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Open file (245.57 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
Fighting Games Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 13:56:39 No.6894
Let's talk about some fighters and maybe even play some fightcade together.
Fightcade roms:
Third strike roms with fixes for common issues:
I had been meaning to make this thread and I would have put a bit more work into the OP, seriously but I see you beat me to it.

Anyway, there's a bit of news I had been collecting for various games, which I'll post now:
Part of the new Champion Edition update is that each character will get a second V-skill, and you'll be able to choose between them before a fight just like the V-triggers. So far none of them have stood out, except Poison's (a cartwheel flip that can cross-up or be canceled into a launcher) and Alex's (similar to his current V-skill, except after charging up he can special cancel one of his special moves). Alex's in particular seems like it may actually give him the ability to do stuff and help him stop being a low-tier joke.
>implying anyone cares about SFV
Capcom also provided some information about Gill when he was revealed, but it was lost in the noise. Essentially, his elements are a gameplay mechanic now instead of a cosmetic detail: hit an enemy with a heavy normal or special and he'll either be frozen or burnt, which are not the same as the normal visual effects for ice and fire. Hit him with the opposite element in this state, and the move you hit with will have additional damage and properties.

The balance patch and new moves will be available either for free or as a standalone update for PS4 (and I think PS3) players, which means they can avoid paying $40 for one new character and some new special moves. Still no word of a console port.

According to the community manager, when SNK says "PC release" they don't meant it like we think they do. The Stadia port may have either taken resources away from the PC release or been meant as a substitute for it. Pic related.

It seems like every single interview Daisuke gives for this game shakes my trust in him even further. I won't summarize every little thing that's happened, but there has been a notable outcry in the community against the direction of GGStrive (likely because we've all seen what happened with SFV, SCVI, T7 at launch, DoA6, and other "simplified" games) and it's caused a bit of a rift in the community between Californian dicksuckers who were able to play the demo and everyone else who thinks the game looks like trash. I can provide more detail if you want because it's been pretty funny, but that's all I'll say for now.

The 2.0 characters and update are out. Apparently they're pretty fun, aside from all the bugs and glitch-abusing unblockables.

The devs showed off some gameplay-complete level 3 supers recently, and they look pretty cool despite missing sound effects. I don't feel like webm-ing each one, so you can look at the Twitch clips page if you want to see each one: https://www.twitch.tv/manesix/clips?filter=clips&range=30d
Now that news is done, let's have some discussion. What fighting games have you guys actually been playing? Been labbing anything cool?

I've been trying to give more games a chance recently, so I've branched out into KI, SFIV, SFV (I didn't pay for it, don't worry), BBCF, and various poverty games. It's been pretty fun, and the learning process has reminded me of when I started playing fighting games in the first place and was eager to learn and play everything.

I've also been meaning to spoof a JP PS3 PSN account and actually buy the console port of Chaos Breaker. I was able to find some resources for it last year, but it doesn't emulate properly and the config program is missing from the file hosting website.
>and I would have put a bit more work into the OP, seriously
Sorry, just trying to get more discussions rolling. Admin can edit the OP with what you'd prefer I'm sure.
Open file (1.18 MB 1812x1257 Darkstalkers.jpg)
It's not a big deal. The Fightcade ROMset is the most important thing that had been missing from various other threads on kike/v/ and the previous thread here.

So what fighting games have you been playing?
Open file (207.87 KB 600x600 1474573057357.png)
Please visit /sokunigger/ gen, we want more players.
Have a nice day!
I just play third strike and sometimes tekken 7. I wonder if there's any open source fighters that are half decent.
>open source fighters
I can't think of one besides MUGEN, but I'm not sure that's technically open source. GGPO is open source, but it's just a client for netplay and not an actual game. The closest thing I can think of is MikeZ's engine, which is apparently designed to be modular and infinitely expandable provided one has the time and patience.

I know there are several games that have been made in DIY engines like Fighter Maker 2000 and MUGEN that are good (Pokemon Type Wild, Koihime Enbu), but that's probably as close as you'd get.
<Old thread got bump off or deleted, it had all the 8cult essentials.
-Notカオスブレイクー updated with new ばら あら~
-BBTAG got a patch after the PLAZA release with all DLCs while making their own tourney after the success of others.
-Examu_PR still cuckelding a fish, theory she's supposed to appear at the same time for BBTAG (Aino 3D render)
-Something about Super sentai in the west
-Melty even stronger than ever
-oh and SNK make a lot of dough with their IP and gachas.

What have you been practicing?
>-Melty even stronger than ever
Does this mean they do games at Taco Bell now instead of parking lots?
Open file (141.55 KB 500x500 neco_meowth.png)
Don't reply to the ESL jap autist.

I think it's due to Climax of Night, which is an American tournament focused entirely on French Bread games. It had its second year this summer and was apparently a big success.
French Bread is moving up, finally.
You never mentioned who this celebrity is it that you don't want to interact with.
Did they wrong you in some way?
He's been shitting up fighting game threads on 8chan, vchan, and julay's /v/ boards for the better part of two years, and I'm pretty sure he was in the meta thread here. I thought he'd finally fucked off recently, but it appears my hopes were dashed.

That Frosty Faustings schedule looks really neat. I'm glad to see real poverty games like Pokken and KLK getting stream time, and I always love mystery games.
How has he been shitting up fighting game threads and do you have any archives? I'm in the mood for some good lolcow to read.
>Frosty tourney
There's a tourney nearly every month around the world, and you can easily find them on both twitch and smash.gg. I just pay attention to the ones with excellent gameplay.
Open file (48.65 KB 292x111 1.PNG)
Open file (53.03 KB 331x111 2.PNG)
Open file (56.92 KB 338x109 3.PNG)
Open file (73.98 KB 356x120 4.PNG)
Open file (59.52 KB 292x124 5.PNG)
Honestly, you could search archive.md for literally almost any of the 8chan /v/ fighting game threads and you'd see him doing something fucking stupid. I'd rather not go into detail because speak of the devil and he shall appear, but if past experience is anything he'll give you a solid example when he next lumbers over to his computer.
Mostly, he just screeches at people for not playing fighting games and uses Twitter nigger jargon all the time. I think every single image he posts is either from a mobile device (portrait view and cropping to hide the top bar), stolen from Twitter (I recognized one or two of them), or both. Needless to say, he doesn't play any fighting games himself
If you're still really interested, then I'm sure I can find something, but I would prefer to spend this thread talking about fighting games instead of bitching about shitposters.

