Catholicism.
It's not even that I want males for all, that's not the problem, though no doubt you sex-addled degenerates would suggest that, as you have so often. No, a few, namely Rita (Catholicism again) and Cat Alunya (because leftists love matriarchism, as they are dysfunctional, like the Jews :^) ) make sense. Polina (assuming that's Erika) was made because, well, Punished Vee James had a daughter (Vivian), so why not Uncle Pol? Hence Polina. Of course, it seems none of you newfags are even aware of these males. No doubt you're the same newfags who think 8gag sprung out of the ether and that its culture wasn't based on the old 4gag one. Good grief.
Look at the third image. See all those? Besides the fact that you undoubtedly can't name them all, please try to guess who the females are. For this is 8gag. A bunch of gypsies who, unlike the otaku of /a/ who found their home in /jp/, are more like the Jews in your obsession with the feminine. What story to these whores have, other than "WHOA PORN BAIT!!!!11"? At least the old -tans had character, female and male.
Bunch of slack-jawed faggots.
Open file (437.65 KB 700x616 1438584060613.png)
>Polina (assuming that's Erika) was made because, well, Punished Vee James had a daughter (Vivian)
I believe before Erika there was Rachel. Pic related.
The drawfag requested it.
>Do you faggots even know who Gilda is? Vivian? Winter-chan? Good lord.
Yes, Gilda is reddit and Vivian was GamerGate girl, I think. Winter chan was a girl to freeze rapefugees.
All the political boards are female now because otakufags want a harem and because male board-tans went the way of the dinosaur.
The glasses had to go.
We couldn't have her resemble Perrine too much
I think Grace finally has her own unique look now. A huge evolution from the original made great progress into developing her own appearance apart from the inspirations.
Open file (81.69 KB 783x590 1503944450563.jpg)
It is pretty rather interesting looking at how people default to female protagonists or just feminine icons nowadays. As for this board it is especially surprising since , hopefully, people on this board have read Robert Filmer and yet still decide to make a female mascot and not tie in the whole 'Sons of Adam' connection to divine right.
We have a whole Robert Filmer pdf collection in the library, anon. But the feminine Grace Chan was to be more like a muse/princess or Joan of Arc.
>didn't realize what the board's spoiler image was and thought anons were posting the same image of Grace multiple times
Maybe I'll get us a better spoiler image.
Open file (478.39 KB 755x720 lese majester.png)
Only the beginning.
Whoops, wrong flag.
Open file (106.54 KB 620x608 Alunya n box.png)
We shipped her off to /b/.
That should teach them a lesson for the guillotine!
Open file (59.48 KB 375x450 Alunya_in_box.png)
Open file (75.39 KB 370x450 Grace_standalone.png)
Open file (352.69 KB 758x1000 cool book.png)
Open file (487.97 KB 768x720 Grace x Aurelia.png)
No lie detected.
>how to manage your slaves
Top kek, I just looked at that cover.
Open file (112.17 KB 957x835 Grace Xmas.jpg)
>>1624 Wow, very nice, desu.
>>1624 Reminds of some random screencap where someone claimed princess from some anime is a slut based on scene where someone asks a lewd question and she answers honestly. However follow up post explains that she is from such a mild-mannered planet that trying to tarnish someone's public image by means of exposing their personal sex life is alien concept to her. I'm not sure if I recall this correctly but would be happy if anyone has suggestion on what anime this could possibly be.
>>1626 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars .t the anon who explained that scene
>>972 Tru NS's Erika would be a good choice but you'd expect Fashita and Royaline to be close 2nd and 3rd. Leftists... pigs.
>>3 What is "monarchomachism"?
Open file (35.82 KB 716x455 Monarchomachists.png)
>>1633 Newfag spotted?
Open file (704.40 KB 1388x1666 graced1.png)
Open file (745.34 KB 1388x1666 graced2.png)
This should prove useful.
>>1183 Because it's cute?
Open file (295.79 KB 910x559 rememberwhen2.png)
>>1730 Posting complementary /liberty/ version too.
Open file (46.23 KB 400x400 000440.jpg)
>>1183 >Besides the fact that you undoubtedly can't name them all That's true alright, I started 8chan in 2015,I may have tried using 4chan a few times before that and I tried a few times after, but never got into it, which was probably because 4chan was getting progressively worse over the years. I feel like quite the eternal newfag for not recognising who most of those are without looking them up There was a male tan for /pnd/ in a Christmas picture in /v/'s drawthread. It's not really a tan because as far as I can tell /pnd/ has no interest in it. non-cueballhead /v/ looks like shit
>>1773 >There was a male tan for /pnd/ in a Christmas picture in /v/'s drawthread. It looks like they made it a baby Dylann Roof.
Open file (3.37 MB 3400x3082 political animals.png)
>>1779 >baby Dylann Roof Seems fitting.
>>1779 I think it's just a generic white supremists hair style becayse apparently that hair style is supremist
>>1793 It was Roof who popularized the tactical bowl cut
>>1792 Haha, a reflecftion of /pol/'s notoriety for muh mass shootings. Fitting enough.
Open file (32.84 KB 680x760 DA (Kolchak).jpg)
Open file (336.07 KB 514x601 Osek1acAjrg.png)
Open file (2.29 MB 2728x2624 LARP01.png)
Open file (2.25 MB 2728x2624 LARP02.png)
Open file (2.22 MB 3419x3096 Grace recites.png)
Open file (3.85 MB 2800x4582 grace recites paper.png)
Open file (140.85 KB 906x906 iIyV9qUevpo.jpg)
>>1888 (checked) >>1891 >>1893 These are very nice. Thank ye kindly.
