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SWAT4 SEF v6.4 Anonymous 01/23/2020 (Thu) 00:52:49 No.12613
ARE YOU still READY OPERATORS? Last thread dead and anchored so i made a new one. >What is SWAT4? SWAT 4 is a cooperative tactical first person shooter where you play as a member of a SWAT team. We're using the Elite Forces mod. >What does this mod add to multiplayer? adjustments to enemy AI introduces booby traps iron sight players now have weight and bulk 40+ new weapons, expanding both lethal and non-lethal options >When can I play? Anytime if you install the server browser fix https://github.com/sergeii/swat-patches/tree/master/swat4stats-masterserver and find a server with matching mod/version >When can I play with fellow anons? Anytime someone posts a servername w/password ITT, or the IP so you can connect via direct IP. I, as well as a few other anon's host games fairly frequently. I will also post hosting instructions alittle later in the thread and assist anyone along that would like to join the effort and host. SETUP >Download everything (Links below) >Install SWAT 4 Gold. >Extract Elite Force v6 to a new folder in your SWAT 4 directory. >Extract Elite Force v6 -> v6.4 update. Extract its contents to the new folder you've created and replace all the files. >Extract the map pack to your SWAT 4 directory using the instructions in Mappack.jpg >Go to Settings>Game Controls and select LAN/T1 for the connection speed. >Edit "SWAT 4/SEF/System/Swat4X.ini" and add bCapFramerate=False under [Engine.LevelInfo] then save the file to uncap your FPS. If that doesn't work, do the same for: ContentExpansion/System/Swat4X.ini >Run the game through "LaunchSEF.bat" located within "SWAT 4\SEF" DOWNLOADS SWAT4 GOLD: MAGNET: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:45d480e5ea4a5cbaeb1841ecd61a68f34d5fb910&dn=SWAT4GE&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fpublic.popcorn-tracker.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a %2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337 DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://goggamespc7v6z5e.onion/game/swat_4_gold_edition ELITE FORCE v6: https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/downloads/swat-elite-force-v6 v6 -> 6.4 UPDATE: https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/downloads/swat-elite-force-v6x-v64-upgrade MAP PACK: https://www.moddb.com/addons/mega-map-pack TROUBLESHOOTING >How do you move before the mission start? I'm always locked until the intro briefing is over. Disable initial dispatches in SP/COOP maps under audio options. If anyone fucks up their game, and require a reinstall, backup these files. In \SEF\System\ DynamicLoadout.ini - Your current loadout, and others. MissionResults.ini - What maps you've completed in SP, along with difficulty and score. Swat4X.ini - Contains some of your settings, mostly located under [WinDrv.WindowsClient]. SwatGuiState.ini - More of your settings, notably your MP name. User.ini - Didn't look at it, included since it gets modified. \ContentExpansion\System Campaign.ini - Defines the SP campaigns present, and any player stats they have.
LINUX INFO There's a wrapper for Linux. I couldn't tell you how to set it up, but I'm sure if you have the know-how you could figure things out. https://anonfile.com/t5Qbq8Jena/swat4_wine.tar_xz
Almost Forgot >SWAT4 keeps lowering my volume If you have the problem of swat4 lowering your volume in Windows 7 go to control panel>sound>communications tab>"DO NOTHING"
HOSTING INSTRUCTIONS >Forward ports 10480-10488 on both UDP and TCP. Forwarding 10480-10483 or 10480-10487 may also work, but i have not verified >Launch SEF >Select "Host Server" >select the "quick start" tab >name your server, this is how your server will be seen by others. >choose your player name, this is what people you play with will see you as. >change "game type" to "coop" this will popuate the maps. always remember to change this setting to see your maps. >keep rounds at 1 unless you want to replay the same map >keep internet/lan on internet >select which maps you want to be in your server's "playlist" >go to the "advanced" tab. >i suggest turning friendly fire to 0 >personally i leave the bottom all checked except "launch as dedicated server" but thats all personal preference. >go to the "voting" tab >set this to your personal preference. i left it all at default. >go to "equipment" tab >personally i remove any item restrictions >the right side is for assigning that loadout to allies behaving badly. >lastly, go to "admin" tab. >leave he 3 boxes at bottom checked >leave the port number alone (at _) >click the custom bubble, then create atleast 1, but i suggest 2 new roles. >create one that will be for you to take full control of the server while playing. >give this one all available permissions and give it a good password that you'll remember. this is for you. >next create one so you can give someone permission to take over some fucntions if you want to AFK. >i suggest giving them switch maps, end/start levels, and chat. >give it a differnt password. >with custom bubble still selected, go to the top right of the screen and hit "quit" >this will save your settings and exit to windows. >now load "dedicated server.bat" from your swat\SEF directory >an icon will appear in your task bar by your clock. >right click that icon and open advanced options >Networking>public server information and see if servername matches what you put earlier. if not just change it again here. >everything else can pretty much be left alone here. >now leaving that server on, load your SEF game and go to join. >select "LAN" and see if you see your server in there. join it. >now you can play, or enter your admin password to give yourself elevated privledges. >use vote to change levels, use admin to kick/ban people, or make them less lethal. >you can also change the rules of voting, etc. to get people to join just give them your public IP and tell them to join via direct connect. Feel free to ask questions ITT.
gib server
>>12648 I will put a server up tonight around 8-10pm eastern tonight and keep it up until as late as ~4am. some of you yuros should seriously consider setting up your computer to host. its really easy and you dont even need that great of a connection since games are fairly small anyway. i host through an old PCI wifi card and a $30 router from 10 years ago that gets only 20down/10up. if you installed the packages in the OP you already have tools to do it since settings are confugred through the "host game" option in the single player game and everything is set through in-game menus. outside of that the only thing you need to do is just forwarding the port range. you dont even have to post your IP in the thread since if you host you'll be one of the 8 servers in the browser with SEF 6.4 so you only need to post the server name and a password if you want to exclude regular players.
>>12660 >exclude regular players Maybe we should be more inclusive and allow a diverse range of players?
>>12664 honestly the game is mostly dead, and when you just count the people playing this specific version there arent many of them. sometimes when you guys dont join in on my weird hours i'll remove the password just play solo. sometimes some randoms would join in. some of them, if not most are alright to play with. but for each guy thats just playing the game and using the in-game text to issue/follow commands and joins in on the fun when we decide to do some atypical strategies or arbitrary rules to mix it up, theres a retard listening to nigger music over the mic and asking us what discord we use while shouting no fun allowed.
How many people are playing right now?
Open file (4.33 MB 400x224 Italian LAV.mp4)
>>12701 Server is now OPEN. connect via server browser to Funcoland. Password: "letitsnow" as usual, post ITT if you have any issues connecting
Open file (543.06 KB 756x540 Lain pc.png)
>>12710 being completely alone isn't so bad. atleast i have plenty of people to talk to.
