JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2 [Reply] [Last]

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

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Open file (162.63 KB 800x600 564699587150.png)
>>60775 Don't forget that the firstfag escaped endless 8. Everyone else's brains done broke due to either the bewitching goddess or the bassist's seethe, while he alone maintained the true essence of anon. That was the true point of divergence by the will of Steins Gate.
>>60741 >>60743 So I just finished listening to the audio. Okay so hes a lefty, >we know that now for sure if >we didnt already, there is no doubt in anyone's mind. >"I'm under no illusions that the people that actually watch my cocks, lock themselves inside are NEETS. Are fucking bottom-of-the-barrel degenerates, half of them." i don't think this is that big of a gotcha is it? he doesn't care about $ so it doesn't really matter if his fanboys suddenly hate him. I'm just not sure I understand the angle some of you are going for, its like you are pushing the sacred /cow/ thing but not really giving anything very funny, just writing a lot Also as if his "betrayal" of his audience should somehow upset /cow/. Godwinson likes all zcelebs courts /cow/, its not the other way around. Find me a pic of his gf with classic bong teeth, discover hes secretly a bumboy escort for the british aristocracy. Just reeks of PA.
Open file (87.42 KB 639x752 dispatch.png)
>>60735 even dispatch is shitting on jewsh
Open file (1.81 MB 636x360 cripplethrow.webm)
>all these zcelebs people coming out of the woodwork to support the cripple just to get a one-up on jewsh; when all the chimps behind 8chimp were nigh equally as bad as each other
Open file (2.01 MB 1268x708 ralph_homo_rogues.webm)
Isn't the cripple in the homo rogues gallery too though?

Open file (49.68 KB 612x612 Fine.jpeg)
Lupo Lucio 02/11/2020 (Tue) 16:20:11 ID: 2d7ed4 No.2449 [Reply] [Last]
Filone sulla fine economica dell'Italia, niente bi brusco. Solo un lento spegnersi piano piano.
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Open file (150.51 KB 1024x768 bank run.png) Governo demmerda? Cambiate governo!
>>7037 qualcuno vuole dei croissant?
>>7042 Scusa, io mangio solo cornetti.
>>7043 ho ritenuto che cornetto esprimesse peggio la pessima battuta che ho fatto.
>>7044 Allora non l'ho capita.

Open file (17.25 KB 260x178 johnlargent.jpg) Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 23:31:12 No.2859 [Reply] [Last]
I found an interesting looking site which interviews people asking them what hardware/software they use for their life/work/projects. The actual website has no JS and is ~300KB Which I know isn't the smallest it could be but it is a breath of fresh air in bloated JS-framework monstrosities. There are some interesting people there that, if your interests overlap with mine, you may want to have a look at. Consider the date of the interview because some are 10 years old. Bram Moolenaar This lady who has some godtier taste The Prophet himself Rob Pike Brian Kernighan Daniel Stenberg John Romero Tarn Adams Eric S Raymond Drew DeVault Tom Scott Russ Cox William Gibson Daniel Robbins Aaron Swartz

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>>2860 is behind cuckflare you fucking retard >ATTENTION REQUIRED(R) ONE MORE STEP(TM) BROUGHT TO YOU BY CUCKFLARET(C)
It turns out is really behind Cloudflare. Should have checked with TBB before posting those archives, sorry. And for a moment I felt happy that there is an archival site without 3rd party elements or javascript required to use and view it. Alas, The Wayback Machine needs them to function.
>>2882 >It turns out is really behind Cloudflare. Should have checked with TBB before posting those archives, sorry. And for a moment I felt happy that there is an archival site without 3rd party elements or javascript required to use and view it. Alas, The Wayback Machine needs them to function. You don't need js for the wayback machine. view with<URL> archive with<URL>
>This lady who has some godtier taste You fucking lied to me faggot.
I wish they'd update some of their older interviews.

Open file (126.12 KB 1280x720 1590751097745.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 05/30/2020 (Sat) 13:03:41 ID: dfefec No.6643 [Reply] [Last]
Un filone di memi ilari sulla corsaguerra?
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>>7034 Un classico. Come si tradurrà Dindu Nuffin?
>>7036 Brav uagliù.
>>7036 no fatto nint
Open file (518.84 KB 1742x680 1591355362451.jpg)
Open file (80.94 KB 720x1338 1591355319194.jpg)
>>7040 lo scenario c è un capolavoro.

Open file (19.31 KB 300x450 palmPilot.jpg)
Open file (118.08 KB 800x597 motorolaPager.jpg)
Open file (4.68 KB 96x218 nokiaBricck.jpg)
Open file (19.88 KB 220x363 rioMp3Player.jpg)
Retro /tech/ Fellow Time Traveler 09/21/2019 (Sat) 15:00:45 No.108 [Reply] [Last]
Retro /tech/.

PDAs, pagers, old mobile phones, mp3 players. I miss them. They were so less intrusive to privacy.

It sounds really weird, but I'd love it if I could somehow still have a pager as opposed to a cell phone.
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>>640 >I'm also considering running a very minimal maybe even just a command line version of some linux distro and using win7 virtually Now that would be a dream, but of course a very "unorthodox" reason to use linux lol. If you ever manage to do that consider writing a how-to for simpletons. >7, 8, and 10 just seem like iterative versions that only get shittier You hit the nail right on the head. I would add that 8 & 10 feel like Frankenstein monsters made out of the butchered body parts of 7. For example with 8 they tried to force the metro interface with its incomplete settings "app" on users, but underneath it was the classic explorer and control panel which was still 100% functional. Then with 10 they doubled down on metro and "integrated" it with classic explorer creating a hybrid monstrosity, and removed entire applets from the control panel to force users to use the settings app, which was still incomplete and frequently called the removed classic applets anyway!.. It's a very incoherent experience. >I have my XP laptop (an old T40) actually being very useful and running a 3d print job Surprised to know that XP has 3D printing software, very cool! What are you printing? (if you don't mind me asking) >but for me it's just how the OS works in general that I can't get used to >unfortunately I'm a middle of the road "power user" who knows and is used to, for the most part, how to navigate windows and how it works. Exactly! That's me right there... For example I can use the command line occasionally for specific tasks, but I can't depend on it primarily, especially when it comes to installing software. I like the ease-of-use of installers, and how they're "portable" because they come with all dependencies bundled-in. But I also like having self-contained conf files and a clean registry. I can take a setup EXE and run it on a disconnected fresh installation of Windows and get a 100% functional program, but AFAIK linux doesn't do it that way. Maybe it can, but I really can't tell. Another thing that comes to mind is how directories work in linux, and which / folder to use for what, and which / folder to put on a different partition because apparently that's a thing.
>>640 >how so? I'm looking into these new AMD processors and you can kind of do some tricks to install 7. If I remember right, it was a USB-port-related problem. My computer has nothing but USB 3.0 ports, and the Windows 7 installer didn't seem to recognize anything. >If I were a granny who just clicks on a browser to browse faceberg I'd have no problem, unfortunately I'm a middle of the road "power user" who knows and is used to, for the most part, how to navigate windows and how it works. so that's my main thing with linux and why I can't use it, even if it is Mint. You hit the nail on the head there. Linux is fine for both casual users and hardcore autists, but if you fall between those extremes and have specific needs then you're out of luck. I can't stand the superiority complex that so many neckbeards seem to have about using Linux. It's neat and all, but it's also going to feel counterintuitive for middle-of-the-road computer users, and Linux zealots like to hand-wave away criticisms from those filthy Windows-using subhumans while wondering why desktop Linux hasn't caught on yet. >as far as music programs I have always used Winamp on Windows, and when I'm using linux I just use "qmmp" which works with my favorite winamp skins. I stick to foobar2000 for all its customization options. I keep a bunch of playlist tabs open all the time and drop the music I want to listen to into one of them according to vague personal categories rather than having a single massive playlist to scroll through. One of the tabs has well over a thousand track, and I have some of them saved so I can just load them right up when the time comes to reinstall my operating system. There are somewhat similar programs on Linux, but the music libraries had to load every time I opened up the program. That took forever given how huge my music collection is. There's foobnix, but I hazily recall running into a few problems with that one. The fact that it didn't recognize foobar2000 playlists might have been one of them. >oh. I doubt stuff for making music is available much on linux. or if it is it's probably dogshit. At least that's how it is with CAD programs. the only competent ones are on Windows. There's LMMS, but it's not exactly a fully featured alternative to something like FL Studio. You can't even just plug in a guitar and start playing either, even if you want to waste time screwing around with JACK. I think I had might have had FL Studio 11 (the version I stick to) working through PlayOnLinux years, but it's going to have shortcomings if it wasn't made to run natively through Linux. >>642 >Another thing that comes to mind is how directories work in linux, and which / folder to use for what, and which / folder to put on a different partition because apparently that's a thing. Yup. I'm sure for computer wizards it has its advantages, but the directory system is a confusing mess for the average person.
>>642 >Surprised to know that XP has 3D printing software, very cool! What are you printing? (if you don't mind me asking) I have a cheap chinese crappy printer and I managed to find a printer host that worked on XP. It's called "repetier-host". it works just fine. I was printing some custom PC parts for a guy I know. I too am comfortable with the command line. But in Windows, not linux. I have no problems using it when it suits the task, one that comes to mind is using youtube-dl, for example. Or backing up things using rclone. But I like installers as well like you said. One thing I like to do on my Windows systems is in the "Program Files" folder, I make a new folder titled "#Installers", and it sits at the top of the listing. Whenever I download an installer I save it to that folder, then install it to program files. If I ever need to reinstall something, I have all my installer files saved in that folder for me. and I can easily copy them over to a new computer and quickly install everything. I really hate how linux organizes it's folders. It's literally based on what Dennis Ritchie put together for his specific machine in the '70s and what he did moving stuff around when he got a new disk. It makes no sense to exist today. Also llinux being derived from a multi-user OS is how it is, whereas for our use case, it's a single user PC, not a mainframe. So the multi-user aspects of linux feel more like a hindrance to personal computing in my opinion. Where you have the "user" who is treated like an idiot and you can just use what's in your home directory, and that's separate from the 'root' user. Whereas in Windows those roles are merged into one and to me it feels more comfortable. Even in DOS I feel a lot more at home than linux. like, here's my computer, here are the files in MY computer, I don't need to get permission from anyone, I can put anything where the hell I want. In linux every program you install is done so that it takes the program, breaks it into pieces, and throws all the shit all over the system. Windows does some stuff like that putting junk in "app data" folders but it's not as bad as linux. if it were up to me, every program should install into it's own separate folder in a Programs folder. no app data junk either. And for sure nothing like all the /usr/local /local /etc all that crap in linux. it's such a pain trying to figure out where some config file should be on your own system. so the folders thing is a big problem to me as far as using linux. I hear Gobo Linux actually tries to simplify things in this regard.

