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Upcoming Games Thread Anonymous 02/07/2020 (Fri) 05:28:02 No.14476
What videogames are you looking forward to /v/? Here's a few of mine: >Bannerlord >Serious Sam 4 >Total War Warhammer 3 >Ready or Not >System Shock Remake >Elden Ring >Out of Hell >Gates of Hell >New Streum On title >Platinum PC ports >83 >IGI 3 >Gaylo 1 and 3 PC ports for the modding content >Angels Fall First >Dragons Dogma 2 >Dying Light 2 >Dead Matter >Hell Let Loose >Squad How about you? Ready to see Age of Empires and S.T.A.L.K.E.R get raped?
Bannerlord and WaWa3 are what I'm most looking forward too, but I don't think we're getting the latter this year- probably in 2021
Fucking nothing. Videogames are a festering corpse now. How many fucking times do we have to say it?
>Ready to see Age of Empires and S.T.A.L.K.E.R get raped? Age of Empires was already fondled, and stalker was dead so it's necrophilia at this point. >>14480 Go back to wherever you came from nigger
>>14476 I am mildly interested in seeing how Cyberpunk turns out. I don’t think it’ll be good, but I do think it will have interesting mechanics worth exploring in the future. You have a lot of stuff I’m looking forward to, but: >IGI 3 now that’s something interesting.
This is the third upcoming games thread. PDF thread died because of this. OP, you better take responsibility.
>>14483 There are PDF video games?
Bannerlord maybe, wasn't a huge fan of Warband but maybe it will be different this time around. W101 PC port Daemon X Machina PC Port Ori 2 Cuphead DLC Hollow Knight Silksong Bayo 3 Elden Ring DMC5SE? DLC? DMC6? Dragon's Dogma 2? Serious Sam 4 Nioh 2 Ready or Not Bayonetta 3 Breath of the Wild sequel Cyberpunk 2077
>>14476 >imagine playing modern cancer >>14481 fuck off back to cuckhan
>>14477 >Another year without WaWa 3 I don't know, I feel like they're announcing it this summer, I mean it's been 3 years already. >>14481 It's not rape if they're dead I guess >>14483 There isn't a single thread about it on the catalog though >>14503 >Oh no, people are playing videogames I know nothing about >Don't they understanf that only older games are good? Deal with it
I don't know any of those games, but I bet Serious Sam 4 would not be pozzed at least. Could you post some screenshots or vids of these games? If there is a nigger spic chink or kike in it though, please spare me.
Open file (343.53 KB 600x400 1544279090.png)
Open file (144.56 KB 201x540 Dancing_Denzell_SS2.jpg)
>>14509 Bad news, buddy.
>>14476 Gaming is long ded
>>14476 I have an inverse backlog where I don't look forward to playing games nor have a pile of unplayed games that were already bought, but have a list of already released games that I would like to play after I'm finished with my current library.
Earthworm Jim Streets of Rage 4 Sports Story Night Stalker The completion of samsho7 The inevitable Valkyria Chronicles 5 >>14480 >>14503 >>>/vr/
>>14476 >Ready or Not Have they released actual gameplay footage yet? Not overly scripted E3-tier stuff or pre-alpha footage of shooting walls but actual gameplay? I stopped following.
Open file (157.19 KB 1280x720 Terran Command.jpg)
>>14476 Forgot about pic related >>14549 Not yet, thought a closed alpha under NDA is underway and has been underway since August last year and the release is Q4 of this year after a closed beta this June so we should see something this summer.
>>14556 >NDA That's never a good sign.
>>14504 >its been three years already Fuck me, maybe we will get Wawa3 this year >>14518 >VC5 I hope they expand what kind of vehicles you can bring, everyone loves a tank but I want to fuck around with a tank destroyer or an SPG
Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I loved the first game and I'm hoping the sequel will be more of the same. Superb atmosphere, and great gameplay. I'm generally not that into platformers but they really did a great job on it. That's about it honestly. I kinda feel like there's not a whole lot of games these days that I really find exciting. I don't know if the spark is just gone or if the industry's actually gotten worse or if it's just what happens as you get old. But somehow that magic and engagement feels like it's not there anymore.
Waiting for Camelot Unchained to save MMOs.
Brigador Killers should be pretty good, .mp3 related is a sample of the OST. The first game has plenty of fun vehicle/weapon combinations and some satisfying environment destruction.
>>14670 I should really try the first game one of these days Check out Intrusion 2 if you want to try out an uncommon platform shooter. >>14676 Shill it for me, what's so special about it? >>15741 Another game I need to try out along with Underail Been playing mostly older stuff nowadays though.
>>14670 Isn't that Ori sequel going to be a windows 10 exclusive?
I don't know what timeframe you would classify as upcomming, but SMTV is on my mind. I don't think it'll come out until the middle of this decade, hopefully Atlus can still deliver they wont. IKinda hoping it gets a PS4 or PC version sometime, shouldn't be too hard considering its in UE4.
>>15928 >Atlus >PC The US branch is entirely populated by ResetEra Soyny cum guzzling faggots, no fucking chance even with the Catherine port which looked more like an ad for the shitty Full Body rerelease.
