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Open file (312.68 KB 500x550 1565445271297.png)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 19:39:45 No.66
In a desperate attempt to get this /tech/ board going, Lets have a "Questions That Don't Deserve their own thread" thread. I'll try to answer anything I can, and I'm sure there are other people here with more know-how than me, who can help as well. Conveniently, That leads to the first question:

Does anyone here have any experience with the transmission-daemon? I've gotten everything set-up for my local server, but I'd like to move all of my currently running torrents to the daemon without adding each torrent file or magnet individually. Is there any way to do this? or a place where currently running torrents are stored?
read the manual
Open file (357.49 KB 960x540 1563115041630.jpg)
I need something portable to read PDFs with that can take a yuge microsd card. What's my best option
A phone if your eyes are good enough.
Open file (10.88 KB 300x192 6544564.jpeg)
Open file (177.37 KB 540x374 serveimage.jpeg)
are there any SBC that are foss? if there isnt i guess i could buy one from olimex
also, any good place i could buy the x200 tablet? i was going to buy it in link related, but after reading shit from the site, i realize that the owner is a fucking mentally ill tranny
I use the one on the right, it doesn't require non-free software, headless at least. You can also use it to flash Libreboot too.
Open file (94.01 KB 280x403 8977964564789466.png)
any recommendation from olimex? im trying to build a small touchscreen device to read mangos and shitpost when i want to be comfy on my bed.
Use https://linux-sunxi.org/Main_Page to read more about Allwinner boards.

I use the OLinuXino A20 Micro, with an USB wifi adapter (ath9k_htc driver), which is supported by Debian https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Allwinner
I don't know about touchscreen and X but it apparently can be done https://www.olimex.com/wiki/How_to_use_15_inch_touchscreens.

If you care you can completely encrypt disk and boot using https://linux-sunxi.org/FEL/USBBoot, which needs another computer to store your initrd and vmlinuz or keep an unencrypted /boot.

I would upgrade to the A64 or A33 but they have no SATA port. Also all of them seem to be unnafected by spectre and meltdown and use a Mali GPU instead of a PowerVR one.

Oh, and be sure to get the UART adapter.
Thanks for the info anon.
what are the options for a mobile OS that doesnt have google shit installed in it for a galaxy tab s4?
I was going to say that those links didnt work, but at the end of each link there is an extra . and ,
>I use the OLinuXino A20 Micro
can you post pics of that one?
Someone just gave me an Ipad Air(1st gen Wifi model) and asked me to get rid of the code lock on it, after a bit of research I figured out that my only three options were replacing a memory chip on the board to change the serial number, buy a new logic board with that isn't locked to an iCloud account or use a DNS bypass during activation but that has less functionality for use.

Does anyone know where the jailbreaking community for Apple devices is on the net? Or any experience and advice to give me on this topic?

Depends on what kind of pdfs really, if it's mostly black and white text then find a cheap ereader that you can root and install a decent OS on it.

Otherwise I'd go with an older phablet that can run /e/ or LineageOS.
what's that?
a lineageos reskin which the makers pretend they have done from the ground up, like all these custom roms.
ah, i see. thanks anon.
Open file (290.95 KB 830x495 tech_fixes_F1.png)
Has IPFS made any progress in the last 6 months or are they still dragging their feet?
Isn't LineageOS just a reskin of CyanogenMod then? And Replicant can be considered the same with non free code removed.

As long as they host their own packages it should be considered similar to the distro situation in the GNU/Linux world. The only reason why I'd recommend anything but official Android is to use a pure version of mPDF without any bloat in the OS.
Open file (669.08 KB 750x949 A_crying_Usami.png)
What the hell is a .mpdf file, and how am I supposed to convert it into .pdf?
Who's the guy in the third panel?
Eric S. Raymond
>read up about Replicant
>free as in freedom OS for handhelds
>it only works in a few devices
>get a samsung tablet
>manage to install Replicant in it
>it just werks
>want to connect to the wifi
>doenst do that because its not foss
any alternatives to android that are not fucking shit?
Large supported devices list.
New project from CopperheadOS dev after he got fucked by his manager.

If you're strictly looking for shitphones, then notable phones are Pine64 and Librem 5.
>Galaxy tab 2 7.0 is not there
well, that will teach me to fucking read about stuff before investing a few shekels
I did manage to get the internet running by using my laptop as a tethering device, I guess I can use it as an offline tablet, because fuck connecting the tablet to my laptop all the time
>librem 5
Im actually waiting for that shit to launch and see if it gets the nufsf seal of approval, also the pinetab and pinephone is coming out, wonder how shitty they are going to be.
It's clearly stated that the wifi doesn't work on their page and they have links to libre wifi adapters that you can plug in through the USB port. With one that's small enough and by soldering a micro USB port on it you'd have a decent solution.

Or you can just reinstall it with the nonfree wifi code included. I was going to go with Replicant but decided against it when I saw how much trouble that was going to be, also they don't support the Lima driver for the Mali GPU yet so it's doing software rendering.

It is available for LineageOS but it's not currently supported as it's so old.
In fact all that Replicant is the FSF taking LineageOS and removing nonfree code.
Digital Foundry makes a good case for going back to CRT monitors for gaming. I personally want one for my old PS2 because PS2 games look like shit on LCDs.
>digital foundry
they are shills
For who?
>Gears of War 5
>biggest outliers are shit like some physical objects like glass or cups can be destroyed or not or at worst bullet holes that disappear instantly
>water just looks like shit and is heavily unrealistic compared to previous games along with the water in the sewer-like level is complete shit to the 'overworld' water
>lighting is just total bullshit
Excuse the nigger in the video but the nignog is right.
They're misguided. What they want is any small monitor with low resolution and high refresh rate. The only monitor they could find though was a CRT. All small, low-res monitors are shitty cheap ones with ghosting and muted colors and all monitors with a high refresh rate are huge 4K LCDs where you can choose to either see stretched pixels or no rendering details.

PS2 games look like shit regardless. The best a CRT can do is fuel your nostalgia so you accept that it all looks like crap. Be sure to get an old 15" TV.
Or trash your PS2 and play on PCSX2 instead. It's a tradeoff between "can't see shit" and "can see it's shit".
They aren't wrong. My high refresh rate LCD is really good but even one of my cheapo CRTs will always beat it when it comes to blacks, blur, and refresh rates. I wish they'd stop telling normalfags about CRTs because the prices just keep going up and up with so many of them jumping on the retro bandwagon. The only saving grace is maybe the fad will get enough normalfags behind it that someone will start producing new CRTs again. Old CRTs are in short supply now and they all have a limited life span. At some point there won't be any parts around to keep current ones going.

I wish there were more 16:10 CRTs in circulation. I haven't been able to source one locally and I'm not going to pay to have something like that shipped in. Right now I have a bunch of CRT monitors I saved from the trash. I keep a 24 inch CRT hooked up to my main PC as an extra monitor. It's nice to have it in the mix for when I run older games. I'm trying to find something CRT around the same size to mount above it right now.
>The only saving grace is maybe the fad will get enough normalfags behind it that someone will start producing new CRTs again.
We can dream anon, but we both know this isn't happening why even live anymore
I apologize in advance for bothering you with a troubleshooting inquiry, but it's just this shit makes zero sense to me. It's a problem with my internet connection that so far I have no idea where it's coming from and no clue as to how to deal with it. Here's what I have observed in the few days I've been dealing with it:
>My connection peters out almost instantly, except not quite. To elaborate, I can't access any new webpages through my browser except sometimes Google and YouTube (I tested it)
>signal strength display shows no problems, appears "Limited" very infrequently
>resetting my router and flushing the DNS hasn't yielded results besides brief moments of false hope
>According to my browser it's a time-out error, though sometimes it says it can't resolve DNS
>For some reason I can't fathom, it has a more or less specific schedule. My connection always shits the bed at around 7 pm and comes back at around midnight. This is by far the most baffling thing about it.
What do you think the problem might be? What can I do to find the root of the problem and solve it once and for all?
Does it work just fine over a wired ethernet connection?
What does your the web interface of your router say about your internet connection? Have you made sure the connection itself works?
If so, what does it say about the dns?
God damn it I forgot to mention that, but yes. It works like a charm.

Zero problem on the former, so it should work on paper. As for the latter, I suspect it's a DNS issue but I'm not sure where to look.
Maybe try wireshark and see if the DNS requests get a response, or TCP connections for that matter.

If it's a DNS issue in your router, you should get results from using a VPN, using an alternate DNS provider like jewgle's or using tor.
Signal strength is not the only relevant measurement, the noise floor also affect throughput but WLAN adapters usually cannot measure the noise floor.
So it is possible that some other device that is only being used in that time interval is adding noise enough to make your connection unusable. Considering the time, it's likely a neighbor using another wireless network after work. Does the affected time change on weekends?
Try scanning for other networks then changing your channel to something far away from the other networks. Also try moving your WAP.
The fact that he can access google/youtube implies it might be on the ISP's end. 7pm-midnight would be prime time for most locations since people are off work and watching streaming services. Google keeps servers at most ISPs that mirror their content. If he can access youtube and google but nothing else it probably means he's only able to access content mirrored locally at the ISP and nothing is going beyond that hop.

Next time it does this try running a trace route or pinging something that isn't a google server and see what happens.
Could also try a full factory reset of the router. And do a network scan of surrounding networks and choose an unused channel.
Seagate or Western Digital?
Whatever is cheaper.
>download PDF
>the filename isn't the title of the PDF
>copy PDF title
>rename file, paste
>because the PDF title contains newlines it doesn't work
>paste PDF title into text document
>remove newlines
>copy title and paste into filename
This shit is driving me mad
In those cases I usually just type the title or write something else entirely because Going Bananas with Burritos.pdf will not help me when I want to find that paper on van Laarhoven lenses.

Too bad extracting the title with a browser extension won't work half the time either, because the actual document title is often Microsoft Word or empty.
At least sometimes copying stuff without the first and last letter works.
Open file (33.49 KB 539x493 firewall.JPG)
My gateway in running OpenWRT, and I'm trying to configure the firewall so that a certain machine can only access IPs on my LAN, and not have any internet access. I tried pic related but it doesn't work. Networking isn't my strong suit so is there anything I'm doing wrong here?
How do I batch remove all script tags from a bunch of HTML files? Can HTTrack maybe even do it itself?
Just use sed.
Don't forget inline scripts, and SVGs, and insecure iframes.
I've been running only Linux (Debian) for a while now, but I've got a spare hard drive kicking around and I've been thinking I'll install Win7 on it for times when Wine isn't working out.
A while ago I had been set up to dual boot between Windows and Linux, but that was starting with a Windows install and adding Linux on top. I've heard it takes some fiddling to get things working in the other direction, and on top of that I don't know what catches there might be for having it on a different drive. Should I just physically unplug all my drives except the one I'm installing to, install, reconnect the drives, and set boot priority in UEFI/BIOS? Do I need to do anything with grub?

Pardon my ignorance needing to ask such a basic question. I've never actually installed Windows before at all, never mind in a dual boot setup.
every successful multiboot i've ever managed 10+by now i imagine starts with installing Wangblows first, as it stomps anything else on the box.
>I've heard it takes some fiddling to get things working in the other direction
If some expert knows a different way, let them enlighten us all. This is what's worked for me repeatedly.
>as it stomps anything else on the box.
That's what I gathered, which is why my thought was that I should install it on a separate drive and leave the others all physically disconnected from everything, so even the bootloader can't possibly be touched.
My concern is whether it might still mess with anything once I plug those drives back in afterwards.
>My concern is whether it might still mess with anything once I plug those drives back in afterwards.
by 'it' i'm assuming you mean the copy of wangblows. it will certainly scan and catalog (and very likely send all the hashes back up to the mothership for upload to the 5-eyes (((agencies)))). but i can't recall 'it' actually damaging anything on an external. yes, unplugging is a good idea during all installations, even the linux ones anon.
Only on MBR. Windows assumes normal EFI boot on a GPT formatted drive and you can install OS in any order you choose.

t. installed Linux first on GPT, works on my machine
Spoonfeed us a walkthrough?
Just keep in mind that the common Windows 7 loader everyone uses to activate it doesn't work if you install it in UEFI mode.
Just set up the partitions properly when installing your first system. Windows will to it automatically, obviously. If it's Linux, you can just let the distro autopartition for UEFI if it can. I had some trouble doing it manually at first, because you have to have a small unallocated sector at the very start of the drive and then a correctly formatted EFI partition right after. When the first OS is in place, even if you install Windows afterwards it won't erase your boot sector and will instead just add its own option alongside. Worst case scenario, you have to launch a system off USB and run grub-update once.

