The burning, fluttering light, fades away... But won't new lights shine brighter?

Thanks for flying Julay. It's been a great honor running an imageboard for so many people, at a time where nobody knew what would happen, with 8chan going down and everybody scattering around. It was a rough time and I gave a bunker to many people who needed it.

Alas, all good things come to an end and it is up to the people to create new good things. Hope people can figure out new places to stay over (I know many people did already).

We are currently in the third panel, where Garfield sits...

He is staring at the endless void, at the end of the universe.

Light doesn't exist there. Matter doesn't exist...

But fear not, for soon the comic loops back to the first panel!

And Jon is still sitting there, blisfully unaware as Big Bang happens.

The birth of a new thing.