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Open file (4.10 MB 640x360 398712698.mp4)
Open file (91.34 KB 843x948 naughty zog 01.jpg)
Failed games that bankrupted/will bankrupt their developers. Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 19:48:51 No.38066
Let's talk about those games and spread a lot of spoilers about them and the whines of their failed developers. Keep it on topic ;) this thread is shit and is now a meta thread your mission if you choose to accept it is to quickly sage it to the post limit so it slides off the front page
Edited last time by notbaph on 06/06/2020 (Sat) 22:48:57.
Open file (223.08 KB 265x375 ClipboardImage.png)
God Hand was Clover Studio's last game before going under, and while it was initially hit with mixed reviews, many people have warmed up to this odd, but fun game in recent years.
>>38070 10/10 best spanking simulator
>>38070 >in recent years As in the last 12 years or so?
guys, /cow/ boys have found this thread, it's going to be deleted soon ;_; no TLOU2 threads allowed, they are not /v/idya
>>38066 i know one: i believe the game is called tyga nowood's indoor golf simulator. the prefix the last of us this golf simulator has is due to the fact that naughty dog has very likely made its last game ever.
>>38078 I know a great place for you anywhere but here
>>38078 TLOU2 is perhaps the most /v/idya to ever /v/idya, you doublenigger.
Open file (42.78 KB 430x370 haze.jpg)
>killed battlefront 3 and timesplitters 4/TS2 PS3 port
>>38078 >no TLOU2 threads allowed, they are not /v/idya Threads are allowed, you using them as a thinly veiled niggergate thread isn't but since you reddit menace can't keep your autism in check that means no tlou2 threads for you. Not that anyone cares since nobody wants to play or talk about the actual shit game so it's a win win really.
>>38078 >>38082 is right TLOU2 is the gaymest of gaymes, its a shitty walking simulator and the shitstorm surrounding it counts as a extra pre-release bonus level salt mining sim. this is also the best part of it
>>38078 that site fucking sucks
What killed Looking Glass, was it Thief 2 or was it Daikatana? >>38082 >TLOU2 >video games
Open file (134.93 KB 531x412 sargon just leave.jpg)
>>38091 You're free to fuck off to greener pastures, if you don't like it This is a pedo free, anti ni/gg/er vidya board. If you're not going to post videogames or facesitting fetish porn, you should just fuck off and leave >>38085 At least the premise was kind of cool, shame it was just a generic halo wannabe
Open file (205.51 KB 266x374 maxis.png)
I fucking hate you, EA.
>>38078 >no TLOU2 threads allowed, they are not /v/idya Of fucking course threads about movies aren't /v/idya, you twat.
>>38092 Thief 2, Daikatana was Ion Storm.
>>38099 Wait, so what was siphoning the funds and/or time from Thief 2? I mean the game is good but you can feel it rushed in a few places. Does this mean John Romero's shit game is the reason why that teased alternate campaign in Deus Ex where you tell Paul you're not becoming a terrorist never goes anywhere?
>>38104 Maybe it was deep cover the 60s spy game that was supposed to come out after thief 2? >alternate campaign in deus ex Was cut out because of time constraints like the white house and other cut content.
>>38102 Then your webring is dead, retard.
Open file (646.17 KB 1439x956 shasha.png)
>>38102 >>38094 I'm pretty sure you're being ironic, but either way it's silly of you to concern yourself so much with this topic on an imageboard.
Failed games that WILL bankrupt their developers you ask? I have no idea...
>>38106 >White house Man just reading or hearing about the cut content due to time constraints in actually good games is depressing. I really wish I could give HR a fair shake but knowing how stupid the AI can get in a firefight I just can't get myself to do it.
>>38112 this is not videogames, please delete
Open file (56.73 KB 919x720 why.jpg)
I'm not sure whether or not I should post Dead Space 3 and Battlefield Hardline since on one hand, those two were flops, but on the other, Visceral was shut down because of EA's retarded "nobody likes single player games" idea. Which is why Jedi Fallen Order then proceeded to flop harder than any other game posted so far in this thread. >>38112 Normals will still buy it, unfortunately, even if they do get spoiled on how their favorite character gets whacked in the face with a golf club. Though it's "funny" how quick they were to say that you aren't forced to kill dogs and hear their owners cry their eyes out as a result, then almost immediately follow it up by saying that it's nearly impossible to not kill dogs. This shit is just edge for the sake of edge at this point, confusing misery to artful. Misery that's 15 hours long.
Open file (505.88 KB 1903x866 tlou2memes.jpg)
>>38117 yeah you are right
>>38119 I'm contacting Muses on IRC right now, he's about to post his farting fantasies itt and he will have it deleted/locked in no time for offtopic derailing You're not in charge here, ni/gg/er
Open file (25.09 KB 432x391 CIA NIGGER SPOTTED.jpg)
>>38112 NI/GG/ERS GET OUT!!! MODS MODS MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>38125 already reported, fellow /cow/boy. They will learn their fucking lesson
>>38126 >>38125 Of course /cow/niggers suck off jannies ahahahahahah
>>38127 The BO already told you to fuck off. Off topic /pol/ discussions are NOT allowed here If you were a CORE JULAY USER, then things might be different, but you're not, so you have to fuck off. Not a single video game in sight Better luck next time, ni/gg/ers!
Open file (59.40 KB 680x697 ND trash.JPG)
>>38129 Purity spiraling on my vidya? It's more likely than you think.
>this ni/gg/er just aimlessly spamming now You can't post literal child porn or offtopic /pol/ spamming here anymore, just fuck off to mark/v/ and 9chan and fuck off already. WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE, LEAVE
Open file (110.94 KB 1235x612 TLOU2.png)
>>38132 They need to stop seriously, i am calling Muses right now, that will show them.
