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Open file (1.24 MB 450x338 albundy_shock.gif)
Bucket list games Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 19:06:37 No.27294
What games do you have on your bucket list? What childhood classics have you been intending to finish for years but not got round to?
/v/ will understand I never made it past the 3 Level.
Mostly RPG's, I get put off from the potential time investment. I do want to check them out to see what all the fuss is about, but I know that it'll be months before I actually finish the thing, if I finish it.
Open file (113.63 KB 640x469 Harvest Moon 64.jpg)
Open file (67.15 KB 500x695 ogre battle 64.jpg)
I've been meaning to complete that one "perfect playthrough" of both Harvest Moon 64 and Ogre Battle 64 for twenty years.
So just a backlog thread? >>27324 What do you mean by a perfect playthrough of HM64?
>>27325 Every picture, every item, max happiness with everyone as early as possible, the highest amount of money, etc. The best possible endgame evaluation with some other metrics thrown in. Basically, I want the best high score I can possibly get.
>>27325 A backlog is different to a bucket list game. I've always intended to go back and finish the Tomb Raider series. It's not an active thing I consider but something I want to do one day. A backlog is a list of games you're working through.
>>27326 >max happiness with everyone as early as possible How would that work? I don't remember being able to see happiness values in HM64.
>>27334 Yeah it helps that I've totally deconstructed the game mechanics with a Gameshark in the past. Everyone has an affection value from 0-255 and I know all the things that impact affection.
Some day I'll play Deus Ex. Probably. I dunno, maybe. Seems like one of those games that probably has terrible gameplay but everyone jerks it off just because the storytelling is good.
>>27335 You could be the next PannenKoek at this rate.
Open file (725.83 KB 480x360 you.webm)
Open file (488.24 KB 1003x754 WARRIORB.PNG)
>>27294 MAME32 No seriouslyfirst shit i got back in 07'-08' and i still haven't played it
I'll put myself out there and post my daunting Master List of Autism. Arcade game means '1cc'. Not gonna finish this year. Abuse Alien Syndrome [DONE] Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Brutal Captain Commando Castlevania 4, 3, Rondo Clock Tower Creepy Brawlers Cuphead (hard mode) Demon's Crest Doom 64 (re-release), 2, TNT, Plutonia, 2016 Dynahack Ecco the Dolphin Final Fight Ghoul Boy Ghouls n Ghosts Golden Axe [DONE] Knights of the Round Metal Slug X Metal Slug [DONE] Nex Machina (max difficulty) Night Slashers Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors (hard, no death) [DONE] Ninja Spirit R-Type Rayman Legends Rolling Thunder 1-3 Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Shinobi ('melee only' mode in Sega Ages version) Sin & Punishment Space Invaders Extreme (arcade mode) Strikers 1945 Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Xeno Crisis Plus I bought a bunch of Switch games on sale when I was can't-see-straight drunk yesterday, I'm afraid to turn it on and look at the damage but I'm pretty sure I have to play Night Trap now.
>>27294 I still haven't played Dark Souls.
You made the same thread in wizchan, haven't you? Anyway, Mizzurna Falls was translated to Spanish last year, so after like ten years of waiting (I wonder if I could've learned Japanese in that time) I'll finally get to play it. I know it's pretty much impossible to get a good ending on first walkthrough without a guide, so I know I'll get a bad ending the first time. I just hope it's not too much of a pain in the ass. After that I decided I'm gonna beat every Mega Man X game, already beat 1 and I'm halfway through 2, heard the series goes downhill after 3 or 4, but I guess I'll find out.
Open file (36.48 KB 1331x697 Master Autism 2.png)
Open file (37.21 KB 1350x683 Master autism 3.png)
Open file (35.50 KB 1338x680 Master Autism.png)
I'm autistic as fuck and I have a text file where I write every game I see mentioned and looks worth a try. It has 2200+ games on it,from consoles to PC,Arcade and shit like Turbografx and Sharp X6800. So yeah,plenty of games. I wanted to check out the Rayman series,and I'm doing that right now (finished the first game,what a though motherfucker). I'd like to try out the Tales Of series,actually play some MegaTen that isn't a spin-off,and catch up on PC classics from CRPGs to Point n' Clicks.
>>35242 >and catch up on PC classics from CRPGs to Point n' Clicks. You likely know about this but if not often pcgamingwiki will have details of fanpatches or similar for older vidya. Helpful for win10 which tends to have huge compatibility issues.
>>35245 Thanks anon,I think I knew but I didn't remember its existence. That's kinda why I write down everything.
>>35246 Have another ps1 game too.
>>27294 gihren's greed gotta learn more runes first
>>35119 Here's a suggestion for X5 if and when you find it too easy. Play on Xtreme, unarmored X and opt out of any subweapons or upgrades. Also install the improvement patch to stop Alia from interrupting you every 5 seconds.
