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Open file (292.50 KB 1240x700 7th gen.jpg)
7th gen thread Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 19:01:55 No.127 [Reply] [Last]
What's worth playing this generation that isn't on PC? I've had the PS3 on my "maybe I'll get one years from now when they're dirt cheap" list ever since it came out and finally bought one since they finally are, but I only know of a few games to look forward to. so spoonfeed ps3 games plz If everyone seems to be calling this the last good console generation, surely it has plenty of good games right?
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>>293 Fuck Sonic SEGA should kill that faggot hedgehog on the spot and focus on real videogames like they've been doing and let random devs make their old games like they've done multiple times with devs that never asked permission until late in the game and SEGA let's them. see the WB remake, the sequel, SoR4, and Sonic for inarguable fact based proof that SEGA will let fuck anybody make their games as long as they aren't shit but no SEGA hates its fans no you are a stupid person and you don't think before you say shit. the ONLY fault SEGA has to fix is removing every last game of theirs from PC because real arcade companies should be above that. >oh they don't do what I want boooohooooooo okay faggot why don't you make a fucking game that you want and put a Sonic skin on it because every fucking shred of evidence points to SEGA licensing and publishing it if you don't make a shit game seriously this is the last fucking company you can bitch with legitimacy about because you can absolutely make a good game with their IP if you're so bitter that the autistic fucking freak sonic fanbase isn't being pandered to THERE IS ONE SINGLE REASON THAT THERE ISN'T A GOOD SONIC GAME COMING OUT RIGHT NOW AND IT'S BECAUSE NO ONE (READ: ANY LIFEFORM ON THE PLANET) HAS MADE IT DEATH TO SONIC LONG LIVE SEGA
>>11968 Is this a copypasta?
>>12022 fresh piping hot pasta served just for you but it's been on the table all day and it is cold now no one will want a copy of piping cold pasta
>>12024 >no one will want piping cold pasta With some cream, grated dry cheese and pepper you can do wonders
Open file (191.19 KB 1112x1775 Kameo_2.jpg)
>tfw no Kameo 2

Open file (266.83 KB 389x494 god.png)
Rhythm games thread Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 22:26:46 ID: d900f6 No.3661 [Reply] [Last]
First autism edition

What is a rhythm game?
Rhythm games challenge you to hit notes in songs at presise timings to get a good score. These games are a great way to challenge yourself and hone your skills of finger destruction and carpal tunnel

>Rhythm games
Taiko, 4k-10k: osu.ppy.sh/
Guitar hero: clonehero.net/
4k/DDR: etternaonline.com/
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
I never understood why anyone would play osu for anything but the base gamemode.
I've been enjoying beat saber
>>11316 I kind of want to get a VR headset but I'd probably need to upgrade my PC and the headsets aren't cheap either.
me and guitar hero have a troubled past its incredibly frustrating to be able to play songs irl, but not be able to play them on guitar hero. the two skill sets are almost entirely at odds with one another, and having a song under your fingers irl can trip you up more often than not, ive found. on the bright side though, me sitting out on countless rounds in favor of an actual guitar has greatly improved my repertoire of boomer-tier rock songs. i know a solid half of the first 3 games songs, just from having to hear them over and fucking over again but i digress the one thing that ive found that irl guitar skillz translate to in game is in regards to alternate picking. folks who can play guitar generally have a much easier time utilizing alternate picking which is mostly irrelevant anyways, as many good players ive seen downstroke almost exclusively
I've been playing DDR and itg at my local arcade for almost a year now and I've gotten alright at it all things considered. I've been learning doubles lately alongside grinding some eurobeat pack in itg at the moment.

