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Open file (38.96 KB 500x500 Ice-Age.jpg)
Open file (44.60 KB 1280x720 Ice-Age-Shot.jpg)
Ice Age: Game Boy Advance 09/20/2019 (Fri) 11:55:34 No.1099 [Reply] [Last]
Finished this in around an hour and a half.

First thing you'll notice is that the sprites look nothing like the characters in the movie. Manny looks like some downs syndrome nupokemon, or a character in a manga that is murderously insane. Not that it matters because the game has nothing to do with the movie. Some games try to give you that movie feel but this was a clear case of cheap movie-title cashgrab. The story is told through extremely low resolution images of the movie. If I hadn't seen the movie several times and purchased it on DVD I would have no clue what is happening.

Hitboxes are DS2 retarded. Almost every jump is a yolo that has you crossing your fingers and praying you don't have to play the rest of the checkpoint again. There are basically no aesthetic changes in levels, or at least none I noticed apart from slight palette tweaks. The bosses were mildly fun but were more aspergers-ridden than Greta Thunberg and followed an OCD pattern that never took notice of where the player was.

There are no words in this game. All the tutorial instructions are relayed to you with signs that are somehow less coherent than caveman paintings, but since the GBA has like four buttons it's easy to figure out what does what. You get to play as both Manny and Sid though, if that was going to affect your purchasing decision.

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2/10 comment
>unironically reviewing a game based on the movie for children
Reminds me of this game

>what are aladdin, toy story, and toy story 2

Open file (53.66 KB 480x360 NARC.jpg)
Games about WEED Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 17:17:38 ID: 904c7a No.1257 [Reply] [Last]
or other drugs if you like them
What are some games that involve the use of drugs? Postal 2 allows you to smoke from a pipe that cranks your health up to 125, but damages you 30 points after some minutes. Then there was GTA 3 I guess it was, that allowed you to go in slow-mo if you touched a drug/pill circle.
Then there's NARC, you play as a power ranger and end up beating the shit out of clowns that shoot needles that stun at you, hobos and burn down farms of marihuana.
And then there's the shitty Far Cry 3 sequence where you go through a hall by eating shrooms.
Let's talk about games that involve drugs
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Is this that physics based shooter they butchered because it didn't look enough like Call of Duty?
You're thinking about the one where you can raise and lower mounds?
back to 420chan*
Usually people doing the dudeweed are going to just want to play some 24/7 Dustbowl or some shit instead of le funni weed reference but maybe that's just me and r/trees actually want le funni meemweed in their games
it sucks too, r/treecomics used to be one of the least freenet parts of freenet simply because everyone was high enough to disagree with the groupthink
There is a mod for ZDoom called Whatdafuck which lets you use magic bong and blunt as a weapon: www.moddb.com/mods/whatdafuckwad/downloads/whatdafuck-version-07

Open file (5.29 MB 1280x720 Broken_System.mp4)
Ion Maiden Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 20:55:22 No.137 [Reply] [Last]
So just finished this in around 8 hours, here's an overview and a recommendation.

>Big fucking levels made with the Build Engine
>Secrets are actually secrets instead of faux "deviate from the path and get a secret" bullshit, they're actually hard to find
>Weapon and enemy variety is disappointing but all weapons feel great and the enemy and shooting feedback feel great
>Beautiful use of sprites and voxels, the guys who did it know what the fuck they're doing
>Grenade launcher and shotgun enemy use the same sprite though it's recolored, the issue here is that the recolor is brown instead of black and you usually can't distinguish the two at distance and they also don't have unique voice lines, this means you'll get mixed up when ambushed or fighting them
>Over reliance on headcrab tier enemies on the last levels which gets annoying fast
>Last levels become a blur due to being lab complex/sewer/cave system type stuff some really good, others really fucking generic, some really feels like padding
>Bosses are alright but unfortunately you can't their their weapons out of all of them like the first one which was disappointing and some minibosses are better and harder than said bosses
>Final boss is alright and actually challenging
>Performance is all over the place due to being made in eDuke32 and pushing it's limits
>Music is some really good techno
>One liners are pretty meh though some click
>Some good references without going full reddit tier meta
I think it's worth a playtrough, it's not better than Duke but it's on the same tier with Shadow Warrior