Oh, I know. I'm just consistently surprised by FF being a big event for major league games (and mostly good ones, too) but still having huge support for small communities. It's sadly a pretty rare thing when you have a tournament that actually remembers its roots and benefits from esports money.

>that video
Open file (879.09 KB 3072x1728 Dm47F8yW0AElJrA.jpeg)
Open file (708.54 KB 1728x2477 Dm47FXVXcAA0Yvc.jpeg)
Open file (537.76 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
Fine by me. So what game do you want to talk about? I just got done archiving PLAZA's release, and been non stop training DFCI for a local this winter. Playing Arcana here and there.
Open file (461.33 KB 1082x258 ClipboardImage.png)
Well, Tekken 7 just had its season 3 characters leaked/announced, so if you play that game then we could discuss it.
Leroy Smith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_S_glvvBMI
Ganryu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KMoZNqG4tg
Fahkumram: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEDreWE7YrM

My impressions of the characters from a purely aesthetic point are positive. I was initially skeptical about Leroy because he's every stereotype of martial arts niggers imaginable, but at least he seems to be more of a "come here and I'll tan your hide" nigger than a "AYO DAS WU-TANG THO" nigger. Apparently Tekken's never had a true Wing Chun practitioner, so that's neat.

He's a fat sumo wrestler. Neat, I guess. I don't like that Julia's atrocious redesign infected another character by making him relate to being a Twitchfaggot, but I have no attachment to him.

Apparently his name means "roaring skies," which is pretty neat. I don't think there is anything wrong with his design, but it's way too cartoony and visually cluttered for Tekken. He has tattoos, scars, chiseled muscles, chiseled veins, wrappings on his arms and legs, plus dark skin. It's not a good mix. His shoulders are also about twice as wide as his hips, which isn't good. He could be a neat character, but it seems like someone started drawing his character design and never fucking stopped.

Oh, and I guess DBFZ added a second Broly. He's a grappler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxYsVkD0oQw
You can post all the videos here btw.

Vivian man.swf never ever.
The motherfucker looks like what would happen if Sagat was designed by Ninja Theory.

What is the deal with the frankly disgusting overdesigned look of every character post-base game in Tekken 7 with few exceptions? Also
>Charging money for frame data display
Fucking lel Season 3 looks shit I cannot believe the only DLC characters worth having are Geese and Negan
>the frankly disgusting overdesigned look of every character post-base game in Tekken 7 with few exceptions
I think it has to do with the more "realistic" aesthetic T7 has compared to its predecessors. The more grit you have, the more "real" it looks, and UE4 facilitates this.

I thought it was kind of funny how it took a TV character to have an actual walk animation instead of the stupid-looking forward hobble every other Tekken character uses, but aside from that I don't like him being in the game. I'd have preferred almost any legacy character or guest character instead of him.
>Fighting Games
>he doesn't like large men beating each other up
Dude, like, just play as a girl then. Lol.
Open file (118.97 KB 480x480 Kazuya faceapp.jpg)
>I think it has to do with the more "realistic" aesthetic T7 has compared to its predecessors.
I never really got that's what they were going for with 7 really. In my opinion Tekken 4 is probably the most "realistic" the series has gotten, on top of having objectively the best aesthetics and announcer.

Also I thought I'd hate Negan at first too because having a TV show character in a fighting game is gay as fuck but he just plays so well, put Kiryufags on suicide watch and he's a pretty great as a character despite his horrible source material.
Fighting games are a genre only non-whites enjoy. Other than that one game slavs play for some reason.
Open file (8.55 MB 640x360 DbV2VTnrvThvlsci.mp4)
It's ok to be a gaymer.
Capcom Cup is happening today and tomorrow. There was a last chance qualifier yesterday, but it wasn't broadcast.
>implying anyone cares about SFV
Losers finals coming up. We know there'll be one more character revealed for Champion Edition, and one rumour indicates it'll be a woman. Anyone want to join me in baseless speculation?
>C. Viper
>Rose (unlikely since Menat is already in the game)

I'm kind of blanking on other SF characters that people would be interested to see.
The grand finals were actually pretty fun because the winner used a low tier grappler and a low tier zoner vs the most obnoxious top tier in the game. There's a change made to the Capcom Pro Tour format, but who cares

>Kenny Omega grabbing Blanka out of Ono's hands
Mild chuckle.
>Kenny Omega shittalking Ono for not broadcasting the LCQ
Hearty chuckle.
>Kenny Omega literally kicking Ono off the stage and taking over
Heartier chuckle.

That'd be wonderful. Great idea.
Open file (431.17 KB 579x479 Capture.PNG)
>Ono hits Kenny Omega with a folding chair as he's about to do the "shoryuken!' thing
This is really dumb, but it's got more heart than anything else Capcom has done in the last three years.

Elena would have been funny, but the new character is Seth, coming in February with the release of Champion edition - the people who were theorizing it'd be him because he and Gill are both boss characters were actually right.

From what we saw in the trailer:
>Seth is inhabiting a spare Bison doll body, so he looks like a metallic Juri but still has his masculine voice and personality
>He has some more streamlined versions of his SF4 special moves, mostly focusing on kicks
>One of his V-Triggers reminds me of Millia's Secret Garden but he gets to control it as it moves around the screen
>The other V-trigger (or skill, not sure) steals a signature move from the opponent. They showed him doing some Juri kick, Abigail's machine gun punch, and Guile's sonic booms after landing a specific attack.
>He still has his tanden vacuum move
>The trailer showed him teleporting, but I'm not sure if it's linked to an attack or if he can do it freely

Gill, V-skill 2, and a balance patch are out tonight. I'm kind of shocked they actually went and added a Kirby function, but anything that makes the game wackier and more fun is good in my books. His overall design has also improved immensely in new art style.
Whoops, meant to reply to >>8013.
Open file (295.91 KB 1352x182 vs1.PNG)
Open file (292.67 KB 1350x190 vs2.PNG)
Open file (258.21 KB 1168x183 vs3.PNG)
Open file (281.12 KB 1171x191 vs4.PNG)
Open file (54.98 KB 985x152 vs5.PNG)
One last post to summarize the SFV updates now that I've suffered through/watched a video showing each new V-skill. In general, the new V-skills follow one of a few patterns:
>weak characters get a v-skill to replace their old bad ones, but which is usually not worth the trouble
Chun-Li's VS1 was terrible because she could only use it in combos, but her VS2 has basically the same problem because it's just Hazanshu (a gimmicky overhead). Chun's case is particularly weird because she already has two separate command normals that are meant to replicate the functionality of Hazanshu without making it a full special move. It's bizarre.