We need another way to organize players like a steamgroup or else we will never make it
>>12740 This was solved decades ago.
Swat 3 is a lot better than Swat 4 every step in that game feels like you need to take time and planning. Last time I played Swat 4 I could go in guns blazing and rescue hostages easy peasy
>>12744 ive never played swat 3, so what you said by comparison may make sense, but thats not really a fair criticism of swat4 since while that strategy may get you a nice green mission complete if you dont die or cause the death of any hostages, thats not enough for a decent enough score most of the time. remember on hard an 89 is a failing grade. how is the online for swat3? is it fairly active? >>12740 >using steam no. as unreliable as this is; i'd prefer it this way. anyone up for a game tonight?
>>12748 server now
>>12744 I thought i was crazy, i wanted to participate in these threads but 4 always gave me a bad vibe because i played 3 for years and i always found it to be superior and much more tense.
>>12744 I've heard before that the campaign for SWAT 3 is much better than SWAT 4, but I haven't heard how the multiplayer compares. I'll have to give it a go sometime.
>>12748 i've never played Swat3 online, but the single player resembles the original Rainbow Six games. The hard ones where two shots usually means you die. Making planning quite imperitive
is anyone playing tonight? What server you at?
check the server browser, if funcoland is not there then no one is playing
>>12767 Give me a few hours and funcoland will be up with the usual password. i'll keep it up likely into the dawns early lights. >>12758 swat4 you can easily die in 1 hit. heres a video of me getting shot in the head and dying in 1 hit from full "health" because i opened a door like a fool.
>>12775 can't you just open funcoland now, doll? Something tells me you and i are on far distant continents from each other
>>12782 It's open now if anyone is still around. there were some problems outside of my control, unfortunately. i would have put it online earlier but I was posting from a computer that did not have the server installed on it.
>>12786 OPEN NOW Server name: Funcoland Server PW: "letitsnow" it will be open for atleast the next 5 hours unless the internet in my area goes out again, or if i lose power
Open file (3.71 MB 2560x1440 Art Center 1.0.png)
a custom non-meme map that is good.
Open file (2.10 MB 1747x976 swat4gaysd.png)
>>12787 back up after momentarily shitting the bed because of L&L hostpital. maybe it was a fluke.
meh its a lot more fun when people communicate like a team instead of keeping quiet and doing their own thing. You guys are playing it like an average shooter
Open file (1.43 MB 1306x1187 Swat4X2020z.png)
by request.
Open file (5.20 MB 2560x1440 Swat4X sef64 an.png)
GGs everyone. server is closed for the night/morning. will try to open tomorrow at night eastern time.
>>12796 be the change you want to see host a game and lead by example
>>12807 >Operator here the room really wasn't worth getting all our men killed for tbh
>>12814 You're the only one who died tho
>>12821 >You're the only one who died not the first time around, no.
Too lazy to make webms today so ima just dump the raw footage https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcMIOIC-jgYh2YDpwWQ9KE5k06k52GJGd I would be down to play swat3 too if someone sets it up and provides the game
This game would be a lot more fun if the objective was to just go in and shoot up all suspects dead instead of shouting POLICE GET DOWN at nothing and tying up hostages half the time.
>>12831 This. Are there any suspect only maps?
Open file (25.06 KB 500x375 swat soyboy murderer.jpg)
>>12831 it's not a game, anon. It's a simulation of Swat protocol. You're in the wrong profession if you think you can just go in and kill suspects without giving them a fair chance at surrendering
>>12824 Swat3 works straight out of the box on Windows 7. Can't say for sure for Win10 or gnu/linux which I'm assuming most players are using here
Open file (426.00 KB 1020x714 GIGN.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 960x733 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12834 Real OG operators gave suspects a chance to surrender before going in, you fucking pussy.
>>12836 well where is the download and who will host? >>12832 we could play another game like rainbow six 3 or takedown: red sabre
>>12838 You're gonna have to torrent Swat 3. The GOG version worked fine for me
unless you want to buy the GOG version of course.
>>12838 sorry for not just putting this all in one post but: Here is the torrent link: https://piratebay.party/torrent/7677081/SWAT_3__Tactical_Game_of_the_Year_Edition According to 1 comment you can play the multiplayer through something called Tunngle. But I think there's an option for connect to IP. It's been a while since I've played it sorry
>>12841 Tunngle has been discontinued for a long time, anon.
>>12842 alright well, i'm downloading swat3 now to see what's up. if multiplayer looks impossible then i'll let you know and save you a wasted download
>>12844 Current options are Evolve, Radmin, GameRanger and Hamachi. I've always liked Hamachi and heard GameRanger is good, and Radmin seems to be a better alternative to the aging Hamachi.
>>12848 gameranger is good. I forgot all about that one. It's up to you and whoever else wants to play swat3 with us i guess. i'd recommend gameranger mainly because i've never used the other ones
>>12841 >Here is the torrent link Thank you for reminding me how retarded people still are. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:af06c27f416ab22586fb8f0dd9f2f251c13c93b1&dn=SWAT+3%3A+Tactical+Game+of+the+Year+Edition&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fzer0day.ch%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969
Someone try this i heard its the best private lan tool https://www.zerotier.com/
Y'all might wanna actually look at gameplay videos of Swat3 multiplayer to see if you'll enjoy it for longer than 10 minutes if you're sacrificing an arm and a leg just to play it
Open file (259.85 KB 352x315 1410110405784.png)
>>12831 Might as well play the Postal 2 co-op mod at that point then. Sadly I think it only works with the Steam version.
>>12856 It actually looks way worse than 4 tbh fam
Open file (108.35 KB 411x577 Swat4X 2020.jpg)
Anyone lurking interested in playing tonight? i can put the server up at any time. same bat time, same bat channel, same bat password. >>12796 that works well in the stock maps and on very few of the custom maps. we were playing many custom maps where you never really know what youre heading into. >>12831 the enemies dont automatically just shoot at you so the game is pretty easy since they give the enemies a bit of a delay before they return fire. plenty of custom maps are basically just FPS maps where arresting them isnt really a viable option. the way swat4 is meant to be played is that you CAN just go in lethal, or you can go for that 100 score and arrest/detain everyone. the custom maps make the 2nd option nearly impossible. >>12856 >>12863 the single player looks ok, but the multiplayer looks like somebody modded radmod to have a swat theme. i would be willing to try it. but theres no reason we wouldnt or couldnt play both.
It's up. Funcoland:letitsnow
>>12881 if a custom map crashes the game, make sure the swat4x.exe is removed from task manager before attempting to load the game again. hopefully when im through testing maps we wont have these issues. i want to repack these maps leaving out the broken ones.
>>12893 GGs everyone. server is closed for tonight. i'll put it up tomorrow around the same time if i can but probably will not keep it open as late.
I think I'll try this out. When's the next one?
