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Open file (233.53 KB 960x892 1517074709200.jpg)
Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 17:24:04 ID: 95f7cf No.1762
Why has 2019 been so horribly bad for gaming? I'm seriously considering buying a Switch because there's zero new / good games coming to PC, hell there's zero good gaming coming period. What happened to get into the state we're in right now? Everything wants to waste your time and money.

> inb4 someone agrees with me but provides a game that I don't like]
> inb4 I go on a rant insulting that person

If this continues, 2020 might be the year I finally quit. I took 6 months off of playing any vidya, and then got trapped into playing Path of Bugmen for a week. Now I'm trying to find a game to play like those 6 months never happened.
>Why has 2019 been so horribly bad for gaming?
Were you living under a rock? Gayming has been dead for years.
>I'm seriously considering buying a Switch
I guess I can't call you a complete faggot until you actually bought it but do keep us informed so I might in such a case.
Open file (73.75 KB 600x600 1565209859002.jpg)
Certain open-source projects are really the only thing I'm keeping tabs on nowadays, and a lot of those are moving at a snail's pace.

Other than PC games, I plan on building a MiSTer sometime within the next couple of years for when I feel like playing console stuff. I might even sell my flash carts at some point.
List game genres you like. I wouldn't be surprised if there are worthwhile indies no one has heard of because games media is a shitshow and we're more dependent on it to inform us of what games are out there than we'd like to admit.
MMOs lol
The biggest problem is that the Indie MMO is unsustainable and simply doesn't exist. The closest you get is the private server community who lives off of long dead games which take away the main reason I like to play them (the living world).
Open file (890.44 KB 260x269 wat.gif)
>I'm seriously considering buying a Switch
>for MMOs
Open file (6.75 KB 300x168 6.jpg)
>he relies on MSM to tell him about games
you have to go back
No, the closest you get to indie MMOs is generally MUDs (the predecessor to MMOs) or persistent world servers on Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2. That said there are a shitton of smaller MMOs out there, especially Korean ones.

None of this explains why you're considering buying a Switch though.

I don't. At least, not directly. But I feel like most of the sources for people being aware of games is probably either ads or someone down the line having heard of it on regular games media sites. Not a whole lot of people scoping out indies.
If you're talking about normalfags then yes, otherwise nobody here is using MSM as their hot vidya source.
That being said, indie games are soy garbage anyway.
In other words, not a lot of people following indies. I'm aware of the "indies" as in the low effort hipster trash that IGF cliques succeed in getting promoted through SJW outlets, but the actual indies that are properly decent but don't get time of day from sites or have the budget to advertise are a lot harder to find. You kinda have to go digging for those.
>Unironically posting this ogre
This board is lost already.
Gookclickers are shit though, so they're not much help to anon unless he is also a gook.
So go digging. It's not like you don't have enough free time if you have enough to think about filling it with vidya.
Why would it help him even if he was Korean?
Because gooks have shit taste and honestly seem to like gookclick MMOs.
I thought they literally couldn't play anything else.
You sure those even exist?
Koreans can't even play past a curfew if they're underage. Worst Korea is late stage feminism where you literally need an ID to play video games because women like a nanny state.
Open file (60.24 KB 481x609 TYxf8DZ.png)
Just play eye divine cybermancy
Go through some of the games you wanted to play but never got a chance because you didnt have the right system or PC graphics capability. Or play through the treasure trove of emulated games that exist. Or go to itch.io and download some games youve never heard of. The world is your oyster.
Have you played LISA?
>Why has 2019 been so horribly bad for gaming?
>Everything wants to waste your time and money
Maybe you should stop playing AAA games. Give Noita a whirl, it's new and it's good.
What's Noita?
before you buy a wahoo machine consider buying one that can be hacked so you can overclock it and actually play games without dropping frames like a nigger unless it's a shit game like link's awakening, it's still kind of shit outside of the typical bing bing wahoo
Because every studio is working on next gen games that will be unveiled next year.
>2014 Game
>Why has 2019 been so horribly bad for gaming?
a "witch" but also a roguelike that's released on steme and GOG
It's the culture. Everyone in the culture is affected by the culture, and will create things based on that influence. It's why games from the 90s are so incredibly different. The people were different. Once you take this blackpill you really lose all hope for games, though, so I can understand people wanting to bury their head in the sand.
If you want an example of what I mean, look at what David Gaider of Bioware produced in the 90's and early 2000's, and then look at his later output. These are the same people, but their beliefs and what they can do creatively has completely changed. Now imagine someone who didn't even grow up in the 80's or 90's, someone who has only ever known the current culture.
Open file (31.60 KB 400x394 anime finger.jpg)
Stop looking for AAA games to satisfy you you stupid faggot.

