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Anonymous 01/26/2020 (Sun) 07:42:07 No.64168 [Reply] [Last]

Open file (87.93 KB 1296x730 saymyname.jpg)
Breaking Bad Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 06:04:03 No.61534 [Reply] [Last]
Show for normalfags or is it redeemable? I mean it has a good structure for making episodes.
>show what's happening at the middle of the episode
>opening credits
>episode starts from Act I and work from there to reach the episode teaser
There are flaws in the show. The obvious being shoving a nazi gang near the end of the show for no reason apart from "fuck nazi scum." But apart from that, the show isn't too political. It can do some action scenes right (except when the 2 brothers had to versus Hank). The tension music also corresponds to the scene well. But I'm wondering if a show can be that good be hated by /tv/?
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>Better Call Saul Chuck best character. Watch and you'll see.
>>64200 >skyler had a nice rack therefore she's a kikess Fuck off JIDF, why does Gal Gadot look like a rat-monkey hybrid while the goy Lynda Carter still bullies the chestlet with her magnificent tits at 70+? >>61536 Skyler was a well written character and your butthurt is proof of it.
Open file (315.20 KB 594x800 zkh.png)
>>64212 >Skyler is well written
>>64223 I think he meant that Skyler was well-written to be hated.
>>64223 If Skyler was poorly written people would be indifferent towards her. >zachusations lol, the hapa is too childish to watch BrBa from start to end. He probably watched the worst episode because Rian Flopson directed it though.

Open file (121.88 KB 438x500 Australian Bane.png)
META THREAD Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 21:05:56 No.64132 [Reply] [Last]
Hey Ogrehoole, if you're not going to bother hotpocketing julay/tv/ then fucking hand it over to someone else, or at least hire some vols. There's enough anons who don't want to go to 8coon after pastry yid kills vch again to warrant not letting this place get spammed to death by hapas.
7 posts omitted.
What is there to moderate, honestly? It's not like deleting one of the handful of threads would make much difference, considering how slow this board is. >inb4 zachusations
>>64170 We need female mods...
>>64172 Ask /ara/ :^)
>>64173 I don't know this board. But I will ask.
>>64172 We need Percolatrice

Open file (259.71 KB 651x544 shot00581.jpg)
Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 01:33:22 No.62352 [Reply] [Last]
Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance.
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Sup NK
>>64134 I can't remember anything from this film to quote it and there's no way I'm watching it again. Claire Danes isn't that hot.
>>64155 >he can't remember shakespeare uhh....
>>64155 >CAPULET: Peace, you mumbling fool! >Utter your gravity o'er a gossip's bowl; >For here we need it not. >LADY CAPULET: You are too hot. Now that's some spicy dialogue.
Open file (2.89 MB 466x360 CD.mp4)
>>64175 Omigod, she's the best Hollywaifu.