>>12962 unless you want to host your own SWAT 4 server, then it's probably gonna be like another 3 or 4 hours before the host of Funcoland comes online to host his server
are you around mister funcoland host person?
Open file (230.48 KB 663x244 funcoracist.png)
>>12962 >>12963 >>12990 It's up. my entire area had no internet for some reason. came back on about 20 minutes ago. atleast i didnt also lose electricity like last time. Server name: FuncoLand Server password: letitsnow
Open file (1.78 MB 1388x839 Swat4X cali bank5.png)
Raven Shield > SWAT4, both with and without mods
Open file (2.14 MB 2043x911 Swat4Xdeakership.png)
>>12998 different concept of a game, but raven shields great. set up a proper thread and start hosting.
Open file (1.56 MB 1859x1161 Swat4X tarrone hc.png)
Open file (1.75 MB 2009x1089 Swat4X city streets.png)
>>12992 GGs. closed for tonight. unsure if i'll be able to host tomorrow
Open file (431.75 KB 1920x1080 youre the captain now.jpg)
When do we branch out into other games? We should really play takedown: red sabre
>>13026 >When do we branch out into other games? As soon as someone else hosts a different game or fags vote for the next game
>>13026 well this is a swat thread. if you want to play a different game make a similar thread. in case you have no noticed there are several "gamenight" threads open right now, which seems to be a strength of julay. swat4 works because you only need a few players for it to be fun. many games like radmod, tf2v, ofp, sja, doom, quake, etc require a bunch of participants for it to be fun so they require infrequent scheduled gamenights. >>13031 there is no reason to stop playing swat4 as long as there is interest. the fact that some people play swat4 doesnt mean they or others cant play different games. its nice to have some games that are played at regular intervals and other games that are just for special occasions when they get enough interest.
Open file (59.33 KB 900x675 Nekonomicon.jpg)
>>13026 I really wish there were a lot of Stealth multiplayer games. As in games where one player team are the hiders and sneakers and the other player team are the seekers. That would be so much fun. I'd vote for games like that for us to play
unironically go play Gmod, it has Hide and Seek games.
>>13046 Prop hunt.
>>13047 >>13050 I meant in a more tactical fashion. Like Splinter Cell had an amazing Stealth multiplayer but only allowed 4 players (2 players on 2 teams)
>>13046 might be able to do that sort of thing with Arma, have one player control a bunch of units like an RTS, then have a small team of specops fags have to infiltrate and kill the leader player to win the mission. I'm just brain storming though, we all know Arma is a shit game.
I wish people could get into CS2D and play a few games.
>>13052 Any time someone mentions RTS/FPS hybrid I feel compelled to mention Nuclear Dawn, dead as it may be.
no Swat4 tonight?
>>13118 Funcoland is open, same password as usual.
>>13120 very qt miku, too bad i was at work
I thought it was weekend game night event and fucked off to sleep.
>>13040 >its nice to have some games that are played at regular intervals people will eventually get sick of the same few games being played over and over like with aos and worms, a few games could be played regularly but they would have to be games that you could play over and over because they have a wide range of content or gamemodes and be playable with a low playercount
>>13152 since the game really just needs 2-3 people to be fun i just open it whenever i feel like playing. usually at night. the game is really easy to host. gamenights are fun for playing more obscure stuff that needs a bigger group. >>13156 im just saying theres no reason we cant have gamenights and regular games we play at the same time.
Open file (365.11 KB 400x328 1418190905159.gif)
>>13158 FuncoLand is now open password: "letitsnow" i think im losing control.
>>13202 WAIT
>>13202 server will be up, but there will be a brief intermission. i will post when im ok to resume. feel free to play without me.
>>13207 play with us. we need another man in our squad
Open file (1.26 MB 1102x720 dark souls.mp4)
>>13208 >>13208 alright ladies and gentlemen. we are back in business.
>>12841 >>12844 >>12863 Swat 3 needs mods to have higher resolution, and a console command to have a gun in the first person view https://swat3lastresort.info/ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937035975 Apparently this is a compilation of the "best" mods https://www.moddb.com/games/swat-3/addons/bluelight
keeping this thread on page 1. I hope we can play again tonight
Open file (4.06 MB 2560x1440 Swat4X mine roof.png)
>>13315 yea, i'll host tonight. give me an hour or so. i'll be lurking this thread.
It would seem as though you've made a grave error! You copied the *contents* of the SEF folder from the ZIP archive and overwrote your original game's content with SEF, when you needed to copy the folder itself! You'll most likely need to reinstall your game. Make sure that you copy the folder next time, not the contents of the folder. You should have at least three folders: Content, ContentExpansion, and SEF, in your SWAT 4 directory. Press any key to continue . . .
>>13334 good stuff. i'm ready to play when you're ready to host
Open file (40.20 KB 644x559 GOG Games_SWAT 4.png)
>>13336 yes, you'll likely have to reinstall. SEF should be its own folder within the directory. with the same set of subfolders. look at this picture, perhaps this explains. does that clear it up? let me know. i made the same mistake you did when i first installed it.
>>13344 I did exactly that.
>>13345 try loading the bat file a secnod time. see if you get the same message. dont run as admin
>>13341 server is open i wont be able to join for a little while, but feel free to play without me.
Open file (20.26 KB 500x375 0329_funcomissing.jpg)
>>13348 >no details woops. FuncoLand is the server name. "letitsnow" is the password.
Open file (490.05 KB 2500x3557 Carona-chan.jpg)
game crashed for me but im goin to sleeb anyway. gn faggots.
>>13366 it wasnt you, the server crashed. looks like foodwall rmx is a broken map. i'll make a note of it.
Is there some footage so i can see if youre just a bunch of retards or actually try to play the game?
Open file (1.85 MB 1066x450 SWAT 4 gamenight.webm)
>>13410 Sure thing, Killjoy.
>>12613 >Extract the map pack to your SWAT 4 directory using the instructions in Mappack.jpg SWAT 4's content or SEF content?
>>13346 Yeah, not working.
>>13423 same error message?
>>13423 ok, so lets do some basic troubleshooting to isolate the problem of where things go wrong for you. also im going to assume you use windows 7. >Install swat 4 gold. you can attempt to run the game at this point and make sure it works. just see if it boots, dont fuck with any settings. now, open up the SEFv6.zip and theres an SEF folder in there. put that SEF folder in the SWAT4 directory so that its swat4/SEF now navigate to swat4/sef/launchsef.bat and run that. does the game work? if so, now take the SEF update and throw it into the swat4 folder where the SEF folder is and overwrite the few files. run that same (new) launchsef.bat and see if it runs. if it runs, youre good and we can move on to installing the map pack. if not, let me know at which stage you had a problem and provide a screenshot of both the directory and the error message (if any)
>>13426 >>13425 I literally just install the game, then put the SEF folder in the game folder, then overwrite SEF's files with the update. The base game boots up, the .bat doesn't do anything, and the update's .bat shows the error. I didn't even install the map pack yet.