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>>643 >If I remember right, it was a USB-port-related problem. My computer has nothing but USB 3.0 ports, and the Windows 7 installer didn't seem to recognize anything. depending on specifics it may be possible to bypass this. for example, using PS/2 keyboard/mouse when installing, slipstreaming new USB drivers into the 7 installer, and burning it onto optical instead of a USB stick. >Linux is fine for both casual users and hardcore autists, but if you fall between those extremes and have specific needs then you're out of luck. yes, exactly. I'm not a programming type. if I were then linux would be better for me. I'm technically minded and can use a computer but I'm not willing to spend my time on the computer to get it to do what I want. I want to get to my work. I've heard of foobar2000 but never used it, I'm just too used to Winamp and I really like my classic skins. for me it's the be all end all of music players haha >PlayOnLinux seems like a bit of a kludge in the end IMO. compared to just using it normally. >but the directory system is a confusing mess for the average person.

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>>643 >I can't stand the superiority complex that so many neckbeards seem to have about using Linux It's probably insecurity. They know linux has very few games and professional software written for it, but to them it doesn't matter. Because it's more important to be able to dismantle your entire OS like a clock radio than it is to do actual work, apparently... Quite a shame really, because their autism could come in very handy in familiarizing windows users with linux. It's not like linux distros are maintained by major companies with dedicated tech support to help end users use the OS. >foobar2000 My nigga. I tried a player called "DeaDBeeF" which is supposed to be the equivalent of foobar2000 on linux. It's equally customizable and it can read and write replaygain data, all is great. However when I tried writing replaygain data it completely corrupts the file. This may be a windows-only issue since I was using one of the "unofficial" windows builds, but I can't know for sure unless I try the linux version... Just leaving this here in case you wanna try it. >>644 >Where you have the "user" who is treated like an idiot and you can just use what's in your home directory, and that's separate from the 'root' user. Yes that is indeed a major hindrance. From my (rather limited) reading I found that this is because 'root' will absolutely let you brick the OS, while 'user' is locked-down to the point you can't even install some software. Again, no middle ground... I think you can just default to root all the time, but then you risk accidentally bricking the OS. >if it were up to me, every program should install into it's own separate folder in a Programs folder. no app data junk either. You should meet "portable apps", it's a website that repackages (free) programs in a way that they install completely into one directory only. No appdata, no registry, no start menu / desktop shortcuts, and of course no launch at startup. The concept of a "portable app" in general is widespread within developers, and hackers, of windows software. You have devs making portable versions of their own software, or making it only portable. And you have hackers who crack paid software and tweak it to become portable, so you could have something like portable Photoshop! >Gobo Linux Looking into that now, and I think this might be exactly what we both want. There's a live image so I might download that later and give it a spin. >>645

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Open file (167.26 KB 743x990 hiroyuki_nichimura.jpg)
Open file (141.04 KB 512x341 hiroyuki_nichimura_.jpg)
Open file (232.61 KB 1261x664 hiroyuki_nichimura_jp.jpg)
Jewroyuki Nichimura Anonymous 02/09/2020 (Sun) 03:34:05 ID: 1bc39c No.31304 [Reply] [Last]
HIRO IS A RABID FEMINIST NO REFUNDS, M00TYKINS 4CUCKS ETERNALLY B T F O > Translation below, tl;dr a few new details on the completely trustworthy 'man' heading the 4um.
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>>31304 pathetic
Open file (85.19 KB 720x500 islam-hitler-720x500.jpg)
Open file (196.92 KB 700x1058 1514779146082.jpg)
>>41674 Good meme, /islam/
>>55938 Femshit, pls. This is the one area the mudshits actually get right.
Open file (93.27 KB 592x690 hiro.png)
>>31304 Ruh roh raggy
>>58635 Based.

Open file (173.98 KB 1858x816 EC Madness (1).png)
Open file (81.94 KB 1856x437 EC Madness (2).png)
Open file (43.58 KB 1852x253 EC Madness (3).png)
Open file (411.44 KB 1858x784 EC Madness (4).png)
Open file (687.13 KB 1863x2370 EC Madness (5).png)
Imageboard Lunatics Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 04:41:47 ID: bfa008 No.22191 [Reply] [Last]
It comes as no surprise to anyone here that even fringe anonymous communities are home to lunatics and cranks, but some sites attract them more than others.

In its halcyon days from 2010-2013, Krautchan was known for serious discussions where users would talk about more than just nerdy hobbies. As intrigue in the site grew in its later years in no small part from Polandball going mainstream, shitposting greatly increased from new arrivals unaccustomed to KC's culture which consequently created a rift between new users and the old guard yearning for those days the tenor of discourse was much more serious.

Enter Ernstchan. Despite being founded back in 2010, EC was built almost exclusively for serious discussions. Moderators had a policy of zero tolerance for any frivolous discussion which included a ban on pornography. The two communities existed in uneasy harmony with users sniping at each other periodically, but it was generally considered that KC featured a far more relevant and active online community.

Then came the watershed moment: KC's sudden closure in March 2018. Der General no longer had the heart to continue running an imageboard. Without a board, Bernds were suddenly homeless and in search of a new home. The community dispersed between Kohlchan, 8ch and finally EC.

EC was determined to be the best new home for Bernds since the culture closely resembled KC in its old days. The friction between Bernds and Ernsts gradually increased with the resident EC posters quickly growing tired of their new arrivals. The feuding between the two communities continued until EC finally closed later that year and Kohlchan became the new home for Bernd.

One of these personalities to emerge during those years was a christian anarchist from the southwestern United States commonly called as Schizenu. A user on KC crested him with that name bickers his distinct posting style reminded him of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Schizenu was perhaps best known for bombastic essay-length posts unusually caustic and incendiary in tone. He absolutely despised right-wing politics and especially users of /pol/ who he blamed for changing the tenor of imageboard culture. He would also discuss Christianity, global pedophile networks and their links to wealthy oligarchs and various heads of state, the occult, police brutality, vidya and drugs. Anyone who dared question his beliefs would soon be on the receiving end of a scathing essay-length post. As he is claimed to be a user of psychedelic drugs, many users speculated that he could very well have been damaged from prolonged use and is suffering from psychosis.

Any other users you know from their posting style who are like this? Share any/all interesting discoveries.
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>>39065 >Seriously, where's the connection between poverty, class and workers rights with the coronavirus apart from lack of access to healthcare? The complete and absolute destruction of the economy, bro. If the economy collapses, then all these issues will become increasingly relevant.
>>39010 >>39065 >>41490 That all being said, this guy strikes me as those self-important morons who think they're speaking truth to power.
>>41491 >That all being said, this guy strikes me as those self-important morons who think they're speaking truth to power schizenu is the physical manifestation of exactly that
Ever since the riots started, EC has been going apeshit. There's too much to screencap, so I'll just post this archive:
>>60715 can't see it from there anon. please stop using sites, they are all behind cuckflare. use the wayback machine instead. >>>/tech/2895

Foxdick thread Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:06:15 ID: 2da837 No.6332 [Reply] [Last]
Current order of business is the recent hacking of poor Jewshyboy.
Don't forget to archive EVERYTHING

>a.k.a Null. This person runs a website called Kiwi Farms that is dedicated to doxxing, harassing, and gossiping about mentally ill and eccentric individuals deemed "lolcows". But ironically or perhaps not so ironically, he fits the definition of an lolcow himself due to his rather sordid online (and real life) history.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:09:38.
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Open file (101.70 KB 680x645 ERUpF-0XYAArV2w.jpg)
>>50557 >Josh >popular Yeah, nobody can get enough of him. It's like Beatlemania all over again.
Josh is behind the entire Dick DM fiasco just to give this DEAD board some semblance of life and more than 10 new posts an hour
>>51008 I mean the pot may be calling the kettle black, but it's still true that Corey Barnhill is a sadistic pedophile. He's basically Josh but without any forum to consider an accomplishment.

