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Flight Vidya Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 19:38:22 No.449 [Reply] [Last]
For all things flight autism related. A-10s should be spoilered as BRRRRRRT is too lewd to show. Reminder that THQ Nordic should burn for their disrepectful Comanche game.

I want Arcade!
You'll need an emulator for these:
'Air Combat
Ace 2
Ace 3
Ace 4
Ace 5
Ace 0
bios ps2

I want something Sim!
Condensed version of /simg/ contents:
>Falcon BMS Alternative Launcher:
Your pain setting up controls is over
>Falcon 4, BMS, SF2, real-life flight manuals and field manuals.
>Planes pastebin
>Strike Fighters 2 For Dummies
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
>thread is not named /simg/ fail
Open file (189.95 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>no mention of TIE Fighter in the arcade section Get a load of this slimo.
>>10032 How do you run TIE Fighter? I've been using the DOS edition, but I can only use the joystick with it, none of the buttons I have on it.
Any luck with a torrent of DCS?
Good old Il-2 '46 is still fun online. I like German planes. Pity that good servers with good settings and maps is a rarity these days >>10041 Strange. By default, the game recognizes 3 of my stick buttons for some reason. Using the dos collector's version too (with iMuse system and gouraud shading). Try using a joystick profiler program

Open file (619.08 KB 490x360 AVGN Last surprise.mp4)
Open file (779.05 KB 640x360 Narancia Learns Math.webm)
Open file (1.22 MB 640x360 OH NO.mp4)
Open file (3.28 MB 640x360 Canned Coochie.mp4)
Webm Thread Anonymous 08/24/2019 (Sat) 22:03:08 No.348 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a webm thread. Post want you've made or collected since 8chan has been down.
222 posts and 296 images omitted.
>>16931 >subject of the video is taller than it is wide >complain about it being recorded in portrait you could have bitched about it not being centered or something but you chose maybe the absolutely dumbest thing to whine about you absolute fucking retard
>>16960 >Recording in portrait is valid ever Wew lad it's not a fucking painting.
>>16905 This week on The Most Useless Shit You Can Do With Your Money
>>16931 the video is not mine but it makes perfect sense to record that vertically, seen how it's more tall than wide. had he recorded in portrait he'd have to get further from it to fit it all.

Open file (483.30 KB 1568x2352 on the corner.jpg)
Open file (336.45 KB 744x988 ass lions.jpg)
Open file (168.60 KB 677x575 pajeet.png)
Open file (155.72 KB 694x567 bryna.png)
Open file (133.23 KB 681x433 n.png)
ME3 and ME:Andromeda designer teaming up with Bethesda artfag for shit vidya about niggers Anonymous 02/12/2020 (Wed) 21:22:11 No.15604 [Reply] [Last]
That's right, we're getting the quality of Bioware and Bethesda in one game, with TV shows and movie adaptions already planned. Are you ready for diversity? >The original name for Manveer Heir's new game studio that focused on stories of people of color was Big Mouth Games. >But it turned out Netflix was already using the name "Big Mouth" for its animated puberty comedy. So Heir called the studio BrAss Lion Entertainment, and brought on co-founders Rashad Redic and Bryna Dabby Smith. The studio has an explicit focus on telling authentic underrepresented stories not just relating to race, but age, religion, sexuality, Heir said. It aims not to be another small indie outfit, but a mainstream, mid-level, million-copies-sold kind of game developer. "I don't have enough time on this earth to wait for 2,000, 5,000 copies [sold] to shift things," said Heir. >The first game from Brass Lion is Corner Wolves -- an action-RPG set in mid-90s Harlem, in the thick of the government's war on drugs. The plot weaves hip hop, dealers and police, inspired by films like Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, said Heir. Producer Just Blaze is signed on for the soundtrack, while Heir wants to include landmarks of the neighborhood, like Marcus Garvey Park and the Apollo Theater. >The protagonist of the game is a young Afro-Latina woman whose father is murdered. Neither Heir nor writer Evan Narcisse is Afro-Latina. So the plan is to workshop their writing with this demographic -- what bachata tracks would play in the streets, what posters would appear on a New York bedroom wall in that era in. Heir says they will look to real historical events in New York and Latinx history to weave into the narrative. >In Corner Wolves, the idea will be to use RPG mechanics to simulate systems of oppression in interesting ways. >"I'm a systems and gameplay designer, right? So I think about the world in systems," said Heir. "The racism I care about changing is systemic." >For example, perhaps depending on your name, hairstyle or skin tone, people will talk to you differently. Perhaps you need money and can either work a boring, Shenmue-esque job for minimum wage in a racist environment, or choose to make 10 times the amount running drugs for people that you feel respect you more. >The trick is that in games you have "complicity through interaction," Heir said. You have to own your actions in the world in a way that even watching a show like The Wire -- which itself excelled at humanizing its subjects and fleshing out the systems that led them to make damaging decisions -- does not do. >The Corner Wolves game will be in development for years, but a narrative podcast introducing the characters and setting is due to launch this year on Luminary. Heir said he has ideas for comics, TV and film that could revolve around the Corner Wolves franchise, even while the game is its keystone. >"My goal is that an Activision, an EA, have to build units that compete with me, because [now they] need a minority-focused studio," said Heir. "And hopefully I'll still beat them afterwards because they won't know how to do it right, and I will." https://web.archive.org/web/20200212192845/https://www.engadget.com/2020/02/12/brass-lion-entertainment-corner-wolves-interview/?guccounter=1 https://archive.is/mjUm3
64 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>16086 Newfags blame everything on their ancestors for not finding a job after studying folkloric dance and african percussion history
Open file (87.52 KB 736x1055 Marshall_McLuhan.jpg)
>>16114 Everyone says Canada has no identity, but then why are leafposters so distinct and memorable? An Aussie will call you a cunt while a Leaf will find some bizarre, almost schizophrenic take on whatever you said and accidentally derail the thread. Almost everything distinct we do and make, good or bad, follows this pattern. Even when our government and media try forcing bland internationalist culture and globalist ideas upon us it somehow achieves this very recognizable flavour of batshit. We are run by people so incompetent that their attempts at making us look like a normal leftist country backfire.
>>16120 >why are leafposters so distinct and memorable? Unique brand of chink cuckoldry found nowhere else on earth, canucks are the opposites of australians and are worst british colony, worse than poo in loo pajeets.
>>16124 Corona-chan will be their karma for ceding their entire western territory to chinks and visiting all those massage parlours over the years. we're next
>>16086 >>16113 >>16115 Do you think the people I mentioned having all the wealth give a fuck or damn about computer money? The computer money is for the wageslaves. The investors and corporations who control the economy are not in short supply of physical capital at all and they can move it wherever they want. This is why I keep saying "Raise taxes on corporations and investors and the economy dies", because they will pull their shit out and go to whatever country suits their needs best. I said "Ok, boomer" because you fail to see the way the economy functions has changed. I don't understand how you can realize the money we have is fake monopoly money, but too retarded to understand that all the real capital is controlled by private interest. The economy is healthy because it serves them NOT you or anyone else and they can keep it afloat as long as they decide to keep their capital invested in the USA. The USA wont crash unless something pisses off the private interest and they pull all their capital out. It wont die anytime soon.

