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Open file (196.66 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
Open file (154.82 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anything videogames goes /any/ Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 05:24:13 No.1118
As to not clutter the catalog with inane shit, but you want to talk about something regarding videogames, this is the thread.
Similarly QTDNDTOT.
It's meant to be used as a catchall, not as the next /b/.
>>16512 I have not played part 2 so I cannot say. Sorry.
>>16512 >lost to time Why didn't vitafags preserve their games? Why do they repeat history!
>>16513 thats fine then, i think ill play ps 1 then, get to trails after i beat it >>16514 whole game wasn't lost, just the undub someone from gbatemp did, im sure that someone could recreate the mod
>>16514 >>16515 Because centralization is good. Forums, webhosts, and MEGA GOOD! Torrents BAD!
I have been thinking of setting up some sort of pipeline for putting games into docker containers, or at least their servers could help the Game Nights in terms of popularity and ease of joining. You think it would work out? Even if just having more general documentation on how to host something without fucking it up every step of the way
Open file (153.55 KB 400x300 sergey.png)
>>16444 (checked) If STALKER comes to E3 it will be a fucking trashfire consoleshit game. People want something like Escape from Tarkov from S.T.A.L.K.E.R but in singleplayer. If they're smart they'll release a well done singleplayer game, release the SDK and then make something like Escape from Tarkov and release it later.
>>16841 That's actually pretty clever.
>tfw your favorite games don't have any cool memes
Open file (56.53 KB 600x533 ripandtear.jpg)
>>16854 Personally, I think it's better that way. Better to not have something that stands out to normalfags than to see a meme from your favourite vidya get reused repeatedly by people who barely know about its origins.
>>16841 Could you explain it in retardo-layman's terms? From a glimpse it looks like remote-play or streaming. Am I completely misinterpreting it?
Open file (64.21 KB 1056x762 youre gonna die.JPG)
>>16198 nice COPPA, faggots
>>16851 I do hope so, considering the resources the share threads have established it could be used to make it rather hands off >>16867 Yeah you are a bit off, a docker container is more or less a virtual machine, expect it doesn't virtualize everything or to a simpler degree and thus uses less resources. These things are meant to provide a stable environment where you test your applications in and then distribute the whole container as to guarantee that the software has a known good environment to run in regardless of the actual system it runs on. My idea is to apply this to game servers or even the clients with the hopes that it eases hosting because once a container has been made for say a C&C Renegade server any anon could just get it and run it without having to worry about misconfiguring a server.
Open file (1.72 MB 360x360 1463968428851.gif)
Whoever put rubberbanding AI in their racing games should have their eyes slowly ripped out of their sockets.
>>16857 Without meme potential a game never finds the attention of people with talent who can make interesting content out of it, and thus, it is forgotten with time, along with many others that, even if good, don't have the same potential to be remembered whenever a meme of it is posted. It's definitely worse.
>>16877 >he can't kick the shit out of rubberband AI Total casual.
Open file (1.20 MB 1358x569 Classic.png)
So i was thinking of doing a battlefront 1 or 2 gamenight, but i downloaded all of these games. im familiar with battlefront 1 and 2, but are any of these others worth playing?
>>16889 Empire at War and Republic Commando are good.
>>16890 the files for commando are not there or i'd give it a shot, but isnt empire at war just a generic RTS with a star wars skin? or am i wrong. i backed up battlefront and battlefront 2 since the games are becoming more difficult to find.
>>16841 >>16870 Couldn't you just share a server's config files or something? t. never hosted a game server in his life
>>16889 Jedi Knight is good. Lego Star Wars is good. Rogue Squadron is good. Bounty Hunter is also a good game that should be up there.
>>16889 We couldn't do a Battlefront gamenight unless we invited another community. 8kun is too small and 4chan might just outright delete the thread.
>>16896 Balderdash.
>>16896 we invited 4chan for the AoS games we had back on 8chan. they usually came out and overpowered with their sheer numbers.
Open file (172.25 KB 600x600 question shimakaze.jpg)
What do you niggers think? Does it count as 'beating' the game if you use the rewind feature? fuck no of course no
Open file (4.40 MB 320x240 6ab.gif)
>>16903 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: beat a game with rewinding. Next time, beat the game with rewind disabled.
>>16903 By this logic Blinx is unbeatable.
>>16909 He means software rewind, like save states. If the mechanics is time travel, then I'm sure it's fine: Prince of Persia Viewtiful Joe Chronotron Braid Achron Temporal took me a long time to refind this Etc..
>see a new mecha anime game >this is gonna suck like usual >download it and play Has anyone played Daemon X Machina? It's fucking great, nothing special by all means. It's very anime but it's actually a fun fucking mech game. I can finally play something to keep me from descending into a pile of misery and despair. >>16910 Time Shift too. That was a great game.
