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Open file (68.04 KB 644x590 1451352917238.jpg)
Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 21:58:15 ID: 1c5341 No.3406 [Reply] [Last]
>Emuparadise deleted all the cached downloads and the script no longer works
>All those games are now lost forever
8 posts omitted.
the eye.eu doesnt have good organization does it? last time i want looking for snes roms i got like 50 copies of lttp because it crawled romhacks as well
i guess each page is different, heres the one ive got https://the-eye.eu/public/rom/
Internet Archive has romsets
Get your hands on the latest version of MAME 32 and call it a day.
>>Emuparadise deleted all the cached downloads and the script no longer works
Good news.

Open file (175.32 KB 400x299 yt.png)
Thread where we laugh at Gaym Awards Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 11:24:24 No.4187 [Reply] [Last]
GOTY nominees:
>Death Stranding
>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
>Resident Evil 2
>Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
>The Outer Worlds

The absolute state of vidya.
32 posts and 6 images omitted.
Weebs not welcome.
Normalfags back to plebbit.
MGS2 onwards was already normalfag territory though the games stayed playable through 3.
Publishers love 'big name' devs and will always push them: it's so the benefits of having an existing IP to slap onto new games but without being tied to a certain genre or universe. That's why American McGee's name was so prominently displayed with the Alice game(s) and why Warren Spector was always the face of every studio he was at post DX despite apparently being shit at anything technical.
Bugpeople have no souls, nips included, it's just that they slavishly follow establish formulas to make what was at one time just average games and their complete inability to innovate has broadly prevented, or at least slowed, modern cancer from infiltrating that formula. That sounds good on paper but the games just look relatively better now because yesterday's average is head and shoulders above today's mainstream.

Weebs, in the original meaning i.e. not just anyone who merely likes Japanese media, are blind to this as the moment they see a game is made by nips their critical thinking shits down.
Open file (2.03 MB 538x438 giphy (2).gif)
Oh the kike calling people of Asian descent "bugpeople" is back.
Nice to have you on board.

Remember to sign up for KRI 2020 early this year!

Open file (164.28 KB 640x227 ps5-dev-kit-leak-1.png)
Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 16:26:22 ID: 7f223d No.2318 [Reply] [Last]
>9th gen starts next year
>8th gen came and went, leaving pretty much no memory
>is actually one of the longest gens, clocking on 7 years
>haven't even touched it yet
>play mostly 5th and 6th gen anyway
Post when jews can't have you
79 posts and 14 images omitted.
they use gaming as a social glue. If everyone else is playing skyrim and discussing it you need your own story to do the same.
I wonder how soyjournos would react if the Xbone were unveiled today instead of back in 2013 when gamers were still alt-right misogynigs with unsolicited opinions on DRM.
because moms who play pokemon go or jigsaw puzzle "games" on their phones on the bus are all of a sudden in the same league of a "gamer" as you or me, hence, AAA studios can make shitty games with no effort and push them towards people who have no idea what videogames are and still make profit, if the journos push it right/enough.

normalfags in general are becoming even dumber and lazier, and being closed off in their own safespaces(social media, discord, shutting down any political opinions and views not supplied to them via media ect.) isn't helping matters, it just reinforces their preconceived opinions

>yeah, these games are too much work! even hardcore gamers(ign) agrees with me!

anyone got that screenshot from mgs, with the colonel call? it's more and more prophetic every day
nvm found it
Mark, nobody likes you. Kiss James Arthur Watkins's ass at the least.
In fact, make a paypig dating simulator with your ass.