>>15905 >Shill it for me, what's so special about it? I was half joking, but it's meant to be the successor to Dark Age of Camelot, focusing primarily on a PVP war between 3 realms. They're building a custom engine that supports fights with hundreds/thousands of players at once, there's a building mechanic that lets people build houses/castles and destroy them with siege weapons, all equipment is made to eventually break down in order to promote a crafting scene, there's some system where NPCs become less relevant depending on how many players the server has, and I think it's supposed to be possible to make farms to get resources. It's been suspiciously long since they started development though, compared to what they have to show for it. 7 years later they haven't shown anything in terms of what the actual game world will be, nor crafting, or anything besides shooting at things in a limited castle siege map. They've had open betas for kikestarter backers but they're in said siege maps, not the actual game world.
Open file (78.79 KB 992x411 D8zWorDUcAA9y2h.jpg)
Can't wait for this
Doom Eternal and maybe Animal Crossing
Mild interest in the upcoming Doom since the last one was fun
>>16167 >>16177 It's good to know reddit infests this place
Open file (1.98 MB 500x400 1500172571071.gif)
>>16167 >Animal Crossing I expect that playing this in German will be comfy as fuck. The dialogue will be basic enough to learn from and applicable to conversations you'd actually have in real life, lots of everyday items, and you can play it in short bursts without sinking your life into it. I already got burned on the Witcher language pack for German not working though and its horrible bugs, so I'm hesitant. Plus I will be pissed if they make all of the villagers niggers or something. Seems like they are doing that to every game now. As a side note I noticed that in a good number of German versions of games you can't name your character Hitler or Goebbels. >>16165 Do you know what will be different than the Saturn version? I'm not going to buy it but If they make a demo I'll play that to see the cool graphics. The color and lighting are really nice from the screenshot and the Saturn version was beautiful, even if I didn't get absorbed into the gameplay enough to play it past a few levels.
>>16186 >can't name your character Hitler or Goebbels Well shit, what are you supposed to name your character then?
>>16179 I bet they haven't even played either Ultimate Doom or Doom II
>>16191 Jamal and Muahmmed
>>16196 Speaking of which how are the Playstation and N64 versions of Doom? Are either one of them good and a pretty different experience to the original I and II?
>>16200 You can try Doom N64 through Doom 64 EX, a standalone game. It's pretty neat but I did not particularly like the new direction 64 had for Doom, where it was more horror than action. https://mega.nz/#F!IaoBUJxD!TeoBdS_B_ksKaJscfc-NPg!kLJEDBgI
Nioh 2 Prodeus Elden Ring No More Heroes III Destroy All Humans Deadly Premonition 2 The King of Fighters XV Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
Everything new is SHIT I look forward to playing X-Multiply after I'm done with R-Type
Open file (29.74 KB 320x200 DOOM19.png)
>>16246 Another option is this Doom64 TC for vanilla Doom II: https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/Doom-64-for-Doom-2 I took screenshot in Chocolate Doom (which is how I like to play 99% of the time). Anyway there are so many good wads for the old Doom engine that it's not necessary to play their recent games. Basically you'll never run out of wads to play, especially if you throw PrBoom, Odamex, and other ports into the mix. But even with just Chocolate Doom I'll never play all those plain vanilla engine wads... Oh, and there was also a Doom 4 TC for vanilla Doom II, but although it's technically impressive what they pulled off, I just don't like it as much. Well try it out and see for yourself: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/108725-doom-4-vanilla-v258/
Open file (25.36 KB 320x200 DOOM17.png)
>>16306 While on the subject of console Doom -> vanilla conversions, there's also this nifty Jaguar Doom TC from nearly a decade ago: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/56918-jaguar-doom-conversion/ The Jaguar version of Doom was the basis for a number of other console ports, so it's an interesting historical curiosity. Plus some of the maps are different from the DOS version (pic is E3M1) so it's worth playing through once just for kicks. See here for details: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Atari_Jaguar
>>16306 While you're on the subject of Doom 4 TCs, is the doom 4 TC for Quake(Slayer's Testament) any good?
>>16200 Doom 64 is a completely different campaign and has different graphics and I prefer it to 1 or 2 personally
Open file (13.05 KB 320x200 the-catacomb-abyss_7.gif)
>>16308 No idea. I haven't played Quake in a really long time tbh. And actually I've been going in the opposite direction, and looking to start some Wolf3D (which has its own set of mods) and Catacomb 3D, since there's ports for those.
>>16308 I might have to look into that. The Doom TC scene is so active that I have to wonder if there aren't some good modern Quake TCs out there.
>>16317 The most modern Quake mod I can think of is Quake 1.5(besides Slayer's Testament) and that was pretty cool. Added a kick and all.
>>16200 >>16306 PSX version of Dook has a full on rendition of the Strip section of Red Light District and it's my favorite track of any Dook game. >>16309 It's good, but not on OG Doom tier Better than 2 I suppose
>>16179 >You're interested in (game I don't like)? You must be a redditor

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