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Good ol recommendation thread Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 23:24:33 No.36101 [Reply] [Last]
Dropping some ninty shit
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>>38824 Ignore the retard. Wait a couple more months, Ys, and 3 other doujins are offering all that and more. I think I posted about it in the upcoming games thread. One of them iirc was the new granblue relink. I can't seem to recall the BotW knockoff with really good classed combat. I saw it a couple of months ago, dunno if it's in Sony's not E3 conference.
Open file (1.51 MB 1200x1817 EP5jQhoUYAAS72P.jpg)
Well, in the meantime, are there any games where I can play as/dress up as a nun? I want to do stuff with a vaguely religious flavor to it.
>>38816 Is that relevant to what I have said or you are trying to pull literally anything out of your ass just to make me look wrong?
>>39164 who gives a shit don't be a fag
Open file (12.31 KB 229x238 1440177802333-0.jpg)
>>39168 >don't be a fag

Open file (375.11 KB 976x769 1a.jpg)
Open file (116.69 KB 775x241 2.jpg)
Jewgle Stadia Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 18:23:09 ID: 281e5f No.2158 [Reply] [Last]
The future of gayming is here goyim fellow video game players.
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>>39011 AAA games fucked themselves by allying with streamers. At first it seemed like a great idea for publishers: streamers were cheap and easy marketing since you just threw a single key at them instead of having to deal with bribing an entire magazine and every journalist + managing the politics involved. The problem is casuals only played AAA single player games for three reasons: 1. To talk about/experience the latest hype train game. 2. To waste time. 3. To experience the plot and cinematic movements instead of the gameplay. And all three of these can be achieved more cheaply and easily just by watching a streamerfag play the game instead. This is also amplified by the fact they give select streamers access to games before release sometimes for marketing reasons meaning they can watch someone else play it before it's even possible to spend money on it. Now AAA multiplayer games would seem immune to this but those were mostly played to have fun with friends or with other random players in a community and casuals tend to get that from the stream chat and shared memes from watching. There's still a limited market for when normalfags have friendly physically at their house and want to play something but so few AAA games even support local multiplayer nowadays anyway that's less important and even then it's a market that can be served basically just with a handful of games like Mario Kart and that niche gets saturated very quickly.
Stadia was an inside job, a bunch of people in a certain team at Google wanted a way to start a project with a large market (everyone who plays video games) so they could make fake presentations that sounded impressive to the new batch of retards running the company. At the time Alphabet was throwing fat stacks of cash at anything with a large enough potential market to become a revenue stream independent of selling ads and killing projects using the traditional approach of improving existing business. The nepotists pushing this knew Stadia was infeasible the entire time but wanted the power to give themselves and their buddies free promotions when they achieved bullshit metrics. Most of the development was spent on the hardware that would run the backend and comparatively little effort was put into the actual software or in testing the service. The controller was made by a very small team of engineers who didn't give a shit and the primary developers transferred to other projects before it was even launched because they were disgusted with the way the team was being run. The testing I know about was fake and worthless. The project never had a chance to succeed and was never supposed to succeed. The people responsible have all moved on to other projects or left the company after getting their promotions and vesting their stock incentives. Those promotions are used to bolster their position when applying for jobs at other companies ("I was a level 5/6/7 engineer at Google!"). t. insider
>>39014 Very true. >>39016 This is literally any jewgle product.
>>39017 you'd be amazed how many jews are in the home hardware group. It's a bunch of jews and foreigners and they discriminate against americans during hiring
>>38924 And that is why they will always fail and also why the industry is dying. >>39014 >AAA games fucked themselves by allying with streamers. True. Streamers and e-thots are the cancer killing many industries. Not only videogames. For all the reasons that you pointed out, plus the fact that all those e-failures always got privileges over the products, receiving them for free and thus, always lying about their (lowest ever) quality, becoming all corporate ass-kissers. The majority of consumers, even among normalfags, noticed that, and now, having a streamer praise any product is (rightfully) seen as a confirmation that said product is shit.

