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Board restored Robi Root 03/28/2020 (Sat) 14:50:30 No.428 [Reply] [Last]
Hello. Our resident schizo tricked one of our global volunteers into giving him the /retro/ board since the BO wasn't active. He proceeded to delete the board. I was able to restore from a backup; unfortunately, it's from February 17. Sorry for the lost threads, I'm working on getting automated backups up and running so that losses are minimal in case something like this happens again.
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>>447 >>451 I asked the administration to give me the board, but so far there has been nothing but radio silence. I understand that with the last stunt the dolphinfag pulled they have to be careful, but we can't leave the board without an owner forever either.
>>459 I think we're doing fine without an owner, if in the unlikely case that there was spam Robi can just remove it.
>>460 Probably means an owner to change banners, CSS, spoiler images, and so on. But Robi seems open to change that as he was fancied by the Retro CSS.
>>460 >>461 Yeah, I meant "without an owner" as in "without someone that can take care of customizing the board". Also to make sure the case with the dolphin nigger doesn't happen again. If there is an active owner, even if that person doesn't actually do anything "owner-like", this board can't be claimed by malicious people.
>>461 Yeah just for banners and CSS really, we don't need much more than that. that's what I meant.

Open file (44.24 KB 762x268 logo.png)
A thread about old software revival projects Fellow Time Traveler 04/08/2020 (Wed) 00:05:16 No.481 [Reply] [Last]
I recently found out about Escargot (https://escargot.log1p.xyz/) which is a MSN Messenger revival project so let's have a thread about other projects to revive old software / games. There's also a really nice one for AIM too. http://iwarg.ddns.net/aim/

Open file (352.33 KB 1200x900 1200px-TSUTAYA_Ibaraki.JPG)
Fellow Time Traveler 04/06/2020 (Mon) 07:37:43 No.475 [Reply] [Last]
I miss video rental stores
I miss physical media in general honestly.
Me too. Everything seemed more special then. While you can find almost anything that your average video store would carry online nowadays, renting a game or a movie felt like a much more significant experience.
Just being able to hold onto something, look at it, manipulate it in your hands is becoming a thing of the past. It's still possible, going for thrift or markets, or small time stores still gives that to you, but the whole rental aspect is sadly and truly dead.
>>477 This. I miss more when owning your movies/music was the norm, before streaming took over. Sure you can still buy physical CDs/DVDs, but nowadays those get released less and less. Also you have shit like Bluray that will outright refuse to play on certain devices... On the bright side we can now rip music from streaming platforms so I guess that's the next best thing?

Open file (40.40 KB 500x500 PSX.jpg)
Vidya General Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 01:44:38 No.6 [Reply] [Last]
>ITT: Vidya of the 90's and 2000's Keep it limited to the scope of this board, so basically Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generation consoles only for now. For those who don't know what consoles are part of which generation, here's a quick rundown of the time frame we're talking about... >Fourth Generation: SNES, Sega Genesis/Sega CD >Fifth Generation: PS1, N64, Sega Saturn >Sixth Generation: Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, OG Xbox Discussion of games from the Seventh Generation consoles (PS3/Wii/Xbox 360) is allowed as well, but I'd like the thread to mainly focus on the 4th-6th console genererations since the 7th Gen era carried over into the 2010's and a lot of the games from that era onward obviously have far more in common with modern gaming than stuff from the 16-bit consoles or the PS1 and PS2 eras.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by CaesarDude on 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:24:36.
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Reminder that sound technology has regressed massively in vidya since the 2000s. https://invidio.us/watch?v=7Yc2pODiZgU
>>471 The only thing that has improved is le ebin graphixx. The rest is worse under literally every aspect. Modern vidya is garbage. There's a reason why retrogaming is now bigger than ever.
>>472 >There's a reason why retrogaming is now bigger than ever. I'm certainly glad for that. With flash carts, new controllers, accurate emulation, and better distribution for both PC releases and ROMs, there's never been a better time to start get into old games since they started being considered old hat. I'm looking forward to building a MiSTer at some point and maybe even retiring my old consoles.
>>469 Thanks anon, I remember having the demos of Lost in Time and Sheep Dog N Wolf as a kid and enjoying them, but never had the full games.
>>474 Played the fuck out of Lost in Time back in the day. Pretty decent SM64 clone. I miss good obscure licensed games like that.

Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 Nostalgia General Fellow Time Traveler 09/09/2019 (Mon) 01:52:13 No.24 [Reply] [Last]
So, what are some of your favorite memories of the old internet? Can be websites, memes, events or any other aspect of the days of Web 1.0 and 1.5 For a quick reference, here's what I would define as Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 >Web 1.0: Usenet, Geocities and Angelfire, AOL (1991-2001) >Web 1.5: Early YouTube, ED, 4chan in its "wild west" days, MySpace, YTMND, Newgrounds and the peak years of dA and Fanfiction.net (2001-2008) You also had cross-generation stuff like GameFAQs and IMDB which are still around today, although sadly IMDB's infamous message boards are gone
Edited last time by CaesarDude on 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:06:37.
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>>410 thanks man back on 8ch I met some people with their own sites too, mine is more just for fun and being comfy but some others can be useful, like this one: spyware.neocities.org/
Open file (139.57 KB 898x920 512.png)
Open file (69.60 KB 898x920 ninetiescheese.png)
Reposting the themes made by /retro/ anons... >>512 theme: https://pastebin.com/pc7ALb5H Nineties Cheese: https://pastebin.com/kDxC54W6 Would love to see one of those applied by our new BO, the board could use a unique look.
>>410 do you have a neocities? make one man it'll be fun
>>464 Sadly no, or at least not yet. Would love to make one honestly but not sure what kind of content I should put there. Maybe other anons can post their neocities for inspiration?
>>467 http://www.oocities.org/ Just look at actual old geocities websites for inspiration.

Music of the 1990's and 2000's Fellow Time Traveler 09/08/2019 (Sun) 01:14:23 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
>These guys think they're bad because they walk slow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRiH3jNE7OY
Edited last time by CaesarDude on 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:08:01.
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repost because of dolphinnigger Remember when industrial metal was big?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiUJaflLKj0 The American soundtrack for the DBZ movies is basically a time capsule of pure early 2000s edge repost because dolphinigger
>>454 That sounds way too edgy for a DBZ production lol, who thought this was a good idea? I generally dislike american soundtracks, they tend to be all rock and edgy while european ones are more electronic. Reminds me of this game, Cool Boarders 2, that had the soundtrack to its american release made up of rock songs, while the european release had a completely different soundtrack of DnB and breakbeat songs. Audio related. The first is a track from the american release (rock), the second is from the european release (DnB), then you have the third also from the european release but mixes both genres.
Open file (155.81 KB 599x571 bowie earthling.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlL_4CupuLo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ13GYtDKEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8QsKS2dy80 Bowie's 90s stuff is amazing. It's criminal that it's not as popular as his older stuff.
>>465 Earthling is one of the only albums of his I actually like. I have no idea why it's so overlooked compared to his older material.