Open file (52.81 KB 485x411 trannydiscord.png)
The guntstream, robi's dirty way of making money fuck you 05/28/2020 (Thu) 01:18:56 No.57796 [Reply] [Last]
Robi wants users, aka paypigs to buy useless and stupid merchandise, so he can give them useless things, e.g. spinning text. He charges $200+ for useless merchandise that'll regret. I fucking knew it. JulayWorld was a way for robi to make money from his fat disgusting ass. He also wants users to move to dlive after he has blown all money for his scam site, while wasting it on other services, e.g. his personal email. >Tranny mods Robi is allowing tranny mods like HangingFlesh (aka pringles, Гунтopia, weasel, etc), MakersMark, and more to destroy the Гунтstream. >Shitty videos The Гунтstream is garbage. Let users fucking play decent shit, rather than S​ARGON videos. >Julay issues Yeah, you fucking kike, let HangingFlesh allow CP, you fucking idiot. You can't even get your site done properly: >500 flood error
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Open file (79.12 KB 399x314 dolphin.png)
Open file (60.15 KB 310x351 dlfv1.jpg)
Open file (54.90 KB 310x334 dlfv2.jpg)
Open file (58.20 KB 303x344 dlfv3.jpg)
Open file (48.61 KB 302x344 dlfv4.jpg)
Open file (45.67 KB 316x344 dlfv5.jpg)
>>59419 dolphin leaked the spin btw
Open file (65.30 KB 312x343 dlfv6.jpg)
I'll pay once he gets rid of /delicious/.

Open file (14.47 KB 600x600 logo.png)
11chan Anonymous 06/05/2020 (Fri) 09:51:41 No.2683 [Reply] [Last]
Hello friends. You are cordially invited to visit 11chan. A new imageboard with user board creation! Tor: http://eleven6pn6ecciumq5t3nyhgr2tohhtnnlbdr4pskx45ttmxcwfryyid.onion/

Open file (4.10 MB 640x360 398712698.mp4)
Open file (91.34 KB 843x948 naughty zog 01.jpg)
Failed games that bankrupted/will bankrupt their developers. Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 19:48:51 No.38066 [Reply] [Last]
Let's talk about those games and spread a lot of spoilers about them and the whines of their failed developers. Keep it on topic ;)
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Open file (263.88 KB 480x320 gamergator.png)
>>38950 >>38952 I'm in charge here. gamergays are fags
>>38960 /cow/tards are lolcows themselves at this point.
>>38972 /cowtards are insecure and pedophile lolcows.
>>38975 at least they aren't ni/gg/ers
>>38972 is banning people for speaking truth to power this sites bread and butter or what?

Open file (387.69 KB 1280x930 1580803260185.jpg)
Covid-19: The Mechanics of Hysteria Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 01:48:49 No.20 [Reply] [Last]
Panic! Panic! Panic! One of the most /32/-related events in recent history is happening right now: the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple threads could be made on the event and events surrounding this topic. So I'd like this thread to focus on the spread of information regarding the disease, and, further, the herd/hive activity that we have seen as a result. The word I use to describe the assorted phenomena and instances of human activity is: Hysteria. Take for example the toilet paper phenomenon -- what exactly happened there? It's a multifaceted, combinatorial situation, but let's try to dissect it. And the toilet-paper phenomenon is just one example of the same thing happening. Why is this happening? How is this happening? What exactly is happening? Has this ever happened before? Here are some questions/ideas I've written down to get some discussion going: >What are the underlying psychopolitical and biological mechanics of hysteria? How exactly does it spread? Can hysteria be modeled? >Is hysteria as a human group strategy effective? When is it effective and when is it not effective? >What are the evolutionary roots of hysteria? Does hysteria as a human tendency increase odds of survival in modern times? >Are modern, technologized populations more or less susceptible to uncontrolled hysteria? Has mass information helped or augmented the problem? Would there be any hysteria without mass information? >How do governments handle panic and hysteria? How would hysteria be dealt with or even wielded in an ideal system? >Is the hysteria that we are seeing engineered or natural? >Could such hysteria be reproduced by a small group of coordinated and nefarious actors? >How should sentient individuals behave while surrounded by hysterical NPCs? What strategies should the self-aware anon employ?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>20 >Could such hysteria be reproduced by a small group of coordinated and nefarious actors? What is the MSM, what is decentralized social media, etc. >What are the evolutionary roots of hysteria? Does hysteria as a human tendency increase odds of survival in modern times? This is kind of a deep question, but I think it may have something to do with increasing group adhesion, it's literally the exact same thing as what a "meme" is and what religion is. I would go as far as to say that the ancient gods were memes, embodiment of concepts. >How do governments handle panic and hysteria? How would hysteria be dealt with or even wielded in an ideal system? The government use hysteria to make people desperate and fearful, in order to implement new regulations as a "savior", same reason they made terrorism a mass hysteria, to justify gun confiscation. Here's my take, Did you know that fucking Indians are also quarantined? Literally around 70% of humanity is now under house arrest, so we are seeing an unprecedented centralization of power where the globalists can now implement something on a huge portion of all of humanity. Global "events"(terrorism, global warming, and now coronavirus) call for global(ist) measures, This has many implications, in essence, they will be able to enforce new regulations and in the process grow the power of the international power bodies(World Health Organization power grab), but not only that, it conditions people to accept "orders" and embrace the global authority. I think in the future we will be seeing more and more international "hysteria" that is always complemented with the "humanitarian" solution, that is to say, the solution of One World government.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (138.10 KB 1424x712 cdgeqy.jpg)
I will just put this here
>>39 Well that's just proof that reporters are lazy, useless fucks. What else is new? This guy is a stupid ex-con, but I think he is onto something when he talks about the manipulation of words on "quarantine", when in fact it is a LOCKDOWN, and full blown martial law in europe, they reframe it by saying "self-isolation", "self distancing", and "self quarantine" to make it seem as if you are the one inflicting the situation upon yourself. I think sometimes low IQ can prevent one from being victim of programming, or at least if the is Testosterone is high to prevent submissive psychology.

Open file (759.99 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Hunting beach balls Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 16:15:58 No.30 [Reply] [Last]
With the recent sperg fits, HW has blown it. Its time to find out what hell is going on with him. For this purpose I will drill through some logs with him.
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is it that Kimmo or Kimbo Slice guy from Norway or Netherlands or whatever? I recall that fgt used to spam multiple imageboards shilling his anontalk not sure if it was related to anonib which, if I remmeber right, was rife with jailbait at least if not straight cp.
Open file (221.60 KB 112x112 625958520092753920.gif)
Bless OP. One of the most entertaining, interesting and high quality threads anywhere for 2019.

Open file (251.77 KB 1445x1444 buy sell btc 0.jpg)
btc 06/05/2020 (Fri) 08:41:26 No.2921 [Reply] [Last]
Buy/Sell Bitcoin Instantly Anonymously Worldwide ---->>>

Open file (80.17 KB 700x467 silvia-mascherina.jpg)
Bentornata Silvia! Lupo Lucio 05/10/2020 (Sun) 16:57:35 ID: 9772ae No.5788 [Reply] [Last]
Non sono un cattivista, mi rendo conto che a volte lo Stato debba anche scendere a patti con il diavolo. Ma ve li immaginate gli investigatori che la invitano a cambiarsi e lei risponde "sono una convertita"? Per voi ci è o ci fa?
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>>6973 Ero cieco, ed ora vedo...
Open file (196.09 KB 400x400 Parenzo.png)
Open file (107.03 KB 440x372 Silvia.jpg)
>>6994 Mi stupisce che molti altri non se ne siano accorti, anni di /pol/ hanno sviluppato il mio jewdar a livelli ottimali, cazzo sembra la figlia di (((David Parenzo))). Guarda pure quella che credo sia la madre, le manca solo la tipica posa da mercante a mani giunte.
>>7021 Non serve cercare (((complotti))), questa è figlia del sincretismo culturale cento volte pezzente della Buona Borghesia Milanese™. Grazie a Dio almeno si è levata dalle palle, dopo il ritorno sembrava che la madre avesse voluto fare una «conferenza stampa» dopo la quarantena. Qualcuno sveglio della famiglia — tipo lo zio, che voleva metterle le mani addosso — le avrà fatto cambiare idea.
>>7021 oltretutto tutti quelli con nomi di cittá nel cognome sono solitamente (((loro))). Quindi anche quello confermerebbe la teoria
>>7030 >qsq mia nonna aveva un cognome di città però che io sappia sia lei che la madre erano cattolicissime

Open file (330.74 KB 1200x1044 morandi.jpg)
Open file (106.23 KB 847x662 sugimoto-mare.jpg)
Open file (505.62 KB 1309x1853 zorn.jpg)
Filone artistico Lupo Lucio 06/04/2020 (Thu) 13:15:50 ID: d12d44 No.7002 [Reply] [Last]
Ispirato da >>6991 , filone sulle arti figurative. Ultimamente mi sta piacendo il minimalismo, quindi affiggo: - un mare di Sugimoto - una natura morta di Morandi - un acquerello di Zorn Sentitevi liberi di condividere qualsiasi immagine, anche se non è arte “colta” e viene de Deviantart.
5 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>7015 Le stampe di Hokusai sono sempre belle. Mi taccio sul tentativo di seminare zizzania, ogni opera d’arte ha il suo perché ed è sciocco — soprattutto nel caso di Morandi — non risconoscerne la qualità pittorica al di là dei gusti personali. Mi sono dimenticato di dire che l’acquarello di Zorn si chiama «la vedova». >>7003 Sempre ottimo Giger, sia pittore che scultore.
>>7013 >>una natura morta di Morandi >ma che è sta cagata Sinceramente non è malissimo e non mi dispiace più di tanto. Non metto in dubbio che esistono artisti migliori e magari meno famosi, ma tant'è.
>>7019 Bellissimo Fattori.
Open file (199.28 KB 1478x685 la-moda-puccinelli.jpg)
Chiedo venia per le immagini singole, ma non ho una collezione salvata su disco e me le devo andare a trovare una per una, cosa che ho poca voglia di fare.
>>7017 >è sciocco non risconoscerne la qualità pittorica infatti, riconosco la qualità pittorica come nulla. non c'è passione, direzione o composizione. Quelle immagini,sono, a tutti gli effetti, scarabocchi. >>7019 >non mi dispiace più di tanto. se hai bisogno di convincerti che l'opera sia decente, vuol dire che non ti piace per davvero.

