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New way to play vidya Anonymous 04/17/2020 (Fri) 03:56:00 No.27380
>game doesn't work >needs port forwarding >but I cannot figure it out As a solution to this, I've created a easy solution: shared openVPN VPN. You will use it to join the games for multiplayer. Once you are done, you must disconnect. >installation download the ovpn file from here (your IP will be when connected): https://anonfile.com/Dbdbl1q2oc >download openvpn from https://openvpn.net/download-open-vpn/ >if on windows, right click the ovpn file and add it to openvpn >find openvpn's icon in the icon taskbar and right click and press connect okay, launch up your game and start a game server give your frien the server IP of >Q/A >who runs this server and is it safe? I'm a random anon who runs this server. I heard that some users wanted a better solution to running game servers. >do I need to port forward anything? You do not need to.
>>27380 also your friends will need to join the vpn too
>>27380 >>but I cannot figure it out As in the solution is genuinely difficult, or you're just too dumb to access your router's control panel?
>>27383 well some anons might be using a shared wifi network with no access to their router's control panel
Open file (992.22 KB 1280x720 1413853316097.gif)
>>27380 Holy shit this is exactly what I was looking for. I literally just made a post in the emulation thread about this sort of thing. I fucking love you OP.
>>27386 no problem. Just don't abuse it, ok
So what, this is just you hosting a generic VPN server for anons to use for whatever games?
Rodent is also a random anon collecting IPs. I dislike repeating myself, but we really need a server anyone's willing to pay to anonymize connections every month, using any anonymizing p2p to keep everyone safe. OpenVPN has been superceded by both netsukuku & wireguard. And for the love of God, stop using Windows. I have a pretty good idea how the network layout will be for any game we want to play, including modern AAA on Windows 10, using Veyon, but you have to expend on the trilateral network setup. >>27386 You're too gay and idiotic to have let your IP be scraped.
>>27391 >to play some vidya >wireguard OpenVPN is safe. Closed source is a bad idea.
>>27389 yes correct. I setup this up so I could play UT2004 and other vidya with ease
>>27392 Wireguard is open source: https://github.com/WireGuard Houston Texan. I can also use OpenVPN, but you know how to defeat that through neighbor knocking.
>>27394 well this isn't some ultra private scenario. openvpn has the lowest latency with games, so i chose it
>>27395 It should be, because you're not thinking of really really bad actors. I'm using Rodent as a simple e.g.. I can use NSA if you want: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/19_0920_plcy_strategic-framework-countering-terrorism-targeted-violence.pdf
>>27396 okay, i'll add wireguard too
>>27396 okay, wireguard public key is QqhCTU7wq5tdymM2J9bAzuxWt6cUSdoQW/DIYHZmtQg=
>>27391 >Rodent Who the hell is Rodent?
>>27402 The actual pseudonym "dolphinpedo" uses anywhere else, including his IBs https://archive.md/JxeTi Remember Attention.whore & that Minecraft server? Same difference. >>27398 Good luck Houstonian. Now add Netsukuku, lokinet, gnunet, and I'll personally help you out. I want vidya.chan sooooooo bad.
>>27414 Lol, ocean chan
Open file (25.61 KB 1280x720 dolphin.jpg)
>>27425 Are we going to get graced by beautiful dolphinporn.exe?
>>27380 >>27386 Hamachi has been a thing for a decade and a half at this point and the reason it's not more populare is the privacy and security issues. Game Ranger is more popular anyway.
>>27433 >Hamachi has been a thing for a decade and a half at this point and the reason it's not more populare is the privacy and security issues. And the fact they charge you for any more than 4-5 people in a network.
>>27433 >>27434 Do you Winblows Nigerians have source code for each?
>>27436 do you?
>>27436 I haven't used Hamachi in about 6 years and I haven't used Windows in two. Just because you have the source doesn't mean shit if nobody competent has reviewed it.
>>27391 >netsukuku&wireguard What are they? I know OpenVPN is some kind of open VPN management software, what differentiates your two examples from openvpn? >>27414 >lokinet&gnunet These two. Feel free to make these posts on /tech/ instead if you think I'm getting too offtopic and you're willing to help a retard like me.
>>27384 That's fair. May you and other anons know the joy of playing video games.
For what its worth, every time I installed Hamachi it fucked up my wireless drivers and uninstalling it made it even worse. t. 7 years ago
>>27505 This. I installed ZeroTier for Soku and when I uninstalled it, it fucked up my drivers so much that I had to do a system restore.
>>27445 I'm someone competent and extremely qualified to talk about network protocols, yes. >>27473 Anonymous peer to peer protocols to mask the IPs of people. Even anonet is pretty good and keeping everything low latency. >Feel free to make these posts on /tech/ instead if you think I'm getting too offtopic and you're willing to help a retard like me. I need money to 1) make an e.g. 2) make education material for you and the world 3) have competent game network administration. But last thread nobody wanted to pitching the raw kilo that it takes set it all up. >>27505 Hamachi is literally GCHQ. >>27509 Amen to Winblows!
>>27380 bump
>>27578 >Hamachi is literally GCHQ. If Hamachi is not literally owned or created by GCHQ you're wrong. Don't use literally to mean anything but literal truth.
>>27861 Reverse their IP addresses.
>>27861 >.t GayClownHomoQuarter fag
>about to complain it's openvpn trash and not something actually usable like wireguard >anon already added it Good job. One time I fantasized about hosting a minetest server over i2p to test out the viability of those networks for online gaming but I'm just a NEET. The idea is pretty simple, you host a server and provide an i2p tunnel config for others to add to their i2p config files, then people connect to their local i2p tunnel to the server. Or they can use proxychains with a config that can transparently proxy .i2p addresses (or .onion or .whatever for other networks).
>>27380 >>27383 >>27394 I have a similar setup via pptpd. it's easier because winfags don't need to install anything >>27391 >willing to pay to anonymize connections what?

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