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Fuck Disney.

Open file (416.70 KB 632x810 1515086539283.png)
sw vs disney shit collection thread Stormtrooper 09/30/2019 (Mon) 23:04:59 No.4
basically a thread to dump all imagemacros, montages and more showing the faults of the mouses attempts at sw
Open file (720.97 KB 1440x1273 star wars white.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 2820x1910 star wars art.jpg)
Open file (868.56 KB 960x2740 star wars black.jpg)
Open file (413.83 KB 1721x1739 prequel star wars.jpg)
holy shit these people are babies
Open file (146.23 KB 750x1104 sw ea.jpg)
Open file (44.94 KB 549x188 clone.jpg)
i refuse to belive people like this exist
probably only two socjus loudmouths using sockpuppets, and one monumental soycuck.
youre being too optimistic
This is mental illness no doubt the level of support will match the percentage of mentally ill expected from a large society. The problem is that the government & various destabilization groups are pumping money to prop up these lunatics in an effort to make it seem this is the prevalent or strongest view point which in turn gets women ( being herd creatures) to follow.
It would be nice if this everything is too white, male & normal propaganda backfired on them completely & diversity propaganda, feminism and all other bolshevism is no longer tolerated in the west.
God, that phrase, "Four alarm fart"
>someone actually saved the OC I had a hand in
I feel a strange sense of pride
I feel silly for asking, but that is definitely an 8bit theater edit, right?
Open file (53.01 KB 500x378 0247235401.jpg)
>Anakin fucking flip flopping again like a bitch about "muh Jedi code"
>after secretly slaughtering a whole tribe of tuskins (justifiably) and secretly getting married
It'd come off great as purposeful misdirection, but it's never played that way at all.
>guy is hesitant to betray the trust of someone he considers a friend and a mentor
>killing a bunch of sandniggers in a rage after they tortured his mother to death
Please tell me you're just fucking with me anon. Referencing the code is just a smokescreen that's meant to appeal to the ultra-orthodox Obi-Wan.
>Referencing the code is just a smokescreen
He even plays that shit with Sheev throughout their whole sexual tension seduction routine. He plays it with everyone & it comes off as sincerity, not misdirection.
I'd vastly prefer it as intentional, calculated misdirection, especially after (again, justifiably) slaughtering the Tuskins. The Jedi code hilariously failed him.
Pure pottery if I say so myself!
Open file (608.52 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 01.jpg)
Open file (551.85 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 02.jpg)
Open file (579.32 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 03.jpg)
Open file (553.33 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 04.jpg)
Open file (556.34 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 05.jpg)
Open file (551.24 KB 1007x1600 stolen valor 06.jpg)
Open file (577.66 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 07.jpg)
Open file (490.00 KB 1007x1600 stolen valor 08.jpg)
Open file (565.40 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 09.jpg)
Open file (601.37 KB 1040x1600 stolen valor 10.jpg)
Genuinely repulsive.
Not even going to bother reading it, but from the colors used I'm guessing this is some positive HIV test-tier gay shit.
I just finished reading this garbage, other than wondering what the fuck I just read, I had other thoughts.

>rebels going on vacation
Why the fuck would Command just let their pilots go on leave like this, they are wanted terrorists. Their men could be captured and tortured to reveal the location of your HQ on Yavin IV.
>Jek seeing the hologram of an Imperial Pilot and his family
As much as I like the idea of humanizing the Empire its so clumsily done here. How the fuck did Porkins even spot something that small flying at starfighter speeds.
>this war just keeps going on and on whinging
Why the fuck would Porkins be bitching about this? He isn't a draftee, he is a fully committed member of the Rebel Alliance. People who are ideologically against the New Order for myriad of reasons, it does not make any sense for him to be whining about this if he joined voluntarily.
>Biggs and Porkins having fun at the beach
This just reeks of projecting your stunted growth onto other people. Adults don't act like this especially soldiers in the middle of a war. Also Biggs in a speedo gives me gay vibes from this.