Jewtube WOn't support Palememe no moe Anonymous 02/04/2020 (Tue) 23:20:18 No.1483 [Reply] [Last]
94 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>2677 The web will never be reformed it will only get worse. Types of sites are now on sight banned. /tech/ has always been right. The future is a nigger.
jewtube on PM still works dude lol
>>2680 I was looking into building a site like this around the time hooktube went down. IIRC this doesn't work because any library that can mux separate audio and video streams together requires you to use XHR requests to grab the video and audio data, and CORS/SOP will prevent you from doing that unless you're whitelisted by the servers. tl;dr web browsers include a form of drm by default which prevents you from grabbing data from other sites in a practical way
Everyone who uses jewtube is a normalfaggot, prove me wrong.
>>2919 I can't

Open file (491.06 KB 968x538 glitchy spook.mp4)
Jenny General - Decisions Edition Knight of Jen 04/29/2020 (Wed) 18:35:49 ID: 610c48 No.1257 [Reply] [Last]
Okay lads, I think 1100 posts make for enough of a thread. Going forward, I think we can cap them at 700 and be fine with that. A bit more importantly, Julay is getting reworked. Going by >>>/meta/8318 boards will be getting purged. It almost seems like it's only the porn boards and the dead boards that are getting axed, but I'm not entirely sure. I have to contact the admin. In the event that we cannot secure our place here like I thought we would be able to, as that's what Julay was advertised for, we may be in a bit of a pickle. Unlike how we were fucked by Jim and Ron, there is time for us to decide the next step if a next step needs to be made. Our discord bunker still exists, but understandable not everyone wants to use discord and, even if they did, the discord was never meant for any sort of permanence. If you have suggestions, now is the time to make them.
449 posts and 119 images omitted.
>>1723 come on jenny you don't care about black people in star wars it was women you were upset about being passed over. wait, wasn't it?
>>1724 >jenny will never lick your boots >>1726 >implying she actually cares about any of this stuff Who has the gun to her head? It's Lindsay, isn't it. That bitch.
>>1727 it's potentially possible that she genuinely cared about lack of women in star wars
>>1727 >>1728 I think ultimately it makes her feel good to post these takes, it makes the people who follow her feel good as well. Everyone gets to be right on. But when push comes to shove the person she will be most interested in defending will be herself.
>>1727 >Who has the gun to her head? It's Lindsay, isn't it. Jenny mentioned she was going to have Lindsay Ellis on her stream, so the chances of her pulling Jenny into some political conversation will be high. We'll get to witness first hand how Lindsay bosses Jenny around.

Open file (529.17 KB 1273x773 btfo.png)
Open file (474.05 KB 1108x823 christian.png)
Open file (359.48 KB 690x589 respect yourself.png)
Nastassia Ponomarenko Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 09:06:57 ID: 656597 No.10914 [Reply] [Last]
YouTuber Exposes Nastassia Ponomarenko sextape and gets harassed by fans!
276 posts and 148 images omitted.
Indeed her ass is fat.
>>60209 >>60210 Her Professionalism is only for the masses.
>>60481 No Shit, bickers Nastassia is jealous that 38 has more control than her. Now I get why she is so open about wanting a husband. She wants the correct Genes inside her pussy and 38 got those perfect Genetics.
Hello JulayForum. Please refer to (2005) version of the FBI, not (sequencing)
Open file (1.09 MB 3176x2288 FBI[141].jpeg)
Open file (741.68 KB 608x448 IBM(2005) Engineer.mp4)
Welcome to the KILO_EXO_LASSOS_CORPORATION. From our YL55 informants LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI has put a HIT_ORDER on Nastassia Ponomarenko or known to them as "Britney Nastassia". As of the death of George Floyd continues to dominate mainstream media, the results of LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI and the Looters/Rioters is now going to have consequences. COVID-19 Capabilities have been increased to 1000% capacity @ genetic mutations in 7 months for LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI population reduction. You want to see the death of a Celebrity? LANGLEY/ILLUMINATI are out to "Legally" murder Nastassia. Bad Financial Claims, False Lawsuits on Business related platforms, @ hiring Nigger Monkey Assassins. The FBI(141) is at WAR with LANGLEY. All attacks are performed by a A.I Computer.

Open file (4.66 KB 225x225 rer.jpg)
Hackjima thread aka "I didn't kill Fukushima, I swearu" Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 18:04:23 No.20425 [Reply] [Last]
Just as we thought that this bullet was dodged once and for good, gaming is in such an absolute low they are willing to give Hackjima another chance to ruin Silent Hill with his awful take on it that misses the point entirely. Ebin. In other news, are you seriously telling me that Shit Standing made enough money to warrant a sequel?
94 posts and 27 images omitted.
Open file (70.76 KB 649x693 servallaugh.jpg)
everybody point and laugh at the newfag >>38961
Open file (47.86 KB 700x483 56.jpg)
>>38962 >got called out for talking out of his ass >u newfag hue hue
>>38963 >>38956 Just the few that i found with a quick search. All of them where marketed heavily, with shills screaming "muh too big to fail" all the time. All of them had their total sales numbers hidden by their respective companies as soon as it became clear that they were failing on sales. And they all failed. Warcraft III: Reforged flopped Battlefield V flopped Death Stranding flopped Final Fantasy VII Remake flopped

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (88.97 KB 640x537 tohsakawine.jpg)
>>38963 what now faggot
>>38966 I wonder if you read past the titles on these because they don't provide any data and are just MSM speculations. >>38971 Absolutely nothing, just like this claim.

Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 15:27:45 No.2886 [Reply] [Last]
How long does it take for a noob like me who can barely code a christmas tree in java to become an 3l1+3 1337 hax0r?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>2886 >>2888 TL;DR don't rush it. there aren't any shortcuts. take as long as you need to. avoid books/whatever that (((claims))) to tech you to program in x amount of days.
is the whole learn to code thing a meme or will i actually be like the guy from watch_dogs if I start?
dfrswh fcgdf gdfgt dgr
>Java I'm sorry, but your frontal cortex has taken severe and permanent damage. Please try again in your next life.
>>2913 If you have to ask.. >>2916 well in fairness to op, he was using it as a negative counterpoint anon.

Roastie Fear General Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:32:01 No.160 [Reply] [Last]
>"At last, a sex robot that ‘wants’ you. How sad that anyone would want it" - Suzanne Moore
https ://
127 posts and 38 images omitted.
>>3699 Fair enough. We don't have to see exactly eye-to-eye on things. My overarching goal is a fair bit different from yours, but if you're here to help create robowaifus (or even just promote the idea), then we at the least can agree on that point Anon. One think you've brought out a couple of time which I completely concur with you you: namely, we are at an absolute pivot point in human history. Along with many other advances, robowaifus--when they arrive in a big way--will certainly help usher this sea-change in.
>>3700 >we are at an absolute pivot point in human history. That is the key point to know whenever dealing with those attacking us. They attack out of sheer fear of the permanent and unavoidable changes that we are bringing into existence. Bring in the change, no matter what consequences. The situation is already too bad for men, so if anything, whatever bad consequences might happen because of our actions, will at most bring down the system and the women benefiting from it down to the same level as we are now. We all have only to win from this, or at the very least, balance out everything so no one is favored anymore. But we have nothing to lose. They do. And that is another reason to keep pushing onward. They want things to keep the way they are. And they don't have any capability of controlling anything once the changes that we are bringing are set into society's normalcy. They are never attacking out of morality, safety concerns or any of that. Their only goal is to keep having control. And we are denying them that. Keep pushing. Never go back to the past. Always remember that they fear the changes because they can't control us once we change everything.
>>3701 Not much else to add. I basically agree with these points tbh. >They are never attacking out of morality, safety concerns or any of that. Their only goal is to keep having control. Pretty much says it all.
>>1858 Source on that vid?
>>3705 I'm not that Anon, but one thing I know is it was posted here since the migration, so back in December. Also, I'm pretty sure the source material in the background is from the AT&T archives, which are probably still available. The guy who dared to narrate and post such a toxic & problematic video has probably been deplatformed by now, so it will likely be difficult to find his work in normal channels. Certainly searching likely terms turns up nothing but poz about 'muh_rayciss' maymay, at least with my limited search skills. Hopefully the original poster will return and answer your question. I'd like to know myself as well.