I'm missing tons of stuff so please ask away.
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Open file (521.31 KB 565x663 8.png)
>devs say they wont be censoring the game
>only after they realized all the money they were losing by pandering to retardera
May pirate after all
I played an hour and you're clearly talking shit. Levels are huge and overly complex with no real guidance. Hunting the ONE working door or the ladder on the side of a building opposite where you come into the area is just bad level design. They took key card hunting and hid progress behind things which don't stand out. It's also covered in vents you can't enter which gets annoying in a genre where vents are usually able to be opened.

Taking damage has zero feedback, your health just sort of vanishes. There's no noise, no screen flash your health just goes down. It leaves the game feeling full and lifeless.

I'm not sure who the game is really designed for beyond hardcore autists but it's lacking in the fundamental designs.
Open file (146.34 KB 1024x644 AMC TC episode 3.jpg)
Ion Maiden had many features that were already on other eDuke mods, try The AMC Team eDuke mod (specially if you liked ion maiden), it's a total conversion that recopilated and used many eDuke modifications, like headshots and better AI (kinda what makes Ion Maiden feel like blood, enemies are more responsive).
Open file (37.66 KB 445x388 Smug Anime Girl 18.png)
>Hunting the ONE working door or the ladder on the side of a building opposite where you come into the area is just bad level design
You are clearly under the drinking age if you think what you just described is bad level design. Guess anything other than spinning around like crazy building forts is too hard for you isn't it? Get good scrub, this is how games used to be.
You make it entirely too obvious that you grew on the new age shit that coddles you too hard in case you're too mentally retarded to have the attention span to learn your way around a map without linear levels / quest compasses, gives you flashing effects in case it's too hard to check your health while concentrating on the combat, and hands you all the keys/etc you need on a silver platter instead of requiring your to explore the level.

You grew up with games that engage in severe hand-holding and you consider this game shit for not doing all of that because the mental strain of keeping track of shit yourself feels bad and undesirable. But I hope you understand there's a reason why we say your kind of games are for retards and will make you grow up retarded.

Open file (5.39 KB 200x193 1438979612587.jpg)
CASE Act Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 12:29:33 No.290 [Reply] [Last]
Reposting from The Bakery
>There is currently a piece of legislation called the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act
>This act would create an unappealable "court" that could issue fines of up to 30,000 dollars without having to prove damages
>The 30,000 dollar limit would not be set in stone as the Copyright Office would be able to increase it without oversight
>Pirates could get his with a 30,000 dollar fine with no way to appeal the decision
>The Act would allow Matt Furie to fine people for posting Pepe derived images and you can be damn sure he would

1 post omitted.
>Me in charge of posting source of claim
>Considering that the bill proposes fines of up to $30,000 for each case – what the CASE Act could result in ordering payment of damages worth a little under half the average annual household income in the US – over a trivial misstep such as posting the wrong meme.

Unconstitutional laws can be passed because its not the legislative branch that decides what laws are constitutional, is the judicial branch.
It could and very likely would take years for a case to make it to the supreme court to be overturned.
https://The Bakery.moe/v/res/17672.html
There's probably other IBs OP posted on. Either way, you remove copyright today, or suck DARPANET shlong.
Favorite passed law in JewSA:
Can't wait for reddit niggers to give in after the legislation has a social justice edge to it.
>30k fine per person for infringing copyright
<they are gonna fine every single person in Easter Europe and Russia for using p2p
I can already see this not happening.

Forget about it passing. How the hell do they enforce it? Like Article 13 and 11.