>Buying a switch
Go ahead, try and buy your childhood back.
Open file (2.98 MB 500x500 601.gif)
Can't tell if OP is a gaGGer or baiting, but:
Excellent games this "generation"
Astral Chain
Octopath Traveler
Sonic Mania
Dragon Ball Fighter Z
Earth Defense Force Iron Rain
Code Vein
Contra: Rogue Corps
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered
Senran Kagura
New Gund Breaker
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Fate Estella
Rockman 11
You just have to look
<Doesn't know our beloved Anita is praised here
You can go back, there's no need to hurt yourself here.
>list all this reddit garbage tailor made for normalfags
Go back to cuckchan
>DB fighter Z
Care to cite the plebbit threads gaGGer?
Surprised to tell you, I have friends. Do you have any?
Open file (33.16 KB 363x400 2012.jpg)
wow, someone is pretty butthurt right now.
I'm seeing a lot of (1)s,
Care to stay on topic,
Or project?
this thread has just 30 replies you dumb faggot
If I'm so dumb, why can I produce games while OP blackpills himself?
Playing Atelier Ryza by any chance?
>Why has 2019 been so horribly bad for gaming?
>I'm seriously considering buying a Switch
>What happened to get into the state we're in right now?
Jews found out vidya was profitable and a medium to push their degenerate narrative.
>but provides a game that I don't like
>bitch about nothing good to play
>be a bitch about people telling you something they liked
Unjam the cock from your throat and quit playing AAA trash and maybe you'll find something you enjoy.
Have you heard of Starsector?

>certain open source projects
name them you absolute fagboat
>Code Vein
Did they step up after God Eater? I really couldn't get into any of the three God Eaters.
I'm sorry but I disagree. What little I've played felt like a very sub-par Ys Felghana/Origin and I couldn't bother going further.
Muh Nigger

Adding Overload to that list because it's easily the best of the retro FPS craze, by virtue of it being better than the thing it's supposed to be paying homage to.
>Excellent music
>Excellent level design with loads of neat secrets from weapon pickups to secret challenges/upgrades and a bunch of content(16 levels+2 level packs+ whatever maps you can download because it comes with a level editor)
>Difficulty is just right, no bullshit like getting hitscanned from across a room and losing a life in 3 seconds for it.
>Shitton of content
>Like Doom 4 it has a life leech melee attack, unlike doom 4 it's not scripted and relies on your afterburner boost so it's incredibly satisfying and risky to pull off
If any of you faggots liked Descent you should play Overload.
There's tons of decent AA and Japanese games still coming out, I don't understand these threads. Hacking a Switch and wading through all of the trash released on it still gives you enough shit to pirate to play for months by itself.
>I'm seriously considering buying a Switch

Dude no

>Path of Bugmen for a week. Now I'm trying to find a game to play like those 6 months never happened.

At least POE is the only decent game left in the arpg genre since diablo 2, rest is just 0 brain trash. There is quite literally nothing good but decade old stuff and some 0.1% newish releases.

>If this continues, 2020 might be the year I finally quit

Might as well do yourself the favor and quit right now dude, it's not the same it used to be. Gaming is just fucking dogshit in CY, ever since investors understood that entertainment form surpassed other forms like movies, all releases just turned into thoughtless low IQ sugar-water instant gratification bullshit, all the AAA titles suck and the retarded coomers who give them the money and keep eating that shit is to blame for it.