Engines Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 17:14:51 No.8439 [Reply] [Last]
Why do people not make them anymore? Anything above the typical 2D indie games are made on some existing engine like Unreal, Unity, Gamemaker, etc. The excuse can't possibly be money since the fucking industry is mainstream and moves more money than hollywood.
15 posts and 2 images omitted.
Open file (152.73 KB 1496x270 spring RTS sucks.png)
Open file (4.55 KB 163x147 349965-face6.jpg)
>>8448 >ever suggesting TA:Spring since the fall of swedish yankspankers clan Do not mention this garbage of a engine ever again.
>>8439 People don't have skills to do so. It's hard, and it requires that you know what the fuck is actually happening on your computer.
>>8439 I do it for my shmup. I had in mind a few "simple" stuff for the whole game but had to cut a lot seeing how things progress. So far the first real hurdle for me is effects, it's slowly getting there and I hope getting most of the first level done by the end of this month. Also I think I can define in simple word what makes a game, a game (programmer side): it's data structure related to simulation, another data structure than what the engine needs to display things. I think if you don't see or intuitively feel the delineation between game engine and game simulation, then coding will become tricky. IMO it's also why a bunch of games these days are glorified VNs disguised as walking simulator, it's the most simple data structure you can even have.
>most engines are shit >using an existing engine instead of building one from scratch cuts down development costs and time CONSIDERABLY >not everyone is a 30 year old boomer nostaltard that wants every game to intentionally look shitty because it's "just like my nintendos and playstations!!!"
>>8439 It is about money, but not just the cost of the engine. Retraining potentially hundreds of staff to use a different engine could take months, then theres always gonna be a learning curve. People will be slower with it at first, some aspects may be faster, some slower. For smaller indies, its easier generally as they have fewer people who would often be more specialized so if everyones comfortable then making a switch would make sense. But when you got hundreds of people moving over, thats a huge loss in money for a AAA if suddenly they have to move back all their projects It doesn't just stop at engines, its the same with software. If the engine changes then the whole pipeline change if the pipeline changes. Suddenly maybe the animators will encounter problems with unity that the didn't with unreal then more time needs to be spent to figure out those issues. Then theres the issues of the industry standard softwares having immense support for the existing engines, like unreal and unity. If a AAA studio was to create their own engine they have to have people capable to make it capable for all the software they use.

Open file (25.86 KB 380x237 quake3_icon.jpg)
Gamenight Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 12:58:28 No.1102 [Reply] [Last]
Get in here bitches we're playing some Quake
>What is it?
ioquake3 is modern FLOSS engine for Quake 3 Arena.
>Where can I get it?
You can download ioquake3 here: https://ioquake3.org/get-it/ but you will also need to supply files from a copy of Quake 3 that you legally own or download from mediafire.com/file/tjk24g6dakhlxac/Quake_III.zip/file
>When are we playing?
Server will be up all weekend if any anons want to jump on and play, it just makes it easier to plan times so it's not constantly dead. Official Gamenight times are as follows:
Friday 8:30 PM EST - ???
Saturday 6:00 PM EST - ???
Sunday 4:00 PM EST - Whenever I shut down the server
>Server IP
Last Day Get In Here Fags
i have missed it, maybe we could do one of those quake 3 based games next time
Is there a way to fix how small the console/in-match-chat text appears? on higher resolutions it becomes too tiny. have tried changing ui_bigtext ui_smalltext and they dont seem to do anything i can notice. i am using ztm flexible hud which scales the hud, but has no effect on that chat text or the console window text.

Open file (6.89 MB 640x360 oceanhorn2.webm)
Open file (4.54 MB 533x669 moonlight.webm)
The Mobile Menace Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 05:54:24 No.5228 [Reply] [Last]
As phones are now powerful enough to be graphically comparable to early 7th generation games mixed with the 5G and streaming push, how likely is it that these devices will eclipse the traditional console and PC as not just the introduction, but as the next thing? There's been a push recently because of Apple Arcade and new peripherals for phones, but it might get bigger with some AAA release like Skyrim Mobile.