>>38120 >he's about to post his farting fantasies itt and he will have it deleted/locked in no time for offtopic derailing Fucking finally, i'd say.
>>38070 IMO, Clover knew the company would close so they took the remant budget from Okami and made the game they always wanted to make. And thus, Platinum came to be after that.
>>38129 Exept neither >muh pol or >muh lolis Are off topic. And all anons were doing in that thread is looking for solution to vidya question.
>>38141 >>38137 >>38133 fuck off, pedo scum
Janny mad
>>38143 Fuck off, jew lawyer scum.
Why is this a cyclical?
>>38236 Because people made a thread making fun of TLOU2, the BO deleted it, so then anons made another TLOU2 thread, BO deleted that one too, then anon made this thread, BO deleted THIS one too beause it might as well be a thinly veiled TLOU2 thread. I guess he finally gave up and gave us what we wanted, to be left alone to post and talk in whatever kinds of thread we want to. I assume that it also keeps the DESIGNATED shitposters and screeching autists contained to this thread so 2 birds one stone I guess?
Open file (136.23 KB 483x444 rainbow bean.png)
>constantly replying to insanely easy to spot bait >thread completely and constantly off topic >entire post histories getting wiped for no reason >threads dropping left and right for seemingly no reason >cyclical for a garbage thread Jesus fucking christ how can you faggots ruin a board so fast?
>>38240 But we already have a TLOU2 thread at >>1226. Why not just delete all the threads and direct everyone to that one?
>>38241 I don't think the BO wins in either situation. >Leaving them up means that hes a lazy BO like mark who doesnt care about the quality of his threads >Deleting the threads makes him a power hungry dictator who deletes threads for "no reason" like mark even though he gave one before >>38243 Oh shit I never even posted in that one before, I actually forgot that it even existed. I just never gave a shit about how the game is on two discs.
>>38244 >I don't think the BO wins in either situation. Maybe he could delete the obvious derailers and hand out bans to people posting off topic shit instead of banning people who are talking about the game. Not that it matters now, his autism has completely tainted this topic and I doubt its going to recover from it.
>>38092 >What killed Looking Glass, was it Thief 2 or was it Daikatana? Apparently their autistic flight sims didn't sell well though that's just going off (((Wikipedia))). Reading between the lines I think they were probably also badly staffed, overly ambitious and probably not amazingly managed. Most of the big names involved in LGS have since set up studios that have repeatedly been prone to the same three issues.
>>38116 >Man just reading or hearing about the cut content due to time constraints in actually good games is depressing. Looking at how most of the crowdfunded games have turned out this is the lesser evil in the grand scheme of things. When you give creative people no constraints they tend to shoot off on tangents, plan unrealistic shit and never actually finish/polish their work.
Open file (34.07 KB 295x280 7ee[1].gif)
>>38249 >When you give creative people no constraints they tend to shoot off on tangents, plan unrealistic shit and never actually finish/polish their work. Moreso than the frame censorship, I will never Lab Zero for leaving Skullgirls with an incomplete story mode. When they need three core DLC characters (Umbrella, Black Dahlia, Marie) to make a canon story mode, why the absolute HELL would you leave their chances of getting in to a fan poll? Let alone the bullshit like boring Beowulf/Eliza only getting in because of spite voting from the losers against the Minettefags or whoever it was (Eliza didn't even get to keep her advertised blood mechanic either). I'd hope Indivisible flopping would force them to come crawling back to finish it since it's their only IP of note, but if I recall they don't even hold the rights anymore and the artist guy who dreamed the whole thing up (Alex Ahad or something) was kicked out around the same time they were becoming woke. That and I hear they made a hollowed out version of the game as a mobileshit. Whales with poor impulse control are probably gonna keep them out of the red. Fucking hell.
>>38242 Ghostbusters 2016, Terminator Dark Fate, Birds of Prey, Battlefield 5 etc. want to have a word with you.
Open file (13.60 MB 1000x1000 Fuck Jannies EP.webm)
Never forgetti
>>38761 >18 minutes of this guy singing
Open file (49.64 KB 446x361 you.jpg)
>>38094 Fuck off back to /cow/ so you can jackoff to Chris-chan you impotent retard,
>>38266 > if I recal...the artist guy who dreamed the whole thing up (Alex Ahad or something) was kicked out around the same time they were becoming woke This is correct. I lost the screencap but he was fired like last december or something.
>>38120 >You're not in charge here, ni/gg/er Neither are you, /cow/tard Cry moar.
>>38950 >replied to a month old post the absolute state of ni/gg/ers
Open file (263.88 KB 480x320 gamergator.png)
>>38950 >>38952 I'm in charge here. gamergays are fags
>>38960 /cow/tards are lolcows themselves at this point.
>>38972 /cowtards are insecure and pedophile lolcows.
>>38975 at least they aren't ni/gg/ers
>>38972 is banning people for speaking truth to power this sites bread and butter or what?
Open file (3.35 KB 100x100 dubs.jpg)
>>38977 nice dubs faggot
>>38977 goobergate died 5 years ago
>>38979 Then why do you keep seeing ni/gg/ers everywhere?
>>38980 because you keep posting everywhere
Who, me?
Insecure /cowtard mods pretending to have any power at all. Afraid of #GamerGate as always.
Open file (229.51 KB 640x480 alreadydead.jpg)
Open file (14.27 KB 480x360 the real daddy.jpg)
>>38994 This. its sad how small the janny's world is
>>38994 >>39010 goobergate died 5 years ago
The real gamergay will always live on in our hearts. Especially yours. Rent free.
