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conSOOOOOM Anonymous 06/16/2020 (Tue) 22:29:40 No.39254
Open file (424.68 KB 1442x1080 FAILURE_004.png)
Fuck off you cunt.
>>39258 bwaaahahaha NIGGA
>>39261 I wanted to see the penis, but Naughty Dog extreme close uped me.
>>39261 So brave and groundbreaking :^) congrats Neil Kikemann
This gay shit finally made me swear off consoles and go masterrace. Thanks I guess Sony.
Open file (30.38 KB 664x461 Tlou assfuck.jpg)
>>39265 >the tranny is cuckman's self-insert Everything makes sense now.
>>39265 HNNG... MUST... SHLOOOOM
Open file (331.11 KB 865x1000 liesofjews2.jpg)
4chan moment
Open file (392.41 KB 619x466 ooooohhhhhh.png)
I'm gonna nuke you kikes into the ashtray
>>39312 yeet the kikes

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