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Open file (3.98 MB 1398x1743 chun_motorcycle.png)
Fighting Games Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 19:18:07 No.30681
The old thread was past the bump limit and falling down the catalogue. Archive here: https://archive.md/rlx6V Discuss fighting games and fighting game-related things and maybe even play some games if you're feeling crazy. >what have you been playing recently? >have you been labbing anything special? >has your local scene been affected by Corona-chan? >[non-sequitor expressing desire for virtua fighter 5 final showdown PC port]
Open file (48.40 KB 595x592 gg_ui_layers.jpg)
>>30681 The previous thread had a link to Fightcade and some ROMs, so you can check that if you want to use it - since that thread was posted, I've seen people use RedGGPO (essentially a new alternative to Fightcade with better emulation) and have pleasant results, so I'll include a link to that as well. https://redggpo.com/games https://github.com/han0idx/ggpofba There have also been some developments among new games which I didn't want to include in the OP. >Tekken 7 After the Leroy Saga finished, Bamco quickly started the Hell Sweep Saga, then ended it just as quickly. >GBVS After launch, Beelzebub, Narmaya, Soriz and Djeeta have been added to the game. Zooey will be added on the 28th. >Samurai Shodown 7 Mina and Sogetsu have been added to the game. The game itself will be available on PC via the Epic Games Store this spring. >Guilty Gear Strive Recently had a closed beta test with public lobbies and vs CPU options. Looks like trash. The devs say they've been listening to feedback very closely, but their previous actions indicate otherwise. Feel free to tell me about anything I missed.
I am trying to learn the ninja dog in Arcana Heart 3 LMSS. I feel like my neutral and defense are fine but I need to work on combos and get used to the buffer for combos. I'm more used to the buffer in Nitroplus. This games feels a little more strict but it has many special normals so it makes sense. In other news the balance patch notes for Granblue just came out. You can finally dash easier and do a QCF/B from a run. Before you would just DP instead. That was annoying.
When's vidya.chan? I want to stop depending on smash.gg & parsec. Oh, Arcsys got shadowed.
Open file (130.28 KB 636x482 soku3.jpg)
Come play Mario Party of fighting games - https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/1122.html
Open file (242.89 KB 220x220 index.gif)
I was planning a MvsC2 tournament sometime in the near future. Demul can actually emulate the arcade version because the Naomi boards were Dreamcasts with expanded memory, but I'm still experimenting in making the most foolproof it can be. I want to be streaming the game, but the problem with Kaillera at the moment is that, at most and depending on the kind of game, only two participants can connect. Does anyone still play this? Of course I'd also allow newfags to participate, but I want things to be interesting to watch and have good players who regularly play fighting games, I just want to make sure I don't choose something too obscure Glove on Fight never ever.
>>31015 I don't play it, but if you're running a bracket then I could try to learn.
Open file (4.72 MB 1280x720 Zooey Dustloop.mp4)
>>31015 Would play for fun, although not well versed on MvC2
Open file (4.78 MB 1280x720 dustloops.mp4)
>>30774 >buffer for combos I'm having similar problems getting used to Melty Blood now that I've finally found a character I like playing (F-Hisui). It's especially annoying because her combos involve a lot of j.[B] > jc j.[C] to get hard knockdowns without side swapping and putting your opponent out of the corner, but the link feels pretty tight, and if I try to go too fast then my input is eaten too early in the jump. I respect older games, but sometimes they can be aggravating for stuff like this. At least Melty Blood has a great training mode, unlike +R and old Street Fighter games. >GBVS patch notes I briefly read them, but Ferry is still braindead and Vaseraga is still crippled so I didn't care. The input priority change is nice (and further evidence the game released hugely incomplete, but I digress), since I had encountered the exact situation where 22x was favoured over 236236x when attempting to mash a reversal super during the first week at a local. It cost me a round and was supremely annoying. >>31068 >CH anti-air >in the corner >with the highest possible hit >to get barely two dustloops followed by a 10-second super Meanwhile, in real games . . .
Post more Cammy especially more like this >>30681
>>31103 Kind of hilarious that they brought that awful crap back in Xrd. Really tells you everything that they've completely rejected all the of the thoughtful refinements to the series over XX iterations.
>>31390 >Kind of hilarious that they brought that awful crap back in Xrd. >awful crap Dustloops? Only faggots hate dustloops.
TFH officially launched today/yesterday into 1.0. It is now a full game and free of the Early Access stigma, in case anyone was thinking of buying it but didn't want to give money to something in Early Access. The major feature they added to call it 1.0 is the first chapter of story mode for Arizona, the cow character, which is a combination of platforming, battles with unique conditions, and some minor walking around/puzzles in the sprite-based overworld. It's pretty cool. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=LEBOSUOLTXM
>>33513 >evo cancelled >”online events” planned I will be competing in every non rollback game and register as “WifiMain” until the developers fix their shit.
>>34128 No matter how many times you bang yourself on the wall, a door won't appear for you to crossover. >>23179 >>23201 How did the tourney go you fags? What rank, any footage, any fun highlights? >>31015 >>31016 >>31093 Here you go fags: https://nitter.net/silentscope88/status/1256333085462818816
Please stop playing worst genre you woman abusers
>>35287 I've never heard of that before. What is it?
