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Welcome to /robowaifu/ Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:33:54 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
Why Robowaifu? Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. History shows there are cultural and political solutions to this problem, but we believe that technology is the best way forward at present – specifically the technology of robotics. We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists and geeks looking forward to a day when any man can build the companionship he desires in his own home. Not content to wait for the future, however, we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists and designers, using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us! >Note: This is generally a SFW board, given our engineering focus primarily. On-topic NSFW content is OK, but please spoiler it. There are some bizarre NSFW over at our friend's place https://smuglo.li/monster/ for those so inclined. What is a Robowaifu? That's a very good question! A robowaifu is a robot that fulfills a man's natural need for companionship. To achieve this, there are many problems to be solved, and there are many approaches being explored here. Solutions range from silicone sex dolls with robotic features to VR and virtual girlfriends, and even into the realm of spirituality. Do You Intend to Sell Robowaifus? The objective is to design a robowaifu that any man can create in his own home. We also believe in open source as a way to protect our rights. We expect that some day companies will sell robowaifu kits. Already there is one company that sells a complete robowaifu, that company being RealDoll, the robowaifu being named Harmony. What do You Think About RealDoll's Harmony? RealDoll is a company that sells highly realistic silicone sex dolls. Recently, they have started selling what we would call a robowaifu, named Harmony. This is the first robowaifu to come to market. We wish them well, but most on this board have objections to the approach. Firstly, she is expensive, costing about $10,000, out of range for most men. Secondly, she is deep into the uncanny valley, the place where human-imitating technologies go to die. Thirdly, the range of designs are quite limited, and every man has a different ideal woman.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by robi on 01/12/2020 (Sun) 14:24:20.

AI, chatbots, and waifus Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 06:16:01 No.22 [Reply] [Last]
What resources are there for decent chatbots? Obviously I doubt there would be anything the Turing Test yet. Especially when it comes to lewd talking. How close do you think we are to getting a real life Cortana? I know a lot of you guys focus on the physical part of robo-waifus, but do any of you have anything to share on the intelligence part of artificial intelligence?
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Yeah, it's a great library to use. They won't have direct access to the internet but later I might add this. I'm not having much luck yet though. I'm trying to beat Breakout-v4 with it in the OpenAI gym and only managing a score of 3-8 after 1000 episodes.

I was going to use the same model initialized randomly but I could instantiate them with different network sizes. It might speed up learning significantly. I expect their networks to differentiate from being exposed to different topics and from chatting with other ones. Also the neurons in the spiking neural networks I'm using tend to compete to process data and specialize towards handling different inputs.

If the experiment is a success I'd like to use neuroevolution to create many different models and let them evolve on their own.
Open file (94.91 KB 1071x567 Untitled Diagram(2).png)
Been back to the drawing board while waiting for shit to train and I think I figured out a way to combine MuZero, Go-Explore and the right balance between danger and play.

My first attempt didn't work too well. The network changed its mind every frame by picking whichever action would lead to the most unfamiliar state. It might have had some success after 10,000 episodes but I got tired of watching it follow the ball with the paddle then dodge it at the last second so it can desperately try to hit it. I realized attempting to do the most unfamiliar task all the time was a bad idea because it may also be the most dangerous or just stochastic noise.

So that and the idea of learning new words close to known words gave me an idea for the network to set intrinsic goals to reach. Once decided on a novel state it will continuously try to reach it, even if it gets knocked off its original planned route. If predictions fail enough times though or it gets knocked into a state with no path back to it, then it will lose interest and something else will be explored.

I'd like to implement this somehow with more abstract goals instead of frame by frame planning though. My first idea is to create a second MuZero-like network, where the value of states isn't the probability of winning but instead the probability of reaching a goal state. The second network will take current hidden states and intuitively manipulate them with actions to reach any goal state. This way it will learn how to reach distant goal states without the MCTS telling it exactly how to get there. I should be able to combine this second network with hindsight experience replay so it learns from every action it takes.
Interesting. Don't recall ever hearing about it before, but then AI hasn't been something I've managed to succeed with, practically speaking. Thanks for the updates Anon, keep it up!

>>1836 That is some good theory right there, but where is the praxis?