Dinosaur Vidya Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:38:57 No.3829 [Reply] [Last]
So Jurassic World Evolution now has a classic JP "skin" as it were and you can pretend it's not related to those awful World movies anymore.
9 posts and 2 images omitted.
Read my post, I said there's a lot of stupid shit military dinos isn't even the stupidest part of the movie I'm talking purely about the cinematography and effects
Oh, my bad.
Although if we're talking about effects I think I like the animatronics more than the CGI.
You have good taste anon.
Fallen Kingdom uses a lot of practical effects, and even when CG is used it looks really fucking good. Combine that with some superb lighting makes it one of the best looking in the whole series.
But now that you got me thinking about this movie again, here's a list of retarded shit about this movie
>dyke bitch and sissy nigger characters are shit, and you don't get to see them eaten
>selling military dinos to russian mafia
>"nasty woman"
>competently fucks up the map of Isla Nublar, it's like the filmmakers never saw a Jurassic Park movie
>plot begins with hippies wanting to save dinos from volcano, this is stupid because:
<the main characters from the first JW where there when shit hit the fan and were almost killed many times and saw many people killed. Why would they risk their lives, and many other lives to save them
<we made them before, we can just do it again
>>4570 >>4575 > I'm talking purely about the cinematography and effects It's utter dogshit. Go back to reddit and kill yourself.

Shenmue 3 launch trailer Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 15:09:34 No.3792 [Reply] [Last]
Eh, I guess it's happening after all but I still have no faith in it after all the continuations of dead franchises this gen were duds.

Also, I'm not a grefix guy, I would have been fine with it running on Dreamcast, but I think they actually tried for modern tech presentation and in that context it looks kinda like shit. Especially considering that the original games are known to be tech masterpieces of their time.
8 posts and 1 image omitted.
>proto-walking simulator with shitty half-assed combat system and QTEs out the ass
shut it, cuckchan
Why don't you try explaining what makes it any good then.
Open file (106.69 KB 1000x960 u6.jpg)
Why don't you go back to cuckchan
So it's out, anyone played it yet?

CK3 Thread Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 13:57:47 ID: bdf0b2 No.2310 [Reply] [Last]
There was not a CK3 thread. There is now. So, the Deus Vult bullshit aside, there is so much wrong with this game. The 3D models... are 3D. On top of that, they're actually worse than Imperator. The worst part is the events seem to have replaced 2D, hand-drawn art with the 3D models just standing in place.
I don't understand how this happened. Even Imperator still had hand-drawn art for the events. The one possible "excuse" is "hey these are placeholder screenshots", but I'm old enough to know that excuse is almost always bullshit.
It's being developed for consoles, so I guess all the streamlining makes sense from that perspective, but I'm still surprised. I expect nothing from modern Paradox, but I'm still somehow disappointed, they somehow sunk even lower than I expected from them.
The only thing that looks good is the map, and that was also the bright spot in Imperator, so they just ported that over.
I'm getting serious "copy of Total War game from 5 years ago" vibes from the overall aesthetic.
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
Based on Imperator, all of the content and events. It will ship with like 10~ events. Imperator nominally doesn't lock much out, you can play as anyone, but there is no content to support that, everyone is a copy of everyone else.
>everyone is a copy of everyone else.
Based and equalitypilled tbh.
>hard tech trees showing up in yet another Paradox game
I love how they keep replacing open-ended gameplay with large numbers of mutually exclusive restricted paths.
Be optimistic. Maybe only the events involving characters use the models. It looks like that castle is 2D art. Anyway, the best thing about CK3 is they'll stop updating CK2 and mods I like will stop going incompatible with my pirated copy.
Open file (11.93 KB 255x214 1460408784112.jpg)
aren't paradox games becoming more and more like totalwar and in the process they lose the "grand strategy" part?

Open file (54.64 KB 489x623 d20.jpg)
Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 16:24:14 ID: ecbde3 No.1246 [Reply] [Last]
>New Shitch is a flop
>Soytendo shares drop
>Soyboys around the world are seething and on damage control
dare I say kek

94 posts and 18 images omitted.
>I haven't played it yet.
Good. Don't.
Games are decent and the console has a character and the gadget gimmick that sold it to softcore and even nostalgic hardcore people.
Graphics are good enough, the console seems friends and family oriented (marketing ahoy).
Overall, one's gotta admit they didn't fuck it up.
But it's obvious this package won't work a second time and they'll have to find another miracle-mix of gimmicks to sell their next machine.