>>1894 We have come a long way, tbh.
Open file (118.56 KB 945x1222 EPOF6ZDX4AUxpcM.jpg)
Someone made a Cavalier Chan w/ Horatio Cary's flag
Open file (2.89 MB 2392x4100 no paci grace.png)
Open file (2.93 MB 2392x4100 royal baby.png)
t. /abdl/
>>1912 Cursed counter-reactionary images.
I found these on /leftypol/. It seems like everyone is looking at Grace now
>>1912 >ywn change Grace’s royal diaper
>>1912 Uhhhhhh...
>>1914 That's what happens when you make a character, faggots start drawing shit
>>1920 Don't turn into iconoclasts. besides, negative press/drawing shit is not such a big deal. sometimes it even benefits us to receive negative press indirectly
Open file (234.54 KB 535x400 ifoundit.png)
>>1923 We need more smug, tbh.
>>1913 >>1917 >>1919 >>1920 DAY OF THE STROLLER
Open file (25.91 KB 435x384 00888001.jpg)
>>1930 >the year is 2020, or CY+5, when /monarchy/ feared an invasion from 4ch, /pol/, or even /leftypol/ in our borders. oh, a transparent fear... <but it's just diaperfags from /abdl/
>>1930 Does this mean that /monarchy/ is the mother of /liberty/?
>>1931 Truly this was the best outcome if you really think about it. I look forward to more diaperchads dropping OC here
I really want to see Grace-chan giving /liberty/ a spanking.
>>1965 >/monarchy/ still thinking she is a big girl Only /abdl/ gives spankings nowadays.
Open file (376.83 KB 1155x1080 VNdPswXBuDY.jpg)
>>1953 >>1965 >>1969 Fucking coomers, you will be exiled for corrupting the king's subjects.
>>1970 >>1972 Grace-chan is a big baby and will be treated as such. /abdl/ will treat all tans accordingly. DAY OF THE STROLLER
Open file (28.83 KB 723x463 Vivian from monarchy.jpg)
This picture is from an older /monarchy/ piece, but taken individually.
Open file (3.71 MB 3640x3308 No_Bitcoin.png)
Open file (3.72 MB 3640x3308 With_Bitcoin.png)
Open file (3.35 MB 3640x3308 Plain.png)
How the hell did you lose your kingdom to diaperfags?
>>1980 Ask Sweden
Open file (600.69 KB 633x625 Grace happier.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 1522x1100 4 MM.png)
Open file (1.29 MB 1522x1100 7 liberty.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 6 fascist.png)
Open file (1.33 MB 1522x1100 10 abdl.png)
Open file (1.33 MB 1522x1100 2 Oblivion.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 1 Warcraft3.png)
I went a little overboard. smh
>>1634 the "-machist" there makes the meaning pretty counterintuitive.-
>>1992 How so?
>>1990 >that /abdl/ one Kek based
>>1993 He probably believes the "machist" suffix means being a macho man, instead of deriving from the greek word μάχομαι, i.e. to fight against.
>>2013 No, it just means monarchy-fighter.
>>1993 At least in some languages like spanish, it looks pretty counterintuitive, suggesting something related to "exaggerated masculinity". Here, the word is adapted as "monarcómaco", more similar to "Nicómaco" (Nicomachus).
Open file (1.79 MB 1830x3000 Hobbes Grace.png)
Open file (712.21 KB 1200x2000 boot-lick!.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 1522x1100 13 Pandemic2.png)
Open file (1.09 MB 1522x1100 14 lichess.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 1522x1100 11 Minecraft.png)
Open file (1.23 MB 1522x1100 12 Stronghold2.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 1522x1100 16 Daggerfall Unity.png)
Open file (1.36 MB 1522x1100 17 Daggerfall.png)
Does anyone want to request a game or something?
>>2161 Hearts of Iron or some other autistic map game seems appropriate.
>>2195 >and annoy the one absolutist on the board What do you mean? I'm always down for that.
>>2196 Let me re-phrase that, then. Why do the neofeudalists have to annoy me and Russiaboo 1/2?! The two most productive members of this board, tbh.
Open file (278.67 KB 1553x2050 Q3EF4vD050.jpg)
Open file (57.03 KB 1272x185 blackshirt.png)
>>2196 To be fair, it probably doesn't matter either way concerning /fascist/ or /liberty/, both have aristocratic neofeudalists the same. I suppose three-way diplomacy doesn't work in trying to anchor alliances. That's probably the one thing you can boast BO (and other /monarchy/ neofeuds) and some /fascist/ have in common. Remember how that one anon said, 'Don't you dare insult Guenon by associating him wth you!' -- they both kinda have a hunch for that kind of thing, tbh. Like the feudalist and the Indian caste-system advocate--they both seem to advocate that, but disagree on religion. >two screencaps related from /fascist/
My first knee-jerk reaction is like that when neofeuds start ganging up--to rely on diplomacy--but it seems there are few allies. if I felt /liberty/ was going too far, jump to /fascist/, or if /fascist/ goes too far, jump to /liberty/--that diplomacy won't cut it anymore, I'm assuming Seems like my foreign meddling won't protect from this onslaught.
>>1624 You're not bluethebone, are you?
>>1382 Who drew this? I really like the way they're drawn.
Open file (33.65 KB 720x671 8b4.jpg)
>>2200 Don't worry, soon enough our BO will own /fascist/ too.
>>2225 Yeah, after he btfos le NEETsocs out of there.

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