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Open file (196.66 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
Open file (154.82 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anything videogames goes /any/ Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 05:24:13 No.1118
As to not clutter the catalog with inane shit, but you want to talk about something regarding videogames, this is the thread.
Similarly QTDNDTOT.
It's meant to be used as a catchall, not as the next /b/.
Fuck you nerd
Open file (1.57 MB 1280x720 oCE2RVvJ4Sbp4McQ.mp4)
Open file (174.21 KB 644x512 L.png)
Open file (230.17 KB 674x1101 OSER.png)
Open file (444.41 KB 687x661 ga_gg_ers.png)
Forgot the most important
>faggotry in JP too
Lovely. We're going to need more than two nukes this time.
Just watched the entire game on Jewtube. It was charming.
Not my cup of tea, but I'm glad Kotaro Uchikoshi inserted 20% of his political views into his game. Turnabout fans would adore this game.
Funny, Americans had a weird fetish with "don't ask, don't tell" secrecy in the military.
Oh well, at the least the theme is very, very contemporary.
Serious sam 2 is such a cluster fuck of insanity I enjoy it. But the gameplay is annoying. It's just not designed for single player unless you're into slaughter WADs. It's a real shame as I enjoy the vehicle bits and the bizarre atmosphere but I know I'll burn out on it.
The console focus didn't hurt it as much as I feared back when it came out but you can feel where they had to pull back on the scale in a few levels because of hardware limits.
You can feel the Halo influence in it which is the biggest change. You get a Ghost and the turret stuff which is weird in Serious Sam.
Does this count?
Cool, a dead archive of a gay porno parody.
Open file (15.05 KB 218x255 umarutiertrash.png)
So how shit did Indivisible turned out? Lab Zero couldn't make a good game to save their miserable lives or even finish one.
what kills it for me are the cutscenes. god damn, never heard cringier "humor" in my life

looking forward to serious sam 4, if only to see how an open world, quest oriented serious sam experience will look like. it's also bringing back vehicles, so that should be fun
Any gatcha games that comoare in quality to Fate G/O? I tried some other ones like Epic 7 but it and the others were shit.
What's a good game to play that doesn't take too much attention so you can watch anime in the background? I'm trying to get through One Piece but there's so many fucking episodes.
Watch something better.
Like what?
The Greatest Story Never Told
Open file (83.33 KB 727x991 88.jpg)
on that note, is there a game where you play as the real good guys in the ww2 setting? can't really think of any games off the top of my head
Well there are a lot of WW2 themed games, usually strategies, where you can pick the German side amongst others.
Sudden Strike series
Blitzkrieg 1
Counter Action
C&C Generals with blitzkrieg mod
C&C Red Alert 2 : Yuri Revenge with the D-Day mod
Silent Hunter
Total Annihilation with the Axis & Allies mod
The Japanese version of Desert Commander for NES has you literally playing as Rommel
thanks. more of a shooter guy, but I will take what I can get
>Blitzkrieg 1
2 is objectively a better game since if has many more handcrafted/non-repetitive missions and I guess arguably superior graphics from a technical perspective. Weirdly I and everyone else still prefers the first game.
Is Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 the Code Vein of 3D platformers?
Also what is the best 3D platformer?
ScummVM just got updated to support Westwood's Bladerunner. While you could run it on windows 7 using some fan made patches, ScummVM allows you to use subtitles which is something the original game didn't have but sorely needed due to the awful audio.

>Also what is the best 3D platformer?
play the first kao the kangaroo and the second one on pc, can't vouch for their quality on consoles. third one is extremely mediocre, however, and I think it was only available in poland
>allows you to use subtitles
fuck yes
This game has some insane attention to detail. Was this the one with no gameplay?
I ain't clicking that cancer
Arkham Knight was the car one. I played a couple hours of it and got bored, but i'm not really a fan of the Batman games so I don't know.
I'll admit my blindness, but what's censored here?
Second pic a joke.
panties made into shorts
Open file (912.07 KB 1440x3141 EG2xkkLWsAApRKw.jpg orig.jpg)
Get your eyes checked, anon. If you just read further down the tweet, you would have seen the the inclusion of spats instead of panties was the censorship. The gap on her open skirt also seems smaller too.
Thank you for this comparison:
All of them have spats, look at the left thigh carefully. You can even see the bum on the back our stretch in original.
The clear censorship is shadowverse card, where they over drew the skirt.
3D model is taller & boxy:
Why I can say with confidence the skirt gap is skeletal rigging.
They could do a diamond to fix it although.
Open file (46.04 KB 380x403 masseffectandromeda.png)
Is there anything remotely redeemable about Mass Effect Andromeda? I've never played the game and I don't really plan to but I've always wondered if there was anything good about it.
>is there a game where you play as the real good guys in the ww2 setting?
The Finns were the only real good guys.
learn what a hapa is
>not liking finngolians
Open file (151.79 KB 508x800 checkem.jpg)
>>2000 (checked)
They a pure blooded Mongols.
>based anticom mongolians vs the eternal britcuck
my sides

Also Onmyoji is a good game, never played any gacha b4 but friend insited i try, cool free game overall. The devs are super generous so the game gives you A LOT of free shit, i only spent 10bux but that was completely optional.
gachaniggers leave
Also one of the guns is clearly Halo inspired.
Realistically how likely is it that Phoenix Point is worth pirating on release?
On one hand it looks like just the perfect mix of both eras of X-Com without being overly streamlined, while also having VC's aiming system which I liked.
On the other I still remember how the developers apparently lost all their brain cells during their announcement that they're going to release on EGS which really gives me the impression the devs have no fucking idea what they're doing and that they're about to release a massive piece of shit(either in terms of technical polish or gameplay mechanics or both). And considering the only forums available to the game are either Reddit or Discord I have a strong suspicious either no one gave decent criticism or was listened too because I sincerely doubt I'm going to find anything worth reading in either place.
What's your opinions on Phoenix Point, anons? Is it going to be the same shitshow as either Firaxis XCOM or are they somehow going to release something good? Has anyone played a backer build I'm an autist who can never look up information on or play an EA version of a game that interests me. I find if the game's good then I enjoy it much better going in blind like that who can mention of what quality they were?

Also on a side note, what's a decent >F2P game I can jump into for a neat 30 minutes of fun every two days or so? Is World of Tanks any good? It looks neat but I've heard all sorts of shit about those games.

What's good about Arkham Knight
>Visually the game is stunning
>The music for the predator sections, especially how they build up and climax is very on point
>The premise is neat, Arkham Knight and his army is built up as a competent adversary
>Combat is the most fluid of the four with environmental attacks and ground attacks
>exploring all of gotham, both the parts from Arkham City and Origin is very neat

What's okay about Arkham Knight
>Batmobile. It's a neat mechanic, looks and sounds great
Whats bad about Arkham Knight
>Writing is very contrived after the first act
>Batmobile is overused. It has stealth sections, racing sections, puzzle sections, combat sections and they're all mostly the same. Even the riddler is half Batmobile now. The combat is neat(if you've played Ronin it's like that but real time, enemies have attack trajectories and it's up to you to find the best spot to both attack and dodge) but it's way too easy with a mouse and keyboard considering how you can oneshot just about everything with decent aim.
>Being mostly outdoors, stealth sections are too easy and too cheesable
>Game's kind of easy with all the 1 hit kills you get
>Game has multiple campaigns, except every other campaign is literally 10 minutes long
>Writing is very contrived after the first act
That's because a lot of it was just an excuse to bring back the Joker while technically not violating his death.
no :^)
I think out of everything Joker's writing was the best of the bunch, despite being a cop-out. When I meant contrived I meant Batman is a retard who's barely making use of his resources. Robin, Nightwing and Azrael could very easily have been used to lighten the load, but instead he puts them out for retarded bullshit like researching the contrived joker cure. The cops are practically useless since they do nothing but stay holed up in their department Have to admit that mission where you have to defend it against a giant army was a pretty cool setpiece. The whole unmanned drones deal is retarded, especially when it implies the entire armored division of the army is under the remote control of this one guy who gets yelled at by the Arkham Knight for basically sucking at video games.
The whole cloudburst thing was retarded.
But by far the most retarded piece of writing is the fact that Batman didn't just leave to fuck Catwoman all night long in a bunker while leaving Arkham dude's army to the actual army, considering everyone on the streets was either a thug or half-dead law enforcement
Bless the modelers for the women in the arkham games
Joker-Bamham nohomo themes have always been good in well written Batman media, it just felt so forced to have him in again and they'd already covered most themes in the last two games.
I agree, but I felt every other villain was poorly written from the start(Corvo Attano Scarecrow) or wasted(Arkham Knight/Penguin).
Open file (255.24 KB 814x600 78037723_p0.jpg)
Recommend me a game that has content similar to this image.
DepraviA EgrigorI, although it's a little bit gorier than that
>This demonstration of Nazi hatred
But it looks like those finns like hitler? Why do reporters keep getting hate and love mixed up whenever they talk about Nazis?
If you can read jap this blog has a decent index of tagged entries that could help you search.
what did /v/ think of DMCV?
Recommend me a racing game. Preferably older (if for PC cause muh toaster) or for Nintendo DS / 3DS / PSP / Vita.
Moero Downhill Night Blaze
Open file (420.54 KB 880x561 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 875x625 ClipboardImage.png)
How are people like this real?
Open file (221.48 KB 920x1046 smuggatoro.png)
>implying that's a person
Is there someone streaming the clusterfuck game award?
Being fair The Sims as shit as it is lately, for a basic ass orthogonal department in some hellhole american metropolis, is actually pretty decent as an architectural visualizer. I wouldn't dare to brag about designing my pad after it but it's possible, and cheap.
If you meant the guy himself, if he didn't smile a lot and had a serious demeanor he would probably pass as a sharp man. But the hair perm and the seemingly soft and glowy skin doesn't help either, to be fair he looks like a fag, matter of fact he probably is a massive sodomite.
Because kikes have destroyed western civilization.
Open file (115.50 KB 640x515 (((Greatest Ally))).jpg)
excuse me but what is this weeks gamenight? thread when?
So I suddenly got an urge to play Star Fox 64 recently and while playing I started thinking about the sequels and how I never played them except Adventures, I know that one is shit from personal experience I was wondering if any of them were worth trying?
Is DOOD 2016 worth playing? Any recommended mods for that?
I thought singleplayer was decent. Pirate it and form your own opinion on it.
So far it's alright but I get the feeling something's wrong, on Nightmare everything deals so much damage it can be right, even those shit tier zombies deal like 40 or 50 health with their attacks.
Open file (1.85 MB 360x202 1566256453342.gif)
I can't remember now, was it Disgaea 4 that could brick your PS3? Or was it another NIS masterwork?
The Witch and the Hundred Knight would crash a lot on the PS3 so that could be the one? Remember there being a fan patch that NIS completely ignored and then later they released the fixed version for PS4.
From what I remember, the retards at NISA did something when they localized the game in question that created some sort of bug that could brick your PS3 that wasn't present in the JP version, and I'm fairly certain it was a Disgaea game. Some anon also once made a huge list of a bunch of retarded things NIS has done; I've seen the screencap float around here and there, but I don't think I ever bothered to save it. I was aware of Hundred Knight, and I'm honestly not sure if I'm confusing them.
Open file (14.88 MB 852x480 sm32677821.webm)
What if the leaker turns out to be bugman with ties to Tencent?
Tencent makes Pokemon games, and distributes CIA files for nintons to play?
Open file (544.64 KB 591x652 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.56 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8018 It's Hundred Knight. Bricking your PS3 was just the most egregious of the literally dozens of game breaking bugs.
>>8518 >We also circumcised the price of Postal 4 by 20% I hope this causes the shitstorm they're fishing for
>>8518 >snip the tip
Open file (918.48 KB 1025x791 highscore.png)
How about that?
>>8553 The vidya music thread guy? Are those the first 43 minutes or did he play that stuff like a keyboard?
>>8560 As you play a basic puzzle game like Bejeweled 2, you'll start to notice how to setup a lot of hypercubes and some basic combos. It is an alright game to get you to think about how to maintain combos while keeping some available moves since I usually play Classic mode. I have this game and two others in this link, if you are interested. Bejeweled 2 is the best Match-3 game to play since there isn't a lot of gimmicks to help you out, just your wits. And if you are unfamiliar with the game, just play the Puzzle mode since that teaches you how to set up combos or recognize certain setups. I played this years ago, but I got back on it recently. I was able to get a really good flow/rhythm of the game. So, yeah it is kind of like playing the keyboard. Here's the link: https://mega.nz/#F!uHACSKRK!dICLgl0U1ltmud8t280O0A
>Sony has a TV/movie studio named Playstation Productions that does exactly what you think it does >They're making a Twisted Metal TV series
What's a fun first playthrough class for Dragon's Dogma? Or are all weapons/styles fun? >>9039 >They'd rather make tv series than a new game Fucking hell Sony enough of this moviefaggotry.