Like another anon said, if you want a good game you have to make it yourself, that's what it's turning into.

Pics related, DARPA & IARPA and other petty fags have made specific efforts and probably wasted millions just to make it an entertainment source for brainwashing consumer goyim since no one that's not a fucking retard consumes enough telavivision for them to keep alive their agitprop poz in their brains consciously and subconsciously. I'm sure it all but 90% to do with the media being garbage now.

Wouldn't surprise me tomorrow if a leak came out that (((they))) subsidize companies who inject their specific degen archetypes into it, because according to these psychos healthy and untainted media with decent archetypes and plots is a threat to normies, that's most likely why they are and need to keep degenerating it to fit their narrative, people wasting time on games wasn't enough, it's never enough for them gotta POZZ everything to shit.
Rogue likes are cancer. They're skinner boxes designed to waste your time not to entertain you.

>Why do modern vidya suck
You try making a good game when you have 20 studios doing it with 200 emloyees each and spread across the globe. They can only make genetic crap because anything more complex is too difficult to coordinate.
Have you actually gone back to a previous gen to see what there is to play? The vast majority of vidya is shit and always has been. At least we got RE2 Remake and DMC5 this year.
Exactly. Meme kids weren't even alive when the previous gens were active so they never experienced the six gorillion shitty sports games and licensed platformers that 80s and 90s consoles got. The only difference is that now even the "big" games are flaming turds.
DMC5 is trash. They somehow managed to make a game worse than a half finished one with recycled content and packaged it with microtransactions to boot.

RE2 is typical poorly designed crapcom modern RE. The only thing its missing is shitty melee combat and helicopter bosses.
new = bad
old = good
>Assuming that he's criticizing it just for being new
He's not completely wrong. Other than Dante, I can't say I really enjoyed playing DMC5 as much as older games. The new music wasn't that good or memorable (hell Dante's theme was so bad originally that they had to change it mid development due to fan backlash). The new characters were not all that interesting and even annoying (Nico for instance, which I still think both her and Morrison's "change" were to pander to a certain audience), while the old characters were made to look worse thanks to Capcom wanting to show off the facial motion cap. Nero felt like I was treading the same ground I went through in 4 (instead of a demon arm, I have a ROBOT ARM! Oh wait never mind I got my regular arm back with a devil trigger), and V was just a shit character overall. The DLC being items that should have been unlockable in-game through skill and accomplishment didn't help either (thankfully didn't pay for this). The later censorship in the game was unnecessary. For the PC version specifically, not only does it have denuvo, but it also has a policy that you can't download it on more than 5 PCs. The worst sin this game has is not allowing you to play as Vergil at all (which I also blame V for, since he's supposed to be his replacement due to being his human half), and I wouldn't be surprised if they release a special edition that allowed you to play as Vergil, but do the exact same thing as the other special editions and just have him go through the original game's levels with a small cutscene in the beginning/end. Capcom knows how popular the character is, but they still denied fans to be able to play as him despite already creating his moveset for him as the final boss. What bothers me more is how many anons were willing to forgive all of this when other games would've been trashed for having even half of these issues.

As for RE2 REmake (having not played it, but from research and observation), it suffers similar issues on the PC with it's DRM bullshit, while also using the facial mo-cap that makes everyone look ugly. Then again the same could be said for MH as well, since it too suffers from these issues (as well as being a more casualized version of a MH game).
If new games were of good quality, I would enjoy them.
But they are usually not. That's the problem.
>At least we got RE2 Remake
It's not RE, therefore it is sub-par
Eador: Genesis is a fucking good fantasy TBS. If you liked HoMM 3 you need to play it.
Not that anon, but that game looks rad and I didn't know it existed, thanks. What about the other Eadors?
Open file (732.76 KB 640x800 anitathighs.mp4)
Open file (4.38 MB 320x240 boobfrequency.webm)
I'd have to be pretty drunk but I'd do her. I'm telling you from experience though, tights are just as big a lie as push-up bras.
>I'm telling you from experience though, tights are just as big a lie as push-up bras.
Bigger. A push-up bra can't make a femboy look fuckable.
>I'm seriously considering buying a Switch
I am too (IF the new revisions become exploitable). I've gotten so much fucking mileage out of my hacked 3ds and psp (and still do).
Open file (6.29 KB 201x251 The_fonz_(1).jpg)
2019 did give us the Resident Evil 2 remake and I am cautiously optimistic for Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII remake next year.