Open file (525.69 KB 1930x2259 hazbin_ryona.jpg)
>>35304 Pic related >>35344 Seems to be a ROM hack for SSF2T
>>35287 >explains nothing >posts some random whooping whore instead Amazing post.
>>35344 >>35345 Good, we don't have manchildren like >>35367 It's the final reverse engineered full dump of SSF2T. If you haven't been paying attention online, after the Capcom System II was finally reversed engineered, including full schematics >>30539, people are finally able to complete dump CPSII games without anything amiss. What this means is that we can literally physically replicate CPSII games, and emulation will never be a problem, because an entire virtual machine can be made that behaves exactly like the games should play. The real problem is the centralization, they're still dumping on sites compliant with DMCA, and they should be mirroring everywhere. >>35304 >large Look at this sissy ass Social Media Nigger not getting the originals with metadata as uploaders made it out to be. Also, a bunch online tournaments are up, but this place is as dead as shamoo, so meh. Also, you retards are missing out on AirComiket.
>>35345 So.. you got any more like that?
anyone has a working copy of Melty Blood?
>>35964 >coomer epicly meemed xDDD
There was a huge single and team tournament for Xrd and a bunch of other fighting games recently. This guy's recent posts have more information, but you can find the Xrd pools matches here: https://nitter.net/rebirth_baiken/status/1256249597791367176 >>35982 https://mega.nz/#!qRMTHK6A!QCBOqnH91TynUqQjddgm8omGBeIG5Yp_-iT-Q5QmTas I'd normally chastise you for wanting to be spoonfed, but the most reliable way to get the newest build is via diskike, so I can't really blame you.
>>36134 thanks man cheers.
>>36134 I just realized something, when are you dumping DHTs of your discords to share shit? Like, we both understand /afg/ literally migrated to discord, I don't have an account, nobody here wants to make one, why then not share the actual shit from there? e.g. What MBAACC version is this, the june2019 I released, or has there been an update I missed? >>36118 You got anymore memes leech?
How is Tekken 7 for PC? It is seducing me to buy the base game for only 11 dollars. But then there Denuvo and some reports of bad connectivity.
>>36645 Just get the fitgirl+ all the new dlc in cis.ru
>>36648 But then there is no online.
>>36651 Even if you shove $100 up Harada's ass this piece of shit's not gonna have a functioning online mode.
>>36645 netcode is decent but ultimately delay based. 4 bar games feel good, 2 bar games feel bad.
>>36675 Sylvie's a qt.
>>36645 What about it?
For >>14701 txt2pdf sucks: >6.23MB PDF vs 2.27MB LZMA 7zip TXT >>36651 Start making parsec/veyon/x2go instances. Mines are 2€k/m a pop.
Some spic Melty Discord I gave up on #squirt-protection-squat, too many posts.
Open file (145.12 KB 677x690 Mike Z gloating.png)
Open file (4.73 MB 1280x720 7o0V7SUdNTOQj3GP.mp4)
Open file (6.67 MB 1280x720 p4bAqLHB2Yk-qQf0.mp4)
Open file (6.53 MB 1280x720 _a5XuNn4ezRrLoo4.mp4)
Open file (204.50 KB 647x910 tba45-d2po8.png)
This backup missed the Vampire cabinet flyers, dunno if to repost them. However the salt regarding GGPO evo games or not is delectable
In regards to https://arch.b4k.co/vg/thread/293056741/#293077701 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/bb49e3510f2e76454278ed948eec83300f6290b046d8985597b0d30d81a03bb1/detection AVG pulls nothing I don't have Malwarebytes, Kaspery, or Bitdefender to verify, but according to: https://chromeapps.site/scan/report.php?id=3c2bc0c551bc73d3 It's clean. However, the source code is indeed pulling personal identifying information and reporting to two IPs: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Rhekar/CCCaster/master/targets/MainUpdater.cpp https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Rhekar/CCCaster/master/netplay/ProcessManager.hpp https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Rhekar/CCCaster/master/netplay/ProcessManager.cpp I could decompile to triple verify. [..]MBAACC - Community Edition/MBAACC/cccaster $ b2sum -a blake2sp updater.exe && shasum -a 256 updater.exe f1476c19c48d9674cc8eb1dc5969bb8a5df29eb10d76b834f3da945028b92470 updater.exe bb49e3510f2e76454278ed948eec83300f6290b046d8985597b0d30d81a03bb1 *updater.exe
>>38727 What am I even looking at
Open file (254.53 KB 1280x720 sonicfurfag.jpg)
>>38730 Reaction to Sonicfox being added to Skullcucks I'm assuming.
>>38731 Close, if you scroll down ScrubQuotes, it's a good feed for literal garbage Scrubs posts. This time's salt is that decision to swap NPCs in SkullGirls, And the entire FGC is going bonkers, because of background changes. I'm enjoying everything. >>33321 I'm gonna assume you're https://smuglo.li/vg/res/2642.html#3459 >I simply will not put up with the possibility of staring at a tranny and a furry niggerfaggot on some stages. The furries were already bad enough. >I recently learned that one of the TFH devs is a tranny. I thought his degeneracy was limited to being a furry, but apparently that wasn't enough. I feel kind of bad for talking up the game so much now, since I would have included that disclaimer in every post if I had known about it. What about fighting games attracts so many damn trannies? You better stop playing videogames entirely, the most oppressed group is gamers, and guess what, they have every color of the DSM spectrum. Oh wait you're in smugtrans already, lol.
