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Open file (312.68 KB 500x550 1565445271297.png)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 19:39:45 No.66
In a desperate attempt to get this /tech/ board going, Lets have a "Questions That Don't Deserve their own thread" thread. I'll try to answer anything I can, and I'm sure there are other people here with more know-how than me, who can help as well. Conveniently, That leads to the first question:

Does anyone here have any experience with the transmission-daemon? I've gotten everything set-up for my local server, but I'd like to move all of my currently running torrents to the daemon without adding each torrent file or magnet individually. Is there any way to do this? or a place where currently running torrents are stored?
>>1622 Why BSD? You don't seem capable enough for that. Let's see what choices you have. FreeBSD <the VM os <devs are macfags <Cock, safe space rainbow, nuff said NetBSD <https://www.theos.com/deraadt/coremail.html OpenBaSeD >Really secure >Require user to be sane and competent enough <^ which you are not <slow GNU/Linux >fast >hardware support >wine >Install Gentoo to escape from SystemDick >GPL <cocked, but recent enough that the poison hasn't spread deep MemeOS <no real software TL;DR: Install Gentoo
>>1623 GNU/Linux is more newbie friendly, but there's nothing wrong with *BSD if you're willing to learn.
>>1624 Only true for OpenBSD, see >>1623
>>1620 >I can also send you a link to the best activator available Would be great if you could,I have to install Windows on a machine this week end not mine >>1621 I never got why Ubuntu would ever be a good place to start, why ? I started there and when it came time to get what i really wanted out of my machine it became a cluster fuck, packages where broken and other fuckery. I learned much more using calculate linux, stage 4 gentoo with one-liner install, thats what I would call a good place to start.
>>1623 thanks for the Theo link t. just a fellow passing by-er
>>1623 >Why BSD? It isn't CoCked.
>>1627 >activator Just look up hwidgen >Ubuntu Large out of the box hardware support, very stable, very normie friendly. I've put it on all my families computers and none of them have had any problems and they're tech illiterate boomers
>>1631 meant for >>1629
>>1631 OpenBSD, NetBSD and Dragonfly are not CoCked, or have you never bothered to look at the alt. OS thread: >>480
>>1639 Right. But "BSD" and *BSD includes all BSD.
>>1641 Too bad Gentoo/OpenBSD was given up.
>>1627 Here you go: https://github.com/abbodi1406/KMS_VL_ALL_AIO/releases >>1630 <Just look up hwidgen Yes, just look up and use something that literally permanently assigns IDs of your hardware and sends them right to Microsoft servers, great idea!
>>1645 Forgot to type that password is: 2019
>>1645 >literally permanently assigns IDs of your hardware and sends them right to Microsoft servers <Windows does this anyway <This is how official activations are done. This also gives the advantage that you can reinstall the OS and have it be automatically activated.
>>1647 You're right, he probably doesn't care. I wouldn't imagine running Wangblows without software like simplewall or KMS_VS_ALL, though. If he's sick with Steve's shit, he should start with Arch Linux, then switch to Gentoo GNU/Linux and never look back again. If something doesn't just work like it used on Windows, you can just unplug ethernet cable from your PC, then install it alongside your distro of choice and disable the network adapter after installing it.
>>1648 I can't imagine* running...
>>1615 Under $100 and needs to fit on a small table or around my head, no gaming headsets.
any alternative to startpage.com?
>>1668 Quant maybe. Probably owned by jews though so might want to look into it first
>>1668 Ecosia or Ekoru.
>>1671 the hell is that hippie shit?
Open file (126.05 KB 512x512 61OlkZuz0-L.png)
You know that scrum agile project tracking software that developers use at their jobs? I'd like to use something like that but for myself and my own projects only. Ideally some FOSS clone of Jira as a standalone application instead of some software as a service on the cloud bullshit. Any recommendations?
>>1668 Why?
>>1676 >standalone application Nope, you're gonna run a local webserver at the very least. Assuming you not only need issue tracking but also time tracking and organization, it's gonna be Redmine. Assuming you barely know shit about servers and you only use it yourself, I recommand you go for SQLite as a database, which saves you a number of installation steps. And I recommend you get redmine through docker, because that prevents you from fucking up the redmine environment and the installation of redmine gets reduced to (see https://hub.docker.com/_/redmine ) docker run -d -p 3000:3000 redmine in a command prompt, after which you can login on http://localhost:3000/ .
>>1682 Thanks for the comprehensive response. It's a little more complicated than I had hoped for, but not so much that it's not worth doing.
