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Open file (483.30 KB 1568x2352 on the corner.jpg)
Open file (336.45 KB 744x988 ass lions.jpg)
Open file (168.60 KB 677x575 pajeet.png)
Open file (155.72 KB 694x567 bryna.png)
Open file (133.23 KB 681x433 n.png)
ME3 and ME:Andromeda designer teaming up with Bethesda artfag for shit vidya about niggers Anonymous 02/12/2020 (Wed) 21:22:11 No.15604
That's right, we're getting the quality of Bioware and Bethesda in one game, with TV shows and movie adaptions already planned. Are you ready for diversity? >The original name for Manveer Heir's new game studio that focused on stories of people of color was Big Mouth Games. >But it turned out Netflix was already using the name "Big Mouth" for its animated puberty comedy. So Heir called the studio BrAss Lion Entertainment, and brought on co-founders Rashad Redic and Bryna Dabby Smith. The studio has an explicit focus on telling authentic underrepresented stories not just relating to race, but age, religion, sexuality, Heir said. It aims not to be another small indie outfit, but a mainstream, mid-level, million-copies-sold kind of game developer. "I don't have enough time on this earth to wait for 2,000, 5,000 copies [sold] to shift things," said Heir. >The first game from Brass Lion is Corner Wolves -- an action-RPG set in mid-90s Harlem, in the thick of the government's war on drugs. The plot weaves hip hop, dealers and police, inspired by films like Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, said Heir. Producer Just Blaze is signed on for the soundtrack, while Heir wants to include landmarks of the neighborhood, like Marcus Garvey Park and the Apollo Theater. >The protagonist of the game is a young Afro-Latina woman whose father is murdered. Neither Heir nor writer Evan Narcisse is Afro-Latina. So the plan is to workshop their writing with this demographic -- what bachata tracks would play in the streets, what posters would appear on a New York bedroom wall in that era in. Heir says they will look to real historical events in New York and Latinx history to weave into the narrative. >In Corner Wolves, the idea will be to use RPG mechanics to simulate systems of oppression in interesting ways. >"I'm a systems and gameplay designer, right? So I think about the world in systems," said Heir. "The racism I care about changing is systemic." >For example, perhaps depending on your name, hairstyle or skin tone, people will talk to you differently. Perhaps you need money and can either work a boring, Shenmue-esque job for minimum wage in a racist environment, or choose to make 10 times the amount running drugs for people that you feel respect you more. >The trick is that in games you have "complicity through interaction," Heir said. You have to own your actions in the world in a way that even watching a show like The Wire -- which itself excelled at humanizing its subjects and fleshing out the systems that led them to make damaging decisions -- does not do. >The Corner Wolves game will be in development for years, but a narrative podcast introducing the characters and setting is due to launch this year on Luminary. Heir said he has ideas for comics, TV and film that could revolve around the Corner Wolves franchise, even while the game is its keystone. >"My goal is that an Activision, an EA, have to build units that compete with me, because [now they] need a minority-focused studio," said Heir. "And hopefully I'll still beat them afterwards because they won't know how to do it right, and I will." https://web.archive.org/web/20200212192845/https://www.engadget.com/2020/02/12/brass-lion-entertainment-corner-wolves-interview/?guccounter=1 https://archive.is/mjUm3
>>15604 >minority-focused studio So they are allowed to discriminate, but we can't.
Open file (61.45 KB 460x570 nigger hammock.jpg)
>you can either work minimum wage or be a drug dealer Finally, someone who understands the lived experiences of ropefruit.
>>15619 Yes. The postmodern/Alinsky wannabe mindset is obsessed with power and believes rules are simply a social construct, a tool to impose your authority over those who believe in them. It doesn't matter whether you actually follow your rules or not, but you're free to beat everyone else with them.
Who cares
Open file (164.57 KB 1200x675 simage.jpg)
>>15632 >Curry Thunder Nobody calls him that, I'd bet my life on it.
>>15632 >wah wah white powah They never seem to realize. These computers, the screens, that internet, electricity, all that stuff and much more. WHITE TECH. The day we wake up, they'll be sent back to the stone age they should have never been lifted from. He'll go back to shitting in the streets with his cousins. >>15644 He'd sperg about it. It's like nigga is only allowed between niggas or, at least, coming from niggas.
This is the most expired pineapple I've ever seen.