>>38731 Is Sonicfox some Sonichu tier shit or what? I'm out of the loop.
>>38735 In a way, kinda yes, but he's extremely self conscious and aware. His debuts were DBFZ, Soul Cal6, I forgot the other two. As a player, I contest he's good, but what the community is now complaining is the clout. Little does MikeZ care since he's getting paid anyways. Spergs are gonna sperg.
>>38739 Wait, that's a person? I thought it was some shitty deviantart character. Kek.
>>38741 "SonicFox"® is his brandname, like Goichi is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SonicFox eSports man, you have to clout to win™
>>38742 >nigger furfag eceleb is a character the absolute state of western games
Open file (249.67 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (56.33 KB 400x270 s-l400.jpg)
>>38743 >nonplayable See, this is the type of sperging I like to see. What's SonicDick's play style man? >>38744 I see whatchu playing. What happened here? https://www.dlsite.com/eng-touch/work/=/product_id/RE202337.html
Open file (35.21 KB 363x360 Jacket_monster.jpg)
>>38745 This reminds me, whatever happened to that interview of that nigger trying to steal モソスター version 7?
>>38745 Girls with animals ears is not furfaggotry although even that's too much for some and in general anything with fur should be burned.
Open file (151.98 KB 1280x720 kh_005.jpg)
>>38748 >Girls with animals ears is not furfaggotry <He doesn't know
Open file (82.49 KB 370x342 5o.jpg)
>>38749 These are more akin to talking animals than humans with dog heads.
Open file (133.95 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
Open file (33.27 KB 474x233 OIP (8).jpeg)
Open file (44.98 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Open file (82.75 KB 1280x1024 Sonic-The-Fighters-Cast.jpg)
>>38750 That's a great fighting game you got there. You happen to have others?
>>38751 same shit
Open file (33.20 KB 640x590 Porkslope.jpg)
Open file (41.23 KB 640x480 porkslope2.jpg)
>>38752 I've been playing Melty Blood, it's fun I main atari dumbledore from porkslope turkeyhandle
>>30980 Fuck Touhou, new Eternal Fighter Zero when?
Open file (378.62 KB 360x358 cLYIoL1590562544.png)
Open file (1.15 MB 1003x1065 ElizaActionShotRip.jpg)
Open file (219.50 KB 1000x1304 Msfortune_skullgirls.jpg)
Open file (262.02 KB 1200x958 Skullgirls_double.jpg)
>>31015 I tried MSHvC for the saturn but saturn emulation is a pita so I settled for CvSNK2 with redream, I'm curious if we can multiplayer.
>>38773 It's fake tumblr anime anyway. They had one job not to delve into soy and they failed at that.
>>38777 Explain to me the soy meme, I'm 12, and I don't understand the hypocrisies. Please don't bring the panties autism, that's demented.
>>38783 you're friends are over at 8ch.moe
Open file (7.96 KB 145x230 SEGA_CHANNEL_1jpg.JPG)
>>38783 sage
>>38785 Now I'm confused, what does soy, MikeZ, and hypocrites have anything to do with some pig farmer's site that's always down? >>38789 Make a banner out of this >>241
>>38776 mednafen works pretty well for Saturn emulation but maybe not well enough for a fighter >>38792 we already have the awesome autistic screeching banner
god damnit, never put sage in the name field I wish this shit auto-cleared the name field
>>38795 there's this thing called delete and redraft. there's no shame on correcting yourself.
>>38796 I did that twice without remembering to actually delete the name in the name field lol
>>38802 Yeah, my volunteer noticed >>>/gamergatehq/31. But again, don't hesitate to self delete even for a typo. It's funny seeing corrections like >>38743 to >>38744 Just keep gg autism off the /vidya/, k?
Open file (105.47 KB 900x900 druid.jpg)
>>38803 I'm not a nigger you memeloving fuck
Open file (3.38 MB 440x248 EZEYHIjXsAI1ICB.mp4)
Open file (196.60 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (265.54 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
I almost forgot this furry game existed, thanks nip twitter.
>>38734 >because of background changes Yeah because nobody is happy with the literal niggerfaggot replacing Mrs Victoria. Not to mention that if you say anything about him he goes full furfag drama and sends his fans after you. Kind of like >>38773 >>38777 Man LabZero really managed to fuck up. The started off strong with skullgirls but man I don't know what the fuck happened. They pump out the shitty identity crisis of a game Indivisible, but fire the artist responsible for making both it and Skullgirls even worth noticing in the first place. They try to remove pantyshots but because the game's animated well, they can only remove a few frames without fucking everything up. Then, when people notice, they try and pull a "We've grown up" I really wanted to like Skullgirls. The character designs were nice and the fighting was servicable. But they keep shitting the bed. This thing with sonicfox really was the shortest and most effective example of everything wrong with the developer. Attractive female everyone loves? Replace her with a Trannigger's godawful fursona. If furries want to dress up as animals, we should be allowed to hunt them as such.