Open file (179.74 KB 948x948 ClipboardImage.png)
/v/3 Anonymous 06/05/2020 (Fri) 20:52:09 No.38981 [Reply] [Last]
4cuck is having its alternative E3 Starts at 6:30pm EST, in around 2 hours The good: will only feature agdg games and indies The bad: they are /v/ga-tier corporate cock sucking scum that censors content they were sent, including a game called 'No More Niggers 4', because they are afraid of controversy. Oh, and they will ban you if you bring it up. They are supposed to have twitch and youtube streams, but can't be bothered to post them. https://comfytheatre.co.uk/streams/events/
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>>38996 >>38997 >>38998 go back to cuckchan
>>39005 >>39004 That wasn't me and i don't self censor, feck is just a drunken sportschan thing you know what, having to explain that already means you should take a fucking hike back to halfchan
>>39013 /sp/ is for normalfags and the Irish are not white.
>>39013 >sportschan You mean, that autistic website that spams GETs on other sites, and was readily welcomed by kimeemaru to host his /v/? You have to be fecking kidding julay.
>>39018 >kimeemaru >SPCh >GETs in current year You are behind by 2 years, get the fuck out

Open file (2.39 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
E3 2 Confirmed Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:11:08 No.34400 [Reply] [Last]
Geoff Keighley confirmed an event called "Summer Game Fest", basically E3, but with online demos or something. The first developers confirmed to be showing stuff are the ones in pic related. What do you niggers think? Will this be as big as E3 or will it be an irrelevant piece of shit? And most importantly does this mean Squilliams can still be a thing? sure archive of the previous thread: https://archive.md/g7wz6
Edited last time by Muses on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:36:20.
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>>38895 All western devs will come out with some purple armband in support of the niggers. Fuck Dup jokes galore.
>>38868 >Soyny >Not Sosny
>>38904 SukaStation Blyat
Open file (487.90 KB 640x597 nice.png)
>>38897 I'm legit certain that's gonna happen now. If this shit gonna be live on stage the cringe will be thermonuclear.
Open file (79.14 KB 494x720 based and lolipilled.jpg)
>>38942 Damn, is Steve1989 Charliepilled? If so, mega based.

Open file (111.10 KB 639x126 awakening.png)
/V/urm Thread 3: With Coronachans Blessings Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 14:38:30 No.35849 [Reply] [Last]
On the last episode: >Old server was full of gay, everybody quit >Anons still have tism that needs taming, begin searching for normalfag serbs We have 2 options: <Conquest >3x/3x >factories, trade routes >most people online: 5 (all anons) >hope is if enough people show up it brings back the old pvpers <Awakening >1x/1x >npc marketplace/vendors, several kingdoms, custom priest rules >server pop hovers around 20 during peak, active pvp >anons have broken ground outside of pve safezones and await the pvp rape train that will come for the infestation/rift that spawned next to us

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (20.90 KB 738x250 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38147 Oh it was just what I crusted up from the depths of that wurm dump. I dunno how old, maybe around 2016.
How about each time you perform the same action you have a higher and higher chance of spawning a fog spider? :^)
>>38231 >how to turn a survival sandbox game into a survival horror game in one go
>>38964 >8chan.moe lol no

Open file (41.19 KB 620x509 Renard-Hitler.jpg)
/any/thing vidya Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:35:43 No.21848 [Reply] [Last]
For the small things in vidya archive of the previous thread: http://archive.md/LYKSh
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Open file (109.13 KB 533x400 y.jpg)
>>38887 >it's game gear mini
Open file (75.78 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>38936 What's his name again?
>>38937 felix
Open file (70.57 KB 890x443 soy and kike.png)
HAHAHAHAHA Ken must be rolling in his living grave.

