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Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 21:13:47 No.63773
Really makes you think
Yeah, actually, it does. It really makes me wonder where the fuck he got a spacecraft to go flying at all and how he was able to get there so quickly.
Oh wait, I was thinking of the scene later on after Rey ditches him. What this particular scene makes me think of is, neither Rian or JJ knew what the absolute fuck they were doing with these movies or pretty much any other movie they got their hands on.
>>63815 He found a non damaged original tie fighter in the Death star wreckage, when Rey is fucking around inside it shows a hangar with some ties still there, some damaged
>>63816 1. I don't remember that at all. 2. That sounds like some kinda bullshit.
>>63834 It would be easier to pay attention if the movie wasn't the dullest thing since Harry Potter.
>>63841 Makes me think that Harry Potter is pretty fucking dull.
>>63844 If it wasn't the dullest franchise, then how did it create the must untalented "actress" who can't so much as act or sing?
>>63847 If it's just cuckchan memes, then why is her career dead?
>>63849 >more movies since 2013 than Tom Cruise and Leo Dicaprio >does whatever she wants when she wants >2 billion dollars worth of movies since HP while doing plenty lower budget films >acting for 2 decades Yeah I'm thinking it's cuckchan memes by incels!
>h-h-er career is dead >literally has a movie out RIGHT NOW that she is second billed in What did he mean by this? XD
>>63851 >>63853 It's pretty dead, Zach. Stone's career is going strong, though. Maybe you should get on board with Best Emma.
>>63855 >it's pretty dead >stone Stone has (0) billion dollar movies and Watson has 9 (9) of them And has an actual film in theaters right now, not zombieland 2 tier shit Sad!
>>63857 >And has an actual film in theaters right now That nobody is seeing. Sad!
>>63859 >>63861 It's funny, because even Jennifer Lawrence can act better than Flopson. The only difference is, Lawrence didn't choke down any Jew dicks for her roles, unlike a certain untalented casting couch whore.
>>63863 >it's funny because Jennifer Lawrence can act better than Emma Stone. FTFY And Lawrence choked down all the jew dicks in Hollywood to get famous. Meanwhile Watson was famous from doing huge blockbuster classics in a decade straight that Jlaw and Stone will never ever be a part of
>NPC comment after NPC comment directed towards Zach And you really think you're winning anything or have an argument?
>>63865 >>63866 lol Harvey blockbustered all over Flopson's face
Imagine get casting coached like Emma Stone and still not having one single billion dollar film since your face is so busted to shit and everyone knows you just play yourself in every single "movie" you are a part of
>>63867 Lol Harvey had nothing to do with 16 of her most popular films, sweetie.
Why do incels continue to repeat cuckchan memes about Watson? Is it because they are btfo?
Open file (328.23 KB 647x529 top LOL.png)
>the whores that Harvey fucked didn't even make as much money as Watson did from acting >they didn't even make as much fame as she did from one harry potter movie let alone 8 of them in a row Incels mad that Watson beat the system and was famous and rich for being an actress in classic films lol
>>63868 >>63869 >>63870 >>63872 >emma stone does a musical >no autotune >flopson does a musical >autotune everywhere Yeah, keep multiposting, that'll prove how not mad you are for having the worst taste in waifus.
Open file (433.79 KB 720x568 record breaking.png)
>>63874 Too bad about the autotune :^/
Open file (20.13 KB 620x165 records b.png)
>>63873 >emma stone does a musical >it has zero memorable songs because it was written by a jew with no talent >the "Actors" in it can't even dance >they can't sing either >the songs are hot garbage >it doesn't even gross as much as Emma Watsons musical did in it's first weekend in it's entire run Sad!
>>63875 Too bad you ran with than youtube meme ;( The beast had more production than anyone and it was her 3rd film she's sung in. If people thought it was so shit it wouldn't have become the highest grossing opening for a female lead film and been Emma Watson's home countries highest grossing musical of all time to boot. Sad that Stoney gets dunked on
>>63876 >>63879 >The beast had more production than anyone Is that your nickname for Flopson? I mean, she is ugly and all. I guess it fits, it's just weird.
So this is where hapadup went, I thought vch/tv/ was suspiciously high quality for once.
>the largest film Emma Stone has been in was one of those amazing spiderman movies which were dogshit and had to be rebooted as soon as possible YIKES
>>63881 Shhh, don't mention the real board. We have to keep the tumor here.
Open file (520.72 KB 1044x534 retarded mong.png)
>>63881 >high quality
Open file (71.81 KB 512x333 heh real kino.png)
>>63883 >the real board
>>63880 >incelposting Ooof
>>63884 >>63885 Creepy obsession, dude.
Open file (76.64 KB 1920x800 emma beauty.jpg)
>>63887 Gahoole obsession with being an attention whore slapdup really is creepy .....
Open file (155.84 KB 266x379 eww the fuck.png)
>>63889 MILK
Open file (136.53 KB 1080x1349 emma watson 2019.jpg)
>>63892 more like vs TRANNY lmao
>>63890 I would throw down money that Zach beats off to Gahoole's kiketube vids. >>63893 lol dupson btfo
Open file (976.96 KB 1016x1315 Emma Watson vogue 2019.png)
>Watson's acting career and modelling career are both more famous than Stone's anything >Watson's modelling career is more aesthetic than anything stone shits out on screen >Watson is a star that doesn't have to pick netflix shit with Jonah hill to be in to stay "famous" >Watson is merely famous and rich for existing >none of Emma Stones movies will even be as watched as Emma Watson was in her movies from the early 2000s alone
>>63894 >attention whore Jlaw is attention whoring Lawdup BTFO
Open file (398.45 KB 722x1024 1565931951383.jpg)
>>63895 >acting career Except she doesn't act and her career is dead.
I wonder if he has a brain tumor making him do this, I can't think of any other sperg that has repeated himself verbatim for more than half a decade. Hapas truly are demonic sins against nature.
>>63884 >>63885 You know he owns this /tv/ too right? Also why are you stalking an ogre? Do you want him to fuck your hapa boipussy?
>>63905 Zachary Keith Hasbrouck is just a massive bottom for slaphead dick.
>>63904 Margcuck?
>>63905 >you're stalking if you post shitposts like everyone else does every single time gahoole makes an attention whore video Hmmmmm >>63906 Now this is stalking >>63904 >repeats himself verbatim You mean you incels that get mad at someone actually having a retort to your low energy and effort hate memes against Watson? Really makes you think that you're so hypocritical to get mad at the person who calls out your autistic shitfits and Rent Free status
Open file (7.61 KB 255x168 reaction leo.png)
Zach wouldn't have to repeat things that are the truth if /tv/ wasn't assblasted about Emma Watson constantly
Why does hapadup samefag so hard when everyone spots him immediately every time? Why does hapadup post gay pornography and obsess over a balding virgin?
So Snoke really was just Sheeev? And then they got Sheeeev out of ice.
>>63912 Zach answer the questions please, nobody falls for this shit at all.

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