New machine learning AI released Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 10:18:46 No.250 [Reply] [Last]
This has to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in deep learning and AI so far.
It's extremely skilled in developing coherent humanlike responses that make sense and I believe it has massive potential, it also never gives the same answer twice.
>GPT-2 generates synthetic text samples in response to the model being primed with an arbitrary input. The model is chameleon-like—it adapts to the style and content of the conditioning text. This allows the user to generate realistic and coherent continuations about a topic of their choosing

>GPT-2 displays a broad set of capabilities, including the ability to generate conditional synthetic text samples of unprecedented quality, where we prime the model with an input and have it generate a lengthy continuation. In addition, GPT-2 outperforms other language models trained on specific domains (like Wikipedia, news, or books) without needing to use these domain-specific training datasets.
Also the current public model shown here only uses 345 million parameters, the "full" AI (which has over 4x as many parameters) is being witheld from the public because of it's "Potential for abuse".

That is to say the full model is so proficient in mimicking human communication that it could be abused to create new articles, posts, advertisements, even books; and nobody would be be able to tell that there was a bot behind it all.

<AI demo:

<Other Links:

My idea is to find a way to integrate this AI as a standalone unit and add voice-to-text for processing the questions and TTS for responses much like an amazon alexa- but instead of just reading google results- it actually provides a sort of discussion with the user.
24 posts and 17 images omitted.
I certainly don't think it's impossible anon. Did you have some ideas?
>Did you have some ideas?
You need to write a bot script that fetches post and reply on imageboard. But more importantly, how good is this thing anyway?. I don't wan't it to be in lobotomized stage, like repeating itself despite having huge input of learning curve.
>As the final model release of GPT-2’s staged release, we’re releasing the largest version (1.5B parameters) of GPT-2 along with code and model weights to facilitate detection of outputs of GPT-2 models. While there have been larger language models released since August, we’ve continued with our original staged release plan in order to provide the community with a test case of a full staged release process. We hope that this test case will be useful to developers of future powerful models, and we’re actively continuing the conversation with the AI community on responsible publication."

Open file (55.73 KB 594x256 2019-11-23_08-32-59.png)
It's still pretty non-sensical much of the time, but it seems to be better with the bigger model.
Actually you might want to checkout https://github.com/AIDungeon/AIDungeon with fun results like https://aidungeonpastes.github.io/AID2-Art/

Meta Tread Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:32:29 No.38 [Reply] [Last]
Off-topic and general discussion thread.

Also, let's discuss ways to get more people involved. How can we grow this board?

Also, let's share robowaifu media to help inspire each other. This is a very generalized thread meant to improve robowaifu in general.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:58:00.
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>>1898 I appreciate you holding the board for us. In the case that chobitsu, for whatever reason doesn't come back, what will you do with the board? I really hope it doesn't come to that. Also, if it means anything chobitsu mentioned in the past that he doesn't want to be the BO of /robowaifu/ anymore, however he will carry on the mantle. Had you previously spoken to chobitsu before? I know that the administration staff had requested his presents on the /meta/ board. I'm the guy who you spoke to on /meta/ and rizon. I am speaking to euphoria, correct?
>>1900 >I know that the administration staff had requested his presents on the /meta/ board. I request him to come because I wanted to ask him to be a global vol. He did accept and has been one for at least two months now I think.
>>1901 Has he been active on his role a vol?
>>1902 I'd have to check the logs but it was very rarely probably because the others were taking care of things before he saw them. He hasn't been active since leaving two weeks ago. Board claims are based on last log-in to the account. I mostly wanted an extra set of eyes around to deal with global reports of CP and things of that nature. I asked him because I liked how he managed this board. Typically, when I'm looking for global vols I try to ask people that run their boards like he ran this one.
>>1900 >In the case that chobitsu, for whatever reason doesn't come back, what will you do with the board? I suppose then I'll keep things running. I think he'll be back, don't worry. >Had you previously spoken to chobitsu before? Not personally, no. >I'm the guy who you spoke to on /meta/ and rizon. Hi! Yeah, that's me.

Open file (485.35 KB 1053x1400 0705060114258_01_Joybot.jpg)
Robowaifu Simulator Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:07:13 No.155 [Reply] [Last]
What would be a good RW simulator. I guess I'd like to start with some type of PCG solution that just builds environments to start with and build from there up to characters.

