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Anonymous 01/17/2020 (Fri) 05:30:54 No.63917
So these were the best films of 2019: >The Lighthouse >Little Women >Once Upon a Time in Hollywood >1917 >Uncut Gems These were decent: >Us >Godzilla: King of Monsters >Knives Out >Alita Battle Angel These were overrated shit: >Joker >Jojo Rabbit >Doctor Sleep >Midsommar >Avengers Memegame
>The Lighthouse lol no >Little Women worst film adaptation of an excellent novel >Once Upon a Time in Hollywood decent >1917 muh long takes meme in which redditors jerk off to Roger Deakins once more >Uncut Gems shit movie for people who don't like Adam Sandler >Alita Battle Angel this was pretty good, I'll give you that much >Joker one of the best visions/depictions of schizophrenia in the history of film and one of the greatest achievements in film from the last ten years. You only turn on this and say it's overrated shit because it was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. Don't deny it.
>>63919 >The Lighthouse lol no >Little Women worst film adaptation of an excellent novel Lol stopped reading
Posting on a catfished hapa thread
>Knives Out >decent Opinion discarded
>>63925 Oh no how could you ever have such a hot imageboard take like that? Oh wait it's the same NPC incel take!
Open file (36.19 KB 500x500 65f.jpg)
>>63927 >you're self conscious about your position >t. cope poster extraordinaire >liking or disliking a major motion picture is elitist COPE POSTING INTENSIFIES
>>63928 >Jokerfag Back to cuckchan or reddit
>>63930 Just pull a Shuaiby already køter.
>>63930 >y-you're cuckchan/reddit COPE POSTING OVERDRIVE
>>63943 >stop calling me cuckchan and reddit for only reposting pictures from cuckchan and liking reddit capecuck
>>63963 >only posting Citation please >liking reddit capecuck Never saw it. Cope harder next time
Open file (51.07 KB 943x631 reddit hapa.png)
>>63984 meant for >>63963
>>63984 Looks like you went to reddit
>>63999 I'm a mere png collector, another cowbro made the ultimate sacrifice and went into the original tumor
>>64001 >cowbro Uh ........ yikes
just saw 1917 was really good would recomend to anyone who can see it
>>64396 try watching the others in the OP

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