>>13428 so the EXE boots up for you with the mod, but not the bat file? what OS are you using?
>>13432 ok, a few things. what hapens when you load the bat. any error message? try going into task manager and killing all swat processes, then try the bat again, the game doesnt always quit properly.
>>13433 As I said, nothing happens with v6, and the error appears when I apply the update. There's nothing on task manager.
>>13434 are you using the default directory? or did you put it in a different location. so the problem youre having is as soon as you install the mod and it gives you no error messages and doesnt load, but then when you update the mod it loads but gives you that error message, right? however the base game works just fine. im looking through the old thread to see for any solutions i just want to figure out exactly where the problem lies, and from what i can tell it seems to be just with SEF. have you tried playing with compatibility settings or permissions like admin on the bat file? just make sure swat4x.exe is gone from task manager before booting, it often fails to unload from memory.
>>13437 I haven't tried compatibility mode yet. If it changes anything I've installed it in a different partition because I'm not retarded enough to install everything on C: and I trust the mod is competent enough to run commands with >cd instead of looking for C: specifically. Right?
>>13410 nothing is stopping you from playing with the no-fun guys on the regular servers which play like that, but we do both ways. most stock maps we play legit, but many custom maps simply do not play well if you try to play legitimately. its not abnormal for us to get above a 90. getting 100 is difficult because evidence tends to dissapear in multiplayer >>13442 i have mine on the C drive, so i cant answer that question. it sounds like a permissions issue and the fact that it uses a bat to run an EXE implies it may need it to be on C. you can try using an mklink to refer to C: if youre dead set on keeping it on a different drive perhaps. ive heard someone (on windows 10) had to disable "fullscreen optimizations" which i believe is the same thing as disabling visual themes in compatibility.
lets play RIGHT NOW. I want to feel like a big man
>>13449 i provided some nice hosting instructions in >>12616 im not at home right now but i'll gladly host when i get there after i eat.in 3-5 hours. is that soon enough?
>>13463 3-5 hours is fine. I was half joking about wanting to play instantly, but the sooner the better when you're happy and available that is. My net is too tacky to be able to host something bearable i'd imagine
Open file (379.44 KB 473x869 Swat4X arcade cab.png)
>>13464 Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (316.79 KB 1511x1235 Swat4X meatbarn fun.jpg)
Open file (537.87 KB 1949x1310 Swat4X plans.jpg)
>>13489 still up.
Open file (270.40 KB 963x957 Swat4X snowman.jpg)
Open file (1.56 MB 1859x1161 Swat4X tarrone hc.png)
Open file (499.53 KB 800x939 Swat4X beer.png)
Open file (376.74 KB 713x622 Swat4X dedder.png)
>>13525 >>13561 who's the cutie in the pink?
Open file (127.73 KB 1536x864 ded.jpg)
>>13583 yuno plays in pink usually
>>13590 i don't think Operator is yuno somehow
>>13590 >>13602 alot of the guys here like playing in pink. one of you liked playing as a kebab, some play rhodesian, and some go black. i rarely see deviation from that color scheme other than that one guy that goes yellow. and even with all of the bright colors, we still manage to shoot eachother
>>13605 i'm Operator and i just went in pink because i wanted to look fabulous and forgot to change back >and even with all of the bright colors, we still manage to shoot eachother Swat guys look like terrorists than the real suspects do!
Open file (100.67 KB 640x473 1449012443975-1.jpg)
anyone up for playing tonight?
>>13610 >Swat guys look like terrorists than the real suspects do! this is a profound statement about the current state of geopolitics.
>>13613 i'll be playing tonight
>>13616 any of you guys lurking? i plan on playing within the next hour or so.
>>13651 I'll be lurking for the next 4 days at least. i'll play when you're willing
Open file (151.26 KB 1080x746 funcolandBoxes.jpg)
Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (1.15 MB 1199x871 Swat4X toilet plunge.png)
Open file (2.65 MB 1574x1098 Swat4X just rambo.png)
Windows 10 users Stop using windows 10. also If you use Windows 10, check "Disable fullscreen optimizations" with this tool: https://github.com/Skymirrh/CompatibilityManager There is a new problem this introduces, tabbing out is broken. I never had hanging, but I use that to get a real fullscreen mode like it was on 7, which should work better for old games. Apply that edit to: ContentExpansion\System\Swat4X.exe for The Stetchkov Syndicate and SEF, Content\System\Swat4.exe for the base game.
Open file (161.24 KB 1411x1087 Swat4X they gassed us.jpg)
Open file (43.49 KB 502x436 Swat4X small gay.jpg)
Open file (204.68 KB 1127x1436 Swat4X you have failed.jpg)
Open file (160.73 KB 1088x992 Swat4X big gay.jpg)
Open file (240.31 KB 1199x1067 Swat4X dimensional rift2.jpg)
>>13657 GGs everyone. The server is closed for the night. Here are some pictures from the night. We can resume tomorrow night.
Server is once again open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>13796 Anyone else playing? I'm waiting on the server but there's little going on.
>>13812 I will join in.
serb crashed?
yea, reset network adapter. its back up.
Open file (364.11 KB 1920x1080 maxium tacticoolness.jpg)
Open file (2.93 MB 1280x720 stinkin cops.webm)
Open file (169.79 KB 975x911 Swat4X whats beyond.jpg)
Open file (176.19 KB 1213x885 Swat4X range.jpg)
Open file (470.27 KB 1965x953 Swat4X stack up.jpg)
Open file (173.68 KB 1307x1055 Swat4X group photo.jpg)
>>13796 >>13835 >>13836 Server still up.
>>13838 Server closed for the night. GGs
>>12613 >play swat 4 with a buddy >clear out a crack house >forget to communicate with him for 5 seconds >both of us enter the same room from different sides >see him walk by out of corner <shotgun at point blank range Good times.
no swat tonight?
>>13949 Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>13954 Are you ever going to host this game earlier? Don't you live on the East coast?
Open file (302.39 KB 1426x859 Swat4X toilet briefcase.jpg)
Open file (168.22 KB 1047x718 Swat4X panicroom.jpg)
Open file (129.21 KB 1360x836 Swat4x spooky bathroom.jpg)
Open file (28.08 KB 591x671 Swat4X operator.jpg)
>>13955 i only really get to play games at night. hosting is pretty easy if you want to host during earlier times. Server is still open.
Open file (176.57 KB 1514x910 Swat4X bathroom arrest.jpg)
Open file (59.06 KB 538x333 Swat4X china hotel.jpg)
Open file (109.29 KB 643x633 Swat4X china shock.jpg)
Open file (219.28 KB 721x663 Swat4Xwhathaveidone.jpg)
Open file (175.06 KB 1161x955 Swat4X rad tv.jpg)
GGs. server closed for the night.
Are those mask overlays?