>weak characters get a v-skill that powers up a special move or other type of attack once, which means they'll be entirely focused on using the VS or starving without it
Nash's VS1 was gimmicky because it allowed him to eat projectiles, which meant it did roughly nothing against characterse without them. For his VS2, he does a short pose which powers up one of his anti-air scythe kicks once by increasing number of hits and juggle potential. Thing is, it only works once before you need to charge it again, which means backing off or giving up the opening you just got. VS2 also apparently has really shitty synergy with his V-trigger 2, because the patch notes say "you can do some cool combos with VT2" but you can only combo into the powered-up scythe kick the first time you activate VT2 in a round. Trying to do the same combo twice means it'll drop.

The additional juggle time and properties from VS2 also mean that combos which ended in reliable meaty Sonic Boom setups now require manual delays, which is very annoying.

>good characters get a v-skill that gives them a unique option they didn't have before
Akuma gets to manually charge V-gauge with an attack that can end combos in knockdowns and negate fireballs. Birdie gets a piece of bubble gum that can just manually charge V-gauge, or which he can blow into a bubble that hangs off his face and clashes with projectiles. He can also shoot it across the stage, or use it for okizeme and allow him to convert off trades. It can also be charged to 3 different sizes and is ludicrously plus on hit. I don't know why a character like Birdie would get a move like this, because all his normals and specials are already very good.

Anyway, there are plenty of stupid gimmicks as well. Abigail gets a rolling tire which he can control by attacking it, Zeku gets animal buddies that can be used as asissts, Ibuki gets fucking caltrops. If anyone was still thinking this game wasn't just Marvel without air blocking, this update should be a clear indicator otherwise.

As a final note, the in-game explanations for these new skills are abjectly terrible due to a bad and inconsistent translation. Pics related document some of the incredibly vague jargon that Capcom uses to refer to things like low attacks, being plus on block, charge moves, and armour properties. Stuff like this really frustrates me because it's so easy to just give the writers technical details and have them make a legible description of it, but what I suspect happens is more like:
>designers make changes
>devs implement them
>devs give technical data to japanese writer(s)
>he/they write(s) a vague description of it
And that vague description is the only thing the English writer gets to see. Things like this really make me appreciate games like KI, Punch Planet, TFH, and other Western games which have clear, concise descriptions that actually tell you what moves fucking do.

Thanks for putting up with all this. I recently pirated SFV, and although I'm having fun with a couple of characters, the game as a whole is simultaneously boring and tiring: boring because every character is so simple, and tiring because most of the effort comes from following niggers on social media to see combo tech and news. You genuinely can't trust any official sources.
Open file (303.09 KB 1917x1035 Answer thinks about life.jpg)
Now that we've got all that garbage out of the way, what are you guys looking forward to in 2020? Planning to learn any new games, or looking forward to any of the upcoming ones?
>Granblue Fantasy VS
>Guilty Gear Srive
>probably something new for BBTAG
>new SamSho7 characters (PC port never ever)
>the second half of the Tekken 7 season 3 content

I'm personally trying to back off from my current favourite game (GGXrd) and learn some older and more obscure games.
Am I crazy or does it look like Seth is wearing Chun-Li's black dress in that center image? Hair and everything.
Open file (120.84 KB 360x202 EL4zLZYUYAAjTZ0.mp4)
Open file (475.83 KB 2048x1152 ELeKSXaXUAYdpep.jpeg)
Open file (4.13 MB 480x270 DmwGP1IcD1VyzPY8.mp4)
Open file (3.81 MB 1280x720 4ck_Hq2mszTuciZ-.mp4)
Open file (129.26 KB 873x491 ELvWRN3X0AYZ093.jpg)
How much does it pay to market Capcom related content?
Open file (3.08 MB 1601x899 Capture.PNG)
If you're thinking of one of the costumes in pic related, you might be conflating them because Chun has the hair tassles and femSeth has some ponytails that hang down in a similar way. Also, I had to scroll through at least 20 Chun costumes to make sure these were her only two black dress ones (although she does have a pantyhose and feather boa number which I really like).

What fighting games do you usually play? I think it's a pretty funny coincidence that the board had a Soku tournament recently; my local scene just had an impromptu bracket and the game is pretty fun even if it isn't my cup of tea.
Open file (340.98 KB 1280x720 confusion.jpg)
Only recently got into fighting games. Playing a lot of fightcade kof 98 02, garou, cvs2, samsho 1-5, real bout fatal fury special, X-Men v sf, mshvsf, a little bit of last blade 2, and just nabbed kof xiii.
Easily my favorites are SamSho 2, RBFFS, and CvS2. Very lucky to have frens that have been playing most of their lives that are willing to give me tips and tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do in various situations.
Just downloaded Tough Guy for DOS for a laugh, haven't fired it up yet though.
I'm trash but fine with getting my shit pushed in. Maybe I'll try to coordinate a match with one of you fuckers here soon.
That's the one, on the left, it makes it look like Seth has breasts and his girly face doesn't help at all.
I prefer King of Fighters and Under-Night, but I don't play often enough to be any good at them.
Open file (509.77 KB 463x499 Capture.PNG)
Open file (263.95 KB 466x354 Tough Guy Wacker 1.gif)
I'm really glad to hear that. Older arcade-focused games have a certain magic that newer titles can only sometimes capture, and that selection covers a lot of different genres. Your picks are good, too - I wouldn't have expected a newbie to enjoy something as complex and busted as CvS2.
>Tough Guy
Make sure you unlock the boss characters. Wacker's great.