Open file (242.34 KB 1200x1600 y6.jpg)
Final Fantasy thread of fighting the autism Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 06:32:53 ID: 43b7f2 No.1635 [Reply] [Last]
Can also double as Squeenix thread.
350 posts and 83 images omitted.
Open file (243.10 KB 890x246 4.png)
Normalfags ate it all up like good goyim.
>>38817 I think with FF7R we'll have a Star Wars TFA like situation. As in people love it now because everyone bought into the hype and sure it made a gorillion dollars but it'll go down in history as a horrible game. More than anything FF7R like Star Wars is a triumph in advertising/social influencing.
Open file (1.77 MB 895x1033 y6.png)
>>38823 Just like Soy Wars, this "remake" is a sequel to a logo made to sell the pop culture meme of the game, not the game itself, to absolute normalfags who have never experienced the original but pretend to be fans of the series for social clout. All through the prism of current year identity politics.
>>32448 The smart thing to do was to essentially have the plot be the same for the first playthrough and do that weird plot thing with timeghosts and the whole sequel angle for the New Game+. It's a win-win situation for everyone.
>>38901 That would basically mean making 2 games for how many changes and abridges there are between this and the original. The smart thing to do was to call it for what it is - FF7-2.

/vgmg/ - Vidya Game Music General #4 Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 01:56:49 No.38528 [Reply] [Last]
Current pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/gyiFdwFf

As long as the platform have games, you can post demos, remixes, vgms, and original music. Rips and Trivia are highly appreciated.

I have been listening to some Outrunners and the music takes a different direction, compared to Outrun and Turbo Outrun, thanks to Takenobu Mistuyoshi of Daytona USA fame. Here's France from Outrunners on the MultiSystem 32 Arcade Board, Genesis, and an arrangement by B-univ (the successor to Sega Sound Team).
Edited last time by Muses on 12/07/2019 (Sat) 12:15:38.
195 posts and 409 images omitted.
>>38721 It's all good, my man. The threads that are good remain good and that's what counts.
I never understood why this thread uploaded lossy rerenders of VGMs instead of the raw ripped musical instructions. This song's been playing on my head for days.
>>38877 Because you touch yourself at night
>>38877 Because most people aren't audiophiles.
>>38884 As in nobody gives a shit about audio autism.

Worst game you ever played Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 05:51:21 ID: 58fd11 No.3420 [Reply] [Last]
What is the worst game you have ever played? No meme shit like Halo or Fallout 76. Actual bad games.

Her story, Gone Home, Dragon's lair on the NES, Night trap or Mortal Kombat 2 in the arcade tier.

For those who don't know MK2's AI is completely broken and reads inputs then immediately counters anything you do unless you do 1 loop which tricks the AI into letting you hit it, then repeating over and over. This makes the game unplayable unless you want to exploit that loop from match 3 onwards. It's also unavoidable as the difficulty switch is broken and it will always hit max difficulty half way up the ladder no matter if you set it to easy.
258 posts and 80 images omitted.
>>38890 Did you actually play it?
>>3420 Gone Home was fun as fuck. Bad games though? Overwhelming majority of walking sims(outside of those done for laughs), almost all sports games, Quite a few modern games now that I think on it... The FPS community over the years has degraded into a fucking joke. Doom II was great for level design, and people have been obsessing over aping that, then chasing shitty trends like cawwadoody when it blew up. For that matter, fuck WoW doing the same to MMOs.
Ghost in the shell on ps1. I don't know how people liked it, controls were awful and draw distance was shorter than an oriental cock. Just not a fun game.
every game post 2000 and onward. getting more commie every year, thanks to the tribe of nigger loving noses.

PS5 controller Anonymous 04/07/2020 (Tue) 20:58:31 No.24993 [Reply] [Last]
Ugly as all fuck >muh minimalist design >it's just like Apple®™© Let's remove pretty much every curve, line and convex and have it look like a cheap chinese knock off. Yep, that's the look we'll go with.
239 posts and 85 images omitted.
>>38780 They need to address the potential sensations it would convey to my dick and rectum.
>>38850 Don't stuff it up your butthole, anon.
>>38780 >no plug to help their customers with their daily dilation I didn't know Sony was a transphobic company. Hopefully reputable sites like Kotaku will shed a light on these Nazis.
>>38875 DilationStation 5 got it covered.

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