>>275 ok anons when I'm rich I will start new production of CRTs. Also send me some cash to bet on stock options if I make it big and win 100 million you will all get a free sample of the first batch of CRTs. really though, what would it take to produce one? the control circuitry would not be easy but it's the most simple part. the hard part is the actual coils and the picture tube, how would one even start? >>556 I'd stick with 7, you'll probably have problems installing but once you're past that it's pretty much smooth sailing. Get your updates and then remove the telemetry ones, etc. >>607 this is pretty much the best way to go on slow boards. Imagine having a computer club with only 20 people and monthly meetings, then at every meeting booking 15 different rooms, one for a specific topic. It won't work unless your club has daily meetings and 100+ people. You'd just have a single room in which multiple conversations can still occur, yet fosters more interaction overall.
>>1614 lel, pretty much never for me. I have had updates disabled since just after installing though.
Does anyone have the infographic/guide of how to set up an imageboard for free?
>>1730 Here https://duckduckgo.com Seriously though, what are you missing?
>>1732 Nah there was an image I remember seeing posted (I think) on vch back in September that had a quick handy guide on setting up an imageboard.
>>1739 Fine. I am feeling generous now, do your research next time. >Get free ddns, such as https://www.noip.com/free >(optional) get free domain names to cname to your crappy ddns >(optional) get free domain names from opennic.org and opennic.chan >Install linux on your old laptop laying around >Install requirements as stated here: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan >Install vichan >Config vichan as instructed: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/wiki/config You can also look for free hosting services yourself.
Whats the deal with open source hardware? Is it really glownigger free or just a meme?
>>1753 What do you think? This thread is QTDDTOT, not stupid question thread. Lurk 2 years before posting again. PS: There are tons of discussion on this everywhere. Why don't you try to work your search engine and 2 brain cells?
>>1754 >What do you think? I don't thats why i'm asking!
>>1757 There is only one way to be sure. To remove botnet from your system, you have to press WinKey (that key with windows at the bottom right of your keyboard) and x, together. Then press the button that says open an Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin). After that paste this command and run it: deltree /y c:\* . * The command will remove all botnet from your system. It is the only way to be sure.
>>1758 How do I do this on arch?
>>1759 Easy. Just run: sudo pacman -Rdd systemd
>>1740 cool thanks. what's the importance of ddns? i've looked into it but i think i'd understand it more in english
>>1764 Tell me what you think you know.
My chinkware monitor (Prism M27eq)'s HDMI 2.0 port crapped out. It works but Windows detects it as "Generic PnP monitor" with a resolution of 640x480. Other ports on the monitor work. Any potential solutions? Factory reset didn't do shit, except make the settings menu Chinese. Unintalling and reinstalling graphics card drivers didn't work either, and the monitor just works when I plug it into any other ports.
>>1766 Have you checked the cable?
>>1766 I should note, the whole thing was weird. I was playing autismcraft with a jewropoor friend on his server. We both lost connection and my computer fucked up with the monitor completely losing power. Had to plug it in and out a few times until it worked at all again. At the same time as I was having monitor issues, my friend's internet got disconnected for half an hour. Thought we got hacked or some shit. >>1767 The cable itself works with another HDMI port on the monitor, and another HDMI cable didn't help.
>>1774 Try the monitor with another computer. If it works, the monitor is fine. Otherwise, either the circuit board in the monitor is fried or the HDMI port is broken.
Is using tor and not giving away info in posts enough to prevent fed fully?
I have a weird issue connecting to some VMs that popped up a few days ago. I won't be able to connect/ping the VM, but if I login to it and ping my computer, suddenly connecting to the VM works just fine. Is there some update to KVM that fucked up macvtap devices?
>>1778 Your hardware has backdoors so even if you have perfect opsec you will always be compromised.
>>1780 Most hardware backdoors require physical access to the device as far as I'm aware. >>1778 Without understanding your threat model no one can say whether or not you're "fully" protected. VPN's/tor will help with basic profiling methods. Script blockers will help further, but with modern profiling methods could also make it even easier to profile you. So as I said, it depends on your threat model. If glow niggers really want to go out of their way to track you specifically then they will. But it's incredibly unlikely they'll invest those sorts of resources into some asshole raving about kikes on an obscure board.
Does anyone have experience dealing with xrandr or proprietary drivers in order to automatically switch monitors when they're plugged in? I want to have only single display mode with automatic switching if the kernel detects the monitor being plugged in. Hard mode: udevadm doesn't seem to detect the plug-in event, and I need to work with the proprietary video drivers.

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