Enviromental station alpha Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 03:45:04 ID: 4dd78e No.1284 [Reply] [Last]
one of the best games I've played in a long time. Once you get past the graphics it really takes off on the gameplay side of things. And the end game content is some of the best I've ever seen, I'm going to skirt round everything not to spoil anything. It's a solid 8/10.
Open file (12.34 KB 240x264 sage.jpg)
>I started a thread about a game but declined to divulge anything about it other than then name
Shit thread. Shit OP.

sage goes in every field

And don't forget to kill yourself.

Coolest monsters in vidya Anonymous 08/31/2019 (Sat) 04:59:32 No.714 [Reply] [Last]
What's some of the best monster designs in vidya? Something that either makes for a very well designed fight or just looks great.

<Don't post your monster girl fap bait shit. That's got nothing to do with games and there's other boards for that.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
Open file (94.80 KB 800x1066 colosso13.jpg)
Open file (88.21 KB 1191x670 ffx sin.jpg)
I like enormous alien-like creatures. Purely for aesthetic value, they rarely make for good fights.
Open file (557.51 KB 856x1280 1396647559505.jpg)
A lot of the enemies in Dragons Dogma may seem generic, but they have a lot of attention to detail, different attack patterns and weaknesses to exploit. Like the chimera that changes its behavior depending on which head is the last alive. The lion-head will go on a rampage and boost the physical characteristics of the monster, the goat-head will try to flee while casting magic and the snake-tail... I actually don't know, the snake dies to easily.
And it was either this game or the Dark Souls dlc that got dragons finally right. Before that they simply sucked because of technical limitations. But DD's dragons are fast, aggressive, can cast magic, spit fire, attack with its claws, teeth, claws, can fly. Grigori is still the best video game dragon and a giant. Other video games would turn him into a setpiece, because he's so big, but not Dragon's Dogma. He's as fast and mobile as other dragons. Also he got a sexy voice.
cringe design
reddit is this way >>>/furry/

Open file (389.14 KB 957x751 1486054877323.png)
Corr Blind me Guvna, it's a bong thread Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 16:44:13 No.405 [Reply] [Last]
7th gen thread got derailed into discussing UK and Europe gaming trends to lets just make it a thread.

Don't be a fag and start ethnic wankery. No one gives ashit and you're all a bunch of fat wankers any way.
21 posts and 8 images omitted.
Stop having arguments with yourself you tard. No one said piracy was a lost sale, although some times it is.
>PC has no physical market because piracy is so easy on it. Unless you're going for DOS nostalgia there's shit there.
This is the same thing as claiming it's a lost sale.
Got myself a new replacement PSP 1000 battery, Cameron Sino's 1800mAh model, seemed to get good reviews. I've fully charged it and it seems to work well right now, I'll give it a few discharges and recharges before considering it a good'n though. Thought I'd take a risk and try and connect it to the wi-fi for a laugh, doesn't support any modern wi-fi security protocols though, shame.
>why emulate on a phone
Commuting is dead time otherwise.
>You can't say the same on consoles.
You can, at least since the 5th generation consoles. Getting your console a mod chip was easy, all you needed was having contact to an electrician who could solder and many of them had inserts running in newspapers, game magazines and places where Gamers would gather to advertise their service. At least that was the way here in Germany.
Also thanks to the fact that the Games Market in Europe was dominated by Home Computers since the 80s, people who had a CD burner installed into their machine were also pretty common throughout the 90s and early 2000s. During the heyday of the Playstation I maybe owned 4-6 original Games for that console, but I had an entire box of 60ish games burned onto silver and bronze CDs. And whenever I went to the houses of other people, regardless if they owned a Playstation or a Saturn, they also had their boxes or CD towers full of pirated games.
People collecting games and movies back then wouldn't buy the original product, but run around with folders and suit cases full of burned CDs and trade with others for burned copies of games and movies they don't have.

Open file (31.32 KB 102x123 Bandar Noble.png)
Dominions Frens? Anonymous 08/27/2019 (Tue) 01:34:47 No.539 [Reply] [Last]
I am a lost soul wandering the internets looking for the anons I used to play Dominions with before the apocalypse.
Open file (34.69 KB 165x275 test.png)
>>10950 I see you, faggot

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