Ashton Parks, the obese Mister Metokur fanboy and Christian larper Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 03:04:24 No.58308 [Reply] [Last]
Ashton Parks is an obese canadian who first tried to gain online fame as a conservative zoomer, after failing to get attention that way he tried to focus on internet drama and get attention by attacking low hang fruits like jcaesar187 on and then on Youtube on his channel PeoplesPopularPress. Being an obese hypocrite and ironybro he show up his own butthole on a live stream to trying to get more attention of jcaesar187 and his haters. Since then he is trying to use /cow/ culture and people invested on all this drama to get views and constantly brag about his numbers and having fans who love him for being an obese tard with a High vocabulary. Oddly enough, he never miss an opportunity to hold attention and make friends with other e-celebs, including extreme left wing figures like Kraut n Tea and not whites scammers like Coach Red Pill and Josh Moon, [all threed are jews], which seems strange from a right-wing white nationalist.
19 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>59879 >>59881 PPP is asexual with some gay traits, and Godwinson is a feeder, look how fat PPP has become since he meet with Godwinson
>>60095 Those aren't tic tacs, anon. >>58364
He really acts like a sperg on discord?
Open file (3.59 MB 2500x2500 1507597098112.jpg)
Open file (281.51 KB 468x727 aut-rite gay 01.png)
Open file (3.26 MB 1500x3000 aut-rite gay.png)
Open file (56.83 KB 362x280 y30piR5.png)
>>60677 This thread belongs to Weasel chad

Open file (595.45 KB 1653x1811 EVlA24LUMAAUeHO.jpg)
Charlie Adler Thread Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 02:48:35 ID: ed5ab8 No.54774 [Reply] [Last]
Seriously! What the hell happened to this guy?!?!
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (2.17 MB 640x360 franch.webm)
>>55023 Trigger the libs Own the libs
>>54814 >>55019 >>55021 Did i mention he's 63 years old yet he writes like a fucking 3 year old
>>55021 20 burgerbux says he jacks off to a massive amount of tranny porn.
Open file (483.21 KB 1538x2048 ETzwl8UU8AQUXRg.jpg)
>>60603 I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he does
>>60693 This pic gives me nightmares BTW

Open file (6.75 MB 934x662 zunkosmom.webm)
Open file (306.47 KB 630x586 ClipboardImage (4).png)
Open file (331.40 KB 501x553 ClipboardImage (5).png)
Coronachan mod Zunko/Milk livestreamed failed suicide attempt Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 21:10:12 ID: d81e2d No.58740 [Reply] [Last]
One of the REPORT ME mods just tried to anhero himself using a t-shirt noose and livestreamed it on YouTube. Needless to say, he failed. The mod in question is Zunko aka julay (real name Kyle) from Manchester, England. He unironically wishes he were a girl instead and LARPs as Hatsune Miku online.
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>58740 This has to be a joke
He needs to save up money to become Hatsune Miku, or use a better method for suicide. He looks young, he can probably do HRT. No dick cutting though.
>coronachan is gone noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Open file (191.29 KB 720x719 vong wish.jpg)
Star Wars memes & images Stormtrooper 10/19/2019 (Sat) 18:13:01 No.152 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Post any and all SW memes and images you have in this thread.
50 posts and 75 images omitted.
Open file (145.68 KB 1276x712 623.jpg)
Open file (152.05 KB 1920x816 1545453991482.jpg)
Open file (70.78 KB 625x500 405lzw.jpg)
Open file (85.94 KB 625x500 405wyy.jpg)
Open file (73.71 KB 625x500 405nvz.jpg)
Open file (89.80 KB 625x500 405pkc.jpg)
Open file (84.05 KB 625x485 405rop.jpg)
>>3001 >implying alderaan ever existed To the spice mines with you!
Open file (465.06 KB 160x160 ownership.gif)
>>3001 >Coruscanti Psycho I wanna see that movie.
>>1419 Glad to see this screencap is still getting play lmao

Open file (3.98 MB 1398x1743 chun_motorcycle.png)
Fighting Games Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 19:18:07 No.30681 [Reply] [Last]
The old thread was past the bump limit and falling down the catalogue. Archive here: Discuss fighting games and fighting game-related things and maybe even play some games if you're feeling crazy. >what have you been playing recently? >have you been labbing anything special? >has your local scene been affected by Corona-chan? >[non-sequitor expressing desire for virtua fighter 5 final showdown PC port]
119 posts and 117 images omitted.
Open file (363.02 KB 1500x1023 Tsukihime.full.1066642.jpg)
Open file (3.70 KB 55x115 Kouma-colors~2.png)
>>38946 Story time?
Open file (39.30 KB 570x526 Double_nigger.jpg)
>>38951 someone got salty in an lfg channel and people were mad that he got banned for saying 'nigger'. So I said "well in his defense niggers are burning down his place of employment atm" and I got instantly banned. So I went to the backup channel and complained about it and when a mod got pissy I called him a nigger. It was a double-nigger
>>38959 >lfg channel >backup channel What irc:// is this, never heard of it? I've never interacted with to know shit, talk to me like'm new. Hopefully on pay day, I can shit on | Shib @shiburizu
Open file (137.68 KB 1280x1024 ArcueidCloudsWP.jpg)
>>38968 well I'm not gonna go advertising their bullshit now. We should make our own melty channel, with blackjack and niggers stay away from discord it's fucking gay and all the mods are fags I just registered #meltyjulay on rizon but we haven't exactly got a ton of people in here after all that BO dramafagging and melty blood is pretty region-dependent
Open file (373.08 KB 600x900 49607506_p0.jpg)
>>38970 So I take it it was indeed the correct discord community. Damn, you gonna need to wait past the 22nd, I plan to shame everyone: + Nameless-ircd + Veyon + tourneybot + roulettebot.

Open file (2.39 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
E3 2 Confirmed Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:11:08 No.34400 [Reply] [Last]
Geoff Keighley confirmed an event called "Summer Game Fest", basically E3, but with online demos or something. The first developers confirmed to be showing stuff are the ones in pic related. What do you niggers think? Will this be as big as E3 or will it be an irrelevant piece of shit? And most importantly does this mean Squilliams can still be a thing? sure archive of the previous thread:
Edited last time by Muses on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:36:20.
92 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>38895 All western devs will come out with some purple armband in support of the niggers. Fuck Dup jokes galore.
>>38868 >Soyny >Not Sosny
>>38904 SukaStation Blyat
Open file (487.90 KB 640x597 nice.png)
>>38897 I'm legit certain that's gonna happen now. If this shit gonna be live on stage the cringe will be thermonuclear.
Open file (79.14 KB 494x720 based and lolipilled.jpg)
>>38942 Damn, is Steve1989 Charliepilled? If so, mega based.

Open file (194.93 KB 1080x1030 ppp.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 21:10:51 ID: 30052d No.27034 [Reply] [Last]
PPP is sperging out in his Discord.
3 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>27034 reasonable worry i suppose
this just sounds like PPP being sarcastic per usual
Zachfag won
>>27433 lmao what a pppathetic cope
This is the faggot that's been butthurt about the Гунт recently right? Did the Гунт actually do something to him or is he just an autismo? Or is it both?

Open file (54.10 KB 150x200 ClipboardImage.png)
The Rebirth of Julay 2 Robi Board owner 05/03/2020 (Sun) 17:35:35 ID: 0eea99 No.10485 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome back. TL;DR JulayWorld will be recreated with a few boards remaining under a different name (TBA) using a new imageboard software. I'll be helping the BOs who are willing to create their own imageboard migrate their boards. The elephant in the room: Which boards are to be kept? I've decided to keep the following boards: /v/ /meta/ /cow/ /k/ /ita/ /tech/ /robowaifu/ /x/ /sw/ /strek/ /retro/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by robi on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:26:48.
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Open file (154.71 KB 1600x900 WTF.png)
Can anyone else post on It's not working for me. The "Posting... (100%)" is shown, but my post has never goes through even if I wait. I can't even post on the meta thread to complain!
>>12900 The posts on the meta thread were complaining about that. The admin just fucked off and never fixed it so it's basically dead.
>>12900 Why people give up so fast with their imageboards?
Open file (102.46 KB 420x248 Mad Marisa.png)
>>12906 >The admin just fucked off and never fixed it Did something happen to him? It's so weird. Does anyone who is reading this know how to contact the guy? >>12909 Did you mean to put a "do" between "Why" and "people"?
>>12900 > I can't even access it right now. Maybe the admin just took it out to pasture; and shot it.

Open file (363.81 KB 1460x532 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (106.71 KB 935x361 ClipboardImage.png)
Zchan is ran by Patch; data-mining users Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 02:33:32 ID: d2d09f No.12878 [Reply] [Last]
ZChan/Patch is using the webring to mass-shill. Let me provide some proof; see images. 6chan which is another Patch chan died quickly and was shilled in the same way as zchan. All of these shill posts were dumped onto near-dead/ultra-new chans. Very suspicious. >Info on Patch Patch is the owner of 99% of alt-chans. He'll censor posts exposing his bullshit. Please spread the word and blacklist this ultra-suspicious site. Nobody shills like this; Patch was behind alphachan. Patch also will LARP/act quiet. Places where zchan was shilled (posts may have been deleted):
2 posts omitted.
*resets router* heh nothing personnel
>>12884 router won't help, rip
>>12878 >Let me provide some proof >weak circumstantial evidence Lol.
>>12911 hey patch fuck you

Open file (111.10 KB 639x126 awakening.png)
/V/urm Thread 3: With Coronachans Blessings Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 14:38:30 No.35849 [Reply] [Last]
On the last episode: >Old server was full of gay, everybody quit >Anons still have tism that needs taming, begin searching for normalfag serbs We have 2 options: <Conquest >3x/3x >factories, trade routes >most people online: 5 (all anons) >hope is if enough people show up it brings back the old pvpers <Awakening >1x/1x >npc marketplace/vendors, several kingdoms, custom priest rules >server pop hovers around 20 during peak, active pvp >anons have broken ground outside of pve safezones and await the pvp rape train that will come for the infestation/rift that spawned next to us

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

227 posts and 66 images omitted.
Open file (20.90 KB 738x250 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38147 Oh it was just what I crusted up from the depths of that wurm dump. I dunno how old, maybe around 2016.
How about each time you perform the same action you have a higher and higher chance of spawning a fog spider? :^)
>>38231 >how to turn a survival sandbox game into a survival horror game in one go
>>38964 > lol no