The xbox is antagonizing, with its forced and long updates. I don't own one but I can understand those who told me something along the lines of "I just want to throw that shit box into the wall."
They talk about buying a shitch. I may event understand that tbh.
>what were they thinking?
How's switch emulation? I'm fairly interested in Mario Odyssey and that one Platinum Games exclusive it has.
Open file (1.29 MB 994x745 1568807099196.png)

Open file (25.23 KB 640x390 business-ideas-2019.jpg)
Best of 2019 Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 17:25:59 ID: c3a0ac No.2801 [Reply] [Last]
Christmas is fast approaching which means vidya time. Either free time from work or parents buying you a game to unwrap. This thread is to discuss the best of 2019. What new or re-releases (GOTY editions) are worth picking up to play this winter.

Don't be a fag and whine all vidya is now shit or how you hate someone else's game suggestions. It's 2019 we're not seeing a whole lot of great games either way. Best is relative.

DMC5 gets a heavy recommendation if you enjoyed DMC3 and 4. It's pretty and plays like a dream. My only real complain it all the nostalgia bait. It leans a bit too heavy on the past but does enough good new stuff to be forgiven. It's one of the best games of the year that delivers on all fronts. And it's the only DMC game to ever feel complete and not missing half it's content.
26 posts and 2 images omitted.
Fallout was fucking garbage from the very first game. A buggy, shallow mess of contradictory design elements with an embarrassing lack of content for any RPG.
Even if true that does not make them walking sims.
I played Kingdom Hearts 3 and enjoyed it
go back to cuckchan

Open file (45.94 KB 624x351 _108910467_carlings1.jpg)
Digital-only Clothing inspired by Fortnite now a thing Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:13:31 No.3852 [Reply] [Last]
>Earlier this year Richard Ma, the chief executive of San Francisco-based security company Quantstamp, spent $9,500 (£7,500) on a dress for his wife.

>That is a lot of money for a dress, particularly when it does not exist, at least not in a physical form.Instead it was a digital dress, designed by fashion house The Fabricant, rendered on to an image of Richard's wife, Mary Ren, which can then be used on social media.

>"It's definitely very expensive, but it's also like an investment," Mr Ma says. He explains that he and his wife don't usually buy expensive clothing, but he wanted this piece because he thinks it has long-term value. "In 10 years time everybody will be 'wearing' digital fashion. It's a unique memento. It's a sign of the times." Ms Ren has shared the image on her personal Facebook page, and via WeChat, but opted not to post it on a more public platform.

>Another fashion house designing for the digital space is Carlings. The Scandinavian company released a digital street wear collection, starting at around £9 ($11), last October. It "sold out" within a month.

>"It sounds kinda stupid to say we 'sold out', which is theoretically impossible when you work with a (((digital collection))) because you can create as many as you want," explains Ronny Mikalsen, Carlings' brand director. "We had set a limit on the amount of products we were going to produce to make it a bit more special.

>Being digital-only allows designers to create items that can push boundaries of extravagance or possibilities. "You wouldn't buy a white t-shirt digitally, right? Because it makes no sense showing it off. So it has to be something that you really either want to show off, or an item that you wouldn't dare to buy physically, or you couldn't afford to buy physically." Carlings' digital collection was produced as part of a marketing campaign for their real, physical products. But the firm thinks the concept has potential - a second line of digital garments is planned for late 2019.

>The Fabricant releases new, free digital clothes on its website every month, but consumers need the skills, and software, to blend the items with their own pictures. This also means the company has to find another way to make money until digital fashion becomes more popular. We make our money by servicing fashion brands and retailers with their marketing needs, selling tools, and creating content that uses that aesthetic language of digital fashion," says The Fabricant founder Kerry Murphy. It is not entirely clear who is buying the digital garments from Carlings, or downloading clothes from The Fabricant.