Open file (424.81 KB 1000x1294 Vercetti.jpg)
1980's Nostalgia General CaesarDude 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:20:39 No.274 [Reply] [Last]
Alright, I decided to expand the scope of this board a little more and include a containment thread for 80's nostalgia. I mainly created this board to serve as both a successor to the old /y2k/ board, which was my favorite board on 8chan, and also expand the scope to include 90's nostalgia too, but after checking on this board, I noticed someone mentioning 80's nostalgia and I decided I would do something about it. I personally don't care that much for 80's pop culture aside from the music and some of the old edgy anime, but 80's nostalgia did become a thing in the 2000's and I can see why others like the whole 80's style, so I'll allow it as long as it's mainly kept to this thread.
24 posts and 37 images omitted.
>>444 That took a toll on me, don't really want to write it again but here's the webms. I am extra mad because i always backup long posts if the upload gets screwed but i didn't with those. Long story short for anyone who gets curious, this guy Eumir Deodato was one of the top guns in the Crossover Jazz sub-genre, which is a very cheesy, garishly arranged off-shot of the multiple experiments done to Jazz since the late 60's. It usually fuses jazz, classical/chamber music, latin rhythms, 60's pop, back then the newfangled funk and bossa nova. Its biggest "gimmick" was the modernized/butchered re-arrangement of classical pieces into funk or disco, with Deodato becoming its poster child with Also Sprach Zarathustra. It became a precursor of Smooth Jazz (the starting conversation that brought these webms, along with /mu/ disabling uploading) and also Disco music, both due to thematic inspiration and many of its artists (Creed Taylor Inc.) functioning as on-demand session musicians for New York bands, which was the hot spot for Disco and aspiring youngsters with saxophones. Entering the 80's the genre died down a lot and many of its purveyors transitioned into Smooth Jazz or Jazz Rock, the latter probably the most popular form of Fusion, the grand encompassing name for everything that uses Jazz as a template for a bigger hot pot. Deodato himself stopped most of his activity around that era and became a prolific producer, but not without experimenting with some 80's new wave at the end, already being established as a crucial figure and one of the most recognizable performers ever to grace a Rhodes electric piano, and i mean that, you can easily spot the man in many songs without checking any names. Here's 4 songs for 4 eras, his archetypical 80's Miami Beach jazz song Bus Stop, the peak crossover song Knights of Fantasy, the latin jazz fusion classic Super Strut and also Crabwalk, a ritual song for me, scratches all the right sonic pleasures for me even the visual ones with the art work, although not too hot on those bossa nova flutes. Speaking of cover image, all these rock their respective eras' art work, even a little ahead of their time in the case of Knights.
>>449 That's funny, the webms uploaded immediately, that only happens to me when other instances are still alive in the same board or site. Probably means the files/posts are still on the server, somewhere. So here's Bob James, like i said back then the only BJ girls liked, and this guy is the only dude i can imagine being near Deodato keyboards level in the Crossover genre, although he went on to be a more recognizable name due to not quitting and transitioning successfully into Smooth Jazz, being a trademark in both genres. That does take perseverance, he even delved into very early New Age/Ambient and was also an early fixture in Free Jazz, a very flexible artist for sure. Spawning the same years and number of hits as Deodato, the comparisons are quick to happen but his style is different, more subdued if anything but he has some chops that are pretty decent, not appearing here for the sake of putting more Smooth-esque songs but he has some songs with out-of-tune old pianos that work wonders. What does appear here is New York Samba, a perfectly stereotypical 90's Smooth Jazz song, the kind of what you would've expected in an elevator on a yuppie executive building back then, it really doesn't get more mid-90's than this in terms of jazz. Hypnotique is a classic, although written by Rod Temperton aka the guy who wrote Michael Jackson's Thriller and fellow Quincy Jones studio slave along with BJ, that dude sure did know how to compose catchy stuff. Angela became one of the archetypical smooth jazz songs, even featuring as the main theme of a primetime TV show (Taxi) and made BJ know where the money was going next, something good old Eumir didn't catch (he did predict, along with Herbie Hancock, that synths were going to get big). Finally is Nautilus, not much to say, one of the quintessential Crossover Jazz songs along with Deodato's Also Sprach Zarathustra and George Benson's Breezin. Also sampled to hell and back, along with appearing in many works, hence why it is on-topic because it appears in GTA San Andreas, along with Super Strut appearing in Vice City :^) There we go, pretty darn cheesy but even men need some grilled cheese once in a while.
>>449 Very nice write-up, thank you anon. This is honestly my first time hearing about Crossover Jazz, granted I'm no jazz aficionado but I can really see myself listening to a genre like this. Knights of Fantasy (my favorite of the four) hits a huge sweet spot for me with the disco elements. If this was reworked into a vocal track it could have easily been a smash hit in the mainstream, on par with Sade's work for example. Not too keen on Crabwalk though... >Speaking of cover image, all these rock their respective eras' art work, even a little ahead of their time in the case of Knights. I'm honestly surprised that cover came out in 79, its design is peak 80s like something I wouldn't see before 1982 at the earliest. I guess that's a sign of an artist being a pioneer in his field. Also I can see where Floral Shoppe gets its influence >>450 >like i said back then the only BJ girls liked Hah. I'm intrigued the most with Hypnotique, and how its first quarter has a very dark feeling, I wouldn't have taken it for jazz at all. The rest of the track sounds much closer to the genre, and feels like something Dracula would play if he hosted a party. It feels just a little bit disjointed but otherwise works. Angela is probably my most favorite in the bunch, largely thanks to the synths and the "electronic" feel they produce which has grown on me immensely. I'd say ahead of its time too as I consider this an essential "80s sound". >Super Strut appearing in Vice City :^) Shit, did it? I never noticed. All the more reason to love that game.
>>455 >I can really see myself listening to a genre like this >Knights of Fantasy >Angela I was thinking those would be the only ones you would like because the others are more eclectic in their fusing, those 2 instead are the most "pure" examples. Still glad you liked the others, i tried to mishmash the songs to give the idea it was a wild sub-genre. >Not too keen on Crabwalk though... Yeah i realize it's very polarizing in the context, funny story once i found that record in a flea market, i don't buy vinyls but i love the cover art plus nostalgia and just grabbed it to hang on a wall someday, talked to the guy selling them who listened to Deo, also talked to a couple of uncles, to some jazz playing friends and read comments on the internet: Crabwalk is easily one of his most polarizing tracks, and i said polarizing because those who hear his albums hate it but those who don't hear Crossover (or despise it) actually like it. For me it's the eternal unchanging cowbell, up-n-going strings, echoing trumpets and very dreamy keyboards, makes you feel in a timeless limbo with nothing going on. Sounds like hell if it didn't hear or look celestial (endless flat surface, giant blue sky with clouds near ground level, surreal subjects and scale), i can go on and on but i will stop here, already pestered anons with this in the /vgm/ thread. >I'm honestly surprised that cover came out in 79 Before the damn dolphin came about there were some posts about interior design from 80's and 90's, one of the styles in the former was the remade version of art deco with nouveau plastered here and there, so you had highly geometric/orthogonal ornament, stone & steel monochrome materials (marble and black stainless steel with checkered patterns) along with some cubism for colors and noveau with greek and roman busts out of nowhere, a big gulp of everything 20's and 30's. But this reborn started to happen by the mid-70's already, in very expensive executive buildings in the big cities, New York most notably aka freemason clients who wanted freemason symbolism and well, Deo was in the middle of it, so it's expected some artists had their designs made by people in the known. Or just some sick jokesters, his 1980's album cover still gets banter because of the Al Pacino movie from the same year and same name at international level. >Shit, did it? Technically speaking, as far as i know, Deodato appears 3 times in Vice City. In Radio Espantoso he has Super Strut and also Latin Flute, both similar and from the same album 2; the other song is one he either produced along the band or was just a session man in the electric piano, an utter classic although more leaning into the Jazz Funk sub-genre, Summer Madness from Kool & The Gang. Yeah, because session musicians only get to be known when they brag about the songs or when they are very obviously recognized by their styles the full catalogue is not well known, but Eumir did list most of it in his old website. The most bizarre case is him arranging and composing some bits for Björk, not half bad at all in terms of context because that finnish girl is one crazy chick with her music. And talking about jazz session players, it was common at times that musicians were buddies, lived very near each other, played in the same studios and shared compositions and tricks, going to the point sometimes that many albums, even with different artists, labels and genre classifications, had the very same people playing the same style of songs they usually do. Here we have 2 examples, Mr. Magic by great saxo player and one of the celebrated 3 Nappy Niggers in Jazz, Grover Washington Jr. aka The Black Saxophone. The song is known to be the earliest example of Smooth Jazz but actually it was composed by Bob James, he even plays the keys here, and if you hear it well it's just a normal Crossover Jazz piece but promoted later on as a different sub-genre because Crossover had become known as "music for white people" which is a lie as it was popular everywhere except among american blacks even the cover art is something you wouldn't have laying around casually in your living room.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>457 Muscises is that you?