Open file (338.50 KB 320x222 cut!.gif)
Cut! italodisco 05/30/2020 (Sat) 08:25:38 No.973 [Reply] [Last]
What's the consensus on fan re-edits? Like the Dune edit, for example I've been wanting to put my hands on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, maybe trim down the running time and move around some awkwardly placed T.V./Movies scenes? But I don't know if it's worth the time so, If you've seen the film before, let me know what you think, maybe share some things you would've liked to change/see in an edit?
3 posts omitted.
Open file (15.49 KB 480x224 blade-runner-2049.jpg)
>>981 I feel like it's good as an exercise in editing/pace management, only to be showcased to friends or in a conspicuous way to avoid name calling, probably might even be a good example on a theoretical basis. Otherwise it feels a bit pompous, it might have good intentions but re-editing a movie is like redrawing a painting or a sketch, it only manages to smear or belittle the creators in the long run, even if they did a very poor job for starters. And in the vast majority of cases the flicks are screwed from the start because the creative decisions came from the script and were homogenized with the "healthy" parts, re-editing them sometimes just shows it never had any hope even before a budget was handed on.
The only real use of fan edits is editing adaptations closer to the source material.
Open file (261.26 KB 780x888 once.jpg)
>>973 >Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, maybe trim down the running time and move around some awkwardly placed T.V./Movies scenes Interesting. I was checking the fanedits on myspleen and someone made a 3+ hour version of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He adds an overture and intermission to made it a roadshow cut. I doubt I'd ever watch this, but here are his comments. <Well after my take on the extended cut of the Hateful 8 available here I decided to get the web download of Tarrantino’s new Once Upon a Time in Hollywood plus the separate special features/extra’s that are available to buy and try and duplicate a form of Roadshow/Extended Cut to mirror my Hateful 8 Extended Cut. <This is not a straight forward duplicate of the standard theatrical cut, as in the standard cut is 2hrs 41mins and this version is 3hrs 7mins around 26mins longer. <How did I achieve this fan edit, well I inserted all the available deleted scenes back into the movie as well as inserting a Overture, an Intermission and 2 of the 60’s made tv commercials that Tarrantino made but didn’t make the final cut. <The run of the movie is an overture followed by a Red Apple advertisement before the movie kicks in, the overture title card I created and tried to make it look basic and bright for the setting of the Hollywood Hills movie. Myspleen has 446 fanedits, of which 124 involve Star Wars.
>>987 >>981 That's the part I was missing, I knew composites were fine, I just felt a bit assblasted by QT. >>988 I was trying to find a movie (this is an understatement, I am going insane trying to find this) from the early 2000's and ended up looking through the entire wikipedia list of movies released by year, then ended up in Independent lists, at least 1/4th of every Indie movie released between 2002 and 2007 is Star Wars, I was surprised. Fuck it, can I make a "name this film" thread? I've posted in every other site, no one knows about the one I'm looking for, maybe /film/ will lend a hand?
>>992 >can I make a "name this film" thread Go ahead, not much else going on in this board

Open file (467.39 KB 2026x2048 EUkJzJyWkAMJT8o.jpg)
/ita/li/co/ Filone sui fumetti occidentali Lupo Lucio 04/09/2020 (Thu) 12:41:57 ID: 2d1c21 No.4463 [Reply] [Last]
Quali fumetti occidentali vi aggradano assai, Lupi? Riposino in pace, (((Goscinny))) ed Uderzo, troppo bravi per questo mondo...
Edited last time by Plafoniera on 04/09/2020 (Thu) 13:45:18.
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>>6998 Bellissima immagine.
Open file (3.04 MB 640x758 weasfghjk.lmn bvc.mp4)
>>6999 Da dove inizio con Jojo? dal primo, non c'è altro modo, la storia va di seguito, quindi se ti perdi la parte iniziale non capirai moltissimo di quello che sta accadendo. jonathan miglior joestar
Open file (416.60 KB 1281x885 cattivik cover.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 994x678 Cattivik 3 cover.png)
>>6986 > Com'era nell'epoca d'oro rispetto all'epoca buia? Più volgare, più politicamente scorretto, più violento, anche se la qualità delle storie variava a seconda dell'autore (diversi disegnatori e scrittori si occupavano delle storie di Cattivik) e poi c'era roba come la rubrica "Carta Sprecata" di Disegni e Caviglia che non era certo indirizzata ai bambini.
Open file (392.59 KB 1028x616 jojo-org_orig.png)
>>6998 Fantastica. Salvata. >>6999 >Che forte tuo nonno! Grazie, però è comunque un tipo abbastanza giovane, si sono sposati tutti abbastanza in fretta nella mia famiglia. Grazie per le raccomandazioni. >Invece, aiutami tu! Da dove inizio con Jojo? Diciamo che il bello di Jojo è che se una parte non ti piace, non sei costretto a leggerla per capire tutta la storia, oltre qualche memo ilare o riferimento più specifico (considera che l'Universo viene resettato comoe parte integrante della storia). Ti converrebbe iniziare dalla prima, Phantom Blood, vedere se ti aggrada ed altrimenti saltare direttamente a quella successiva. Di solito credo che gli anime vadano visti solo dopo aver letto l'originale, ma per le prime tre parti sono abbastanza fedeli, quindi se ti diventa troppo oneroso sorbirti Ken il Guerriero Britannico, almeno te lo puoi sciroppare prima. Se proprio non sei sicuro di iniziare da zero, leggiti Battle Tendency (2) e Steel Ball Run (7), considerate da molti le più belle. Di solito la gente odia Vento Aureo (5) perchè non si capisce niente e ci sono terroni (ma a me piace proprio per quello) e Stone Ocean (6) perchè i design sono inguardabili, ma io suggerisco comunque di leggerlo tutto, possibilmente la sua versioni a colori perchè aggiusta alcune tavole un po' strambe.
>>7010 Grazie per il consiglio! >>7023 Cercherò di iniziare JoJo se ho tempo. Tanti anni di vita al tuo nonno.

Open file (1.13 MB 500x225 bone.gif)
Controversy Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 18:45:01 No.899 [Reply] [Last]
Post about movies that generated controversy. While I leave this thread open to controversial content such as graphic violence, sex, or political thought, I want to remind anons to consider controversial direction as well such as pic related.
Open file (647.25 KB 1440x2191 Poster.jpg)
Open file (5.51 MB 600x350 bwahah the dutch.webm)
Wanted to post something here but got addicted to some game pretty hard, but let's have at it. De Vierde Man or The 4th Man is a dutch film by the master of left-field comedy Paul Verhoeven, and all of its lifespan seems to me to be a wild ride that can be considered controversial in some views but mainly it was a rivalry between the director and his home country movie critics. For starters they are described by some contemporary notes as conservative and zealous of content along with their counterpart which were rabid radical hippie queers, which i think is okay in their respective terms but it seems they based their ratings on content's sympathetic nature and values presented rather than craftsmanship or script pace or anything innate to a product rather than a story (in short were very ideological) hence why they destroyed Paul's latest movie at that moment Spetters because it portrayed youths in completely degenerate freedom yet showed these underworld creatures as almost devilish imps. Mad that everyone with the power of the pen hated his stuff the director embarked in a journey to properly piss everyone one last time, even when the movie was actually a hit (not very good to be fair) he seemed to be a man sensible to the press to gauge his own value. So in those years there was another controversy because the national book competition had a clear winner in the form of a novel which frankly was a subversive gay fest by some people and got censured hard shortly after, being replaced by a novel which was supposedly not good at all. Seeing his golden script Hov requested an adaption from the writer and ran along with it making it extra gay. The piece itself is about a very parishioner catholic that is also a rampant degenerate with homosexual tendencies and a man who knows how to twist words into his own benefit, he's a famous writer and also an alcoholic unironically the writer's self-insert and one day he gets invited to a small but prosper town to do a talk for a literature club, but in the meantime he starts receiving strange visions of impending doom while struggling with his gay sex urges. Hilarious to write that, especially when the very transgressive role had its cast for Jeroen Krabbe, well-known character actor with comedic undertones, not to mention aggressively jewish; Verhoeven had an explosive combination from the get-go to get the critics mad with this wicked protagonist but it is the ups and downs of his journey and the actual ending that are the actual explosion of the shitcake that he served ceremoniously to the critics, you see: The strange visions are personal Marian apparitions warning him that one of the literature's club members and wealthy stylist, played by perky ''Renee Soutendijk, is the devil in disguise playing games and just like a black widow he will kill him in a long mating ritual just like he did with her 3 previous husbands and multiple partners After realizing at the very last moment what was happening, in the middle of a gay blowjob in a graveyard tomb mind you, our protagonist desperately tries to escape town and when trapped in death's claws after an accident he thanks Mary for Her warnings and seeks for forgiveness for his misdeeds if She was keen to hear him, all of this in the middle of a breakdown that further aggravates when the stylist appears to see how's he doing. After a brief struggle between doctors and nurses our man here is sedated by a nurse who, wait for this, is actually the woman in his visions and the one who also casually tells him to heed his premonitions in the stylist saloon, turns out she was always in-frame in the whole monologue With an angelic tone she tells him he's protected and that nothing will harm him now, moments later in the ending she moves the writer away from all the madness into a secluded room and has a bitching staredown with the stylist who goes away with a new dude asking for trouble If you read that you know it's a chaotic switch that both Verhoeven and the writer idealized to be as hard as possible for the critics to analyze without mixing ideology in, it's either a butt pirate who has his noble christian redemption or a "different" type of guy with flaws that functions normally in society. A tough spot for everyone and while waiting for the results the long-time producer of Verhoeven, Rob Houwer, decided he had enough defending the guy and ended their business links although in an amicable way, first heavy blow and the second one would come with the critic's association deciding not to review the movie and leave it as a niche art house product up to the public to see it or not. More or less they capitulated but the reaction was never public, and with no one wanting to touch him Verhoeven was basically blacklisted after this stunt and went to try his luck in America, packing his bags and leaving as a controversial figure yet probably their most successful representative in terms of television and film directors. For his luck the movie was heavily in circulation on north american film festivals and was praised by critics (who honestly weren't that heterosexual or catholic to begin with, winning accolades in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New York and Seattle) which automatically gave him the opportunity to try his luck there starting with a couple of fantasy projects co-produced with European funds akin to Neverending Story, such as Flesh + Blood and a couple of television episodes. After proving his professional stance he went to Hollywood full time and received only crappy Cannon and Orion scripts, throwing into the trash many of them and felt into a small depression until his wife picked one up and talked her way in about modifying one to his particular satirical and subversive tastes and because they needed the money the Hov thought this was genius and started rewriting and adding depth into one about a cyborg police officer; The rest is history.
A bunch of priests couldn't agree if this is heresy or holy work.