>>5240 >if you've played Ronin it's like that but real time I just wanted to acknowledge that this is likely the only time I've ever seen anyone else who knew that Ronin existed, so thanks for that. This is a shot in the dark, but do you remember the 8/v/ book club threads? I made one of them, and Ronin was the game I picked/forced people to talk about. >>5954 Zeno Clash Crackle Cradle >>7816 Well, there's: >Starfox Assault Gamecube title with a criminally short campaign, low replayability, and some missions that mix on-foot combat with arwing combat. It's alright, and probably worth a playthrough if you're really jonesing for more Starfox. I remember some of the effects and explosions looking alright, but I haven't played it in a long time. >Starfox Command Very different approach to Starfox on the DS, with a turn-based tactics phase of each mission dictating what battles each pilot will encounter. Each pilot has his own ship, so choosing between them and tackling the right battle with the right pilot is more important. There is also a branching story mode which is more of a web than the lane-based progression in SF64. The thing which sours most people on the experience is that everything is dictated by your arwings' fuel, which pulls from a shared pool. If you take too long in one battle early in a mission, you can find yourself in an unwinnable state five minutes later and be forced to retry. >Starfox Zero Decent Wii U game hamstrung by a truly hideous control scheme to justify the Wii U's hardware - as in, your pointer on the main screen is literally not accurate to where your ship's fire will go. GayMaker's Toolkit has a good video describing precisely why it's so shit in addition to that: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=m544qfVMIPs Watch the animated intro movie Nintendo posted on their channel a few five years ago, and then move on. Not even the speedrunning and challenge running autists like this one. >Starfox 64 3D 3DS remake of Starfox 64. Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm not sure how much new content has been added besides the multiplayer vs mode.
>>9054 One other thing about Starfox is that the Switch version of Ubisoft Game: Space Edition (officially called Starlink: Battle for Atlas) has a bunch of extra Starfox-related content and missions. It's not worth the price of admission, but it's neat. Apparently there is about 90 minutes' worth of content with all the DLC and bosses, which you can find on YouTube if you're really interested. More than anything else, I think it's interesting to see what arwings and other Starfox missions structure might look like if it was given to a team with a high budget and actually had a new game.
>>9054 >>9055 Thanks buddy. Command sounds fairly interesting, I'll probably try that one next. I forgot about the 3DS version of 64 somehow, I did play that one, but I didn't like how it controlled on the 3DS so I got all the medals and dropped it instead of bothering with high scores. Shame about Zero though, I thought it looked kinda neat, but if the controls are really that fucking horrible then it's not even worth acknowledging. Not sure about that Starlink stuff either, I'll check it out. To be honest I really mostly want another rail shooter with branching paths like 64. None of these other Star Fox games have sold all that well. Nintendo and their fucking gimmicks and mishandling of their IPs is ridiculously frustrating.
Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on how much it'll cost to >hardmod a fat Xbox 360 >get a compatible HDD to store lots of games/emulators/DLC also where would I download the games themselves? I haven't kept up in years. I want to bring my old 360 out of retirement, mod it, and play most of the games that weren't released in the west. I'm mainly going to use it for SHUMPs, Fightan, and some games I missed out on back when I was playing back in the early 2010s. I don't plan on ever taking it back on to Xbox live.
>>9063 Don't forget >Star Fox The OG. A bit of a bitch to play because you don't have a crosshair in third-person, but if you want more rail shooter it certainly is that. Doesn't strictly have branching unless you use the black hole to warp to a different course from the one you selected at the beginning. >Star Fox 2 Star Fox Command is this game but turn-based with turn and time limits to add artificial difficulty. Instead with this game literally everything is real-time, so while you're shooting Star Wolf in the ass some base on the other end of the map is firing nukes at Corneria. Basically anything from a future Star Fox game that isn't xeroxed from 64 is xeroxed from this game, proof that even in the late 90s Nintendo was making terrible decisions and leaving anything other than bing bing wahoo to rot. Dunno if the final is actually better than the beta. >but anon, these games chug frames harder than my mom chugs dicks! Use bsnes-mercury and turn up the Super FX overclock until you can stand it. Simple as.
>>9370 >if you want more rail shooter It would help if you understood what a rail shooter is first.
>As to not clutter the catalog with inane shit That's literally exactly what this stupid thread does.
>>10192 You DO know the difference between index and catalog, right big guy?
Are there any local autismcraft experts that can point me to where I can get mods that aren't pozzed with sketchy adfly links and crazy third party clients? I'd like to get into the game and mod it pretty heavily but holy shit is all the crazy "curse client" and weird sketchy links you have to go through which each mod annoying as fuck.
>>10242 >autismcraft What's that?
>>10276 Minecraft
>>10195 He's clearly a retarded newnigger that showed up months after the thread had already been established just to throw out a one line bitchpost, of course he doesn't know the difference.
How do you feel about games that don't start out with all characters/vehicles unlocked?
Open file (1.74 MB 640x360 Goebbels.webm)
Open file (3.88 MB 1024x576 gasx3.webm)
Open file (2.04 MB 206x223 besiege1.gif)
Open file (617.28 KB 1338x616 hitlerstory.png)
>>2000 Checked.
>>10558 That's a fairly broad question. Does the game require tiresome, tedious, boring, and generally unnecessary grinding to unlock the characters/vehicles, or is there a genuine challenge involved with unlocking them that makes it feel like you earned it? If it's the former then I fucking despise that shit and I'll pretty much immediately drop the game in question unless something else about it is enjoyable enough that it sort of redeems it. The latter is preferable, especially if there's even more challenges provided after you've unlocked every character/vehicle.
Are there any video game purchases you regret making? Personally, I think buying most of my games on Steam and keeping that worthless bloatware client on my computer was a horrible idea, and I wish I knew better before spending about a hundred bucks on that piece of shit. Mock me all you want, I won't care, because the thought of spending that much on Steam will always bring a worse feeling.
>>10613 Blood for bacon or whatever its was called. It was only 25 cents but it wasted 30 minutes of my life on endless tutorial "this is how you pick up gun, next mission we will teach you how to shoot a gun".
Please tell me someone has made a torrent for this masterpiece.
>>10613 I don't buy anything that I don't know I want, and I don't want a lot of things. I'm sure I spent hundreds on games on steam over the years though, but it's not like I can't play them now without it. I guess the reason I don't care is that I've never been low enough on money that I'd have to care about it, so I don't feel much about spending it. I do regret buying FL Studio a little though, I think I bought the most expensive package (something like $300 I think?) just because of all the cool shit it had, and never ended up using it for anything meaningful, and then deleted it in autistic rage after I found out it shows my real name in the corner and you can't make it stop doing that. Good piece of software otherwise though. I regret spending my time more, and Runescape took way too many years of it.
>>10613 No, even as a kid when rentals were still a thing I knew to rent and try before I buy. Now I know to pirate and never buy.
what happened to julay's sanic and knuckles icon? its just a generic white paper now. SAD do you require assistance? or suggestions?
>>10674 Meant to post this, sorry.
Open file (99.01 KB 723x442 Usntitled.jpg)
Open file (1.78 MB 1280x720 four_hundred_ping.webm)
Any way to stream directly from OBS to CyTube? Steaming through youtube adds a horrifically long delay. Makes communication backseat gaming with my audience of 1-2 people impossible.
>>11153 Don't think it's possible unless you're hosting a server, sorry. Could try using something other than youtube as a base though. https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions
>>11153 >>11163 This might also help, you can reduce latency somewhat through settings: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7444635?hl=en
>>11165 From that page: There are 3 options for live stream latency: Normal latency Best for: reduced viewer playback buffering. Choose "Normal latency" if you don't plan to interact with your audience. This is the highest quality setting for viewers since it has the lowest amount of viewer buffering. All resolutions and live features are supported at Normal latency. Low latency Best for: near real-time interactivity Choose this option if you want low latency with minimal viewer buffering. This setting is a good balance between the other two options. This setting does not support 4k resolution. Ultra-low latency Best for: highly interactive live streams with real-time engagement Choose this option if you want to maximize engagement with your audience and don't mind increasing the chances that your viewers may buffer more. This setting does not support 1440p and 4K resolutions. Note: live ingestion issues on your network will affect viewers more in this setting. Consider decreasing your ingestion bitrate to make sure that your network can sustain the stream.
>>11166 alright that lowered it down to ~7 seconds, thanks
>>11177 Even lower, 4 seconds. Thanks a lot man. https://cytu.be/r/OldManGerpkin
What's the appeal of MMOs?
Open file (165.23 KB 382x314 1424541719933-0.png)
>>11277 to see the numbers go up because there are no real life counters for your progress on this planet that, and power trips for raid organizers and guild leaders
>>11277 Feeling like you are working towards something with other people, feeling like you are part of something. Yes it is quite sad. For others it's just a timesink. That's it.
>>11277 You never scammed people in runescape? Scamming and other slimey jew tactics are the main reason anyone plays an MMO, fucking with an economy to make spergs chimp out is one of the best things you can do in videogames.
>>11307 >Scamming and other slimey jew tactics are the main reason anyone plays an MMO Maybe it's the reason you play them but that's definitely not the reason why most people do. Guild Wars 1 probably is where I did most of my scamming and it was fun but I wouldn't go back to MMOs.
>>11277 Exploring a large world, collecting rare and curious items, showing off your skill or gear in group activities, fooling around with local fools, talking about gassing the jews in main chat, ganking and corpsecamping.
>>11277 Scale, depth and breadth. There's a reason why isekai has become a problem genre for anime, the real world often sucks for a large number of people. Unfortunately we're now in a period of time where video games and escapism in general have become a behavioral sink instead of a practice, rest and relaxation ground. The first dev to do a proper immersive VRMMO when the current global political and economic distress finally eases up will have a license to print money. Whatever they do, they just can't cater to normalfags or it'll flop. Nobody likes a weak horse, everyone admires a strong horse.
Open file (289.48 KB 720x480 ToadyOne.gif)
Decided to start playing with my faggot brother who plays LoL all day. Not the game obviously, I'm using iptables to give him 4% packet loss and +100 ping. It's hilarious because it's enough to ruin it but not enough to make him stop playing shit games and he's having an autistic fit as he plays. He's trying to contain his screeching and flaying of his fagtop.
>>10613 Same as you. And I swore never to make that dumb mistake again.
Open file (37.31 KB 661x495 rcmloader.jpg)
So I have a problem with my Nintendo Switch RCM Loader again. I enter RCM mode (confirmed by the Switch not turning on) but the loader doesn't inject the payload. It worked a few months ago when I last used the Switch. I charged it, nothing. I installed newest firmware, nothing. Put in newest payloads, nothing. Put the newest Reinx and SX OS on the Switch SD card, still nothing. Any ideas? I will use Tegra on Windows later, but I still want to fix this.
Open file (57.28 KB 272x248 1454099692520.jpg)
>>11869 I fucking hate Mick Gordon
>>11875 Here's something good to cleanse the palette. It was in the Just Cause 3 trailer, so it's vidya related.
Why are developers so scared of telling SJWs to fuck off on social media? Even the ones who publish independently buckle to their bullshit.
>>11914 Underrail and Escape from Tarkov devs did, kind of. If they said any more, they'd probably get deplatformed from everything.
Open file (144.95 KB 579x540 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (111.72 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>cyberpoz 2077 delayed 5 months HAHAHA IT'S GOING TO SUCK
>>11914 Because it's hecka easy to call MasterCard&Visa with a sob story about hating women and minorities and get definanced than to care about the truth. See Piratebay, wikileaks, 8chan, dailystormer, Alex Jones, etc..
Open file (5.16 MB 1280x720 MyFuAoTvldTv1kJs.mp4)
>>11923 I actually enjoyed the Twitter autism regarding NISA's live confession.
>>11914 Social media is the new mailing campaign, and if you look on twitter for example, pro-tranny shit gets like 100k rts, even smaller stuff gets like 3k rts. Trannies and SJWs have a huge presence on social media because they don't get banned for sneezing so it's easy to create an artificial outrage and give the impression that hundreds of thousands of people are furious at some product.
Open file (100.58 KB 960x701 xrQzqj5.jpg)
>>11926 You forget the thousands of alt accounts and bots
What to emulate, Gungrave, Shinobi, the Sly Cooper games or the Jak and Daxter games? Also is there a worthwhile f2p game out there? I'd like something multiplayer but I can't be arsed to spend anything.
>>12005 The Sly Cooper games are great, go play them.
>>12044 >click fitgoy link >Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. This depresses me the most
>>12005 >f2p Just torrent, goddamn. If you are a poorfag then just act like it, don't feel guilty for not being able to give 60 euros to slavshits just to play some buggy ass escape from tarkov, and all f2p games that aren't actually freeware are all grindy shit.
>>1185 Your link doesn't work.
>>7675 That is like peanuts compared to all the shit they have done over the years, and you missed the biggest thing: all the fucking nuclear material they stole from the states, as well as the yearly billions siphoned from the states since its very founding.
