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Open file (4.10 MB 640x360 398712698.mp4)
Open file (91.34 KB 843x948 naughty zog 01.jpg)
Failed games that bankrupted/will bankrupt their developers. Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 19:48:51 No.38066
Let's talk about those games and spread a lot of spoilers about them and the whines of their failed developers. Keep it on topic ;) this thread is shit and is now a meta thread your mission if you choose to accept it is to quickly sage it to the post limit so it slides off the front page
Edited last time by notbaph on 06/06/2020 (Sat) 22:48:57.
>>39125 Oh sorry are we messing up the clearly massive demand for video game discussion that exists on this site? Should we leave so you can get back to all the discussions about video games going on right now?
Open file (109.32 KB 477x559 Cakefrosting.jpg)
>>39127 take it to /delicious/ where it belongs
>>39128 Discussions like this are clearly organic and won't remain relevant to /delicious/ or this board forever. If you'd rather have a board where absolutely nothing is happening than a discussion thats gone off topic then by all means delete this thread and enjoy screaming into the abyss instead.
>>39126 Yes, and the answer to a government becoming too authoritarian is to reset the status quo through a revolution, be it peaceful and democratic or by a full violent overthrow, if you think that writing "freedom of speech is absolute" in your constitution is some kind of long term fix, just look at how the US laws have already destroyed those principles in large parts through the judiciary. >pedo hysteria Bad analogy, pedophiles raping children is a massive societal problem, it's not hysteria, it's a problem that needs to be solved unlike terrorism which is largely false flags for the government to gain more power to declare war and further police its own citizens. Just because some glow in the darks might use CP to take down websites doesn't mean CP isn't a major issue.
>>39130 So your answer to the problem is an endless cycle of failed societies rather than having a society that actually takes a principled position towards freedom of speech and doesn't try and limit it like you think it such a good idea? Men raping in general is a massive societal problem, child victims are a very small portion of that problem that places like the U.S have completely blown out of proportion just like terrorism.
>>39131 Society's are doomed to fail, it's what has always happened in history and if you believe you can create a perfect society that will last forever without significantly changing you are absolutely delusional. Also nice downplaying of child rape victims, totally blown out of proportion.
>>39129 I'm getting shit for this in posts like >>>/meta/12940 The only reason I care is because this MO has been used to dogpile robi and get him to pull board ownership from previous board owners. This guy's probably just shylocking around trying to start shit but you should already know where this bullshit leads. And this conversation serves no purpose. Whether you hate pedos or want free speech talking about pedophilia on a video game board is counterproductive reeeee the board owner is letting gamergays argue in /vidya/, robi save me from the ni/gg/ers
that said, post limit is 250 so this problem will solve itself soon enough
>>39135 The amount of human history that even includes societies is very small, so to think we've already reached the pinnacle and that its still doomed to fail is whats absolutely delusional. And yes I have no problem downplaying things that the U.S has totally blown out of proportion whether it be terrorism or pedos, you clutching your pearls over it is no different than someone who genuinely believes terrorism is a massive problem clutching their pearls over 9/11. >>39136 Coming to a better understanding the position of the opposing side and bettering yourself through argumentation is in no way purposeless, but if you'd rather kowtow to the people who don't even feel the need to be here anymore thats fine nobodies stopping you.
>>39139 Ok buddy, can't wait for you to write your own constitution for your state that will last forever and ever and where pedophilia isn't policed because it's not a real problem.
you're not coming to a better understanding of the opposing side, you're arguing with a troll and you can't tell the difference because you're a ni/gg/er
>>39140 I can't wait to live in a society that cucks itself to death because your viewpoint of conceding your freedoms one after another in exchange for protection is unfortunately the more popular one. >>39141 Arguing in bad faith doesn't make someone a troll, and what does meta and offtopic discussions have to do with gamergate? They haven't been relevant to anything in years.
>>39142 You already live in that society, welcome to the real world retard.
Open file (287.55 KB 1000x1000 kaliyuga.jpg)
>>39143 maybe if I lived somewhere like the UK thats already too far gone but I don't thankfully, can't know for sure until its dead.
>>39145 But the only trajectory you believe in is more and more state oppression of speech once cp gets banned, so might as well just kill yourself now tbh.
>>39146 Well a lot of whats colored my opinion on this topic has to do with living in a country where having CP isn't criminalized and people aren't in hysterics over terrorism and comparing how much freedom has been stripped away from the countries that have done that.
>>39147 >having cp isnt criminalized So where are you from, Somalia?
>>39148 Even saying that narrows it down more than I'm comfortable with, why does it even matter specifically which country it is?
it's israel
>>39150 Oy vey the goyim know, shut it down!
