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Open file (619.08 KB 490x360 AVGN Last surprise.mp4)
Open file (779.05 KB 640x360 Narancia Learns Math.webm)
Open file (1.22 MB 640x360 OH NO.mp4)
Open file (3.28 MB 640x360 Canned Coochie.mp4)
Webm Thread Anonymous 08/24/2019 (Sat) 22:03:08 No.348
Let's have a webm thread. Post want you've made or collected since 8chan has been down.
Open file (7.99 MB 1920x1080 The wwew lads.webm)
>>11985 What's the music source on that 2003 webm? Can't find it using the usual methods.
Open file (4.32 MB 600x600 21. King Of Ghost.webm)
Open file (3.66 MB 1280x720 EteznfBwKR5vFJNi.mp4)
>>13923 Damn Whøre - Intro (Non Stop)
Open file (390.05 KB 820x461 Slap time.webm)
Open file (14.97 MB 960x544 Slap royale1.webm)
Open file (10.79 MB 960x544 Slap royale 2.webm)
Open file (6.78 KB 300x100 1571876688634.png.jfif)
>>13789 Damon Riccitiello or FU boss theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2nPg42xsXg
Open file (2.02 MB 880x496 SOTYAY.webm)
Loader is best survivor, fite me.
>Platforms: Xbox, PC Betting Cancer10
Open file (11.88 MB 688x576 OP makes a thread.webm)
Anyone have a source on the song? I made this fucking webm and I've completely forgotten what it's callled. It brings me to tears everytime
>>15302 faggot by jeff palmer
Open file (12.99 MB 854x480 commando nam.webm)
>>14249 We should play RoR2 sometime.
>>15341 no, stop forcing your shit game we should play this instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5tUClKdElg
>>15347 The game cant be that shi- >Unity >supported by gearbox >made by cuck/agdg/ Daily reminder that anything made in UE4/unity is spyware that runs like ass
Open file (7.94 MB 1280x720 DORF THE FIRST.mp4)
>>15348 Sure, it's made in unity, but Gearbox is only there to provide money and do advertisements for the game, who do you suggest they take money from to fund their game? In addition I find nothing wrong with being from pre-exodus cuckchan, considering your faggot ass came from there. Also post webms faggots.
>>15355 >defending the game this hard
Open file (5.87 MB 1280x720 88.webm)
>>15355 >Also post webms faggots.
>>14249 >>15341 Just like post room tomorrow for me though had enough for today
Open file (2.48 MB 360x422 messagefortv.webm)
>>15335 Many thanks Regards, anon
>>15385 >First webm <There's the unmistakable image of an AK-47 rifle Seems like Americans were retarded even in the late 90s.
>>15385 Question: Did any of these autists get on the tranny train? Because that'd make this webm either ironic or prophetic.
>>15492 Jewnalists have never known what the fuck they're talking about in regards to guns, every yuro country that has had gun bans enforced had stories with that caliber of ignorant retardation shoved down their throats beforehand. Australia too.
>>15524 Isn't that from Metal Slug?
>>15710 The Exile games use it too. It's in a ton of stuff.
>>15646 Only the guy sitting on the couch like normal, I think. Everyone else in that webm either is part of the GDQ cabal or is banned for life.
Open file (2.00 MB 340x284 khajiit on skooma.gif)
>>15679 Someone in >>>/k/ should make a peertuber /n/ like series talking about the news. I'd pay to watch.
So much autism in such a little video https://invidio.us/watch?v=ol3R4DacE2I
>>16092 >no webm >not contributing >barely video game related Why did you even post?
Open file (10.04 MB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)
>>16209 'cause the webm goes over 16MB and it's funny autism hours with bronies talking about they felt about shadow the edgehog.
>>16229 >'cause the webm goes over 16MB The limit is 18MB here. And you could pretty easily get a sub-18 version of it either by manually selecting a video and audio stream with youtube-dl or just by grabbing it at max quality and reencoding it. It's your fault if you're too reliant on shitty GUI methods for getting webms out of youtube videos.
>>16321 True, I'm not autistic enough to waste my time maximizing throughput for a 5 minute video in a site that only has 18MB per post, of which I know several people don't want to watch. Maybe you can do it for me, and show me how it's done?
Open file (11.05 MB 640x360 Cooking with Zaeed.mp4)
>>16373 >watch a video about ponies >can't make a webm because you're a lazy faggot <get called a lazy faggot >HHMMM YES, TRUE, YES, HMMMM I'M NOT AUTISTIC, HMM, YES, YMMMM >THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE OF WHOM I ESEVERAL KNOW WHOEW EOMSEY YESEYSE SDONT' WANT TO SEE YES >I DON'T EVEN CAREA BOUT THIS TWHOSEEH TREAD YOU'RE ALL STPUID NOT ME You don't have any right to call other people autistic.
Open file (2.35 MB 720x1280 AZld8DxI0eYs0W5Q.mp4)
>>16900 Sir, are you OK?
>>16905 >webm how is that possible?
>>16922 it's a case with a screen without backlight instead of the standard window, it effectively acts as a second screen and you can have it display whatever you want, as well as, say, play games on it. only issue is that having no backlight and being transparent means you need to have some sort of light source within the case. it's not even that expensive, I saw it go for 150 on sale.
>>16926 >>16926 So you're the faggot that can't record a fuckinh video in landscape ? It make me so mad i would punch your face you fucking queer.
>>16931 >subject of the video is taller than it is wide >complain about it being recorded in portrait you could have bitched about it not being centered or something but you chose maybe the absolutely dumbest thing to whine about you absolute fucking retard
>>16960 >Recording in portrait is valid ever Wew lad it's not a fucking painting.
>>16905 This week on The Most Useless Shit You Can Do With Your Money
>>16931 the video is not mine but it makes perfect sense to record that vertically, seen how it's more tall than wide. had he recorded in portrait he'd have to get further from it to fit it all.

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