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Bienvenidos Choroy 01/25/2020 (Sat) 22:26:45 No.36
Bienvenidos todos General La idea es que este sea un espacio de discusión civilizada. No floodear con farándula ni fomentar guerras de ibs. Se prohiben las chutas 3D, sólo 2D está permitido. Prohibido menores de edad y CP. Cumpliendo lo anterior nos llevaremos bien. Listado de boards hermanos >>>/bandada/ >>>/condor/ https://bienvenidoainternet.org/ Actualizaciones 26/01/2020 Se abren postulaciones para moderación. https://forms.gle/LsXjogXUWMECymcZA neonido@protonmail.com
Edited last time by Lamuel on 02/12/2020 (Wed) 02:03:21.
>>640 >ese retrasado que se toma los foritos de internet como amigos de verdad jajié
Por que odian tanto al proxysimio?
test Гунтa a ver si el filtro es de bir2 o julay
Ok, I'm listening, who is this Chilean messiah?
>>744 Its the Chilean Snowden, he wanted internet anonymous, no more rules and free will then he was framed for CP, rape and abduction and then he was found dead in a metro station.
>>744 Someone who loved trains so much that he got fucked by one. Oh, and he was a self-admitted pedophile who groomed several underage children.
>>744 my english sucks but... >Lamuel, admin of nido.org >open a board for whores and other for instagram womans >instagram's girls cries because his photos are used in a deepweb site >social justice against Lamuel >users of nido.org makes jokes about rape and kidnap >now the police is against Lamuel >Lamuel is literally crazy, probably psychopathy >he commit suicide that night in the subway >two days later nobody remember nido.org >he dies for nothing
Open file (128.01 KB 600x800 BK3JFOKU.jpg)
>>744 Lamuel (L4, Lamuerte, Stalker, Chancho culiao) was the owner of the most popular Chilean imageboard, nido.org. it is estimated that he acquired the site between 2012 and 2015 when the original administrator, Takato, put it on sale after an incident where a user shared sexual content of a girl he had as a "toy". At that time Lamuel Donoso already had administrator privileges and had already been conspiring against the other members of the administration as reported in some private messages that later came to light. Once the site passed into his full control, he began a process of editing and censoring content for over 5 or 7 years until the community took the form he wanted, All this work ended up crystallizing into his pièce de résistance: /p/: a center for sharing e-thots and hoes related media, specially, the softcore video and photos packs they sell on instagram. His greatest work was what he made of that board. The social outcasts zoomer chileans (the latin zoomer is very different from the western one) led to /p/ becoming a free community for all the photo packs of the most popular women in the national and regional scene, as well as a data center for the incels and underdogs masses, who were looking to enjoy prostitution, the site became the anonymous third world dystopia par excellence, being to this day, the maximum exponent of a concept called "el chanerío": the marginal and borderline criminal Latino internet anonymous communities that make society through the net. In the summer of 2018, however, everything got out of control. After feminist waves attacked the site because the e-thots were basically loosing their money, Lamuel organized a good old raid, where he played a game with his community: a series of role play threads featuring a group of kidnappers with connections to Eastern Europe bratvas for trafficking women. Basically they took the woman, drugged them and they ship them to the euro zone. The improvised play exploded throughout the feminist communities, just like Orson Welles did with the War of the World, the people actually believed that the organization was real and that the HQ was nido.org. Paranoia grew to the point that the media talked about it for several days and the Women Rights minister appeared on television saying that they would take every legal action available to put the criminals in jail. Lamuel had organized everything. There are records of him playing at being one of the abductees, inventing victims and rapes through his Telegram channel and the others users playing along. He was cornered. Totally alone (There is speculation that he went to see a girl with whom he wanted to escape from the capital until everything calmed down, and that she rejected him, making him collapse) and with the police hot on his heels, he committed suicide by throwing himself on the tracks of the metropolitan train on February 27, 2018. He was already a person with a background and a mental state of dubious stability. Always violent, L4 was a person with whom it was impossible to dialogue. He always bordered on antisocial and manipulative behavior with the people surrounding his life, IRL and on the internet, plotting, attacking and slandering anyone he considered an enemy or a threat to his way of life (his project was to live at expense of the site), instrumentalizing his community using it as his personal army. Pic Related, an artist's portrayal of Lamuel for a newspaper report.