It would be nice if the system wasn't just pre-canned, hard-coded assets and behaviors but was instead a true simulator system. EG, write robotics control software code that can actually calculate mechanics, kinematics, collisions, etc., and have that work correctly inside the basic simulation framework first with an eye to eventually integrating it into IRL Robowaifu mechatronic systems with little modifications. Sort of like the OpenAI Gym concept but for waifubots.
https ://gym.openai.com/
42 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>1862 Thanks for the advice anon, I'll check into it.
Been studying OpenGL hard and learning. Also added a couple of changes. A) I got things worked out so I can load .obj files from say, Blender now. I've added an 'orbiting moon' that goes around the training pavilion ~2 1/2 minutes. B) I've been learning about texturing and setup the toybox to cycle textures/vert colors as just something colorful. I anticipate that the objects in the gym will give the AI a chance for object recognition and interaction. >pics related Anyway, made a new push. Have a happy new year /robowaifu/.
Added a wireframe mode and did a lot of cleanups and refactoring preparing for expansion and adding multiple windows and a rigged character.
>>1893 You probably have to enable and disable wireframe between rendering the UI elements and rendering the actual scene.
I've added a fair amount of code updates, and added the ability to fly the camera up and down. I'm currently learning about vector & matrix math (linear algebra?) to be able to build a skeletal system of joints to do animations with. I want us to be able to do the work ourselves when we move forward so I'm trying to learn to do it by hand instead of relying on some kind of 3rd party game engine. >pics related >>1894 Thanks for the tip anon.

Robot skeletons and armatures Robowaifu Technician 09/13/2019 (Fri) 11:26:51 No.200 [Reply] [Last]
What are the best designs and materials for creating a skeleton/framework for a mobile, life-sized gynoid robot?
18 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (53.54 KB 396x524 WaifuSafety.jpg)
>>707 Soft robotics is good for hands for robowaifus, also nether regions. Got to keep her sausage safe. A mix of hard and soft robotics is the ideal, for safety.
Just buy plastic skeleton and install appropriate mechanical joints between bones. Ball joints and bearings for efficiency. You could go classic and slap some lubricant between the original joints and have the skin hold the whole thing together. Polyurethane for the spine and other areas that need to be flexible but only acutely. They look to cost on average 200 American pesos. Just have to find someone selling a 4ft 10in cutie. Should hold up just fine as long as you're not abusive to your waifu you sick fuck. You could 3D print customized parts. I'm no skeleton expert but the main variability seems to be in the skull, hips, and ribcage.
>>1883 Whereas, using a human like skeleton has obvious advantages, the cheap plastic ones are really only good for wheelchair waifus. This mostly because altering the legs to the point of being able to use them for bipedal locomotion would require similar effort to building from scratch. Upper body seems like a great idea though. May be worth looking into.
>>1884 I had one class with a skeleton and I remember it being really durable. Considering that a real human skeleton is like 3 grand, I doubt someone is selling a quality skeleton made with composite materials. I might buy a skeleton just to see how it is because I found a shorter one for $90. If only the legs were the problem anons could spend a few hours reinforcing the tibia, fibia, and femur. I imagine the process would simply be cutting the bones down the middle and slapping the metal in the middle and screwing the sandwich together. We don't have to worry about compressive strength, just bending. There's also some 3D printing filaments that have glass fiber in them. Obviously not longchain but it might be good enough.
>>1887 Why not just use wood, plywood, plastic, fiberglass, etc? Common, cheap, durable, strong enough. Might be a bit heavy but I'm sure it will be fine.

Actuators for waifu movement! Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:27:47 No.406 [Reply] [Last]
Hello fellow Anons! Kiwi here to provide basic educational facts about various actuators we can use for gifting artificial avatars of our hearts desire motion!

1. Let's start with a personal favorite, the impractical, inefficient yet oh so fascinating: Heated Twisted Nylon!

What are they? They're nylon threads which have been spun around then annealed to seal in their coils. A heating method causes these threads to then contract or expand.

Good: Why is this a personal favorite? Simply put, it's natures muscle substitute for muscles. To elaborate, this marvelous invention contracts like human muscles, has a similar practical strength/weight/volume as human muscle. Icing on this proverbial cake comes in its incredibly low cost of manufacture. Materials needed are nylon threads and a heating element. A fixture for production can be produced simply, operated with incredible ease, all while having a low cost. It very well could have revolutionized all of robotics if it weren't for its flaws.

Bad: This is honestly a terrible actuator. Its greatest flaw comes from its speed. they aren't as fast as human muscles unless they're underwater. Water reduces efficiency to unacceptable levels if they're powered by batteries. Water is also rather heavy. If used, you'd have a waifu that moved slowly , would seize up in hot weather, and her battery would die rather quickly. Final nail in the coffin: it's very difficult to get positional control.

2: Pneumatics, moving her booty with air!
What is it? Pressurized air is guided to an actuator where its energy turns into motion. Popular air actuators include rotary turbines, cylinders, and air muscles.

