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Open file (1.56 MB 1462x1704 image[1].png)
/agdg/ - Amateur Game Dev General Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:05:41 No.34398
"Are you ready for Demo Day?" edition Links >Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/general:bunkers >Previous thread: https://archive.md/Qxkui Announcements >QUARTERLY DEMO DAY SCHEDULED FOR May 5th (05/05) >Please contribute to the wiki if you can
Edited last time by Muses on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:37:41.
>>35837 you'll get too play it in a few minutes
Open file (10.24 KB 332x284 CUP A SOUP.jpg)
I'm trying to learn Ruby on Codeacademy so that I can properly use RPG Maker VX Ace. I want to be able to do advanced stuff like changing sprites depending on status effects on a character, like fire or poison, or changing sprites depending on what items you have equipped. I gotta say, it's draining trying to learn all this stuff. It's hard. I'm gonna try and take it slow while also constantly revisiting extremely basic shit. I've given up too many times trying to learn other skills, so I need to nip that bad habit in the ass and keep going. Wish me luck, fellas.
Open file (128.35 KB 640x360 Bullshit.webm)
>partially rewrite the decorate code of my tonk class that takes A_Warp in advance >can't get the tread animation to work anymore Thanks Graf.
>>35862 Ruby's a lot like Python isn't it? Is it easy to learn?
>>35902 >Ruby's a lot like Python isn't it? No, it isn't. The closest thing to it is Perl. >Is it easy to learn? It will take a while.
>>35902 Somewhat, but you'll get stuck on a few absolutely retarded issues sometimes that make no sense. It's kinda frustrating sometimes. >follow instructions on one of Codeacademy's courses in Ruby >syntax errors every time I try to run my script >eventually get so frustrated with my code somehow not working that I just give up and tell the site to give me the answer >the actual answer to the problem looks nearly fucking identical to mine but it's formatted in a way that is extremely subtly different that it's barely noticeable to an absolute beginner like me
>TFW you are still in the middle of reworking the farming system and have no demo
>>35905 Perl? Really? >>35906 Hmm. I prefer whitespace-neutral languages myself I think.
Open file (65.45 KB 808x627 ClipboardImage.png)
Seriously in need of a code cleanup, but now I have some rudimentary chunking and camera and debug output. The challenge was having multiple chunk layers of different sizes and having it all work together. What I opted to do was give each chunk a Position, a simple xy value that denotes its own position in its grid/system, and a Bounds, an xywh rectangle that defines which tiles it looks at. Next, I'll have various chunk-based systems, so when it receives a chunk and it sees the underlying tile group had been updated, it can recalculate its own chunks if needed. That should make it easy to model things like heat and humidity in a simplified way. Looking forward to Monday when I can work on it proper
Open file (44.34 KB 1256x426 useless trog.png)
>>35906 Update on the coding issues. Turns out the fag(s) who made the Ruby course in CodeAcademy must not have done enough QA testing on their course because the issues I was faced with this entire time were from following CodeAcademy's instructions to a T and not knowing that including a ! in some places that CodeAcademy fucking tells you to put them will fuck over the entire line of code.
Open file (131.30 KB 808x627 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36320 Today's progress: 8x8 tile chunks, with 4x4 chunks of a different system. Right now, every air tile lowers the chunk value by 0.5 per frame, while dirt adds 0.1 and stone adds 0.4. This isn't for any specific mechanic yet.
>>35906 What does the error say? Usually compiler/interpreter errors give a line number and an index to where your error is, so you can troubleshoot and fix it. Make sure you enable line numbers in your editor. Make debugging and general programming way easier.
Open file (5.60 MB 1280x720 2020-05-07 01-19-11.mp4)
Custom entities in Qodot/Trenchbroom.
>>36832 Nigga please pay attention, I'm just using CodeAcademy's thing. There's no configuring it, and it's only meant for giving practice and letting you solve the problems it gives you so that you can learn. After going through the first three courses on Ruby in CodeAcademy I was able to completely avoid my issue altogether. It's resolved.
>>36819 >dat floating point rounding Lol, consider using ints if you need accurate values. Also, how's the performance? Figured out how to cache the results and a way to recalculate them quickly?