Open file (231.40 KB 1680x1025 nigger.jpg)
Elder Scrolls Thread Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 08:35:27 No.589 [Reply] [Last]
How are they gonna fuck it up this time?
132 posts and 31 images omitted.
>>16538 >Alright, how about a plain retard, then? Cool, whatever. If you don't want to be creative, that's fine with me.
>>16538 There are a lot of shit novels these days, anon. You have to look for older books, same as with games. All the shit games with shit stories fail to truly take advantage of the medium to tell their stories (which is 99% of modern video games).
Open file (681.52 KB 1247x1570 25301_boxshot_1.jpg)
I know of some games with really deep lore.
>>16548 Why i feel a bit sad when i read this sentence?
We all know that the Beyond Skyrim project is an over ambitious mess that has no hope of being completed in the lifetime of those modders, however the dumb fucks have already finished the landscapes for the only regions that matter, ie Cyrodiil, Morrowind and Iliac Bay with the more important quests already done. So why can't those dumb fucks just release those as a beta? Or even without quests? I remember the incomplete files used to available for download to members of Dark Creation forums, but since that site is gone, does anyone know where the files can be acquired from now?

Open file (180.57 KB 598x357 taDooM.png)
Open file (41.58 KB 274x274 comfyguy.png)
Doom Multiplayer Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 09:17:19 No.34 [Reply] [Last]
Wanted to see if any anons are interested in some doom over zandronum.

2 posts and 1 image omitted.
Im a fucking idiot,the multiplayer is over DoomSeeker the source port is Zandronum
try giving date, time and server and you might get interest
Open file (166.36 KB 1400x900 fbi-wallpaper1.jpg)
Obvious federal honeypot here guys dont go to any of these links
I was told bumping old threads is ok
>>34 You want to play over dengine instead?

Game recommendations Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 05:40:13 ID: c95ad2 No.3245 [Reply] [Last]
What vidya are you looking for?

What vidya do you think others should play?
222 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>14097 >Is Nier Automata any good It's ok. If Nier: Automata didn't have that ass with a shota orbiting it, it would have been shit.
Open file (22.54 KB 640x350 sp.gif)
Are there any games like Shadow President and is CyberJudas any good?
Has anyone played Ys 9? Would it be worth importing/getting as in pirating because falcom's a NISA whore now should a PC port exist?
>>5216 Sounds a bit like Deflektor, but that doesn't have tanks, and also it didn't get a PC release. Search for Deflektor clones or something.
>>16527 https://archive.org/details/win3_Deflekto

