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Open file (424.81 KB 1000x1294 Vercetti.jpg)
1980's Nostalgia General CaesarDude 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:20:39 No.274
Alright, I decided to expand the scope of this board a little more and include a containment thread for 80's nostalgia. I mainly created this board to serve as both a successor to the old /y2k/ board, which was my favorite board on 8chan, and also expand the scope to include 90's nostalgia too, but after checking on this board, I noticed someone mentioning 80's nostalgia and I decided I would do something about it. I personally don't care that much for 80's pop culture aside from the music and some of the old edgy anime, but 80's nostalgia did become a thing in the 2000's and I can see why others like the whole 80's style, so I'll allow it as long as it's mainly kept to this thread.
I was born a few years after the '80s ended but ironically feel more fondness (and downright nostalgia) for a lot of '80s stuff than I do most '90s or 2000s pop culture.
>>279 Never seen Contact. Some of these shows had great openers! My favorites probably include Miami Vice, Magnum PI, Knight Rider, and Airwolf. Hell, they were all cool.
Open file (65.87 KB 850x600 outrunlogos.jpg)
>>279 probably because of reruns. there was something cozy about late night shows after bedtime which were almost all reruns.
>>380 What's with all the fucking LINES?
>>374 I still need to check those shows out. I watched the Miami Vice pilot a long time ago but never got deep into it. I like that car, by the way. I know a lot of people think that style is corny, but I really like the silhouette. >>381 It helps that I had a sheltered childhood, had older siblings, lived in a small town in "flyover country," and didn't have cable until the early 2000s. I spent more time watching PBS than any other channel because there wasn't much to watch, and that largely showed re-runs of 80s stuff, like Slim Goodbody. I can even think of one show that dated back to the end of the '70s. Link related is a guy I vaguely remember from my early childhood in the '90s, although I didn't find out who he was until recently. Sometimes I'd get access to stuff recorded off cable TV or from the library or video rental place, and a good amount of the time that would also be older stuff.
>>385 they're neat. >>386 top comfy right there. Nice foxbody mustang, too.
What do you guys think of the Memphis Group style?
>>401 I like it but I wouldn't actually want to live in that style. I prefer more relaxed, clean, "professional" looks. That being said I like this bright style on small pieces, or even applied to websites and small electronics. stuff like that.
>>401 it's making me anxious, bright color are supposed to signify danger, what brain demange retard can live in that. you unironically need to have a brain demange to like it, it remind me of the study that weakening a specific zone in the brain with strong magnet make you less racist. ie make your fight and flight response sedated.
Open file (42.24 KB 620x417 Memphis-chair.jpg)
>>402 >I like it but I wouldn't actually want to live in that style. Agreed. Not only would it get old pretty fast, but it would be hard to mix and match with anything else without looking like crap. >>403 People tend to find bright colors appealing as long as they aren't too over the top. The Memphis style is a pretty polarizing example of that though.
>>405 i'm only giving my opinion but i really don't like the fact that it look completely removed from nature. only city dweeler can dig that.
>>405 almost pseudo intellectual tier kind of people, not a critiue just my feeling
Open file (825.11 KB 4032x3024 ukyp7zb8spq01.jpg)
Open file (90.56 KB 1024x683 1521579382492.jpg)
>>405 here's an example of a similar design style I like. (the yellow ones). and then some examples of what I prefer and what I believe to be something that's better for every day. Clean and perhaps understated.
>>406 I know what you mean. Can you even imagine a room decorated in that aesthetic that looks good with a lived-in look? It's hard to imagine unless you start toning it down. >>408 The latter two picture might not have the bizarre charm of the first example, but the less busy looks definitely have appeal of their own.
>>409 now those I like for sure. A splash of color is nice but at some point it feels extremely unnatural and uncomfortable. might as well make this a /comfy/ thread right? I do like pastels though, those can be nice too. they can be more generous and still not be garish. and of course houseplants are very nice too.
>>414 Those look like places you could really live in. Greenery can do a lot to brighten up even dreary environments. For as much crap as certain forms of modern architecture get, I think they'd do a lot better with some plant livening things up.
>>415 *plant life livening
Open file (155.19 KB 500x633 1474828789927.jpg)
Open file (368.79 KB 1280x960 300zinterior.jpg)
Open file (269.95 KB 1200x774 SubaruXTSteeringWheel.jpg)
>>415 I love that car interior, I have the same image saved. I'm planning to get a few houseplants for my room as well, having some greenery in contrast to my stereo stuff and beige computer things is appealing to me.
>>418 I really like that middle one. The green and reddish colors on the display make for a nice contrast.
Open file (2.38 MB 1600x2700 1496515074615.jpg)
Open file (81.32 KB 1334x1061 34560kdy44d11.jpg)
>>419 oh, yeah. the 300zx is top tier '80s design. the middle picture reminds me of San Francisco, probably because of the suspension bridge. Specifically, the Computer Chronicles video series. In their office/studio I remember you could see the TransAmerica pyramid behind them. (The "Pontiac" building as some called it). Oh, and Full House. I never thought that show was funny at all but still it was comfy to sit and watch. Too bad SF has gone down the shitter, almost literally.