>>14005 Mask overlays are dumb in most cases since realistically speaking your brain starts filtering them out unless they're really obtrusive.
>>14005 if youre referring to the darkness around the edges of many screens, yes. its from wearing the S10 mask so we can spam gas grenades.
>>14008 does the normal gas mask not work against cs grenades?
>>14036 S10 has better head protection than a gas mask at the detriment to the field of view, but you can set the FOV to be so wide that it doesn’t make a difference in the overwhelming majority of maps.
MAP REVIEW PDF Here it is. I did my best. Feel free to modify, edit, argue, etc. its atleast a good starting point when picking maps to play. Theyre rated on a scale from SHIT to GOOD and is color coded for easy reference. BROKEN < SHIT < MEH < OK < GOOD/HARD Hard maps are also good but intended for more people.
>>14061 put the server on, love.
Open file (247.26 KB 1072x908 Swat4X anubis bath.jpg)
Server is up Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow Bring the map requests. Squad leaders are back.
Open file (44.13 KB 489x637 Swat4X fail face.jpg)
Open file (140.87 KB 1043x777 Swat4X arcades.jpg)
Obrez pls end it. against all odds i beat it solo
>>14095 Sorry, server stopped responding but didnt kick me out of it, it just appeared as if i was in their alone so i AFKd until i realized i couldnt change levels or anything either. hopefully i have better luck tomorrow,
Open file (120.24 KB 659x609 1398151858310.jpg)
>>14098 Server is open Server name: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>14187 >Hicuck
I'll buy you a drink if you're ever in town, Obrez. Thanks for the fun as always.
Open file (370.00 KB 1833x1083 Swat4X mall tacticool.jpg)
>>14211 if you ever see a sketchy looking character driving a beaten up car listening to vocaloids on a cassette deck, you'll know it's me. and i urge you or anyone to keep a distance. GGs. we will beat the mall one day. >>14207 he dindu nuffin
Open file (88.33 KB 612x816 1384489615146.jpg)
>>14187 Good games. Server closed for the night. we will beat that mall sooner or later. stealth was key
Alright I'm going to try and reinstall this gay shite.
Okay that was easier than I remember, I'll try to join in the next time you lads play.
>>14220 >>14222 Sorry, we stopped playing swat 4. Appreciate your efforts tho!
Open file (405.21 KB 2963x703 1396550480590.jpg)
>>14220 >>14222 if youre new to the game play the tutorial so you know the basic concepts and controls. i kind of want to try that mall map again but the server kept crashing when the map got crazy, but usually only if we had more than 4 players. >>14229 >we no u
>>14240 Niggercattle here, i bought a 1x to 16x pci express with a cheap power supply to connect in the old wlan slot of my toaster with an old hd6450. It was all supposed to came today but i only got the power supply and the pci extension, the gpu come tomorrox so expect me back. I stopped playing because of my low FPS and stutter.
>>14245 you bought a 1x to 16x pci express to connect to an old wlan slot? what am i reading? are you saying you bought a pcie video card to replace the onboard hd6450 you had and plan on pluggin the card into a mini pcie 1x slot? do you not have any 16x slots available? and then you bought a new powersupply to tackle the increased power load the card will bring?
>>14251 I bought a pci express extension 1x to x16, i will connect it to the x1 pcie port that was originally used for the wlan card on my laptop, the power supply is to power the gpu connected to the extension.
>>14253 >I bought a pci express extension 1x to x16 i had to look up what that was. never heard of it. seems to be popular with bitcoin miners. are you using a laptop motherboard? or are you saying you took a wlan card from your laptop and put it your desktop and it had a way to connect to your pcie1x slot? is it kind of like pic related? so now that you freed up that slot you can use it for the extender to be able to plug in a proper 16x? im assuming the power supply will power more than your vidya card, right? or are you going to attempt to use 2 sources of power at the same time?
>>14260 Here how it supposed to work, Most wlan card use a pcie x4 to connect to the laptop motherboard, so normally you buy the pcie convertor 1x to x16 from the x4 port on the laptop motherboard, but since i'm a brainlet i misidentified a ngff m2 port which is a new extra small pcie port for a standard pcie x4 slot. As an attempt to not throw everything out the window i just bought a ngff m2 to pcie x4 slot. from there i'll plug in my pcie convertor. it's extremely sketchy and poo tier build and i'm really not sure if it will still work. i don't even care anymore if it work i'll be able to play gaymes comfier than just integrated graphics processor the power supply will only power the GPU, now with my ngff m2 to pcie x4 i need to power that as well. >are you going to attempt to use 2 sources of power at the same time? will it end badly ? :^)
>>14269 oh ok, so youre making a desktop using laptop hardware. good luck with that, ive successfully done that in the past but never attempted to add a video card. im just curious if your motherboard/chipset will be able to figure out how to use the video card properly vs the onboard. some laptops dont let you turn off onboard. >will it end badly ? :^) you should be fine, but you may need to plug the main power from the psu into something like another mobo or possibly a power supply tester or it may not trigger properly during bootup. remember the power supply is controlled via a power button attached to the mobo, since your psu wont be attached to the laptop mobo what will turn on the psu? **there is a good chance your video card can work without the auxillary pcie and just needs the cables plugged in to pass the check, and it may get more than enough power through the slot, but throttle if it starts wokring hard* i really want to see this frankenstein mess
>>14299 If it work and i'm not very optimist i'll take picture of it to give you a proper overview of the autism tweak. I hope it will just werk.
Open file (670.98 KB 480x360 psyco cats.webm)
Server is open. Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow >>14305 good luck getting that psu to bring power to your vidya card.
Open file (228.25 KB 1349x1051 Swat4X CHIEF.jpg)
>It's lagging so bad the text from chat won't go through
Open file (1.24 MB 200x171 sinsack_small.gif)
>>14332 Is it just me or is playing this with more anons make the game actually harder?
Open file (159.35 KB 1281x977 Swat4X laundry room.jpg)
Open file (241.30 KB 1710x909 Swat4X solo completion.jpg)
Open file (90.66 KB 865x907 Swat4X laundry win.jpg)
>>14347 That really does seem to be the case.
Open file (68.10 KB 641x661 Swat4X stackups.jpg)
Open file (415.71 KB 1657x897 Swat4X mirrortest.jpg)
Are we on again for tonight?
I want to fuck with the DA already.
>>14320 >>14299 welp it's not the right ngff key so fuck my shit up i send he gpu back to get refunded.
