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Meta Anonymous Board owner 09/15/2019 (Sun) 07:35:36 No.144 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome back kings. This is where you can share your girly shotas in peace. They don't necessarily have to crossdress but they must be cute and feminine.
Lolis are also welcome.

The old banners are probably gone for good. I've made some of my own and more are welcome. 300x100, you know the drill. They don't need to have /trapshota/ written on them as that takes up a lot of space.
A custom spoiler image is also on demand.

#1: Be nice.
#2: Don't come here just to piss on our tastes.
#3: Don't post:
-Guro and other extreme content
-Josou seme if the bottom isn't a shota
Edited last time by Panimi on 09/17/2019 (Tue) 16:29:46.
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>>900 >futa Already here. >bara The polar opposite of traps. Not even the regular shota boards welcome it. >ara There's already straight shota here >>865 but I'm not a fan of it. >furries Also overlap with lolis and there's a thread for it on /delicious/ right now. Thankfully it has never been around here but maybe I'd spoiler it.
>>901 Yeah, but the board is no longer focused on trap shotas and includes a wide range of tangentially related topics. Well, bara is tangentially related too. Boys are just young men, and dicks and balls are gay. Bara is gay men. If we like dicks, we're all faggots, so we should just post the truest and purest of faggot content, right? It being tangentially related and all. It makes sense if loli is included. Also, we should get some big titty ara threads going too. Tangentially related, since traps are feminine and aras are feminine too.
>>902 Loli isn't related in the way those are and it's not just tangential. Trap shota isn't "femininity+dicks", it's cute, feminine little kids with dicks. Common character types in doujins are little brothers/cousins, crossdressing schoolboys and so on. Moe is emphasized and so is submissiveness sometimes. Lolis are cute, feminine little kids, share doujin themes and are even often made by the same artists. Obviously they're miles closer ara and bara. People who like trap shota also like loli but hardly ever the other things you mentioned, precisely because they're so similar. The board hasn't lost its focus, all loli discussion goes to /delicious/ by default. Besides the doujin dump which is dead storage my intention is to let loli be posted if it's relevant in trap shota threads (such as comparing stories, characters and artists) because nobody will find it disgusting.
stop spamming doijuns
>>912 Which doujins, and where?

Open file (823.05 KB 2138x3016 hanami01.jpg)
Open file (1.46 MB 2092x3008 hanami05.png)
Open file (1.74 MB 2094x3015 hanami06.png)
Open file (1.45 MB 2084x3015 hanami07.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 2094x3015 hanami08.png)
Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 21:11:49 No.19 [Reply] [Last]
Any actual /trapshota/ refugees here?

This is now the general doujin thread. For your convenience I'll sort them on the top posts by artist and content.

By artist
Aogiri Penta >>379
Amatake Akewo (Pish Lover) >>673
Ayato Ayari >>305
BENNY'S/Inomoto Rikako >>296 >>543
Chinzurena >>399 >>509
Chiro >>162 >>820
Dix-sept >>363 >>368 >>372
EiJi >>300
Ere 2 Earo/Kinokoya Kari >>26 >>117 >>244
fk696 >>251
Fukunotsukuribe >>49 >>55 >>59 >>65 >>72 >>79 >>85 >>90 >>96 >>101
Hinemosu Notari >>548
Ichimura >>351
Inari >>183
Ikuya Daikokudou >>668
Kagechin >>505
Kamirenjaku Sanpei >>679
Kanbayashi Takaki >>403 >>828
Katou Jun >>662
Kitsune Choukan >>629
Kiriyama Machi >>325 >>332 >>340
Komezawa >>837 >>842 >>848
Kousuke >>126
Kurasawa Makoto >>383
Menoko >>613
Midoriiro >>625
Mikami Hokuto >>630 >>637 >>757
MTNO >>619
Nagatsuki Rio >>529 >>533 >>538
Nagi Ichi >>107 >>164 >>660 >>783
Nanamatsu Kenji >>345
Narusawa Sora >>19 >>132 >>217 >>220 >>225
Nekogen >>154 >>359
Neko Maro Rentarou >>171 >>178
Nemunemu (candy paddle) >>37 >>200 >>206 >>255 >>259 >>264 >>267 >>274
Nise >>168
Panimi >>113
Riko >>189 >>192
RQ (Kouen Tanpaku Q) >>280
Saikawa Yusa/udk >>355
Sakura Puchilo >>391 >>395
Sasami Torino >>374
Scotch (BLAZE) >>286 >>291
Suemitsu Dicca >>320
Ueda Yuu >>622
Uehasu (drill'n'girl) >>308 >>315
Zenra QQ >>822
Edited last time by Panimi on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:52:54.
370 posts and 1667 images omitted.
Open file (2.99 MB 2149x3035 011_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.31 MB 2149x3035 012_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.78 MB 2149x3035 013_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.88 MB 2149x3035 014_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.69 MB 2149x3035 015_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.83 MB 2149x3035 016_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.60 MB 2149x3035 017_copy.jpg)
Open file (3.09 MB 2149x3035 018_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.89 MB 2149x3035 019_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.77 MB 2149x3035 020_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.78 MB 2149x3035 021_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.96 MB 2149x3035 022_copy.jpg)
Open file (3.38 MB 2149x3035 023_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.02 MB 2149x3035 024_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.79 MB 2149x3035 025_copy.jpg)
Open file (3.48 MB 2149x3035 026_copy.jpg)
Open file (946.73 KB 2149x3035 027_copy.jpg)
Open file (2.17 MB 2149x3035 028.jpg)
Placeholder post to keep the pinned thread higher.