Open file (324.47 KB 843x1211 Space_Harrier.jpg)
Open file (607.21 KB 619x800 1513435070361.png)
Open file (4.18 MB 480x270 u097UB.gif)
>>420 Full House was pretty bland and dorky, but I liked it when I was younger. It's easy to look back fondly on it compared to a more modern sitcom. Its lack of self-awareness just comes across as charming, and I still wouldn't mind having it on in the background if I were doing something else. The way it's portrayed in movies and TV from that era, '80s California looked like paradise.
Open file (280.52 KB 716x716 pyramids.jpg)
Open file (85.91 KB 519x810 gw basic.jpg)
Open file (1.60 MB 1012x1443 microsoft.jpg)
>>419 I fucking love genuine 80s retrofuturism. How it got corrupted into le epic neon grid and broken sun i will never know.
>>428 I think it started off as people taking inspiration from Tron, old arcade games like Battlezone and Outrun, John Carpenter flicks, and Blade Runner. I can understand what they were trying to do, even if I'm sick to death of that whole style. It felt like a breath of fresh air at the time. Unfortunately, nowadays you have teenage memers who seemingly think that distorted caricature of the '80s is an accurate representation of what the aesthetics of the decade were actually like (largely due to being so far removed from the actual media of that period and experiencing most of it through 21st century imitations). Having said that, there's some enjoyable "synthwave" music out there. I prefer the more personal, nostalgic feelings that the late 2000s "chillwave" hipsters were going for though over actual "synthwave" in that regard though. The latter often ends up replacing the earnest guilelessness of actual '80s culture with 2010s jadedness. It ends up feeling like semi-ironic Reddit crap most of the time. Those are some nice pictures, by the way. I saved all three of them.
>>427 Yeah I like putting it on when I'm doing something else. Cooking or cleaning up, or something like that. California can be pretty great but right now not so much. That's a neat deck. I have a Sony but the autoreverse just spins the head around. It sounds great but might need a minor head adjustment. Here's a picture of my deck. it's missing the bias control knob but otherwise it's good.
Open file (115.90 KB 320x224 1501449748284.gif)
Open file (38.92 KB 227x79 1508309102551.gif)
Open file (2.82 MB 1534x2100 1526482330452.jpg)
Open file (366.38 KB 1280x897 ddfdsgdfgdfgfgfgfgg.jpg)
>>430 >California can be pretty great but right now not so much. It's a shame, too, because at one point it was probably the nicest state in the country. Now I don't see any hope for it. >That's a neat deck. I have a Sony but the autoreverse just spins the head around. It sounds great but might need a minor head adjustment. Here's a picture of my deck. it's missing the bias control knob but otherwise it's good. It looks great. I just have couple of tape recorders on hand for dirtying up audio recordings. One of them's a 4-track recorder, though, which is pretty nice.
>>427 Full House was hot garbage but for some reason I miss shit like that. Now everything has to be hyperpolitical and self-aware.
Open file (54.55 KB 800x631 1521577002398.jpg)
Open file (70.18 KB 800x616 1521577066339.jpg)
>>431 >at one point it was probably the nicest state in the country yeah, probably. it's perfect other than the politics. and demographics... I'd like to get a 4 track myself but I don't think I'd use it too often. If I were making music I'd get one for sure. >>432 yeah when I watch it again it's pretty lame. I hardly found it funny, hell I laugh more watching Magnum PI than I do Full House and the latter is supposed to be a comedy show, right? But, for some reason I still like to watch it. Especially when I'm in a bit of a laid back mood.
Open file (227.10 KB 800x1040 1403641391027.jpg)
Open file (925.63 KB 1314x1800 1501032663983.jpg)
Open file (332.52 KB 960x949 1545721896893.jpg)
Open file (533.15 KB 1920x1080 altered_beast.0.jpeg)
Open file (345.42 KB 800x1059 FW08J.jpg)
I actually remember seeing this Metal Gear ad in a hand-me-down comic book as a kid and being under the impression that it was more about shooting things than sneaking around. I was disappointed when I finally played it and realized it was a stealth game. >>436 >yeah, probably. it's perfect other than the politics. and demographics... It's hard to believe that it was a red state as recently as the 1988 presidential election. That shows how powerful demographics really are. >I'd like to get a 4 track myself but I don't think I'd use it too often. If I were making music I'd get one for sure. I only ever used mine years ago, and that was as a test to make sure it worked. I haven't been satisfied with any of the music I've made to the point of running it through there yet. I'm aiming for both saturation and pitch instability, and doing that stuff with software just feels wrong to me. I've heard that 4-tracks have also risen in price over the last few years, but I don't know if that's true or not. It sucks if that's the case. At some point I plan on meddling with the belt inside my cheaper cassette player to get some crazy wow and flutter, but I think that's a while away at this point.

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