Didn't know that. Are you talking about Daz Loader?
How would you handle encryption on a linux home NAS? It would be best if it worked per user so the user's container will be mounted on access and dismounted when the user disconnects from the NAS. I imagine this to be a pain in the ass for backups and copy on write, it would probably hard or impossible to incrementally backup without decrypting everything in the process.
if i download shit from yt with youtube-dl can i get jewed?
define (((get jewed))). it's simply a downloader. the developer keeps it agile to constantly stay up to date with jewgle's intentional kikery intended to defeat it, but otherwise it's basically just a means to download the file to your machine. you do exactly the same when you watch a video on kiketube.
when i watch videos on yt there are ads and (((scripts))), do youtube-dl run these scripts and give up my privacy/anonymity? can it leak my location if i donwload over tor?>>485
i don't know the intricacies of all the hoops youtube-dl has to jump through today to retrieve a kiketube video anon. but one thing i feel i can guarantee you is that downloading a video using youtube-dl is more secure and private than doing so in a browswer. and sure, you should be able to torify ytdl connections, why not?
One other thing. Using youtube-dl with invidious at least puts one more layer between you and (((Jewgle))) anon.
There are options to use proxies built into youtube-dl. Very useful for archiving in case youtube cuts you off for sucking up too much of their bandwidth or for getting around region blocking.

I haven't watched anything on the youtube site in years thanks to my media players being able to stream their videos and youtube-dl letting me batch download everything I want and watch while offline.

No it doesn't as the video is still hosted on youtube's servers. All youtube-dl does is look at the video ID in the URL so using invidious makes no difference at all. If that site wasn't a placebo Google would have shut them out of using their service by now like they did with NicoNico awhile back.
i usually use the --proxy option but it doesn't work with invidious .onion address, i feel like it's somehow bypassing the proxy.

Btw, invidious got hacked recently.
youtube-dl cannot execute any Javascript because it has no interpreter for it. You can open up the python file from your install and look. What it does is parses the HTML page you get from opening the video URL and gets video information from its tags. In the specific case of Youtube, it also looks for specific <script> areas and uses regex to get media URLs from it. Last time I checked, this was all it did.
PhantomJS is a optional dependency, in some cases it might execute something. But yeah, i should take a look on the source even though it looks like gibberish for me
I see. I stand corrected anons.
>invidious got hacked recently
What happened?
some skid deleted their account databases, but they have backups, so nothing to worry about.
To put it plainly, I'm a paranoid fuck and have reason to suspect that my computer's being or has been tampered with while I'm away. I'm looking for ways to detect this as well as ways to prevent it. Currently just have a bogstandard password on it, but I'm looking to lock it down as much as possible.

I guess this extends to making sure my online activities can't be viewed by those also connected to the network if at all possible, because while they're my friends that doesn't essentially mean I have 100% faith in them nor have I any reason to.
>I'm looking for ways to detect this
two words slacker
<nanny cam

>but I'm looking to lock it down as much as possible.
two words scrub
<git gud

>my online activities can't be viewed by those also connected to the network
two words filthy casual
<use tor

hope that helped.
Are there any good, lightweight web browsers for Linux Mint? I have a 1GB machine that I'd like to use to browse some websites, doesn't matter if they look like shit so long as they actually load.
Just try different ones anon and see what you like. I'd say have a look at this one:

BTW, Mint is a good platform, I like it. But tbh it's not really very lightweight for a small box. I think if you tried something like Manjaro using XFCE instead you'd have a smoother experience.
log your network activity using tcpdump or something. You learn that there are things that can't be unseen by the network. The best you can do is encrypt everything.

Try some headless browser, there are lots of them like >>522

my question is pretty simple, how can DNS cause a error 502? it resolves but cause this error, why?
If the domain name is resolved into an address, then the DNS didn't generate any error.
502 is likely the HTTP error code and any code starting with 5 is a server error.
NetSurf (http://www.netsurf-browser.org/) or lynx/links? Or perhaps Gnu/Emacs?
i thought that too, but the weidest thing is that the only way i found to get rid of this error was changing DNS servers.
Maybe the previous DNS server was redirecting you to a different address than the expected one.
It's nothing strange for this to happen. Probably it was caused by some errors during the propagation of the updated record or the internal cache misbehaved somehow.
probably, now its fixed, thx anyways
Open file (72.49 KB 1280x790 Wacom-6x11_Upw-hand.jpg)
How do you add pen tablet support for your program? Is there a good library or something? I didn't have success looking at Wacom's own pages.

Ideally something that I can just include from my own code and have it work without requiring 70 quintillion dependencies and build systems. I'm using C.
If you're on wangblows, there's support from their windows device sdks.
There are also these links. Good luck anon.
Open file (1.30 MB 1600x1081 Gambier bay3.png)
Is it possible to completely remove the bloatware & spyware on windows 10? I have been thinking about either going with that, or back to windows 7 for a new machine.
If it is possible, would doing this be recommended for someone new to tech?
>Is it possible to completely remove the bloatware & spyware on windows 10?
Yes. It's called deinstallation.
>back to windows 7
That is the preferable way if you have to use jewdows.
Open file (5.43 MB 480x272 windows_user.mp4)
>Is it possible to completely remove the bloatware & spyware on windows 10?
No. There's a bunch of hacks you can do that disable a few of the most egregrious data collection mechanisms until the next forced update but Shutitdowns 10 is the ultimate in commercial niggerspyware so such methods will at most mildly inconvinience glownigs.
If you're on a new machine as in, one with recent hardware then Win7 is certain to encounter driver issues what with it being less than 4 months from EOL, best install gentoo or some other free as in freedom operating system and have Wangblows run in a VM with GPU passthrough if it's really needed.
yeah because gentoo won't have any driver issues or insane config troubleshooting
Why are you trying to push gentoo on to newbies? Do you want him to hate you or something? Why would you do such a thing?
Get Debian, Arch or Ubuntu and then de-bloat those. Join a few chat places (IRC, retroshare, zeronet forums, whatever) that are made to help new linux users and go from there.
How can i use SauceNAO with cURL? How do i find out the right form parameters to make a proper request?
Why would you push Arch on to newbies?
Open file (66.52 KB 550x594 1568069769873.jpg)
I'm trying to compile 30 gigs of reaction pics into a single main directory and I'm getting over a thousand "a file with this name already exists" messages.
Is there a program that can compare images from two different folders/drives and tell you if there are any files with the same name but are actually different images?
That would be pretty easy to do yourself, you could even check if the file is same as well and delete the duplicate.
The Arch-deriv Manjaro is actually pretty newb-friendly tbh.
>t. loonix scrub
First delete duplicates, rmlint is handy, then make a script to compare filenames, if they are equal append an string to the filename, when done just `ls *string-appended*`.
I've been having a weird issue with my (USB) mouse lately. Every now and then, the right mouse button clicks itself over and over at complete random, which is as annoying as it sounds. I've tried using the mouse in someone else's computer and it works like a charm, so it's not a hardware problem. Any idea what the issue is and what could be done about it? I use Windows 8 (I know, I know) if it helps.
Try a live Linux distro in your computer and let us know the result.
Open file (619.83 KB 810x743 sanic911.jpg)
So, it appears that (((NordVPN))) is a scam. Is there any trustworthy VPN companies out there, or should I just use tor? My use case is to hide from analytics companies and possibly untrustworthy admins/mods (For the record, I am not talking about this site)

No, the Manjaro developers are incompetent, and it doesn't make sense to grab the packages from a rolling-release distro when you are building a stable distro (this practice leads inevitably to delayed upgrades.)
Also, Arch (or the AUR) isn't a killer feature. And actually, n00bs shouldn't even use AUR as the AUR "packages" are just shell scripts (in other words, the packages basically gets access to your computer because, if you are new to Gnu/Linux, then it's very unlikely that you understand shell scripts.)
>No, the Manjaro developers are incompetent
Ehh, if you say so. I've found it to be both an easy to set up and maintain system, as well as fast. I like it.
>in a desperate attempt to create traffic, lets sequester all discussion to a single thread
Something is amiss here.
Pretty common on slower boards.
Half the boards on this site have a QTDDTOT. It makes sense to confine simple questions to one thread rather than littering the catalog with easily answerable questions
Better off using tor, unless you're also skeptical of tor then there's very little point.
Hey, my computer just died and I'm currently using a spare right now.

I need help on installing Hyperbola with full disk encryption including /boot partition. What's the best way to do this properly? Is it necessary to use LVM? I probably want to use btrfs as well. Any pointers?
>Any pointers?
Not from me. I suggest using your favorite search engine. There are plenty of tutorials out there. Also, install Gentoo.
I would like to change my DNS because of a couple of website I go to being delisted for no particular reason. Which ones are the best?
>Which ones are the best?
route through tor
Open file (430.92 KB 473x700 148521639175.jpg)
I'm looking to try and install windows 7 on my computer. I'm probably going to switch to something else eventually, but I have a ton of shit that are .exe and stuff I'm not really comfortable switching to linux right away only to find it doesn't work.

I'm asking if any anons know the best version of windows 7 to get, which version has the least spyware but not completely outdated would be what I am looking for. Also, what is the best way to stop windows 7 from updating? As there are a few, with one being getting an update that stops further ones.
Windows 7 is filled with viruses and malware and hackers oh god update to 10 ASAP unless you want your passwords stolen by russian hackers time is running out
>t. Chief Poo-in-Loo at-large
>it's better to have over 9000 threads for simple questions


>I probably want to use btrfs as well.
I advice against it.

>I'm not really comfortable switching to linux right away
It's better to dual-boot windows and Linux. You can try Linux with Virtual Box without touching your HDD/SSD (pls note that Virtual Box has worse performance than you would actually have)

this tbh
Also, MS backported at least some of the Botnet 10 spyware to Windows 7, and Windows was never very private anyway.
Is there a reason why not to use btrfs filesystem? I notice that the swapfile feature is now compatible with btrfs as long I'm using linux kernel >= 5.0. I kinda want the easy way to do backup with snapshot though. As for btrfs stability concern, I'm not using RAID or anything like that.

Btw that gpg Sakaki guide looks very neat indeed except in my part, I need to get an additional package for gpg hooks configuration. Thanks for the gentoo link anon.
If I was starting now I'd probably only run linux in a virtual box and not dual-boot. Dual-booting is annoying as fuck.
/throd. been doing this for years. good advice.
most distros offer an iso but not a tarball, how can i "install" any distro so i can chroot on them?
>offer an iso but not a tarball
that's a good thing, so that you don't have to go through the compiling process of the tarball.
>how can i "install" any distro so i can chroot on them?
You need to to boot the iso first by turning it into bootable distro in your thumb drive or burn it into empty cdrom disk. In Windows, there's program call rufus where you can do all that. After booting, depends on what kind of distro you've downloaded. The generous distro developer would include installer inside them. If there's no installer, you have to do the installation process manually.
ok, i will elaborate, i want to have the filesystem of any distro after installation in a subdirectory where i can chroot to, this way i dont need a vm for each distro, a tarball is basically the filesystem compressed, is there a method to get the filesystem of any distro or i will have to install from the iso and copy the filesystem to my subdirectory?>>656
No, a chroot is an operation that changes the apparent root directory that is from another root installed distro for your current root system. You cannot chroot into a tarball filesystem because that's not how it works. If you thinking of installing multiple distro in a same partition so that you can chroot onto them, there's a user that actually manage to adopt that kind of setup https://askubuntu.com/questions/405735/installing-multiple-linux-distros-in-a-single-partition

I personally wouldn't recommend doing so because it makes everything more complicated.
This is more of an ideaguy question, but how would you handle linking to tags in an imageboard?

Say threads can have tags, and you can browse/search threads by tag. So you need to be able to link to a tag in the current board, on a different board, and across all boards.