The darkest hour is just before dawn
>2 decade old game demastered into a TPS
>FFVII retconned and remade as another genre
Bet you like pooping backwards
the problem with the switch is no games
This decade has been pretty shit for gaming. A steady downward decline since 2014 that gets steeper and steeper.
Open file (45.06 KB 171x174 ad lib.png)
>Final Fantasy VII remake
Hey, OP, at least you aren't confined to a shitty laptop because you feel too guilty about being a freeloading neet to set up your actual computer or a console. The only three real games that aren't text-based that I've played in the last year are Elona, Tales of Muh Egg, and Brutal Doom.
>because you feel too guilty about being a freeloading neet
This is some white guilt tier faggotry.
>I feel too bad about being Aryan that I just flood my nation with shitskins
The master race should never feel guilt over being superior to the wage slaves.
Spoken like a true jew
Open file (57.59 KB 1297x253 neets.JPG)
>feeling guilty for being a neet
In a world where tax dollars go to rapist immigrants and genital surgery for trans children, neet is the only moral option.
>Resident Evil 2 remake
utter dogshit
>Cyberpunk 2077
reddit is that way
>Final Fantasy VII
tumblr is that way

Sigh, I guess we'll be getting more rapefugess like this from now on.
Open file (564.90 KB 1920x1080 no_need_to_be_upset.jpg)
Renegade X
0 A.D.
OpenRA (despite the faggotry of the dev team)
The unofficial KKND OpenRA project
The Zod Engine
Open file (186.38 KB 445x438 confusion.png)
Okay I'll bite. What's wrong with the remake?
This entire board can be summed up with old game good new game bad.
8coom is more up your speed.
Please go there and never return. Thanks.
Post disregarded
I'm on to you faggot. Go back to reddit.
I wasn't a huge fan of it.
Most of the boss designs were a massive step down from the original in my opinion and the gameplay manages to be less fun and engaging than a game with tank controls and fixed cameras.
The gore on the zombies was great, but they take a retarded amount of bullets to go down and it feels like a chore to kill them, with any weapon not just the handgun.
I actually would have preferred the gameplay to have been closer to 4, but it just feels like the start of leon's campaign in 6 but without all the flashy QTE moves, limited supplies, and with bullet sponge enemies. The controls in 4 felt tight, this game feels loose in a way that I can't put my finger on exactly.
Charging money for the classic music was a slap in the face because the new soundtrack is garbage.
Open file (48.91 KB 462x439 240697.png)
So this is why I've been seeing it with such lack luster energy that lasts only a few posts and stops when it's completely ignored by everyone else.
this entire thread is a blackpilling experience that reminds me of Dead Flag Blues, fortunately I've been listenign to Jeddi
Open file (134.68 KB 364x336 1338010720862.png)
>Jonah Goldberg shilling le coomer meme
Chinese here. I swear I want to bury my face deep into Anita's butt and hold it there.
Last fun game I played was in 2010-11. It's been fucked for a while.
i remember /hgg/ not having that many devs shilling their games, or at least sticking to the development thread. hope it stays that way here
>mods ever caring about /r9k/
>>1762 >no new/good games Why do you have to play new games? There's more games/films/books than you could play/watch/read in your life time. Why would the next one new thing be better than 99.999999% of the old stuff? Walk into a store and play with a Switch if you're so serious about it.
Who cares? I guarantee that there are good games that aren't new and that you haven't played yet. Anything good now is few and far between. Don't even bother.
>>6339 Adding Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Battle for Wesnoth Open Mana World recently got fucked up by moving to a new world before maturity, anyone know of any other open source mmos?
>>1762 >Why has 2019 been so horribly bad for gaming? >I'm seriously considering buying a Switch 2019 and a few years preceding it have been so horribly bad for gaming because of you.
Open file (5.84 KB 242x208 images (1).png)
>>10909 So what games are you developing?
>>5350 Huh.... didn't know NetHack was filled with lootboxes. Care to explain when that happened?
>>10921 >sure I throw money at cancerous corporate juggernauts but you're not developing a game so it's your fault too! autism