Open file (942.88 KB 1000x1414 879445651123123132.png)
>>15604 >Latinx history to weave into the narrative. I just want to play as a nun that secretly goes to the lucha libre to wrestle and win enough shekels to keep her orphanage running Odds are they will just make a shit walking simulator about some gay faggots that hate baby Jesus. t. beaner >For example, perhaps depending on your name, hairstyle or skin tone, people will talk to you differently I bet they havent played any games that actually implemented that already.
Open file (754.67 KB 871x1365 the longing.png)
>>15655 >I just want to play as a nun that secretly goes to the lucha libre to wrestle and win enough shekels to keep her orphanage running I didn't ask for those feels, senor dubsman
>>15655 That sounds like it'd be fun as hell. Come to think of it, how come there aren't any luchador games? Seems like the perfect setting to combine WWE games with a fightan game.
>>15654 Fixed. >>15658 Because Mexico does not make games.
>>15662 >Video games developed in Mexico <Kerbal Space Program https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/ksp.html Suddenly, everything makes sense.
Do niggers not feel patronized by this kind of shit, or does that require sapience?
>>15662 >>15668 If mootxico doesnt make games then why dont we make it? >>15670 Who cares what niggers think?
>>15671 <we There were already anons from 8chan's /agdg/ threads, which made games. ShinobuDev (now VivaDev) with his Shinobu Project (now Viva Project) is a good example. Here's his YouTube channel: https://invidio.us/channel/UCnYOEwMXX5kokjUr3YY4OZQ
>>15673 Thats 8glow though, not julay, we need more julaydevs.
>>15670 They're too busy watching Dragon Ball to care. >>15671 Because the only imageboard games that work out are either solo projects or made by close friends. I don't know what goes into wrestling games either but if fightan games are anything like them, it's a lot of work and we'd be better off making the M.U.G.E.N. of luchador games so random anons can submit fighters without getting involved in identityfag devteam shit.
>>15677 Wrestling games are cool, they are totally different from fightan games, check some gameplay from the old WWE vs RAW games, they're pretty good. >submit fighters without getting involved in identityfag devteam shit. Thats why you just include create a wrestler so jesus and ronald mcdonald can tag team against hitler and captain kirk
Will it have mod support? If so I'm already hopeful for Moonman alternate start.
>>15681 Given that it's being developed by subhumans, it's probably going to be made in Unity, so probably not.
>>15681 >current year >mod support cant sell DLC if you can just mod everything in goy
3 years and they're out of the business
Open file (298.51 KB 400x442 1.png)
Open file (203.04 KB 262x439 2.png)
Open file (1.46 MB 1856x2471 3.jpg)
Open file (263.58 KB 332x393 4.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 891x664 5.png)
>>15680 Thanks anon, I'll look into them. >>15681 Why would they let racists mod their game? >>15686 I doubt they'll even finish this one.
Open file (436.27 KB 1200x1810 77636651_p0.jpg)
>>15655 More combat nuns in general would be nice. But that does sound like a fun idea for games. >>15670 I don't think being "patronized" is the problem here. I don't expect anything of quality to come out of it. Look at the movie Don't Be A Menace In South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. It makes fun of everyone and pulls off the comedy very well. Same with games like Def Jam or GTA: SA. Something like this will just be anti-white/establishment, put minorities on a pedestal while making it seem like they can't do anything wrong, and either tread the line of being too safe to care about or blatant propaganda to weaponize minorities. It will offer nothing interesting plot wise and gameplay wise; It's Bioware and Bethesda. They have no talent left which is why they make woke garbage. Not only is it all they can think of, but it's the only hope they have of gathering an audience of any sort to put up with their poor skills. >>15680 Don't forget the Ultimate Muscle game for the PS2. It's a mix between a wrestling and fighting game.
Open file (180.45 KB 900x652 911.jpg)
>>15700 Keep going.
Open file (819.64 KB 245x200 x9PTKiP.gif)
>>15604 >Woke devs create woke studio to create woke games with a wahmon in charge and soyboys who orbit her. It's never about creating a good game anymore is it with these people? It's always about inputting that diversity before anything else. You games will be released and duly ignored by me for the pieces of trash that they are.
>>15654 >>15662 >>15677 >>15691 >>15700 Holy fuck, it's Yakub
Open file (362.41 KB 607x440 SAS.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 300x15000 forehead.jpg)
>>15704 Sure.
