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AGAIN NO 3D WOMEN Choroy 01/28/2020 (Tue) 03:56:38 No.418
I've told you faggots before, but the BO just unstickied it after a couple hours. Consider this your final warning, I'm not gonna check the age of every goddamn instagram thot you want to post, just don't fucking post them or find a website that is willing to put up with the risk of you bringing the feds down on them.
Open file (133.04 KB 332x284 Scocks.PNG)
>>508 *mic drops*
>>508 based and redpilled
>>508 I love how this post is all of what anyone needs to know about nidofags. It's almost like your wrote it like shit on purpose, lol.
>>518 Well, they havn't posted any 3d porn since I made this thread, or the BO has been actually deleting it. They can gloat all they want about the yank admin, cucking for them, but breaking the global rules is still going to fuck them if they can't keep their board clean.
>>508 jajié cuático
Open file (107.20 KB 992x678 lorin.jpg)
>>520 We don't need you here polandcuck. Fuck off and never return.
>>520 YESSSSS NOW POLAND IS SAFE OF 3D WAMEN. Now spread ur legs while sand niggers are just about to rekt ur borders from rusia and germany just like last time. Whore.
Open file (26.86 KB 500x386 1572107787368.jpg)
>>527 Clearly you do, since you can't seem to figure out the global rules without me.
>>557 We're fine, thanks.
Open file (102.71 KB 544x728 Jorge_Zabaleta.JPG)
>>557 Bro, a barbecue?
Open file (94.73 KB 1024x1024 luis-jara-1024x1024.jpg)
>>557 Seems that you need a strike of luck, bro.
>>557 noce inglish que dise hay
>>560 jaji´ñe
>>557 >ayyyyyy global rules Shove a nigger up ur ass, kike. Keep going worring about nigger rules before, burundanga will start to take effect and the last shit you will hear is "nadien te va a creer, longi culiao". Dont belive me? So did poland to germany and russia. Whore.
>>615 Whore, the big egg
>>429 When?
>>615 wtf???? basaoo
>3D Women =/= Real women Poles always be cucked for being brainlets
>>623 >no sé qué es 3D Llegaron los Lucho Jara de Jaidefinichon, arranquen.
>>623 Tremendo bruto y para concha hipócrita, por mi mare.
Open file (63.13 KB 860x500 Louis Jar.jpg)
>>615 Perhaps the problem is he can't read the global rules.
>>625 >llegaron El usuario promedio de nido es eso.
>niditos are kicked out from their last refuge because they cant keep their dicks in their pants Imagine being this much of a coomer unironically, lol. Anyways, if that's that much of a problem then why dont you guys start a new board on 8kun, that place wont give you any problems with the kind of content you want to share. The only downside is you will have to drop the /nido/ brand because that's already taken, but is it really that important? or at least more important that the COOOOOMS?
>>632 tremendo papiro para decir nada, simio culiao kek
Open file (686.45 KB 784x437 You did it.PNG)
>>615 Aprobado por basado
Open file (263.82 KB 1048x786 nidostrong.jpg)
¿El admin es un polaco? ¿Qué mierda?
>>520 Thanks, sir. We'll make our best to follow the rules. Thanks for your understnding and for giving this bord a chance.
Hola polakito
Open file (210.01 KB 1080x1080 2.jpg)
no sé como siguen usando este servidor sabiendo que tienen al administrador literalmente encima sapeando que no suban weás que no le gustan. les hablo a ustedes, pandilla que deambula entre esto, bandada, condor y el cytube.
>>1206 Tranquilo, tio weito, siga lavando.
>>1206 >le tiembla la pera por un polaco de mierda que salio llorando de aqui Perkinazo maricon
>>1206 No posteo imágenes de mujeres reales, así que no me importa, aunque igual no hay mucho de qué hablar en este board.
KEK JULEROS.WHOOL MAD AT MY BOY 8$HNL DOT NET KEK migren a la casa de /libre/ si quieren doxear maracas random en paz.
>>1336 jamás doxearía a mi waifu 3d
>>1336 >/libre/ ¿Qué es esa weá?
>>1534 No quieres saber
Open file (6.29 KB 251x189 1245091272157.jpg)
>>1596 Yo quiero saber.
>>1596 Habla.
El polaco fue humillado, hasta cuando planean tener esto como sticky?
>>1676 Es una forma de restregarle en el hocico que no tiene nada poder
>>1676 Esto >>1678 , es para mostrarle a julay que él es nuestra perra.
>>632 Go back to serbian's kitchen Violet.
>>2091 Lucho Jarazo.
>>2118 Said the jilted landwhale.

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