>>39021 niggergate lives only in ass
>>39022 Is that why you're so butthurt?
>>39023 >u b-butthurt do you ni/gg/ers have at least one other comeback
>>39025 They are smug because at least zchan doesn't give them the boot. Just wait until that site dies, lol.
>>39026 I think people would still prefer marks 8chan to here, there is at least the status quo of the cucked 8chan we've come to accept, here is just a total shitshow of mismanagement.
>>39012 >>39026 So "dead" that you are still afraid of it to this day. #GamerGate is eternal. As are your insecurities and pedophile thoughts.
>>39032 >USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST kek, baste jannie. i don't understand why dumbasses have anything to do with that asshole. beaten-wi/v/es syndrome maybe?
>>39035 Nobody wants anything to do with him just like nobody wants anything to do with the watkins, its simply a lack of better alternatives. We at least managed to get rid of one of them, if this sites administration hadn't shown itself to be totally incompetent and fuck up to the same degree as jim did to lead everyone to hate him we might have had a chance to rid ourselves of both of them. But I don't think thats going to happen now seeing as in the last hour your response to my post is the only activity on this board.
>>39036 >its simply a lack of better alternatives Honestly that's a sad state of affairs, returning to eat shit instead of eating shit while being belittled by it. People rather not post at all and this relative radio silence is proof of it, they might have fun at 8moe but that won't stop the silent ones from mocking and feeling bad about them.
>>39036 robi is just really busy with irl shit and doesn't have time to police admins. In the end he gave this board to someone with a proven track record. He went with the faggot mods to get rid of all the gay faggots who post the same shit on every single /v/ on every single chan and it worked. This board is starting over from scratch and that's the way to do it. A julay-only board where julay posters can talk about video games without being inundated by faggots and no cockmongling board owner will delete your vidya threads for dipshit reasons
>>39038 Your "julay posters" are exclusively posting on /cow/ and show absolute disdain for /v/ and its posters, its no different than the political boards being all thats left of 8kun because they just don't give a shit about the censorship that drove everyone else away.
>>39036 I don't really think Robi is to blame. After all, he's providing a place here for free, and took in practically every refugee group who didn't already have a bunker in place. This certainly helped everyone out, and him going for basically a year like this is bending over backwards for everyone IMO. After all, this place was really just put together to allow a small group of friends to shitpost together, and then the false-flag happened and he opened his doors wide. It's a big job to manage just the technical aspects of things, the communities should be moderating themselves. Plus, he actually has a real life elsewhere than here. Personally, I'm grateful to the man.
>>39041 He can do all that and still be to blame for the state of this site now, just like jim is responsible for the state of 8kun. At this point I'd be more grateful if he just gave it a mercy killing to stop dividing the community, the same thing I wish jim would do.
>>39042 the state of this site now is because he wanted to incentivise the bunkers to find permanent homes elsewhere. If things continued the way they were going he'd have to become the next moot or hotwheels and burn out just like they did. Julay would die. The posters here aren't the same posters as the ones who can post just fine on cakejew or acidfag's boards. If I went there I'd be alienated and repeatedly banned. The mods are fags and the users are cancer
>>39043 >If I went there I'd be alienated and repeatedly banned. Kind of like all the people that came here for /v/ getting alienated and repeatedly banned until all thats left is a dead board like this and then the genius decision is made to promote the person who banned everyone?
>>39044 It's impossible for that to happen under my rule. Hanging flesh isn't doing anything on /vidya/ and even if he was I'd just reverse an illegitimate ban. The fact is he's a dumbass who didn't know how to handle a raid and the board owners at the time were participating in the raid. You can be butthurt about it forever, you can evacuate to another board, or you can go back to posting about vidya. Your call, but FYI right now you're acting exactly like the gamergays who flipped their shit when someone gave the GNAA board ownership of the gamergate board as a joke. It's not a good look
>>39046 Hanging flesh isn't doing anything because theres nobody left to post anything. If that ever changes and I'd be surprised if it did then you'd run into the same problem that the last BO did because you don't have any more power to control hanging flesh sperging out than the last BO did. Not even the owner of the site seems to have the power to control him so what the fuck do you think you're going to do? Also it wasn't a raid, raids come from the outside, these were simply users of the boards shitposting out of spite because their vidya related discussions were getting nuked for containing a loli.
>>39039 >Your "julay posters" are exclusively posting on /cow/ Way to go, newfag
Open file (36.88 KB 469x429 triangleconsole.jpg)
>>39047 >what the fuck do you think you're going to do you underestimate the power of the triangle
>>39048 Any time I look at the latest posts its all /cow/ excluding the posts in this thread, what conclusion do you expect me to come to?
>>39047 You make it sound like Hanging Flesh was removing actual videogame discussion, instead of a bunch of pedo porn that was invited in by the pedophile Kimeemaru.
Open file (707.35 KB 752x1062 touhourape.png)
pomf =3
>>39051 So this board was run perfectly and the hotpocketeers did no wrong and then one day completely unprovoked kimeemaru raised a personal army of pedo porn spammers? Thats the story you're going with? An actual video game discussion can contain a loli since this is an imageboard, and deleting those posts for having lolis in them is what provoked the response from the userbase that had just recently been ousted from another site over the same stupid shit.
>>39053 This place was run just fine before the pedo Kimeemaru took control after running ops to burn out the previous BO, they where literally discussing how to destroy him on /japan/ and gloating after succeeding in it. These same pedo's then went around all kinds of other boards and websites to PA request them to spam lolishit on here, suddenly the post count shot up massively as a legion of pedo's where dumping all their loli doujins in a videogame board and crying when they got banned over it.