>>11055 <Voting with a wallet is yielding bad games <I guess I won't do anything about it than complain someone else is supporting bad games coming out the market Autism.
>>11062 >I shell out my cash to cancer and then get mad at you for not doing that autism
>>11069 <I yell out to an anon what he should do with their money Autism.
>>1861 >Or play through the treasure trove of emulated games that exist. Is there a guide on what emulated games are worth playing? I've been playing nothing but retro games lately and I feel like I'm starting to run out, even though I probably haven't even scratched the surface yet.
>>11214 >I expect asspats for contributing directly to cancer autism
Open file (721.66 KB 1240x1754 GC4_dm02.jpg)
Dempagumi.inc has content out on the Switch for the GROOVECOASTER game. I have a lot of difficulty reading and understanding Japanese so it's my first time ever playing a rhythm game with some of my favorite non vocaloid artists, and I'm loving it! Was also interested to see an X Japan track in the drumming game, but I was underwhelmed with the game itself. Maybe I'm playing it wrong. I haven't really spent much time on it. Also excited for the Miku gamre coming in February. Importing the physical cartridge so I might be able to play it in the future if Switch services ever become unavailable. The Switch also has some Mystery Dungeon games and a fair number of rogue inspired games. And the Atelier games feel so comfy! Square Enix has also re-released or translated some of their lesser known titles from the SaGa and Mana series.
>>11246 <Video games and developing them are cancer Autism.
>the retarded slapfight ITT Let me get this straight, some anon admits to buying shitty products and then blames his contributing to a rotting industry on anons for not making video games? Why? What the fuck, just admit you like cancerous garbage, don't take your cucksumer rage out on people who are only trying to save you money.
>>11328 BO and I have been laughing about this for days: OP hasn't used this thread & board in months. Anti-capitalist autist keeps replying to obvious bait.
>>11331 >anti-capitalist What? That just adds more questions, neither one of them is arguing for or against capitalism. I'm missing something here.
Open file (87.14 KB 960x768 Factor_5_dev_costs2.jpg)
>>11331 >Anti-capitalist autist keeps replying to obvious bait. Anti-capitalist here, I don't believe I've ever responded to this thread and perusing through it I don't see any real clear arguments that capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is the problem though, the reason games were shit this year is the same reason they get worse every year: video games are experiencing a profitability crisis that will only continue to heighten over time. Developers and publishers need to invest into perpetually larger projects because the return on a given sum of money is always decreasing as technology and development techniques reduce the amount of human labor required to make games. And as you make those projects larger and larger, they become riskier and riskier leading to homogenization of gameplay, cinematic consumptive experiences, and looking for other ways to nickel-and-dime the players. Settle in, the problem is systemic and not likely to improve any time soon.
Open file (261.25 KB 360x247 gzeyhw1578943520.png)
>>11357 Did you ever considered subscription based development, pro bono, and now crypto mining as current capitalist solutions in today's anti fiat landscape?
>>11328 lel yea this is like shearing a pig a whole lot of blood and squealing that can avoided with one simple word: piracy until the vidya industry decides to stop trying to dry hump the movie industry, they get no shekels from me. simple as. now, i have serious doubts this will happen without a cataclysmic crash of the entire AAA industry. but seeing how quickly 2019 made even the normalfag bethesdrone turn on their beloved g_d howard, frankly, i dont know what to expect anymore >>5350 >You try making a good game when you have 20 studios doing it with 200 emloyees each and spread across the globe. They can only make genetic crap because anything more complex is too difficult to coordinate this is actually a huge fundamental problem with AAA imo even if they hadnt affirmative actioned out most of their good hires, or didnt have wannabe james camerons calling the shots from up top, trying to get a studio that often times isnt even on the same continent with one another, to put out something cohesive is lunacy. theres just no way it will happen. the other glaring problem is that these multi-millions spent by these studious seem to go almost entirely towards marketing and not actual development or even basic bug testing. that said, given how shite most games are nowadays, i cant blame them for blowing half their budget on marketing. its quite possibly one of the only reasons theyre able to sell games at all anymore