>it makes it look like Seth has breasts and his girly face doesn't help at all.
>girly face
Anon . . .
Open file (122.21 KB 500x500 no bra.jpg)
Oh, well, that explains everything.
>Older arcade-focused games have a certain magic that newer titles can only sometimes capture
Well I don't really have hardware that can play many things from the past decade, luckily though fightan seems to typically be low taxing.
I can play dhalsim looking like piccolo what's not to like? Really it was one of the first I had access to for the DC, along with garou, and Samsho1 on SEGA CD.
That's exactly the reason anon
It doesn't explain anything, though. Granted I'm a complete newfag but I'm fairly sure the tits are new. What happened?
They made Seth female to sell DLC and get tranny points. The story is he put his mind in a Bison doll after his original body was destroyed at the end of SF4.
Juri destroyed Seth during the events of SF4, so he rebuilt himself in her image to better understand her power.
Seth and Yuri's SFIV ending implies original Seth doll didn't even show up to the S.I.N. research facility, he was shown in a dark castle instead.
Not that it matters, Capcom retconned nearly everything for V.
>>7311 >gay right
>>8104 >the game as a whole is simultaneously boring and tiring: boring because every character is so simple not all games need to be complex and whatnot to be fun-you could say jap fg are just a plague and progamers who keep asking for moar derpth are soiling this genre
>>8174 >Anon . . . transseth, ok?
Open file (148.65 KB 1237x448 Fighting game tutorials.PNG)
Open file (181.97 KB 1280x720 Blade Arcus - DisGust.jpg)
>go to end-of-year event in neighbouring city >register for a handful of games because why not, i'm trying to branch out >get whipped in every single one, even the one I know how to play Time to grind while I have any free time. As long as I'm good enough to coast and beat other new players, I'll be happy. >>8711 >>8713 Learn how to type, you stupid fucking phoneposting nigger. Your posts are an embarrassment. >not everything needs to be complex!!!!!! >sfv is actually good, yo'ure the prodblem!!!!!!! Kill yourself. Almost every big fighting game developed in the last 10 years has been "simplified" or had some other game-ruining feature to appease filth like you, and it has never once benefitted the game. Soul Calibur has ruined itself in various ways for three games, SFV ruined itself, T7 nearly ruined itself (it arguably has if you value single player content at all), DOA6 ruined itself, BBTAG ruined itself - GGStrive will likely ruin itself unless the devs completely retool the game and core mechanics. Even games without direct predecessors like DBFZ and GBVS are simplifying themselves to appeal to casual audiences who will pre-order season passes on day 1 and promptly drop the game two weeks later, or to whales who want to deck out their characters in awful-looking cosmetics. The problem is devs not putting good tutorials (or, in many of these games' cases, tutorials of any kind) into their games. Virtua Fighter 4 had comprehensive frame data, drills, tutorial modes, and explanations of every single fucking game mechanic. DOA5 doesn't have quite the same level of comprehensive explanation, but there is at least a tutorial for every single mechanic and a very long combo list for each character that introduces concepts and lets you repeat them as you wish. What does Tekken 7 have? Bowling, $4 frame data, and a cinematic story mode where you can control Lars shooting people. No tutorial of any kind. No arcade mode. No story beats for any character who isn't a Mishima or Mishima-adjacent. None of it matters to the livestock who eat it up because "THAS SOME GOOD-ASS TEKKEN, LES GO" And that isn't even getting started on the damn netcode, but enough has been said about that recently that it doesn't bear repeating. The actual harmful tendency among Japanese FG devs is their inability to adopt features from rivals and competitors, and the harmful tendency among FGC dicksuckers like you is accepting every regressive step back without a second thought.
Open file (71.22 KB 1464x546 ClipboardImage.png)
The TFH crew are focusing solely on story mode until the first character's story mode ships. They're also pushing the release date back to 2019, but won't be more specific until they have a firm deadline. Everything else (lvl3 supers, misc. gameplay additions) will be handled after the game moves into 1.0, which by their measure requires some kind of story mode. Something similar happened with the game going onto Steam Early Access in the first place, so it doesn't surprise me. I'm just glad the core 1v1 fighting mode has been polished for a couple of years now, so hardcore players will have something to keep them interested in the meantime.
>>8733 Guilty Gear already ruined itself with that dumbed-down cancerous piece of shit known as Xrd.
Open file (1.94 KB 117x123 kuroko-5.gif)
Open file (1.99 KB 147x101 kuroko-3.gif)
Open file (1.94 KB 117x123 kuroko-4.gif)
I got samsho for the switch for early Christmas and someone randomly put me on their family plan two days later so now I will bring shame to my country by getting raped by Japs because I only recently into fightan For some reason it came with SamSho! 2 (NGPC) and that's a cute little thing. More responsive than I expected and sure itcame out after slash/burst was introduced you can ride the wolf and stuff. They made the random character selector Kuroko (flag guy) but you can't play as him and that is sad. Biggest problem with the new samsho is the oh shit stoptime button. I have yet to play online and no one I get to play with me understands "press that button twice and you can wreck me" so I'm not bitching because I'm to dum too not get hit. I don't know I don't like oh shit buttons in games, maybe it's cool in this and I'm too much of a shitter to realize. Only other complaint is the buttons aren't the same as 1 or 2 but whatever I expected that and it's cool I just prefer three weights of kick on top of the standard three weights of slash. Finally I found the old samsho Dev site is still up if anyone wants to look at an old website with old stuff on it- http://neogeo.freeplaytech.com/samurai/ http://archive.md/pOAzO
Open file (4.23 MB 518x368 Samurai Shodown.webm)
>>8826 Xrd is almost a carbon copy of #Reload with a different art style and cast. It has problems, but I don't think dumbing down is one of them considering that it's just using a previous GG game as a mechanical base. >>8830 >Biggest problem with the new samsho is the oh shit stoptime button Rage burst and Issen? I think they're pretty stupid, but ultimately fun and not harmful for the game (although not necessarily beneficial, either). I'd hate it if they could occur more than once per game, but from my limited experience it seems like a very costly panic button. I don't think their strength is a huge departure for the series, either: SSVsp has State of Nothingness, which is usually more effectively powerful than either RB or Issen, and which defines the meta more in that game. >buttons Yeah, that's a shame too. I'd love to have more movement options in SS7, but SNK really seemed to think that consoleniggers couldn't reliably push two buttons at once, so we didn't get a movement button.
so, is "Fight Angel" an decent fighting game, or is it just tits slapped onto soem other fighting game engine? https://invidio.us/watch?v=59Qip0Gu5eg