>>39044 >Kind of like all the people that came here for /v/ getting alienated and repeatedly banned until all thats left is a dead board Yeah, the same people who drove the original users out and then were drove out themselves for being a pest while calling others "cancer" >Also it wasn't a raid, raids come from the outside, these were simply users of the boards shitposting Fatchan is in all technicals "outside", Cakekike refugees with no holds about shitposting boards with a defined way of posting and butthurt about being called out along with trying to rewrite the narrative. >>39053 >and then one day completely unprovoked kimeemaru raised a personal army of pedo porn spammers? Just like one day he got the BO place and immediately made a mayhem within days of a massive influx of newposters making duplicate threads and sliding others. >>39054 >they where literally discussing how to destroy him on /japan/ and gloating after succeeding in it. More context to this would be mentioning the hehpill and how Kim actually mentioned his affinity to /int/. The IRC club was completely retarded in not seeing the writing on the wall.
Open file (2.84 KB 130x97 2.jpg)
>>39054 aka a raid
>>39054 Of course the post count would shoot up when people are simply spamming images rather than spending the time writing out long winded posts. This just sounds like a bad conspiracy theory of yours and having witnessed the event myself it doesn't hold water, if it was all just a raid then everything would have went back to normal afterwards but it didn't, the entire board died because it wasn't raiders being ousted from the site it was your own upset userbase.
>>39057 >having witnessed the event myself it doesn't hold water There's archives and screencaps from threads and catalogue being shat up even previous to the whole "pedo" thing. It's either believing you or 3 or 4 of us for a lurker, their choice because all of us were there in that week and we know what we saw. >if it was all just a raid then everything would have went back to normal afterwards but it didn't >it wasn't raiders being ousted from the site it was your own upset userbase. How much do you want to keep being retarded? a raid can last weeks (this one lasted 2) and the old userbase simply stopped posting due to lack of control and bans for the newcomers, they mentioned it multiple times on the meta threads and the starter ones who got sageed off by spam. See: Hehpill & its consequences on a board used to strict moderation.
Open file (138.47 KB 514x360 triangletower.mp4)
>>39057 >sounds like a conspiracy theory you know when it sounds like a conspiracy theory? when there's a fucking conspiracy, dumbass there were conspiracyfags conspiracyposting all over plw, 8chan.moe, smug, and god knows where else for like two weeks and you ni/gg/ers still don't believe there was a raid
>>39058 > the old userbase simply stopped posting due to lack of control and bans for the newcomers Whats their excuse for still not posting now that its all over and all thats left is a dead board that nobody is posting on anymore?
>/intl/goon koipedo posts his PA request list >suddenly "organic" posters show up complaining how persecuted the poor pedophile community is Really makes you think.
>>39061 Imageboards are full of outcasts like pedophiles and nazis, normal well adjusted people go to places like reddit to discuss video games not here. Why do you think lolicon has always had such a prevalence on /v/ even when its totally irrelevant to the discussion? The same thing would happen if a mod came in and started banning anyone that said nigger or kike and then when the board devolved into nonstop nigger kike spam until everyones banned and the board is dead faggots like you would come out of the woodwork and claim it was all just an alt-right raid and not our userbase.
>>39060 They burned off or jumped ship thinking the madman was still in charge, remember Kim deleted the board twice taking a couole of good or """effort""" posts with him. The burnt thing was a long-winded supposition but i'm believing it, both Anon Cafe and Julay have had their posting habits decrease considerably, although in the case of Cafe it might be settling down because they didn't have many posts to begin with before the deadline. But here you can see that too in the other boards with no drama behind them, they just post once in a while if ever; an example is /ck/ and /strek/.
>>39063 If they all see no reason to come back then why do you see a reason to stay?
>>39062 Bad comparison: >the board devolved into nonstop nigger kike spam until everyones banned Many already quitted and voiced discomfort due to spam after duplicate threads were deleted (TLoU2) and way before HangingFlesh went full retard. And i don't even think "everyone" from that raid got banned, it was mainly fast shitposting into many threads fueled by the rogue BO. >it was all just an alt-right raid and not our userbase. Your insistence against all proofs around external events funneling here and malevolence like >>39061 is grating. >>39064 To /v/? I'm just lurking the wasteland, i used to post here but i don't feel like doing anything anymore. To Julay? i lurk many boards and post stuff sometimes but my drive is just not there anymore. I think many feel the same or just went to do other things, i started playing videogames for example. Beats me why many felt the same at the same time, my guess is that they were heavily discouraged by the deadline.
>>39063 >/ck/ and /strek/ /ck/ has always been pretty dead, and /strek/ moved over to 8coom ages ago. >>39062 >Why do you think lolicon has always had such a prevalence on /v/ Not on here, maybe on Marks /v/, but julay/v/ was never a loli porn dump like that place.
>>39066 >/ck/ has always been pretty dead It had a consistent post per day, then it had a post per week if you are lucky. 7 against 1 or less than one is a big difference in a niche board if you have ever browsed them. I didn't know about /strek/ fagging out, thanks for pointing that out.
>>39065 I'm not denying that people went to other sites to talk about the shitstorm that was going down here, of course if you had to go to another /v/ to talk about videogames while shits going down you might mention why you're there. Still doesn't change the fact they're all /v/ users and not outsiders in any way, they had all come here from 8chan in the past and you didn't consider that a raid so what makes this any different?
>>39066 I'm not talking about porn dumps, just subject matter and images people choose to use. Ape escape isn't brought up over and over due to its revolutionary gameplay lets just say that.