>>38819 >nobody is happy with the literal niggerfaggot replacing Mrs Victoria. But she randomly comes back, depends your luck. And how does Mrs. Victoria affect your gameplay when you should be great at playing already to never have to use the training room lol? >Not to mention that if you say anything about him he goes full furfag drama and sends his fans after you. Kind of like >>38773 LOL, so criticizing people's deliberate hypocrisies is now being a fan of a furry faggot?!? Why didn't you stop playing the game when Ms. Fortune was added lmao? >The character designs were nice and the fighting was servicable This means you're OK with Beowolf, Eliza, MsFortune, a literal monster of flesh Double?!? >shitting the bed What else have they shat?!? >we should be allowed to hunt them as such. Start by hunting Hudson Soft, Sega, and whatever else above the furfags posted collectivist scum, lmao.
Open file (46.24 KB 599x399 faggot.jpg)
>>38829 get out of here furfag apologist
Open file (359.03 KB 598x569 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38834 if you don't see a difference between that and this you might be a jew
>>38829 >how does she affect your gameplay She's a more neutral set of colors, and blends into the game more. Instead of a Bright Blue Eyesore we have an easy to ignore titty monster. She's less of a distraction and in order to get rid of faggotfox, I have to reload the level and hope RNG doesn't fuck me. >It makes me a fan Not on its own, but the way you argue and your points certainly put you in the same tier of nonargument that his fanboys use. We've had refugees wander in before, and you fit in nicely with them. Mrs Fortune fits into the game for exactly the same reasons as everything else: the focus on cute girls fighting. Big Band and Beowulf stick out more, but are at least original characters designed for the world instead of a furfag's character replacing a better character. >You're okay with [these characters] I am. Why wouldn't I be? You're reaching some assumptions because while I refer to niggerfox as niggerfox, it's because he acts like a nigger. the closest to that is Eliza, and that's only skin-deep. Literally, since she's a skeleton. >What bed If you think that people here are the only ones upset at this, you're wrong. Demonstrably so. >Start with X The large companies making mascots are just that: companies making mascots. If you're going to try and tell me that the furfag's fursona wasn't invented beforehand and just used because he's a braindead furry, I'm going to think you might be a bigger idiot than I originally thought. I don't know where you came from, but you definitely aren't a local and trying to point out niggerfaggot's flaws to you is like arguing with a stonewall covered in HIV-positive semen. >>38834 I know you're baiting but >Monster girl >Monster girl >A werewolf (monster) >A generic fuzzy thing (yeti?) And while Taiban might be furbait, the game he's from clearly shows he's a proper werewolf instead fo some fag's edgy OC. Do me a favor and kill yourself. I know you aren't in the genepool but I can't risk you breeding.
And before you comment on them, I forgot to mention that there are other furfag characters, but they are put into a big crowd of donators, and aren't replacing another character in a specific level.
>>38835 I'm a jew, because I'm not a hypocrite? >>38836 >She's a more neutral set of colors, and blends into the game more. Instead of a Bright Blue Eyesore we have an easy to ignore titty monster. She's less of a distraction and in order to get rid of faggotfox, I have to reload the level and hope RNG doesn't fuck me. Now this is proper criticism, and guess, I agree with this. >Big Band and Beowulf stick out more, but are at least original characters designed for the world instead of a furfag's character replacing a better character. At the least you're not a hypocrite. >it's because he acts like a nigger Does the NPC act like a nigger in the training room? >people here are the only ones upset at this, you're wrong. Show more please, I'm enjoying the salt. >If you're going to try and tell me that the furfag's fursona wasn't invented beforehand I'm saying why are you salty enough not to patch Ms.Victoria in forever? <Felicia, not Cat Spirit nun, not a furfag <Sasquatch, not a furry about a north abomination <Q-Bee, a literal insectoid Apidae inspired by a demon from journey to the west <Rikou, def. Merfolk, doesn't get more half human half fish than this >Taiban, the only furry Nigger, even Demitri is canonically half daylight walker, making half bat. >>38837 Oh, I know, I'm just not the hypocrite that didn't play furfag games because some nigger paid handsomely to fanfiction himself officially. I'm just enjoying the salt from hypocrites denying Ms Fortune wasn't a furry, or Beowulf at that. Seems more like a self conflict problem, not mines.
>>38838 >Does the NPC act like a nigger in the training room? >Standing around, being generally useless and nobody wants him there. However he's only there because of who he is, while displacing someone much more qualified for the position. Yes, actually. >Show more It's all over twitter and I don't feel like logging back in. >you salty enough not to patch Ms.Victoria in forever? I did, but there's always a chance it somehow breaks the game later. I'm always a bit iffy in modding games with online interaction on the off chance it's bannable. Not ususally an issue, but MikeZ is enough of a cuck to make the player somehow softbanned for modding out niggerfox. Felicia is a generic catgirl. I'm not going to get into the whole debate on what is(n't) a furry but catgirls is an established trope and separate from them in most areas where the two are categorized. This extends to MsFortune and beo as well unless i've missed a scene with a snout or something. Sasquatch is just a generic monster. I'm not that familiar with JttW so I wouldn't recognize her as anything but a monster girl, but if she's based off of a demon then that'd still put her out of range for furfaggotry. I forgot to talk about rikou, but I had assmed he was a copyright-friendly version of a "swamp thing". It's been well over a decade since I've touched darkstalkers so my memory's fuzzy on him.