Open file (305.02 KB 1920x1080 EOS96tLUEAA3IEV.jpeg)
Open file (67.71 KB 925x467 EOUJe6qU0AERt4r.jpeg)
Open file (197.46 KB 1139x714 EOTKw6aU0AAMYtp.jpeg)
>>12045 disqus has a <noscript API, Also: <Using cloudflare <Actual discord <Wordpress What's your favourite repacker or scene that compresses their shit? >>12049 You're supposed to click on 'archive url' if it hasn't been saved.
>>12046 Asking about f2p multiplayer games. I don't think I've played any sans Runescape and I wondered if any of them were worth jack shit.
>>12044 Let me guess, HTTPS is a form of botnet now?
Are there any pre-2001 series that still belong to their original developers and haven't been twisted to appeal to the brainless masses that ruined the industry in the late 2000s?
>>12106 I'd like to say Ys, it hasn't been fucked as hard as other series but at the same time I must point out how much I despise the new gameplay style Seven introduced.
>>12106 Touhou!
>>12116 t. secondary nigger
Open file (2.12 MB 2020x1568 Trails guide.png)
>>12090 I think he's upset that one of the commenters asks the mod a question, and the mod says "join my Discord server to talk directly to me." Why he didn't just take a fucking screencap and post it is beyond me. >>12106 I believe Falcom's Trails Of series is still essentially the same thing as it was when it began, barring a few poor gameplay decisions like in-map battles. They've maintained their status as a stable, small developer who makes games for a dedicated niche audience.
>>12122 Oh, my mistake, I was blocking Disqus.
>>12122 Wait, no, disregard what I said about in-map battles. I was thinking of the Tales Of series, like Tales of Berseria.
>>1122 Thanks, now I have Spike Chunsoft set to ignore on steam
>>1118 denuvo is for fags
>>7477 Denuvo
>>12106 Mario
>>12133 >hasn't been twisted Mario Odyssey is pretty bad compared to every other 3D Mario game, and it was obviously designed that way to cater to children and smartphone addicts who don't have more than five minutes to play a video game.
>>12134 catering to children is fine, smartphone addicts I'll give you
>>12135 >implying children aren't also smartphone addicts in CY+5 The majority of power moons in Odyssy are either recycled filler, meaningless busywork, or given with no challenge at all. The amount of actual platforming required in that game is an all-time low for the series.
How are you niggers liking DBZ Kakarot? I kind of wished they just made an openworld Xenoverse instead of this abomination but it's fun-ish.
>>12138 I'm sorry to hear that
When will CODEX ever learn? >Original Size: 20.2 GB >Repack Size: from 4.3GB-10GB magnet:?xt=urn:btih:53FD44A54E312F1544957BC78B0151B7342FA330&dn=%28v20200119+HotFix+%2B+HQ+Texture+Pack+%2B+All+DLCs%2C+MULTi3%29+%5BFitGirl+Repack%2C+Selective+Download+-+from+4.3+GB%5D&tr=udp%3A%2F%2F9.rarbg.me%3A2720%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2F9.rarbg.to%3A2800%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Feddie4.nl%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fshadowshq.yi.org%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fthetracker.org%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.piratepublic.com%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.zer0day.to%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2F9.rarbg.com%3A2710%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexplodie.org%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker1.wasabii.com.tw%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.torrent.eu.org%3A451%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.zer0day.to%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969&tr=udp://tracker.pirateparty.gr:6969
Will there ever be a comfy mmorpg again
>>12465 Define comfy.
>>12465 Haven and hearth was comfy.
>>11307 Runescape died to me the moment GE was added and people praised it
>>12499 But dude bro the GE removed the need for interacting with other people in this game which was so like lame and shit. Sorry I meant "spamming the forums for days to trade".
>>12500 And now nobody interacts other than to tell someone to world hop or do raids, welcome to the WoW experience.
Open file (34.70 KB 630x824 faggotry.png)
Open file (1.98 MB 960x400 Faggot shit.webm)
Un-fucking-real. Even the stream site is calling me a cocksucker.
Open file (81.11 KB 790x897 EOCQLy9UwAAa9t6.jpeg)
>>12526 >Twitch Going to the Pride this summer? Real alphas self-host, using raw FFMPEG DASH.
>>12529 why of course, I should have known to convert an unreal engine game into an ffmpeg compliant format. Duh.
>>12538 >Using Windows, unironically, making it triple gay I'm sorry your parents couldn't afford you adderall, maybe if had a proper operating system, you could do this from your own router: https://drewdevault.com/2018/08/26/Self-hosted-livestreaming.html http://wiki.webmproject.org/adaptive-streaming/instructions-to-do-webm-live-streaming-via-dash https://rybakov.com/blog/mpeg-dash/
>>12539 Who hurt you?
Open file (1.56 MB 1920x1080 faggot shit.webm)
Open file (842.74 KB 681x454 linux.png)
>>12539 I don't dislike linux or whatever you call it at this point, I'm just too stupid to use it, but I do dislike faggots like you who think anybody got time fo dat.
>>12544 >>12539 >not using high contrast theme I think this is the more important issue.
>>12544 This image is retarded because >It assumes using Linux means you're thrown into the deep end of things instead of just opening up the ability to customize things more than windows >It assumes that closed source(the image that has like a Tesla or whatever car as the closed source standin) developers are MENSA level flesh supercomputers instead of shit flinging retards who constantly break their own shit and have you settle for the worst of the worst Anon, don't sell yourself short. You're probably a smart man and can handle Linux. The reason why people don't' want to switch is that the process of change is daunting and for many people, myself including something like Windows 7 already does the job well and switching to Linux would be changing too much for too little, given my use and it's never really clear whether or not proprietary vidya plays well or not.
>>12544 But you have time to complain here why Jeff Bezos loves you gay ass. It took you a whole day to realize how lazy of an ass you really are? >>12545 He probably can't afford compiz fusion. I don't blame him anymore. >>12546 I'm pretty sure he's to impotent to even VM Windows passthrough. Believing on him is like believing in /v/OS.
>>12547 What the hell is /v/OS? We have an OS?
>>12548 It's the /eternalarchive/ OS that /v/ never made, while /g/ayOS already exists. Just like /v/ can't ever make a game.
>>12548 We have for a while it's Win7
>>12547 PCI passthrough is hardly simple to get working. Does that looking glass software work yet? I recall the only way to actually use the VM was with a KVM before that, by which point you'd probably have an easier time just building another system and using the KVM between two machines. >>12546 Linux is shit for games. Even native linux source games run like absolute shit compared to windows. One of the biggest companies in the world that is actively supporting Linux game development can't even manage to get their games to run smoothly.
>>12552 Maybe you misread the part that I mentioned his router as the linux ffmpeg dash server, and his starwars pc stay intact.
>>12546 Look, all shitposting and obvious bait responding aside, I've been using linux on and off for 2 years while I was on a grave shift with nothing to do. Tried it with a few different laptops, trying to revive these hunks of shit I found at a junkyard and booted up with spare parts. I've tried Mint, Ubuntu (a little bit), LXLE, PuppyLinux, Trisquel, and Lubuntu on my hobbling laptop from 2010 (poor fuck was smashed against an angled surface and had the display and mobo cracked, took me years to find a replacement for both sunken cost fallacy, I know, it was personal). It's no faster than the win7 I have installed on the same machine and is so far the most stable linux OS I've tried. But it's the fact that I'd have to be using it constantly to stay in touch/remember all the commands and peculiarities of a linux OS instead of the familiar windows environment that puts me off. If I ever do move to Linux entirely, that'd mean I'd be less comfortable working with the computers at work. It really just comes down to me not wanting to apply myself entirely to a new operating system because I know I'll start forgetting all the stupid bullshit Win7 and Win10 comes with. And I need that info fresh in my mind for work.
Open file (2.72 MB 386x232 e77.gif)
>>12554 Nobody is asking you to migrate, but adapt.
>shitposting >shitposting >shitposting What a great thread
>>12554 Fair enough. I never had much trouble with Linux myself but like yourself, my use of a PC just doesn't really require it. Maybe on a work laptop but not a vidya desktop.
>>12557 Hi Mark.
>>12558 Since you have faith in him, make a >>>/tech/ on how to connect OBStudio (Windows) to FFMPEG (any OS) on a LAN w/2 machines, and how to only allow incoming many to router connections to see his stream. Some people hate tough love. >>12559 Not the retard, but elaborate your theory.
>>12553 Please do not post images like that in response to my posts. They make me uncomfortable
>>12561 >elaborate your theory. Anyone disagreeing with me is Mark.
>>12562 And if I refuse? >>12564 I apologize for ever doubting you, you're exuberantly correct.
Open file (26.08 KB 400x465 14569734895.jpg)
How big is your todd folder?
Open file (95.72 KB 578x1142 1417616181612.jpg)
Nice reverse psychology, Mark. You're literally the only one who says anything negative about this website, board, or anything in it, and literally the only one who says anything positive about any other place.
>>12568 >didn't quote What >>12564
>>12559 >Hi Mark. If anything, Mark should be supporting the shitposting, not the reverse.
what the fuck happened to this thread
Whenever I have OBS running previews in its window it slows Star Wars: Republic Commando down to a crawl. The graphics fix mod has already been applied.
>>12579 /g/ faggotry
>>12581 >not The /g/ay community
>>12580 Try different encoders, more GPU related. Old games tend to use a lot of CPU (just like modern ones) .
Can I get a list of Unreal Tournament games from best to worst?
Open file (352.12 KB 658x1103 unreal lewd 3.jpg)
>>12595 UT '99, UT 2k4.
>>12593 doesn't help, can't even disable preview on Studio for some reason >>12595 UT1999=2004>2003>Championship 2>3 Can't put the new one anywhere because I haven't played it and it's pretty much vaporware at this point because Fortnite. Unreal>Unreal 2 (only playable with the double walking speed cheat)
>>12597 That's because of studio mode.
>>12597 Use the old versions of OBS. 0.6xx works great for me.
>>5954 What even is that game?
>Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie Times have changed, ladies and gents! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce-T9UoVIN0
Open file (1.01 MB 1920x1080 some random faggots.jpg)
>>12607 It's as if nearly all of the creative minds that were behind Doom are no longer in id Software and have no control over Eternal whatsoever.
>>12607 >retard guide AI talking to doomguy marking things on the map in case you have an iq in the sub 50s >story that they put in even though they know nobody gives a shit >boring and shitty upgrade system >platforming in an fps I wouldn't mind so much if normalniggers didn't buy 3000 million copies of it. This is probably the only series keeping bethesda afloat too so it makes it even worse.
>>12106 Contra, maybe? I should check out the newest one though.
>>12106 Countless obscure jap games.
>>12607 >there are motion sensors No fucking shit, they're glowing red lines. >1 minute probably unskippable cutscene >Platforming is basic shit, SEUM looks like a better game if you want to first person platform in hell >Maps look like they're devoid of anything out of combat like the last game >Combat looks to be just as shit as the last one, with glory kills looking slightly slower, enemy counts being pathetic, enemy designs being "this demon takes more damage hurr hurr" and the terrain being used for jack shit >Not to mention all the glowing hud elements, colored screen borders and whathaveyou Playing as a demon might be fun, but otherwise nothing about this game looks remotely interesting.
Open file (114.59 KB 412x400 what in the goddamn.jpg)
>>12601 >>12602 same story with regular OBS v0.659b I tried running it windowed and noticed that the game uses up all 3GBs of VRAM (GTX 1060 3GB)
>>12646 You using nvidia encoder and not over the top settings? Also sometimes old apps just hate each other, so close everything besides game and obs, especially browser/flash apps. It might be something to do with sound, try disabling it completely in recording and in game for a test. Also you dont have fucking nvidia experience installed, do you?
use x264 not nvenc
>>12621 The new one crosses that series out of the picture entirely.
>>12646 Give me your settings right fucking now.
>>12646 Can't you stream with shadowplay?
Open file (78.53 KB 841x692 Capture2.JPG)
Open file (56.85 KB 836x695 Capture1.JPG)
>>12655 >>12656 >>12652 >>12650 Was already using ottp x264 encoding Just tried turning off audio, didn't help. Tried switching TO Nvidia NVENC for the hell of it, didn't work. Closed everything else, didn't help. Nvidia Experience is garbage that has never, ever worked on any of my builds. I could turn on the in-game overlay, but pressing "record" does diddly dick. Even instant replay doesn't do anything.
>>12659 Try: >x264 CPU preset to veryfast. >Encoding profile high >Keyframe interval 0 >Check use CFR How is your x264 encoder configured?
>>12662 didn't help It's ok to drop it, I just wanted to see if I could share my gameplay with others. I used to steam to a little group of streamers that never took off back during the livestream.com days, so every time I start enjoying I game I get anxious thinking "Boy, this is fun, I bet other would like to see how fun this game is too" and stop playing. Even though the group doesn't exist. And my stream doesn't have any viewers.