Open file (646.31 KB 2560x1440 20190310235457_1.jpg)
Open file (556.93 KB 2560x1440 20180828113338_1.jpg)
Open file (575.17 KB 2560x1411 20200208004231_1.jpg)
Linux Gaming Thread Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 03:38:41 No.16199 [Reply] [Last]
Whether you're playing native games, or making your way through your backlog on WINE, chatter here about it. No platform warring. ---------------- Ever since the library update, Steam has been running like shit and hogging more memory than it has to. I've been turning it off lately. I only use Lutris to launch my games and manage updates, which already is convenient since it doesn't ask for a log-in. I could use a cracked Steam .dll if anyone has an update-to-date version.
12 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>16255 I considered that actually, but I already know you use a VPN, banning doesn't work. I'm threatening a 'non aggression pact. Your calm and collectivity for your desired response. Simple wager, no?
>>16258 >Your calm and collectivity for your desired response. Simple wager, no? >>16251 (Me) >Again, I'm not interested in the adoption of GNU+Linux. If it remains niche and if it never gets AAA support, that's fine with me. >>16254 (You) >How about we work together to make linux popular again? You seem intent on characterising my responses as unhinged meanwhile ignoring what I write in my posts.
>>16263 My request is simple, make your posts in the appropriately existing thread and move on. What's so hard to understand to stop duplicating existing threads?
>>16265 >What's so hard to understand to stop duplicating existing threads? >>16236 >>16251 >>16247 (You) >If you think creating more threads will improve your chances of getting desired responses, well please continue to ignore my advise.
>>16267 Then I'll leave you alone to your threads. Have fun being ignored!

Open file (762.53 KB 1024x768 Koala.jpg)
Windows 7 on new hardware Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 00:22:01 No.16156 [Reply] [Last]
Alright cunts my CPU just died, had to upgrade and that means Micro$hafted 10. I got tons of vidya stuff that are not compatible with Windblows 10, I sure as fuck do not want to use that fucking OS as well. Unfortunately they cut off my USB drivers to force me to upgrade like the money grubbing kikes they are, so I can boot my Windows 7 install but can't do shit with it without a PS/2 mouse, which I don't currently own. I'm currently trying to unfuck myself out of this situation using a drive with a Windows 10 install but it ain't mine. Any way to add the drivers to my old Windows 7 install without a fresh install as I don't want to lose my files including work related shit? Got a USB that can boot either Windows 10 or 7 as well. Help an anon out and make him from not using shit software to play videogames.
1 post omitted.
>>16157 >Just dual boot Nigger I can't boot Windows 7 in the first place Most I could do would be to partition my HDD and install Windblower 10 on it while accessing the rest of my HDD files. But even then I'd be stuck with 10
I guess I could try installing a copy of Windows 7 on a new partition.
>>16156 Penguin OS
Dup >>941 Also, this isn't /tech/support.
>wangblows 7 Install gentoo + wine

Open file (258.23 KB 1800x2385 gohomemark.jpg)
Games that defined the decade Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 20:37:39 ID: 4ee6d6 No.3465 [Reply] [Last]
EDGE put together a list of games they claim defined 2010-2019. It's such a shit show I'm reposting it here.

>Broken Age
>Dark Souls
>Gone home
>GTA 5
>Zelda BOTW
>The Walking Dead

Most of these don't belong on any sort of list. Amnesia did fuck up horror and make walking sims popular. Dark souls did the same for action games and Minecraft is undeniable. But Gone home and Destiny? WTF
94 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>3465 >spelunky how come nobody has gone full charlie on these journos yet?
>>14242 >dork souls >didnt pander to casuals Is that why the game is exclusively played by casuals who are so shit it seems hard to them? the x of dark souls is only said by casualfags, all of the difficulty comes from the broken hitboxes. >Popularized twitch and esports e-sports was already a huge thing with fighting games and arena shooters, justin.tv was pretty big for lets plays and game streaming like those 4playerpodcast faggots that overracted to fatal frame with their facecam >Minecraft and Skyrim: started the "mods will fix it" trend many games came out before those two that required mods for them to be not shit.
ITT total retards that think "defining games" means "games I liked"
>Rainy morning in bumfuck nowhere, India >EDGE headquarters >Some underpaid barely non retard pajeet googles "best gams 2019" and copy pastes the first 10 results >??? >Later, on /v/

Open file (86.67 KB 1280x720 Jaggi intensifies.jpg)
Monster Hunter General Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 18:46:25 No.10592 [Reply] [Last]
I usually lurk the MoHun threads because they're cozy, been missing them since the purge. So talk about your favorite monsters, how you learned to stop worrying and love the Tigrex or Bazelgeuse, and how which set yields the cutest waifu dresses. I'll be streaming for a little while, don't know how people take to that sort of "shilling" on julay, so have fun while it lasts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31SWE2xqyV8 MODS: if you are opposed to my streaming, then just erase the link, but leave the thread up for others.
131 posts and 33 images omitted.
should i play monster hunter world?
>>16060 Yeah it's great >>10791 >>10792 >>10793
>>16060 I don't think Iceborne is cracked yet.
Open file (13.04 KB 245x255 1546916540.jpg)
>>16063 Just buy it you big dummy
>>16067 You'd have to pay me to play that.

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