Good: Actuators are light for their power. Positional control isn't difficult to attain. They can be faster then human muscles. Heating elements can be used to augment performance to higher levels.

Bad: These things require electrical actuators to function properly. Thus, they're inherently more complex then electrical counterparts. They need a source of compressed air, either from a tank or a compressor and a tank. Compressors are large, heavy, noisy, all around unsuitable to be incorporated into a waifu. Air tanks would also run out rapidly unless she's barely moving. Overall, they're suited better for industrial use.

3. Hydraulics, they're like pneumatics except stronger, needs a return system, needs an onboard pump, gets hotter, generally costs more, and is heavier.
(2 and 3 are great for stationary machinery which requires high power as they're very cost effective as high power actuators)

4. AC motors
What are they? They're rotary devices which use AC current to create magnetic flux used to provide torque.

Good: Generally highly efficient with good thermal characteristics. Can have controllable speed and torque.

Bad: They run off of AC electricity, batteries don't provide that. It's not difficult to change DC to AC but, it's a layer of extra cost and complexity. Overall they're great but the next actuator is better suited for our purpose.

5: DC motors are the ideal actuator for smaller waifus.
What are they? They're actuators which convert DC electricity into rotary mechanical energy.

Good: They're inexpensive, easily attainable, and simple to control. They're very easy to control. Uses DC which batteries provide.

Bad: Need to be geared down to provide good torque. They're middle of the road efficiency wise.

(For smaller waifus, their lower efficiency compared to the next actuator isn't a major concern. Smaller batteries recharge rapidly, so having her need to charge in her bed isn't a big deal.)

6. Superior Brushless Motors are ideal actuators
What are they? DC motors which need specialty hardware to drive them.

Good: High efficiency, it's the most efficient option available.

Bad: Controllers add expense and complexity.

(1 of 2)
24 posts and 18 images omitted.
I've played around with it and the general consensus is it's not powerful enough to use as a main actuator for anything but a tiny butterfly robot or other insect like robots of comparable size.
Open file (186.37 KB 998x420 Selection_004.png)
Here's an example image of attaching 4 PAM muscles end-to-end together for larger displacement. Capped from one of anon's pdf's posted here:
I see. Maybe it will be perfect for the Lapis Fairybot then. Thanks for the input anon.
Open file (51.68 KB 700x700 brushlessgearmotor.jpg)
Brushless gear motors are great, good torque to weight with good efficiency. They usually have a built in ESC for ease of use.
Anybody think about piezoelectric motors? They seem cool and to have good capabilities except the tech is new and it seems like there's not many large piezo motors. There's probably lots of pitfalls I'm missing on this but it's an interesting anecdote.

R&D General Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:58:26 No.83 [Reply] [Last]
This is a thread to discuss smaller waifu building problems, solutions, proposals and questions that don't warrant a thread. Keep it technical. I'll start.

Liquid battery and cooling in one
Having a single "artificial blood" system for liquid cooling and power storage would eliminate the need for a vulnerable solid state battery, eliminate the need for a separate cooling system, and solve the problem of extending those systems to extremities.
I have heard of flow batteries, you'd just need to use a pair of liquids that's safe enough and not too sensitive to changes in temperature.
This one looks like it fits the bill. The downside is that your waifu would essentially be running on herbicide. (though from what I gather, it's in soluble salt form and thus less dangerous than the usual variety)

How close are we to creating artificial muscles? And what's the second best option?
Muscles are perfect at what they do; they're powerful, compact, efficient, they carry their own weight, they aren't dependent on remote parts of the system, they can be controlled precisely, and they can perform many roles depending on their layout alone.
We could grow actual organic muscles for this purpose already but that's just fucking gross, and you'd need a lot of extra bloat to maintain them.
What we need are strands of whatever that can contract using electrical energy. Piezo does the trick at small scales, but would it be enough to match the real thing? There have been attempts, but nothing concrete so far.
What are some examples of technology that one could currently use instead?