For example:
##sometag links to 'sometag' on the current board
###sometag links to 'sometag' on all boards
###/tech/sometag links to 'sometag' on /tech/ only

Would that be too inconsistent? Maybe you'd use ###/*/sometag to search across all boards, that would seem more consistent. But you'd probably want to use that so often that it would be beneficial to use just ###sometag and think of a different way to link to tag on a board. For example ###sometag@board or something.
Been stuck with windows 7 and seemingly there's alot of fuss about when they drop support for it, it would be a frenzy feed for hackers. Is this just normalfags blowing this out of proportions or is it this bad? If so is the LTSC version of win10 good enough?
>Inb4 install loonix
I just want to play all of my vidya
It's hyperbolic, they capitulate on their shit all the time. They still do critical security updates for XP because organizations still use it. They're backporting DX12 to 7 when it was supposed be 10 only. Won't be a problem any time soon.
Well, there's two types of 'tags' in the context of your question, Satan.
1) JSON tags. These are common to all imageboards, and don't care what kind of media, etc. are involved.
For example:
"board_type" : "lynxchan",
"comment_tag" : "message",
"file_ext_tag" : "",
"file_hash_tag" : "",
"file_name_tag" : "path",
"file_orig_tag" : "originalName",
"files_arr_tag" : "files",
"last_bump_tag" : "lastBump",
"media_dir_tag" : "",
"op_replies_tag" : "posts",
"site_name" : "julay.world",
"subject_tag" : "subject",
"thread_id_tag" : "threadId"

These are tags that will occur in one variation or another in any imageboard. This example happens to be julay.world and the lynxchan software it relies on. Other boards will use other specifics for these same tags, but the general tag is the same. For example, 8kun and it's openib variant of vichan:
"board_type" : "openib",
"comment_tag" : "com",
"file_ext_tag" : "ext",
"file_hash_tag" : "md5",
"file_name_tag" : "tim",
"file_orig_tag" : "filename",
"files_arr_tag" : "extra_files",
"last_bump_tag" : "last_modified",
"media_dir_tag" : "file_store",
"op_replies_tag" : "posts",
"site_name" : "8kun.net",
"subject_tag" : "sub",
"thread_id_tag" : "no"

Same 13 general tags, different specifics right?

2) Content tags. These are entirely separate from JSON file tags, and require humans in general to make them. For, example "My Favorite Bathtime Gurgles", or "Funny Cat Gifs".

Understand anon?
Anyone know a way to host/get a mumble server without exposing your IP? I've seen some sites that advertise free mumble servers, but are those really secure? I'd like to rid myself of botnet VOIP services.
>host [...] without exposing your IP
This is by design impossible.
People need an address to connect to your server, so no matter what you do an address must be known to everyone.
Even if you use a different address assigned to a machine that then forwards to the real server, that machine still has to know the address of the server.
Similarily, any client will have its address be publically known (to the server) because the server needs to know where to send data.
I figured as much. So are free mumble hosting services safe to use? Like https://www.imumble.nl/. I only need to have a handful of people (4-5 at most) in it so I'm not concerned with bandwidth, just security.
>by design impossible
normally, and on clearnet.
abnormally, you can use CloudFlare or similar. In this case visitors resolve your domain to a CloudFlare IP, they connect, and CloudFlare talks separately with your server, without exposing your IP. This is how CloudFlare actually protects anyone from DDOS attacks: the attackers don't know the IP to attack, and have to attack CloudFlare, which has the money to deal with the attacks.
CloudFlare probably isn't a good option for mumble though, unless it's voice-over-HTTPS.
and of course on the darknet you can get the exact same IP hiding through e.g. Tor hidden services, where connections to an .onion address are onion-routed to your real server, and real IPs are hidden in both directions.
again probably an annoyance for mumble hosting.
But if you want communications without exposing your IP, there are ways depending on your adversary.
>hide from analytics companies
use TorBrowser. analytics companies care about more than your IP, and TorBrowser tries a lot harder to secure you from that extra stuff.
>untrustworthy admins/mods
1. if the site doesn't block tor somehow, use TorBrowser or Brave Browser's built in tor support, or any browser with tor.
2. get some cheap VPSes and proxy requests through them. This gives you a number of identities to work with, but it's a hassle to recycle them (hosting companies will not go along with "hi I want a new IP for NO REASON").
3. use an unturstworthy VPN? even if it's a scam, if your main concern is site admins, as long as they proxy your traffic you're getting what you want.
What is the best anti virus program currently available?
If your using windows 10 I'm sure the default anti-virus is fine. If you're not using windows 10 than you should know better than to need one in the first place.
Does True/Veracrypt in-place encryption work offline or online and can it be paused and resumed like bitlocker?
If you're on Windows, use bitlocker.
If you're on Linux, use LUKS+AES.
I'm not sure why you would want or need Veracrypt.
This post is fucking radioactive holy shit.
I'm sorry, I had assumed that was a Windows user. Use LUKS+AES like everyone else.
Nigger if you're using windows just use veracrypt.
Microsoft boo its radio active
Veracrypt on Windows BASED!
Exactly so, retard.
Are there any decent laptops still being made? I need a new one and don't want to buy something used.
There are a lot of problems buying laptops new. They aren't like standard PC's where individual parts can easily be replaced, fixed, or upgraded. So you're essentially buying something that's doomed to melt itself into hardware failure in ~5 years. Whereas at least if you buy used old shitty thinkpads it feels less like you've been scammed since they're so disposable and you can get another for $100-$200. If money isn't an issue I guess you can get one of those purism laptops, though they have absolute shit hardware for their price. But if you don't care about privacy or security I'd just go watch some jewtube videos about the best value laptop currently on the market. No one here is going to know enough about or recommend new modern laptops considering how anti-/tech/ culture they often are with the botnet and nu-features they have.

Here's some video that seems to cover most of the bases, and it's very recent.
go with System76.
+ coreboot
+ disabled intel shit
+ tends to work with BSD
+ expandable & maintainable
+ sometimes pretty stylish (last generation 17" Oryx Pro is a beaut)
+ good support
+ Pop_OS! ain't bad
- generic (their manufacturer sells the same shit for less to other people)
- you'll probably need the support (always had a high rate of failures with them)
- they have the disgusting diversity-hugging-each-other logo on the windows key
- you could've just bought a refurbished ThinkPad
- Dell XPS is pretty nice as well
- HP laptops always work well with Linux for me and are the most beautiful stuff on the market
system76 desktops look alright as well.
Just wait for the PPC notebook to come out, it should only take another 3-4 years. Less if the OpenPOWER Foundation throws some money at it to promote the ISA.
Should I just get a thinkpad then? I don't care about ultra thin shit I just want something I can run OpenBSD/Gentoo on. I need a laptop for fixing shit when I'm away from home and my last one melted itself.

I need it now not in 10 years.
Depends on what you want to do with it like I said. If you want to do basic shit and don't need powerful hardware the consensus among most people is to deal hunt on ebay for a used thinkpad. If you're asking about new thinkpads? Compared to other modern laptops they're kind of just the same, except with better keyboards. Though I've never owned a modern laptop and that's just me regurgitating what I've heard people say in jewtube videos. I don't really feel comfortable giving direct recommendations to someone spending hundreds of dollars, so since you're hardly explaining the daily use case I'd say just do your own research on various products.
Is there a place where a beginner can learn to code, but its made fun? Or at the very least, a very good tutorialTrying to learn Java so bare with me
Why are there literally ZERO decent TKL membrane keyboards on the market? It's insane. The one I happened to find for a good price on ebay ended up being pretty shit with inconsistent key presses and keys getting stuck. It's virtually impossible to find a well made, wired, TKL membrane keyboard. Meanwhile it's also virtually impossible to find a reasonably priced MX Clear switch board, which is the closest you can get to a membrane. This is some fucking bullshit.
Due to the chicom backing of Nvidia I'm forced to switch to it from AMD to play UE4 games. What's the best value for playing VR right now? I'm looking for a card powerful enough to handle the index at decent settings.
Open file (91.72 KB 1000x1000 pulse_5700_xt.jpg)
Open file (76.42 KB 1000x1000 red_dragon_5700.jpg)
Currently the Radeon 5700 XT is the highest end from AMD. Make sure you get one without a blower cooler, as there's issues with noise and heat. I've seen some good deals at Micro Center, where dual-fan 5700 XTs cost around $360. If you want to save even more money, get a 5700 with a BIOS switch like the Sapphire Pulse or the Powercolor Red Dragon, and then flash a 5700 XT BIOS for higher performance.
That is a rather informative post but I want to get an nvidia card so I can play games. Looking at the 2060/70s.
Are there any decent ways to host simple html/CSS/js content for free?

I want to make my own "homepage" of sorts where I can put shit into, but hosting my own server is not viable and I don't want to throw around my personal information through paying. All I really need is a static file host that allows directly viewing the files (instead of downloading them), and the ability to modify them. All the "free website" websites want to shove some template editor at you, and I don't want that shit, I want to edit the raw html or at the very minimum inject css/javascript into it (since with javascript you can just replace the whole page with anything if you want so it can serve the desired effect).
Also before these get mentioned; Github captcha is broken so I can't make an account, Gitlab uses google captcha so I can't make an account, Netlify wants me to use some botnet email instead of my own so I can't make an account.
don't use SJWhub anyway, anon. Use gitgud.io or gitlab.com
Gitgud doesn't allow hosting pages from what I can tell so it's not valid in this context.
The only limitations are that a single file can't be larget than 20MB or something and you have a maximum of 50000 hits per day. You can use either their online file manager or FTP to get your files to your website, and I dont think they even have a template editor. There's also no ads or trackers injected into your site.
Uses google captcha. I'm starting to remember why I don't use anything on the internet anymore besides imageboards.
I wanna start writing down a tabletop RPG system, but I am not sure what to use. My initial idea was to use org-mode, but, despite what the org-mode fanboys say, it seems to be not so good for literate writing, due to linewrap fuckery (I know that can be disabled, it's just that the default behaviour is there for a reason). Now, I'm thinking about using QOwnNotes to make the draft, then maybe use Scribus to lay it down nicely once I'm done.
Can anyone convince me org-mode can be comfier than a WYSIWYG program? I know org-mode is way more powerful, but I'm not sure I need all of that.
surge.sh maybe?
I haven't used that but apparently the entire process of signing up and uploading your website works completely throught the command line, so I doubt they have google captcha
Looks very interesting. It requires bloat.js because for some reason it's too hard to make even a command line program for uploading files without it nowadays, but I'm willing to deal with that if the program works as easily as advertised.
How about neocities.org? The guy who runs spyware.neocities.org seems to have custom html.
I fiddled around with surge.sh for a bit and it does indeed seem to be just as easy as advertised. Just navigate to a folder with your shit in it, and then call surge. It asks you to make an account, which only requires email and password and nothing else. It suggests a random subdomain by default, but you can change it to whatever.
Visit my amazing page: http://tsun.surge.sh/

Only problem is that it doesn't seem to allow modifying an individual file, so you either reupload literally everything every time or nothing.

Uses google captcha. I'd rather give up than ever allow it to run on my computer.
Open file (398.06 KB 853x1000 D1_Flonne_07_Bust.jpg)
Which Thinkpad is good for casual use? Just planning to use it for tinkering in Linux, playing XP/Vista tier games like elona+ and fortune summoners, and writing docs.

Also any linux distro recommendations? I was looking towards manjaro or opensuse, are any of those easy to deal with.
>are any of those easy to deal with.
If you're a linux newb, there is only one answer to that question: Ubuntu.

It's geared explicitly for newfags and has by far the largest community around it. But in a similar fashion to Wangblows it's also loaded with botnet by the company packaging it Canonical. So plan to move on to something better like Manjaro then Gentoo within six months anon.
If you're going for something newer, I'd recommend a Dell Latitude over a thinkpad. I've had a few of the newer ones and struggled with driver issues the whole time, while I've never had any issues out of the box with a Dell.
Not a total newbie, but the laptop I had previously was garbage and kept shutting down and acting weird for some reason. Too cheap of am laptop to buy a new battery, might as well buy a new one.