>strong independent Imperial officer single mom who don't need no man
Remember when Lucas made Shmi Skywalker have a hard life being a slave to some bug jew on a desert planet just to raise one child. Yet this bitch is going around having a vacation with 6 kids to raise. Typical I want to be independent but fuck the consequences.
>Imperial cleaning toilets
HAHA SO FUNNY YOU GUISE. I thought they have droids to do this shit.
>the art and alien designs
The fact that this is an official product shows how far Star Wars and the comics industry has fallen. Even the worst art Dark Horse comics had was leagues above this shit. And the alien designs are shit you would a third grader draw on his shitty notebook.

I'm going to storytime an issue of Empire that focuses on Biggs so you can see how far we have fallen
idk how many anons here are following comicsgate, but this is the absolute state of the mainstream comics industry in Current Year. they're all like that, with pastel colors, endless dialogue, incompetent art, pointless stories, character assassination, and of course constant SJW preaching.
Alright guys, I'm gonna upload an issue of Star Wars Empire #8 (an issue that also features Biggs), to show you guys just what we lost when the likes of Disney took over.
This is what we lost.
>Also Biggs in a speedo gives me gay vibes from this.
The color scheme itself does this.
Open file (769.78 KB 829x620 ClipboardImage.png)
I assume it's to make it so Han is an ebil white supremacist and murdered Greedo in cold blood just because he was an "undocumented citizen" on Tatooine.
What'd they do now?
They shoot at the same time now.
So this is worth changing the scene from han shot first, to greedo tried to shoot first, to they shoot at the same time...because?
I'm fairly certain that change predates Disney, and was introduced either in the 2004 DVD release of the special editions- or the later blu ray edition.
it was
First thing I found, Greedo shouts “Maluncky” before shooting. According to that article Lucas made the change right before selling the franchise.
One big issue with this anons don't seem to be mentioning is
There's nothing concise about it at all, everything is spelled out so a retard can understand it. Christ almighty.
Fucking hell lads, in the latest SW show or whatever the fuck its called in the background there's a pic of Luke and Vader from ROTJ (think they're in the lift scene before they meet the Emperor) but Luke's face is crossed out in red marker. This is from the official SW YouTube.
I don't think this is real.
Post it.
Care to provide proof? I just watched it (at 2x speed, admittedly) and I didn't see that at all.
Post a screenshot.
Open file (359.41 KB 524x558 ClipboardImage.png)
The game was rigged from the start
Are you surprised? Every movie yidsney shat out so far brought back old characters only to literally kill them off on-screen. They're actively saying "forget the past, kill it if you have to" and replacing it with their garbage. They even resurrected fucking Palpatine just to have their OC mary sue bitchbe the one to canonically kill him off for good. How did you people not notice it yet?
Not surprised, just wanted confirmation.
>>454 That's not new.
>>849 >the angry lesbian cat ladies that comprise like 75% of lucasfilm hate luke for being a man I'd be shocked if it weren't so fucking obvious that's what was going on.
>>15 >sequel aliens >OY VEY
Open file (2.93 MB 1243x1521 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1113 >Negro Goode Are you fucking kidding me.
>>1113 >>1122 >Negro Goode >stolen starfighter pilot helmet When yidsney is so progressive they reveal they're more racists than the kaykaykay.
>>1113 >we wuz rebel resistance pilots and sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit >actually named it negro and have it carry around shit it stole
>>1113 Can we pretend this is real and upload it to somewhere like Reddit to see how far it goes?
>>4 >comparing the middle entry of a trilogy to the finale of another trilogy Yikes
Is there a reason that /tv/ likes the prequel trilogy so much other than because RLM doesn't?
>>1154 they like it because it is actually good.
>>1155 >implying Menace is good What the fuck are you smoking? The PT doesn't deserve the hate it's received but Yidsney finding a way to make something even worse doesn't magically make it better.
