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Open file (158.98 KB 1600x900 1.jpg)
Welcome to /tv/ Gahoole ##kme2Vw 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:57:41 No.1
This is the bunker board for /tv/ in case either vch.moe/tv/ or the upcoming 8kun gets shut down for any variety of reasons.

Rules are located here https://julay.world/tv/rules.html zach can fuck off

If you have any questions email to: gahoole2@airmail.cc or just post in this thread

https://vch.moe/tv/index.html is BACK
Edited last time by Gahoole2 on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:40:49.
Hey it does feel like a bunker.
Just made a new video. Everyone should install zeronet too

Just in case things go really sour
where's all the anons at?
this site sucks. lose weight you fatass incel
chen2 seems decent for any fellow /pol/tards
Because mods can see your IP otherwise.
8chan is available through TOR access now. Very slow unfortunately

Tucows seized Jim's 8chan domains btw
Jesus fucking christ
Why is this happening
The (((media))) is trying to pin the blame for all those shootings on 8chan and the normalfags are believing them doing whatever (((they))) tell them to do like the cattle they are.
yo retard, put the zeronet url in the description like this 1DdPHedr5Tz55EtQWxqvsbEXPdc4uCVi9D or 1DdPHedr5Tz55EtQWxqvsbEXPdc4uCVi9D so google doesn't cut the it off and you have to dig through a bunch of garbled text to get to it.

Open file (33.33 KB 1383x163 zeronet.png)
Open file (659.80 KB 773x960 Nice_meme.png)
>he doesn't know you can reset your ID at any time.

Also 100 get
what exactly is this? you can't post
No girls allowed.
Open file (19.68 KB 400x457 MANINA~1.JPG)
>I was right in the middle of giving Zach shit for thinking Harry Potter has good worldbuilding, and now it's all gone
The site is back up and readable but posting is down. Was able to login to my mod account but can't anymore

Well this isn't good
Open file (402.98 KB 1080x1370 1565132979455.jpg)
This is fucking insane.
lol what are they going to do? Pressure bawkbawkland into extraditing him? Jim needs to respond with another video directly addressing them. Just four simple words will convey his message perfectly.
>Niggers tongue my anus.
gahoole was such a dumb nigger
>"oh everything's going to be fine chodemonkey said we'd be up in an hour"
>yeah go ahead and use 08chan when it stores CP in your data folder it's totally safe
You can blacklist though.
Bunch of self-important do-nothing retards, the fucker never mentions 8ch and neither fucking shooter mentions being radicalized on 8ch. Not to mention it's not like they maintained live threads of atrocities we just got a one post fucking dump after the fact. These politicians and tech companies are such fucking cucks.
You have to go through the entirety of every thread to make sure nothing slips onto your computer though.
These are the latest archives from that thread.
The worst part is you have to enable javascript, cops have busted pedos on tor by exploiting javascript weak points.
Yeah don't fucking use the zeronet site at all. Thought it would be fine as a temp safe haven but fuck it illegal shit is on there now. At least we got here up and running fine for now.
Also for now I'll use this discord more often: https://discord.gg/cxbxAtD

In case Mark has to close this place down go there if you want to keep in contact. The less ways they have of cutting us off the better and at this point I would say discord is a necessary evil
>Also I'll use this proprietary/ javascript ridden discord more often
Lmao 😂👌
Managed to archive a new one
You aren't going to get into legal trouble for using discord. You probably could for using the zeronet. Do whatever you want though, I'm not your boss
Open file (915.28 KB 245x285 source.gif)
>You aren't going to get into legal trouble for having cp downloaded on your harddrive through this centralized proprietary service
Discord isn't going to download shit to your hard drive and Gahoole has mods on his channel
It has great worldbuilding you flaming autist.
hey zach
Sweet Jesus. I just looked at Hapamonkey's twitter and the thing is packed wall to wall with schizophrenic boomers Q LARPing. I can understand boomers supporting dup because they are booomers, but this shit is next level dimensional chess.
>dup is btfoing out us because he is getting his enemies to lower their guard so he can btfo them and then unbtfo us. Trust the plan and suffer for the moment true blue state patriots. All the posters on 8ch who aren't with Q are honeypot falseflag LARPers trying to take our chan from us. Our time of salvation shall come. #WWG1WGA #ThankQ #SecretOps
Open file (2.33 MB 600x522 pattalking.webm)
One of the biggest boards on zeronet is the boomer board. It's hilarious because demented boomers managed to get in while a lot of /v/edditors complain that they don't know how to get zeronet to run.
zeronet is super easy to use but also downloads cp to your pc so uh
Wouldn't it be fun if somebody baited the boomers into downloading and redistributing CP, so that they would be mass prosecuted and their whole generation would be once more framed as the degenerates they are?
Glad you could join us, Zach.
Open file (196.64 KB 443x455 repent zoomer.png)
As long as men still draw breath who yearn to talk about kino, /tv/ will stand.
I want to believe guys.
He really needs to get rid of that mustache and change his haircut, dude looks like an honest to god autist.
Wait, was Jim an honest to god autist this whole time?
Open file (185.01 KB 481x1139 drifter.png)
The man uploads ASMR videos and collects fountain pens - he is one of us. He should go for a Tom Selleck moustache, but the new sideburns aren’t too shabby tbqh.
Open file (12.53 MB 480x270 jim.mp4)
i'm here breh