Open file (101.05 KB 700x696 Urotsukidoji.jpg)
/retro34/-Hentai and Skinemax Nostalgia Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 01:17:04 No.5 [Reply] [Last]
I know this is gonna sound weird, but you ever feel a sense of nostalgia for hentai you enjoyed from back in the day? The 90's and 2000's had some good titles, and I'll include a lot of the 80's titles in this as well since most of them didn't get released in the West until the 90's or early 2000's. IIRC, Legend of the Overfiend came out in 1987 in Japan but did not get a release in the West until 1993. I think the first three parts of the Urotsukidoji OVA was the first hentai release in America ever. Central Park Media took the different OVA installments of Urotsukidoji and edited them into four feature-length movies, the first of which got a limited theatrical release in the 90's. Of course, there were other classics like La Blue Girl, Ogenki Clinic, and Lyon Flare in the 90's and you also had Bible Black back in the early 2000's.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by CaesarDude on 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:22:00.
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>archive it somewhere
Does Hobibox Europe still sell and support the western version? If not you could try sending it to some abandonware site. Archive.org also accepts abandonware.
I know that at least part of their website is up, or it was a couple of months ago. But all of the links were dead, images were broken, and a cursory search stated that the company went under over a decade ago. Does archive care if the content is pornographic? And are there abandonware sites for eroge?
>Does archive care if the content is pornographic?
Their terms of service doesn't mention it from a cursory glance and PC-98 collections get to stay up, which are mostly filled with eroge. Archive will allow most things that aren't obviously still being commercialized and if the copyright holder objects they just remove it.