>>1168 PT is kino
>>1154 Last time I checked /tv/, it was full of die-hard disneyfags shitting on the prequels as a ineffective way to defend the mouse.
>>1133 You're right, we should compare TLJ to ESB instead.
>>1168 No one said the PT is better because the sequels are bad, they're saying the prequels have always been underappreciated (because they have, especially by normalfags who think "politix are boring."
>>1178 >Last time I checked /tv/, it was full of die-hard disneyfags shitting on the prequels as a ineffective way to defend the mouse. There is maybe 2 or 3 /tv/trannies that believes anything less than declaring all PT to be the perfect kino = disneyfags RLMfags. I wouldn't take their delusions of persecution to be canon.
The Sequel Trilogy is to the Prequel Trilogy, what the Prequel Trilogy is to the Original Trilogy. You will never leave the manchildren pen if you can't admit you were a dumb kid eating commercialism crap.
>>4 >>15 PT was definitely the most toyetic, whereas the ST is the least toyetic. >>1169 Except for Attack of the Clones, it had its moments, but was kind of meh for the most part. >>1269 >a dumb kid eating commercialism crap Haven't you heard about how hard the ST toys shelfwarmed?! And don't act as if the OT was any different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJY709chKLw
>>1411 A movie can be a big piece of merchandise itself, without any need to sell anything but theatre tickets. In this regard, BB8 and the clone wars vehicles were the same kiddie shit that anyone older than 14 would cringe at.
Open file (660.31 KB 1118x576 attack the knowledge.png)
Open file (403.72 KB 546x700 Back to Gatalenta.png)
Open file (915.54 KB 1200x986 british_method_acting.jpg)
Going to dump my folder, apologies if I post any duplicates.
Open file (301.91 KB 900x686 DA_SOLO.jpg)
Open file (112.51 KB 1316x1261 deal with it.jpg)
Open file (2.19 MB 1500x2592 Dear Hasbro.png)
Open file (646.58 KB 1280x1196 Disneyfag_.png)
Open file (110.33 KB 735x525 finn on the run.jpg)
Open file (43.60 KB 1036x712 Free_Sheev.png)
Open file (484.61 KB 1536x1536 George_vs_Rian.jpg)
Open file (4.29 MB 599x250 Grieve.gif)
Open file (244.75 KB 1832x1384 millennial falcon.jpg)
Open file (52.01 KB 720x720 muslim actors.jpg)
Open file (185.45 KB 632x426 no survivors.jpg)
Open file (145.00 KB 1787x1122 old vs nu canon.png)
Open file (465.56 KB 600x800 rey belongs to men.png)
Open file (33.15 KB 600x316 rey sue in droids.jpg)
Open file (103.29 KB 800x371 RLM.gif)
Open file (1.19 MB 1241x837 RLM_chase.png)
Open file (47.33 KB 928x810 sith lard.png)
Open file (134.37 KB 1400x569 skywalkers.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1200x1714 soylo.jpg)
Open file (934.51 KB 1024x616 star_wars_bar.png)
Open file (831.73 KB 1280x520 the_rast_jedi.png)
Open file (165.28 KB 1016x1496 TLJ Chyna.png)
Open file (240.66 KB 800x800 trash.jpg)
Open file (588.44 KB 1887x3062 True Kyle Katarn.jpg)
Open file (369.81 KB 555x326 tusken law.png)
Open file (135.60 KB 1280x588 Virgin Chad BFII.jpg)
Open file (175.64 KB 1000x625 What_have_I_done....jpg)
>>1425 I listened for 6 minutes. He didn't say anything right so I'd ignore this fag.
Open file (13.69 MB 800x450 Hamill_is_Dead.webm)
Open file (5.29 MB 1920x1080 Kit_Fisto_Knows_Best.mp4)
Open file (6.91 MB 600x338 woman_of_steel.webm)
>>1449 All right, that's the extent of shitting on disney content I have.
>>1449 Hamill looked like he was having a heart attack and wanted to strangle Roundhead.