israel did 911
Spacechan has a bunker for the /trannypol/ bunker. /vanguard/
This is a public service announcement.
spacechan is shit regardless.
It's actually /vangaurd/. All those books and /leftypol/ can't even spell lol
spacechan is pure cancer, avoid at all costs
Open file (586.08 KB 1034x716 :D.png)
Do you know you're all my very best friends?
I bet there's youtube tutorials where boomers teach each other already.
They had those to explain each other how to browse /qresearch/ lmao
Before clicking I thought they were already explaining zeronet to each other lol
give them a few days, they are elderly
Open file (20.56 KB 480x480 [Autistic Shrieks].jpg)
>you lived to see the day where imageboards were plagued by overage pls dies instead of underage b&s
Open file (789.34 KB 500x715 Driver.png)
Been around since the first exodus in 2014, and on halfchan since 2009, and visited 99chan and Endchan in-between. But, it looks like this is the final nail in the coffin for shitposting as we know it. We had a good run, and it was (mostly) fun while it lasted.
Some of you guys are alright. Take care.
Does your cockmail still work?
Yeah, unless Canfield has pulled the plug on it.
The day the shootings happened I was talking with some other anons and mentioned I had been on imageboards almost exclusively since 2004. When we left 4chan I said that if 8chan dies I had nowhere left to go. In my lifetime I half lived to see the complete gentrification of the internet. All influence and visitors gathering at a few controlled spots. Gone are the days of a million different communities scattered in every direction. Now it is all soulless monotonous uniformity. The same ugly aesthetics, the same tiresome catchphrase. Just fucking goyim mindlessly consuming and regurgitating propaganda.

Everything is wearying.
Also I am a retard for not figuring out how to use the site correctly lol.

I'm working on getting a custom css to make it look like normal /tv/
Now you are crawling here after the old place didn't seem so stable isn't?
Why not let someone else have the legacy board name if something happens? Now you have both /tv/'s in the Webring
What about Spacechan?
Fuck off blooba.
Am I free to BTFO DUP here?
Only if you buy the dup btfo goldpass.
Add some dark theme like tomorrow, copying the /k/ one would be fine.
Please report any errors/issues you encounter.
Edited last time by robi on 11/30/2019 (Sat) 01:40:41.
Guess it happened.
A huge issue of lynxcancer - you can't embed in the OP and threads with embedded OPs now show nothing.
also, threads in the catalog don't update properly
How many fags went to 8koom?
i dont recommend going there, they seem to really want to ban vpn access

there's always some kind of issue with vanwatech, it's just taking me to the vanwatech website when I try to browse there

