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Open file (6.28 MB 960x540 beg.webm)
Leanna is for faggots Anonymous 09/05/2019 (Thu) 23:47:27 No.881
DMoMM thread I guess.
>>15889 It doesn't really have anything to do with games funnily enough.
>>15751 Yes >>15776 What competition? The WiiU was a failure and the Xboner was a trainwreck at launch and never recovered. Only the Switch is even getting some PS4 market share and even then it barely does due to fillimg a different niche and having overlap between the consumers of both consoles since it offers something different. The PS4 had no competition for 4 years straight >>15793 >Sony was a joke The first few years, it wasn't the massive success that was the Wii, but it recovered. >The Swich is a competitor Not outside Japan it isn't and the Switch was released in 2017 >>15804 >They will flop The Xboner? Likely The Pis5? No it won't, everybody will still buy one to play FIFA and the exclusives. Just much less than the PS5 >>15889 >Strange Not really Thing is tablet more underpowered than hardware that came out 4 years prior. It just fits a really different role
>>15892 >more underpowered than hardware that came out 4 years prior. Same could be said for all consoles.
Sorry about the derail
>>15892 >everybody will still buy one to play FIFA isnt FIFA numbers going down?
>>15893 True but nobody is buying a Switch for visual fidelity. Portability is the role it fills which neither the PS4 or Xboner do. >>15900 Physical numbers only Consolefags are buying more and more digital each year though.
>>15747 >the PS4 hasn't even outsold the PS2 That's hardly surprising considering that the PS2 is the best selling vidya system of all time. The PS4 is still 4th highest, which doesn't exactly constitiute poor sales. Consoles are still going strong, they're just coming down from the peak normalfag popularity that was the 6th and 7th gens and moving back into being systems that only people who actually like video games buy.
>>15904 >they're just coming down from the peak normalfag popularity that was the 6th and 7th gens and moving back into being systems that only people who actually like video games buy. Which is weird to think about, because each gen has more and more games but less playable ones.
>>15900 >>15901 They're also jewing most of the customers a lot more individually nowadays with microtransactions out the ass.
>>15350 >the demon form just kills you Nigger, you have no idea. For 0 skillpoint investment you get: >transforms faster than weapon swap >faster movement and sideways/backwards mobility >about 9dmg hand attacks with dagger speed and double the normal weapon reach, completely blueballing your enemies For context, daggers of the Dragonfang deal 14 dmg to undead, 7 to others. <can't parry >fast power attack dealing about 15dmg with huge reach and width >power attack applies way more force than a kick, ragdolls enemies and often kills them by collision with floors and walls >sprinting and jumping attacks available with no combat skill and without charging a power attack (not that you need these with demon form reach) >1 dps health drain, 20 heal on kills >takes less than 10 seconds to kill most enemies with your retarded reach and power without taking any damage Black guards have about 50hp on hardcore and take about 5 seconds to kill, leaving you with more healing than drain, as long as you leave the demon form when you don't attack. >can't consume adrenaline, so you can always keep it to, say, boost Inferno spell for 100 damage And you can still improve it by casting Sanctuary and getting the Strength skill for +6 damage (it works). Demon form is ridiculously overpowered, if anything.
>>15257 >ZAP MUTHAFUKA <no weapons allowed run I can't remember since when I had so much fun. Only way to survive is to throw various objects and spells at enemies and throw whatever objects there are lying around.
>>16274 I'm going to try this. Sounds like it'd make stealth amazing. Are there any parts where you absolutely NEED to fight though? Like securing the boat?
Anybody know the item codes for the armors?
Open file (55.18 KB 580x346 wizard car.jpg)
>>16288 No idea, never tried stealth. I just ran away like a cowardly wizard while throwing spells and boxes at people and creatures trying to murder me. Ofcourse when Orcs wanted to 1v1 me I had to go full Miyamoto Musashi on the orc and kick him to death, which was slightly frustrating.
>>16288 >Are there any parts where you absolutely NEED to fight though? Like securing the boat? Depends if you count using mounted ballistas as a weapon.
Actually, it looks like I overestimated the reach on basic attacks in demon form because of increased FOV, but it's still great. The running attack and power attack are sick. I have no clue about making webms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kezbgxJXzU
>>16533 >I have no clue about making webms. The absolute laziest method:: 1. Download and install youtube-dl 2. Add it to your path look up how to do this, it's easy as shit 3. Open a terminal (Linux) or cmdprompt (Windows) 4. Type youtube-dl -f "best[filesize<18M]" URLGOESHERE if you wanted one that's under 16 change it to 16M etc, on the rare occasion it goes over the amount you tell it you want just rerun the command at a lower size Done. This won't work for every video you'll need to learn more advanced methods for longer videos, for example and there are a bunch of more advanced tricks but this is quick and painless. I forget where the downloaded file ends up by default.