>>11357 mostly agree tbh although i think this problem would be much less of one if more indie studios were able to muster up any sort of competence these issues you point out are very real, but they mostly only effect publicly traded companies. those are the ones that need to worry about shareholders, that need to "swing for the fences" with every pitch ie shit out generic bullshit """"games"""", or fill their games with gambling mechanics, in order to put up increasingly large numbers each quarter. same reason we also see many of these studios like blizz sucking chinese cock: in order to keep up with their growth of the last decade, theyve been desperately trying to appeal to foreign countries. why? to gain access to a whole new country of suckers smaller studios do not have these problems, and are able to develop for exponentially less money, and under far less pressure. additionally, smaller studios would be able to circumvent the disorganization that comes from these intercontinental AAA studios, as i was saying in >>11386 the problem other than the fact that most indie studios are fucking pozzed shit lies with the fact that, should some indie studio come along and make a great game, and devote all their budget to making it as best as they can, that leaves nil left for marketing. and without that, or some serious word of mouth, its like pissin in the ocean. it will just get covered in a mountain of shit TL;DR i think it would be much less of a problem if the industry wasnt so corporate, and had more private studios, and thus more competition
>>11386 >>11394 You're still calling it an ”industry“ and not a market. So I'll continue to ignore your non-cited opinions.
>>11398 because a market would imply competition, which we dont have, and this is entirely the problem instead we have a monolithic "industry" where each titan sits atop their various acquired IPs and dripfeed the same fucking game to normalfags year after year its much closer to how the movie industry has been shitting out capeshit multiple times a year why are you pissing and moaning about semantics anyways?
>>11401 Because having the last word in a pointless internet conversation is highly important.
Open file (9.44 MB 640x360 bitch lasagna.mp4)
>>11401 In the music ”industry“ you can be a total amateur with no budget at all, and still make record profits because you have influence. But since you have no respect for language and economics, I'll continue refuse your take.
Watch out anonymous stranger, this other anonymous stranger is "refusing your take", I bet you feel dumbdumb stupid bad now!
>>11423 >In the music ”industry“ you can be a total amateur with no budget at all, and still make record profits because you have influence. ie exactly what notch did when he made a shitty autismblock game that influenced the next decade of games, then sold it for a gorilllion dollhairs to fucking microsoft the point is that if enough good indie devs stepped up to the plate, there would be competition. and since AAA is so shite that it can only exist in a vacuum, this competition would bleed them dry slowly, while proportionally stuffing the pockets of much smaller studios. >>11425 it hurt at first but im feeling much better now
Open file (33.61 KB 350x263 Game_Freak_magazine.jpg)
Open file (291.18 KB 1321x991 aroqtx2ewsz21.jpg)
Open file (11.84 KB 259x194 images.jpeg)
Open file (153.32 KB 512x512 GQX7Fwz.jpg)
>>11430 Noticed I mentioned 天谷 大輔 «Pixel», who had no influence, after his stolen property, he remade his game and now is profiting from additions and ports. Risk of Rain devs are also /agdg/ regulars who had no influence and still profit to date. It's cheaper than ever to self publish, and easier than ever to collaborate internationally. It's a market, demand determines your success or failure. And most quality games are coming from kids having fun developing something in their garage. OP left because it's not fun baiting Mark Mann have 3 attempts to get him to challenge BO to own it. It was fun that >>10823 wanted to necrobump a topic discussed to death. Why beg, when (((you))) can compete.