Open file (1.29 MB 1273x628 canvas1.png)
Open file (1.97 MB 1273x626 canvas2.png)
Filone Urbano Lupo Lucio 06/02/2020 (Tue) 08:56:21 No.6821 [Reply] [Last]
Vorrei iniziare una discussione incentrata sul layout urbano. Cosa ne pensate di quello Italiano (o Europeo) rispetto a quello del Nord America? Troppi appartementi (oltretutto brutti (naledetti comunisti ed il loro grigiore)), ed edifici in genere privi di caratteristiche locali proprie (maledette regolamntazioni che fanno sembrare tutto privo di identità). Troppi pochi spazi, e pochi girdini annessi ad abitazioni, a loro volta costruite troppo vicine l'un l'altra. Non so voi, ma l'idea di avere un quartiere costruito all'interno di un parco (o comunque case intercalate a vegetazione, e non alberelli intercalati tra edifici) come negli Stati Uniti non mi disturba affatto.
2 posts and 2 images omitted.
adesso faccio il cazzone: >>6821 >naledetti comunisti >maledette regolamntazioni volevi parlare di urbanistica? sei deragliato in politica. saluti dal deragliatoinpoliticanazi. #metoo
Open file (78.28 KB 640x533 Epic Facepalm 3.jpg)
>>6889 >l'urbanistica non è politica Questo meme vi sta sfuggendo di mano.
Open file (13.90 KB 351x427 aaaaaaa.jpg)
>>6931 affliggevo ironicamente. non sono veramente il deragliatoinpoliticanazi che denunzia. al massimo sono un deragliatoinpoliticafrogio che deraglia.
Guardatevi un film. Iniziamo a discutere di cose serie.

Open file (3.03 MB 720x602 Montag.webm)
Open file (78.58 KB 750x1334 selfi.jpg)
Open file (178.28 KB 883x1174 2020.5.19_ptv4u2.jpg)
Open file (210.50 KB 750x1000 MZ275147.jpg)
Open file (2.33 MB 720x486 champagne.webm)
evgenia lichtner Anonymous 06/02/2020 (Tue) 18:18:36 No.59574 [Reply] [Last]
Ugly as hell. No tits. Looks like an old hag. Pass.
It's not Halloween. Why are you posting spooky skeletons?
Skinny girls are nice of course in fact and she seems racist.
I would like to feed her massively.

Open file (1.31 MB 845x1200 14-1.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 10/24/2019 (Thu) 09:22:04 ID: 0e9074 No.625 [Reply] [Last]
Sono al sesto giorno di NoSturbo.
Vivo da solo ora. L'indipendenza da un lato è molto bella, da un lato mi ha ricordato quanto sono debole.
Ho passato circa un anno da pseudoneet. Intere giornate steso sul letto. Seghe, birra, erba, seghe, birra, erba.
Mi sono reso conto di quanto voglio bene alla mia famiglia, e di quanto loro vogliono bene a me. Non sono mai stato bravo a esprimere i miei sentimenti, quindi non ci proverò più di tanto.
Me ne sono fatto di nuovi, ma anche i miei vecchi amici mi mancano.

Qualche mese fa ho ideato uno schema per fare un po' di soldi. Spinto dalla frustrazione, ho avuto un'impennata di motivazione e risolutezza. Mi son reso conto che per guadagnare devi essere pronto a fare del male agli altri, ma è molto difficile. Motivo per cui ho smesso fon quel metodo, per ora.
La cosa triste è che non mi è rimasto nulla di quello che ho guadagnato: ho sperperato centinaia di euro in cene fuori e alcolici (non sono obeso oer fortuna).
Ogni giorno a dirmi "oggi è l'ultima volta che lo faccio" per poi rifarlo ogni giorno, tre volte al giorno.
Mi son comprato qualche vestito carino, e gadget inutili.
Ho fatto qualche regalo a casa.
I 500 euro che mi rimanevano mi sono stati tolti in circostanze spiacevoli a causa della mia ingenuità.
In un certo senso è una liberazione.
Ho altermato momenti di monotenia e noia soffocante a momenti di adrenalina pura mai provata prima.

Come fa un uomo a ridursi male? Sospetro che sia perché sin da bambino, ho quasi vinto su tutto senza sforzo, vuoi per abilità innate o per fortuna. Non ho mai sviluppato il controllo di me, l'autodisciplina, la capacità di faticare sul lungo periodo.
Ora ho meno paura di prima, e mi sento più vivo. Ma ricostruirsi la propria mente non è facile. Ma senza sovranietà sopra se stessi come la si può avere sulla realtà che ci circonda?
Rendetevi conto, ho procrastinato persino fare questa discussione per mesi. Quando feci la prima, più di un anno fa, ero messo anche peggio.
Un uomo non si comportà così. Un uomo combatte ed è uomo perché combatte.
Non scapperò più. Voglio vivere davvero, come un uomo, non sopravvivere come muffa.
Ho letto che gli animali più nobili non possono sopportare in alcun modo la cattività.

Bisofna avanzare un passo alla volta. Ogni volta che mantieni una promessa fatta, ogni volta che vinci contro le tue debolezze diventi più forte.
Dopo una notte insonne oggi avevo un desiderio terribile di dormire. Ma se lo faccio, mi sfanfulo di nuovo il sonno, e questo mi porterà di nuovo ad una vita misera e passiva. Non posso permetterlo. Nessun freno
102 posts and 32 images omitted.
>>6357 a me piace pensare che ha lasciato la faccenda correre e ha continuato a postare qui. personalmente ho fatto stupidaggini peggiori...
>>6823 Questi sono i filoni più belli. Lupo disonorato combatte insieme a noi.
>>6819 >fuma erba >non ha soldi quando è previsto il salto a fumare cazzi per finanziare l'acquisto della prima?
Open file (337.89 KB 849x790 2srvuz.png)
>>6891 >>6891 Ho smesso con quella e anche con le sigarette, quindi mai per fortuna
>>6891 brutale >>6974 onestamente, se sei riuscito a smettere effettivamente di fumare...diciamo che conosco diverse persone che stanno sempre smettendo di fumare. supponendo che non sia il tuo caso, bravo.

Open file (561.25 KB 1280x1714 2.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 10/28/2019 (Mon) 11:15:25 ID: 5a042f No.671 [Reply] [Last]
Tra un po' c'é la grande festa a Lucca
13 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>6990 In realtà, già ho iniziato a lavorare a questo progettino. Li ho pizzicati a scambiarsi materiale pro sommosse qualche giorno fa ma per questioni personali non ho avuto modo di farci niente. Sono tutte su se ti va di sbizzarrirti. Devo provare una cosa. Se funziona, il resto del Uebmeringhe non avrà che inchinarsi all'Egemonia Italica.
Open file (584.59 KB 600x450 Sem título.png)
Scusatemi, non conosco tanto bene questi aspetti nerd della, diciamo, cultura italiana. Rossopillatemi sul Lucca Comics e eventi anime vari. Almeno in Brasile fino al 2012 ci andavano JB a fare cosplay al limite dello sconcio.
>>6992 Seguo con interesse, in caso apri un filone specifico.
Open file (231.37 KB 2048x1152 Lucca.jpeg)
Open file (123.83 KB 1024x768 Lucca.png) Ancora rido. >>7001 La situazione potrebbe anche peggiorare.
>>7005 se mi beccassero vestito da nazista direi che è un riferimento a jojo.

Open file (52.47 KB 512x512 best distro.png)
/tech/ support Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 14:07:38 No.2826 [Reply] [Last]
Old thread is bumplocked. Lets have another "Questions That Don't Deserve their own thread" thread.
35 posts and 4 images omitted.
I need a new phone. What's something that requires minimal effort to install TWRP/LineageOS? I really hate fucking around with smartphones and just want to call/text and use a handfull of apps. I'm on Verizon, so a Librem won't work. I'm not against a flip phone if anyone has any recommendations on those.
>>2908 >I'm on Verizon, so a Librem won't work. newfag here. why doesn't that work anon? just curious.
>>2903 As which user is your web server running? Can it even find tracker if you execute "which tracker"? And if you need more debug info, use something like exec("/bin/sh tracker search", $lines, $status); var_dump($status, $lines);
>>2909 From my minimal reading, Verizon uses CDMA and Librem only supports GSM
>>2908 It looks like the Pinephone supports Verizon. There doesn't seem to be a port of LineageOS, is UBPorts any good?

Bauhinia Bauhinia 06/04/2020 (Thu) 13:30:03 No.2906 [Reply] [Last]
We and our sisters think this is a very good website
New Asian girls come here for the first good.

