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(2.12 MB 640x480 bestvideoever.webm)
Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 12:37:09 No. 4 [Reply]
Welcome to /tech/

1. Please spoiler all porn and gore
2. Talk about something actually related to /tech/nology
3. Have fun!
I got bored so I added a wordfilter. Have fun.

(312.68 KB 500x550 1565445271297.png)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 19:39:45 No. 66 [Reply]
In a desperate attempt to get this /tech/ board going, Lets have a "Questions That Don't Deserve their own thread" thread. I'll try to answer anything I can, and I'm sure there are other people here with more know-how than me, who can help as well. Conveniently, That leads to the first question:

Does anyone here have any experience with the transmission-daemon? I've gotten everything set-up for my local server, but I'd like to move all of my currently running torrents to the daemon without adding each torrent file or magnet individually. Is there any way to do this? or a place where currently running torrents are stored?
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go with System76.
+ coreboot
+ disabled intel shit
+ tends to work with BSD
+ expandable & maintainable
+ sometimes pretty stylish (last generation 17" Oryx Pro is a beaut)
+ good support
+ Pop_OS! ain't bad
- generic (their manufacturer sells the same shit for less to other people)
- you'll probably need the support (always had a high rate of failures with them)
- they have the disgusting diversity-hugging-each-other logo on the windows key
- you could've just bought a refurbished ThinkPad
- Dell XPS is pretty nice as well
- HP laptops always work well with Linux for me and are the most beautiful stuff on the market
system76 desktops look alright as well.
Just wait for the PPC notebook to come out, it should only take another 3-4 years. Less if the OpenPOWER Foundation throws some money at it to promote the ISA.
Should I just get a thinkpad then? I don't care about ultra thin shit I just want something I can run OpenBSD/Gentoo on. I need a laptop for fixing shit when I'm away from home and my last one melted itself.

I need it now not in 10 years.
Depends on what you want to do with it like I said. If you want to do basic shit and don't need powerful hardware the consensus among most people is to deal hunt on ebay for a used thinkpad. If you're asking about new thinkpads? Compared to other modern laptops they're kind of just the same, except with better keyboards. Though I've never owned a modern laptop and that's just me regurgitating what I've heard people say in jewtube videos. I don't really feel comfortable giving direct recommendations to someone spending hundreds of dollars, so since you're hardly explaining the daily use case I'd say just do your own research on various products.

(11.11 KB 336x441 The Thinker.jpg)
Anonymous 08/29/2019 (Thu) 02:40:44 No. 49 [Reply]
Why did 8chan's technology board not have a bunker?
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Don't feed the faggot he's shit up every board here with the same post.
(90.80 KB 1033x1000 maidos11.jpg)

It's important to bully normalfags anon. You don't want them to feel welcome, do you?
Just because 5G is non-ionizing radiation doesn't mean it has no influence on biological processes.
>just because 5G doesn't have an influence on biological processes doesn't mean it has no influence on biological processes
Quality /tech/, as always.
>there's nobody of value left.
Certainly you seem to fall into that category, judging by the quality of your contribution here friend. Thankfully there are several here who aren't in your ranks of the mediocre.

(122.08 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
IRL Opsec Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:17:59 No. 728 [Reply]
With the glow niggers covering the globe with camera's capable of facial recognition, I'd like a thread dedicated to avoiding detection from these devices. I was reading about certain shirts with patterns on them that confuse AI for starters, but I can't find much information on it. Also I've never been one to wear hats or glasses, but I'm considering getting a pair to avoid facial recognition. Does this work and is it good opsec? Any other IRL related tech opsec discussion is welcome.
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Don't leave your house and close the curtains.
You have the internet, so why bother with outside? I haven't left here for 5 years and it's working out fine.
So where do you get food then? Or replacements for when stuff breaks?
Local farmers here have subscription services where you can get a crate of seasonal stuff at regular intervals and the local Asian supermarket delivers when you order enough, so I buy gigantic sacks of rice occasionally.
Replacements: Local hardware store does deliveries too.
I just crank the garage door open a couple centimeter and have them shove the package through.
What happens when you have to renew expired ID cards that requires a photograph be taken? Even millionaire shutins can't stay inside indefinitely.