Just the way they've behaved and fucked around and this shit. You know they want your real ip and data to sell, and they're just gonna pull the plug and fuck around whenever the pedos don't want anyone seeing things.
Only the most retarded retards went there.
That's right, even the hapadup is unironically smarter than anyone who ran to "buy our meme paintings goyim" the site.
I find myself spreading out. I post on /tv/ there, here, on 8channel. I'll have more of a reason if the boards that were suppose to be restored ever really come back. The whole thing has been such a shit show.
What the fuck is 8channel, nigger?
It's a fucking imageboard you putz, what the fuck else would it be?
Open file (194.09 KB 197x441 nanotech.png)
It's run by some tranny who hung out with the ACF retards that wanted to monetize their userbase by any means possible.
nice try nano, nobody is posting on your shithole
This /tv/ is just unusable for me in its current state so I'm on 8coon. I need a dark theme or at the very least a light theme that is more yellow/sandstone than blue. Yotsuba is cancer that hurts my eyes.
Is this board literally just /zach/?
Light theme has been here for less than a day, what are you on about?
Reminder that zach has yet to set foot on 8dup's /tv/.
Doesn't that make him smarter than Gahoole?
I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but I have been banning him and deleting his posts already.
I can't do the same here for reasons I'll keep to myself. We live in a society.
Him, one or two other anons, and me probably.
I must btfo dup on any /tv/ where there are no reliable dup btfo'ers.
Also 8dup turned out to be btfo in so many ways that I almost wanted to root for fredup btfonan these past couple of weeks, but I'd never root for a btfo'd bonedup lol
hey zach
I cannot get over how fucking awful 8kun's captcha is. This shit is the actual worst.
Open file (549.73 KB 3548x664 gahooole.png)
Ugly on the inside and outside you pleb virgin!
Which thread is this in?
>work in a mart
>look at food all day
>get to eat only shitty microwaved food once in a day
It's already down, it was >>57388 and jewgle cached only the first 5 posts or so. Nobody on /cow/ bothered to archive it.
So was that actually gahoole or a roleplayer?
I need more proofs than that screencap for shitposting reasons.
t. not gahoole
It is, that is why you need to donate to based Mark and vch so that Gahoole can get some money.
It was gayhoole al right
Open file (14.65 KB 1447x91 gayhoole 5.png)
Open file (12.48 KB 1443x89 gayhoole 4.png)
Open file (7.52 KB 595x72 gayhoole 3.png)
Open file (8.62 KB 815x76 gayhoole 2.png)
I got the rest
This is what being a slaphead does to ya, kids!
>getting bent out of shape over sex
lol get a load of this btfo'd BOdup
duphoole if you're reading this you need to stop thinking simply getting laid will make your life less btfo, it won't, otherwise roastdups would be the happiest people on the planet instead of btfo'd petri dishes with countless STdups.
Holy Yikes, Zach was right all along.
Hey hapadup, using slickb8 as evidence is btfo'd af tbh famdup
Zappa btfo
>this is the /tv/ BO
Alimony demon is restless ever since she lost her grasp on Brendan. I think /just/ going down also had something to do with it, it was a containment board.
Don't disable the dupflags duphoole, I enjoy watching dupfn get btfo by the dupflags
Gahoole when you are going to do a Mukbang stream?
About saying his grandfather married a flip after he killed a komodo dragon and was made the king of the Philippines?
The only part of that he said was roasting a komodo dragon, which is believable
Hi Zach
Looks like you left early.
He said a king in the Phillipines, of some tribe if I recall correctly, not "the king of the Phillipines".
And he said that's when he met his filipino grandma.
Seek hekp
You should seek white genes to make up for the half of you that isn't human.
It's one quarter that is flip.
Oh sorry, I forget so easily. I mean, look at this face. Quarter, half, could be any amount and he still looks like a walking abortion.
Flips are also mixed with spics. Zach has residual moor genetics lmao
>zach has nigger blood in him
That explains the intelligence lol
>aryan blood is now moorish
>this thing
Open file (49.75 KB 492x622 zach.png)
Open file (40.25 KB 308x544 z.jpg)
Looks more white than any imageboard anon's picture I've seen
>talking in third person when anyone can easily identify your post
You look like a mongrel, Zach.
Damn, I wish I hadn't deleted my 56% folder, someone post goblins to remind hapa what he is.
>leave for 8kun/tv/ while hapadup is sperging on julay
Oh holy shit, I see what's going on now.
Open file (65.92 KB 1024x770 mutti.jpg)
stay obsessed retards lolll
>>61915 baste
>>61920 This
>spend all day trying to make oc >have a specific vision in mind >take a step back to look upon my work >it is a borderline abomination I don't know if this thing ever will or ever should see the light of day. I'm so disappointed in myself.
>>63379 The answer is yes, it should. There is always potential for kino.
Is 8coon fucked for anyone else? Takes forever to load and won’t let me post at all.
>>63416 >unironically using 8kun
>>63416 >rare flag Is this an Austmann I'm seeing?
>>63426 Aye! Hope you are having a splendid white Yule down in Daneriket, Nic.
Open file (59.72 KB 640x360 469.jpg)
>>63431 The same for you my friend, and a happy new year as well. Valhalla rises.
Unban all the IPs Mark banned from vch you fucking Negro Asian retard.
Open file (97.73 KB 545x398 1455474381711.png)
>>64511 This is some next level schizo retardation. Mark has no power here and importing his bans is a technical impossibility. Your problem isn't Mark, it's your delusions.
>>64535 He's asking him to unban the IPs on vch retard, where else is he supposed to ask if every IP he tries to use on vch is banned for "fedposting" or whatever the fuck the kike was throwing a shitfit about at the time.
>>64539 >t. fedposter
>>64548 The only fedposting I've seen is people saying 8kun isn't the worst website on the internet.
Open file (578.98 KB 1920x2160 The Dunk is Real.jpg)
So how long has this been a thing? http://www.dunkin-donuts.dk/drink/hot-drinks/dunkaccino/ Was it always real all along and I just got meme'd into thinking it was a moment of self-awareness on Adam Sandler's part where he chose to lampoon his own shameless exploitation of product placement?
>>64681 Of course it's real, that's what makes it so funny.

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