>>8900 >early access Stopped reading. Version 1.0 final draft or it doesn't exist.
Shill me some animu fightan that aren't BB/GG.
>>8915 Why should I?
>>8921 >Why should I? Because they're fun. I'll check these out, I was mainly looking for ones with PC ports.
Do you think Street Fighter will be put out of its misery anytime soon?
>>8931 No franchise will die ever again thanks to nostalgia marketing and emotionally stunted manchildren who messily slurp up corporation coom like thirsty downies on a hot day.
Open file (807.94 KB 2430x1890 Main chart - UNIST.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 1680x1510 Main chart - Soku.png)
>>8915 >Melty Blood >UNIST >Eternal Fighter Zero >Soku (there's a thread on the catalogue for it right now) And probably various poverty games I can't remember. What are you looking for specifically?
>>8934 >literally using "coom" without a shred of irony >accusing others of being stunted You've been brainfucked by diskike trannies. They stamped COOMER onto your language centre in block capitals and you've taken to it like a fish to water.
>>8940 Nobody cares fag.
>>8915 Come over to the soku thread. Or the bunker on /japan/ . >>8941 Fuck off tranny.
>>8939 Where's the Eternal Fighter Zero chart?
>>8945 Coomer is a throwaway fotm joke. The only people who know or care about its deep lore are closet cuckchan posters who need to validate themselves by acting as meme hall monitors. You're not proving yourself an epic oldfag. You're just getting needlessly upset because you have autism.
>>8946 I haven't ever found one - EFZ is a pretty niche game, even if it is a poverty staple. If someone here is familiar with the game, I can assemble a basic chart and we can make one. The charts I made back on 8/v/ were fun experiences. >>8941 >>8947 Do you really not know that it's a forced meme generated by a bunch of diskike trannies and redditors? >it's a throwaway joke Which is why you've been using it for the last six months and start screeching whenever someone tells you it isn't funny. Because you haven't been psyopped, and because you're in control of yourself. Anyway, this is enough off-topic garbage. No more (you)s from me.
>>8947 >if you call me out for using tranny speech you're the cuckchan!!1! Absolute mental gymnastics. Next you'll ignore the dumb shit you posted and keep attacking me to deflect.
>>8947 Could you coom to your corporate overlord to release all the source code and IPs to the public domain? I kinda don't want to depend on rippers to make yet another Vampire homage. >>8948 Do you have Memorial to download? I prefer the MUGEN chars if it's better this way. >>8949 You can stop sucking Tenicu's long shlong anytime now.
>>8952 >Do you have Memorial to download? I prefer the MUGEN chars if it's better this way. I appreciate that you're trying to talk about fighting games, Jap Autist, but you still need to speak English if you want me to understand what you're saying.
>>8953 Eternal Fighter Zero Memorial, the 4th version. Unless you're also saying you don't know about MUGEN? >Jap Autist What did he do again?
>>8954 >Eternal Fighter Zero Memorial, the 4th version. Haven't heard of it. The only game version I know of is the community-made caster. >MUGEN What does MUGEN have to do with EFZ? >jap autist scroll up >implying you aren't him
>>8955 >version I know of is the community-made caster. Which version is that? http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Eternal_Fighter_ZERO#Game_Versions >What does MUGEN have to do with EFZ? Because the chars are preferable than yet another fighting game maker clone. >>jap autist >scroll up >>implying you aren't him I keep being told some folklore I have yet to see, but I'm seeing someone fishing for spergisodes instead of in-topic discussion. Are you sure this person exists, or you really miss your Boogeyman?
Open file (130.84 KB 600x554 Phonon trash.jpg)
>>8954 >>8957 A glance at the Mizuumi page tells me the caster appears to use the latest version with all the characters, which corresponds to Memorial on your list. https://pastebin.com/GqUpA0A7 >MUGEN is related to EFZ because "the characters are preferable to yet another fighting game maker clone" That doesn't answer my question. Did you mean to say "I'd take the EFZ characters in MUGEN even if you don't have a full version of the game" or something similar? >in-topic discussion >or you really miss Literally just ctrl+F and you'll find the one other mention of him in the thread. I'm suspicious because your post here (>>8952) was virtually identical to the way he posted - but he never had a coherent conversation with anyone about anything, so I suppose it's my fault for jumping the gun.
Post in >>9633 to help make a new iteration of pic related. Any input and consideration is appreciated while input on fighting games would be well appreciated.
Open file (2.65 MB 1600x1200 Capcom girls.png)
What Street Fighter game is the most "pure" version of Street Fighter? This question came to me while discussing revisions in the chart thread, and it made me realize that most every Street Fighter game aside from SF2 has some big deviation from the formula. It also made me realize that my definition of SF is probably wildly different from some people's definitions, so I wanted to know what those differences were. As for the purity issue, I think these are the main candidates: >Super Turbo >Alpha 2 >Alpha 3 >Third Strike >SF4 My personal vote goes to Alpha 2, because it fits my definition of street fighter: >If someone throws a fireball, you MUST jump it >If you jump the fireball and the other guy recovers and DPs you, you MUST get hit >If you get hit by the DP, it MUST knock you down and give the other guy lots of time for a setup or positioning You can air block fireballs in Alpha 2, but you can't do the same to grounded normals or special moves like DPs. Further, I think Alpha 2 has much better system mechanics than Alpha 3, which compensates for the better roster.
>>10383 SFA2/3 usually comes to mind for me as the most pure Street Fighter excepting ST. SFIII is likley on the list because it's so different and has become influental. The same team worked on Jojo's HFTF, and iirc the skullgirls devs were inspired by SFIII. Also notable for the Daigo parry that probably got a lot of people into fighting games.
>>10412 The Daigo parry is iconic but I doubt SF3 brought in as many newfags as SF4. Despite becoming influential I feel like SF3 is dying pretty quickly these days due to lack of new players and the old ones being so intolerable. SF4, for all its faults, didn't go full retarded like SF5 and tried to stay faithful to SF2 even if it took several revisions to get rid of a lot of the bad aspects of it. It's a shame Sony and Capcom killed it off so suddenly. It had a good few more years in it but Sony wanted their consoles in front of the audience for e-sports and since the SF4 port to PS3 ran like ass they had to rush out SF5. It's amazing how locked down streams of tournaments are now for SF5. All you have to do is mention you don't like the game as much as the older ones and it's an instant shadow ban. They hover over those streams like hawks shilling against the idea that SF5 isn't amazing. Their favorite line is "if you hate it so much why are you watching it!?" right before bringing down the hammer