Where I live such a lifestyle would be impossible and within a few months internment in a psychiatric ward would be likely.
lol why?

(207.97 KB 1920x1160 ssw-mystery.png)
(78.83 KB 703x524 quantum_slide.png)
(509.42 KB 1024x768 selectors-1024x768.png)
Botnet discussion thread Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 21:40:14 No. 753 [Reply]
Discuss Botnets/new vulns/HW/%other and how to best avoid the paranoid ((overlords)) harvesting info and relevancies here.

Reminder if you still use Winblows you are a part of the cattle botnet with 0 freedom. Even if you HAVE TO use it, preferably use it as a shell system with nothing, with a good distro on other screen. There's no good reason to use this trash. There is also no good reason to let them do static data collection and illegally violate your privacy.
(65.72 KB 639x480 Screenshot2.jpg)
(151.24 KB 1024x768 tao-2-1024x768.png)
(37.47 KB 1024x86 turbine-large-1024x86.jpg)

Daily(or whatever) Programming Thread Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 14:47:20 No. 8 [Reply]
What are you working on? Wether you just want to show off your shiny new program, or you need help with a programming issues, this is the thread for you!
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Anyone who makes this big of a deal about fucking semicolons while having nothing else to say is a certified larper.
There's no other common problem with JS books. You read Eloquent JavaScript, You Don't Know JS, JavaScript: The Good Parts, literally the only pajeet thread is the entire community writing the language wrong due to superstition.
Maybe that other anon is talking about Sam's JavaScript in 21 Seconds-tier books. I'm talking about JS books you'd actually read.
i don't program at all, i just pretend i do to get my raise my nonexistent confidence in myself, i also am of the belief that programming is for beta cucks that let tyrone plow their wives/girlfirends/boyfriends(lol gay) and overall weakling faggots that only know how to code in order to sort the episodes of their anime collection.
>why you want to leave C
Because copying, pasting, and editing a bunch of code, writing a fuckton of
preprocessor macros, or using void* and a bunch of extra size/type variables
when all I want is a data structure feels niggerlicious.

>the language is almost completely undocumented.
Yeah, that's what I was hoping against. Guess I'm going to try D, then.
Just wait for Jai bro, compiler should be released around December 2027

(1.16 MB 2048x1536 1570473185738.jpg)
It warms my heart seeing such support.
It won't remove the social justice slippery slope but at least if people follow what blog.frantovo.cz post in his blog it should remain more or less neutral.
(6.93 MB 720x576 interject.webm)
Stallman is great!
Stallman is Allah incarnate. Fuck em'.
Eric S. Raymond 4 LIFE!

(1.79 MB 1920x1080 screenshot_general_search.png)
(2.46 MB 1920x1080 screenshot_thread_watcher.png)
Project Thread Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 07:26:28 No. 610 [Reply]
ITT: Post cool your (or other anon's) Projects here
Rules: Drop links to the repos and community chat/forum, and add a description as to what it does

Here, I will start.
https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/ and https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus (repo)
https://github.com/CuddleBear92/Hydrus-Presets-and-Scripts (scripts to scraping websites)
https://gitgud.io/hydrus and https://gitgud.io/groups/hydrus/-/shared (add-ons and such)
https://github.com/mserajnik/hyve and https://github.com/floogulinc/hydrus-web (webUI)
https://github.com/git4unrealnondev/Hydrus-App (mobile app that is an original)
https://github.com/glael/nori-with-hydrus (mobile app adopted from a dead project)
https://github.com/git4unrealnondev/Hydrus-Updater (updater for linux and Mac)

What does it do?
1. Download images and files with tags from imageboads, boorus, art galleries, blogs and other sites
(Everything from ExHentai to YiffParty are covered, if you want more coverage just ask)
2. Sort images and files using tags, with a whole publicly shared tag database (PTR) for booru-tier collabs
3. Using IPFS to share images and files peer-to-peer style (because Torrents sucks and Zeronet a honeypot)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

14 posts omitted.
So I can basically reverse-engineer these unified JSON downloads back into XML using a standard schema?
Is that what you are trying to convey? Or did I misunderstood you? Because we all know XML is bloat but has good headers and file signatures.
I really like this idea as using locally stored images/webms/pdfs prevents the CP spam/DMCA problems IBs have had in the past. Plus it saves on bandwidth for both the IB admins and users while dealing with hosting and other legal issues.