Thanks for the info. Does the Dell laptop have the same or similar build quality to older thinkpads? And I wasn't planning to get the new macbook look a like thinkpads, I was planning to get the older refurbished and used models like the T or X series.
Latitudes are the enterprise model, so good build quality, easy to repair, and can be found cheap on eBay. The new-ish thinkpads that I had were a T440 and A-something, both had plenty of driver issues on Linux.
Wow that's pretty weird. Aren't thinkpads renowned for their compatibility with most distros?
The IBM thinkpads are, but those are over a decade old at this point.
>the laptop I had previously was garbage and kept shutting down and acting weird for some reason
Was it a hardware problem?
My current laptop would do something like that: when it first happened it was something like 3 or 4 months after I bought it so I still had the warranty; I brought it to the shop where I bought it so they could fix it or something. They told me it was the disk that broke, but after they changed it it still happened after a couple of weeks.
It turns out the problem was that the disk controller is not part of the motherboard, but it's a separate piece connected to the motherboard with an extremely small connector; needless to say, the tiniest movement would "unalign" (for a lack of a better term) the connector, essentially disconnecting the disk from the motherboard.
The solution was to swap the CD reader with the HDD.
I really don't know what it was, but it was most likely a hardware problem. Didn't care anyways since its a cheap laptop from Walmart that my mother gave to me. Processor only ran at 1.6 GHz max.
What’s /tech/‘s stance on Zen 2? Should I upgrade from my FX 8350 or is PSP a dealbreaker?
Hello. It was revealed to me by an anon that there are some nuances to setting up tor, as well as ways to use compromised vpns. Could anyone here enlighten me on proper/complete tor setup and how to use a zombie/compromised vpn?
What’s a compromised vpn?
You tell me. Googling it just brings up the nordvpn hack, but i assume its like "cracking" into a vpns network, allowing you to use its ips
Can you explain the issue with google captcha? I personally dont like it but is there security/tracking issues? All i know is that is has its own specific google scripts
Maybe its similar to proxychains but that term is also new to me and ill have to look it up
It's collecting data about you every time you use it. It's like the facebook like button where if you don't block it you're basically handing them your entire browser history. It's also used to train AI, that's why it asks you to identify things like signs.
You become another stat in google analytics and train their self driving car AI with photos from their global spy network aka google streetview.
Oh and remember the old recaptcha with 2 words? Those were taken from scanned books and you were digitising them for sale on google books.

A few rabdom skewed letters is all a captcha needs.
>website starts loading
>it's a solid white square
What's the point of a dark theme if websites are blindingly white when loading? How can I make websites not blindingly white when loading on chromium?
Besides what other anons said, the purpose (at least on the surface) of google captcha is to detect whether you're a bot or not. It's one of the most likely surfaces for analyzing all kinds of information about you and connecting it to other information that google knows about you. Since you're most likely registering an account, it will also be able to read all the information in the registration form including your email and username (unless you create new random ones just for that form). In the case of making a post in imageboards, it can possibly read what you're about to post.

But primarily it's become a principle. I don't really think "I don't want to be tracked by this" anymore, I just refuse to take part in a giant global spying corporation injecting itself into everything. If you put that shit into your website then I'm not using your website, period.
Forgot to mention that google is evil in more ways than spying. Censoring information/videos and manipulating search results is something they do all the time.

They also push leftist agendas through censorship and more visibly through the google logo header. They often put insignificant nonwhites into the google logo image, yet neglect much more significant accomplishments by whites. And there was that recent-ish space related event where the google header had almost no white people in it even though basically everyone related to it was white. Youtube logo that sticks to the top of the screen often has all kinds of gay pride flags and shit in it as well. Youtubers in general have had issues for a long time with unresponsive and unethical behavior by google, and again preferring to put nonwhites and women into their yearly recap videos instead of people/events that were much bigger but involved white people.
Open file (49.61 KB 700x707 Umaru Merchant.jpg)
What's the minimum competence level of a javashit dev I need to match to get in a job for a month or two before they fire me?
Nobody will hire you for javascript. Now a bloated flavor of the month javascript framework though, as long as you can shit out anything with it you're good to go.
So javashit became javashit modular edition?
It's not even javascript anymore.
"Modern" frameworks have shit like their own DSL or some junk declarative statements to do their things.
People using pure javascript (even jQuery!) are either people working on the framework themselves or on some ancient piece of code.
Quick question: What is you stance at the required pajeetscript on 8glows?
I wouldn't worry about it.
It's the same as when vch.moe required javascript, I won't use it until they turn it off.

One time 8chan didn't let you post without javascript being enabled after an update and after a few complaints they quickly fixed it.

Nowadays with a completely different audience comprising almost entirely of phone posters I'm not confident that they'll turn it off.
Is it possible to have microservices that does not use HTTP?
What if I have two Python threads talk to each other using asyncio?
Ofc. That's somewhat like asking 'can I network computers wirelessly instead of using wires?' You're unlikely to have much public reach if you don't use the web, but sure it will work anon.
Open file (103.03 KB 640x480 1468301528221.jpg)
I have an SSD and two HDDs, one with wangblows and another one for file saving.
Can I install linux in the SSD while using another disk, or is it necessary to burn a DVD or have a flash drive?
Nothing works on windows 7 and my experience with Linux Mint was pretty satisfactory when it came down to installing stuff, so I want to make the switch now
Sure. Just dual-boot and install to the SSD (just be very sure which disk is which when you install Mint though anon).
Open file (20.73 KB 399x175 lutebot error.JPG)
Hello /tech/,
>inb4 Windows
>I know
Wanted to try lutebot 2.0 to be a better bard in Mordhau
It gives me this. Lutebot discord dood. How do I fix it?
Install the required .NET version?
Open file (32.84 KB 525x459 ikr.JPG)
i removed a more recent version and tried installing the older one.
How do you use ffprobe/ffmpeg to detect if a video is playable on the web? What should you be looking for? Should you whitelist properties or blacklist them?
>to detect if a video is playable on the web?
You're better off trying opening it with a web browser.
I'm trying to filter uploads from people into a server.
Then stick to a selected few combination of audio/video encodings.
For example refuse anything but VP8+Vorbis (the old webm combination.)
If you look at the output of ffprobe you'll see it labels some fields: just use grep on the labels and then examine the resulting string for the actual encoding.
It's not really foolproof but it works.
>stick to a selected few combination of audio/video encodings.
That's gay. I want to do the exact opposite; support as many videos as possible for most browsers. I just don't know what I should be aiming for with that goal in mind, what formats and settings I should be filtering by.
>I just don't know what I should be aiming for with that goal in mind, what formats and settings I should be filtering by.
The only thing you can do is set a whitelist and expand it as browsers support more formats.
Well then, let me rephrase: right now at this moment when I need to add things into a whitelist, I have no idea what to add into it.
Couldn't you just run something like umatrix, and limit everything besides what makes the page work? How much access does javascript get when you allow it?
The table found at the following link is a good starting point:
https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_video#Browser_support
>inb4 kikepedia
That's why I said "starting point".
That only shows video formats but nothing else about them. But it's something though, thanks.
Open file (292.39 KB 168x216 fug.gif)
Anyone familiar with ffmpeg/webp?

If I use ffmpeg to convert transparent apng or gif animations into webp animations, I get pic related every time where the previous frames remain in the background. Is there some option or workaround you can use to prevent that?
What's a good open source replacement for google translate?
I wish I knew. I've used Yandex and Bing. Of the three, I distrust Yandex the least.
Look up every single word in a dictionary. Then combine the words together that don't make any sense, 'look up' in the previous sentence is a good example for non native English speakers.

You can grab a Wiktionary database and do this using several methods.
how to i get braincells so i can be smart internet man who dodges all the jew tricks
that gif looks cool though
Learn to program in C.
Open file (269.02 KB 378x456 test1.gif)
I don't know if the original is as cool but here you go.
ive been using this vpn called vpn gate. made by japs for the chinese to bypass the firewall, plus its free. connections are UDP and TCP protocol. it reccomends to use TCP, but whenever i try to connect it fails. i can only connect via UDP. do you guys know why? im too dum to use linuggs so im stuck with win10 plus measures to "debotnet" it. could it be that those measures are messing with the vpn?
Will anyone ever create an distro based on terry's ring-0-only system?

TempleOS includes innovations that no other computer programmer has accomplished this far.
Hasn't Terry already done that anon? You can run his OS today if you want.
Did you not understand what i meant? Expanding on the framework Terry created in order to create something else.
Obviously I both understood you and responded appropriately. Terry did in fact create a 'distro'. You failing to specify the details of your meaning of the word isn't my responsibility anon, it's yours.
Having to get autistic over terminology bc my writing error has nothing to do with my question big boy.

I realized why you misunderstood now because earlier i meant to write another distro not AN.
Open file (1.94 MB 1240x1754 depressed libbie.png)
What 3-4 TB HDD should I buy for storing important files? I also plan to buy 500 GB SSD for Windows 7 (only for games, since I don't plan on installing LAN drivers on it) and Artix Linux for everything else.
ive heard its better to stick with one platter drives. WD blues and the like. less moving parts, less to go wrong. also might be good to run badblocks to make sure your drives last as long as possible.
man there was an 8chan anon who told me about this, he could have helped you more.
theres a windows alternative to badblocks called spinrite, i can get the infohash i used (77712328ad30e1fd49d01ffb2cdd13a4f55ac383). you can apparently run badblocks with windows with Cygwin, but i dont know anything about that
Open file (526.58 KB 1440x900 madobe nanami winter.jpg)
I actually already have one WD Caviar Blue right now, but it's been used 24/7 by me for a quite long time now and I fear that it won't last any much longer. The case is that WD doesn't produce good Blue HDDs anymore that have the capacity above 1 TB, which sucks. Badblocks, got it. I'll install it on my live Linux iso then do the badblocks -w option to test it. I have last one question for you: do you think buying an external HDD, alongside SATA III SSD is a good idea?
Check out Backblaze's drive statistics for some statistically relevant failure rates.
Aside from that I'd say that no particular HDD will stand above two striped drives in terms of redundancy.
what was the last version of virtualbox that wasn't secretly gay, I think it was 4.2 but I dont remember
>what was the last version of virtualbox that wasn't secretly gay
What do you mean?
I don't even remember, it was something like the last version before oracle bought it or some shit I, don't even remember
nobody here trusts bigcorp inc., but your lazy fatass, wipe your mouth, 'i dun member, meh it's gay' low-effort post is disgusting even for you types. didn't they teach you any better in 'astroturfing 101' my glowy little friend. at least act like you know what you're doing.
Firing off buzzwords a mile a minute doesn't add any credence to your words lad. I thought someone said something about there being some shit problem with virtualbox after somewhere in version 4 and I was asking if anyone might know what it is. But if I'm asking, I clearly don't know do I?
I have to manually activate one of my disks and this results with having to rescan my music collection every time I boot up the pc. How do I permanently leave my drive on so that I don't have to do this again?
there is some information missing some information like how you go about starting the drive and what software you are using including OS
>how you go about starting the drive
Go to "Computer" and open the drive, otherwise none of the files end up being recognized
>what software you are using including OS
Just the one that comes with Linux Mint, Rhythmbox
ok I actually have a pretty good idea what is going on with this thanks for providing that information. My guess guess is that your drive is not mounting until you click to open it, what you need to do is set up the drive to mount at startup.
best guess*
If this doesn't exactly show you what you need to do then it should at least ball park it for you. https://www.reallinuxuser.com/how-to-automatically-mount-drives-in-linux-mint/

Also sorry for the slow response, I was busy.
oh and please tell me how it works out
How to restore the bootablity of a Windows iso after modifying its unzipped content? The isohybrid command can't find MBR. Thanks.
use an image burning tool?
would you mind elaborating please
make a bootable image using software, like power iso or something
I'm short on time so give these a read

from what ive seen an external hdd is just a regular hdd with a special sata adapter. im not sure if drive quality would be better (im thinking that companies would use the portability aspect as the selling point, thus skimping out on drive quality for more profit), but i could just be paranoid.
for me, i havent had any problems with games loading from an hdd, but if its cheap and fits in your case well, then i dont see why you shouldnt go for an SSD. also badblocks has a destructive and non destructive mode. the latter is for drives with stuff on em, the former is better for breaking in newer drives. im sure theres a badblocks guide somewere
Open file (876.58 KB 345x270 dancing monkey.gif)
Works great, thank you
Open file (499.17 KB 498x286 cooper thumbs up.gif)
WD Easystores are literally WD Reds in an external case and $100 cheaper. It's pretty common to buy them for NAS setups.
Why won't my IP address change even though it's dynamic? Resetting the router doesn't work, using command prompts doesn't work, nothing fucking works. The only thing I haven't tried yet is changing the router's settings because it won't log in even though I'm using the exact password that was given.
Depends on your ISP. Sometimes new IP's aren't assigned to you unless you've left your router turned off for 10-60 minutes.
Change the MAC address on the router or modem then power cycle it.
How bad is gufw if my threat model is skids?
is there a xfce4 command to add keyboard shortcut?
I did cryptsetup close before unmounting. The partition was opened with gnupg. Later, when I tried to open my partition again with the key, it prompt out password entry page which it wasn't supposed to. I can't dycrpt it with the key anymore. Did I fucked up my partition? The partition shouldn't be dead that easily right?
certainly better with than without.
>owning a mac
what a fag
shill me a non-chink lightening-typec-micob-3-in-1 data cable that endures pls
I have asked this on other places but got no answer. Maybe it is more appropriate here.