Open file (355.53 KB 1280x2108 200039.jpg)
Open file (370.67 KB 1280x2108 200040.jpg)
and check 'em
>>12665 You're gonna have to use window capture and set RepCom to window mode. Try downloading Borderless Gaming to make it looks like faux-fullscreen. Alternatively you could just record normally and upload it somewhere.
>>12668 Hey, that worked! Thanks, m8. Recording caused the exact same issue as streaming, capturing the window works fine, just means I'll have to run it in a slightly lower resolution and without the helmet HUD because otherwise it jitters like a motherfucker.
>>12671 Good job, commando. You can set the game to 1080p windowed, right click the taskbar and check "hide taskbar" for more screen space, then right click the window capture scene in OBS, go to properties, check "sub-region" and set it to 1920x1058 or 1920x1040 depending on the size of your taskbar, you can get the most out of the windowed resolution. Now go get yourself some bacta. Vode An.
>>12607 First shot at 3:26? Nice shooting game.
Open file (28.47 KB 460x215 header.jpg)
This demo is out on Steam. Apparently, it's from some /agdg/ (I'm assuming 4/agdg/) guy. Pros >music is a bop >huge shitpost >sword gimmick is interesting if unpolished >already has a small speedrunning community Cons >gameplay is rough >too short >stairs are hard to find >seems to attract all sorts of gender obstinate trannies I actually enjoyed the game a lot. I am just unsure why the fuck is the game's Discord so fucking full of be gay do crimes spamming trannies with speedrunning superpowers. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1178030/Star_Fetchers__Pilot/
>>12692 >why the fuck is the game's Discord so fucking full of gay because it's Discord https://steamcommunity.com/app/1178030/discussions/0/3974924520877214640/
>>12692 >why the fuck is the game's Discord so fucking full of be gay do crimes spamming trannies with speedrunning superpowers. The art style, speedrunning, it's from cuck/agdg/, there's a Discord, all act as bait for the mentally-ill. The gameplay looks decently engaging though.
>>12697 >tumblr nose
>>12698 In the game's defense, it's the only character to have a tumblr nose.
Open file (277.55 KB 586x780 fa5.jpg)
>>12692 >they really are talking about toxic masculinity, gender roles and using $CURRENT_YEAR+5 as an argument
>>12692 >demo is out >gameplay is rough >too short Why I be shocked! They bleed pixels seems like a better run'n'gun. But notMadness looks fisted with Marxist arguments. I'm fine with Rabi Ribi anyways, thanks for the shill.
>>12717 TBP is a leftist too, I don't remember how I found out though.
>>12717 A lot of those locations look extremely similar to the ones in Hollow Knight.
And now for something completely different: Do you upload gameplay videos on youtube?
>>12719 You know what's a leftist concept? Freedom of press. You don't like lefty ideals?
>>12692 The only thing redeemable about it is the soundtrack. So far I've only found the engines files for them and one from the guys youtube channel.
Open file (215.54 KB 878x720 zammy.png)
>>12539 >you could do this from your own router Normalfags are absolutely mindblown by such a statement, anon. They've been jedi mindtricked by shitty OSes and graphical interfaces and imagine trivial things are impossibly complex. I record raw video and audio with ffmpeg, pipe it to ssh, and run another instance of ffmpeg on my file server, and let it do the encoding. I then send the encode of that remote ffmpeg to tee so it saves the recording to a file aswell as stdout, and pipe the stdout of that to yet another ffmpeg invocation which creates a livestream. This can be constructed in seconds in a command line, consumes basically no hardware resources on the computer where the gameplay is happening, and allows high quality encoding to happen in real time on a remote computer with little to no effort.
>>12653 That sucks. How about Worms? Again should check out the newest one. But I liked the one on the Vita.
>>12730 >55 minutes of MonHun shit When is the Republic Commando shit coming out?
Open file (51.46 KB 863x774 soon.JPG)
Open file (69.46 KB 1280x716 starfetchers.png)
Open file (69.83 KB 1280x716 starfetchers0.png)
Open file (76.47 KB 1280x716 starfetchers1.png)
>>12692 Too much of the story elements were in the preview and not enough gameplay. Cyber cynicism with a side of shitposting. I'm not sure if the art direction helps the gameplay either. A lot of the backgrounds are nice, but the characters, in many ways, detract from what little gameplay there is.
>>12691 Yeah, and the next one at 3:32 isn't aimed properly and looks like it shouldn't hit, but it does. Guess it's something for normalniggers to feel like they're some uber gamers that land crazy shots inbetween curbstomping demons with a button press.
>>12721 I decided to start uploading videos of when i play with /v/ because its so rare it deserves to be recorded
Been playing ELEX for the past week. It's cool and yet shit. It obviously had very little balance or progression play testing, which makes it extremely hard to tell what you should do or if you are getting anywhere. Open world cancer of finding "scrap" everywhere. Ranged ai cheats by shooting where you will be and dodging the moment you press fire. Hitboxes feel off, too large in melee and too small in ranged. On the other hand the quests are ok with some interesting consequences and some player choices. The world is well made with interesting locations. Actually dying is also a huge novelty since I can't remember the last time I died so much even towards the end of the game. The writing is below average but I liked some of the companions. Anyway I probably won't finish it because the main storyline is all I have left and I find it boring. But if you liked Gothic 3 and you have nothing better to do (and don't want to just play that) then idk it might be worth messing around with, just make sure to get a companion asap in the early game.
So it's come to my attention that outside of Dragon Age Origins I haven't played any Bioware games post Neverwinter Nights. Which of them are worth playing? >>9054 >I just wanted to acknowledge that this is likely the only time I've ever seen anyone else who knew that Ronin existed, so thanks for that. This is a shot in the dark, but do you remember the 8/v/ book club threads? I made one of them, and Ronin was the game I picked/forced people to talk about. Really? I was not aware. Ronin's pretty neato but I wished it were longer and had more enemy variety/skills and what not. Gotta say that final level is both a ruthless kick in the ass and a wonderful challenge and I wished for a secret challenge level similar to it.
>>12801 I liked Mass Effect 2. One might as well play Mass Effect to get a save to import into ME2, but the first game is meh. The only thing I liked about the first is bigger and more spacious levels, and the giant worms on some planets. Both of them are what I would call consoleshit. If shit controls, aim assist, aim snap, dialogue wheels, and having to hack FoV make you sick, you can ignore these. A lot of people fanatically praise SW:KOTOR, but I have no idea if it's good or what. Never even looked at it, Soy Wars in the name is enough to deter me. DA:O (which you played) is actually pretty good with mods, homofaggotry aside. Everything else is plain shit that's not worth mentioning.
>>12852 >This is going to FPSs like when Unreal or Half Life came out I'm calling bullshit. It looks like the previous game, just with a dash, a brighter HUD and more varied environments.
>>12753 Did you give up your phone number to jewgle to be able to upload videos that long?
Has anyone played Starsector or Rebel Galaxy Outlaw? How's either game?
>>12875 not him but you can use an online phone to activate it
>>12875 I can't remember at this point. Made the account back in 2010 and I remember fucking around with disposable internet phone numbers when trying to stream like >>12895 said. But if you're going to go that route, you better have good patience.
>>12902 >>12895 None of them work these days. I've been trying yesterday all day.
>>12905 it does work, i used one shortly after christmas
>>12907 Where from, if you don't mind me asking? It's getting on my fucking nerves.
>>12908 I told you about the stairs, man. I still can't make an account on mail.ru. Been wanting to try the Lost Ark beta for a couple of months now
>>12909 I found some but they don't receive the goddamned SMS from youtube.
>>12909 >I told you about the stairs, man.
>Web phone added 4 hours ago isn't working I want to gouge someone's eyes out.
Open file (99.36 KB 335x351 1429792857318.jpg)
>enabled vsync >get framedrops every so often >turn off vsync >fps shoots to 500 >fans go into overdrive Why can't you just have a reasonable fps lock instead of this teeter-totter shit?
>>12801 Yeah, I'd have loved more to Ronin. The last level's death gimmick is such a simple, perfect little gut punch that I still fondly remember it five years later, oh dear lord where is the time going?. You can replay the levels in NG+ mode, which does make them harder, but also introduces slightly randomized enemy types, which is annoying. Pic 1 is from the artist VanRipper's DeviantArt page, and was apparently supposed to be part of a move involved menu page between levels. I think the game would have been more successful if it had been managed better. The programmer/artist pair made another game (Forgotten Planet, if memory serves) which was a shameless isometric Dark Souls ripoff with uninteresting combat. I don't think they've made anything else since. If anything, what makes me more disappointed is the artist not capitalizing on his potential fame and now being penniless and almost destitute. He made the Skyrim Lockpick Animation video almost 7 years ago, and despite that video and a couple of its sequels receiving millions of views, he never did anything with it. Last year, he tried making an original web animation series about one of his catgirl OCs, but the combination of a slow release schedule and a stiff art style killed any potential it may have had. And while we're on the subject, have another couple Flash animations the artist made. I rarely have an excuse to discuss them.
>>12927 Install riva tuner statistics server, it can cap fps. Its the only way to play some games without burning gpu.
>>12927 >video game is highly tailored to the cpu >a last gen i5 will get the same performance as a modern ryzen 7 >90fps with a fucking ryzen 7 on a game that is 12 years old
>>12928 >that first flash animation Man that's cute, but somber and depressing. I honestly feel for the rider, all she wanted was her father and they took him from her. tfw the last mission, you finally finish it and then the "Death in X turns" timer continues counting down that credits sequence with the rider and her father's portion of the picture being torn and tattered Yeah I know there's a happy ending but I feel the other ending is more thematic >Second animation I completely feel for the guy. Fuck mosqituoes and my country does not even have spiderbros to get rid of them. Although if catching a mosquitoes meant I get to see a spider do lewd shit to it I'm game. No wasps, thankfully. >third flash Was great up until the pony stuff. Would love a suit like that though.
>>12931 >pony stuff I have some bad news for you, then. >endings It's been so long that I honestly don't recall them. I just know that I tried for hours to beat the final mission on NG+ without dying or being hit, but couldn't quite do it. Too many machine gun guards.
>>12933 The endings pretty much just change the picture in the background of the credits. If you get the good ending by not getting hit ever, the picture is untattered and focuses on the rider and her father. If you get the sad ending by getting hit at any time, after you kill the final guy you get a new objective to just wait for death. The picture is tattered with the part having the rider and her father is completely missing. I really wish there were more games like it. I'm fairly certain there was something akin to a 3D version of it shown in Comiket of 2018. It was a remake or an expansion to Link the Unleashed Nexus that I cannot find on steam and since I can't read jap I can't really follow up on news to it.
Every game these days is a blunder of some sort. Either it's a half-dead early access game, or an overhyped indie that is mismanaged to death within a month of release, or a AAA game with obvious jewry, and everything in between that doesn't rake in a gorillion dollars is abandoned as soon as it's launched.
>>12936 >not getting hit ever No wonder I never saw it. >3D game with similar ideas If you ever do find it, I'd definitely be interested. >>12951 That's what happens when culture dies along with race and nationhood.
Open file (1.70 MB 2047x1139 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13000 This image is why I hate normalfags.
>>13000 >2018-4-4 Huh, didn't know autism ran this far already. Here's the current master as of yesterday. >>13001 I don't hate them, I abuse them.
Oh wait, yuzu is a competitor?!? They should collaborate. Also decentralize. Someone want to email them both alternatives like gameliberty.club and neckbeard.xyz? They should self host though.
>>13000 >posting a two-year-old image Why? If Pokemon SwSh's release and sales didn't tell you that Nintendo die-hards are all garbage eaters, then what will? >>13003 >3DPD whores >Diskike screenshot Kindly drown.
This is not a meta thread. This thread was designed to be a catchall about any small topic in vidya. If you want to talk about the state of the board itself, go here >>>/meta/1986
>>13108 Anon, would you consider imageboards to be a videogame? It has a sort of /tg/ and /v/ vibe, the only trouble is that the ruleset isn't as well defined. Bringing in the big guns for a definition: Roger Caillois French sociologist Roger Caillois, in his book Les jeux et les hommes (Games and Men),[7] defined a game as an activity that must have the following characteristics: fun: the activity is chosen for its light-hearted character separate: it is circumscribed in time and place uncertain: the outcome of the activity is unforeseeable non-productive: participation does not accomplish anything useful governed by rules: the activity has rules that are different from everyday life fictitious: it is accompanied by the awareness of a different reality I'd say that it's a game.
>>13114 I don't think you understand. Posting on an imageboard counts as a game in an age where anything can be gameified. Is the limit to a game just that some participants may not realize they're playing a game?
Open file (24.54 KB 753x565 ta5doykrym021.png)
>>13115 Sure, but Julay/v/ is /b/ with a mask. We just don't tolerate actual spam. You can't derail the /any/ thread as it was designed for this very purpose. If you're up for it, go ahead and create the board: >>>/meta/3 I'll join up if you think you have a good story.
>>12924 Nvm fixed it.