Open file (41.15 KB 334x500 51mwN3MC7LL.jpg)
Open file (43.22 KB 802x1064 WFC 2020-1-13.PNG)
Weekly Film Club: The Science of Sleep Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 02:03:43 No.63767 [Reply] [Last]
>Soon after the death of his father, a distraught young man (Gael García Bernal) begins a job as a graphic designer, but has little chance to create. His intense dreams begin to overtake his waking life and he becomes increasingly caught up in flights of fancy. His hyperactive imagination then begins to interfere with his courtship of a pretty neighbor (Charlotte Gainsbourg). NEXT WEEKS THEME: Winner of /tv/ award for best film obviously no nominees this week
I'm Zach and I'm the only person on /tv/ who watched this years and years ago. You all have shit taste
Pop Tragedy. The oddly bright imagination of Michel Gondry. Michel Gondry is always trying to make his own pop song, yet film is his medium of choice. That explains the strangeness of Gondry’s sprightly yet sad new movie, The Science of Sleep. It expresses a screwed-up young man’s romantic passion. Stephane (Gael Garcia Bernal) wants to escape the influence of his mother (played by ’70s French nonconformist icon Miou-Miou), find his own place in the world by relocating from South America to Paris and fall in love (with Stephanie, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg). His failure should turn the film into a tragedy because Stephane folds up inside his own ego. But The Science of Sleep is a pop tragedy; it makes innermost human foible ebullient. Recalling “La Lettre,” the quirky, melancholy short about unrequited love available on Gondry’s Director’s Label DVD, The Science of Sleep articulates common young adult emotional dilemmas (the same troubles muttered and palsied in Andrew Bujalski’s Mutual Appreciation). For Gondry the impulse is so intense that Stephane feels isolated, even though everyone around him (including his oddball colleagues toiling in the basement of a bank) knows some version of the same plaint. Despite this dark realization, The Science of Sleep is fingerpaint- and construction paper-bright. It has a pop song’s adolescent, pre-verbal, amorous drive. Stephane’s subconscious reflects the modern condition of lonely, fragmented spiritual lives. Gondry presents it as a media-saturated nerdscape like Wayne’s World—or, more seriously, Rupert Pupkin’s maladjusted life in The King of Comedy. Stephane imagines broadcasting from his own TV studio—not for fame; rather, his fears loom in paranoid, closed-circuit transmissions. These visions are as scary as they are sweet—poignantly homespun, pervy yet common. He simply wants a girl to share his imagination. Stephane geekily describes love as “parallel synchronized randomness” and Gondry visualizes this cute/crazy theory as playhouse hallucinations. They give comic texture to Stephane’s tormented daily life. (Interestingly, Gondry intuits Stephane’s dislocation as a culture-wide problem: when Stephane dumps a TV set in a river, the infernal thing floats—a disturbing, ineradicable image.) With childlike innocence, Gondry shows that Stephane needs to use his imagination in order to communicate and love. This goes beyond the boho solipsism in Andrew Bujalski films. Gondry reconnects moviegoers to the anxiety of socializing—the reasons we pine for a love of our own. I can’t think of another film that made the pain of relationships such a vivid daytime nightmare. Patient viewers will take Gondry’s movie to heart and keep it there, because its truth, though shamefaced, is revelatory. Although lead actor Bernal is appropriately boyish, he’s a charmless fellow, carrying the stench of his preceding bad movies. But there is genuine charm in how Gondry presents Stephane’s neuroses. Gondry’s methods boast the fingerprint authenticity of personal fantasy through objects made with wood, cardboard and felt (recalling the puppet show in Being John Malkovich). One of Gondry’s finest images is an animated patchwork blanket that depicts Stephane and Stephanie’s tryst via cartoon figures moving among the squares. It’s handmade cinema “magic” worthy of the French avant garde and more imaginative than the anime in A Scanner Darkly. It proves conceptual filmmaker Matthew Barney was right to insist on pure art filmmaking in his own work, but Gondry still has the common touch. (Stephane is obsessed with the equally dexterous Stephanie: “I love her cuz she makes things. It’s as if her synapses were directly connected to her fingers.”) These days, given the (ironic) dumbing-down of technologically advanced digital-cinema, few films can equal Gondry’s homespun craft. Gondry is a legitimate heir of both garage rock and the French avant-garde. But that 1920s movement is not so remote from contemporary awareness as the lack of arts education in contemporary schools would lead you to think. Gondry’s music videos and films show his ease with the cut-and-past, DIY ingenuity of kindergarten, art school, primitive art, bohemia and PeeWee’s Playhouse. He’s what Tim Burton would be if Burton had never bonded with monster movies or gone Hollywood. The Science of Sleep has a comparatively unfettered flow and surrealistic warp that Eternal Sunshine only suggested. It’s full of confessional paradoxes like a great pop song, with The Rolling Stones bragging “I only get my rocks off while I’m sleeping” and Scritti Politti confessing, “No one understands me like you.” Gondry has made a startling film about a love-sick isolate whose desires are locked in his own head.