Open file (383.14 KB 1650x2550 долг.jpg)
>>14347 >>14348 This game has a counteintuitive scoring system. You're not valued on your speed, or your capability of staying alive/not getting shot, but rather on your precision on taking out suspects and securing victims. The AI does everything in its power to reduce your score if you don't wrangle it in as quickly as possible and remove everything it can ever do the second you open a door and go loud. This isn't necessairly shooting you in the head but rather that if they see you and you don't neutralize them before they run, they will kill a suspect 99% of the time and end your mission with a -50 instant loss. This is why everyone bangs/gasses every goddamn room possible. Having more players make certain situations easier/faster, but it makes it much harder to maintain cohesion and precision. It's completely possible to deal with nearly every stock map solo but you'll take an inordinate amount of time and grenades to do so. It doesn't help people also want to go in full lethals and that custom maps do not give a fuck about cohesive mission/map design and just trow as many fucking suspects as it can at you from stupid locations.
>>14436 The scoring system is shit. Even if you use lethal force within the overly restrictive RoE it'll give you less overall score than going full non-lethal yet blasting away with the beanbag shotgun is without penalty. Non-lethal is easier than lethal as a result.
>>14437 That's because it is an (((American))) police force and they want their gunmen alive for jailtime torture through bureaucracy rather than cleanly ending them on the spot. Technically you can go "lethals" and not suffer any penalty if you shoot limbs to make suspects drop their weapons, incapacitate them or at least stun then long enough to give you a chance to use pepperspray or a taser to truly make them stand down and comply to cuffing. This is also partly why they give you HP munitions by default instead of FMJ or AP and label them as "dealing more damage", when even random ass drug dealers wear body armor on the regular. It's sometimes retarded though, i've seen penalties for shooting suspects with beanbags even when they have been yelled at and they're aiming a rifle at an officer. It's like the AI sometimes breaks and registers things that it shouldn't while other things are still running. Best just to gas them all and deal with the gasmask afficionados with 00 buck, the score is for the backseat penpushers at the end of the day.
>>14446 >Technically you can go "lethals" and not suffer any penalty if you shoot limbs to make suspects drop their weapons, incapacitate them or at least stun then long enough to give you a chance to use pepperspray or a taser to truly make them stand down and comply to cuffing. This is also partly why they give you HP munitions by default instead of FMJ or AP and label them as "dealing more damage", when even random ass drug dealers wear body armor on the regular. You'll still get penalised if you shoot outside RoE and, iirc, it's impossible to get 100 score by using lethal force at all even if you don't actually kill them. It just gives you less points even if you do it within the rules (so not technically a penalty but you won't get as many points so de facto the same thing).
Open file (80.33 KB 1083x735 Swat4X hidenseek.jpg)
>>14435 Well that sucks, whats your next move? if you want to start from scratch i have a suggestion. >>14436 getting injured is a pretty big point deduction, as is losing officers. speed is not a valuable trait. the reason suspects kill hostages is usually pressure which is why some may choose silenced weaponry. killing their allies puts pressure on them and is why you see people often surrender after seeing their friend get killed. but -5 for injuring a guy is much better than taking the loss of losing a hostage. banging/gassing each room isnt always required and in the base game you were not allowed 3 per slot. a big part of the game was the "gamble" in knowing when to gas and when not to. >>14437 >blasting away with the beanbag shotgun is without penalty you can kill/iincapacitate with that. its less lethal, not non-lethal. >>14446 >>14451 getting a 100 score on most maps is quite the achievement. the game on its hardest diffculty wants atleast a 90 which is doable. but you can still pass the mission with a 50. and on easy you just have to complete the objectives nomatter the score. might as well argue rhythm game scores are bullshit because "who can get perfect timing on each note like that!" perfect is something to strive for, not something you should expect to be able to get on each map. this game has alot of replayability as a result in addition to the random enemy/hostage placement, the score gives you a reason to replay the map since it saves all of your best scores in your records.
>>14452 When is server hostman?
>>14455 it is open right now now that you've asked
Open file (81.54 KB 1032x581 CGtWwUsUgAAE3tn.jpg)
Open file (225.16 KB 1084x851 k8k2teb.jpg)
Server open. Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>14458 >tfw went to that franklin funco land Tears in the rain scoob.
Open file (116.32 KB 1248x448 Swat4X new record.jpg)
Open file (487.24 KB 1003x957 Swat4X we leveled up.jpg)
Open file (393.29 KB 1475x901 Swat4X teamwork 91.jpg)
Server still open.
finally beat the university. completed movie theatre shootings, and 2 school shootings. still open, but quieted down alot.
Open file (285.47 KB 997x1233 Swat4X ded pit.jpg)
Open file (274.98 KB 1417x883 Swat4X faceoff.jpg)
>>14458 >>14474 >>14475 GGs, server is closed for the night.
Open file (106.93 KB 250x250 1482342071111.png)
>tfw always asleep when there are more than 3 people playing RIP ;_;7
>>14507 Stop sleeping then!
>>14530 I stopped sleeping months ago
Open file (192.85 KB 600x672 funco.jpg)
>>14564 Upotte!! is a bad anime and funco is a slut that wears a thong.
>>14571 I hate that I agree with you. The manga isn't great to begin with, but it deserved a better adaption.
>>14571 >>14575 FUCK YOU NIGGEERS it's good
Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (3.98 MB 384x288 nogs in ARMY.webm)
Why not host during euro hours on the weekend?
>>14606 Is US Army boot camp that difficult or are these nogs just that incompetent?
>>14606 >>14632 that drill sergeant sounds way too soft and lenient i thought the goal was to shout demoralizing things at recruits if they made even one mistake to turn them into no nonsense attack dogs
Open file (129.25 KB 761x798 Swat4X darn drunk.jpg)
Open file (52.97 KB 392x762 Swat4X balls.jpg)
Open file (112.66 KB 624x731 Swat4X tazed to death.jpg)
>>14601 Server still open >>14626 i host when i can. hosting is pretty easy. theres instructions above. if theres a time you want someone to host, then host during those times. >>14632 I'm not sure, nobody can ever be sure, but all we can know is that he dun left his grenade back o-er der.
Open file (74.17 KB 1204x767 Swat4X AIDS.jpg)
Server closed for the night GGs
SWAT tonight?
Obrez was playing Joint Ops. It's a nice break.
Open file (501.04 KB 1577x1438 Jointops patriot.jpg)
>>14784 >>14787 I plan on playing swat as well. im going to open it up in a few minutes.
>>14788 Oh I might join then.
Open file (7.70 MB 480x360 Kraut space magic.webm)
Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>14791 Can't find it. If you do put it back up, would you take issue if I invited anyone playing Joint Ops to join in?
>>14792 yea, im actually having issues right now. almost done. it resetted all of my settings and really fucked up the admin roles. no, i dont mind if you invite people.
>>14793 It's back up.
>invite more people >1 person on server weeeeeew
Open file (1.45 MB 1315x885 Swat4X operators.png)
Open file (985.43 KB 1055x920 Swat4X acrades.png)
>>14805 we had a few good games. radmod still up?
Open file (150.23 KB 675x450 1355145723086.jpg)
Anyone up for some policework tonight?
>>14791 Is it still up? Because I'm not seeing it at this hour.
>>15063 that was last night's. nobody has opened one tonight.