Open file (985.35 KB 722x730 SMTIVF Bad Hair Day.png)
Open file (180.16 KB 318x318 whore.png)
>>27536 Coming from a man who tried his hardest to enjoy the game and fell short of beating it due to the worst designed final dungeon I've ever seen in any videogame period, DO NOT PLAY SMT4A. It is by far the worst SMT game I've ever played and was seemingly directed by monkeys who tried to copy the success of persona by having unlikable shounen-shit protagonists which the game is piled on by a bad plot, shitty level design, certain spells getting fucked over, damage gated final boss, worse music than the previous games and possibly much more issues if played by a more perceptive person. An alternative that I'd reccmend is SMT: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. It took me two tries to get into the game but once I got into it I became addicted and just fell in love with the game.
>>35310 All right, thanks bro. I always try to play on hardest difficulty. When you talk about the patch you mean in the pc version? Does it run well on windows 7?
>>35343 no, it's a patch for the ps1 rom
>>35346 >>35347 Alright thank you my man
>>27536 >Ninja Spirit I really want to beat this one myself one of these days, but that final stage is just complete and utter bullshit.
>>35119 Just stop at X3 and move on to better run 'n' guns like Contra and Metal Slug.
>>27334 >>27335 The Japanese version of the game had a farm completion screen that was dummied out in the NA version for unknown reasons. It's even fully translated. That's why variables like happiness and affection are hidden from the game. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Wd0ZXMIcglI
>>35242 >Earthworm Jim (CD) make sure your BIOS, region and game format line up. I didn't and my music and soundeffects got fucked up
Open file (567.52 KB 354x264 SPYDAMAN.webm)
>>27336 That's the impression I get, but it's also one I intend to try someday.
>>27336 >>35437 Just like any good RPG you start taking baby steps and exploring before finding what works, whole fun of it is finding new things that work. Starting off combat will also be shit, so don't focus too much on that in the beginning. Then it opens up, you become more powerful and it's great
>>35413 I've known about those mechanics for a long time, but that might actually be the first I've ever heard (or forgotten) about that removed farm completion screen. Maxing out your crops shipped before the evaluation is the trickiest part, if it's possible.
Everything I can think of from my childhood, I've went through either when I was a kid and had time or recently, since those are the only games I can easily play anymore. An NES game isn't a 100 hour undertaking, unlike anything made 2005-onwards, so if I remembered one I as interested in, I could probably beat it in a day with little bother. The only game I really have on my backlog is Xenoblade 2, which I got 20 hours into and dropped for other shit, and Dark Souls, which a friend has been begging me to play for a while now for God knows what reason. Sekiro was miserable and from everything I know about Dark Souls, it'll be even worse but at least he'll stop asking.
>>35524 Dark Souls is fun once the combat clicks. Think of the more frustrating aspects in a survival horror sense. Running away, exploring, and playing patiently will all help since you start off being weaker than almost everything in the game and have to claw your way up. It's more fun than Sekiro imo.
>>35510 >I've known about those mechanics for a long time, but that might actually be the first I've ever heard (or forgotten) about that removed farm completion screen. It was only until recently that people started looking for unused content in that game. I think the ROM was compressed with some proprietary algorithm. Which could explain that. >Maxing out your crops shipped before the evaluation is the trickiest part, if it's possible. You should autistically plan a strategy using the mechanics you learned before you even start the game. Do a bunch of test runs using save-states and see how you can maximize the crops and animals shipped as well as the social stuff. I've seen SimCity players do the same thing when trying to create the perfect city or achieving maximum population. Also, if you check that guy's YouTube channel, he has a bunch of guides to completing HM64 100%. He even demonstrates the affection, happiness, and stamina variables with Cheat Engine. He's basically a less autistic pannenkoek.
Open file (288.67 KB 682x510 Onlysurvivor.png)
After reading some guides i stumbled a month ago i decided to download and install The Sims 3 again, with all its expansion packs included, with the promise that somehow it will run better or optimally after all the tweaks made by the community to keep alive/revive a very ambitious game. It somehow worked, 45-minute initial loading screen and 5-minute customization screens have been reduced to 5-minutes and 5-seconds each, game now lags and stalls 4 times a Sim day instead of every 30 in-game minutes, and many mods are direct scripts to clean all the shit badly coded into the game like cars accumulating, NPCs looping and crashing your game because it simulates all their actions in-real time even if you don't want to, among other things. I started checking a house and trying some things from some mods and in-game shenanigans so i could show you it somehow works but if anything this venture has proven that The Sims 3 was and still the most nefarious game to run to date, i screencaped most actions but stupidly didn't save them and left them to accumulate in Paint while still playing until the game crashed with absolutely no survivors and cleaned away everything: Usually the new Paint restores files but the crash cleansed all my RAM and resetted the drivers from my graphics cards, just as warned by the guides themselves. Sadly i no longer have proofs nor memories to show for it other than saying, after several hours of reading tons of guides and steps to run the game, that it is a heap of digital junk that somehow still entertains due to its extremely strong concept of proof still unmatched 11 years later, yet also manages to be way harder to run and needs more hardware than Kingdom Come Deliverance, let alone Crysis in ultra mode. It is sad to think people kept going to Sims 4 mobilecrap trash due to performance alone rather than gameplay, and EA knowing this kept feeding them with re-used and inferior reskins from Sims 3 content. I wouldn't be surprised if TS5 was literally 3 recoded to run decently, but to be fair that would be worth a couple pennies.
Open file (109.25 KB 629x500 earthbound.jpg)

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