Open file (1.28 MB 2883x2476 001.jpg)
Open file (972.86 KB 2681x2473 002.jpg)
Open file (674.93 KB 2882x951 003.jpg)
Open file (438.17 KB 2680x943 004.jpg)
Open file (1.64 MB 3707x2468 005.jpg)
Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 12:24:00 No.548 [Reply] [Last]
Second doujin thread for some stuff that's too large or not good enough for the first
[Hinemosu Notari] Mesu-Nized Festival [English] [SaHa]
Posted separately because of its size.
Edited last time by Panimi on 10/12/2019 (Sat) 17:02:27.
117 posts and 565 images omitted.
Open file (2.07 MB 2122x3020 IMG_0026.png)
Open file (2.81 MB 2118x3023 IMG_0027.png)
Open file (2.68 MB 2118x3023 IMG_0028.png)
Open file (809.60 KB 2137x3026 IMG_0029.jpg)
Open file (1.48 MB 1354x1921 085.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 1354x1921 086.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1354x1921 087.png)
Open file (1.38 MB 1354x1921 088.png)
Open file (1.37 MB 1354x1921 089.png)
[Urakuso] Omatsuri Date wa Shigekiteki (Otokonoko HELL'S GATE #02) [English] [mysterymeat3] [Digital]
Open file (1.33 MB 1354x1921 090.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 1354x1921 091.png)
Open file (1.33 MB 1354x1921 092.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1354x1921 093.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 1354x1921 094.png)
Open file (1.36 MB 1354x1921 095.png)
Open file (1.23 MB 1354x1921 096.png)
Open file (1.43 MB 1354x1921 097.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 1354x1921 098.png)
Open file (1.57 MB 1354x1921 099.png)
Open file (1.38 MB 1354x1921 100.png)
Open file (563.43 KB 1920x1080 zcredits.jpg)

Open file (1.15 MB 2544x3496 001.jpg)
Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 19:51:39 No.425 [Reply] [Last]
Posting some loli manga from Sad Panda and elsewhere. Listing by artist: Amezawa Koma >>595 AT >>721 Azusa Norihee >>430 >>436 >>443 >>448 >>455 >>462 >>468 >>476 Hino Hino >>810 >>815 Ishikei >>886 Juan Gotoh >>599 Kannazuki Motofumi >>854 >>858 Mamezou >>727 >>748 Mizu >>736 Noise >>764 Ohnuma Hiroshi >>603 Okina >>753 Oyari Ashito >>425 Sasahara Yuuki >>482

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Panimi on 01/19/2020 (Sun) 13:19:16.
140 posts and 651 images omitted.
Open file (3.79 MB 2115x3013 image00013.jpg)
Open file (3.56 MB 2129x3014 image00014.jpg)
Open file (3.37 MB 2122x3007 image00015.jpg)
Open file (2.89 MB 2130x3003 image00018.jpg)
Open file (2.15 MB 2400x1697 image00018_credits.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 2481x3508 01.jpg)
Open file (881.10 KB 2469x3508 02.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 2470x3508 03.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 2469x3508 04.jpg)
Open file (945.45 KB 2464x3508 05.jpg)
[NiseMIDIdoronokai (Ishikei)] Mikan AX (To Love-Ru) [English][Decensored][Belldandy100]
Open file (1.18 MB 2468x3505 06.jpg)
Open file (1.20 MB 2460x3508 07.jpg)
Open file (889.36 KB 2466x3505 08.jpg)
Open file (1.64 MB 4946x3505 08_09.jpg)
Open file (795.20 KB 2464x3508 09.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 2458x3506 10.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 2466x3508 11.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 2458x3499 12.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 2467x3503 13.jpg)
Open file (801.36 KB 2467x3506 14.jpg)
Open file (713.25 KB 2476x3508 15.jpg)
Open file (1.89 MB 2458x3493 16.jpg)

Open file (1.08 MB 1653x2338 IMG_0002.jpg)
/trapshota/ cloud storage Anonymous Board owner 10/30/2019 (Wed) 22:43:20 No.790 [Reply] [Last]
This link has nearly every doujin posted here and some more. It's not good for viewing but it lets you download anything you want. See the top bar which opens for every folder you pick if you're confused.