>>15066 well now i feel retarded
>>15063 He usually puts the server on late because Obrez is an enemy to the Euro.
Open file (96.98 KB 584x488 holdthephone.jpg)
SERVER IS UP Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow >>15070 Why just feel retarded when you can be the real deal? >>15073 Well, the euro currency literally is the spawn of satan...
>>15078 >Why just feel retarded when you can be the real deal? Sounds like a good idea
>>15079 when i was little i knew i was the good boi, now all i know is that i'm a big boi, pls help, am i still a good boi ?
>>15079 >>15093 You're both retarded.
Looks like we made it, afterall.
Open file (1.21 MB 1561x812 Swat4X arcaderoom.png)
Open file (770.72 KB 1117x907 Swat4X duplessis squat.png)
Open file (953.85 KB 964x915 Swat4X peppered.png)
>>15078 Server is closed for the night. GGs everyone.
Open file (2.47 MB 498x280 tenor.gif)
SERVER IS UP Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>15261 quiet night tonight.
>>15270 I have to get up early for the next few days so if it's going to be midnight as per usual I can't do it.
>>15342 I could try hosting it
>>15342 Forgot to mention it's pre-patched.
>>15342 >just download a 2.33GB 7z file from anonfiles with no context bro. >trust me sure, i dont see anything suspicious here at all. is this a IRL invitation to play SWAT4 for real? but from the suspects side? because it sounds like a bunch of fun.
>>15313 i will try to host earlier, anon. but my body does what it wants, and sometimes it wants to sleep, and it doesnt care if im hosting vidya, working, or driving home. just post in the thread if you want to play. you can even sage if you dont want to bump the thread, i'll still see a (1) on the browser tab and check it out, and if im around i'll bring up the server, if not i can atleast try. if not; it'll just become a forgotten post. >>15343 if you hit any hiccups i can be of some assistance for the next few hours.
>>15351 its R63 + athena >SWAT4 but playing as the suspects How does that work? do you raid some glownigger hideout or would you defend against their raid? >>15352 The only problem im having is that its taking forever to download
>>15353 >The only problem im having is that its taking forever to download Is there a better solution than Anonfile?
>>15353 >r63+athena oh cool, hopefully hosting can be simplified. >How does that work? how does a real-life game of swat go where youre a suspect? based on my knowledge of this game i would imagine they show up, wedge all your doors and yell at everyone to "get down", zip tie you, and then pepper spray you until they find all of the evidence assuming it didnt clip through your floor >>15358 did you slap it together? because if not just post the magnet. or post the magnet you built it from and only upload the files you changed and tell us what to overwrite.
>>15361 >hopefully hosting can be simplified. There is a patch that allows you to host with just opening up your ports https://www.moddb.com/company/rainbow-six-3-ravenshield-community/downloads/r63onlinemultiplayerpatch
>>15361 Yeah, I did. Pirate is broken for some reason. >>15363 It's already patched for multiplayer
>>15363 oh good. is this r63 with iron wrath as well? or just athena. >>15364 i mean, if you slapped it together how hard would be to link to the magnet for base game files and then make a smaller anonfiles page with whatever you slapped together?
>>15365 only athena >link to the magnet There was no magnet, he got it from CDs
try finding a server called gaem test, password goatse
>>15366 >he got it from CDs might be easier to download a fresh gold edition and use that, then link to that magnet, then use anonfiles to deliver anything else they may need like modified cfg/ini files or cracks or whatever. or even make a nice package to unzip into the same directory the gold would install into. unless you can think of a specific reason to use the files directly from disk.
>run rs3 in window mode >1000 fps why and how do you stop this?
Open file (1.66 MB 1280x720 ded.webm)
I forgot how beast the AI is on elite
>>15365 >i mean, if you slapped it together how hard would be to link to the magnet for base game files and then make a smaller anonfiles page with whatever you slapped together? I don't have a magnet because I didn't pirate it. I'm sorry. The best I can do is suggest that you make a torrent file from it and seed it for other anons.
servers fucked >server IP in game shows my local IP:0 >1000 ping at all times that freezes the game every few seconds >check their faggy site and nothing they suggest works
>>15383 I had the same issue, which is why I uploaded it to begin with.
>>15383 Were you playing on an Internet server? I don't recall having issues with the LAN one.
anyone up for some vidya in 10-15 minutes?
>>15403 Depends, we talking swat or R63? Speaking of which the R63 faggots should start a new thread as to not confuse the ever loving hell out of me.
>>15404 swat. and yes, i agree. theres a gamenight planning thread too.
Open file (106.52 KB 1280x720 sure.mp4)
Server is up Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>15407 its happening again
>>15413 I am finally here, joining server now.
Server still open
>>15407 Server is closed GGs
>>15398 trying to host an internet server
SERVER IS UP j/k, get fucked euros lmao
>>15584 Why cant euros just host? its really not difficult at all. Also, i can actually bring up the server if you wanted to play. Do europoors want to play? right now?
Anyone up for some games tonight?
Open file (146.42 KB 759x896 Swat4X breach.jpg)
i would play but i am actually in extreme pain tonight so i cant
Open file (65.19 KB 1280x720 CIA.jpe)
>>15720 Whats the next step of your master plan?
>>15716 I can't tonight, I'm sorry.
>>15720 extreme pain? sounds fun. >>15726 no problem. if anyone does feel like playing i can open it up. if not, no problems.
>>15730 I do want to play. I wonder if anyone else would show up though.
>>15734 Ok, server will go up in a little while.
Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (65.67 KB 607x522 Swat4X missingtoc.jpg)
Open file (98.91 KB 834x817 Swat4X sketchy house.jpg)
Open file (281.66 KB 966x895 Swat4X abomb100.jpg)
Open file (96.09 KB 662x654 Swat4X quikfuel100.jpg)
>>15738 GGs Server closed for the night.
If you want to give hosting Raven Shield a go, refer to >>15667. Iron Wrath may be a good expansion to play it on. The version here doesn't have it, but it's free anyways and can be downloaded from https://www.moddb.com/games/tom-clancys-rainbow-six-3-raven-shield/downloads/rainbow-six-3-iron-wrath-manual-installation.
>>15809 If you can't get it to work and I can't get it to work then I doubt anyone else will make it work.
>>15809 >>15813 sorry if this sounds overly obvious, but you both have the proper ports forwarded and made the exception in your firewall, right? The ports are all UDP 6667,7777-7787,8777-8787,40000-42000
I hope we're playing tonight.
>>15867 yeah i setup everything correctly but nothing works, I can join a server just fine. weird how all the servers are owned by 4 faggy groups with no independent or private servers showing
Open file (91.43 KB readme.pdf)
Open file (10.56 MB 1280x720 readyornotrevised1.webm)
Can we talk about tactical shooters in general as there isn't much other discussion in this thread or should I just clutter the catalog with a new thread? I want to shit on RoN. >>15902 The server list is retrieved from rvsgaming.org, so unless it's listed there it isn't going to show up. You have to either ask to have your server put up or use direct connect.