I theorize that the NWO companies want greater control of rare technology critical elements and avoid devices being stowed away never to be recycled, so they advertise attractive deferred payment plans and trade-ins. This won't be enough, though, so they'll reduce the number of enthusiasts by hiking the prices of computer hardware like GPUs, motherboards, et cetera to unaffordable levels. Hell, maybe they'd go as far as to manipulating the economy so game consoles and other unnecessary devices are out of the question.
21 posts and 2 images omitted.
Mobile phones are terrible gaming devices, no way they're going to take over. Any handheld beats mobileshit because buttons > touchscreen.
>>5228 >1 webm >20 hour action RPG >massive Are these niggers for real? 20 hours is just long enough for me to have to beat it in more than one sitting. It's probably not even 20 hours anyway.
>>11020 > buttons > touchscreen This is what a I believe too, but have you seen the recent gook and chinkshit mobile mmos nowadays? BDO Mobile as an example, that shit generates loadsamoney and you dont even have to fucking play it, it has this auto-grind button where you just press auto and your character level up itself, japanese gachashit too. It's a fucking plague, not only does normalfag eats this up and pays for it for the gacha, they use it like a trophy on how much money they spent on their equip and use it like some kind of status jewelry, its sickening. It doesnt help that mobile phones these days can run AAA graphics, that game in the OP is guaranteed to have some kind of lootbox too. Point is, dont blame the device blame the market.
>>11020 Phones are terrible for games and touch screens are awful for games for many reasons including lack of precision and feedback, but that doesn't mean that they aren't getting more popular. Normalfags don't know or care about quality, and many developers are chasing them. The smartphone shit takeover is already in full swing, in case you haven't noticed. I'd like to hope that people will stop throwing money at garbage, but I won't hold by breath. I guess the ideal but still somewhat realistic scenario is that all the normalfags leave for mobiles and medium-sized garage devs take over after the AAA scum finally gives up.
>>11129 The touchscreen is the worst input device in history. It's not even made for humans. it's made for the E.T.

Open file (225.56 KB 474x403 ClipboardImage.png)
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and other mellow RPGs Anonymous 08/31/2019 (Sat) 02:46:15 No.701 [Reply] [Last]
I just got past Gregory for the first time and now I don't know what to do; everything just smashes my face in, every time I pick up even a little bit of loot I have to port crystal out to a vendor that can put my items away, I have so much stock of curatives I will never use, and all the progress paths have enemies that have as much health on them as the fucking dragon himself.
I'm at level 60 on hard mode, trying to play sorcerer so I can get skills to make mystic knight spell faster, also trying to get the hang of being a good caster so I can actually further myself as a CURAYZEE spellsword.
Thread's for general talk of other RPGs you faggots are playing otherwise.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
I've been playing this ancient russian RPG that I stumbled upon on GOG called Evil Islands. This is the epitome of russian hobo phase game design complete with mandatory savescumming. You start off the game with just a dagger and the ability to backstab enemies(which does 500% extra damage) and have to kill packs of wolves and goblins with that. So the 10 or so hours of the game is just you going around isolating patrols and then backstabbing them with bone spears and stone clubs while wearing fur and leather to kill them instantly as even the lowliest goblin can kill you in 3 lucky crits in direct combat. The game has a surprisingly detailed crafting system with spells and the ability to slot in spells to your gear so that you can have armor that heals you periodically, speeds you up and weapons that weaken your enemies. There is a mod that makes a bunch of quality of life improvements to the game such as stamina regenerating while walking and running taking a flat amount of stamina instead of being percentage based allowing you to run for longer. I recommend using that based on those two changes alone because vanilla stamina is godawful garbage. I was in too deep to mod it but don't make the same mistake as me.
>>1057 Hard mode is easier for anyone aside from daggers classes. You get more exp and equipment (gold) on hard, so warrior/mage/fighter/archer are all easier but knockback resistance of enemies also increases so most of the daggers skills which rely on staggers to keep damage up suffer. Mad dash kick/back kick/leaping stone all get a stagger on most enemies without too much difficulty on normal but on hard they won't ever flinch. Basically ranged strats are much better on hard, since the only significant change is that DPS and running away are the only options that matter since status ailments/alt strats do nothing
I've never beaten BBI. I beat Grigori, got dragonforged gear and then was destroyed at BBI. I'll go back to DDDA one day, but I have played the base game many times so its a but dull now.
>>11252 BBI is a "difficulty" spike. None of the weapons from the base game can do anything in there unless you're planning on spamming busted moves. You're supposed to get to the trader and upgrade your dragonforged gear.