>>16892 >empire at war just a generic RTS That's Glactic Battlegrounds. EaW is pretty unique on its own. Space battles are great.
So I want to play M&B:W a few times before Bannerlord comes out, want a mostly vanilla experience but with a lot of improvements/QoL features added. What mod would you guys recommend?
>>16913 Lol, played Ultimate Knight Windom XP? I just downloaded it, keep seeding, from fitgirl, I'll play it as soon my new PC is up.
Touhou 11 SubAuti Rando Гунтhou Crashfix: https://mega.nz/#!flJiyILD!IuiP2cnKkRD0xW5YGkrS-ET1Y_jbqt2kQuzKDHXL5yU Bet you can't no bomb wwww.
>>16913 >playing modern vidya lol
>>16920 there are none that keep it vanilla unless you get into downloading specific tweaks. if you want just 1 thing i guess diplomacy or whatever but it wont be vanilla.
>>16956 Alright, then what mods exactly would you recommend?
Is /any/ a good idea? The catalog is fuckheug and encouraging people to use this thread instead of making new ones just makes the board look dead outside a couple stale generals.
>>16972 Board is dead. The only things to do are shill on 4chaim/8kunt or use the forbidden incantation of liveposting and watch the site crash more than 8chan when null was in charge.
>>16972 I agree, consolidating into one thread isn't good for a small imageboard.
>>16972 We're all just too busy playing games :^)
>>16976 This, and it's Monday. Who commits disability fraud? But what games things do you want to discuss, the fact nobody pays developers directly and want everything for free?
>>16972 This is what I was trying to say on /meta/, but I think the board owner is also making the mistake of deleting threads with similar topics, but completely different discussions.
Open file (866.78 KB 924x1080 1574020589619.png)
>>16972 well the fags constantly complaining about people "making too many threads" because "you dont need to make a new thread just to discuss a specific topic" as if threads are some finite commodity got their way. now we have one big "any" general and all other threads are obsolete. hmmmm, now if only there was a different kind of site or protocol that was more geared towards everyone posting into a single area. almost like a room they could chat in that was about video games in general. maybe the people that kept complaining about that should go there. like some kind of chat protocol that steals data to fund the site, or maybe just a simple internet relay chat or something of the sort. do you think something like that exists out there? so the people that like things like that can just do that? surely its better suited for their needs than using an image board. maybe they should all "go" there? or "go back" if thats what they are accustomed to? if such a place did exist, that is. right?
>>16988 Duplicate threads was something everyone agreed is part of the rules. But what do you want to talk about? >>16989 Where's the vidya?
>>16989 >well the fags constantly complaining about people "making too many threads" because "you dont need to make a new thread just to discuss a specific topic" as if threads are some finite commodity got their way. now we have one big "any" general and all other threads are obsolete. This was a stupid complaint. We're not dealing with too many threads being made. There's still threads on the bottom of the catalog from August. What's worse is other threads being deleted because of the discussion topic fell under /any/, and deleting threads that don't actually violate rules is a good way to shit on people who'd contribute to the board.
>>16992 >This was a stupid complaint i agree. but its a complaint that gets made every time some autist gets their thread ignored because of another thread they deemed to be of too close a topic to their own. reminds of forum drama where autists would freak out about "off topic" or "necroing" "dead" threads. >>16991 >Where's the vidya? the stickied /any/ thread is really just a /meta/ thread. it reminds me of how "questions that dont deserve their own thread threads" killed /k/ because most either dont know or dont want to admit, but most threads start because the OP has a need/ulterior motive and didnt see a thread to post in. so if someone wanted a question answered, they would think of a broader topic and make a new thread. now they just go to the qttdtobobomw thread and post in there and hope someone answers. it limits the discussion. its like a permanent solution for the autists that sperg about thread "derailment" as if a thread about a shitty indie game devolves into an argument about modern art and objective standards of beauty is ruining imageboards. because as we all know autists arguing autistically is what killed imageboards and totally not shills and normalfags.
>>16995 The meta thread is actually on >>>/meta/1986 and I don't think the board owner checks this thread or his own board as much as the /meta/ one.
https://nitori.itch.io/exchanger >Unity, not open source, html5 Damn shame, but hey new Godot repo here I go! Have to try this a little later https://bgalkows.itch.io/vgdc-castlevania Heh https://rawk-games.itch.io/golden-mix-tournament-xtreme-arcade-version
https://steamcommunity.com/app/12220/eventcomments/1750149154149909930 >remove GFWL from your stupid ass gayme >axe the multiplayer in the process >axe more radio stations the absolute state of GTA IV on PC
>>16147 >both TOS/EULA and (binding) arbitration clauses, (or that these must be agreed to by their parent or legal guardian I knew I smelled something disgusting https://archive.vn/D3Rqg

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