Open file (26.29 KB 600x381 favourite.jpeg)
Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:22:40 No.64118 [Reply] [Last]
Kino of the decade
It was aesthetically amazing but the plot and characters were more than ridiculous.
>>64119 It's Barry Lyndon with women, rise and fall of the wannabe aristocrat.
>garbage of the decade that /r/movies tier incels keep pushing on cuckchan and this shit tier board

Open file (29.43 KB 812x456 stone.jpeg)
Anonymous 01/23/2020 (Thu) 02:30:37 No.64036 [Reply] [Last]
what's her best film?
2 posts omitted.
It hasn't been made yet, but it's the video of her wedding. I'm the groom.
>>64104 you're a jew?
>>64107 No, I'm Dave McCary.
The ones she's blonde in.
>>64120 based

Open file (651.60 KB 2000x3000 079.jpg)
Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 17:01:38 No.52 [Reply] [Last]
I used to be a stonefag but I realized it was stupid to shill a woman with faults like everybody else. I hereby declare myself mentally celibate. The age of waifus is over.
68 posts and 25 images omitted.
>the fear sets in, she knows she's gonna put out to weinstein yet again or the role will be given to someone else
>>64089 She was cast by JK Rowling and the female casting director you are an incel >>64090 >1,000,000th papa photo of Emma Watson >she's with her roomate
Open file (19.65 KB 480x270 RuSXRhNwR4I.jpg)
>>52 This. We live in the post-waifuist era, bros. Lusting after HARVested e-bitches is out of fashion and the epitome of cringe.
>>64094 What's that, anon? You want a waifu that's never been harvested, can act AND sing? Well good golly, do I ever have the one for you!
Open file (5.28 KB 259x194 1418336605095.jpg)
>>64101 >low standards >"You can't have a non-prostitute role model that's because I can't!!!!" And the Oscar award for cope..... Goes to the mental age 14 ameriburger

Which /tv/ is the real /tv/ Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 03:30:44 No.63819 [Reply] [Last]
Vch, 8kun, Julay. Which one is the real one?
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
All of those /tv/ boards are deserted, even the vch kike bunker has no more than 2 pph, where the hell is everybody?
>>63920 raidcall
tv dead
>>63827 I like hundreds and hundeds of films and plenty you have never seen in one sitting lmao, RENT FREE
Open file (1.24 MB 1000x1024 VLhLG33.png)
>>63819 <Vch - ran by a duplicitous kike you can't trust <8coom - ran by the same duplicitous kike you can't trust and is also monitored by FBI >Julay - safe and secure

Open file (4.78 MB 640x360 HardTarget.webm)
Martial Arts Movies/Shows Anonymous 01/20/2020 (Mon) 22:16:39 No.63989 [Reply] [Last]
Subject. Jackie Chan, JCVD, Karate Kid, The Raid, Bruce Lee, Ip Man, talk about whatever. Do you think we'll ever get another performer like Jackie Chan? Will Ip-Man 4 suck dick? Speaking of Karate Kid, is Cobra Kai worth watching or is it just nostalgia bait? What do you think of the Undisputed movies and why is 3 objectively the best one? What's your favorite martial arts movie and why isn't it First Strike? Apologies for the watermark, was the most decent quality of the clip I could find.
2 posts omitted.
>>64008 I bet he did lol, didn't bother watching it.
>>63989 Cobra Kai isn't nostalgia bait. It is nostalgia bait and switch. It lures you in thinking you will get a Karate Kid series told from the perspective of the antagonist 30 years down the road. Instead you get a strawman of the evil white man trope. The entire thing plays out like it was written by some nerd who was jealous that chad got laid in high school and wants to imagine that chad is a failure as hung up on things that happened when he was fifteen as much as the nerd is. Johnny never grew up and is effectively stuck as the same person who lost to Daniel in the first movie. Completely disregarding Johnny's growth and development as a character in Karate Kid three he is presented as an eternal loser who can only ever be the villain leading him to become a mentor to delinquents and reforming Cobra Kai dojo to clash and once again be crushed by Daniel through his proxy, Johnny's own estranged son. The plot itself sounds interesting and could have made for good drama had the writer possessed the talent to write compelling and complete characters. Unfortunately the script is shallow, the characters are hollow caricatures, and the whole thing feels empty and vindictive.
>>64012 Huh, that's a shame. I would have loved to seen more of Daniel's actor since I thought he was the strongest of the actors in Karate Kid and I wouldn't mind a martial arts focused tv show. Was Johnny in Karate Kid 3 though? I don't remember him being in it at all, not even as a cameo.
>>64013 Not Daniel's, Johnny's.
>punch punch wooop woop LOL fuck off pleb

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