>>39069 julay posters are higher quality than the losers on other boards who put up with jew and glownigger site admins and julay has a higher concentration of oldfags than other sites. Users of those sites are mostly unwelcome here
>>39071 From what I can see the only thing this site has a higher concentration of is smugness.
>>39069 >Still doesn't change the fact they're all /v/ users and not outsiders in any way Well at least you finally let your real costume show up. Okay my line of reasoning, with all due respect to /cow/ users who actually founded the place, is that this /v/ was actually in its majority a /vg/ hub so pretty much a very different place than normal 8ch /v/. The whole "they're all /v/ users and not outsiders in any way" is straight out false here, this place was /cow/fags trying to get their old fix and /vg/ anons continuing their activities because the jew back in 8k didn't reply to any claims to restore /vg/ due to obvious malicious reasons of his. Anyone outside those 2 groups was an outsider, even between them were usual disagreements regarding moderation (one wanted no bans to make fun of a poster, the other wanted full ban and exclusion) >you didn't consider that a raid so what makes this any different? I think you got me confused with somebody else, i consider mark /v/ anons flocking here after their place got screwed a migration, malevolently spamming and shitposting due to local disdain towards them makes it a raid immediately. Even when it was with good intentions the biggest omen this board could ever had was naming itself /v/ instead of something else, obviously i know the original founders didn't expect this whole mayhem but it sealed its fate in blood, many things could've been avoided and justified with another name.
>>39062 >the well adjusted meme "well adjusted" just means that you conform to whatever given set of norms happens to be ruling at the time, which is itself arbitrary. Yesterday, men married young women. Now men are encouraged to take hormone blockers and cut their dicks off. Hopefully you neck yourself, after going back to Reddit.
>>39073 What makes you think you can speak for everyone coming to this site as being "/vg anons continuing their activities" and that they're the ones that get to determine the culture of the board and anyone else is an outsider? >i consider mark /v/ anons flocking here after their place got screwed a migration, malevolently spamming and shitposting due to local disdain towards them makes it a raid immediately How much longer than between now and cloudflare taking 8chan down (over half a year) would it have to be before those users stopped being raiders for standing up to hotpocketeers overstepping their bounds and started being just part of the userbase?
>/intl/ shills getting cucked by /cow/tists GOOD!
>>39075 Yes, the men that used to be considered well adjusted for wanting to fuck that prime age puss are now relegated to backwater imageboards like this because they've been ousted from everywhere else, and the ones that are still well adjusted to todays society are on reddit because they fit in, not sure what else you think I'm trying to say thats made you so butthurt.
Open file (374.18 KB 1119x624 fargoth.png)
>>39076 long enough to lurk and self-identify as a member of this community and not an outsider what gives you the right to tell us who we can and cannot reject, outsider? Maybe we need to be more inclusive of women and minorities too? :^)
>>39079 What gives you personally the right to decide who should and should not be rejected? You still haven't explained what makes you the arbiter of this boards community.
Open file (165.11 KB 281x400 bigdick.png)
>>39080 I'm the board owner
>>39081 Well thats irrelevant since we're talking about past tense, in case you haven't noticed your board doesn't even fucking have a community anymore.
>>39082 >your board doesn't even fucking have a community anymore It has 5 less pph then the biggest /v/ on the webring right now, and more then /japan/ or wherever you came drifting in from.
>>39076 >What makes you think you can speak for everyone Nothing, i don't, but it's painfully obvious it was that way... why? Most of the threads were continuations from old /vg/ ones like plenty of generals (with the exception of a couple who went to Smug's /vg/) the same anons doing posts the same way, 2 BOs were /vg/ users (one somewhat famous) and culture/consensus being pretty much the same in many issues. /cow/ fitted like a glove because strict moderation was not needed and they usually leave their rabid antics outside their board because, unlike what has been said in the webring, they are usually normal users with a wild side sometimes. This place didn't really have that much users anyway so it's easy to see the similarities, later on i guess some /v/ users came around without knowing it was a den of their old D&C nemesis soldiers like they said in their jew meta and sadly never realized the true nature of the old place. >How much longer than between now and cloudflare taking 8chan down (over half a year) would it have to be I didn't understand this, i guess you are trying to imply how much did it have to pass for the hypothetical /v/ anons to stop being raiders? the theoretical answer is like most in many boards: The moment you stop acting like an outsider from the majority or simply "a faggot". Hence why i said there might have been a couple of /v/ anons who thought they were in a place with his fellow /v/ anons not knowing it was a continuation from another board but they acted accordingly at all times and probably enjoyed themselves. >standing up to hotpocketeers overstepping their bounds after 8chan went down This is hypothetical like i mentioned because the vast majority of /v/ stayed under Mark's wing, see: Vch, 8k first time, Vch return and shutdown, 8k second time and then the important split and subsequent relocation to both Fatchan and PLW, then the raid here and then relocation to both Acidchan and the numerous /v/ alternatives like /geimu/. Jesus, what a mess now that i think about all those places, and let's remember many stayed behind at 8k.
Open file (9.63 KB 329x306 jcdenton2.jpg)
>>39082 tell me more
>>39083 I'm the sole cause of this boards current PPH and if the BO had his way I would have been banned after the first post and none of this would've happened, I've been watching this board like I have with all the alt chans and this board has been completely stagnant with the same threads on the front page every day I looked. >>39084 I'm just not compelled by your reasoning, /v/ has had plenty of general threads too that I've seen move to the various alt chans, that doesn't somehow give them cultural ownership over the boards they migrated to.