>>754 This is a lie and shitposting, the fucked pig owned nido and killed himself because he was afraid that the instagram thots he bullyed for years will take revenge on him
>>755 That doesn't contradicts >>754
>>754 It lacks in that info that a state minister Isabel Plá, Minister of the Woman Office, leads the official "wrath" of the government about the issue. She wanted to show himself like the "official" face of the feminists request against Lamuel at the side of the feminist lawyers organization called ABOFEM, which was actually who began the particular lawsuit ─but they failed because the Investigation Police department (PDI) don't have the particular legal faculties to begin a case against who only took the always available at web or shared by the "shekel makers thots" clients.
>>757 After that, another administrator of nido.org, Felipe Pino a.k.a Happy Cucumber, made a lot of tributes of the Minister of the Woman He is a sick son of a bitch https://www.erome.com/a/GYimzjCy
>>759 based
Open file (128.05 KB 660x660 1577313516977.jpg)
>La idea es que este sea un espacio de discusión civilizada. <Posts calidad /img/ de BaIborto Propongo la creación de /paleonido/ como una alternativa a todos los basurales que hay ahora. es broma
Open file (1.40 MB 978x720 coronachan.gif)
>>932 <Posts calidad /img/ de BaIborto Ese es el board de contención para los loros más simios, tontito.
Open file (56.56 KB 1280x720 1577153635937.jpg)
>>943 >w< igual puedo hacer hilos de calidad no?
Open file (50.15 KB 380x380 1444233372733.jpg)
>>945 Ya nadie pesca /img/ porque ese board es donde siempre llegan los loros simios a spamear porno y farándula, o sea, actuar como lo hacen en casa.
>>36 Al final, ¿alguien supo que significaban esas letras tras la animita de Lamuel?
>>1098 nuebazo
Open file (343.31 KB 835x649 Lamuel.png)
>>36 Choroyes, muchachos, siguen VIVOS.
>>1962 Tranquilícese choroy.
>>1962 >libre del bloqueo económico de estados unidos algún día choroy, algún día
Oye BO, asi como está disponible la bandera de israel tambien deberías poner la de eeuu, alemania, polonia, españa, suecia y portugal. Así posteamos con esas en algunos post y dejan de molestarnos con mierdas como "hurrr durrr stop posting this fucking spic". Ya aburre.
>>2610 Si las subes no tengo ningún problema en incluirlas, flojo se nace compadre.
>>2613 Después de ponerlas elimina ambos posts >>2626 >>2627
¿Banderas personalizadas? ¿Para qué? ¿Quieres larpear de extrangero en un tablón visitado por cinco tipos?
>>2610 >>2613 basadisimos >>2633 envidioso
Open file (955.00 B 16x11 pepino.png)
>>2662 jajié feo con esa simiedad
>>2627 Y como se activan las banderas cuando uno postea? Son random?
>>2666 #flag en el campo email
>>2668 Da para pensar señores
>>2628 Se pensó y se hizo compañero.
>>2743 test
Open file (2.14 KB 34x18 bigger cucumber.png)
Este esta mejor
>>2755 Basado
>>2755 sacre blu, basé
Open file (250.71 KB 1280x870 1539363844627.jpg)
Desde el mas allá, os saludo
>>2777 Últimos registros gráficos del troesma
>>2777 woa
>>2777 acáenelestoke_n100.gif
>que se demora la veneca culiá
Habrá algún evento para el aniversario del TROESMA?
>>2969 La caracola dice: Tal vez

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