Open file (312.34 KB 1024x768 Care Bears.jpg)
>>1422 <A movie can be a big piece of merchandise itself, without any need to sell anything but theatre tickets But not in this case, Star Wars had tied-in toys from it's very beginning including the OT. >kids toys >kiddie shit What a shock! Have you forget about the OT' teddy bears, aka Ewoks that even got a cartoon in the 80's when 99% of all cartoons were created solely to sell toys? >BB8 Not a fan of it, but it's definitely is kid appealing (which is not necessarily a bad thing) unlike the usual boring grey/brown lumps the ST have to offer. It's one of the very very few decent designs in the ST which isn't saying much and even then, it's still a lazy rehash of the OT.
>>1456 >and wanted to strangle Roundhead. When he turns his head at the 15 second mark, all I can see is him staring at Rian's neck and picturing his hands around it.
>>1518 >Not a fan of it, but it's definitely is kid appealing Not really. BB-8 toy sales have been deader than the Dodo since 2016. Only interest for BB-8 seems to come from soychugging adult consumers, but even those have become scarce. >>1518 >>1422 Star Wars was always a goldmine for toys and merchandise, the thing is Disney is just really bad at making merchandise or even appealing designs. Everything is either ugly women and fatties or ugly creatures. Its no wonder why Star Wars toy sales are abysmal. Even toy stores now are just full of OT toys because Disney realized no one wants their merch, and even the OT toys aren't selling that well since Disney has made so many of the things that now almost everyone who's interested has them.
>>1518 One might argue that nuSW is not specifically aimed at kids, at least the movies. But it was the same in the OT and PT, only smart kids would naturally recognize what's cool and adopt it as their own. Kids know what's up.
>>1605 Except kids don't like DisneyWars. They tried to hard to aim at little girls and mostly alienated boys in the process while little girls preferred Frozen.
>>1620 <chad meme <Sandnigger Sci-Fi I like both, but SW is easily better.
>>1620 Frank Herbert's Dune is patrician literature, and its influence on SW is obvious. however, they are two different works, with different qualities, and you can appreciate both. both franchises have also been reduced to brain-dead mockeries by hacks -- Brian & Kevin on one hand, Disney on the other.
>>1700 Who the fuck are Brian and Kevin?
>>1701 Brian Herbert, Frank's son and Kevin J Anderson. They co-wrote some abysmal prequels to the Dune series.
>>1701 I'm referring to Brian Herbert (Frank's son) and Kevin J Anderson, also known as the 'dynamic duo'. they've shat out numerous books under the Dune franchise, which range from mediocre pot-boilers to awful garbage. this is in contrast to the original Dune novels by Frank, which are sophisticated and challenging, full of detailed worldbuilding and interlocking themes of religion, economics, politics, ecology, etc, and are widely considered some of the best sci-fi out there. Brian took the IP and, with KJA's help, essentially raped Frank's corpse, using Dune's hard-earned name recognition to publish swill for brainlets. it's all very similar to what Disney did with Star Wars.
>>1703 > Brian took the IP and, with KJA's help, essentially raped Frank's corpse, using Dune's hard-earned name recognition to publish swill for brainlets. Dare I ask how bad? I really liked Dune. Is Messiah worth reading? I ended up reading the Foundation books instead and forgot to get around to Messiah.
>>1704 the difference between Dune and nu-Dune is comparable to that between the OT and Disney Wars, maybe even worse. they're not worth reading, except to skim them out of morbid curiosity. of course Messiah is worth it, in fact, all 6 originals are worth reading. however, the first book is most accessible, since it's basically a space opera with unusual depth. Messiah veers off in a different direction, considering the nature of power and charismatic leadership. Children is easier, and then you have God-Emperor, which is the intellectual capstone of the series, where Frank brings out his major ideas. after that you have Heretics and Chapterhouse, which feel kind of different and experimental, but if you've made it that far, you should read to the end. really, the Dune novels were meant to be two trilogies, punctuated by God-Emperor in the middle; you can see this in how GEoD is sandwiched between large time-skips, while the other books follow sequentially. sadly, Frank didn't live to complete the books, so we can only guess at how Dune 7 would've concluded the saga. of course, Brian & Kevin won't release the outline & notes, either because they don't exist, or because they blatantly contradict their fan-fiction (at the very least, it's certain that the last two characters you meet in Chapterhouse are NOT robots, but ascended face dancers).