>>36903 Lol, consider using ints if you need accurate values The fuck? This doesn't make any sense. It would 100x LESS accurate as you don't have any definition in integers. Good luck trying to represent 1/8 without any floating points. Plus, everyone knows that 0.999̅ ≈ 1, since it's infinite.
>>36955 >This doesn't make any sense. Ints don't round, if you need to do repeated math and don't want rounding errors they're the way to go. >Good luck trying to represent 1/8 without any floating points. Multiply everything by 8, or even better by 1000 (as it's divisible by 8). This only works if you know in advance that all values you're working with are multiples of a certain minimum value (such as 0.001), and it's also known as "fixed point math". >everyone knows that 0.999̅ ≈ 1, since it's infinite. The float representation is not infinite, as you can see in the pic you have stuff like 0.49976 and 0.5007 instead of 0.5.
>>36956 >Ints don't round, if you need to do repeated math and don't want rounding errors they're the way to go. Integers do not have a concept of rounding. It's like saying sandwichs don't levitate, so to say they do not round is a painfully obvious statement. And I see no rounding errors. >Multiply everything by 8, or even better by 1000 (as it's divisible by 8). This is literally what floating point numbers are represented in computer memory. >The float representation is not infinite, as you can see in the pic you have stuff like 0.49976 and 0.5007 instead of 0.5 The difference being negligible in computer graphics. Most if not all computer graphics are not exact. The only benefit I would see by using int's is for smaller memory footprint, a characteristic of much simpler 8-bit era games, where they didn't even have floating point operations. Your idea of multiplying them by some insane number would negate this purpose either way.
>>36980 >And I see no rounding errors. Are you trolling? As per >>36819: >Right now, every air tile lowers the chunk value by 0.5 per frame, while dirt adds 0.1 and stone adds 0.4. None of the values in the image can be obtained by sum and subtraction of those numbers, as they all have some degree of rounding error. >This is literally what floating point numbers are represented in computer memory. No they aren't, variable exponent vs fixed exponent. >The difference being negligible in computer graphics. We're talking about logic, not graphics.
>>36987 >>36903 Right now I have to tidy some things up. Performance is fine but i havent scaled it up yet. Numbers are weird because im using a timestep so everything is multiplied by 1/60 per update. Instead i will have chunks update every 1-5 seconds or whatever (60 to 300 ticks) and then each update can be atomic whole numbers and int based. As for caching, each tile chunk will have a bounds associated with it, then when my non-tile chunks update, they can use rect collisions to see if it intersects with a dirty tile chunk, and if so, recalculate its cached values. One other thing i need to do is figure out diffusion, but i dont think i can do it in place, so i need to find a good system for that
>>36991 >Numbers are weird because im using a timestep I hope you're using the physics delta and not the frame delta at least. The rest sounds good, for diffusion there's no generally optimized way to do things (especially as most of it turns into exponential decays) so it's better to figure out what you want to do (let's say, heat flowing from hot block to cold blocks) and then build a fast approximation for that.
>>36987 >We're talking about logic, not graphics. Oh nvm, I was talking with a cuckchannel refugee. Carry on, newfriend.
Do you usually set a schedule for yourself, as in "I will have this model/tileset/map/animation/program done by this date"? Or do artificial constraints like that usually carry no weight/consequence for not doing so? Basically, what does your routine look like?
>>37183 I tried setting deadlines for myself. Sometimes a goal is underestimated and it really fucks the whole thing up. Then I tried using a kanban board to track my progress over time, but it didn't stop me from having gigantic periods where I didn't even touch my game which also fucked my metrics. Lately I've been creating a little calendar for myself and writing down how much time I did for certain things. If I work on my game for 2-3 hours and I take a break I immediately write down 2 hours programming in it. When I'm done taking a break I write down however many hours I wasted. I categorize browsing the web and playing games into 2 different waste categories, because games can actually stimulate ambition while browsing the web only leaves me more drained.
Seriously though. When I realized browsing the web left me more tired/drained/disappointed than just working on my game my progress skyrocketed. It also helps that the only games I have interest in these days have at least some form of barrier to entry.