Open file (407.11 KB 1600x1237 Neonomicon4Wrap.jpg)
Open file (77.92 KB 1200x557 dims.jpg)
>>38839 Rikou started out as a Deep One from Lovecraft mythos, then they applied the bishounen manga filters and changed him into a merman.
As for the npc in the training room, the problem isn't that they put a furry in there, the problem is that Skullgirls suffers from the worst case of "it's an obscure videogame reference, you wouldn't get it" syndrome. They cut together a bunch of shit from other games to make the characters and backgrounds, and put references to other stuff goddamn everywhere. There's not a single original idea in the game, neither graphically or gameplay wise. I mean I dig the game, but you have Peacock with a touhou colour scheme, Ms Fortune with a Pussycat one (from the claymation), there's an entire Lovecraft Town (Little Innsmouth, populated by fish people), and Zone-tan is an NPC in the game too (yes, I know they got Zone working as a background artist, but that doesn't excuse it). Referencing stuff constantly like that is the lowest form of writing, it means the creator does not have a single original idea and he is just snipping together shout-outs to other creators. You can use all those inspirations without making it obvious that you are referencing something, but the game isn't doing that, the game is straight up BUILDING itself up from blatant references and artist OCs. So in that vein, putting in some gaylords fursona in the background blends perfectly with the games design. Problem is that the game had shitty design from inception. As stupid Indivisible is, at least they are making something slightly more original there.
>>38841 >lovecraft >2hu >Obscure Aside from these being borderline normalfag references, they're just color schemes and minor details. They're mostly relevant to the character in some way and make sense in context. Just because you have to google what a name is, doesn't make it a problem. Also "there's not a single original idea in the game" is definitely an exaggeration and no amount of text walls and far reaches will justify sonicfag's character being shoved in
Open file (1.24 MB 1600x1200 125306.jpg)
Open file (300.46 KB 1236x1600 Swamp Monster Portrait.jpg)
Open file (202.58 KB 1366x768 Pandora.jpg)
>>38839 >Standing around, being generally useless and nobody wants her there. However she's only there because of who she is, while displacing someone much more qualified for the position. Thanks for describing Ms. Victoria. >It's all over twitter and I don't feel like logging back in. Shameful! >MikeZ is enough of a cuck to make the player somehow softbanned for modding When that happens, then you can infuriate yourself against, not yet. >Felicia generic Has claws, actual cat ears, purrs like one, meows like one, behaves like one, it's a furry. >Sasquatch is just a generic monster. So Bigfoot is a generic monster, not a northern beastfolk of the Himalayas? >based off of a demon then that'd still put her out of range for furfaggotry. Demon, in the sense of an evil spirit, an animal that lost it's way. Q-Bee is supposed to represent a hornet that lost its path, and in Vampire, she seeks to lay her demons/offsprings on everyone. She's still 100% a hornet that gained human level sentience. >Rikou, swamp thing That makes it worse. >>38840 Nice >>38841 >So in that vein, putting in some gaylords fursona in the background blends perfectly with the games design. Problem is that the game had shitty design from inception. As stupid Indivisible is, at least they are making something slightly more original there. Hey, someone that isn't a hypocrite too, nice! >>38842 The game is based on Marvel vs Capcom, instead of the infinity stones, a skull heart. Street Fighter vs Tekken takes it a step further using the source material of of the skull heart inspiration. Salty spergs just want to sperg.
Open file (1.94 KB 188x124 Felicia_s_hk_5.png)
ffs, Felicia even has a fully functional tail!
>>38844 >It's the same for Victoria Except she was designed for the level. In terms of qualifications, she was literally made for the job. Niggerfox is a diversity hire, by comparison. >Shameful If you can't go to twitter and find it yourself, there's not much I could do regardless. I'm not exposing myself to more of you, just to spoonfeed you. >You can't be mad I have to deal with an apologist for a furfag tranny, so I can be as annoyed as I want to be >Felicia is a furry She still isn't and >>38845 doesn't change that. >Bigfoot yes a generic monster. if you can identify what animal that's supposed to be, be my guest. >Hornet Based on doesn't mean a 1:1 carryover. It's a monster girl in DS, and a demon in the myth. >Swamp thing is worse That's your personal taste, which we've already proved is suspect at best. >The game is based on Marvel vs Capcom Like I said: borderline normalfag references. Try as you like, there's no justification on this one: niggerfox just doesn't belong there. You don't even have a good reason anymore, and if you really want a tranny furfag's avatar, there's a nice big crowd to stick to wedge it in, ins tead.
Also, at this point I've already given the best and most valid reason: (it doesn't fit the level) as well as the most logical one (He should be in the big croud of other paypigs, where he belongs). Literally everything else being discussed is based on your bogus "But what about THESE" argument.