There are probably already a dozen distributed FLOSS social media sharing style protocols and clients out there that could be adapted to this.
Here is a living example https://0xchan.net/media/0xchan_white_paper.pdf (IPFS+ETH combo)
But the major issue is whether a blockchain and smart contract based system can be rigged by anyone or not.
Another issue with non-blockchain IPFS imageboard is that many of them are "dead"
(look at https://github.com/smugdev/smugboard and https://github.com/yatima1460/Kamina ...)
I heard that Hydrus is moving from Wx to Qt, what is that all about?
You don't have to take OPs word on it anon, you can read it straight from the horse's mouth.

(20.99 KB 300x255 MangaRamblo.jpg)
Alternative OS thread Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 21:32:41 No. 480 [Reply]
Personally, I believe that *BSD (minus FreeBSD) are the most realistic alternatives for Linux.
Pls don't start spamming "blackpills" or the "cuck license" bikeshed.

+ The default installation is very secure. OpenBSD has many interesting security features (pledge for example).
+ Competent developers who are committed to developing their OS
+ OpenBSD's sister projects like mandoc, OpenSSH and LibreSSl are cool
+ sndio sound server is comfy
+ Especially well-written man-pages and FAQs
+ Theo de Raadt is based
+/- Its developers and users expect you to at lest try to fix the problem yourself before they will help you. You get replies quickly on the mailing-lists. #openbsd @ Freenode is active.
+/- Doesn't have Bluetooth support anymore
+/- OpenBSD uses cvs

notes and resources
* https://www.openbsd.org/
* OpenBSD Journal: https://undeadly.org/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Where else should his genius shine?
effin amazing. first heard about adapteva on 8/robowaifu. Watching the new presentation now, thanks anon.
breddy remarkable how similar the clock tree synthesis output from this system is beginning to look like an organic neuronal mesh.
FreeBSD user since a few years here. (before any CoC)
I think the quality has really gone down, at least on the package part.

Currently from what I use:
- OpenCV has a minor compilation fail (just need to add a const to a char*)
- Krita doesn't compile
- They removed Palemoon because "it takes too much to maintain and it's full of bugs"
Meanwhile I could fetch the code for Palemoon/Krita from their source repo and compile it, with minor changes that I should commit one day.

A few months ago I tried gentoo and it pretty much worked out of the box, there was only some tinkering to do on the sound part but didn't try since I booted as "liveCD". But there's chances that once I finish my project, I'll take some time and switch to Gentoo.
I'll keep OpenBSD on my server since it's some old rig cobbled up.
How's hardware support on the BSDs these days? Is it possible to get 3D acceleration support on relatively modern cards on all of them, or will I have to suck the CoC for that?
Thinking of installing it on a spare drive sometime.

Setting up Protomail anonymously Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 07:08:48 No. 84 [Reply]
I'm trying to set up an email account to use with my board here, but my old 8chan.co email apparently won't receive emails now. I want to go ahead and set up a Protonmail account, but in the setup process they ask you to fight 'spam' by confirming your identity with either email, SMS, or a donation. I tried several of the burner emails from guerrilla mail, but proton say these are all 'temporarily disabled, please try another'.

I certainly have no plans to give them a real email or phone number, and don't have a good way to give them a donation to help 'fight spam'. Any suggestions /tech/?
10 posts and 1 image omitted.
Thanks for the info anon, I'll look into it.
It should be noted that those are both run by radical leftists.
fug, with jewgle fugging up overall i need to get a stable email SP ASAP for my online games.
with Wow biting the dust finally after being killed by itself twice over that really does just mean warfarme and dest2/steam but google's taken to new lows so i don't even feel like using them for anything i specifically don't need to, like say applying to techraptor or nichegamer for a job.
but it's not like there any non-leftoid MS email service provider, they're intent on making sure of that.
just get your own domain and your own hosting and manage email by yourself. With a domain you can point the email anywhere, even have backups in case your primary is ever unavailable.
This is cheap and easy. For infinite archiving and searching, download email to your own stuff.
Here yah go for riseup


no cookies?