Open file (31.07 KB 480x360 56464542317984651.jpg)
Open file (46.33 KB 321x596 Pupa.gif)
>>15662 >Rage of the Dragons >Figting SNK game >Attractio >FPS puzzle game Looks ok >Elliot Quest >pixelshit Looks like shit The only wetback vidya I remember playing and having fun was Zeno Clash 1&2 Have not finished Abyss Odyssey though because I havent git gud
>>15705 it gave them their entire careers. they're pretty invested.
Open file (9.47 KB 396x636 bethesda_nigger.png)
>>15662 >>15724 >One of the only spic videojuegos is SNK fightan
>>15724 >Zeno Clash My nigger >>15732 Breddy gud.
>>15604 >action-RPG set in mid-90s Harlem >Neither Heir nor writer Evan Narcisse is Afro-Latina >Latinx >workshop their writing with this demographic >depending on your name, hairstyle or skin tone, people will talk to you differently (what a revolutionary feature, nobody's done that before) >narrative podcast introducing the characters This is peak soy. I think I'm going to vomit.
>>15740 This game isn't targeted at minorities like you
>>15604 who gives a flying fuck? no, really?
>Manveer Heir What the fuck does that nigger think he's doing? As if anyone would touch a game he's worked on after all of the crap he's been spouting.
>>15740 welcome to current year
>>15658 You can try Guacamelee but whenever it drops the lucha and land of the dead themes the game goes to utter shit, because the writing incorporates a hefty amount of memes and pop culture. It's kind of worse in the second game where they decide to double down just to spite anyone who complained about it.
>>15735 >>15732 >>15721 Reminds me of Aaron Lawsons Bruceposting
>>15761 You will sage and post the same question over and over again for the duration of the thread.
Open file (131.15 KB 1524x1334 forever.jpg)
Bing bing wahoo
>>15920 This April when the Decennial American Census is out to the public it will be muttposting galore. I'll be laughing at the top of my lungs as I watch that shithole burn from the inside.
>>15929 >wanting more cuckchan posts just to spite amerimutts US won't collapse for another 4 years at the earliest.
>>15969 But posting the current iteration of "u mad" will btfo people online and make me feel good while everything goes to shit around me!
>>15975 >>15969 Stay mad and non white Ameriniglets
>>15969 The only way the US collapses is if taxes for corporations skyrocket causing them to all leave for other countries effectively destroying the economy.
>>15991 That already happened. Most big corporations are "international" and don't give a fuck about any of the countries they happen to have offices in. And they're not out to fuck the US in particular, they're out to fuck *everyone* in the whole wide world who's not in their elite club. And the economy already fell apart a decade ago and never recovered. It only looks like it did because it's all propped-up with trillions of funny money and lies. Bot the OWS protests a decade ago, and the more recent Gilets Jaunes protests were taken down hard, because they actually represented a real threat against the system. But the more they crack down, the weirder it gets.
>>15994 >the economy already fell apart a decade ago and never recovered I'm amazed people still recall the bailout of 08. Not a peep from burgers. Civil war 2 never ever ever.
>>15992 Everything's moving online or being further consolidated. Only boomers think stores closing reflects the economy. >>15994 >That already happened. Most big corporations are "international" and don't give a fuck about any of the countries they happen to have offices in. And they're not out to fuck the US in particular, they're out to fuck *everyone* in the whole wide world who's not in their elite club. I implied this. The only reason they stay in the US is because of low taxes. If taxes in the US goes up. They leave. Economy dies. >And the economy already fell apart a decade ago and never recovered. It only looks like it did because it's all propped-up with trillions of funny money and lies. The economy is fine it's just that the majority of the money was taken from individuals and given to corporations, investors, etc. It's just more consolidation. >Bot the OWS protests a decade ago, and the more recent Gilets Jaunes protests were taken down hard, because they actually represented a real threat against the system. But the more they crack down, the weirder it gets. I couldn't really comment on what's going on in Europe. It seems every year or two there's some gigantic protest by either the farmers, the firefighters or something else. The only time the US has protests like that is when a minority gets killed while robbing a store or a bunch of liberal arts students get their panties in a twist about something. Pensions and the like have been slash multiple times in the US, but you never got anything like what France is experiencing. The US population is way too thoroughly brainwashed, and when the average joe in the US gets shafted nobody cares. In decade or two and all the Computer Science liberal dumbasses will get shafted to and nothing will come of it.