Open file (20.23 KB 474x313 OIP (8).jpeg)
Open file (23.93 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Open file (27.93 KB 268x353 Werecat-1.jpg)
Open file (64.95 KB 600x556 5d3.jpg)
>>38846 >If you can't go to twitter and find it yourself, there's not much I could do regardless. I'm not exposing myself to more of you, just to spoonfeed you. Don't worry, my personal nitter feed brought me tons. I'm just not retarded enough to sell my soul to Jack Dorsey. How do you think I posted more shit than just twitter reactions? But seriously, if you have one off-hand pass it over, don't hesitate. I come to imageboards exactly because of this. >I have to deal with an apologist for a furfag tranny, so I can be as annoyed as I want to be Story time! >[Felicia] still isn't and >>38845 doesn't change that. This is becoming gold levels of rationalization. What differs a werecat and felicia from girl with cat ears? >animal that's supposed to be, be my guest. The Sasquatch, the abominable beast of the north. Like a Lycan is the abominable beast of the forest. Are-you-dense? >It's a monster girl in DS, and a demon in the myth. Ok, so, because it isn't insect like, and literally a sentient hornet, that's a monster to you. OK. >Swamp thing OK, I guess you're ok with scaly breathing men things. >niggerfox just doesn't belong there. Have you tried asking MikeZ that, and not your twitter followers? >>38847 Nah, I'm enjoying you rationalize "notafurry", and we've (you&I) conceded at the least due to contrast in the background it becomes an annoyance. However, then you have concede you've never won against Peacock, Ms Fortune, Parasoul and Eliza that make a mess of colors in the screen. Either way, I'm still enjoying you rationalize yourself Vampire isn't a castlevania roster of ghouls and monsters. Anyone still making their Godot libre source fighting game insert your character engine, yet?
>>38849 Short versions. You're the apologist. Felicia isn't a furry because she is a cat-girl/monster girl. You can't really prove otherwise without making some leaps in logic. I'm not sure where you're getting your sasquatch description but the closest I've found is "ape-like". It is, by literal definition, a monster. Why wouldn't I be? It's a cool monster from the golden age of monster movies. That's like trying to say that someone doesn't like mummies or something. You haven't given a reason why he does, so clearly he doesn't. >Peacock, eliza, Parasoul, and/or mrsfortune making a mess of the screen How?
>>38838 you're a jew because you're a fucking jew retard
User was banned for being a jew
>>38851 Felicia, is, a were, cat. Stop rationalizing yourself. >mess of the screen <Colors of attacks do not contrast the background >and makes it hard to blend in and distract your opponent. >>38853 That's now how Judaism works, furfused nigger.
>>38853 Even when i agree with this ban due to obtuse attitude, banning someone for calling someone else a jew is not a good sign.
>>38855 >>>/meta/12849 Also, MikeZ owes me vectors
>you're a jew because you're a fucking jew retard if you would like to see how truly powerful a Jew can be, watch Jeffery Epstein on Netflix. It is a great instructional series on how to create a pedo ponzi scheme.
>>38854 Werecat implies she has a human form. She doesn't have one of those, now does she? >Colors, etc Again, how? The foreground info onscreen is pretty clearly telegraphed.
Open file (65.26 KB 600x400 mKX5Km7.jpg)
Open file (2.21 MB 640x360 piP9Uhd7NiPTHPQE.mp4)
>>38860 Correct like Jon Talbain before her, a cat granted her another life if it could possess her and pass on her offspring, thus, as penance she became a nun to repent her past life's mistakes, but when possessed she's fully cat. She's still a furry and will eventually, well, even in fighting produces demons like her. >The foreground info onscreen is pretty clearly telegraphed So is an ambient npc on a stage. Anyways I'm done talking about a faggot with prize money and no game. If you see more spergs, pass all their rants. I'm gonna continue developing my Godot engine.
>>38861 Now you're contradicting yourself. You've used what you just called her "human" form as proof that she's a furry. On top of that, even if we just ignored your misguided insistance up until this point, that still makes her a monster, since she only has a (slightly) anthropomorphized cat form as a rarely-used alternate. They're furbait, sure, but werewolves (and by extension were-anything) have always been monsters. And, again, that makes Felicia a monster-girl. Good luck with your OriginalTheCharacter fighting game. Hopefully it's more solid than your reasoning here.
Open file (379.49 KB 600x800 pyron-original.jpg)
>>38862 I used the past tense, she's no longer human, she's 100% cursed werecat. She can't go back to being human, her life as a human is essentially over. Monster is anything that is monsterous to mankin, including volcanos which is what Pyron, the spirit of [hell] fire, is. Even Covid19 is a monster to mankin, even is self developed (W.H.O. Bioweapon). You're just in denial that because she's benevolent to humans, she's technically not a monster, thus a furry. >Good luck with your OriginalTheCharacter fighting game. >Hopefully it's more solid than your reasoning here. Thanks. At the least it will be libre source so others can insert theirs in without involving myself into bribes. That's essentially the entire discourse with that kike lover above. I just need seed funding. Fucking Covid19 and governments freezing my assets.
>>38864 >She can't go back to being human Then she's not a werecat. The "were" in that strictly means man. As in a werewolf would be a man-wolf. You can't be a were-something unless you have a human form to revert to. Felicia is a monster-girl, not a furry, since she possesses inhuman(See: monstrous) traits but isn't a full-on animal nor a human. These are established things and your shoddy justification isn't going to change that. I said I'm not going to argue this, but I can only repeat "The sky is blue" so many times in so many ways. Also develop a proof of concept, then start a kikestarter/indiegogo/gofundme/etc. If you've got something actually developed, you should have a higher success rate.