Does anybody knows why NetBSD expelled Theo? All I can find is this email:

Are there any examples of what that *abuse* actually was?
I have installed the monero gui on one of my drives, but the thing is that was the windows version IIRC.
Now that I made the jump to linux, how can I run the wallet without deleting all of it and deleting my crypto by accident? I don't have enough space in my disk to download the blockchain yet again.
write your seed down
how do I check if my gpu drivers are up to date? I tried installing AMDGPU_PRO but that turned my screen black on boot.
if you're on luunix, you have to add some configuration in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d. Read the guide, every info you need is here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AMDGPU
I installed a non-repo java program namely OmegaT, would it be possible to have it follow my system theme? I tried GTK_THEME=<theme_name> omegat to no avail
In Windows command prompt, how do you enter the directory that a shortcut (.lnk) points to?

This is literally impossible to google. If you try to cd into it, it won't work. If you try to cd into it without the extension, it also won't work. If you just type 'shortcut.lnk', it opens an explorer window.
Short answer, what you want is impossible because .lnk files aren't any kind of link it's stupid windows fuckery.
God dammit. There has to be some easier way to go to common folders than typing them manually or creating separate command prompts.
Thanks for the answer though, I hate that "shortcut" also means keyboard shortcuts and every other word is even more generic so all the search results are useless.
Fuck, right as I typed this out I realized I could just make a bat file with the cd command. That works.
Open file (2.21 MB 1963x2500 libbie 1.png)
Meta question: does /tech/ consider Libbie its mascot? I know she wasn't made for this board, but following the LibreOffice disaster she's gained some affinity here. I've just never heard it explicitly said one way or the other, so I'd like to get some opinions on the matter.
2 questions:
Can somebody please explain how auscunts used to get to 8chan after the Great Mosque Shitpost? The pigs have blocked twist.moe over here, so I wanna see if I can visit the site bareback the same way.
And can anybody recommend a VPN? Or site that would help me choose a VPN? Tor sucks niggerdicks and is probably a honeypot, and I've been using it for too long.
Open file (949.51 KB 1000x669 1441299957836-tech.png)
furfags get out
I doubt anyone would recommend VPN's they personally use since it means they're IP's are more likely to get banned on imageboards and what not. I would just apply some general rules like if it has a massive marketing budget it should probably be avoided, so things like PIA or NordVPN are probably bad ideas.