>>831 Oh but it is. Welcome to Marvel
>>1705 Is there any franchise that hasn't gotten royally raped?
>>1739 Conan, middle earth, lots of good fantasy settings like tekumel mainly because of obscurity
>>1741 >middle earth >he doesn't know
>>1739 the tentacles of molestation find their way to almost every well-known franchise. >>1745 I'm aware that Amazon is cooking up something sinister, but for the most part, Middle-Earth has been spared the worst of it. while the Peter Jackson movies were shallow and derivative, they were at least respectful of the source material. more than ever, I can see why the Tolkien Estate has staunchly defended its copyright.
>>1741 >Conan Pretty fucking sure they're going to make a new movie and it's most likely going to suck. >Middle Earth Fair enough, ignoring The Hobbit and those games by Monlith even if shadow of war was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine >Fantasy Settings Just you wait, soon enough they'll be digging up every book without an adaptation to try and make into the next GoT, LotR, The Expanse or Harry Potter. <The Blacked™ Company which takes place before the books when the Black Company is exclusively black warriors, but they're all noble heroes freeing white women from the clutches of evil men while totally subtle racism allegories are absolutely not shoved in your face <The Broken Empire books, in all its edgy glory but Jorg actually has a black, female childhood friend who is the true™ leader of the Brotherhood, who singlehandedly outmuscles Rike and his brother. And so on.
>>1748 The video games kinda shit on the lore and the new films keep being demanded to be more woke with a female Gandalf and black Hobbits and Elves despite it making zero sense in a setting that's supposed to be a fantasy-oriented primordial europe/earth. Also making a LOTR trilogy so soon after the last 2 trilogjes is just stupid. Hollywood is so out of ideas they can't even wait a decade or two to hold of on making remakes, or even remakes of remakes.
https://practicaleconomics.org/disney-star-wars-the-finances/ Some economist ran the numbers and, apparently, Disney lost about 2 billion on Star Wars so far. I take a little comfort in that.
>>1761 Not really surprising. Buying Star Wars cost them 4 billion dollars, TFA only made 2 billion (more than half of which went to theaters and other costs) and around 700 million with TFA merchandise and comic tie-ins, and building the Star Wars park at Disney cost them another 4 billion, meanwhile Rogue One, The Last Jedi and Solo only made around a billion each, but even with that its nowhere near enough to cover for the budget of things, especially the theme park which is failing hard and is costing them the most. Merchandise sales are in the gutter, with star wars toy sales being the worst they've ever been.
>>1750 trust me anon, some things are just too confusing to adaptate >The Blacked™ Company which takes place before the books when the Black Company is exclusively black warriors, but they're all noble heroes freeing white women from the clutches of evil men while totally subtle racism allegories are absolutely not shoved in your face yeah, the fact that they were a nigger death cult all along makes me smile. it was so retarded also black company is his worst series.
>>1752 true. there was also that shitty SNES game, I remember trying it and quitting somewhere in the Mines of Moria, and this is coming from someone who's beaten Battletoads and Deadly Towers. I still think LotR has fared better than other major franchises, and that has alot to do with the diligent efforts of the Tolkien Estate. >Hollywood is so out of ideas they are creatively bankrupt. all they can do is make reboots (plagiarism by another name) with woke AIDS injected into it.
>>1777 I agree, i like Garrett PI more but at the same time Black Company is what I can think of that could fit an EBIC GRIMDARK MEDIEVAL FANTASY FIGHTING trend that we'll surely be getting post GoT.
>>1775 Isn't that theme park supposed to be like one ride and then a bunch of merch shops? If what I've heard is true then no wonder it's failing.