>>38865 >Also develop a proof of concept, I, and several others have: https://itch.io/games/made-with-godot/tag-fighting https://github.com/search?q=godot+fighting >kikestarter/indiegogo/gofundme/etc. I like my privacy thank you very much. >If you've got something actually developed, you should have a higher success rate. Yep, already did my demand testing. I just need a subscription model for 3 years straight, or more, until I have a solid game on its own, with its lore, canon, and uniqueness to differentiate it from the rest. You're going to like it, a lot of people literally asked for it. I just hope I can fond solid funding, and not one time inflation ignorant fundraisers.
>>38842 >Aside from these being borderline normalfag references The "it's a videogame reference, you wouldn't get it" itself is a joking reference to Scott Pilgrim, which coined the phrase, and was widely parodied for presenting known videogame facts as "obscure".
>>38842 >and no amount of text walls and far reaches will justify sonicfag's character being shoved in If you had read the rest of the post, you would have realized that I'm not justifying its existence, just pointing out that it is a symptom of a bigger problem that is present in all of the game design. >they're just color schemes and minor details The main character of the game is an anime schoolgirl with Venom for her hair. Then you have a Cool World reject, John Carpenters The Thing, Strider Hiryuu as a sadistic HELLO NURSE, a fusion of Anakaris and Jedah, a catgirl who makes terrible puns (I CAN HAZ CHEEZEBURGER?), two girls using a parasol and an umbrella as swords (cleverly named PARASOUL and UMBRELLA), a mortal kombat palette swap, a mortal kombat cyber ninja swap, a background character from Nightmare before Xmas, etc etc. >"there's not a single original idea in the game" They had the character influences actually listed for every single character at one point. ie. all the stuff they stole and put together. Skullgirls is an okay fighter but it's really just an indie game with AAA budget, designed by a guy who just puts in everything he thinks is cool.
>>38871 No I read the rest of the post, but it all boiled down to "it's all referential, so niggerfox is ok" in way too many words so I just ignored all the little details leading up to it. Like are you seriously trying to use "it draws influence from X" as a negative when you can apply the same sweeping reductionsto nearly any work of fiction? This is especially true for fighting games, since its rare that there's a truly original idea for a character.
>>38872 >it all boiled down to "it's all referential, so niggerfox is ok" No, I was saying that the games art direction is shit and niggerfox therefore fits in. >are you seriously trying to use "it draws influence from X" as a negative when you can apply the same sweeping reductionsto nearly any work of fiction There's a line between drawing influence from a work to create something unique, and just copy pasting content together. Skullgirls is the latter, because the authors straight up mentioned that they copied this and that for a character.
These matches are way too awesome: https://invidio.us/watch?v=Z3UNsoehuis
>>38896 The fuck is a nitter? Nigger twitter?
Open file (5.40 MB 720x1280 7tByh0_gwtvJNpAv.mp4)
Open file (1.01 MB 540x960 qD5i1yWH5QDrK8RU.mp4)
>>38898 Privacy friendly debloated proxy api to twitter: https://github.com/zedeus/nitter It's also how I follow lots of people without ever creating an account for Jack Dorsey to profit off me. Why I laughed extra harder at >>38839
>>38899 well damn, that seems like a nifty thing alright
>>38929 >Guys, sonicfox is okay! >He's Oppressed™ so it's okay! >He's just a furfag >You're just a homophobe/raycis if you don't want him in there Lmao no. Christ the lenghts these faggot apologists will go to justify this shoehorned fursona.
Open file (56.79 KB 600x800 akiha.jpg)
I'm not allowed to play Melty Blood anymore because I said "nigger"
>>38946 Only people who say nigger should be allowed to play.
>>38947 >Only people who say nigger should be allowed to play. THIS
Open file (363.02 KB 1500x1023 Tsukihime.full.1066642.jpg)
Open file (3.70 KB 55x115 Kouma-colors~2.png)
>>38946 Story time?
Open file (39.30 KB 570x526 Double_nigger.jpg)
>>38951 someone got salty in an lfg channel and people were mad that he got banned for saying 'nigger'. So I said "well in his defense niggers are burning down his place of employment atm" and I got instantly banned. So I went to the backup channel and complained about it and when a mod got pissy I called him a nigger. It was a double-nigger
>>38959 >lfg channel >backup channel What irc:// is this, never heard of it? I've never interacted with https://discordapp.com/invite/33cskPv to know shit, talk to me like'm new. Hopefully on pay day, I can shit on GBL.gg | Shib @shiburizu
Open file (137.68 KB 1280x1024 ArcueidCloudsWP.jpg)
>>38968 well I'm not gonna go advertising their bullshit now. We should make our own melty channel, with blackjack and niggers stay away from discord it's fucking gay and all the mods are fags I just registered #meltyjulay on rizon but we haven't exactly got a ton of people in here after all that BO dramafagging and melty blood is pretty region-dependent
Open file (373.08 KB 600x900 49607506_p0.jpg)
>>38970 So I take it it was indeed the correct discord community. Damn, you gonna need to wait past the 22nd, I plan to shame everyone: https://github.com/Rhekar/CCCaster + Nameless-ircd + Veyon + tourneybot + roulettebot.