This thread probably has your answer.
Open file (167.73 KB 1072x606 2134567984512.jpg)
Anyone can give me a guide for retards on how to install Hakuneko in Manjaro? https://github.com/manga-download/hakuneko
>>1141 pacman -Ss hakuneko yaourt -Ss hakuneko (both commands are for finding shits in the repo) To install, retype the command but remove the little "s" Holy fuck, you could have just read the fucking man page. (e.g.man pacman)
>>1141 >not just using Madokami fag
How to protect my urls from prying eyes? Chromium has an --app=URL flag to launch a single site from shell without tab bar and omnibox, does anything come close still exist for the "main" mode? How good is suckless surf for this? Thanks
>>1123 >tor-browser Even if it is, the browser has build in proxy. At least you can feel good knowing you're not using your computer ip address. I'd stick with tor-browser. Vpn are only as trustworthy as the server itself. you can just use a tor proxy too, but it's not as secure, but enough for lurking imo. >pkg_add tor >doas rcctl enable tor >doas start tor >doas tor >install Onion Browser Button >connect to tor proxy Done.
Open file (160.37 KB 427x423 12-23_19-13-08.png)
i was watching my internet traffic through nethogs and just see a suspicious outgoing request. Checked it and shit is Google. Why would my debian linux i3wm computer sends data to Google?
>>1166 Plenty of modern internet-related (though usually dealing with the web) software regularily sends data to servers effectively owned by Google, e.g. through some 3rd party service that relies on some other service offered by Google. Usually this is advertised as "gathering data to improve the software", but ultimately they are just sending a bunch of data to Google. You should check each and every one of the programs you have installed, so you know which one is connecting to that address. It's the only way to know for sure; as far as we know it might even be your terminal emulator of choice. This also includes your init system, because if you happened to forget, systemd has a built-in DNS resolver which uses Google's services to resolve records.
>Turn PC on >CPU fan error >Disable CPU Q-Fan monitoring >CPU fan whirs up and makes noise before loading OS Was disabling the monitoring a good idea or will it fuck my shit up in the future?
What are good providers for a seedbox? I don't need great connectivity or bandwidth, just something to avoid my isp nagging me every week because grabbed a copy of katamari damacy
>>66 What is your workout and timeboxing technique for optimum mind and body health? Mine is called the "Evil Russian Hacker", here are some rules: 1. Every morning, do meditation and plan what you are going to do each hour for your programming 2. Every time box is 50 minutes of programming with 10 minutes of rest and workout ("50/10 Timeboxing") 3. Do 50%~66% of Relative Intensity workout, including pushups, situps and squats (thanks Saitama) 4. To determine what the Relative Intensity is, test in Monday morning by pushing to the limit ("Evil Russian") Is this niggerlicious or is this a biohack?
I think I might have to upgrade to windows 10. Basically a few months ago my SDD died and my computer needed to be reformatted. Had a guy reinstall a "Completely Legit" copy of Win7 but apparently some drivers didn't install right. And trying to install them (runtime stuff) always fails. The person in question basically doesn't exist in any functional way and I'm basically stuck with a PC that works but only barely. Can't even run brave browser so I'm stuck with firefox. Is there any way to avoid it? Is Win10 any better than it was before? Basically how do I unfuck this in the least expensive way possible?
>>1173 unironically install gentoo give yourself some 30 hours reading the gentoo handbook and all that, you will find it beneficial
So how do I into analog circuit design? What would be the fundamentals I should start with before attempting to explore more advanced concepts?
>>1171 https://oneprovider.com/ The owner of the PT I'm from recommended it, saying the often have promotions and let you change plans without hassle, give you some free time when you do, and overall nice details when you made an effort and contacted them. Also, relatively cheap prices for that. Alternatively, you could check out the guys' at Doki offer. I don't have any idea about particular ISPs though. >>1173 Go to the mydigitallife forums and get a good Windows 7 version, install it and activate it. If you're lucky all of your stuff will be safeguarded in a temporal Windows.old folder when you finish, so you cam retrieve and save everything as you need. Then, don't doubt it, do this: >>1175 Windows 10 is at least as shit as when it was first released. >BiglyBT Now, does anyone have any general opinions on it or its use? The idea of what I need is to have Webtorrent+Chat so I could stream episodes that others could watch live and optionally participate in a light chat, that's my use-case. The reason I'm looking for something like web torrent is because most third-party servers don't handle my files (mainly because of the video encodes and the complex .ass subs, reencoding stuff is not acceptable.). I thought of doing this with Kodi+some external chat, but I don't think my internet connection is good enough to keep up if it has to send the stream to too many people. It's not that bad either, I usually have up to 90MB/s upload speed. Opinions, guys? Streaming is really not my thing.
>>1175 >>1179 Alright I'm on the forum and am seeing a forum post from 2009. This is the right place, right?
I have sort a career question. How would you decide to become a programmer or a DBA? Currently on the middle of college and still very indecisive whether to write code or to become a SQL developer.
>>1182 It's probably an easier route being a DBA. If you want to be a developer, you better love coding itself. Either field will be filled with poz, the DBA probably slightly less so since it's less sexy.
>>1183 Do you have any say on the after work calls DBAs are supposed to answer? For what I have heard it could happen at any time.
I bought a new server rack, so I can finally rack all my equipment instead of just stacking it on a table. But the racks I bought use M6 screw holes, and all my equipment uses much bigger holes for mounting. Did I fuck up? Or is there some kind of adapter I can use.
>>1179 >oneprovider Thanks for the recommendation, anon. I'll give this a look.
>>1184 Depends how many other DBAs there are on your team.
>>1187 I see. Thanks for your feedback anon.
>>1181 Yup, that's it. You should have everything you may need around there and in that thread. Leaving a link for anyone else: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-7-installation-guide.23687/#post-352523 Hope you get everything back and to see you around the gentoo forums soon
Are there any WM/DE that have the features of a tiling WM but work well with the mouse and mouse gestures to organize the windows? I understand that keyboard is best for work efficiency, but as I'm a NEET who doesn't do any real work I need testicle groping and pube twirling efficiency, which means I must operate the DE almost entirely with a mouse as I only ever have one free hand.
If I buy a manged switch, will be usable out of the box the same way an unmanaged switch is? If not how hard is it to get it to that state?
This is a hail mary but does anyone happen to know the key rollover of the Happy Hacking Lite2 keyboard? I'm dying for a compact TKL membrane keyboard with ~4-5 key rollover.
Hey people. Looking for a way to send files through mail. I only know how to send text. I'm using openBSD and can't find any command. maybe it doesn't allow files to be sent, but maybe im wrong and im throwing this quetion into the sea. maybe someone knows.. >mail <name@.org> >S: <SUBJECT> >hello, message here.. >control D (send)
>reading archive related http://archive.md/4U2R6 >The RISC-V Foundation’s continued extreme unethical actions have led us to consider using Power ISA. RISC-V is run by jews or what?
>>1227 Man that is old news. RISC-V has a good reason to not want to be associated with what they consider hobby projects. They're looking at developing industrial, academic and nation state actor use of their ISA. After kicking out all the original founders of the project they moved the RISC-V foundation to Switzerland because of trade embargoes and laws limiting the exchange of technology. Some low budget niche FLOSS GPU is exactly what they don't want their ISA to be used for. They're thinking very big and long term so freetards in their mailing list are promptly told to GTFO.
I installed devuan recently, it's badass very fast and snappy. Tried void linux as well, it was also cool, but i settled on devuan because i want it to be a free system with the least amount of poz. >>1167 <Imagine using (((redhat systemD))) in 2020 Here comes the question, does anyone know how to dualscreen winblows X linux with mouse rollover? I've read xrandr with bash script being suggested. KVM switch? I'd prefer not buying anything. Any suggestions?
>>1209 >mail big nope You can use sendmail directly and write your own multipart emails like a caveman or use a program that can handle attachments, like mutt.
Should I switch from manjaro, are the devs that bad, I often hear they are but does anyone have examples. I use arch on my laptop but I've avoided using it on my main desktop in-case I break something. Messed around with mint but I didn't want to try updating my kernal for ryzen 3000 cpu support (temps etc) because I'll shit it up. I often wonder if rolling release is that great because you seem to be at the will of random updates to everything but it does mean you never have to preform large updates every 6 months and I find it easier than debain & apt. Has anyone been running a rolling release distro for a long time say 5-6 years - is it worth it long term ?
>>1236 I no expert on Linux, but the most consistent distro I've used is MX Linux. Manjaro has been nothing but headaches with random issues that I couldn't even begin to understand or troubleshoot.
>>1238 Thanks I'll check out MX, I'm no advanced arch user but if you ever decided to try rolling release again, doing the arch install process and using it on my laptop helped me better understand and fix a lot of the problems I've have had with manjaro.
Never used manjaro but the differences between distros is minimal, that is to say instead of changing Operating Systems all the time you should focus on learning how to fix what is broken. I suggest doing an LFS install as a learning experience. As far as the rolling release question, I would reccomend gentoo as its kind of the best of both worlds, you can be on stable but easily install newer versions of packages if you need some new feature or whatever. Doing this on Debian distros causes apt to shit itself overtime iirc.
>>1241 >differences between distros is minimal The differences are huge in some respects, but when it comes to breaking, yes, they're all similar. Ubuntu is a pretty good choice for learning how to fix stuff because the internet is overflowing with ubuntu noobs asking how to fix their shit and very patient people giving the right answers, if not deprecated. >>1236 >Has anyone been running a rolling release distro for a long time Yes, but it's a server, so I don't have drivers and graphics to fuck up.
Does anyone have suggestions for a bluetooth remote solution for a linux HTPC? I'm trying to set something up for a family member but hooking up console controllers seems to be incredibly buggy. They tend to work in games fine but in the media center software they glitch out.
Open file (230.30 KB 2048x760 blacksimpsons.jpg)
What is the best >4TB external hard drive on the market right now?
>>1236 Usually when shit brokes, it was because of partial updates but there is a selution to this. When some package dependencies were not updated correctly or missing, you can study how that main broken package were related to each other. Use "pactree <your broken package>" to see more detail how everything relates to that broken package.
>>1241 >LFS install as a learning experience And you didn't learn anything. The point of LFS is for you to realize why binary distros were created and cure yourself of autism. The fact that you suggest Gentoo means you learned nothing.
Is there forums or something to talk about black hat/hackerman kind of stuff? I wanted to get into rfid trickery but i dont know where i can talk about it. I faintly remember someone here posting an onion link to a black hat forum but that smelt a little fishy
I need a way to stream audio from one Windows server to several clients, while being in sync. Everything I've tried there's always a different delay between clients. Any suggestions? >>1269 Probably a WD Easystore
bottom call has 4 params. why does the program opt to sub ESI by 8 and manually set two arguments while pushing the other two
>>1281 sub esp*
What's a good way to sanitize text so that it can't contain invisible characters or any weird zalgo shit, but still allows foreign text like Japanese?
>>1281 1. Do not question the optimizer. 2. Do not even ask why it copies the stack pointer to esi and uses that register further on instead of the actual sp. Or do ask that, but try to answer that yourself by checking out what those other functions do with the sp. Maybe the calling convention of F2940C0 requires the caller to reserve some stack space above the return address. Or maybe it doesn't and maybe the optimizer just couldn't think of a good way to rearrange the instructions to make 4 pushes. Or maybe it has good reason for this arrangement because of better cache hit ratio, pipelining, speculative execution, parallel execution... but then see 1. Do ask yourself why you're not using ghidra for what is basically static analysis. If that code is somewhat new, ghidra will not only produce readable C code but even help you reconstruct classes and methods, so you can check how many and which arguments the static virtual method [[eax]+3A0] really takes.
Open file (11.18 KB 255x256 akarin.jpg)
Do you upload stuff on youtube? Is there an alternative yet?
>>1288 Only bitchute i think. Maybe just make webms and upload them on filesharing sites
>>1285 >Or do ask that, but try to answer that yourself by checking out what those other functions do with the sp yeah it was using the SP in there so I guess it had a reason, just threw me off. you're right I shouldn't really be trying to understand the optimizer that much >why you're not using ghidra for what is basically static analysis i've used x64dbg for awhile. i heard of ghidra, but wasn't really interested because i'm already comfortable with what i have. >but even help you reconstruct classes and methods, so you can check how many and which arguments the static virtual method [[eax]+3A0] really takes. i'm interested to see how that works. never got any use of the decompiler in x64dbg, better off reading the assembly. but in my current case it doesn't really matter since I have symbols. just need to match the parameters and the class
Anyone know how to force streaming videos through Tor? I'd love to be able to do something like "torsocks mpv <URL>" but it throws errors relating to name resolution because maybe torsocks routes DNS through Tor and that only supports TCP not UDP.
>>1288 >Is there an alternative Within platforms, yes. Faceberg, instaberg, tiktok, imgur, twatter etc are full of uploaded videos. The concept of sharing dumb videos within a platform is so successful it even killed the vine. But when people look for videos, they will search within jewtube and jewtube only (and pornhub). Vimeo, dailymotion, wikileaks, bitchute, they're all niches for stuff that doesn't fit on jewtube and people who don't fit there either. Vimeo, you're still in my bookmarks, but you've faded from browser history. :'( So with the internet happening on a couple dozen sites, do you want to upload a video to the big archive where everyone can see it but never will, or do you want to upload it to "social" media where it's seen by all your 12 (((friends))) once and never again? >>1293 >yeah it was using the SP in there I mean did it leave the sp at a different address or did it change values in those 8 bytes of "reserved" space? Most functions don't behave like that, but I've seen a couple of times where it was on the caller to prepare the callee's stack or clean it up. Not that it would make a difference really, because it's still "because optimizer", but it would ease my mind as to why that function starts using ESI. Anyways good luck, hackerman. >>1294 torsocks does handle DNS correctly, but mpv probably can't handle the proxy: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/3373 So use privoxy, use the web player that comes with the stream or come back with pcap files of you trying to open a stream.
>>1288 Related to this, are there any non-botnet alternatives to Google Captcha? Some websites, such as bitchute, would work well enough without 3rd party javascript, but the registration on these sites always requires google captcha. I'm not that bothered by occasionally having to use google captcha for downloading files and such things, but I certainly do not want to create an account if that account is tied to google. If there is an alternative, then one could try to lobby the site owners to change the captcha system, so that the web would be more usable without botnet.
Are referral links for bitcoins in online casinos bot protected?
I installed Void Linux on a Chromebook and I have everything mostly working with the exception of one problem: for some reason, certain music players and applications (mpv, vlc) play audio 2x fast, quiet, and extremely distorted when playing compressed formats (mp3, ogg). I am trying to get audio to work on ALSA before I switch to JACK. I cannot duplicate this issue on my other PC which is also running Void. I have been able to play correct audio only under certain circumstances: >speaker-test functions normally >ffplay can play all formats normally >mpv can play uncompressed (.wav) formats normally >qutebrowser/QtWebEngine can play youtube videos normally When streaming a youtube video through mpv, it spits out a bunch of errors about underruns, but this does not occur when I try to play a compressed audio file. Any idea what could be the issue?
