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The last videogame that was worth a shit Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 02:48:42 No.38917
I feel like the last pretty good year was 2010. After that, Mass Effect 3 appeared in early 2012, in somewhat fucked form, later improved by DLC. It is funny now because late 2011-early 2012 was when everyone started to "have a multiplayer in everything, even Mass Effect." Now look around.
>>38917 >It is funny now because late 2011-early 2012 was when everyone started to "have a multiplayer in everything For me that's late 2008-early 2009 Assault on Dark Athena's dev time is an example of it, one of its many problems was that a publisher wanted by any means multiplayer in it even when it started as a remaster of a Xbox game and money had already been invested into making a second campaign in the game as an expansion.
Open file (197.56 KB 263x377 kindred.png)
lesbians on the roof came out in 2012, that was pretty good
Open file (113.50 KB 1280x720 n1rvanna.jpg)
va-11 hall-a came out in 2016 too, and now that I'm reminded about it the developers of the sequel escaped communist Venezuela and are able to eat things like hot dogs and do things like work on video games again on account of having electricity so the game's scheduled to release by 2021
>>38917 2006 was the last good year. 2007 started the social media cancerous expansion, and now literal retards/leftists only want to virtue signal and seek social validation from governments in order to leech from it, while companies do the same in order to avoid taxes or to also leech from it.
Open file (129.37 KB 960x454 image.jpg)
>>38917 While the 7th gen has a lot of hidden gems there's no denying that it was also the gen where the catastrophic meltdown happened. It started pretty good honestly but at that point the jews were on the gaming's case already. As for the last good, all around solid vidya I'd say probably Dragon's Dogma.
>>38920 >va-11 hall-a Didn't that game just become "muh lesbians" after a while?
>>38995 what's wrong with lesbians
>>38917 Mass Effect 2 was pretty shit as well. All the potential and uniqueness of the admittedly flawed 1 taken away and replaced with shitty Bioware character interaction and a plot that was just 'go to this planet and fetch a team member' repeated 20 fucking times. Final mission was a sort of neat idea where you had to pick who did what but if you weren't a retard and did all the loyalty missions aka let's deal with everyone's childhood/young adult trauma then any retard could manage it without casualties. Also dumbed down the combat and skills.
>>39001 From nip devs? Not much: yuri is an alright genre. Western devs, however, tend to go full retard with it. Also isn't it supposed to be a bar tending simulator? I'd rather not have the whole story get derailed for a shitty romance between dykes.
>>38995 After ignoring it for long, even after pirating, the fanart and sequel announcement positively hyped me. Then I started it, the prose annoyed me and the colorhair the early RAPERAPERAPE in the first or second night character foretold things I wouldn't enjoy. Dropped it before I could be decidedly disappointed but haven't deleted it. Maybe I should just drink through it, I'm still curious about the character design.
Open file (93.07 KB 450x511 dorothy drink.jpg)
>>38995 I don't actually know where the >muh lesbians accusations came from. I played through it years ago and absolutely loved it except for that worthless piece of shit faggot biker Mario who added literally nothing to the game, but I don't really remember the story that well. It had Dorothy, too. She was comedy gold, and pissed off a lot of normalfags too for being a robot prostitute with a child body. >>39019 There's no romance in the game, I know that much for sure. I think there's a segment near the end about Jill (the main character) getting over a past relationship, or something. It's not clear. >>39024 I'd really advise that you keep playing at least until you get a chance to talk to Dorothy. Dorothy is fuckin' great, I promise.
Open file (82.98 KB 1261x688 valhalla1.png)
Open file (83.66 KB 1278x689 valhalla2.png)
this guy shows up right away and he's boss as fuck
I don't know why you people insist on trying to find some cut off point after which video games ceased to exist. A new Shantae game came out a week ago. Probably alright.
>>39161 Excuse me for the rough words but you have to be a special kind of retarded to think the influx of quality games is the same as before. Just like movies in black and white it's an entire spectre of the field that completely disappeared and might as well be dead but that doesn't stop from examples (and good ones) from appearing from time to time, they are simply not the norm nor the expectation anymore. A cut-off date or period is necessary to study the reasons and argumentation against people who are retarded or don't care about their hobby, although that probably won't stop shit games at all.
it seems to me like there was a slow tapering off of quality games that started in 2000 and ended around 2010. Compare 2018 releases to 2008 releases and it looks bad... but not as bad as comparing 2018 releases to 1998 releases. That's dismal. Very dismal
>>39163 The thread doesn't say that. It says "the last video game that was worth a shit". Also, I'm not even convinced the number of good games has gone down, so much as the gaming media have just gradually shifted away from popularising genuinely good games. There are absolutely floods of games that come out all of the time now that self publishing is as easy as it is, and most of them just get completely missed.
>>39167 Apologies, i got carried out, in that case i would have to agree with you, good games do come out to this day but in very low quantities and not talked about much. >I'm not even convinced the number of good games has gone down But you are still a faget.
The most recent game I have any interest in is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and that came out in 2012. Even then I don't have any interest in most games from that period.
>>38917 Honestly the only game i liked was Senran Kagura series. >>39165 I would argue sadly that a lot of it is due to shovelware and too many games. There is just a shit quality nowadays. I remember when Stardew Valley was needed due to the lack of Harvest Moon(now Story Of Seasons) and there were clones that were great. Especially the Doom-Likes but sadly what sucks is a lot are the same games recycled over and over again. Nobody in the West wants to innovate or try something new like a AAA game or think outside the box. Which leads to everything being kind of bland by default. The only things i look forward to is Japanese games because some do keep their indie game feel and do not change much.
>>38920 I may try it out honestly. I have enough time to finish it up.
>>38995 Nothing wrong with certain degeneracy if done correctly. If it preaches it sucks.

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