>>38973 SOKUNIGGERS versus MELTYHOBOS tournament when?
Open file (670.40 KB 827x1169 54512645_p0.jpg)
It's at this point I ask myself if Psychojosh likes kike censorship, or someone's being paid: https://archive.fo/tR53b#21801 >>39020 Add another great game, and then we can do the GBFS mockery tournament. Eternal Fighter Zero Revival?
>>39029 If someone manages to revive Akatsuki Blitzkampf and have anons play, it would be glorious.
Open file (1.33 MB 500x510 necoarc.gif)
>>39074 I was talking about this game with some of the melty anons the other day, the mechanics look cool but I'm not a big fan of the characters or visuals. If I'm going to spend time learning a fighting game I'd rather play soku or melty or unib or something
Open file (134.72 KB 1139x398 gibs emails.png)
Open file (380.73 KB 360x360 jLtMFO1591590114.png)
Open file (16.17 KB 235x262 disgust.jpg)
Open file (155.84 KB 1003x1200 BM3Nkd1.jpg)
Open file (161.54 KB 994x1200 FM06v5v.jpg)
Open file (99.40 KB 918x764 hyISfuz.jpg)
Open file (178.73 KB 1216x1636 LOZPvtY.jpg)
Open file (139.38 KB 935x1200 ZSZgYRx.jpg)
MikeZ on suicide watch
>>39322 that's what you get for simping
Open file (90.10 KB 720x1440 pUOKdaN.png)
>>39322 The idea that the "community managers" have banded together to try and ban him from commentary and participation is ridiculous but funny; such is the world we live in.
>>39324 Yeah the whole situation has been fun to laugh at but this does not set a good precedent. The man is a cringey retard who talks like a 12-year-old from 2007 and made an half-assed edgy joke, but none of it is anything genuinely worthy of a ban. He's already been banned from attending ComboBreaker and he's literally the dude who's (to my understanding) responsible for the GAME part of the game. Thinking about it, I think people were just trying to scrape more information to throw him under the bus after that "Can't breathe" joke. Even well after it had passed people were still screaming about it. Skullgirls community was always pozzed anyway. Anyone who enjoys that game is probably better off switching to Marvel vs Capcom 2 since the shit has decent netcode/online play now.
>>39325 >but none of it is anything genuinely worthy of a ban That's how things have devolved. Mike himself issued a ban on Dyne because of a shitfest that happened on IRC between Dyne and a trans player who complained about being misgendered. This was 3 years ago. >Even well after it had passed people were still screaming about it. Outrage and cancel culture keep these people chomping at the bits once blood is in the water. >Skullgirls community was always pozzed anyway It didn't get terminal until around the times the skullhearts forums had their migration. I know because I was there and the moderation started really cracking down on people using the "wrong" words or expressing the "wrong" thoughts. The game updates had dried up at the time which also caused a dip in traffic as is true for any fighting game. It's not surprising to me that Sharpie, SonicFox, and some other names in the community are throwing Mike under the bus now but it's sad. The guy has an attitude and a lack of social awareness that borders on autism but he's also the person most invested in the game and has been putting in updates on his own time to improve it long after it's crowdfunding campaigns. I don't think he'll abandon the game but these people asking for him to be gone from the public stage at least show just how little loyalty exists when dealing with outrage culture. SG isn't my game of choice, not a fan of tag fighters even thought the option to play solo exists and it's too reset heavy on top of that. But this is just sad right when it gets it's EVO main stage that all this shit is happening.
Open file (2.20 KB 177x20 ClipboardImage.png)
>get woke >get cancelled by your discord administrator
Open file (332.91 KB 935x703 lupinwin.png)
It's such a strange thing to see a community I'm not involved with and don't care about literally eat itself alive for something so stupid. It's kind of fun to watch, but there's a feeling of apathy with a lingering sense of dread knowing that drama like this will likely hit one of my games or communities at some point. At least I know that most real people don't actually give a fuck, especially the old heads.
Open file (17.24 KB 1000x500 Eb5nUwrUEAAWYHY.png)
>>39329 Well, the most I'd consider myself a part of the so-called FGC was just going to some locals a city over and online just as rarely. But seeing all this stuff explode on social media makes me glad I don't interact with that aspect of the community at all much less have any stake in all the shit being dredged up no matter how true or valid every individual claim winds up being. Now Mr. Core Values is getting outed because he's potentially a pedo and this isn't the first claim of pedophelia in recent weeks since Smash seems to be getting it as well.
>>39322 On one hand, this is just plain embarrassing and not much else worth getting a hate mob after. On the other hand he abandoned Skullgirls to make a more "Diverse" """metroidvania""" with an identity crisis. Also he fired the artist whose artstyle carried his game out of mediocrity into something people were interested in. So I'm going to count this as karma for basically not sticking to his fanservice guns.
Open file (468.50 KB 800x338 mbtmth8xnsx1pvecmgre.mp4)
Open file (165.13 KB 400x168 ezm05imzlqhjqyyjxcxb.mp4)

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