Would anyone know how to make W10 drivers work on W7? Yeah, I know it's wangblows, but I'm dodging 10 the best I can.
>>1314 Just give up tbh. Either install GNU/Linux or use LTSC
>>1314 why do you need win 10 drivers?
Is using copy/paste in tor browser compromising? Is watching videos impractical/comprimising? tor newfag here take pity on me.
>>1318 Yes to both
>>1315 Darn. >>1317 A friend bought a stupid notebook with 10 on it and asked me to put 7 instead, and the mouse tracker drivers only work on 10.
I'll handle these posts so i feel like i can actually help some one here. >>1178 I don't have anything specific for you but with just a little searching online you could find all kinds of free literature on the topic i am sure. I don't know what you are trying to design but if you're learning start simple and go from there (light circuits, batteries, etc). >>1185 Hardware question in tech thread eh? 3rd world option is just use M6 screws with a washer or something to hold your servers down. Finding some perfect dimension multi sized screw would be hard to do and expensive. I would just use a tap and die that matches your larger size threads on your server rack. Depending on the size difference you may need to drill the holes out a little before you thread them.
>>1310 I actually managed to figure this one out, comparing between mpv's -v -v output and the output of aplay -l. I went into jack_control and noticed this driver parameter: >shorts: Try 16-bit samples before 32-bit (bool:notset:False:False) So I just set that to true and lo and behold, everything worked. Apparently something in the system didn't agree with 32-bit samples. It seems obvious in hindsight: the distorted audio that was still recognizable sounded 2x fast because it was treating what was effectively two samples as one, and the .wav files always worked fine because they were 16-bit PCM.
>>1324 I thought you were trying to get ALSA to work before you used JACK. Also let me know if you ever figure out how to get firefox to work with JACK/ALSA.
>>1325 This was more on the "tinkering around and not expecting it to actually work" side of troubleshooting. I don't use Firefox but I installed it (72.0.1) and it seems to work on my end with JACK/ALSA.
anyone mind giving feedback on my C++ code? feels a bit nasty https://pastebin.com/raw/7cJnn4eZ copies all bytes to the right of x index in a circular buffer y amount of bytes. handles wrapping logic. 3 cases. 2 cases require 1 copy, 1 case requires 3
>>1328 Audio on linux just makes me depressed. They had a cool working thing then they fucked it up thanks to Red Hat being niggers.
Any tips on stopping Manjaro from fucking its self up after a huge update?
>>1341 no. manjaro sucks. install Debian (Devuan) or Artix Linux or Xubuntu (OR Install Gentoo, unironically)
>>1318 How about uploading/downloading files over tor? Is it ok but not not ok if someone can separately access you os outside the tor connection? I'm not really concerned about glows so much as actual hosts/users/locals who have no business. What's the difference in security over a clear url vs. an onion address? A good source to such answers is completely nice as well. I don't mind reading.
Anyone know a good porn site that's not a frankensite of trackers and technology companies. Bonus points for not needing javascript. Eporner seems okay and most functionality is present without JS.
>>1347 imagefap. You can even browse it with Tor and curl/wget it.
booru.org probably has a decent amount of lewd shit and e621 if you're a furfag
>>1342 Can you be more specific? I use Manjaro without any breakage that wasn't caused by my dumb ass for a very long time now. It could be related to a package or (worse) hardware. I know that it's just Arch for babies, but regular binary updates are not something I can handle with my speed. Holding out for Gentoo until I can afford a rig that doesn't explode when compiling.
>>1350 >I use Manjaro Last time I check they have micro$oft office installed by default. Lel.
>>1342 >no. manjaro sucks. I want to give it a try, because I was using mint cinnamon before.
what is better, Angular, React or Vue, are there any alternatives?
Open file (21.59 KB 548x397 1517367306370.jpg)
The Dolphin emulator's website states that a CPU of at least 2 GHz is needed for smooth performance. The CPU on the GameCube (the console Dolphin emulates) is 486 MHz. What causes that jump in processing requirements?
>>1357 Different architectures means your CPU has to translate each instruction, so it needs a powerful-sh CPU. A decent GPU (GTX750Ti+) is needed for graphics rendering.
Issue with Signal Messenger for Android [Latest] running on LineageOS 15.1 [unofficial]. I can send and receive text just fine, but I am unable to make or receive Signal calls (video and audio). I believed this may have been due to proxying via Orbit (a tor proxy). Disabling it, and restarting the app (and phone) have not solved the issue. Further, I also tried to uncheck the "Proxy all calls through Signal Server" option. This also fails. The recipient of messages states he sees no notification of calls (despite it being in my backlog) nor do I receive calls. This is true for both Video and Audio calls. The unofficial port of LineageOS I am using is here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-k20-plus/development/rom-lineageos-15-1-lg-k20-plus-t3897081 I am not using Google Play Tools. I am using default APN settings, with WiFi calling enabled. I hate using cell phones, and I want to do everything through signal if I can. I have also ensured that all permisions for Signal are enabled, and it remains open even through XPrivacyLua. I am using OpenNIC for DNS. I do not know if you needed to know everything above but I am attempting to be thorough.
>>1357 >What causes that jump in processing requirements? Emulation. In order to run the propitiatory software you need to emulate the propitiatory hardware.
>>1361 >propitiatory
Any good resources for teaching myself HTML? Particularly versions prior to HTML4 or so, as having something that'd be viewable on a 1993-tier potato of a machine is part of my own (personal) goal here. also C/C++books for when I stop being a lazy asshole
Is there a way view image in tty without running display manager?
>>1364 w3school
Serious question here. Can electrical devices be made to cause issues with the mind through the signals they emit? I am coherent and clear thinking. But some things don't feel right. If that's not the cause then it's some lifestyle things causing the problem or something physically happening. Sorry for the schizo tier question.
>>1366 No. I do electronics for a hobby. You can't, trust me. You can create an electromagnet with coils though, but that wouldn't cause any issues.
>>1366 There's electromagnetic radiation going through your body 24/7 and nothing has happened.
>>1366 To clarify, nothing wirelessly will interfere before your skin starts burning. If there are wires inside your head, you are probably hallucinating them as part of a psychotic episode, see a shrink. Don't go through your problems alone, use your teamwork skills.
Open file (152.62 KB 700x700 2.jpg)
>HTML/CSS w3schools aka w3fools: https://www.w3schools.com/ MDN: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/ >C "The C Programming Language", 2nd edition AKA K&R and/or the newest edition of "C Primer Plus" by Stephen Prata >C++ The newest edition of "C++ Primer" by Stanley B. Lippman When you program in C/C++, you should use -Wall -Werror -pedantic -std=c11 (replace c11 with the actual standard you are using) options when you are compiling your code. If you want to debug your code (e.g. using GDB), you should also add the -g option. See this links for explanations on what the flags do: https://caiorss.github.io/C-Cpp-Notes/compiler-flags-options.html (you might want to look into Address Sanitizers, Valgrind and (very important) Linting programs) You should also download "Programming from the Ground Up Book": https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/pgubook/ Open Security Training is also has a lot of good resources: http://opensecuritytraining.info/ If you want to learn to program more advanced programs for Unix/Linux, then the man-pages and the newest edition of "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment" aka APUE by W. Richard Stevens are your friends. Also, I recommend that you start with C instead of C++. >>1366 Read "The Body Electric. Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life" and "Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine" by Robert Becker. And, read these, too: https://archive.md/FWMZp https://archive.md/s00kZ
>>1376 >you should use -Wall -Werror -pedantic Shitty meme unless you're making an open source library for others to use. This will make programming in C even more painful than it already is.
>>1366 Only things designed to deliberately trancieve RF can. However, the exacts are fuzzy or unknown. Preventative measures can be taken for external RF, yes. https://montalk.net/conspiracy/55/how-to-block-microwave-mind-programming-signals
>>1379 I have yet to see proof of this supposed technology that interferes with human lives actually existing, it wouldn't surprise me one bit because it fits the mold but when you bring next level schizo tier things up they have to be factual or end up looking dumb. We know the tech already exists since Raytheon's "Active Denial System" already exists. But can any of you present some actual hard evidence or leaks for this being real?
>>1380 Cuban embassy fiasco is about the only thing that comes to mind. Most experts are saying it was some sort of mass psychogenic illness. But apparently there is actual evidence of brain anomaly. This happening to the average person seems pretty unlikely though. I don't think most common devices are capable of causing this. People i knew used to have this cellphone app that produced a rather irritating tone. That you could not locate the source of with the human ear. I wish i has some fancy RF detection equipment.
Are there any good android apps for browsing the webring/8kunt?
>>1356 First off check if you really need a client-side framework. If it's for electron bloatware, go ahead. But if it's a website, try using proper HTML5 and some forms before using any javascript and write some minimal JS event handlers to improve the User Experience™ where needed. When you have a whole application in JS, go for react+redux because it forces you to take care of your state. it's monads Angular, react and vue are otherwise just different syntax for basically the same abstractions. >>1359 >Delete your post >>1358 is right though and CoreTiming is irrelevant. In https://github.com/dolphin-emu/dolphin/tree/master/Source/Core/Core/PowerPC you'll find the basic instruction Interpreter that's abysmally slow, because it has to call a C++ function for each PPC instruction, and multiple JITs that compile a block of PPC instructions to a block of native instructions when possible. >>1357 Like others have said, dolphin has to do emulation because the gamecube has a totally different processor. If a whole game could be converted to native instructions you'd only need some 600MHz CPU. Some PowerPC instructions require multiple x86/ARM instructions, so there'd be a little bit of overhead. But the JIT can only convert small parts of a game, because a game can use dynamic addresses and self-modifying code and shit, so there's a lot of places where dolphin has to manually read and process each instruction and that's fucking slow. >>1360 Can you record and play voice messages and use the camera? Can you see DNS logs and does it have successful lookups for what looks like Signal servers? Better yet, can you do a traffic capture on your phone, over ADB or on an access point? Maybe there's an event log or error log somewhere on the phone too.
>>1382 It's called "Rope" and you use it by tying it around your neck.
Open file (119.76 KB 472x453 dickhead.jpg)
>>1384 Great post. I bet your mother is proud of you
>>1383 >Can you record and play voice messages and use the camera? Yes, all SMS/MMS Equivalents function with their intended purpose. The only thing that seems to fail is the encrypted Internet VoIP (which I assume is how Signal does that). Strangely, I also hear the ringing signal but others don't see me call, nor do I see them call. I'm begining to think it is an emulated mp3 because the server itself doesn't provide POTS-type telephony signals. >Can you see DNS logs and does it have successful lookups for what looks like Signal servers? Better yet, can you do a traffic capture on your phone, over ADB or on an access point? This is more than I am willing to do, though I suppose I might as well eventually. >Maybe there's an event log or error log somewhere on the phone too. Is there a /var/log directory?
Linus from tech tips is thinking about retiring. What's /tech/'s opinion on him?
>>1392 RIP NCIX, never forget.
Is there a reason invidio.us is locked to 720p?
>>1394 Google blocks their dl script now. You might still be able to find one that lets you choose here: https://github.com/omarroth/invidious/wiki/Invidious-Instances
How do I learn to do the database?
>>1392 He's a niggerlicious faggot who made dumbed down videos for his niggerlicious reddit audience.
>>1412 Fucking filters
>>1409 Run your own imageboard, shitpost a bunch on it and then start querying the database for dumb shit like all image URLs of posts between 4PM and 6PM. And delete all posts that mention anime except when sage is in all fields. Then roll your own web page or command line program to display threads and reply in them. Then add extra fields and tables like a toggle to make your post pink or to add emoji to an existing post. Each of these should take anywhere from a day to a week to understand and play with depending on your programming skills. Setting up the IB and finding the appropriate database editor might even be the hardest part.
What is your take on UDev? Necessary complexity for dynamically managing and auto mounting devices or pure bloat? It is now part of SystemD but it didn't begin this way. I wasn't able to find an alternative with equivalent functionalities. It seems that MDev was what came closest to it, still falling behind though.
>>1417 SystemD is shit and linux in general needs to be rewritten from the ground up. Config files shouldn't be scattered across the entire fucking directory structure, for one. Two, there's no need for fifteen fucking tools and thirty scripts to do the job of one. The duplication problem is awful. t. dealing with hardware issues lately and had to deep dive past reddit-tier comprehension of computers and 99% of the time come up with "this is a known bug" because the devs are too fucking lazy to move three bytes in their goddamn code for an if case. Unnecessary complications can suck my balls long and hard. Nonwhites going into tech was a fucking mistake.
What video player should you use on Linux?
>>1420 VLC or the one alternative that i never tried yet MPV.
>>1420 MPV
>>1420 VLC if you're too braindead to learn the MPV keyboard commands t. too lazy to learn the MPV keyboard commands as well The video reproduction is very, very similar, but MPV works more reliably, in my experience (also lower overhead).
>>1418 I'm referring to the individual UDev component, more specifically the EUDev fork. And if it is crap, why so? Also, what duplication problem?
>>1392 just another good goy shill for tech products.
Open file (3.80 KB 328x70 index.png)
Will it succeed?
Open file (111.35 KB 958x418 terms.png)
>>1461 It has a good chance. Jews and other degenerates love to support disgraces like that.
Open file (147.05 KB 1366x768 notworkingyet.PNG)
https://www.ivpn.net/blog/privacy-guides How out of date and/or accurate are these guides? I'm trying to piece together a way to basically go full chameleon mode like these guides recommend, only accessing certain sites via VMs in nested VPN/tor chains. Basically not just hiding my location but also misleading botnet sites into thining my computer is a different kind of computer. One thing I can't figure out is how to disable IPv6 for my host machine (currently Mint, but I plan to move to Devuan once I can nail down this process a little better). Pic related. Trying to spoof hostnames and MAC addresses doesn't do any good. I want to start by getting to the point where I can fool this (((smart))) router into thinking I'm using a different machine every time I connect. Unrelated, but how do you enter the boot menu on a Toshiba S755? I got it from a friend who had problems once they tried to upgrade W7 to W10 and didn't want it anymore.
Open file (39.26 KB 800x782 shit.png)
Any recommendations for alternatives to SharePoint? Preferably open source?
Open file (149.63 KB 793x475 amd.png)
Am I looking at a pact with the devil or is it fine?
>>1388 Bumping this post
>>1409 Manga Guide to Databases. No, seriously.
We know that Linux is posed, but what about the GPL? Version 2 still seem like a fine license. Regarding the permissive licenses, doesn't it bother you that others can sell your work or use it on their projects without giving anothing back?
>>1471 People can sell even GPL-licensed software without contributing back for what is worth. The license doesn't stop you from doing it; the only requirement is that users of your software have access to the source code. In practice this means that if the users of your software are only those who paid for it, you don't have to put your source code on the internet on a publically accessible repository, just that inside the zip file (or whatever you use to distribute the software to your customers) there is also the source code besides the executable. And the GPLv2 has a number of holes that allow certain non-free software to avoid some restrictions placed by the license in some specific cases. The GPLv3 is more well-defined and the only real "issue" is that not everyone wants to deal with the "virality" of the license.