Open file (177.41 KB 900x675 0b3.jpg)
>>16550 >Those physics >Those animations >That art design >Those models >Those textures >That audio >That non cluttered non minimalist HUD with framing and visuals details that fits the game instead of green bar number 30000 >This is a 2006 game I keep forgetting videogames used to be good because whenever I remember I get fucking depressed over how we regressed
>>16845 >I keep forgetting videogames used to be good because whenever I remember I get fucking depressed over how we regressed I rarely experience this because I almost never play games that are made after 2010. It's the subtle things that make them unplayable for me. For example, I cannot play Dishonored at all because they decided to use muted colors that blends everything together. You can tell it was a problem because they had to rely on silhouetting or slapping icons on things to cover this fact up, which I hate playing with. It's really jarring when you're coming from games like Arx, Dark Messiah, Thief or Deus Ex. In those game I can immediately tell where everything is and usually I have a good idea of what can and can't be interacted with. I actually get a headache from shit like this in newer games, which is somewhat of a blessing all things considered.
Oh hey, Dishonored gave me physical headaches too when I played it. It's the only game I remember that had this effect and I have no idea why.
>>16859 >For example, I cannot play Dishonored at all because they decided to use muted colors that blends everything together. This is endemic to console games or multiplats too. Something about them always comes out blurry and I don't think it's just colour choices. F.E.A.R. 2 vs F.E.A.R. is a great example where 2 is technically speaking the superior game graphically but in practice it looks cartoony and blurry compared to the 'crispness' of the first game. Or compare the Stalker games to Metro. Just something about the way it all blurs into one.
Open file (14.35 MB 1280x720 demon form.webm)
Open file (1.14 MB 2400x3420 ffmpeg guide.png)
>>16550 I could download a 16.1MB mp4 of that video with a Local Youtube Downloader script with my browser. It looks like shit with all that youtube compression. Well, I dug up a webm guide in my pic folder and made a webm, but it took over an hour on my potato.
>>16876 For what it's worth ffmpeg will work with youtube-dl, so if you're more advanced just use -F note upper case to see all the video and audio streams and pick two to combine. As long as ffmpeg is in your path as well it should just wurk.
>>16873 It's because they're bending over backwards to make the games look as real as possible in a screenshot but make it fucking terrible to actually play. Bad lighting being covered up by post processing effects like tinting or creating a color palette around it. Lower poly models with ugly bump/specular map shaders slapped on it to give it the illusion of depth where there is none and making things look wet. Low FOV to avoid lag spikes making the games feel tunnel visioned. Aggressive Level of Detail making objects not immediately infront of you hard to make out. Not to mention for some reason a lot of modern games have really clunky movement for some reason, possible to make it more realistic but it just feels awkward.
>>16880 Basically E3 demo syndrome but visually rather than a weirdly overdetailed 30 minutes of the game.
>>17191 Yeah, kinda. They make those E3 demos knowing they have to compromise. They make their compensations in a way were the game will look as close to the E3 demo in a screenshot even when it look awful when you're actually playing it.
>after entering Stonehelm, it's possible to pick up a shortsword when a guard gets killed by a cyclops >cyclops is unkillable Fucking GAY. I've never played Dark Messiah multiplayer and I really want to. Can someone set up a gamenight? I have no experience with that.
>>17210 >I've never played Dark Messiah multiplayer and I really want to. Can someone set up a gamenight? I have no experience with that. There was a gamenight back on 8chan before it died. It shouldn't be hard to host if you can use one of the Steam emulators.
>>17211 I can't find a multiplayer client download and I've never participated in a gamenight. I need an oldfag.
>>17214 >I've never participated in a gamenight I hope you like magikikes and their jew tricks vs kniggers all weekend. >>17211 >steam emulator Zombie master gamenight when?
>>17221 >Zombie master gamenight when? I asked a while back but during the prime era of gamenights ZM just didn't handle large playercounts well. Now that shit is quieter it'd be perfect.
Open file (4.99 MB 888x500 l06_discover.webm)
Open file (3.75 MB 888x500 main_battle_01.webm)
Open file (1.48 MB 888x500 atmo_heartbeat.webm)
>>16303 It's impossible to add armors.
>>17192 >They make their compensations By adding shittons of post processing effects, yeah. Whoever introduced motion blur, depth of field, chromatic aberration, film grain, vignette and color grading in videogames needs to fucking die Absolute fucking cancer, many of which don't belong in movies as well unless you're an Hollywood shiteater, which is probably 90% of the people in the ESA.