>And are there abandonware sites for eroge?
I don't know of any that focuses on eroge. Most of them are just abandonware in general, but they might have different rules concerning mature content.
>>143 >I've ripped the CD and can upload it to mega If you're still around, please do!
>>8 Remember stileproject shilling this shit?

Open file (24.16 KB 640x400 aoinet.png)
Open file (35.51 KB 640x400 arabia.png)
Open file (20.99 KB 640x400 chaina.png)
Open file (23.86 KB 640x400 first.png)
Open file (27.51 KB 640x400 first2.png)
4-bit CG Fellow Time Traveler 10/22/2019 (Tue) 00:26:56 No.152 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone here collect 4-bit/16 color CG or perhaps even make it yourself? If you don't know what I'm talking about think PC-98 or see pic related.
5 posts and 9 images omitted.
Indeed it would. I'll see what I can find.
Open file (107.11 KB 1130x1505 PARIS.PNG)
Open file (49.05 KB 705x1670 PIANO.png)
Open file (38.06 KB 1400x995 SEASIDE.PNG)
Open file (43.41 KB 1065x1300 SKISCENE.png)
Open file (184.64 KB 1320x880 SKY.PNG)
Dunno if they count but the sample files from Corel Draw 2.5 could fit here...
Open file (18.04 KB 640x400 1496346887801.png)
Open file (149.98 KB 500x500 pxl.jpg)
Open file (286.72 KB 1280x720 20170816190405.jpg)
I love these types of images. I don't think these are PC-98 but they have a similar style
>>421 Do you have the original PNGs? Or at least the name of the games these pics came from?
>>411 There's something more charming about these than most of the vector art you see nowadays. >>421 I like these ones too.

Open file (26.07 KB 440x280 440x280_1-122355.png)
Can we have a thread for flash games? Fellow Time Traveler 01/11/2020 (Sat) 03:46:02 No.301 [Reply] [Last]
Flash was pretty cool and it's gonna die this year so let's have a thread about flash games and just stuff that's made in flash in general.
9 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>303 I got a lot of fun with those, never completed 3 and i think not even the second one. Porn flashes were a hit, i downloaded many years ago but i don't think those sites are gone... right?
Open file (62.88 KB 512x487 4.png)
Open file (40.22 KB 440x512 20.png)
Open file (52.24 KB 432x512 45.png)
Open file (49.91 KB 512x285 54.png)
Open file (24.95 KB 267x512 60.png)
Inspired by the MSN/AIM thread, I extracted the MSN Messenger winks which were made in flash and uploaded them here: https://files.catbox.moe/y97vg9.zip VirusTotal scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/37074a201150bf12f2e3bb34b3e5f280833bbe1cfed03d4fcbdb8fd54a872bba/detection A flash player executable is included for your convenience.
Well this one is ranging more into late 2000's territory (it was even released in >2007) but there was this flash browser virtual world called Whirled which was sorta like a mix of PalaceChat and Club Penguin. What made it unique was that most of it's content was made by the userbase, and most of it was available for free with coins that you could earn from playing games, earning trophies or just begging. You could make stuff from simple shit such as pngs into furniture or room backgrounds, to full fledged flash avatars with states and emotes, or even your own games through which other players could earn coins. Like most other virtual worlds, Whirled had it's own faggots as well. Trolls making virus-like screamers or earrape vid avatars, 13 year old gaia weebs with those lazy recolors of popular avatars such as Kawaiis, lazy static image/gif avatars (even "m or f" normalfags making static image avatars with pictures of themselves thinking it was some sort of fucking hookup site) To be honest, it was always pretty cringe, but the concept was still really great. If not for flash being "obsolete" these days i'd say it could be some sort of popular VRChat alternative for toasters and people with no mics There's actually a clone for it, but as you can see, most people have moved on since the shutdown of the original game. Hell, the death of flash player probably butchered the playerbase even more. https://www.whirled.club/
>>399 So can you make your own winks with flash?

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