Anonymous 08/27/2019 (Tue) 00:43:30 No.33 [Reply] [Last]
Time to make this board true to its name.
14 posts and 57 images omitted.
Open file (290.88 KB 1028x1500 1.jpg)
Open file (279.04 KB 1057x1500 hggh g bjjjjh.jpg)
Open file (497.09 KB 1280x1808 26.jpg)
>>897 Third pic reminds me of the "trap shotas with older men" thread on 8chan. I miss it, I've never seen again some of the pictures there.

Anonymous 02/06/2020 (Thu) 14:17:36 No.904 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: Joel Jurion, fridge and other western artists.

Open file (654.01 KB 1720x2428 arunatsu_001.png)
Open file (590.46 KB 1720x2428 arunatsu_002.png)
Open file (631.47 KB 1720x2428 arunatsu_003.png)
Open file (723.17 KB 1720x2428 arunatsu_004.png)
Open file (706.47 KB 1720x2428 arunatsu_005.png)
Anonymous 10/04/2019 (Fri) 20:17:59 No.497 [Reply] [Last]
/shota/ thread for boys not effeminate enough for the rest of the board
[Amungu] Aru Natsu no Hirusagari [English] [Shotachan]
56 posts and 255 images omitted.
Open file (827.57 KB 1721x2486 072.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 1710x2481 073.png)
Open file (1.00 MB 1725x2484 074.png)
Open file (976.37 KB 1714x2478 075.png)
Open file (2.31 MB 1650x2400 00.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 1659x2400 01.png)
Open file (1.63 MB 1657x2400 02.png)
Open file (2.08 MB 1654x2400 03.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1664x2400 04.png)
[urakusoG (urakusoG)] Orera ga Uchiban! (Touken Ranbu) [English] {Shotachan}
Open file (1.35 MB 1652x2400 05.png)
Open file (1.34 MB 1654x2400 06.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 1648x2400 07.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 1655x2400 08.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1651x2400 09.png)
Open file (1.37 MB 1658x2400 10.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 1653x2400 11.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1656x2400 12.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 1649x2400 13.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1658x2400 14.png)
Open file (552.43 KB 1647x2400 15.png)
Open file (34.05 KB 1649x2400 16.png)
Open file (2.74 MB 1657x2400 99.jpg)
Open file (546.20 KB 727x1000 shotachan_credits.png)

Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 12:07:49 No.148 [Reply] [Last]
Crossdressing boys with girls
26 posts and 115 images omitted.
Open file (546.37 KB 1120x1600 032.png)
Open file (464.78 KB 1120x1600 033.png)
Open file (354.34 KB 1120x1600 034.png)
Open file (566.62 KB 1145x1600 036.png)
Open file (138.45 KB 1120x1516 cred.png)
Open file (410.41 KB 874x1262 IMG_0127e.jpg)
Open file (379.54 KB 870x1244 IMG_0128e.jpg)
Open file (340.20 KB 880x1248 IMG_0129e.jpg)
Open file (307.31 KB 870x1248 IMG_0130e.jpg)
Open file (371.39 KB 874x1264 IMG_0131e.jpg)
Nemunemu - We're Twins
Open file (357.01 KB 868x1266 IMG_0132e.jpg)
Open file (376.45 KB 874x1248 IMG_0133e.jpg)
Open file (380.83 KB 870x1248 IMG_0134e.jpg)
Open file (326.22 KB 870x1264 IMG_0135e.jpg)
Open file (362.30 KB 866x1264 IMG_0136e.jpg)
Open file (389.25 KB 872x1264 IMG_0137e.jpg)
Open file (362.36 KB 866x1264 IMG_0138e.jpg)
Open file (430.73 KB 872x1242 IMG_0139e.jpg)
Open file (396.90 KB 872x1264 IMG_0140e.jpg)
Open file (362.06 KB 868x1264 IMG_0141e.jpg)
Open file (363.70 KB 868x1246 IMG_0142e.jpg)
Open file (380.57 KB 878x1248 IMG_0143e.jpg)
Open file (354.15 KB 868x1248 IMG_0144e.jpg)
Open file (341.55 KB 874x1264 IMG_0145e.jpg)
Open file (363.80 KB 866x1252 IMG_0146e.jpg)

Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 21:35:30 No.279 [Reply] [Last]
This is one idea I've had for a while: selecting cropped doujin sections, mostly following the geometry of the page, and chosen not just for humor (cropped doujin dialogue is already common) but also for hotness.
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