Open file (36.63 KB 400x216 japaneseCT.JPG)
>>15903 >I want to shit on RoN. If you hate something then dont talk about it, you just end up being a free marketing tool for them. >tactical shooters Anyone here could make their own tacticool shooter and BTFO reddit or not easily, there isnt much to say about tac shooters anyway, you play as generic american good goys against generic bad goys with bullshit AI
Open file (834.81 KB 944x746 1401205990489.png)
>>15899 Server Open Name: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
>>15903 >RoN What happened?
>>15922 Devs never posted on 8chan again after the announcement trailer. They've stayed completely silent only to announce an expensive pre-order pack which included a shitty mousepad, some skins, and an NDA. It's currently in alpha, so there are people playing it, but there's no footage or even discussion because of that NDA. It also means that the only feedback they're listening to are all the jackasses who paid $100 to get access.
>>15944 They used to post on h8chan? I remember some threads about RoN on /vg/ but don't remember a dev posting there. A marketing guy at best
>>15947 He was posting some of the assets seen in the trailer. I'm not sure what his role was, probably a programmer or some sort of designer. This was back in 2017 I think.
>>15961 >reddit
>>15961 Forgot one. The last two are for Athena Sword, which isn't necessary. If you do want it, you have to go into your Support menu within Raven Shield and change English_UK to English_US. Then you can apply the 1.6 patch, the NoCD patch, and the multiplayer patch. https://anonfile.com/VbIay0Xan9/Reddit6gabenshield4_rar https://www.moddb.com/games/tom-clancys-rainbow-six-3-raven-shield/downloads/raven-shield-16-us https://files.catbox.moe/ry5qja.zip http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=91 >>15963 I didn't name it. This is from the share thread.
Open file (190.91 KB 1386x841 Swat4X victory.jpg)
Open file (93.14 KB 1266x868 Swat4X theband.jpg)
>>15910 Great games. Server closed for the night.
When are we making a Right Wing Death Squad mod?
>>15961 >>15965 Nice. Thanks for the links. For maximum syncing speed everyone should be on the same build of the game. is there a reason you say athena sword isnt necessary? is installing it going to make us incompatible online?
>>15961 >>15965 >1hr+ per 700mb download well, mine will finish in about an hour if you're around for testing.
I think I'm going to make a new thread where the information is more centralized. >>16035 Athena Sword is an expansion pack. It's not necessary for multiplayer or gamenight, but I believe it adds weapons and maps. For a gamenight, the base game should be more than enough. I've had issues with installing Athena Sword, so if this issue is consistent, I'll see to it that a different version is out there. >>16221 I did confirm that hosting works, though I can't host forever.
>>16231 >can't host forever. What does this mean.
Open file (45.19 KB 640x619 1555334818.jpg)
>>15996 >missed server by 10 minutes i fucking hate americans and their stupid ass timezones
>>16272 I'm European too. Host me anon!
Eurocucks can't even host or they will violate the DSGVO and get slammed lel
>>16272 >>16278 Want to play right now?
>>16285 Sure let's go!
>>16286 Ok. Server is open. Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
did you die?
Open file (432.17 KB 1280x720 noscoped.webm)
>>16297 yes as a matter of fact i did die, several times actually brt
Open file (90.06 KB 493x466 Athena Sword Setup.png)
Open file (65.20 KB 654x203 InstallShield Wizard.png)
what am i doing wrong what should i be doing in what order.
>>16300 wakarimasen lol i have a legit copy
>>16300 This was my concern. You have to change English_UK to English_US in Support in your RVS directory. I suspect it to be corrupted, so if there are other issues with installing Athena Sword using the disk images, there will be a different version coming soon. Refer to the new thread.
Are we going to play tonight?
>>16480 i can bring up the server in a few minutes. sit tight.
Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (1.31 MB 844x707 Swat4X weed.png)
>>16503 DUDE
Open file (247.33 KB 1023x893 Swat4X red library rmx.jpg)
I accidentally picked mp4 instead of webm and they got too large for julay so heres a yt link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k64sc57z-gw&list=PLcMIOIC-jgYg0GLK3OrlJOfP7441nOO4D&index=18&t=0s Also apparently the AI gets confused when you move to much and/or are too close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXjJVIAwR4o&list=PLcMIOIC-jgYg0GLK3OrlJOfP7441nOO4D&index=17&t=0s
Open file (247.33 KB 1023x893 Swat4X red library hc.jpg)
GGs last night. The hardcore maps are fun, but we need more people to finish those RMX maps without turning into a kill squad. I wish we could find more hardcore maps but i believe the mappack we have is pretty complete. I know one anon was working on making maps for this game but i think he died.
Anyone up for some games tonight?
>>16990 I can play briefly. It has to be soon.
>>16994 oh, ok. i can bring it up if just for a moment. give me a few minutes to make the (((preperations))) if you get my "drift"
Open file (1.24 MB 423x231 1389641792046.gif)
Server is open Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (165.06 KB 852x754 Swat4X wedges.jpg)
Open file (111.36 KB 740x592 Swat4X stopping power.jpg)
Open file (115.31 KB 722x699 Swat4X missingciv rmx.jpg)
Open file (166.54 KB 1420x905 Swat4X hardcore.jpg)
Open file (79.20 KB 1215x736 Swat4X manddown hc.jpg)
Open file (108.33 KB 599x715 Swat4X foodwall rmx.jpg)
Open file (217.39 KB 1066x997 Swat4X comfy.jpg)
Open file (104.30 KB 727x920 Swat4X bandrmx.jpg)
>>16998 >>17032 Server closed for the night
>>17032 >>17033 stop posting boring images and post some webms , fag
Open file (56.30 KB 464x618 1449017529965-2.jpg)
>>17063 but yu kno who isnt there to be the filmographer so we're stuck with this. also, i dont feel comfortable recording footage or names of people or their dealings. also this is an imageboard, not vine or tick tock or whatever.
>>17157 Anyone up for some vidya tonight? or is there a gamenight im not aware of?
>>17448 I would be up for playing.
>>17453 alright. i was planning on putting it up in an hour or so. i dont think many would be on at the moment. i mean, i could put it up now but i wouldnt be able to join so there wouldnt be much of a point.
>>17454 Fuck, did i miss it?
>>17465 nope. give me a few minutes and it'll be up.
Open file (177.61 KB 884x769 1455290849156-1.png)
Open file (1.98 MB 370x281 mosin home defense.gif)
SERVER IS OPEN Servername: FuncoLand Password: letitsnow
Open file (1.53 MB 3507x4960 mikupolice.jpg)
>>17467 Server now open Server open now Now server open again
>>17540 Server closed tonight. GGs. will likely be on tomorrow night.

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