>>10417 Double posting but it bears repeating: SF5 is really fucking awful. I watched so-called top level play recently and it's just following a flow chart. Everyone plays the same because the options in the game are so limited and based around getting a hit and doing the max damage combo into super. SF4 was interesting to watch at high levels because no one played the characters the same. You could see Ryu vs Ryu all day and the match ups would remain interesting due to the ability to express yourself. In SF5 if you've seen one Ryu you've seen them all and the same holds true for every character. Even if they weren't being total kikes with the DLC the game itself would be not worth buying just because they gimped it so much. I never thought I'd be singing the praises of SF4 when it first came out. I was one of the many that complained about the direction the graphics took and how it was "dumbed down" due to the way input work. Compared to SF5 it's a total masterpiece. I'll also admit that later revisions of SF4 solved a lot of the problems I had with it initially. I do like SF3 as well but the balance of the game combined with the low player base IRL has made it boring to me as well. When I walk into the arcade I know I'm going to be playing the same 4-5 niggers that are there every week. They go to national tournaments for it and everything. I can hang with them in game but I can't deal with them on a personal level. I've witnessed them bully every newbie that showed up attempting to pick up SF3 after trying/getting good at other games like SF4. They act that way towards newbies but then turn around and complain about the lack of players. I don't see the same problems with other games. Even the locals that play things like Melty aren't that mean to new players.
>>10417 >All you have to do is mention you don't like the game as much as the older ones and it's an instant shadow ban Hell, you can say that on social media and Capcom's sniffers will find it. No wrongthink allowed anywhere. >SF3 new players If anything, the entire SF3 series contributed to the downturn of SF and Capcom's popularity precisely because it eschewed ease of use and casual appeal in favour of weird new characters and a more technical ceiling. Veterans loved it, but between the parry mechanic and this direction of catering to experienced players, it was harder for new players to jump in and have fun. SF2 never had that problem, even if it did have a dozen revisions that made keeping track of the characters and mechanics a headache. >SF4, for all its faults, didn't go full retarded like SF5 and tried to stay faithful to SF2 even if it took several revisions to get rid of a lot of the bad aspects of it Careful not to praise SF4 too much just because SF5 is such garbage. SF4 was build from the ground up with some insufferable ideas, and many fighting games during that generation were infected with them. <hard comeback mechanics that you need to play around every round <long cinematic supers which become boring after the first day <MUH THREE DEE GRAYFIX, FUCK SPRITES <universal frame 1 armour stance that can be canceled into an invulnerable backdash <very powerful EX moves, fast meter gain, and no meter gain penalties of any kind <roman cancels need to use the FADC system because we can't just have a roman cancel mechanic <no buffer of any kind for normal attacks <dozens of crucial 1f links <no buffer for special attacks except during hitstop <crouching DPs And that isn't even describing how everything can be OS'd at high levels, and how much of the high level footage was the same clinical offence that covered backdashes, mashing, focus attacks, and throw techs. I've been getting into SF lately, and although I appreciate SF4 for what it is (I often have quite a lot of fun playing it, in fact), the game has some really dumb stuff. It says a lot about SF5 that it makes SF4 look like a masterwork of game design by being such an ugly bridesmaid.
Meant to include this video with the previous post, but whatever. >>10418 >SF5 What really makes it unpleasant for me is the lack of "insurance" mechanics that allow you to squirm out of a bad situation if you're willing to live with the risks. I usually play anime games, and despite all the setplay grime those games allow, I still have more options to escape it than in SF5. Guilty Gear is famous for its okizeme, but you can escape okizeme by using various system mechanics: backdashing, blitz, dead angles, instant blocking, faultless defence. In SFV, when I press the wrong button in neutral and my opponent dashes up at +2, what happens? >block Bad, because normals do chip and you can't tech throws reactionarily. >throw tech Bad, because the opponent will be able to confirm into a full combo no matter how far away he is, and plus-on-block normals don't have much pushback. >backdash Counter-hit state on startup. Loses for all the same reasons throw does, but without the option of teching a throw. >mash Loses for all the same reasons the above two options do. I play the game a bit to have fun with one or two characters (despite the system mechanics, not because of them), and it's just absolutely miserable to do anything on defence.
>>10418 >>10437 What are the most important fundamentals to learn in fighting games and what are the games that teach them and utilize them well? As a casual shitter it's difficult to know which game to put time into. Which are the games a beginner should learn if they want to get into fighting games?
Open file (81.06 KB 1270x295 Choose your fightan.PNG)
>>10443 >fundamentals Footsies, anti-airs, blocking, and reads. I find this guide to be a good introduction: https://archive.md/w14hj >which games The only real answer is to play whatever you think looks like the most fun, because if you enjoy it you'll want to git gud. If you pressed me for a list of beginner-friendly games, then they'd all be relatively simple games where you can win with short combos and which have little screen clutter. >Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST) >Street Fighter Alpha 2 >Samurai Shodown (SS3 and SS5Special are the most popular ones, with the latter being more complex) >Koihime Enbu, since it's basically Street Fighter with anime tittymonsters >various "grounded" King of Fighters games like KoF98, KoF2002, KoFXIV >honourable mention goes to UNIST for having a very good rags-to-riches tutorial, although the game flow itself isn't beginner-friendly If you're a casual shitter, one of the hardest things to realize about the genre is that other players are paying attention to a tonne of stuff that isn't on the screen, whether it's your player habits (which they can recognize by interpreting the intent behind each of your game actions) or invisible game mechanics like clean hits and damage scaling. This invisible game is why people like fighting games, aside from the good art and music, so a beginner-friendly game usually has the invisible mental game be as close to the game mechanics as possible. >I threw a fireball and my opponent jumped at me >Why did he do that? >Because jumps beat fireballs and he knew I was going to throw a fireball, thus he jumped
>>10437 >SF2 didn't have that problem It had bullshit damage combos though.
>>10461 Look, if you don't think it's funny for your entire life bar to melt because you misplaced a single fireball, then I don't know what to tell you. To speak more seriously, high damage is fine if the game supports it, and SF2 does support it because everything is busted. Fireballs are too good, footsies buttons are too good, damage and stun are too good, throws are too good. It all comes together in a wonderful stew.