Open file (54.59 KB 680x383 shutitdown.jpg)
Open file (11.18 MB 480x272 SHUTITDOWN.mp4)
Well nows probably a good a time as any to quit beating this dead horse and call it a night, going to miss when imageboards fall to the wayside and free form discussions on controversial topics like this can no longer take place anywhere.
Open file (204.51 KB 286x400 1452975151782.png)
>>39153 join our efforts to make sportschan/v/ less dead instead of giving up lad
>>39078 you're a floundering faggot, that is what I'm saying. You belong on Reddit.
>>39084 what in the hell are you two talking about? Mark has erected another imageboard so he can ban people all day?
>>39097 you are such a whiny faggot, goddamn you belong on Reddit.
>>39153 Just post on /geimu/ if you want a nice modern approach to /v/. It's better than going full anarchy shitposting and far better than smug/vg/ or zchan/v/ where rulecuckery takes place
>>39089 >>muh pph So you would visit a board that consistently has 0 PPH? You understand that PPH means more content, right? If there's no content then there's no reason to go to a website, let alone a board.
>>39159 >/geimu/ >not full anarchy shitposting Isn't it run by the fag that became BO here, declared there were no rules then deleted the board?
I know the Op exists, but can a game fail before it even comes out? Because that gay furry vn for the ps5 looks like it's going to crash and burn before the system even comes out.
>>39173 No, you're thinking of /japan/. Did you even bother looking at /geimu/ or its rules?
>>39219 The whole Soystation 5 is going to crash and burn before it even comes out. Anything associated with it will also crash and burn. >>39121 Drawings are not real people, child rapist.
that's 200, 50 more posts and this thread is fucking dead
Open file (421.69 KB 1201x829 ND dislikes.png)
>>39224 ETA 2 months
don't know shit about triple aids getting bankrupt but every game they shart out now is a kike commie travesty. america will be long gone and nuked before these kike pests ever go bankrupt.
>>39245 >muh infinite money There is no company too big to fall. They are all dying in this industry.
>>39245 Not really, Ubisoft sold Division 2 for $2.99 AND with a new expansion pack only 1 year after it was released, and it continues to do so poorly that they are retconning all future lore with the Black Tusk into shitty one off manhunts lol. I think the only ones doing well are free to play shit and Call of Duty, but look at what Call of Duty has to do; remaster a fucking game from 2007 for the SECOND TIME. This industry is literally and intellectually bankrupt. Just about everyone is either 1) playing old games 2) doing free to play shit and picking whatever microtransactions they want or 3) still playing doubly recycled COD.
Open file (560.86 KB 1138x1080 agent.png)
>>39249 you literally couldn't pay me to take an ubisoft game anonymous
>>39277 >Muses Yeesh, you're two board owners too late.
>>39249 I got ubisoft game pass for a month and could only handle 30 minutes of the division 2. combine assassin's creed, watchdogs and division already
>>39284 >I got ubisoft game pass for a month traitor
Honestly I can't hate TLOU2 anymore and I think Druckman might have accidentally made something genius. TLOU was a pretty good game about zombies, and the relationship between Ellie and Joel (at least when I played it). It honestly could have been a standalone with an ambiguous ending and kept a niche fanbase over the years. Then you have TLOU2, wherein a massive angry tranny-like thing comes in and dismantles the entirety of everything that the former game established, while flaunting a body so unappealing that only the blind or willfully ignorant could see it as attractive. It also takes a lot of time to try and make you feel sympathy for this hormonally-challenged golfer and its entourage of enablers, but since you've already seen what it is, and what it's taken away (which was a strong, if not flawed, father figure and generally masculine male) it tends to fall on deaf ears. At the end, when you should have a chance at finally ending things and getting revenge, you don't. It "wouldn't be right" in spite of doing mostly just that to get to this point. The tranny-like character is protected by the misguided good will of the very people who should be the most after its throat. I still won't give cuckman my money, but I have to give credit to the second time someone accidentally made the narrative of "Everything you know and love has been ruined by a tranny who was allowed to go too far" by someone who considered himself to be "Woke" This really says a lot about society
>>39317 >TLOU was a pretty good game about zombies >>>/reddit/
>>39318 Pretty good =/= great, you reactionary sperg.
>>39319 >reactionary you have to go back
>>39317 Yeah, I mean if I wanted people to be disgusted by trannies, this is the kind of game that I would make. That said, what disturb me from videos I've seen is that basically all interactions between characters are hostile, abrasive, passive aggressive, and in general very negative. This is something I've noticed in a lot of woke media, like recent rick and morty or bojack horseman. I think there is something in this way of writing interactions about the writers.

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