>Mr Mikalsen says Carlings has sold between 200-250 digital pieces, but a search to find them on Instagram only resulted in four people who independently purchased from the collection and had no involvement with the company. However, some of the those clothes might have only been shared privately. Amber Jae Slooten, a co-founder and designer at The Fabricant, concedes it is mainly industry professionals, who use the CLO 3D software, that are downloading their clothes. "But it's also just people are very curious to see what the files look like. People just want to own the thing, especially since that one dress sold for $9,500."

>Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at market research company NPD Group, calls the emergence of digital fashion an "amazing phenomenon", but is yet to be convinced about its long-term impact. "Do I believe it's going to be something huge and stay forever? No." He says the technology works for people who want the perfect image. "If you don't like what you're wearing, but you love where you are, you now have the ability to transition your wardrobe, and digitally enhance the photograph to make it look like you're wearing the latest and greatest."

19 posts and 5 images omitted.
Grooming as in hygiene?
Grooming as in primping like women. There aren't even proper barber shops most places anymore because modern men go to the salon with the women.
Open file (7.23 KB 300x180 1807.jpg)
Was Bateman a prototype?
>takes care of his own appearance with little reliance on others
>is very physically fit
>fucks women then murders them
>instead of being pegged by women and then murdered by a bull
I'm not seeing the parallels here.
I try not to interact with urban fags and that's thankfully not the case for the rural area I'm in but I don't doubt it. That was the real motive behind feminising males.

Open file (62.50 KB 788x440 diablo-2-art.jpg)
Oy vey Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 18:14:26 ID: 3d3f7b No.2370 [Reply] [Last]
Are you ready for Diablo 4, goyim? This time it's not mobile I swear.
63 posts and 8 images omitted.
>despite the fact that looking cool is a huge fucking part of a lot of video games and having to work hard in order to get a certain look doesn't exist anymore.
And the fact that it bloats game size and fucks with art styles and often easy recognisability in game design.
>work hard in game
And you don't see the problem here?

Costumes, especially the extravagant ones, are just a plague.
Open file (178.81 KB 2518x1574 h5psznvotnz01.png)
Path of exile is the best diablo ripoff yet, but if you're gonna play you gotta promise me you wont give tencent or those PC GGG cucks a fucking dime.

It's a decent game but the devs are cooked fucking retards that basically only listen to reddit and are currently going to slowly destroy the game by listening to the baby brain retards like every other dev who tried before them.

It's probably gonna be a slow cookoff into garbage but at least its something to play in the sea of shit my nig. It's not much of a choice.
>Path of exile is the best diablo ripoff yet
Arguably Grim dawn is the best. Poe is just really really big at this point.
>devs listen to reddit only
No. And so far all announced changes are positive.
>dont give them money
Yes and no. Its nigh impossible to play without stash tabs. Just pirate grim dawn if you want to play something similar.
Oh yeah the stash tabs. My suggestion for newbs is to learn some item economics and buy like 2-3 quads on 50%. You dont need anything else.

>No. And so far all announced changes are positive.

Apart from new content/ascendancy I think what they're doing now is garbage, i don't care for campaign since i just play it for endgame/maps, so for me it's pointless. It's a huge waste of dev effort imo. Game still runs on a shit engine and still a unoptimized lagfest for people without the sickest setups. Doesn't help that the balance dev is a brainlet that took inspiration from icefrog but didn't realize meta shifts suck ass and that it's a PvE not PvP game, nerfs builds to shit and forces people towards playing X builds, rinse repeat every league.

The spam of low effort loot leagues recently has been shitty as well.

Even despite this it's still a good game for being the skinnerbox gambling casino abusing people(cultists who think of themselves as donators instead of customers) with poor impulse control.

>Grim dawn
ty ill check it out

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