>>13003 where are her nudes?
>>13117 >Julay/v/ is /b/ with a mask. Try doing that in the webm thread and you will get slapped... right?
>>13117 >Julay/v/ is /b/ with a mask If julay/v/ is just /b/ with a vidya facade, then what is kike/v/?
>>13427 > then what is kike/v/? I-can't-believe-it's-not-cuckchannel™
Open file (33.03 KB 360x244 Hmm.png)
Is DOSbox still the best way to play Dark Forces? I've been meaning to get around to it now, but I wasn't sure if I should go with DarkXL instead despite people having crashes or odd glitches. Granted from what I can tell the problems only seem to come about in the later levels so what do I know.
>>12106 No, even Japanese games are shit now. Well, I heard XCOM 2 was decent but didn't play it much yet.
>>11925 Can't wait to prank this bitch from a treeline, in Minecraft of course
>>13444 For what I know, Dark Forces still lacks a reliable sourceport, so DOSBox is the best way to play the game.
>>14179 >>13444 If you're looking for maximum casual GoG version just works. I'm pretty sure that's just a preconfigured dosbox thing though. Do remember that if you try to play it at a modern resolution it'll be blurry as fuck.
Negroarch's ParaLLEl n64 core got an update to its Parallel dynarec that makes MT Angrylion run fast enough to play many games at fullspeed with full VI filtering on 2012-tier CPUs.
Open file (57.84 KB 1000x684 punished-v.png)
Open file (1.33 MB 769x1020 serveimage.png)
How should our version of /v/ look? Should ours be based around Cyberpunk 2077's V?
>>14285 I remember /v/ having a cyberpunk version.
>>14286 Someone envisioned him like that on 08chan, but it doesn't seem to have stuck and I don't want to abandon it because it fits perfectly.
>>14285 The irony of 8c's /v/ tan is that both MGSV and the board got cucked and jewed. I always felt uncomfortable of kojimafags dictating the image so this time i don't think it's going to be any better to base the tan around a game known in advance to be reddit-baiting streamlined stuff. If you are going to go full meme, make him carry pizza and cum in a Stranding suit. If not then chop his arm and leg and make him a true pirate man roaming the webrings.
>>14285 I second what >>14314 said: don't base a board-tan on something if we know it's bound to be trash, which we do in the case of Cyberpunk 2077. Let us reflect on why Punished Snake was chosen as the base to begin with: he was a hero without a homeland, just like many 4chan users in 2014 after Gamergate drew a hard line in the sand on /v/ and /pol/. He was chosen because he's distinct from the old /v/, but represents a more mature board-tan for mature shitposters such as ourselves. Thus, what would accurately represent the state of julay/v/? >beset upon by kikes and golems from all angles >just wants to live in peace, sick of all the violence and fighting >knows about the illuminati because they keep ruining his video games and injecting faggots and niggers into them If you wanted to pursue the "punk" aesthetic, maybe one of the characters from Deus Ex?
>>14328 Smells like an Uncle Ted Kacz-inspired fellow or the old pic with the tan sitting on his porch with a shotgun watching a newfag pass by. A drawfag will be needed sooner or later and i don't want to pick a pencil again
Open file (3.98 MB 1174x851 guts.webm)
I say we base /v/ on Guts. We don't have to change much outside removing the eyepatch and I can't think of a more perfect character to represent our experience.
Open file (31.60 KB 300x528 1 the magician.jpeg)
>>14328 >Thus, what would accurately represent the state of julay/v/? As Punished /v/, but more mature, calm, collected instead of angry - but furious when needed. Consider - average poster here has lurked a lot more, posted a lot more since then. Played a lot more vidya, knows which are trash and which are good. It would be fitting for /v/ to become a Wizard - not as in the boomer perception of a generic RPG bathrobe wizard or some kind of stupid mockery, but a resourceful one. Crafty one. Enough to survive against the kikes, enough to want peace and enough to know (((who))) is up to (((what))) usual tricks.
>>14285 >How should our version of /v/ look? living the comfy life in a bunker.
>>14334 >Boat cucked >Cucked in the traditional term >Actually likes his tormentor after all >"can't think of a more perfect character to represent us" Little low on self-esteem are we
>>14340 >website was on hiatus for six months >return and discover it's been taken over by baby boomers Now, we might not like our tormentor, but we still hit 2/3.
>>14340 >actually likes his tormentor after all Was there a new chapter released recently or did I miss something?
>>14328 8/v/ is Venom Snake, so how about Big Boss?
Open file (1.06 MB 1280x747 Nzi9jcy.jpg)
>>14366 I've proposed this every time 8/v/ has been fucked by admins. Maybe now is the time. With the cakejew we even have our own "Venom Snake" body double.
How about we stop making Metal Gear Solid references because the games suck ass?
Open file (83.29 KB 1280x720 1472398126376.jpg)
>>14429 This.
>>14429 I've always said it, Kojimafags are brony-tier in terms of hamfisting their tastes, it keeps happening. Why not invent something new? the creative procedure was already posted by anons, see our traits and draw them in an entity form. If no drawfags are available, at least let's list our reasons and wait for someone to make it, some of us can draw but not create an entire thing from scratch. If you want me to start listing the tan's features i will, let's get this shit started: A penis.
>>14442 >A penis. Bunker
>>14429 Boardtans are retarded and gay anyway, why not base it on a retarded and gay series?
Open file (112.03 KB 1920x1080 nukane.jpg)
how about none of your niggers are drawfags who'll draw a tan good enough for it to be accepted as the tan for here so it doesn't matter what the fuck is done. if anything a combination of thread tans would work.
>>14429 Yeah, I started to play the MGS games again and I really couldn't get into any of them aside from the first because the setting really works and it's not dependent on precise analog movement and analog buttons that were finicky to use.
>>14463 metal gear soild isn't the first metal gear game, take your self out by a noose.
>>14492 >I started to play the MGS games again >the MGS games >MGS >S I'll hang myself when you get some reading comprehension.
>>12607 Holy fuck, every single bit of this video was absolutely disgusting. How did they turn the game into a shitty Halo clone? Why did they give their prototype build to some faggot who sucks at FPS games? Why does a game that markets itself on "ripping and tearing" have such shitty gore? Why did they make the one buttton kills even more intrusive? Who thought a mode with restricted weapon variety and expanded movement would be good when the level design stays exactly the same? How the FUCK are goymers eating this shit up?
Open file (1.50 MB 1106x600 Doomed Faggot.png)
>>14501 I wonder if it's because of the type of person this game is marketed to.
Open file (1.74 MB 720x1280 anti soy cat.webm)
>>14502 >that fucking face send an anti soy cat his way, quickly!
Hello Lads, I have a Wii that I'd like to use on an HDTV. Would getting the component cables or using some kind of AV port to hdmi cable be better. My tv supports component, but i'm not sure what would work better
>>14508 Everything about this video pisses me off. I want to punch that faggot in the face for reacting like a retard over getting a fucking videogame, I want to punch the person who bought nintendo trash in the first place, and I want to kick the fucking cat because fuck cats who attack people who're minding their own business. Everyone in this video deserves pain.
>>14528 I've used a wii with component cables on an HDTV and the only problem I had was the interlacing artifacts when playing games like Skyward Sword.
>>14654 >punch the faggot reasonable >bought nintendo trash I realize it's in a carboard box, but it's still a Sony product >kick the anti-soy cat fuck's wrong with you? Would any of you anons agree with me that if you like only one game out of a genre you hate, it's a bad representative of said genre? Examples from me: >Tower defense X-Morph: Defense From what little tower defense games I've played, most of them don't give you direct control over any of your units since the whole point is to create an optimal defense layout, correct? So a game where you constantly upgrade your main unit and are needed to jump from one route to another and defend them manually would be missing the point of its genre. >turn based tactics nuXCOM It takes away flexibility and complexity in favor of clarity and focus. Sure, it's now more accessible to those who aren't into tactics or can memorize double digit numbers, but it gimps gameplay options severely (I'm sure there might be exceptions to this rule if a game is designed badly i.e. very few or only one real way to beat the game). We all realize that the moment a game studio appeals to the kaysulle, their game series' essence suffers for it Monster Hunter, for example, losing whatever made it unique and turning it into a "press button - get flashy numbers on screen" digital Skinner box a slot machine, if you want to pull microtransatctions into the mix/rant, but I'd like to know how far would you let a game stretch its genres definition to still be a part of it.
Open file (744.42 KB 640x1136 1566696777800.png)
>>14654 The kot fights for righteousness, do not harm it.
>>14654 I like the cat. That cat administered probably the only bit of discipline that faggot's ever received in his life.
Open file (62.04 KB 376x531 albedo3.jpg)
Does the libretro Kronos core run like absolute shit for anyone else? Standalone werks fine on my machine and runs games at fullspeed while the niggerach core seems to run single threaded or something with every game running at less than 30hz. Compiling with -march=native, -Ofast, -flto=8 and other autism options does nothing.
>Megaman classic gets a full blown sequel >Megaman X gets... a taiwanese phone gacha game with reused sound assets Man, fuck this.
>>14768 I can't hear you, the sound of freedom is too loud.
>>14704 >Would any of you anons agree with me that if you like only one game out of a genre you hate, it's a bad representative of said genre? no. every genre is littered with trash and that trash can be hailed as a masterpiece and the peak of said genre or out right invented it. these sorts of games are the reason why every game has X mechanic now or why the genre hasn't changed in any way since said game.
>>14781 I was very intrigued until it said Roguelite. Man I hate that trend. >>14768 Don't worry anon, Mega Man X Corrupted Soon™(as in a year or so away). Metal Unit might be alright when it's out of EA but it's not exactly a MMX clone.
>>14797 You prefer static stages? I love exploring new places, new environments, new hidden spots. It's a proper rockman x random generator, you're supposed to think on your feet, no memorize locations and weaknesses. 20XX still doesn't deliver 100% on what it would feel like to to be a Maverick hunter, in an era that was supposed to be peaceful, but it went to mayhem. Our real 20XX is a dystopian hell hole.
>>14808 Usually the generation ends up working against the game than for it. Weapons-wise I can think of Darksiders 2 and Nioh as games that would have much benefited from handcrafted items than just randomized loot, and stagewise Sublevel Zero, Ziggurat and Seraph were games where I felt the random generation actively worked against the game. On the bright side I can think of Synthetik, Slay The Spire, both Hands of Fate and Invisible Inc as games that really benifited from being "rogue-lites" so I guess I could try 20XX though.
>>14816 I recommend it. However I feel it still needs plenty of work. Procedural generation can&has worked, but you have to perfectly program what specifications must be required in order for a stage to exist. Example: Rockman X needs a starting spot, a boss room, key items, refills, perfectly spaced hazards, a flow of 3-2-3 midboss repeat enemies, environment hazards [if you defeat stage X, it affects stage Y], originally customizable parts, true and partial weaknesses, etc.. Corrupted X is getting the idea of customizing correct, it was meant to be hardcore medabots upsetting the ideal of a humanoid ai revolting against humanity. You can make a solid procedure wherein specific key items and hazards have to meet certain criteria in order to unlock them: e.g. You need charged weapon to break through destructible block to get to key Item Z which must spawn 2 screens after midboss or before, etc.. The CO-OP was always desired but never implemented. Now with online libraries, it should be a problem to implement P2P lobbies and just hook up for "missions" and have fun. I feel like Rockman Zero+X encapsulated most aspects of what missions and being a hunter is, but forgot parts. The anime/story got it perfectly. 20XX didn't deliver that. But if it's RockmanX gameplay you're looking for, to me, they got it 85% right.
https://archive.fo/8OwWs ResetERA shoah'd a SNES translation patch and got the author to write a cuck apology for being transph*bic.
Open file (85.69 KB 850x616 1540512183.jpg)
>spend 2 hours cracking some old shit game >finally succeed but it doesnt run on win 10 and just crashes
>>14901 What game?
>>14901 >running old games on windows 10 Not even focusing on w10's shitness, but it's pretty notorious for not supporting old shit.
>>14901 try d3d8.dll
>>14920 do you think a win 10 nigggercattle user will know what you want him to do ith your dll ?
>>14923 >says he cracked the game himself >thinking he can't copy a dll into a directory Sorry anon, it is (You) who is a retarded nigger.
>>14901 >playing old games on win10 >playing games on win10 >win10 Install gentoo.
>>15024 Any good old multiplayer/coop games to play in gentoo? Tried to get nblood working but it freezes every few seconds, other games like duke and shadow warrior have janky barely functioning multiplayer/coop.
What'll happen to video games now that China is coughing with no survivors?