>>1807 Yes. There were supposed to be two rides, but one was delayed and they opened before it was finished. No idea if it ever actually did open. Other than that it was a Resistance store, the First Order store, the build-a-droid store, various food stands, the OT/PT store, the clothing store, the miscellaneous store, and the build-a-lightsaber store. I think that's all of them. There might have been a stuffed toy stand too.
>>1808 It finally opened last month but its been a mess. The animatronics keep failing so much and costing even more that they're replacing them with pre-recorded video screens of the actors.
>>5 I know his post is very old but it pisses me off too much. >too white It’s a fantasy world, there’s dwarves, elves, hobbits, orcs, goblins, trolls, tree people, ect. How is that not diverse just because Kang Tyrone of the Gondorians wasn’t a part of it? Secondly: it’s a fantasy world, maybe blacks and asians don’t even exist, we see some Arabs in the movie but those are soliders from another continent, iirc. They don’t have planes so why would you expect millions of races from other parts of the middle earth planet would come to middle earth? >male Gee, almost as if a movie based on an adventure and war would have people naturally fit for adventure and war. >straight Says who? Unless the books are different, the LoTR movies only have Aragorn showing any sort of sexual preference. While I’m sure the characters are all straight it doesn’t ever talk about their sexual preferences. Even the hobbit had some bull shit forbidding love race mixing shit.
>>1814 It’s the will of the force that Disney fails.
>>1815 >the LoTR movies only have Aragorn showing any sort of sexual preference Samwise gets married. >we see some Arabs in the movie but those are soliders from another continent, iirc The various "swarthy men" as they were described in the books were from the same continent, just further east or south. Most of them were left deliberately mysterious, especially the eastern ones, since Man awoke in the east and that history has been forgotten. I've always found that bit a neat piece of Middle Earth history. Until Mankind met the elves they had no history, because they deliberately tried to forget it - they knew they were fleeing west, chasing the setting sun to escape the night, but what they were fleeing from and what they had left behind the generation that started the migration refused to ever speak of.
>>1821 >Samwise gets married That’s right, yet still, (not that I am claiming Legolas and Gimli were ducking each other, or that Frodo was actually a transman) only two main characters ever show off any indication of a sexual leaning. Unless the books differ how can you claim the world is too straight when it appears to be pretty sexless? Mental deficiency is how. >The various "swarthy men" as they were described in the books were from the same continent, just further east or south My friend was a huge LoTR fan and read everything and I seem to recall him saying the soliders that walk through the gate to Mordor past Sam, Frodo and Gollum, were from another continent. But that was a long time ago and he’s dyslexic so I could misremember or he misread. But I guess in that case Cuck Wingding has a criticism of man ran away from nogs and dunecoons to resettle. Regardless it’s a dumb claim and we all know he’s an idiot.
>>1822 the easterlings and haradrim are from the same continent, in that there's no body of water separating them. however, the different regions are fairly segregated from each other, kinda like how Europe and Asia are considered separately even though it's all part of Eurasia. as for Cuck Wendig's criticism, there is no intelligence or discernment involved. it all comes down to a marxist-derived ideology which he slavishly follows, in which minority/gay/trans people have to be shoe-horned into every bit of media that exists, so they can show off their pet minorities and how NOT RACIST they are, even while hating straight white males. like other NPCs, Cuck Wendig downloaded ideological dogma into his brain and mindlessly obeys it, which is a key symptom of retardation.