Just stop playing vidya. If nothing interests you anymore then nothing interests you anymore. Naming random weebshit or whatever won't address the deeper issue at all. >>1787 >>2323 >>2330 >>2338 >>6018 >>6026 >>6083 >dupe posting and incel posting >>7027 >Chink Chink men are the most repulsive thing on Earth short of Negresses so of course you would. >>6534 >getting offended at getting called a coomer We have posts shilling an ugly woman (Anita) who's not White. >>1818 Imageboards have been going to garbage for awhile.
Vidya is no different from movies and television in that it's well weaponized as a distraction to sell degeneracy as society degenerates. Outside of the rare indie or something like Total War I wouldn't let the kiddies play any vidya unless you want them to become trannies or racemixers.
>>11522 >my forced meme is fine because someone posted a whore Or maybe you're both cancerous tumors and should be surgically removed.
>>11525 Are you going to play real games like Chess and Smash Bros with kids in the woods?
Open file (42.51 KB 706x521 07c.jpg)
>>11539 >chess It's not for kids to begin with. That said, I'll give chess praise for how it's impossible for women and Niggers to ever be shoved into it (too low intellect, lack of time-preferences, just born to be incapable to appreciate chess). >Smash Bros Lay off the Nintendos cuck.
>>11547 Are those yes or nos?
>>11554 >It's not for kids to begin with
>>11535 Incel posting must be called out whenever it happens. Bully them before they become trannies.
>>11556 What gaymz are you going to play with kiddies then?
>>11559 I'm not going to read a diatribe about why some men can't get laid because some faggot wants to antagonize a bunch of autistic shutins that already hate everything.
>>11547 >chess >not for kids There's a chess club at pretty much every middle school in burgerland, if the stupid mutt children can play it then any child in the northern hemisphere can.
>>1762 >man I don't like these games so I'm going to buy a switch and play the same generic bing bing wahoos that have been released for 30 years >I'm going to quit playing videogames because I refuse to try modern games
>>11357 >beep boop capitalism bad <games would be good if we taxed everyone into poverty and made everyone reliant on government handouts!!!
>>11619 Cute ignorant straw man, but unfortunately capitalism refers to the presence of the employer-employee arrangement and wage labor, not how much you tax people. You can't magically tax capitalism away. Here's the real solution to be derived from my argument: Games would be better if developers formed democratic worker cooperatives and we removed the profit motive from development. The ability for some asshole in a suit to influence critical gameplay decisions against the wishes of actual designers, and the profit motive that propels those decisions are the problem and can't be solved with state welfare systems.
>>11630 >democratic worker cooperatives ideas like this are the reason we can't have unions without marxists ruining them.
>>11630 That's a great point actually. Most older games were still innovative because the devs could afford to do it. Now it's all following a tried-and-true road because that is what will bring profit that the higher-ups require. Independent devs supported with donations are our hope I guess.
>>11658 >Independent devs supported with donations are our hope I guess Time to take the blackpill on this one then.
>127 >Not one of them calling out the OP's cuckchan wojak edit Shameful.
>>1762 Holy shit I made this thread months ago and actually bought a Switch lmfao.
>>11786 well now ur da firs bb ggnore, u now shill 4 cake?
Anons, what vidyas released in 2019 do you think were worth playing? >Darksiders Genesis Looks gorgeous and the ammo/enhancement system is neat. Is also pretty fun for either co-op or singleplayer and the banter between War and Strife is well done since Strife plays off well off of War. >Katana Zero Highly recommend you pirate this one since it's absurdly short and ends on a cliffhanger but the base gameplay is fun, if a bit too easy. >>6339 >Renegade X How're the servers on that game? It was neat but it was too empty, just like Tribes Next
>>11822 Pics, footage, and friend code or BTFO.


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