Open file (69.84 KB 1024x872 umbrella.jpe)
>>15605 survival horror genre gets revived
Open file (932.58 KB 1248x728 fuck.png)
If anyone was thinking about buying The Witcher 3 for Switch, DON'T! I thought it would be a safe purchase because it's made by a Polish studio, and the game has already been out for a long time so they had time to iron out issues. Well I was wrong. And I found out they outsourced the port. First of all there is a bug where you cannot pass the very first tutorial in the game with Vehemir or whatever his name is. You have to actually skip the tutorial to progress in the game. Additionally the language pack download option does NOT work! There is a menu option but it does nothing at all. This means if you got the game in North America you are stuck with Huezilian and Baguette as options beyond English. No German, no Polish. I went to the CD Red Project forums and there are hundreds of comments from customers on these issues and there is zero response from the developers. Just complete radio silence. I'm glad I at least bought this piece of shit used for half of retail price. What a waste of money.
>>15743 >it's made by a Polish studio Not for a long while, CD Projekt Red is almost as Westernized as Sony at this point, although it's more of a sellout than a takeover. This is why their vision of "cyberpunk" is just L.A. but with sharper angles on cars.
>>15743 >owning Shitch go back
Open file (220.92 KB 3744x2400 Lethargy-map.png)
>>15605 Everyone starts making games for their custom ZX Spectrum clones cobbled from parts.
>>15743 They translated it into English, French, and Portuguese? Talk about targeting your market.
>>15783 It's translated into almost every major language. >>15763 Ebin
>>15766 Sounds fun but would Tencent's/Commie China's demise be enough to crash the western videogame market and entire globohomo economy with no survivors or would Zognald just seize Chink subsidies and redistribute their assets to EA or some woke Israeli-American startup publisher totally not set up by Mossad?
>>15743 >I thought it would be a safe purchase because it's made by a Polish studio Majority of original Polish devs from CD Project Red left after the very first Witcher, and CDPR almost bankrupted during work on a console port called "The Witcher: White Wolf", because of development issues and increasing costs. They diversity now.
Open file (158.52 KB 1280x720 mary_skelter_2_hameln.jpg)
For the people complaining about lack of good new games, have this. Fixes almost all the flaws of Mary Skelter 1, which was already good.
>>15829 >because of development issues and increasing costs Why does this keep happening? I thought people preferred drm free games and based white race Witcher series. >>15847 >cuckime, switch Will it come to PC master race?
>>15847 >Fixes almost all the flaws of Mary Skelter 1, which was already good. can you impregnate the girls? What did they fix? the only complaints i had it that it turn easy after getting a full party and just bully any monster when you level properly.
>>15862 >Why does this keep happening? I already told you, though. Their greed surpassed them, and made their decent staff leave forever. >I thought people preferred drm free games and based white race Witcher series. Gamers aren't people. They love getting fucked by DRM, 0 day bonuses, mtxs etc if they can feel a little bit "special" about their purchase. Also, Poles are slavish, not white t. Pole If you want to play the only good and based Witcher game, then pirate and play the enhanced edition of the first entry in the series. >Will it come to PC master race? The prequel is already available to download from GOG Games for months, so it depends whether their publisher cares about PC port (or if the game will sell or not).
>>15863 Classes are more balanced. Multi-target moves don't break the game anymore. Nightmares appear more often and it's harder to escape from them. Collectable items are more useful. More varied gear thanks to planting flowers and gear being able to have skills attached to them. Blood crystals now have more point to them than just switching jobs. Likely forgetting something, haven't played in a while.
>>15877 How do we cure greed? >Gamers aren't people You're real to me. >prequel is already available to download from GOG Games for months, so it depends whether their publisher cares about PC port (or if the game will sell or not). Damn greedy japs!
toasting in a sticky
Open file (110.01 KB 814x1000 13249872791.jpg)
whats this sticky stuff?
>>16061 uguu, as they say.
>>15974 Adding: Jail bonuses are more balanced (instead of two OP ones and the rest useless).. Game is more difficult in general. Fights are more interesting because you have to care about stuff like the monster's weaknesses or their row, etc. Corruption seems to accumulate much more, so you have to tactically lick blood. Traps do percentage based damage now it seems, so they're actually scary (unlike the fixed 20 HP in MS1). Anyway, where did the "Pleasant games" thread go?
>>15847 Imagine thinking this is good
>>16072 Doubt you've played it - probably approaching any recommendation with cynicism, assuming all new games suck.
Why is Komoney so desperate to kill this fangame?
>>16091 Better question, why are the developers so eager to paint a target on their backs for Capcom to DMCA them? You can't DMCA someone if he doesn't talk about his project before releasing it.
>>16091 Wait, how can they do this if the project is open source? Did the repo contain some capcom/proprietary stuff or mentions it in some way that they can DMCA it?
>>16061 I assume an experiment by BO >>>/meta/3970 I for one welcome the temporary experiment. Chatter here, while quality threads are made out. >>16091 Does it use real assets from Capcom? I was seeing some dev video about something like this. It's git, he can mirror everywhere. >>16093 Ignorance. I know a lot of people don't understand how and why git was created for. And they think because Microsoft offers free hosting it means they should place all their eggs in their basket. Get the dev here, I can tell him some ways to please Capcom while continue making his 100% free of Capcom assets. He needs to make sure everything is his own, even rotate the asymmetry so he can say it's its own game, but inspired by.
>>16094 >>16095 If I remember correctly, the game has mostly new assets, but it does use silhouettes of the final bosses from all of the Battle Network games. That's about all I know as I only found out that this project existed in the first place about half an hour ago.
Open file (132.25 KB 679x679 1524791748.jpg)
>friday night >boards ded >no gamenights >nothing at all
>>16100 Its San Valentine, go in a date, anon.
>>16100 Any ideas on a game to host? >inb4 ravenshield
Open file (29.44 KB 310x256 137826367634.jpg)
>>16103 >go out on a date >go out >date
>>16104 ravenshield
Open file (457.17 KB 600x450 shigg.png)
>>15877 >>15980 If you ask me: a lot of the people who are swung by hype and marketing are teenagers. When I was in high school, we had middle class-ish kids who had 400 steam games and a shit load of time in TF2, farming for hats. They also "just deal with" DRM and say the same DRM-tolerant rhetoric you'd see on the web, just in person, "Gaben worship", and click through TOS/EULAs thinking it's not legally binding. They didn't have their own jobs yet, and it wasn't hard to ask their parents for a game or skip lunch a few days to save up for a Steam card. Unless the human species is literally dying out, there's always going to be teenagers.
>>16094 >>16095 >>16097 If it used Mega Man or other characters from the series, they can still DMCA it because Mega Man and those characters are copyright of CAPCOM. Thus, the fan game reusing those characters, under strict interpretation of law, is infringement. For a point of reference, like fighting games with crossovers, the companies ask for permission or are licensed to use the characters. Any video game developer technically can DMCA fan art and videos just like how Blizzard was tossing those for Overwatch porn. Just that those are the easiest ways to burn bridges with artists, who also have their own fanbase (and that fan art isn't the same medium as games, therefore doesn't not compete in the same market). However, if you changed all the names of the characters and applied different designs, then you're starting to skirt past what's enforceable in copyright law.
>>16106 Play now milord
Are there really virgins, incels, and volcels ITB?! >>16097 Yeah no. It needs to be 100% clean, or Sapphire team will kick him out too. Nothing wrong with hosting an onion or i2p though. >>16111 Indoctrination and the imprintable age, one hell of drugs.
Open file (60.76 KB 960x540 960x0.jpg)
Tell me about daemon x machina, is it worth it? Is it any good?
>>16127 >Indoctrination and the imprintable age, one hell of drugs. I don't think the "imprinting" lasts forever. Eventually, most consider long term consequences of their actions and market support, and grow out of it or encounter that phase when companies no longer target them as a primary demographic. (I'm sure many on /v/ recognize this move.) For better or worse, a lot would change if those underneath the legal adult age can not be bound to contracts, both TOS/EULA and (binding) arbitration clauses, (or that these must be agreed to by their parent or legal guardian).
>>16134 lotta loyalty for a hired mech
>>16147 I agree with this. What if we raise the legal age to own and play games to 16 and up? Educational games and academic are exclusively exempt because they are designed to teach concepts and not addict. I think after 16 is a good age for semi adults to be able to know who they are, and if they want to play a game, can, just like getting a permit license. Not everyone needs to drive.
>>16154 >What if we raise the legal age to own and play games to 16 and up? I think that'd be South Korea tier. I only said those underneath legal adult age can't be bound to contracts, so services like Steam, Discord, Warframe, Battle.Net hypothetically can't strip the right to a class action lawsuit from children or teenagers (therefore those services can't serve children either unless they remove legally binding terms from their EULA/TOS). But a conventional DRM-free, no strings attached game would still be accessible.
>>16166 What about addictively designed games like Fortnite? I'm of the opinion companies should be penalized, and not the 16+ consumers. I'd sanction them rebates for each day they violate targeting minors with games that should only be sold to 16+ year olds. That way companies are forced to target adults that really want their products, and not mentally stunned children. >South Korea It's a great state, what's the legal opinion you have from there that you are referencing? My concentration is stopping targeting imprinting and non educational+academic indoctrination. I'll penalize the responsible, not those that cannot yet consent.
>>16169 >It's a great state, what's the legal opinion you have from there that you are referencing? If I recall correctly, you have to provide a citizen's ID to play video games in South Korea, which you are submitting way more personal information than what we have currently (e.g the chances of getting doxed through a video game is fairly minimal). We've also had South Korea anon in #GG mentioning the insane influence that feminists have in South Korea incl. jailing people for hentai. >consumer This is a word you really have to avoid using because of the implications of the word as applied to software including video games. >What about addictively designed games like Fortnite? https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/tos https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/eula This game, among many multiplayer games that rely on a closed ecosystem uniformly include an binding arbitration clause. If you change the laws around binding arbitration you already massively shift what these companies can get away with. Mind that the contract that the user explicitly agrees to "holds up" legally and can be used to workaround current laws and rights of the users.
>thread simultaneously stickied AND anchored What does it mean?
>>16175 It means too much shit threads are taking up space on the catalog, especially all the dead gamenights, I count 16 dead gamenight threads wasting space
>>16181 Ordinarily, these would be pruned as new topics are made, but everyone seems intent on consolidating conversation into a few single threads.
>>16134 I'm curious too. Looking at it I feel like this is the type of game I would be incredibly excited for as a teenager. Seems fast-paced, has mechs, cool aesthetic, swords and guns, cool environments and giant hangars. Kind of like a cross between VOOT and Front Mission in the vibe that screenshot gives me. And I fucking loved Front Mission 4, the only game I played from that series. My god the soundtrack was amazing for that game too.
>>16171 >Best Korea And what do you perceive is wrong about identifying players to see if they are old enough to spend money playing games? It's similar to going to a bar, you show your ID or get kicked out. >Pornmagedon Yeah, and that's alright. Porn is degenerate, and the less people a state has the less workforce and wealth. Notice how the state went for both, pornographers and owners. Best Korea can't afford a black market. >consumer It's a market, what's wrong with calling videogames companies make a product? Consumers consume, no? >binding arbitration clause. You know, COPPA fixes this non binding contract. Companies can write however many eulas and tos they want, the law is law, consumers can sue anything, and better yet, refuse. >>16175 In order to make this thread cyclical, it needs to be bumped off. For that we need both. >>16181 That's why >>13595 was made. If people want to join your game, they will, if not well not enough traction and move on.
>>16198 I'm not him, but garbage disposals "consume" too. It's demeaning to me in that sense, that consumers only consume, not think.
>>16198 The word consume means that after it is "used", like after you consume food, it no longer exists in a usable state. This does not actually apply to video games, software, books, music which still exists after it is played. Thus the conventional economics of consumables such as food do not apply to video games. >And what do you perceive is wrong about identifying players to see if they are old enough to spend money playing games? It's similar to going to a bar, you show your ID or get kicked out. How old are you? You show your ID to a bar, and the bartender gives you a drink or kicks you out. You show your SSN, Real Name, Mailing Adresss, Phone Number to Steam, then that's on a database indefinitely and then shared with their affiliates, or turned over to law enforcement if you ever need to blow whistles. We already have a problem with data analytics and the surveillance economy and that just makes it worse.
>>16198 Also hentai is artwork.
>>16198 >You know, COPPA fixes this non binding contract. This one says that companies can't collect personal information from children under the age of 13. It doesn't invalidate binding contracts for persons under the age of 18 or so on -- or if you can point that one out.
>>16204 What would you like me to use, product user? >>16206 So, reusable products? I'm 69, I'm way past the 40 age discrimination that I don't require ID. You don't feel you shouldn't be tracked and controlled for the better of society? >We already have a problem with data analytics and the surveillance economy and that just makes it worse Whose fault those are? >>16207 If you paid for it, it no longer is. >>16214 Why shouldn't you collect children's personal information if you read the entire law?
>>16216 >I'm 69 lmao no wonder
>>16216 Customer would be the word I'd use.
>>16216 >You don't feel you shouldn't be tracked and controlled for the better of society? What an exhausting sentence structure
>>16220 >replying to ESLs I can't fathom how you have the patience.