>>1822 >Unless the books differ how can you claim the world is too straight when it appears to be pretty sexless? The question is why you would even care. Unlike in, for example GoT, there are no situations in LotR where any of the characters have the time or the drive to be fucking or flirting their way through the story. The world's undersiege and they've got to get their asses to Mt. Doom, not much time or logic there for running around chasing ass of whatever variety. The point is it doesn't fucking matter and just going "this thing is gay because I'm progressive" is detrimental to the story because it makes for one dimensional characters or it's just a virtue signal for the author which takes you out of the story. Like remember how in the third Old Man's War book where one of the colonists turns out to be a lesbian who faked her marriage with her reporter boss so they could go to the planet and report, despite the entire fucking point of the colony is to POPULATE THE FUCKING PLACE, but only the reporter is made out to be the bad guy and the lesbian is made out to be a stronk independent wahman who was shackled to this badman? Now what the fuck did that character add to the in my opinion already shitty story besides being another character to use the reporter as a punching bag(despite him being her boss)? What did Wendig even write in the first place?
>>312 >>313 At first I thought this was just a ridiculous fan comic by somebody trying to poke fun at the universe. I am struggling with the idea that this could be a published work by a so-called professional. >>327 I'm not huge into comics, but I have friends who are, and I've passively watched from a distance as the industry collapsed under its ideological weight. I've also seen the absolute artistic abortion that is the Doctor Aphra comic series. It's all terrible and depressing. >>1113 OOGABOOGA >>1129 Reddit is controlled by corporate interests. The astroturfers Disney employs would link to the Wookiepedia article within minutes of you posting, and then your post would be taken down.
>>1825 >The question is why you would even care. I don’t, my who point was you claim a universe is too straight when, as you say, everyone is too preoccupied to even show their sexuality. It’s obvious Chuck is just virtue signalling because sjws like him think to be gay is to have other people be aware you are gay. Making Frodo gay would have added nothing as you said and would only make him an annoying cunt, if he’s trying to rape Sam the whole time when there’s shit to do. The gay community acting like stereotypes and then getting mad when people stereotype them is the reason people fucking hate fags. Yet progressives think all characters who are minorities have to act differently from everyone else to signify that they are minorities.
Open file (64.04 KB 640x538 a53bbkwas4c41.jpg)
LMAO, I hope it's true!
>>1828 reminds me of this old gem
>>2011 I bet the drama is Disney fucking up Obi-Wan and Mcgregor going nuclear over it, considering how apparently Mcgregor really liked playing Obi and really wanted to play him again.
Open file (947.44 KB 664x872 ClipboardImage.png)
>>939 >OY VEY Watto was a much better Israelian, nuWars fails even in that aspect.
>>2011 What are the chances (((they))) wanted to make Obi-Wan a gay coal burner?
Open file (236.75 KB 847x261 1.jpg)
>>2013 More likely disney isn't paying him enough as disney supposedly doesn't pay their actors well (oy vey) this is probably exacerbated by the fact that they probably want the actor to do current year +5 level degeneracy he is not comfortable with. >>2016 Very high inb4 starwars's first fag sex scene on a disney + show ....reminder that disney & their shills constantly remind us that star wars is for kids. >>2012 The fact that they have the gall or stupidity to use the "they wanted to tell their own story argument™" as the reason why decades worth of EU content was callously discarded while at the same time not addressing the fact that disney regularly pilfers & ruin parts of the EU for their films (Rogue One, SSD with Death star laser, the rumored KOTOR trilogy,etc.) but more importantly disney decided to make unimaginative poor ripoffs of the the original film that were supposed to be direct SEQUELS They decided to do direct sequels rather than making something new something where they could "tell their own stories" and we all know the reason why.......no one wants to hear disney's idea of a "story" the con only works when they sell it with the original films & actors. disney= grifters and con-men. also rip Kyle Katarn. >>2014 Disney's aliens are uninspired they look like cheap doctor.who knock offs which I'm sure was their goal. >>2011 I want disney to go the way of Enron or at the very least for star wars to never turn a profit for them again.
>I want disney to go the way of Enron or at the very least for star wars to never turn a profit for them again. >>2026 I refer you to >>1761 It's been 10 years (fuck everything) and apparently they're still about 2 billion in the red when it comes to Star Wars. I'm still holding out some hope that they'll sell it off to someone else at some point if it fails to turn a profit in the long run.