>>10461 What you need to realize about that is SF2 wasn't intended to have proper combos. Canceling into moves was a glitch that became part of the meta and would later be programmed in to later games on purpose. Things like damage scaling/juggle states weren't really thought out well until the combo systems were given more thought.
>>10561 >>10437 >If anything, the entire SF3 series contributed to the downturn of SF and Capcom's popularity precisely because it eschewed ease of use and casual appeal in favour of weird new characters and a more technical ceiling. I can understand where you're coming from and agree with you on most points about SF3. I do not mind SF3's mechanics, I thought parrying was a nice idea and wish it would have been explored further in later games. Doing it like they did with Ryu in SF5 isn't the way to go about it though. I'd like to see it come back as a universal mechanic but maybe with some limits to it. Perhaps making it cost a bar of super meter or something of that nature. >Careful not to praise SF4 too much just because SF5 is such garbage. SF4 was build from the ground up with some insufferable ideas, and many fighting games during that generation were infected with them. I also agree with this SF4 has its fair share of things I don't like. The Ultra mechanic turns every round into just fishing/baiting it and punishes the player ahead for doing so well. It got copied by many other games too (SC comes to mind). I'm not a fan of giving a player a super just because he was getting his ass beaten. SF5 tried to solve this with the V system but it just became its own form of cancer. I did not like the move to 3D graphics either but I can accept this because it makes development go so much faster. SF4's graphics are ugly and I'd much prefer something like GG's where they've gotten it so good it looks almost like proper sprites. Why they didn't go that route for SF5 I'll never understand. I also dislike the FADC system and it became a barrier for players attempting to progress to a higher level. The 1f links I don't mind as much but I can see why a lot of people don't like them. They're the reason tournaments had to be played on 360s because the PS3 port of the game meant you couldn't pull them off consistently. Maybe having a limit of links being no less than 2 frames would help out with this but I don't want to see them do what they did with SF5 where you're given forever to make the link and there is an in-built frame delay (8 frames IIRC). >OSs I know what you mean about this as well. Once you're at the higher level OSs are a requirement and you get into situations where things that shouldn't be safe suddenly become safe. A new player won't even see or understand what's happening but it got pretty bad as everything was discovered. I still feel like even with all its faults SF4 is easy for a new player to pick up and have fun with. I've seen tons of newbies have fun without ever knowing/using the FADC for example (or even focus at all). I also think SF4 could be re-worked to solve most of these problems with little effort. It'd certainly be easier to do it with SF4 than it would be with SF5. Another thing while I'm on the subject: I really dislike all the new fighting games being designed around the idea of online play/netcode. I understand most people don't have local arcades anymore but when you're ruining couch co-op in the name of making online "fair" you're doing it wrong. Online play will never been fair no matter how much you work on the netcode. I don't even like playing online because it teaches you bad habits. >>10441 What you listed are some of the main issues I have with SF5 but you neglected one of my main pet peeves with that game: crush counters. I hate how all rounds have devolved into fishing for crush counter so you can do into full combo. It's such a shit mechanic and only serves to make the game as friendly to casuals as possible. I don't understand why they keep designing fighting games for casuals. Those players are not going to stick with the game long term. I don't mind if they make these sorts of games but they shouldn't be re-designing games that have been around for decades. If you want a game like that make something new instead or just play Smash.
>>10443 Just pick up a game that looks interesting and work on getting good. The footsies guide is a good starting point that you can apply to any popular game being played. The most important thing is finding a game you like: Do you prefer 2D or 3D? Do you prefer anime or something that looks more "real"? I started with SF2 and later picked up KoF after a small detour into Mortal Kombat. I dropped playing MK after the fourth one and I despise the new MKs. I preferred KoF to SF because I liked the roll and hop mechanics. These days I prefer anime games to things like SF and KoF but my favorite one is no longer being made (BB) and despite GG being close it isn't the same. I pick up and play a lot of random fighting games, most of them anime type fighters, just because they have interesting mechanics like flying or other gimmicks. I enjoy 3D fighters but again my favorite (SC) has been ruined by several additions to the mechanics in the last few versions. I like Tekken as well but I don't get to play it very often and wasn't a fan of the last one that came out despite being able to beat most locals in it (granted I haven't played it in about a year). Learning SF2 will give you skills that transfer over to other 2D games. Once you feel like you have a good handle on the basics you can try other games that have more mechanics. For 3D Tekken might be a good starting point. The thing with 3D games is they all have different movement. This is why I prefer SC to Tekken due to the 8-way run walking. It's more of a "free walk" than Tekken which plays more like a typical 2D game with the added ability to dodge into the background or foreground. The skills you pick up from SF2 will be helpful even in 3D games because you'll have learned basics like spacing. Just play what you enjoy. If you aren't enjoying the game you'll have no desire to get better. I would also suggest attempting to get a local friend interested in these games and playing with them. You'll both get better because you'll constantly be improving together.
Open file (138.55 KB 1427x372 Arcades and Esports.PNG)
Open file (70.97 KB 978x249 Baddies.png)