>>16226 Not for anon because anon's a DICKHEAD with grammar deficiencies so it's bad enough to get anyone's attebtuib,
>>16226 I don't even understand what the argument is about it's such a jumbled mess of words. I tried to go back dozens of posts and still can't wrap my head around what the fuck people are talking about. Would probably be easier if we had ID's.
>>16228 Some anon brought up that the kind of people who put up with shit like DRM and microtransactions are generally teenagers and that teenagers as a demographic will always exist. Then the poster, who is likely the literal boomer, suggested that video games shouldn't be sold to people under the age of 16 or should require some kind of government ID check. It's more of a general conversation that turned into disagreement.
>>16230 It's a fun conversation though. You either are pro state, or you aren't. Can't have it both ways. Unless people really believe teenagers can control themselves.
>>16228 What will IDs do, filter out people you don't want to read?
>>16233 Does invalidating legal contracts really grant any additional power to or establish a governing body? >>16147
Open file (135.06 KB 332x435 051.png)
>>16233 >implementing government ID checks >state outsources data collection/management of those to external companies >state does not control, manage or apply pressure at all to those external companies about data collection on their citizens because there's nothing in it for them >external companies can sell that info to the highest bidder >bonus points for the chinks having the highest stake in the matter >somehow the conversation shifts away from the malpractice into STATE OR NO STATE How about incompetence or no incompetence.
>>16238 You can't invalidate contracts if they are legal. Most contracts aren't, especially EA's. I can contract you to kill Andrew Wilson today, but just because I can make the contract, doesn't mean the contract is legal, or your right to follow it You need weapons to enforce them.
>>16239 I think you're a little confused. Step back, relax, and think. The other anon already realized the faults with society that yield both surveillance from private companies and the state.
>>16240 EA to Epic Games*
>>16242 That also means Tim Sweeny contract to kill is illegal, therefore invalid by default.
>>16242 Invalidate binding contracts then?
>>16239 Clearly a hypothetical government ID check for video games was a completely stupid idea to begin with.
>>16245 Imagine even having IDs at all! "Hey game studio, make me a game with x y and z features, and make sure it's fun!" "Seeyah in 3 years!" 3 years later "Here you go anonymous, here's game x y and z, have fun!" The end.
>>16244 Why are you coying? How can you invalidate the unbindding?
>>16250 Do you mind clarifying? What effects on the rights of customers to pursue a class action lawsuit does the TOS and EULA of most video games have?
>>16252 The right to demand exactly what you desire of companies, markets, and studios. If society was smart enough to sue, DRM, [insert everything discussed] would be properly in check. But recall, society demands surveillance and control, from state and companies.
>>16257 Since you didn't understand the question or remain on topic: Steam, Epic Store (incl. Fortnite), Discord, Warframe, Battle.Net EULAs contain an arbitration clause. By United States Federal Arbitration Act (1926) this redirects dispute resolution to binding resolution instead of court i.e a waiver for the right to pursue a class action lawsuit. This exerpt is from Steam's Subscriber Agreement: YOU AND VALVE AGREE TO RESOLVE ALL DISPUTES AND CLAIMS BETWEEN US IN INDIVIDUAL BINDING ARBITRATION. THAT INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, ANY CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO: (i) ANY ASPECT OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US; (ii) THIS AGREEMENT; OR (iii) YOUR USE OF STEAM, YOUR ACCOUNT, HARDWARE OR THE CONTENT AND SERVICES. IT APPLIES REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH CLAIMS ARE BASED IN CONTRACT, TORT, STATUTE, FRAUD, UNFAIR COMPETITION, MISREPRESENTATION OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, AND INCLUDES ALL CLAIMS BROUGHT ON BEHALF OF ANOTHER PARTY. Prima Paint Corp. v. Flood & Conklin Manufacturing Co. (1967) established severability principle where even on an invalid contract, the arbitration clause remains valid. This is what children and teenagers agree to when they scroll through and click [Agree]. Not that it's the desire to waive their right to pursue a class action lawsuit against a company, it's their desire to play a video game.
>>16259 Fat-fingered Enter: An arbitration is a proceeding before a neutral arbitrator, instead of before a judge or jury. Arbitration is less formal than a lawsuit in court, and provides more limited discovery. It follows different rules than court proceedings, and is subject to very limited review by courts. The arbitrator will issue a written decision and provide a statement of reasons if requested by either party. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU AND VALVE ARE GIVING UP THE RIGHT TO SUE IN COURT AND TO HAVE A TRIAL BEFORE A JUDGE OR JURY.
>>16259 Oh right, I forgot you burgers love to 'give up your rights You've even away: -Your right to sue -Your freedom of press -Your client-attorney privilege -Your domesticability -Right to own anything -Rights to land -Rights to titles -Right to peaceably assembly -Your right to live -Your right to even keep your name I forgot how cuckold burgers are. Bet you won't enforce your God given rights ever again.
>>16264 Read the Subscriber's Agreement for applicable countries in which the terms apply and alternate terms that for non-applicable jurisdictions. You and Valve agree that this Agreement shall be deemed to have been made and executed in the State of Washington, U.S.A., and Washington law, excluding conflict of laws principles and the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, governs all claims arising out of or relating to: ....
>>16266 I don't use products that deliberately violate my inalienable rights I know them to be true without a state telling me what to purchase.
>>16216 >>16257 >>16258 >this formatting Are you the moderator of this board?
Open file (42.82 KB 696x635 1467820178.jpg)
nice video game talk you guys are having here
>>16283 The possibility of Julay/v/'s mod being a 69 year old boomer and getting rekt is too funny.
>>16277 What makes you so sure of this? If this is news to you, then there's good chances that you're one of the 99.9% of people who click through these agreements without reading. Since you're 69 years old, I'm going to throw some wild guesses. Do you watch Netflix for example? https://help.netflix.com/legal/termsofuse >Arbitration Agreement >Arbitration uses a neutral arbitrator instead of a judge or jury, allows for more limited discovery than in court, and is subject to very limited review by courts. Arbitrators can award the same damages and relief that a court can award and nothing in this Arbitration Agreement shall be interpreted as limiting any non-waivable statutory rights. You agree that, by agreeing to these Terms of Use, the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of this provision, and that you and Netflix are each waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. This arbitration provision shall survive termination of this Agreement and the termination of your Netflix membership. >7.6. YOU AND NETFLIX AGREE THAT EACH MAY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST THE OTHER ONLY IN YOUR OR ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING.
>>16290 You should have landed something that sticks. https://julay.world/.static/pages/globalRules.html Do you believe you should or not honor the global rules in this site? 'Cause that's an implied agreement ''for using this site".
Open file (374.76 KB 636x481 Armored_KKKore.png)
>>16134 It's good. It's kind of like AC4: For Answer. But unlike AC4 you don't have to pay for repairs and ammo in fact those can be restored on missions. It's more focused on being a fun mech action game than being a mech simulation game. Be sure to play with JP voices to hear some very familiar mech anime CVs. Also whatever you do, do not get augmentations/Human Plus at the lab. They make your character look like shit.
>>16291 Do you have a Google account? Discord? Facebook? Twitter? Reddit? Did you read their TOS/EULA or did you click through that too? Do you have trouble tracking the precise topic? Because it isn't about the fact that there is an agreement. There's nothing on Julay World's page that states I waive any rights, e.g to file a class action lawsuit, and I haven't posted any illegal content in the United States of America. Do tell me if the reason why you shat up my thread was because you think every thread has to be a 750 post timeline like on https://8kun.top/qresearch/catalog.html
Open file (69.04 KB 340x372 1450061657383.jpg)
>>16250 >>16257 >>16277 >>16291 What kind absolute autism am I witnessing here?
The Terms and Condition have been updated. Do you accept?
>boomer abuses power to get his way
>>16199 is now locked. >there can only be one thread with the word Linux in the title. This thread >>1110 wasn't even about video games. If you scroll through the entire 250 posts of it. It's platform comparisons, copyright vs copyleft, and shit about video card drivers. Are you seriously saying I have to wait until that thread hits 400 posts until there can be a clean discussion without platform shit?
>>16296 >There's nothing on Julay World's page that states I waive any rights, e.g to file a class action lawsuit, and I haven't posted any illegal content in the United States of America. Exactly, because you also belief in those rights, and so does julay.world administration. I have no idea why you're attempting to strawman, but do you believe in your inalienable rights? >>16299 fun discussions about whether burgers should feel at ease being cuckeld by their government or any non enforceable agreements company create even with arbitration agreements the Trump administrator adored to side with. AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion (2011) if you need a point of reference. The faggot wants to tell me I cannot sue companies because I perhaps signed something I refuse to use. If he's that retarded, I'm enjoying his grasps. >>16331 [No] >>16337 I call them inalienable rights to question. >>16364 Do you have ADHD or something? How can you not wait?
>>16366 >Do you have ADHD or something? How can you not wait? Threads from August 2019 haven't even bumped off. You're either ignoring the point, can't read, or the ones who's attention deficit. But LOL how you tried to shit on Americans >>16264 then shifted the subject once you were made aware of these clauses >>16266 then say you don't use products (which Steam or Netflix isn't actually a product) like a lolbertarian while the entire time you didn't seem to be making an educated decision about the terms and conditions that most web services ask that you agree to. Remember, that my issue wasn't about Juulay.world, it was that children agree to these waivers without fully understanding the repurcussions. >>16147 >>16166 And your dumbass idea of buying video games being anything like going to be a bar was completely retarded. >>16154 >>16169 >>16198
>>16366 Just as a test here, what significance does >the Trump administrator adored to side with. AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion (2011) if you need a point of reference. have with the judiciary branch? (Other than a public figure's "adoring" something) It even says that court ruling benefitted corporations over customers. >>16277 >I don't use products that deliberately violate my inalienable rights >I know them to be true without a state telling me what to purchase. Maybe? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/UseTerms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm
>>16369 Children can't consent, COPPA already defends children from being targeted any form of advertising, COPPA supersedes your arbitrary agreement. >Linux thread Talk with BO in the meta, not my problem. I'm free to shit on anyone, including you. And my poison pill idea was to get you to confess, which you have to say, it worked perfectly. I don't really care, I blame parents not guiding children, and parents not suing and defending children. Most your problems are yours to bear, so take responsibility. >>16379 Stop grasping, it's making you more retarded than the other anon. Do you believe in your right to sue anyone, including companies you disagree with, used their products or not?
What's a decent TPS with jetpacking? I've seen a video of Anthem and it brought back memories of Global Agenda but no fucking way I'm giving EA money for a Bioware game. I've already played Destroy All Humans(the first two), Citizen Kabuto and I gave Daemon X Machina a shot today, it's a bit on the easy side so far but I'm really liking it.
>>16384 >Stop grasping, it's making you more retarded than the other anon. Do you believe in your right to sue anyone, including companies you disagree with, used their products or not? I do, but you seem to have a hard time understanding, besides the fact that corporations afford much better lawyers, this ideal is contradicted by the contracts you agree to by using their software?
>>16386 I read Bloodhound has pretty good jetpacking >>16387 Better lawyers don't mean better judges. Judges favor civil rights, because it is their rights too. Tell me when was the last time a company won arbitration agreements against a child. It's the parents that have to represent the child, and from history, settlements have been made, because they don't want to risk rulings.
>>16391 You don't seem to be getting that COPPA applies to the children underneath the age of 13 on the topic of privacy.
>>16393 Not just privacy, read the whole thing. There's also the fact that in your country <16years olds cannot be liable to any contracts, so your straw keeps burying itself deeper into your idea teenagers can be held liable for the things they can't control.
>>16394 Oh here: https://centerjd.org/content/fact-sheet-cases-tossed-out-court-because-forced-arbitration-causes-and-class-action-bans >G.G. v. Valve Corp., No. 2:16­cv­01941, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 50640 (W.D. Wa. Apr. 3, 2017) Valve Corporation (Steam) in 2017. The court compelled arbitration in this case. > Valve countered that the children had agreed to arbitrate any disputes when they created their accounts and that their parents, though non-signatories, were also bound by those terms. The trial court ruled in the company’s favor and compelled arbitration.
>>16397 Wow! You burgers truly have no rights! -Right to be sexually exploited as a minor -Not to be nursed and cared for, and murdered -Not to own money -not to use the internet -to privacy -playing and owning games -own a home -be trained and educated -be able to travel -holy cow, even visit this website -employment -sex -Wage theft! I'm enjoying this, you love your liberties being taken away from you? I already agree, you're right, burgers have no rights, not even to sue.
>>16404 I'm read, what are you referencing.
>>16408 You're going to proclaim how you don't use these products and services that strip your rights. >>16277 Then be presented with various products and services such as, but only the Windows operating system, that include the same terms. Then ferverently deny and try to change to change the subject that you have endorsed these business practices for who knows how long along side the people you try to mock.
>>16410 I've said it twice, I don't use products that deliberately violate my rights. Are you blind? The subject is still the same: Teenagers can't consent, and parents are letting their children sign arbitrary agreements. You already believe in your right to sue, and won't defend these children or their parents. You're entirely cuckeld.