Open file (670.83 KB 1632x1224 germangames1.jpg)
Open file (698.97 KB 2252x1689 germangames2.jpg)
Vidya sterotypes Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 05:25:32 No.7602 [Reply] [Last]
So is it true Germans love simulators, or that burgers hate most RTS games? Similarly do europoors really not get fighting vidya? I know that nips generally disliking FPS seems to hold up.

Any like to sources of actual stats on sales would be good.
74 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>9908 >Kind of accurate, though British philosophy had no place here You'd think that but burger political and economy culture is a pretty accurate recreation of 1700s and 1800s bong culture. Unless you mean literal philosophy as in the academic field which is more true though there was influence early on, influence from the haggisniggers later and then burgerland leans analytic over continental nowadays at least the burger philosophers that aren't worthless tenured academics.
>>9910 >burgers_play_C&C.webm
>>9925 Technically one of them was an argie.
RTS is boring for me to play. I like to plan out my moves without having to constantly change them by the second. t.burger
>>11000 RTS is just complicated rock paper scissors with a little spreadsheeting. Fighting games are the thinking man's game.

Open file (55.59 KB 249x285 Thomas_Pendrew.jpg)
Characters who did nothing wrong Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 14:43:42 No.44 [Reply] [Last]
>keeps crime down
>never took any money or other bribes for personal profit
>only betrays poe once he breaks his deal/runs out of power to enforce it: technically not a betrayal
>Wei somehow the good guy despite himself doing the exact same thing and working with the Triads except out of personal vendettas instead of the good of HK
And yes mild spoilers but if you're so retarded you can't work out that the old man with the British accent is the bad guy in anything set in Hong Kong post-1997 you deserve it.
Crosspost from elsewhere.
48 posts and 11 images omitted.
Open file (729.58 KB 701x977 77385034_p2.png)
I love Chara!
>>10862 Can I get a response as to why?
>>10862 >undertale Leave, faggot
>>10872 >remembers character name from a game >uses same game to shame others what a fag
>>10917 He's a complete faggot: >>>/gamergatehq/5 I still want a real answer from >>10862

Open file (104.03 KB 640x908 maxpayne.jpg)
Open file (228.05 KB 647x920 binary_domain.jpg)
Open file (35.44 KB 355x500 mafia1_cover.jpg)
Third Person Shooter is consistently the most disappointing genre Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 14:14:46 No.42 [Reply] [Last]
Every other genre has at least 10 games you can call all time classics but what is there for third person games?

>Max Payne
>Mafia 1
>Vice City or your favourite 3D-era GTA
>Binary Domain
>Armored Core?
>Saints Row 2?

Resident Evil 4 is primarily a horror game and Sleeping Dogs is another GTA game really though it's pretty good.