>>17357 Normalfags have a hard time processing visual information. When half the screen is blasted out with bullshit post-processing they feel less overwhelmed, and the game difficulty compensates for the fact. >Shiny lights and colors, me press button for more shiny lights and colors yayyyyyy bing bing wahoo boyyyyy
Open file (30.58 KB 630x689 water.jpeg)
Open file (212.21 KB 1047x1141 water2.jpeg)
>>17360 Women especially. inb4 this is the real reason why physics games died out
>>17391 I thought this was a math question and was getting ready to integrate an equation for the volume of a cylinder.
>>17391 Wait, I thought the trick is that the water level will appear to be a bit higher, but women fail at drawing a horizontal line?
>>17395 And some men. But proportionately more women. Some think it might be due to an X-linked recessive trait.
>>17396 X-linked dominant, rather*
>>17391 Seems like a parody of what misogynists supposedly believe. I get that gathering easily available resources and bitching at the collective sleeping location didn't take much brain power, but come on.
>>17391 Something interesting from that same book: <Boys do better on some visuospatial tasks like mental rotation of shapes. Skills needed in engineering, math and science in general. However, when girls play video games engaging in activities that improve visuospatial activities, the gap tends to narrow but never close.
>>17391 Whoever fails this test hasn't spent enough time boozing or in the kitchen. Too much drinking with straws, as in no need to tip glass or bottle?
>>17395 >>17396 >>17397 Not only that, but You know how a lot of ancient and tribal art lacks any sort of perspective? There's evidence that pre-perspective cultures literally do not understand 3D space and to some extent their weird flat, brightly-coloured art actually reflects how they see the world, like symbol drawing reflects your internal symbols of objects. They flunk basic 3D spatial reasoning puzzles like guessing which angle an object's shadow would cast if the light were at a different angle, and some have even been documented as wasting weeks trying and failing to build a wooden crate to put their instruments in. There is probably a racial component to this, but it took all of humanity (including europeans) a long-ass time to figure out basic ideas like making objects look distant by drawing them smaller. Before that we drew same-sized objects overlapping each other or closer objects at the drawing's bottom and further ones above them. Eventually we figured out a sort of isometric or oblique projection, but we didn't always use them and ideas like foreshortening and vanishing points took longer still. Weirder still, Byzantine and Russian Orthodox icons (which are not supposed to be an objective depiction of physical space) have a long history of using reverse perspective where objects actually get SMALLER the closer they are to the viewer and we're still not completely sure why. The tl;dr is that people "see" the world in their minds more differently than you'd expect and this comes out in their art. A great modern example would be manga art: salty western artists who can't replicate it often accuse it of being symbol drawing, and they have a point: it does have a weird, almost iconographic quality to it even when the artists know their perspective and anatomy well. I wouldn't be surprised if their writing system has something to do with it: logograms are more complex than alphabets and convey more information so it likely follows that a logogramatic people have more subtlety to their symbols than alphabetic people.
>>17415 >The first known picture to make use of linear perspective was created by the Florentine architect Fillipo Brunelleshi (1377-1446). Painted in 1415, it depicted the Baptistery in Florence from the front gate of the unfinished cathedral >he basically copied it by painting on a mirror What the fug? I didn't know humans were this stupid. We didn't even quit being retarded yet, but some faggots want equal rights and procreation for the mentally impaired.
>>17420 These people weren't stupid. They spent their entire lives dedicated to honing their craft and figuring out linear perspective took a lot of mathfaggotry. It seems easy now because we're born in a culture where people have been doing this for hundreds of years and thus we're surrounded by art drawn in linear perspective. Look at the post's last image and this one, and tell me the artist is an idiot for struggling with perspective because he didn't know the Italian mathfag innovations.
>>17422 I mean humans as a whole are stupid in comparison to my expectations. I thought all those funny looking paintings were from artists that happened to lack a teacher or experience, but it turns out proper perspective straight up didn't exist until 15th century, even though it's something you can see right in front of you as you draw. It's like instead of having a fundamental understanding of something so simple, we have to learn a skill to imitate that understanding. There's too much room for improvement. If it were up to me, I would ban procreation for those who can't even draw a horizontal line on that bottle image, for starters.
>last pic Those shoes look retarded as fuck but the dog is cool
>>17415 >spacial reasoning Vidya apparently has an effect on this because playing vidya, particularly early 3D games, helps you space things out. >>17391 Females and males have different variance in intelligence: men are much more variable. This means there are more retarded men and more intelligent men but many less who are average. Overall this leads to a surprisingly similar slightly male-favoured (mean) average intelligent over large groups but it's also why natural progression has high level roles and prisons both dominated by men.

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