>>39086 >I'm just not compelled by your reasoning Buddy the entire last hour or so of posting has been you and some of us refuting your claims which we find not a true portrayal of what happened, you might keep going believing what you think and that's okay i suppose but don't be surprised when you get called out consistently. >that doesn't somehow give them cultural ownership over the boards they migrated to. You are pulling my dick here, i meant to say great part of the activity here were in threads obviously continued from old ones in the old place and with posters commenting the same way and with the same things too. In somewhat slow boards you read all the posts and identify many anons, i did hence why i can confidently make such a supposition. Although i cannot say ALL OF THEM were /vg/ anons, but certainly more than half were. Stop fucking around, mister, you know you are just stirring trouble and are fully aware you should be slapped for that, but the BO didn't and i'm glad because a normal lurker will see through you and your tactics after all these posts.
>>39086 >muh pph
>>39088 Yeah, the same threads being on the front page is how things used to be before Marks retards showed up, it's kind of how a board with a lot of generals works most of the time.
>>39088 Well the people who think hanging flesh dindu nuffin are the only ones still willing to post here so obviously I'll be called out for going against that narrative. Okay if you say the majority of the early activity here was /vg/ generals thats fine and all but that still doesn't inherently change the boards culture to exclude /v/ forever and anyone from /v/ is a raider and an outsider.
Open file (171.24 KB 1440x900 1345612857845.jpg)
>>39092 hanging flesh is a hotpocketing faggot but that doesn't mean we should welcome dipshits from cake/v/ with open arms
>>39093 You say that like anyone would want to come here at this point, the reputation here is fucked thanks to him and now because of that I feel forced to choose between jim josh or mark and thats not a decision I wanted to make.
>>39094 >reputation Sure, if you're here to post sexualized drawings of children, the reputation is absolute gone to shit.
Open file (1.88 MB 300x240 1375516234957.gif)
>>39094 you could stop being a faggot and assimilate and wait for this place to recover from its wounds. It's still the only /v/ you can post vidya in without getting deleted by retards
>>39095 Same line of shit I heard from those still clinging to whats left of 8kun, quit being so disingenuous. >>39096 I've been waiting and waiting and it looks a lot more like watching a corpse decompose than a wound recover which is what lead me to make that post that got me banned and started all this.
Open file (160.84 KB 1890x1417 gondola.jpg)
>>39097 >waah I got banned for saying I prefer cakejew's 8chan to here go buy some high quality gondola paintings if you can't handle the bantz
>>39098 My ability to handle the bantz is the only reason this dead horse is being beaten enough to give it the illusion of life.
>>39099 the board switched owners on friday and it's saturday night, you're gonna have to be a little more patient than that
>>39100 And that changes what? Is he going to run an ad campaign?
>>39097 >if you dont like pedo's you're just like 8kun You gotta stop being so disingenuous.
>>39103 Thats not what I said.
>>39104 But it is, you're equating the argument that only pedo's care about posting loli to 8kun.
Open file (96.78 KB 861x889 breadeatingloli.jpg)
>>39105 Principled people will stand by their principles even if its of no benefit to them, people who aren't won't stand up for anyone unless they can personally gain from it. You're making the argument that principled people don't exist and everyone must only be concerned about their own personal gain or detriment which is clearly a ridiculous thing to suggest.
>>39107 What principle are you projecting onto me that you think I'm not consistent on?
>>39108 Freedom of expression mainly, eliminating it in a slippery slope of a thousand cuts is what finally put 8kun in a shallow grave.
>>39109 Do you want actual child porn or videos explaining niggers how to make bombs to get censored? Guess you're on that slippery slope as well motherfucker.
>>39110 No I don't, making a law deciding what you are or are not allowed to look at on a screen is indeed a dangerous slippery slope that has already lead to our freedoms being further curtailed in many first world countries.
>>39111 If your argument is that freedom of speech is so important you should be able to google child porn I don't know what to say to you anymore.
>>39112 Thats because you're not a principled person, you like freedom of speech but only when its beneficial to you so if anyone elses freedoms are being infringed and you have nothing to gain and infact something to lose by defending them you'd sooner keep your mouth shut and just hope you aren't next.
>>39113 Or maybe because I have some common sense and understand there need to be logical limits to shit like freedom of speech, anything taken to its absolute results in absurd situations. What you propose would literally create a massive industry of raping children on top of the pedophilia that already blights this world, if you think millions of more children need to get raped for your freedom of speech, you should probably reconsider your belief system.
Open file (228.92 KB 419x424 glowinthedark2.png)
CP is as illegal as it is because glowniggers use it to compromise intelligence assets. That's not going to change in our lifetimes so it's not worth arguing about. It's above our pay grade. >>39114 should be aware that he's indirectly supporting child exploitation and the creation of child pornography by spreading social stigma against child pornography
>>39115 >spreading stigma against cp supports cp Ok pedo.
>>39114 Freedom and limitation are antonyms, if you believe in "freedom of speech with limits" then you don't believe in freedom of speech
>>39116 ok then, I guess you enjoy when jews like epstein run huge international pedo rings to control politicians with impunity then get blatantly assassinated when exposed because "pedophiles deserve to die" and none of the other pedos ever see the light of day. They continue molesting children for decades and you'll never call bullshit on it
>cp is speech wat
>>39119 Speech and expression are interchangable, if you're going to make that semantic argument then typing isn't speech so you can be censored and its okay. Now to clarify, saying you shouldn't be legally told that you're not allowed to see or share certain things doesn't mean that you should be legally allowed to film yourself raping kids and selling it as thats not a free speech issue. Theres clearly more than enough porn out there for everyone already without producing anything more anyways.