>>2029 I'm talking out of ignorance here but I get the feeling Disney won't last for long. They've fucked up Star Wars heavily, after Infinity War/Endgame I think all the hype for the MCU movies has died down, especially since when you take away those two the marvel movies have apparently been utter garbage or just mediocre(Captain NoAss, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Spiderman 2) and I really doubt they can keep re-releasing live action versions of their animated movies before people are just fed up with it, especially since I doubt the newer generation even bothers to watch the older Disney movies. It's hilarious, even the EU/PT had good games, good novels, books and comics and a decent animated show propping it up. What the fuck does Disney SW have? A trio leading cast that's not returning for anything. Four jokes of villains(if you consider Phasma a villain) that have died with all the impact of a wet noodle and two of them who have done good guy turns(If you consider Hux being a spy him becoming a good guy which I don't but just run with it) for absolutely retarded and unbelievable reasons. No new vehicles, no new factions, no new planets, nothing of interest in the slightest. An utter bastardization of Battlefront and another couple of reasons to believe Dice has been shit ever since Bad Company 2 if you're being generous. A mediocre souls clone with yet another instance of glowstick lightsabres. And as a final nail in the coffin, there has not been a single sexy Twi'lek, or even a sexy character in general over the span of what, 10 years now? Not in the movies, not in the games(I guess someone might say the blonde goth chick from FO might be cute) and since I haven't watched Rebels/Resistance or bothered with any of the books or comics I doubt those delivered either. What the hell does Disney have going for it? A "potential" new trilogy starring Brie Larson? The Mandalorian season 2(Which they will no doubt turn the show from an average to below average space western to utter garbage?)? Obi Wan starring production drama because dear lord has this been the case for every disney SW production? That rumored Thor 3 nigger directed movie?
>>2032 Disney have way too much portfolio to die anytime soon. They would need nuked to get scratched. Star wars and marvel dying would barely be a dent
>>2033 This. There would have to be active shooters at Disney offices on a weekly basis scaring workers away and putting everything on hold for them to even be scratched, they've embedded themselves so deeply in Western culture.
>>2034 >There would have to be active shooters at Disney offices on a weekly basis Hmmmm... :^)
>>2034 >so deeply in Western culture. I disagree. I think the newer generations did not even bother watching the older animated movies and will not have the nostalgia towards it. My assumption with the Live Action remakes was meant to draw two audiences >The older generation wanting to re-live these movies >And their younger generation offspring who were dragged along for the ride But since the retards over at Disney are retards they think having big name actors and actresses who cannot act or sing will make up for infinitely worse cinematography(Compare Lion King to Lion Kang), stories, performances, songs or retarded CG action scenes where animals wail on each other. And sooner or later people will hopefully stop watching that mediocre shit.
>>2035 Right wing Donald Duck Squads?
>>2037 I supposed you haven’t met any Disney cult members. I didn’t think they were real until I worked with one. The guy was a bit younger than me but was obsessed with Disney, his parents took them to Disney land and world probably 10 times each, and he consumed any and all Disney products like it was his religion. He was super christian so Disney probably was part of his religion growing up. While talking one day I mentioned I draw a bit and he said he did too but exclusively Disney cartoons. These people are corporate slaves that will lick the mouse’s cum until their tongues bleed.
>>2039 There’s probably enough of us to keep them out of work for a few months if we go once a week. Not that I endorse violence, or heroic sacrifices. :^)
>>2039 Nah, Right Wing McDuck Squads. Comics Scrooge would level every yidsney campus single-handed for what they've done to Star Wars, let alone his own series. But seriously anyone who did this would fucktuple disney wars sales overnight from slacktivist goons virtue signaling^W^W "doing their part" alone.
>>2043 You know officer, you're pretty swell.
>>849 She doesn't hate Luke, only Bigger Luke!
>>2693 >Bigger Luke joke Haven't heard one of those in a long time, but yeah she the poster just shows what a crazy hate people within the current Star Wars offices have for everything that came before them.
>>2042 That is disturbing and sad.

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