>>10562 >in-built frame delay (8 frames IIRC) You mean a buffer? SFV's buffer is much larger than 8 frames. You might be conflating it with the input lag it had at launch, which was 8 frames. >fun for newbies to pick up and play I agree. Honestly, I forget focus exists half the time but I still have fun playing the game and using EX moves. Something about the hit sounds for heavy attacks in SF4 is very satisfying; SF5 doesn't really have that, even though there's more hitstop on everything. >online play I totally disagree. Good netcode is the reason that I can still hop on a legitimately dead game like Left 4 Dead and still find people playing it more than a decade after its release and abandonment. Online play is never a replacement for offline play, but proper implementation of rollback netcode is something that would enable people to find games much more easily without having to drive hours to a local or a tournament. For instance, I live in a city that has a pretty intense UNIST scene, but very few other games. The surrounding cities are the opposite: if I wanted to play GG or SF with those groups, I'd need to drive an hour one way to meet their communities in person. Good netcode in those games would let me play with those people even if my connection is slow, and help to unite our communities. As it stands, I see other GG players once in a blue moon. I know what you mean about companies focusing on online play, and I agree that it's harmful for the experience for a developer to say "online is how we want you to play the game." The online qualifier events for SF5 and other esports games (like MvCi was trying to be, fucking lol) are an obvious attempt to "push" online play, but it's always doomed to fail because it doesn't seem like any Japanese devs want to make good netcode. >I don't understand why they keep designing fighting games for casuals. For Japanese devs, it's because they don't see any other way to entice new players to the games. Arcades are dead, multiplayer games other than Fortnite et al. are dead, and everyone who would have been spending quarters on fighting game cabinets in the 90s is now spending money on gachashit and other gambling addiction simulators. What do developers here from faggots like this? "I don't want to play fighting games because they're too hard. Overwatch is a great game where I only need to push one button to do something. Your control methods are outdated." I hate to parrot the same lines every e-celeb has been saying since August, but it really is true: even big companies like Capcom have absolute garbage communication between the devs and players. You remember how SF5 introduced VSkill 2 for all the cast, and how that was a big patch dropped at their biggest event of the year, the Capcom Pro Tour world finals? Prior to that day, there had not been any communication about what most of the VSkills would be. There had been half a dozen tweets from the Street Fighter Twitter account, and a short impromptu livestream from a couple NA Capcom employees. This livestream consisted of those employees sitting on a tiny couch and saying "Yeah, I think Chun's works like this" repeatedly. Sorry if all this has been rambling, but I just wanted to reiterate that many Japanese fighting game devs still operate on the notion that "we'll design the game, then the players will play it" as opposed to having more open communication with their player bases and explaining why they do things. You need only compare Capcom to Iron Galaxy when they were developing KI and you'll see what it means to have good netcode and open communication between players and developers.
>>10568 And here's another webm related to what I said about casuals.
>>10568 >Baddies.jpg >having to keep up to date with editions isn't objectively bullshit
>>10586 It's only a problem if there are too many editions released too quickly. For long series that have had revisions at a reasonable pace, the only drawback is that a prospective player needs to ask if the latest version is the one people play.
>>10589 It's a problem that grows over time, personally I don't want to buy a game for $60 only to then spend another $60 on the next revision perpetually, case in point being that I was entertaining the thought of getting Under-night Late[st] only to find there's another revision called [cl-r] coming in February. Admittedly the console version of [st] came out in NA on February 9, 2018, meaning it'll be 2 years since the last revision, but right now it seems pointless to get [st] when it's getting replaced so soon and being a PC player exacerbates the problem. It starts to look like a subscription to me when laid out as ~$30/year for one game and its patches and content updates.
>>11613 >a youtube link to a (((content creator))) video about MK11 Excuse me while I vomit.
Open file (169.28 KB 1652x730 EOV4EEeWkAAzf6Q.png)
Open file (172.33 KB 1888x648 EOV4EEgW4AA6LpT.png)
>>11843 >2v2 Xrd >mystery game >Vsav >Melty Blood >CvS2 FF is great.
Open file (210.91 KB 659x521 FFside.png)
Open file (150.91 KB 1779x490 EObXsj7WsAERJXc.png)
So I got my answer, two people are streaming: https://twitch.tv/matchstickmelee https://twitch.tv/lowkickesports for PRBftG Sad Chaos Code won't be streamed. Weird Gundam Versus neither. I'll need to organize this chart there's chronological misordering.
>want to watch mystery game pools <tranny on commentary >want to watch Xrd pools <soy golem on commentary who refers to every player as "they" despite them all clearly being men (this isn't even a tranny thing, he just calls individual people "they") At least I get to see a P-groove mirror in CvS2.
Open file (86.12 KB 732x1024 boom3.jpg)
>>12127 *sips* i remember when "they" meant a plurality of people.. those were the days....
>P-groove wins CvS2 New decade is looking pretty good. >>12131 >cuckchan memes Please don't.
>>12136 I'm beginning to think the recent influx of cuckchan shit is actually cakekike trying to steer people away from Julay/v/
>>12161 Read the /v/ thread over on /meta/. That's almost certainly what it is. Anyway, have you been watching anything interesting recently? Playing anything interesting?
Guilty Gear Xrd just finished. Announcement for Strive incoming.
Open file (75.17 KB 345x1096 Faust confaust.jpg)
>it's just a Faust trailer >he looks creepier than usual but clashes horrendously with the game's aesthetic >more trailers coming at other 2020 tournaments Great. Just what I wanted.
Open file (646.77 KB 983x629 Mystery Tourney2.png)
Open file (1.10 MB 1280x644 Mystery Tourney3.png)
Open file (287.69 KB 1242x1118 EOhilC0U4AEWgSE.jpeg)
What a night, I'm drained. Highlights: Tatsunoko vs Capcom, MBAACC, KOFXIV, Vampire, 3rd Strike finals, >>12127 What tranny touched you? >>12136 <Telling people what not to meme about What are you, nine?
>>12178 >What tranny touched you? You don't have to get raped to know trannies are gay.
Open file (469.64 KB 2048x1526 EOhilCzU8AEd5Hk.jpeg)
>>12180 Then why is >>12127 crying about a man in drag and a neutral pronoun over the great CvS2 match like a woman?
>>12180 Ignore cakekike
>>12178 >What tranny touched you? both
>>12222 >>12223 >33:33 WEW WHAT A FIGHT
Open file (81.65 KB 2000x1200 D8Gu8WUVsAAAYkS.jpeg)
>>12223 >2019, Crapcom, pro tourney I didn't know playing SFV made you trans! It's like you went out of Frosty to complain about your favourite guilty pleasure.
>>12246 >I didn't know playing SFV made you trans! neither did i, but better safe than sorry t. never played it
>>12246 it is notable though, how it somehow manages to look worse than 4 perhaps this has a negative effect on ones psyche after x amount of time
>>12253 Not only look worse, but have worse gameplay than 4 as well, to the point that it makes 4 seem good in comparison. We're more than likely going to see the same thing happen with the next GG installment from what I've seen so far.
Open file (391.43 KB 1590x960 EM_3477UUAMARMe.jpeg)
Open file (347.73 KB 1488x2105 ENcHdsCU0AAMJGz.jpeg)
Open file (392.80 KB 767x2390 image.jpg)
Open file (951.32 KB 3242x3128 image (1).jpg)
>>12335 Of all the different versions of the game they could be playing, they're not interested in a serious tournament if they're playing Panel de Pon.
>>12335 Neat. I'll probably skip watching this one live due to the time difference, but I'm sure there'll be good stuff. >>12378 What version of the game should they play?


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