>>39118 >if you dont like cp you must like jews raping children Are you seriously this dense? >>39117 Bullshit, I just don't believe that pushing either to it's extremes is a good thing, you need to find some kind of middle ground where you can ban cp but still allow political speech, this is not some autistic humanity simulator where the moment you stop cp from being legal you lose your ability to allow any kind of freedom of speech.
>>39121 the more americans keep freaking out about cp the easier it is for someone to take julay down and deny you your right to free speech by posting cp to julay and reporting it to people who are more than happy to shut you down for it. The people who want to take away your ability to speak are the ones with the cp collections
>>39121 Theres no such thing as a middle ground in free speech because limiting it in any way is a slippery slope. Just look at the UK for example which has jumped down the slope headfirst before anyone else and decided that pornography that objectifies or humiliates women needs to be illegal and drawings need to be illegal and you need to apply for a loicense to be able to access porn sites and outside of porn "hate speech" laws are being implemented where people are getting arrested for jokes etc. Free speech is dead in the UK and they've just gotten a head start, theres no reason why it wouldn't happen everywhere. For example theres already laws in place that could easily lead to drawings being illegal in the U.S as well depending on how they're enforced, whats stopping them from enforcing it the same way the UK does with the same idea of the greater good that they use to justify making CP illegal?
>>39122 So CP shouldn't be illegal because it being illegal means that it might be used to take down websites like this? That seems like an awfully shortsighted approach to it all. >>39123 Yes there is a middle ground, imagine a line of absolute freedom of expression on the one side and fully controlled speech on the other, you need to pin a point somewhere between those two to designate as the ideal position to be. The point might move back and forward from time to time based on political whims, like increased censorship like in the UK or that eastern european country that decriminalized Holocaust denial, but thinking that the only way to keep your freedoms to shitpost is to stay on absolute freedom of speech is just retarded mental gymnastics.
>>39124 >So CP shouldn't be illegal because it being illegal means that it might be used to take down websites like this? no, you should just stop talking about it on a fucking video game board dipshit
>>39124 You do realize once you hand your freedoms over to the government they aren't too eager to give them back right? Giving them the power to decide what it is you're not allowed to see just so they can make possessing CP illegal doesn't mean it stops there. You've given away that freedom and they now decide what you can see. Same with the erosion of privacy rights due to the terrorism scare. They ironically used terrorists to terrorize you into giving up your own right to privacy in order to fight the terrorists, but now that you've given it to them they've past countless laws that are a huge invasion of privacy to citizens and theres nothing you can do about it because you already handed over your right to privacy to them over what you thought was a good cause at the time and in hindsight was totally blown out of proportion. The pedo hysteria used to get you to sign your rights away is no different.
>>39125 Oh sorry are we messing up the clearly massive demand for video game discussion that exists on this site? Should we leave so you can get back to all the discussions about video games going on right now?
Open file (109.32 KB 477x559 Cakefrosting.jpg)
>>39127 take it to /delicious/ where it belongs
>>39128 Discussions like this are clearly organic and won't remain relevant to /delicious/ or this board forever. If you'd rather have a board where absolutely nothing is happening than a discussion thats gone off topic then by all means delete this thread and enjoy screaming into the abyss instead.
>>39126 Yes, and the answer to a government becoming too authoritarian is to reset the status quo through a revolution, be it peaceful and democratic or by a full violent overthrow, if you think that writing "freedom of speech is absolute" in your constitution is some kind of long term fix, just look at how the US laws have already destroyed those principles in large parts through the judiciary. >pedo hysteria Bad analogy, pedophiles raping children is a massive societal problem, it's not hysteria, it's a problem that needs to be solved unlike terrorism which is largely false flags for the government to gain more power to declare war and further police its own citizens. Just because some glow in the darks might use CP to take down websites doesn't mean CP isn't a major issue.
>>39130 So your answer to the problem is an endless cycle of failed societies rather than having a society that actually takes a principled position towards freedom of speech and doesn't try and limit it like you think it such a good idea? Men raping in general is a massive societal problem, child victims are a very small portion of that problem that places like the U.S have completely blown out of proportion just like terrorism.
>>39131 Society's are doomed to fail, it's what has always happened in history and if you believe you can create a perfect society that will last forever without significantly changing you are absolutely delusional. Also nice downplaying of child rape victims, totally blown out of proportion.
>>39129 I'm getting shit for this in posts like >>>/meta/12940 The only reason I care is because this MO has been used to dogpile robi and get him to pull board ownership from previous board owners. This guy's probably just shylocking around trying to start shit but you should already know where this bullshit leads. And this conversation serves no purpose. Whether you hate pedos or want free speech talking about pedophilia on a video game board is counterproductive reeeee the board owner is letting gamergays argue in /vidya/, robi save me from the ni/gg/ers
that said, post limit is 250 so this problem will solve itself soon enough
>>39135 The amount of human history that even includes societies is very small, so to think we've already reached the pinnacle and that its still doomed to fail is whats absolutely delusional. And yes I have no problem downplaying things that the U.S has totally blown out of proportion whether it be terrorism or pedos, you clutching your pearls over it is no different than someone who genuinely believes terrorism is a massive problem clutching their pearls over 9/11. >>39136 Coming to a better understanding the position of the opposing side and bettering yourself through argumentation is in no way purposeless, but if you'd rather kowtow to the people who don't even feel the need to be here anymore thats fine nobodies stopping you.
>>39139 Ok buddy, can't wait for you to write your own constitution for your state that will last forever and ever and where pedophilia isn't policed because it's not a real problem.
you're not coming to a better understanding of the opposing side, you're arguing with a troll and you can't tell the difference because you're a ni/gg/er
>>39140 I can't wait to live in a society that cucks itself to death because your viewpoint of conceding your freedoms one after another in exchange for protection is unfortunately the more popular one. >>39141 Arguing in bad faith doesn't make someone a troll, and what does meta and offtopic discussions have to do with gamergate? They haven't been relevant to anything in years.