>>16001 US citizens are way too heavily brainwashed to do anything. I don't know what it is, but it just seems like their spirit is completely dead. The only people with any life in them are the college kids crying about shit the funny news man told them about, but they to will have their soul absolutely crushed once they pick up the 9-5.
Open file (867.79 KB 1568x2146 SJW occupy.jpg)
>>16001 It's hard for us to forget because it's where SJWs came from. Well they actually came from universities, but this is where and when the pandora's box was opened. And it's been non-stop clownworld since then. >>16004 It's not as simple as just kicking out corporations that don't pay enough taxes. What their next move will be is to claim that Trump (or whoever) is now forcing jobs overseas, and the MSM will chime in and amplify it further. And the banks will play their part also, like reposessing houses from people that no longer have those jobs, or things like that.
>>15994 >Most big corporations are "international" and don't give a fuck about any of the countries they happen to have offices in Which makes it hilarious that there are genuinely people who think the "big capital" supports nationalism. I almost wish I too could mentally live in the 19th century.
>>16004 >online or consolidated Ever heard of tariffs, and some dumb politician? >economy is fine State stooge, the entire economy is a hoax by a private company. There's not a single gram of gold or assets the USA hasn't already consolidated off. The USA has been dead for decades. >>16010 There's several ways to fix the USA, but so long as there's corrupt plutocrats, it will never be absolved. There's even a way to properly penalize companies if they disobey rulings. But JewSA won't do shit.
>>16024 >BR shitter posts here as well Fuckoff already Luciano
Open file (337.83 KB 820x615 serveimage.png)
Open file (60.33 KB 460x215 serveimage (1).jpg)
>>15662 I find it funny that the most mexican games in recent memory were made by leafs severed was kinda fun on the 3ds but you could tell it was really a phone game
>>16024 Even pirating and playing their games helps them
>>16012 >The economy is fine it's just all the wealth is being consolidated to the corporations and investors <The economy is not fine because all the wealth has been consolidated to corporations and investors <Despite the fact it shows no sign of stopping just more wealth being siphoned to the elites. Ok, boomer.
>>16064 I hope you're not confusing green paper and numbers in a computer as real capital like staples, petrol, gas, and gold. You'd read incredibly retarded right now with your projection.
>>16086 Blufluhf bummer k lol ownd
>>16042 >Canada is so void of culture that doesn't hate Canada itself, like Quebecois, that they proceed to make Mexican games >Which end up corrupting and distorting its meanings and forms The eternal leaf will find the rake one day.
>>16086 Newfags blame everything on their ancestors for not finding a job after studying folkloric dance and african percussion history
Open file (87.52 KB 736x1055 Marshall_McLuhan.jpg)
>>16114 Everyone says Canada has no identity, but then why are leafposters so distinct and memorable? An Aussie will call you a cunt while a Leaf will find some bizarre, almost schizophrenic take on whatever you said and accidentally derail the thread. Almost everything distinct we do and make, good or bad, follows this pattern. Even when our government and media try forcing bland internationalist culture and globalist ideas upon us it somehow achieves this very recognizable flavour of batshit. We are run by people so incompetent that their attempts at making us look like a normal leftist country backfire.
>>16120 >why are leafposters so distinct and memorable? Unique brand of chink cuckoldry found nowhere else on earth, canucks are the opposites of australians and are worst british colony, worse than poo in loo pajeets.
>>16124 Corona-chan will be their karma for ceding their entire western territory to chinks and visiting all those massage parlours over the years. we're next
>>16086 >>16113 >>16115 Do you think the people I mentioned having all the wealth give a fuck or damn about computer money? The computer money is for the wageslaves. The investors and corporations who control the economy are not in short supply of physical capital at all and they can move it wherever they want. This is why I keep saying "Raise taxes on corporations and investors and the economy dies", because they will pull their shit out and go to whatever country suits their needs best. I said "Ok, boomer" because you fail to see the way the economy functions has changed. I don't understand how you can realize the money we have is fake monopoly money, but too retarded to understand that all the real capital is controlled by private interest. The economy is healthy because it serves them NOT you or anyone else and they can keep it afloat as long as they decide to keep their capital invested in the USA. The USA wont crash unless something pisses off the private interest and they pull all their capital out. It wont die anytime soon.

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