This thread was originally elsewhere but now we've got a functioning /v/ not run by CakeJew or /a/ it's better placed here.
219 posts and 69 images omitted.
When the hell are THQ nordic announcing Darksiders 4? I want to play Strife in a cuhrayzee TPS and I hope to god they don't botch it. But then I'm recalling those TPS-lite sections in both DS1 and 2 and how abysmal they were, and how DS3 wasn't really the best they had to offer and my hopes plummet to the ground. When the fuck are we getting some new cuhrayzee TPSs? Are you telling me no one's inspired by Max Payne to make a good new TPS? How's Darksiders Genesis? I know it's isometric but is it fun to play as Strife in that game? >>10801 With Rolfe I assume it's because he's passionate, too passionate about movies to the point that he was simply content to be making one. With RLM I have no idea. I guess making movies is hard, like that's a fucking excuse but I'm fairly certain someone at some point made it. I don't know, my guess is the people who review movies for a living have utter cunt for personalities. I've been listening to Mauler's podcasts while playing vidya, I like the dude's work and the podcast is usually entertaining but Jesus Christ they have had like 20~30 guests coming in and out over multiple episodes and outside of like four guests everyone on the podcast is obnoxious, self absorbed and self righteous to the point where I wonder how the fuck these people can even breath with their heads so far up their asses.
Open file (73.67 KB 1600x679 wan mirrion dorra.jpg)
>>10817 >obnoxious, self absorbed and self righteous to the point where I wonder how the fuck these people can even breath That's what happens when one's opinion is hold in high regard/is worth something and we don't have humility or values. There's also the point where some people can write very good and even soothing pieces but come as massive assholes or retards when trying to talk and express the same ideas. Being a critic is actually hard in terms of making a stand, expressing your values and being consistent with them, while convincing oneself you are not a star and your opinion is at test every single time. By the point you reach that maturity you might as well make movies or write stories, it's not rare to see critics becoming directors but at that point people forget they were writers. These critics are not in that range thou, if anything RLM were well-known for being visceral with the Star Wars prequels (hence the meme) and nobody said anything when fucking Disney bought half their channel when the new movies came around, that's just GG-tier, and blew all the money in who knows, certainly not Space Cop because that was fan money.
>>10821 >Disney bought half their channel when the new movies came around Is there proof of this? It'd be great ammo to use when my current arguments mostly preside on the fact that they're complete faggots.
Open file (67.55 KB 800x550 NOIDSSHOT.jpg)
Open file (285.71 KB 500x278 rlmcrew.png)
>>10822 Sweet lord, i can't find anything at all, i remember reading very specifically how they got shit sponsored and thinking it was very crude for them to do that. I will have to take that "sponsered/bought by Disney" thing back hard, i've searched for a while and found nothing but their ironic skit room (pic 2), it seems the channel is still private with no side money to be seen. But this adds another layer that i cannot understand then, how could they defend the first Disney SW movie but shit on Attack of the Clones. Doesn't make sense to me and i apologize for the confusion, i guess they do it for free then. Sage because wildly off-topic
>>10826 It was after they met some director in-person that they reviewed a movie for, right around then they started doing Disney shilling.

Open file (375.11 KB 976x769 1a.jpg)
Open file (116.69 KB 775x241 2.jpg)
Jewgle Stadia Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 18:23:09 ID: 281e5f No.2158 [Reply] [Last]
The future of gayming is here goyim fellow video game players.
167 posts and 53 images omitted.
>>9967 A niggerpill is incapable of considering that maybe he is wrong sometimes.
>>9984 >netflix Just get rid of that crap and just use something like https://watchfree.su Thank me later. >>8202 Pozzed drinks being headlines lol, what a freak clown world. When the booze is low quality garbage it only makes sense to fuck with it because it's not possible to enjoy undiluted.
>>9969 >Jewgle somehow manages to convince ISP jews to be slightly less jewish and actually seriously invest in fibre Internets for people outside of SanFran/LA/NY gated communities >it's all in vain as Jewgle's diversity hired Stadia devs just keep increasing the latency and frame time instability with every CoC-certified patch despite 5ms 200mbit symmetric FFTB being standard for most users not that it matters much considering the Iranian nuclear ICBM fired from North Korea about to detonate in the stratosphere above the West Coast's underground pedo bunkers
>>10588 >that spoiler Anon, don't toy with my hopes and dreams like that.
Open file (38.61 KB 300x230 Huey checks em.jpg)
Glad not even normalfag niggercattle fell for this shit. Post yfw you didn't get the Stadia >>8205 Is there such a controller in existence? If so I would like to know. >>10588 (Heil'd) >spoiler I appreciate your optimism anon, but I don't think nuclear war is coming anytime soon. >>9464 Only non-trash games there are Thumper and maybe SamSho, but they're unplayable on the fucking thing thanks to severe latency.

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