Open file (215.77 KB 400x400 yummy.gif)
https://archive.fo/N0cwi >Switch hardware production for the Nip market already crashing thanks to Corona-chan's valiant anti-bug efforts >Ring fit adventure potentially set to become a valuable scalper asset >Oculus quest out of stock >Outer Worlds Switch port delayed due to the game's Singaporean publisher quarantining itself Could /v/ be in for some fun? I for one am hoping for a STALKER-themed E3 this year.
>>16443 >i need to install gentoo grandson help me!
>>16444 >Nintendo makes its hardware for Japanese gamers in China When will the nips stop being idiots?
>>16447 >Nintendo makes Everyone outsources their manufacturing to China, it's disgusting.
>>16444 Unsurprisingly, the mobile shit have reported higher numbers since the chinks have nothing to do but play on their phones while in the plague hospitals.
>>16402 We don't even have the right to not be ethnically replaced, or name our character Hitler in an MMORPG.
>>16445 I wanna see a movie like this. The adventures of granma and ricky installing gentoo to save the internet. Studio Ghibli style animation where the unlikely heros get into wacky problems with robots and failures all because the 2038 problem wasn't solved, and both granma and ricky accidentally upgrade robot funtoo that ends up being the key to solve the mainframe's hickups, solving the cliffhanger ending. >>16449 Virtually free labour. >>16462 Ah true, I recall that! Damn burgers!
>>16444 >E3 turns out to be one big corona playing ground It's pretty weird of thinking corona's the virus instead of the local chocolate my country produces
>>16491 Which South American country if you don't mind me asking? Burgers legitimately had this on the news because of the similar name.
Creeper World 4 when? >>16500 >South American Egyptian It's a shit tier chocolate because it's always too sweet since they shove spadesful of sugar into the thing, regardless of whether it's a hot chocolate powder or milk/black/white chocolate bar or a wafer biscuit filling.
>>16502 How nice! Yeah, I'm allergic to a bunch of shit, so I'm often at farmers markets and home cooking a bunch of shit on my own, including chocolate pastries. Hey, at the least it is as bad as this: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=IEgLCkR5gr4 Corona virus plague game when?
i unfucked my vita and unfucked retroarch on it, between the two, what should i play, phantasy star 1 or trails of cold steel 1
Open file (111.81 KB 1331x894 coronoa.jpg)
>>Corona virus plague game when? NOW
>>16504 I'd like to do that but it's not often I even get a sweet tooth so it's much easier to just get a chocolate bar that lasts me 6 months of use instead. Also I know it's easier to see things logically when you're watching a video of a situation but you'd think people would raise an eyebrow to the fake CDC transporting this supposed biohazard in a crowded public transport. >>16507 I personally did not enjoy Trails of Cold Steel 1 as much as I did the Trails in the Sky games. The orbment system felt a bit dumbed down since you have one xboxhueg orbment that picks your magic and stats for you and I did not feel Rean was a strong a main character as Estelle and Joshua both. Plus he's a harem protagonist and not even in the somewhat humorous way Joshua was, everyone's just a tsundere for him, even his teacher, his sister, Oliver's sister and his classmates(complete with the tsuendere having a moment where Rean falls onto her tits and they're all embarrassed about it). Gameplaywise it's alright, it adds a neat combo function where certain party members can follow up an attack with their own, but it boils down to clicking the button when the prompt shows up. I felt there was less a focus on damage immunity shields and more a focus on speed/attack/defense up/down but it could be my playstyle change since in TitS SC/3rd I spammed gaia shield every fight. It's a (military) high school setting and whathaveyou and there's bonding with classmates through events with them, and to encourage multiple playthroughs(I think) you can only go through x number of events per day meaning you can miss out on characters. Also play it with voices off or if you can find a jap voices workaround.
>>16510 sadly, the only undub for the vita ver has been lost to time (as far as I know), would you say its worth wading through even to get to part 2?
>>16512 I have not played part 2 so I cannot say. Sorry.
>>16512 >lost to time Why didn't vitafags preserve their games? Why do they repeat history!
>>16513 thats fine then, i think ill play ps 1 then, get to trails after i beat it >>16514 whole game wasn't lost, just the undub someone from gbatemp did, im sure that someone could recreate the mod
>>16514 >>16515 Because centralization is good. Forums, webhosts, and MEGA GOOD! Torrents BAD!
I have been thinking of setting up some sort of pipeline for putting games into docker containers, or at least their servers could help the Game Nights in terms of popularity and ease of joining. You think it would work out? Even if just having more general documentation on how to host something without fucking it up every step of the way
Open file (153.55 KB 400x300 sergey.png)
>>16444 (checked) If STALKER comes to E3 it will be a fucking trashfire consoleshit game. People want something like Escape from Tarkov from S.T.A.L.K.E.R but in singleplayer. If they're smart they'll release a well done singleplayer game, release the SDK and then make something like Escape from Tarkov and release it later.
>>16841 That's actually pretty clever.
>tfw your favorite games don't have any cool memes
Open file (56.53 KB 600x533 ripandtear.jpg)
>>16854 Personally, I think it's better that way. Better to not have something that stands out to normalfags than to see a meme from your favourite vidya get reused repeatedly by people who barely know about its origins.
>>16841 Could you explain it in retardo-layman's terms? From a glimpse it looks like remote-play or streaming. Am I completely misinterpreting it?
Open file (64.21 KB 1056x762 youre gonna die.JPG)
>>16198 nice COPPA, faggots
>>16851 I do hope so, considering the resources the share threads have established it could be used to make it rather hands off >>16867 Yeah you are a bit off, a docker container is more or less a virtual machine, expect it doesn't virtualize everything or to a simpler degree and thus uses less resources. These things are meant to provide a stable environment where you test your applications in and then distribute the whole container as to guarantee that the software has a known good environment to run in regardless of the actual system it runs on. My idea is to apply this to game servers or even the clients with the hopes that it eases hosting because once a container has been made for say a C&C Renegade server any anon could just get it and run it without having to worry about misconfiguring a server.
Open file (1.72 MB 360x360 1463968428851.gif)
Whoever put rubberbanding AI in their racing games should have their eyes slowly ripped out of their sockets.
>>16857 Without meme potential a game never finds the attention of people with talent who can make interesting content out of it, and thus, it is forgotten with time, along with many others that, even if good, don't have the same potential to be remembered whenever a meme of it is posted. It's definitely worse.
>>16877 >he can't kick the shit out of rubberband AI Total casual.
Open file (1.20 MB 1358x569 Classic.png)
So i was thinking of doing a battlefront 1 or 2 gamenight, but i downloaded all of these games. im familiar with battlefront 1 and 2, but are any of these others worth playing?
>>16889 Empire at War and Republic Commando are good.
>>16890 the files for commando are not there or i'd give it a shot, but isnt empire at war just a generic RTS with a star wars skin? or am i wrong. i backed up battlefront and battlefront 2 since the games are becoming more difficult to find.
>>16841 >>16870 Couldn't you just share a server's config files or something? t. never hosted a game server in his life
>>16889 Jedi Knight is good. Lego Star Wars is good. Rogue Squadron is good. Bounty Hunter is also a good game that should be up there.
>>16889 We couldn't do a Battlefront gamenight unless we invited another community. 8kun is too small and 4chan might just outright delete the thread.
>>16896 Balderdash.
>>16896 we invited 4chan for the AoS games we had back on 8chan. they usually came out and overpowered with their sheer numbers.
Open file (172.25 KB 600x600 question shimakaze.jpg)
What do you niggers think? Does it count as 'beating' the game if you use the rewind feature? fuck no of course no
Open file (4.40 MB 320x240 6ab.gif)
>>16903 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: beat a game with rewinding. Next time, beat the game with rewind disabled.
>>16903 By this logic Blinx is unbeatable.
>>16909 He means software rewind, like save states. If the mechanics is time travel, then I'm sure it's fine: Prince of Persia Viewtiful Joe Chronotron Braid Achron Temporal took me a long time to refind this Etc..
>see a new mecha anime game >this is gonna suck like usual >download it and play Has anyone played Daemon X Machina? It's fucking great, nothing special by all means. It's very anime but it's actually a fun fucking mech game. I can finally play something to keep me from descending into a pile of misery and despair. >>16910 Time Shift too. That was a great game.
>>16892 >empire at war just a generic RTS That's Glactic Battlegrounds. EaW is pretty unique on its own. Space battles are great.
So I want to play M&B:W a few times before Bannerlord comes out, want a mostly vanilla experience but with a lot of improvements/QoL features added. What mod would you guys recommend?
>>16913 Lol, played Ultimate Knight Windom XP? I just downloaded it, keep seeding, from fitgirl, I'll play it as soon my new PC is up.
Touhou 11 SubAuti Rando Гунтhou Crashfix: https://mega.nz/#!flJiyILD!IuiP2cnKkRD0xW5YGkrS-ET1Y_jbqt2kQuzKDHXL5yU Bet you can't no bomb wwww.
>>16913 >playing modern vidya lol
>>16920 there are none that keep it vanilla unless you get into downloading specific tweaks. if you want just 1 thing i guess diplomacy or whatever but it wont be vanilla.
>>16956 Alright, then what mods exactly would you recommend?
Is /any/ a good idea? The catalog is fuckheug and encouraging people to use this thread instead of making new ones just makes the board look dead outside a couple stale generals.
>>16972 Board is dead. The only things to do are shill on 4chaim/8kunt or use the forbidden incantation of liveposting and watch the site crash more than 8chan when null was in charge.
>>16972 I agree, consolidating into one thread isn't good for a small imageboard.
>>16972 We're all just too busy playing games :^)
>>16976 This, and it's Monday. Who commits disability fraud? But what games things do you want to discuss, the fact nobody pays developers directly and want everything for free?
>>16972 This is what I was trying to say on /meta/, but I think the board owner is also making the mistake of deleting threads with similar topics, but completely different discussions.
Open file (866.78 KB 924x1080 1574020589619.png)
>>16972 well the fags constantly complaining about people "making too many threads" because "you dont need to make a new thread just to discuss a specific topic" as if threads are some finite commodity got their way. now we have one big "any" general and all other threads are obsolete. hmmmm, now if only there was a different kind of site or protocol that was more geared towards everyone posting into a single area. almost like a room they could chat in that was about video games in general. maybe the people that kept complaining about that should go there. like some kind of chat protocol that steals data to fund the site, or maybe just a simple internet relay chat or something of the sort. do you think something like that exists out there? so the people that like things like that can just do that? surely its better suited for their needs than using an image board. maybe they should all "go" there? or "go back" if thats what they are accustomed to? if such a place did exist, that is. right?
>>16988 Duplicate threads was something everyone agreed is part of the rules. But what do you want to talk about? >>16989 Where's the vidya?
>>16989 >well the fags constantly complaining about people "making too many threads" because "you dont need to make a new thread just to discuss a specific topic" as if threads are some finite commodity got their way. now we have one big "any" general and all other threads are obsolete. This was a stupid complaint. We're not dealing with too many threads being made. There's still threads on the bottom of the catalog from August. What's worse is other threads being deleted because of the discussion topic fell under /any/, and deleting threads that don't actually violate rules is a good way to shit on people who'd contribute to the board.
>>16992 >This was a stupid complaint i agree. but its a complaint that gets made every time some autist gets their thread ignored because of another thread they deemed to be of too close a topic to their own. reminds of forum drama where autists would freak out about "off topic" or "necroing" "dead" threads. >>16991 >Where's the vidya? the stickied /any/ thread is really just a /meta/ thread. it reminds me of how "questions that dont deserve their own thread threads" killed /k/ because most either dont know or dont want to admit, but most threads start because the OP has a need/ulterior motive and didnt see a thread to post in. so if someone wanted a question answered, they would think of a broader topic and make a new thread. now they just go to the qttdtobobomw thread and post in there and hope someone answers. it limits the discussion. its like a permanent solution for the autists that sperg about thread "derailment" as if a thread about a shitty indie game devolves into an argument about modern art and objective standards of beauty is ruining imageboards. because as we all know autists arguing autistically is what killed imageboards and totally not shills and normalfags.
>>16995 The meta thread is actually on >>>/meta/1986 and I don't think the board owner checks this thread or his own board as much as the /meta/ one.
https://nitori.itch.io/exchanger >Unity, not open source, html5 Damn shame, but hey new Godot repo here I go! Have to try this a little later https://bgalkows.itch.io/vgdc-castlevania Heh https://rawk-games.itch.io/golden-mix-tournament-xtreme-arcade-version
https://steamcommunity.com/app/12220/eventcomments/1750149154149909930 >remove GFWL from your stupid ass gayme >axe the multiplayer in the process >axe more radio stations the absolute state of GTA IV on PC
>>16147 >both TOS/EULA and (binding) arbitration clauses, (or that these must be agreed to by their parent or legal guardian I knew I smelled something disgusting https://archive.vn/D3Rqg

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