High level and low level intelligence emulation
I've noticed a pattern in programs that emulate other computing hardware.
The first emulators that do the job at acceptable speeds are always the ones that use hacks and shortcuts to get the job done.
It comes down to a tradeoff. Analyzing and recompiling or reinterpreting the code itself on a more abstract level will introduce errors, but it is a magnitude of order more efficient than simulating every part of the circuitry down to each cycle. This is why a relatively high level emulator of a 6th gen video game console has close system requirements to a cycle-accurate emulator of the SNES.
Now, I want to present an analogy here. If training neural networks for every damn thing and trying to blindly replicate an organic system is akin to accurately emulating every logic gate in a circuit, what are some shortcuts we could take?
It is commonly repeated that a human brain has immense computing power, but this assumption is based just on the amount of neurons observed, and it's likely that most of them probably have nothing to do with intelligence or consciousness. If we trim those, the estimated computing power would drop to a more reasonable level. In addition, our computers just aren't built for doing things like neural systems do. They're better at some things, and worse at others. If we can do something in a digital way instead of trying to simulate an analog circuit doing the same thing, that's more computing power that we could save, possibly bridging the gap way earlier than we expected to.
The most obvious way to handle this would be doing as many mundane processing and hardware control tasks as possible in an optimized, digital way, and then using a GPU or another kind of circuit altogether to handle the magical "frontal lobe" part, so to speak.
58 posts and 40 images omitted.
>I want to make a snibbedy snab one at some point. Maybe I'll try out that trot bot linkage.
That would be cool. Good luck.
Open file (97.86 KB 696x1280 ShortStackExample.png)
>>1805 Give your waifu a tail, if you're ok with her chunky legs, you're golden. Hope you like short stacks anon. Friendly reminder that cable based drives are smaller, lighter, more durable, and most importantly, far more efficient then pneumatic systems. I actually really like pneumatic systems, I've worked on/with and designed pneumatic systems in the past. You can find industrial spares on ebay or in junk yards that usually work ok or need basic maintenance if you'd like to use them for manufacturing mechanisms. They are phenomenal as parts for industry, but their relatively low efficiency and high mass (compared to cable mechanisms driven by brushless motors) prevents them from being usable for waifus at or below standard human heights. Theoretically viable for giant waifus above 8 feet tall as the torque required to move increases drastically. Pnuematics only really make sense on stationary robots. Which is why they're used in amusement parks where a giant compressor can power many animatronics that only worry about the mass of their upper bodies.
Open file (54.38 KB 640x400 leveltable.jpg)
Extremely useful free software for waifu mechanical development. https://blog.rectorsquid.com/download-linkage/
Open file (20.66 KB 523x849 OneMotorLegPic.PNG)
>>1879 A design for a leg which runs with only one motor. It's simple, easy to implement into a design, somewhat efficient, and with an extra motor in the hip, can be used for walking, running, sitting, standing, all based on the angle of the mechanism. It's lacking a foot though, if anyone would like to help with that. (not sure how to include a copy of its file, julay doesn't support the file type.)
>>1692 Make sure you look at the elastic stiffness of the material, also known as the modulus of elasticity or Young's modulus. Not the total stretch at breaking point. Plastics often plastically deform greatly before breaking so looking at the total elongation does not give a good idea of stiffness. Same with metals. Mostly people design things to stay in the elastic limit. Im saying this because I'm pretty sure that UHMWPE is stiffer than nylon.

Visual Waifus Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 06:40:42 No.240 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on waifus which remain 2D but have their own dedicated hardware. This is more on the artistry side though ai is still involved. An example of an actual waifu product being the Gatebox.

My favorite example is Ritsu, she's a cute ai from assassination classroom who's body is a giant screen on wheels.
12 posts and 14 images omitted.
Now that you mention that anon, we have a car thread already, it mentioned the Jetson boards. >>112

Not exactly what anon had in mind, but the hardware is probably well-suited (designed explicitly to operate inside a vehicle).

Also while I'm here, somewhere during the final few minutes of this video >>1222 there is a very pertinent section to anon's car project idea. Check it out.
this song deserves posting here as well.
Open file (317.89 KB 1138x1084 vroid.png)
Check out vroid studio for an easy to use software for making visual waifus https://vroid.com/en/studio/
What about https://twitter.com/Crypko since those guys know what they are doing? They are the makers behind https://github.com/makegirlsmoe/makegirlsmoe_web

AI Software Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 07:04:21 No.85 [Reply] [Last]
A large amount of this board seems dedicated to hardware, what about the software end of the design spectrum, are there any good enough AI to use?

The only ones I know about offhand are TeaseAi and Personality Forge.
37 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (6.40 KB 240x240 1530231917045.jpg)
kek, nice.
>I don't have any tits but I talk to a few tits.
>Like you for example.
Who let smugloli design a chatbot!
Hilarious cap.
Done. We actually have a banners thread anon. Post other good ideas there.
Part of the Roboy MIT project. Only works with Telegram.
You might want to begin at https://github.com/search?o=desc&q=chatbot&s=stars&type=Repositories and get to things like GPT-2 later on https://github.com/openai/gpt-2


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