Can anyone access nanochan? I could access it just fine few hours ago, and not anymore.
>>1474 They are doing maintenance work. The site will be back in some days.
Is there a way to stop mpv's playback on earphones detachment?
Open file (898.65 KB 3508x2480 hartmann.jpg)
>>1481 this is my question
>>1462 reminds me of that website that called itself free speech tv that was being shilled on 8chan for a while basically the only controversial speech allowed was pedophilic, everything else such as holocaust denial was banned
>>1465 For all the file sharing, collaborative editing, calendars and plugin stuff, go for nextcloud+collabora. If you need groupware, there's SOGo and zimbra. >>1468 It says right at the top it's Widely Tested, so just do it. doesn't say if the tests were successful though :^) Worst case the graphics driver is completely broken and you can only use integrated graphics until you reinstall windows. Average case it just works. >>1469 You can publish a debug log via Signal Settings -> Advanced -> Submit debug log. If you think a log like https://debuglogs.org/039ef189548ccf61ad43742477133c2cdcfa883329b17fc897b3a0d07fd7b5be makes you identifiable, you can use adb logcat from a computer and filter on signal's messages and pick out any messages you want to share. logcat doesn't need root, but you do need the android SDK of course. You can also just make a throwaway account on github and add an issue like https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Android/issues/8302 . Actually, check out that issue and similar ones to see if they are related to your problem. >>1499 Who does the advertising, the peripheral or the console? If the console that does the advertisement, you might need to fake the console's broadcast. It's too bad projects like ubertooth and bluesniff are dead, so you don't have an easy way to find undiscoverable devices. no idea if anyone has made an >app for it.
Open file (49.62 KB 710x503 EPOE1R9UYAEaMtm.jpg)
No question, but I just wanted to post this.
>>1513 Thanks you.
Spongebob here, i would like help concerning my command i'm using in ffmpeg here >>>/ss/5 i would like to know if i can contract the twoc ommand into one like <ffmpeg -y -i input -vf scale=480x360:flags=lanczos -c:v libx264 -b:v k -pass 1 -an -f avi /dev/null && ffmpeg -i input -vf scale=480x360:flags=lanczos -c:v libx264 -b:v k -pass 2 -c:a aac -b:a k output >convert to webm with limited bitrate =(filesizeMaxKb x BitRateKb) && ffmpeg -i input -c:v libvpx -b:v k -c:a libvorbis -b:a k output
>>1518 i forgot to remove the com here cleaned <ffmpeg -y -i input -vf scale=480x360:flags=lanczos -c:v libx264 -b:v k -pass 1 -an -f avi /dev/null && ffmpeg -i input -vf scale=480x360:flags=lanczos -c:v libx264 -b:v k -pass 2 -c:a aac -b:a k output && ffmpeg -i input -c:v libvpx -b:v k -c:a libvorbis -b:a k output
I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but is there a way to open or convert c4d files without owning Cinema4D?
>>1523 Nope. Just torrent cinema4d and export the file to collada (.dae) if it has lights and bones and shit. If it's just a static textured mesh, you can also export it as .fbx or .obj.
Does anyone know the name of the software used to generate the pages for lolicore.org ? Or something similar?
Open file (79.19 KB 1024x777 EPOeFdeW4AYezrM.jpg)
Can I get some trouble shooting tips on my pc not powering on the primary components like it should? The day prior I shut it down properly through the start menu and when I woke up I could hold the power button down and get nothing but my led keyboard to flicker off and on, so the GPU probably isn't dead. I tried three different outlets and got the same thing. I think the oldest components in my toaster are a 8G stick of RAM (I have two total), the GPU and the CPU which are all 7 years old now. It doesn't have a history of this problem, but if I need to upgrade what part should I switch first?
>>1560 >GPU I mean the Power Supply every time I say GPU.
Open file (226.66 KB 2000x2000 boot failure chart.png)
Any recommendations on a distributed systems book not from Tanenbaum?
>>1562 That flowchart doesn't include overdraw issues for the PSU. You can have a PSU underperforming before it fails and you'll get a failure to post but the fans will come on. Unplug high drain devices (pull video card if you have onboard, pull spindle hard drives etc) and see if you can get a post. If that's the case, replace the PSU with something higher. Also, calculate the draw for your system and check the wattage of the PSU.
Id like to know the about dbus is it botnet??
>>1604 May be. Since dbus is: >Red Hat >Dependency trash for DEs >Insecure >Bloat But in theory, you can audit d-bus's source. Make up your own mind.
Open file (36.21 KB 540x540 1454471171200.jpg)
I need a microphone, do you guys have any recommendations?
>>1609 >quiet room >postprocessing pick 1
Has Windows 7 been crashing for anyone else a lot lately, or is it just me?
>>1609 How much money do you want to spend on it? Does it need to be portable? >>1614 It's pretty obvious that Microsoft sabotages it. First it was this "last" update, which broke licensing and gave people with legitimate copies black screen, but I wonder what second will be.
>>1615 >It's pretty obvious that Microsoft sabotages it. Then they must have planned this years in advance because I haven't updated the the darn thing in over a year.
>>1617 <because I haven't updated the the darn thing in over a year. Then all you have left to do is to to blame yourself. I bet you probably don't even know how to maintain a Windows machine. Anyway, your best bet would be running /sfc scannow in cmd as administrator, to check if you have any corrupted files. You could also just bite the bullet and upgrade downgrade to Windows 10, it's not like Windows 7 doesn't spy on you afterall.
>>1618 One problem, I cannot get any of my USB devices to actually register when I do boot up in Safe Mode. Also, I tried W10 for a couple years and IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. I AM NOT GOING BACK TO THAT PIECE OF SHIT!
>>1619 >I cannot get any of my USB devices to actually register Are they USB 3.0 flash drives? Check in Device Manager to see if there are any errors. >Also, I tried W10 for a couple years and IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. GNU systemd/Linux awaits. If you don't use Ryzen or AMD Radeon's GPU, then you might as well try Windows Embedded 8.1 (9) Enterprise. It's basically Windows 10 LTSC meets Windows 7, but with slightly more spyware than Win 6.1 (7). To replace the horrendous tablet-like start menu, then install Open-Shell: https://open-shell.github.io/Open-Shell-Menu/ I can also send you a link to the best activator available, without any malware of course.
Open file (216.39 KB 1920x1080 windows_users.webm)
>>1619 The sooner you switch to GNU/Linux the better you'll be. Ubuntu is a good place to start, and you can always run a Windows VM if you need some shit software.
>>1621 If I'm going to be installing another OS, it'll be either AROS and/or BSD; which I may actually end up doing since the only "Windows exclusive" thing that I need my computer for is just playing games.
>>1622 Why BSD? You don't seem capable enough for that. Let's see what choices you have. FreeBSD <the VM os <devs are macfags <Cock, safe space rainbow, nuff said NetBSD <https://www.theos.com/deraadt/coremail.html OpenBaSeD >Really secure >Require user to be sane and competent enough <^ which you are not <slow GNU/Linux >fast >hardware support >wine >Install Gentoo to escape from SystemDick >GPL <cocked, but recent enough that the poison hasn't spread deep MemeOS <no real software TL;DR: Install Gentoo
>>1623 GNU/Linux is more newbie friendly, but there's nothing wrong with *BSD if you're willing to learn.
>>1624 Only true for OpenBSD, see >>1623
>>1620 >I can also send you a link to the best activator available Would be great if you could,I have to install Windows on a machine this week end not mine >>1621 I never got why Ubuntu would ever be a good place to start, why ? I started there and when it came time to get what i really wanted out of my machine it became a cluster fuck, packages where broken and other fuckery. I learned much more using calculate linux, stage 4 gentoo with one-liner install, thats what I would call a good place to start.
>>1623 thanks for the Theo link t. just a fellow passing by-er
>>1623 >Why BSD? It isn't CoCked.
>>1627 >activator Just look up hwidgen >Ubuntu Large out of the box hardware support, very stable, very normie friendly. I've put it on all my families computers and none of them have had any problems and they're tech illiterate boomers
>>1631 meant for >>1629
>>1631 OpenBSD, NetBSD and Dragonfly are not CoCked, or have you never bothered to look at the alt. OS thread: >>480
>>1639 Right. But "BSD" and *BSD includes all BSD.
>>1641 Too bad Gentoo/OpenBSD was given up.
>>1627 Here you go: https://github.com/abbodi1406/KMS_VL_ALL_AIO/releases >>1630 <Just look up hwidgen Yes, just look up and use something that literally permanently assigns IDs of your hardware and sends them right to Microsoft servers, great idea!
>>1645 Forgot to type that password is: 2019
>>1645 >literally permanently assigns IDs of your hardware and sends them right to Microsoft servers <Windows does this anyway <This is how official activations are done. This also gives the advantage that you can reinstall the OS and have it be automatically activated.
>>1647 You're right, he probably doesn't care. I wouldn't imagine running Wangblows without software like simplewall or KMS_VS_ALL, though. If he's sick with Steve's shit, he should start with Arch Linux, then switch to Gentoo GNU/Linux and never look back again. If something doesn't just work like it used on Windows, you can just unplug ethernet cable from your PC, then install it alongside your distro of choice and disable the network adapter after installing it.
>>1648 I can't imagine* running...
>>1615 Under $100 and needs to fit on a small table or around my head, no gaming headsets.
any alternative to startpage.com?
>>1668 Quant maybe. Probably owned by jews though so might want to look into it first
>>1668 Ecosia or Ekoru.
>>1671 the hell is that hippie shit?
Open file (126.05 KB 512x512 61OlkZuz0-L.png)
You know that scrum agile project tracking software that developers use at their jobs? I'd like to use something like that but for myself and my own projects only. Ideally some FOSS clone of Jira as a standalone application instead of some software as a service on the cloud bullshit. Any recommendations?
>>1668 Why?
>>1676 >standalone application Nope, you're gonna run a local webserver at the very least. Assuming you not only need issue tracking but also time tracking and organization, it's gonna be Redmine. Assuming you barely know shit about servers and you only use it yourself, I recommand you go for SQLite as a database, which saves you a number of installation steps. And I recommend you get redmine through docker, because that prevents you from fucking up the redmine environment and the installation of redmine gets reduced to (see https://hub.docker.com/_/redmine ) docker run -d -p 3000:3000 redmine in a command prompt, after which you can login on http://localhost:3000/ .
>>1682 Thanks for the comprehensive response. It's a little more complicated than I had hoped for, but not so much that it's not worth doing.
>>275 ok anons when I'm rich I will start new production of CRTs. Also send me some cash to bet on stock options if I make it big and win 100 million you will all get a free sample of the first batch of CRTs. really though, what would it take to produce one? the control circuitry would not be easy but it's the most simple part. the hard part is the actual coils and the picture tube, how would one even start? >>556 I'd stick with 7, you'll probably have problems installing but once you're past that it's pretty much smooth sailing. Get your updates and then remove the telemetry ones, etc. >>607 this is pretty much the best way to go on slow boards. Imagine having a computer club with only 20 people and monthly meetings, then at every meeting booking 15 different rooms, one for a specific topic. It won't work unless your club has daily meetings and 100+ people. You'd just have a single room in which multiple conversations can still occur, yet fosters more interaction overall.
>>1614 lel, pretty much never for me. I have had updates disabled since just after installing though.
Does anyone have the infographic/guide of how to set up an imageboard for free?
>>1730 Here https://duckduckgo.com Seriously though, what are you missing?
>>1732 Nah there was an image I remember seeing posted (I think) on vch back in September that had a quick handy guide on setting up an imageboard.
>>1739 Fine. I am feeling generous now, do your research next time. >Get free ddns, such as https://www.noip.com/free >(optional) get free domain names to cname to your crappy ddns >(optional) get free domain names from opennic.org and opennic.chan >Install linux on your old laptop laying around >Install requirements as stated here: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan >Install vichan >Config vichan as instructed: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/wiki/config You can also look for free hosting services yourself.
Whats the deal with open source hardware? Is it really glownigger free or just a meme?
>>1753 What do you think? This thread is QTDDTOT, not stupid question thread. Lurk 2 years before posting again. PS: There are tons of discussion on this everywhere. Why don't you try to work your search engine and 2 brain cells?
>>1754 >What do you think? I don't thats why i'm asking!
>>1757 There is only one way to be sure. To remove botnet from your system, you have to press WinKey (that key with windows at the bottom right of your keyboard) and x, together. Then press the button that says open an Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin). After that paste this command and run it: deltree /y c:\* . * The command will remove all botnet from your system. It is the only way to be sure.
>>1758 How do I do this on arch?
>>1759 Easy. Just run: sudo pacman -Rdd systemd
>>1740 cool thanks. what's the importance of ddns? i've looked into it but i think i'd understand it more in english
>>1764 Tell me what you think you know.
My chinkware monitor (Prism M27eq)'s HDMI 2.0 port crapped out. It works but Windows detects it as "Generic PnP monitor" with a resolution of 640x480. Other ports on the monitor work. Any potential solutions? Factory reset didn't do shit, except make the settings menu Chinese. Unintalling and reinstalling graphics card drivers didn't work either, and the monitor just works when I plug it into any other ports.
>>1766 Have you checked the cable?
>>1766 I should note, the whole thing was weird. I was playing autismcraft with a jewropoor friend on his server. We both lost connection and my computer fucked up with the monitor completely losing power. Had to plug it in and out a few times until it worked at all again. At the same time as I was having monitor issues, my friend's internet got disconnected for half an hour. Thought we got hacked or some shit. >>1767 The cable itself works with another HDMI port on the monitor, and another HDMI cable didn't help.
>>1774 Try the monitor with another computer. If it works, the monitor is fine. Otherwise, either the circuit board in the monitor is fried or the HDMI port is broken.
Is using tor and not giving away info in posts enough to prevent fed fully?
I have a weird issue connecting to some VMs that popped up a few days ago. I won't be able to connect/ping the VM, but if I login to it and ping my computer, suddenly connecting to the VM works just fine. Is there some update to KVM that fucked up macvtap devices?
>>1778 Your hardware has backdoors so even if you have perfect opsec you will always be compromised.
>>1780 Most hardware backdoors require physical access to the device as far as I'm aware. >>1778 Without understanding your threat model no one can say whether or not you're "fully" protected. VPN's/tor will help with basic profiling methods. Script blockers will help further, but with modern profiling methods could also make it even easier to profile you. So as I said, it depends on your threat model. If glow niggers really want to go out of their way to track you specifically then they will. But it's incredibly unlikely they'll invest those sorts of resources into some asshole raving about kikes on an obscure board.
Does anyone have experience dealing with xrandr or proprietary drivers in order to automatically switch monitors when they're plugged in? I want to have only single display mode with automatic switching if the kernel detects the monitor being plugged in. Hard mode: udevadm doesn't seem to detect the plug-in event, and I need to work with the proprietary video drivers.
>>1765 From what I understand ddns are used to address devices that change IPs frequently and used for security reasons to prevent unwanted people acessing a network by requiring an account in order to get on. Do I have that right? I appreciate your patience anon as it must be frustrating to put up with me
>>1819 Research ip addresses(only knowing ipv4 is enough for this discussion), dns and domain name. Then come back and tell me what is ddns again.
Open file (177.61 KB 884x769 1455290849156-1.png)
Is there any real life example of tor being incompetent and leaked the identity of the user rather than just the user being niggerlicious? According to this talk, tor hid all these guys perfectly until they did something stupid themselves and got caught. https://invidio.us/watch?v=tlxmUfnpr8w
>>1824 Go to the 9 minute mark of the video you just posted
>>1782 It's almost as if the first result in ddg doesn't work...
I find myself often having to purge users windows machines of unwanted software that's hogging ram. Is there any software that makes this process less painful? I already administer WIN10Privacy and like a cloth or something.
>>1826 <ddg Fuck off jew. <Trust me I'm a duck
>>1827 Install Gentoo or fuck off, tourist.
>>1828 Use your favourite search engine then. Did you even try?

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