>>36956 >>36903 You use floats for positions and round to pixel align sprites you dumb faggot.
>>37265 Enjoy having non deterministic positions
>>37265 >pixel align sprites I think you're supposed to use a shader for that, rather than messing with actual position data. Also float for position is Unity retardation, doubles are usually fast enough and the additional accuracy comes into play surprisingly often for large maps. Floats are better left for rendering with its 1/z tricks, and for values you really really need to do fast math on while also being able to tolerate some inaccuracies.
>>37276 >rather than messing with actual position data. You don't modify the position, you either round it when drawing or store a separate draw position. >Unity Anyone retarded enough to use Unity for a 2D game deserves what they get.
How to you plan out your code structure? Do you create a tree diagram, or write psuedocode? I only hear about people planning on the game design itself and not about planning on the structure of their code.
>>37390 Planning shit out got way easier when I started doing data oriented design, which I originally picked up for performance reasons. When tackling a problem I try to understand what data is involved and the scope of objects that are going to be involved. I spend a bunch of time trying to wrap my head around all the pieces. Then I try mapping out the flow and see if I can find the simplest way that HOPEFULLY wont cause issues in the future. I don't really make a flow chart in the traditional sense. It's not "Do you have this? Yes. No. Maybe." I just draw out the objects and arrows to indicate what data is being sent. This helps with figuring out who should hold which data, who needs to touch it and how I can cut out as many middle men as possible. It's worked for me so far, but I still have cases where I end up rewriting something to make it much less convoluted now that things have changed.
Open file (440.90 KB 800x600 2020-05-09-0427-18.mp4)
Added rudimentary camera bounding and a debug renderer class that lets me easily draw primitives (eg to quickly do bounding boxes and the like)
>>37407 really good advice tbh. >>37810 nice. keep up the good work Anon!
Open file (107.06 KB 800x722 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.10 KB 630x370 ClipboardImage.png)
>>37810 I'm quite retarded, because for the longest time I thought pic related from Terraria's source (decompiled) was for tile data, but it's actually per-type constants for tiles. That is, they have a separate Tile class entirely. I implemented my own as a struct with a few methods to manipulate them for now. I decided to make each tile chunk be 16x16 so that I can take advantage of bitwise operations to make certain operations faster when I come to them. For example, I can interpret the high 4 bits as the Y position in the chunk and the low 4 bits as the X position in the chunk (even though I'm just using a Tile[256] internally).
Open file (828.53 KB 1903x1078 Screenshot (15).png)
Full Qodot texturing and entity implementation.
Open file (992.69 KB 800x600 2020-05-09-2052-40.mp4)
>>38161 >>37810 Chunking more or less works now, as well as mouse input to draw tiles, as well as the ability to create and delete chunks dynamically, as well as save it or load it to file (when they appear or disappear suddenly, that's when I'm doing it). The file format for the chunks is super simple right now, XYWH for the bounds, followed by the byte data. Basically every tile chunk costs about 288 bytes to save (before compression becomes involved, later)
>>38192 I see your cock that you made your self faglord 3d modellers are still useless
Open file (41.04 KB 1340x771 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38217 Trunk texture a shit, but trying to make modular trees
>>34398 I'm from 4chan's vg, is this a generally better place for discussing game dev
>>38910 anywhere is better than cuckchan
>>38910 >from 4chan's vg Sure if you don't mind the PPH being 10000% slower and nobody still having an actual game.
>>38931 I'd rather have no posts than 4chan posts
Open file (107.36 KB 481x480 blinchiki.jpg)
>>38931 The game was the friends we made along the way.
Open file (46.50 KB 480x480 1510663026934.jpg)
Open file (977.40 KB 315x228 1587417749-0.gif)
>>38933 (checked) I like this kot.
>>35213 >We would all read in Binary You what nigger?
We got a trailer out for Peri. Hope you guys like(d) it. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=O60Pd7bDKQQ
Open file (382.58 KB 1362x632 unity premium for free.png)
Unity decided to make "Learn Premium" videos for free now so everyone can start learn advanced stuff about engine right now. https://learn.unity.com/

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