>>39142 You already live in that society, welcome to the real world retard.
Open file (287.55 KB 1000x1000 kaliyuga.jpg)
>>39143 maybe if I lived somewhere like the UK thats already too far gone but I don't thankfully, can't know for sure until its dead.
>>39145 But the only trajectory you believe in is more and more state oppression of speech once cp gets banned, so might as well just kill yourself now tbh.
>>39146 Well a lot of whats colored my opinion on this topic has to do with living in a country where having CP isn't criminalized and people aren't in hysterics over terrorism and comparing how much freedom has been stripped away from the countries that have done that.
>>39147 >having cp isnt criminalized So where are you from, Somalia?
>>39148 Even saying that narrows it down more than I'm comfortable with, why does it even matter specifically which country it is?
it's israel
>>39150 Oy vey the goyim know, shut it down!
Open file (54.59 KB 680x383 shutitdown.jpg)
Open file (11.18 MB 480x272 SHUTITDOWN.mp4)
Well nows probably a good a time as any to quit beating this dead horse and call it a night, going to miss when imageboards fall to the wayside and free form discussions on controversial topics like this can no longer take place anywhere.
Open file (204.51 KB 286x400 1452975151782.png)
>>39153 join our efforts to make sportschan/v/ less dead instead of giving up lad
>>39078 you're a floundering faggot, that is what I'm saying. You belong on Reddit.
>>39084 what in the hell are you two talking about? Mark has erected another imageboard so he can ban people all day?
>>39097 you are such a whiny faggot, goddamn you belong on Reddit.
>>39153 Just post on /geimu/ if you want a nice modern approach to /v/. It's better than going full anarchy shitposting and far better than smug/vg/ or zchan/v/ where rulecuckery takes place
>>39089 >>muh pph So you would visit a board that consistently has 0 PPH? You understand that PPH means more content, right? If there's no content then there's no reason to go to a website, let alone a board.
>>39159 >/geimu/ >not full anarchy shitposting Isn't it run by the fag that became BO here, declared there were no rules then deleted the board?
I know the Op exists, but can a game fail before it even comes out? Because that gay furry vn for the ps5 looks like it's going to crash and burn before the system even comes out.
>>39173 No, you're thinking of /japan/. Did you even bother looking at /geimu/ or its rules?
>>39219 The whole Soystation 5 is going to crash and burn before it even comes out. Anything associated with it will also crash and burn. >>39121 Drawings are not real people, child rapist.
that's 200, 50 more posts and this thread is fucking dead
Open file (421.69 KB 1201x829 ND dislikes.png)
>>39224 ETA 2 months
don't know shit about triple aids getting bankrupt but every game they shart out now is a kike commie travesty. america will be long gone and nuked before these kike pests ever go bankrupt.
>>39245 >muh infinite money There is no company too big to fall. They are all dying in this industry.
>>39245 Not really, Ubisoft sold Division 2 for $2.99 AND with a new expansion pack only 1 year after it was released, and it continues to do so poorly that they are retconning all future lore with the Black Tusk into shitty one off manhunts lol. I think the only ones doing well are free to play shit and Call of Duty, but look at what Call of Duty has to do; remaster a fucking game from 2007 for the SECOND TIME. This industry is literally and intellectually bankrupt. Just about everyone is either 1) playing old games 2) doing free to play shit and picking whatever microtransactions they want or 3) still playing doubly recycled COD.
Open file (560.86 KB 1138x1080 agent.png)
>>39249 you literally couldn't pay me to take an ubisoft game anonymous
>>39277 >Muses Yeesh, you're two board owners too late.
>>39249 I got ubisoft game pass for a month and could only handle 30 minutes of the division 2. combine assassin's creed, watchdogs and division already
>>39284 >I got ubisoft game pass for a month traitor
Honestly I can't hate TLOU2 anymore and I think Druckman might have accidentally made something genius. TLOU was a pretty good game about zombies, and the relationship between Ellie and Joel (at least when I played it). It honestly could have been a standalone with an ambiguous ending and kept a niche fanbase over the years. Then you have TLOU2, wherein a massive angry tranny-like thing comes in and dismantles the entirety of everything that the former game established, while flaunting a body so unappealing that only the blind or willfully ignorant could see it as attractive. It also takes a lot of time to try and make you feel sympathy for this hormonally-challenged golfer and its entourage of enablers, but since you've already seen what it is, and what it's taken away (which was a strong, if not flawed, father figure and generally masculine male) it tends to fall on deaf ears. At the end, when you should have a chance at finally ending things and getting revenge, you don't. It "wouldn't be right" in spite of doing mostly just that to get to this point. The tranny-like character is protected by the misguided good will of the very people who should be the most after its throat. I still won't give cuckman my money, but I have to give credit to the second time someone accidentally made the narrative of "Everything you know and love has been ruined by a tranny who was allowed to go too far" by someone who considered himself to be "Woke" This really says a lot about society
>>39317 >TLOU was a pretty good game about zombies >>>/reddit/
>>39318 Pretty good =/= great, you reactionary sperg.
>>39319 >reactionary you have to go back
>>39317 Yeah, I mean if I wanted people to be disgusted by trannies, this is the kind of game that I would make. That said, what disturb me from videos I've seen is that basically all interactions between characters are hostile, abrasive, passive aggressive, and in general very negative. This is something I've noticed in a lot of woke media, like recent rick and morty or bojack horseman. I think there is something in this way of writing interactions about the writers.

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