Open file (42.68 KB 898x276 ClipboardImage.png)
Free Tor VPSes Anonymous 06/04/2020 (Thu) 11:02:27 ID: 492423 No.12910 [Reply] [Last]
Coming soon. Hosted on Dolphin Servers™

Open file (451.18 KB 1151x657 rsfw91591107139.png)
Lupo Lucio 06/02/2020 (Tue) 14:03:06 ID: c38b62 No.6855 [Reply] [Last]
Un filone su quale sia il modo migliore di organizzare una sezione che non ha sottosezioni. È un filone nuovo in modo da poter mettere il risultato finale nel meta filone.
32 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>6970 la cosa che non è chiaro al tor signore, è che ogni singolo filone è deragliato. Non ho detto quindi di non fare nessunissimo filone sulla politica, ma che sarebbe bello riuscire a parlare di qualcosa che non sia politica, una volta ogni tanto.
>>6975 Qui secondo me hai torto tu, non sono filoni deragliati, erano filoni politici già di partenza solo che erano affissioni tanto per sporcare senza un senso reale. Ora a me va bene tutto: comunisti, socialisti, nazisti, libertariani, democristiani, seguaci del secondo avvento di Gesù e iscritti alla black metal mafia di Burzum ma uno che per sistema mi viene a cacare sul tappeto del salotto, questo no.
Open file (38.48 KB 590x335 trop secret.jpeg)
>>6970 Ci sono nuove evidenze su come il fatto che il catalogo sia infinito e non permetta di far sparire filoni scomodi provochi sia fonte di culi in fiamme. Caso risolto.
>>6981 Tra l'altro, se non ci fosse questo clima di guerra fredda tra zecche e fascisti si sarebbe potuta fare un'impresa comune (e avevo pure iniziato a tessere qualche filo prima di fermarmi perché non ne avevo l'autorità e capii che sarebbe finita malissimo) per risolvere tre quarti delle problematiche di entrambe le comunità. Ma purtroppo o per fortuna il mondo reale non è una comune di figli dei fiori degli anni 60.
>>6983 >guerra fredda tra zecche e fascisti gli unici che sistematicamente invadono tutti gli spazi disponibili per prenderne possesso e distruggerli sono le zecche di merda mi domando se compagno BO e similari non bazzichino da queste parti come avvoltoi della malora, ma sono estraneo a quei vecchi drammi internettiani quindi non posso pronunciarmi.

Open file (133.42 KB 1024x821 1390261186550.jpg)
Channel Autism Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 21:46:51 ID: ea2451 No.16071 [Reply] [Last]
What happened to the alumni?

Also a reminder that Latza is now more successful than any of them.
120 posts and 46 images omitted.
spoopy died
>>56287 >shilling for internet nobodies Still losers. Autism involved or not. Losers for life. Nobodies for life. >>59528 Proof or it didn't happen.
>>59723 Autistic losers just like you.
>>59908 Losers for life can't beat the superior autists. Losers for life never created anything. Losers for life only talked about other people's creations. Now, losers for life are comiting suicide, losing money, losing their homes, being depressed, and everybody is laughing at them. Indeed, losers for life. And there is nothing that you can do about it, loser for life.
>>60342 you're autismo for life

Open file (115.50 KB 1024x683 2awrsetdrjykuhjhgf.jpg)
Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 18:11:40 No.85 [Reply] [Last]
Goal body thread

dont you die on me,/fit/!
14 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (97.85 KB 1280x720 nippard.jpg)
Not sure if I can attain this, I ain't a manlet,
>>399 checked Protip, you can't, nigger ain't natty for shit. you can't be lean and full at the same time, only under artificial treatment and for that you need 2k a month just for drugs, without taking into account doctor fee, analysed sample and shieet.
>>399 Your retarded if you think you could even come close to this.
>>403 >your LMAO
>>403 My retarded? what,

PINEPHONE Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 17:18:21 No.1078 [Reply] [Last]
Have you already ordered your Pinephone?

>$149.99, shipped from China
>Estimate dispatch in late December 2019/early January 2020
>Chipset: Allwinner A64
>CPU: 64-bit Quad-core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A-53
>GPU: MALI-400
>Removable back cover and widely available Samsung battery
>Hardware switches for LTE (include GPS), Wifi/BT, Mic, and Camera
31 posts and 6 images omitted.
Open file (909.59 KB 1250x1000 CIA_Chan.png)
>>1078 I'm pretty excited to order one, but I'll probably order in the 2nd or 3rd run so Pine has a chance to work out the bugs. I'm really happy with my Pinebook Pro, works like a dream. >>2642 Shoo, shoo
>>1711 >Would you believe me if I told you I would rather have the chink government spying on me than my own (U.S.) government? Yes, which is why I personally use Yandex unironically. I trust the Russian more than I do Google and the rest of Silicon Valley. Still, the Chinese are not as less trustworthy as you might think. Looking at the various videos articles from /cvg/, you watch as many Chinese both official communists and unofficial shitheads deliberately botch up products before they are shipped. The Chinese are also known to root many domestically made devices with backdoor software and hardware. Sure, they might not be an existential threat like the U.S. Government, but the companies that make tracking devices are selling and using that data without your permission, often maliciously. To completely ensure a secure phone with secure components in America, while expensive, obscure, hard, and tedious, is at least still possible. We ought to enjoy and use that freedom while it lasts. >>2546 >>2550 >Do the librem 5 cellular data/bluetooth/wifi hard switches actually work as a way to avoid any triangulation methods? The purpose of a phone like Pine or LibreM is lessen the footprint of a communication device you cannot not use so that whatever data a mobile company, NSA, and the like are getting on you, it won't be much and won't cause severe future legal or social problems, if any. Like the other anon said, the cell phone by it's very nature tracks your location. It cannot work without doing so. If you truly wanted to be safe from any and all phone tracking the only way to win is to not play that game. Welcome to the brave new world!
>>2734 >We ought to enjoy and use that freedom while it lasts. /throd.
>>2642 >Ausie cunt gets booted from uni for protesting against the CCP >Google and Apple bend over for chink cock >winnies want to extradite ausies critical of china, labeling them as dissenters
>phone What is this normalfaggotry? Go back to cuck/g/.

Open file (41.19 KB 620x509 Renard-Hitler.jpg)
/any/thing vidya Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:35:43 No.21848 [Reply] [Last]
For the small things in vidya archive of the previous thread:
745 posts and 167 images omitted.
Open file (109.13 KB 533x400 y.jpg)
>>38887 >it's game gear mini
Open file (75.78 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>38936 What's his name again?
>>38937 felix
Open file (70.57 KB 890x443 soy and kike.png)
HAHAHAHAHA Ken must be rolling in his living grave.

Open file (1.56 MB 1462x1704 image[1].png)
/agdg/ - Amateur Game Dev General Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:05:41 No.34398 [Reply] [Last]
"Are you ready for Demo Day?" edition Links >Wiki: >Previous thread: Announcements >QUARTERLY DEMO DAY SCHEDULED FOR May 5th (05/05) >Please contribute to the wiki if you can
Edited last time by Muses on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:37:41.
176 posts and 78 images omitted.
>>38910 >from 4chan's vg Sure if you don't mind the PPH being 10000% slower and nobody still having an actual game.
>>38931 I'd rather have no posts than 4chan posts
Open file (107.36 KB 481x480 blinchiki.jpg)
>>38931 The game was the friends we made along the way.
Open file (46.50 KB 480x480 1510663026934.jpg)
Open file (977.40 KB 315x228 1587417749-0.gif)
>>38933 (checked) I like this kot.

Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 Nostalgia General Fellow Time Traveler 09/09/2019 (Mon) 01:52:13 No.24 [Reply] [Last]
So, what are some of your favorite memories of the old internet? Can be websites, memes, events or any other aspect of the days of Web 1.0 and 1.5 For a quick reference, here's what I would define as Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 >Web 1.0: Usenet, Geocities and Angelfire, AOL (1991-2001) >Web 1.5: Early YouTube, ED, 4chan in its "wild west" days, MySpace, YTMND, Newgrounds and the peak years of dA and (2001-2008) You also had cross-generation stuff like GameFAQs and IMDB which are still around today, although sadly IMDB's infamous message boards are gone
Edited last time by CaesarDude on 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:06:37.
105 posts and 65 images omitted.
>>599 >Please elaborate The website still hosts the ROMs, but removed the links. This is a script to access said links: How to use: install the Violentmonkey extension for your browser (or similar) then navigate to the link above.
>>600 Thanks anon.
This is a cool guide to navigating the Internet from 1991. Includes stuff on Usenet, IRC, MUDS, FTP, and more. Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet A round trip through Global Networks, Newsgroups, and Everything..., Texinfo Edition 1.00, @value{update-month}
>>638 Nice! Thanks for sharing, any way to download a local copy of this?

Open file (17.40 KB 450x320 OIP (8).jpeg)
Open file (15.92 KB 474x316 OIP (9).jpeg)
Open file (15.59 KB 474x349 OIP (10).jpeg)
STOP TELLING AT THE COMPUTER GAMES thread, or /vidya/ meta Lucifer#J/20lw 05/25/2020 (Mon) 00:27:47 ID: 36d095 No.12753 [Reply] [Last]
Gonna use this for pretty much reporting my moderation, logs, etc.. You're welcome to yell, but keep it civil.
83 posts and 26 images omitted.
>>12892 and what brand of schizo are you?
>>12901 Ask irc:// Robi decided to give it to him.
Open file (63.35 KB 742x560 silencebrand.jpg)
>>12902 >irc >ever fuck no, that tells me all I need to know really
Open file (46.03 KB 496x599 newfag.gif)
>>12905 ok zoomer

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