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6th Gen Thread Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 13:09:55 No.823
What have you been playan recently, anons? What's your favorite vidya?
>What have you been playan recently, anons?
Picrelated but with PCSX2. It's still just as flawed as it was back when it came out and it's a shame since most of the flaws are things that could have easily been tweaked during development. Certainly the ass-backwards controls though they do grow on you and camera wouldn't have been hard to fix.
Open file (47.99 KB 353x500 Bounty_Hunter.JPG)
Forgot my image.
>most of the flaws are things that could have easily been tweaked during development
Or a sequel.
Or that yes. There are a lot of good ideas buried in there. At least the music and sound are top notch which is basically a given for any Lucasarts game.
The unconventional control schemes is among the things I miss the most. Nowadays everything is controlled absolutely the same to placate ADD normalniggers.
Open file (30.75 KB 402x457 153.png)
>2005 was 80 million years ago
Bounty Hunter was boring and repetitive, it just made me wish I was playing Boba Fett on BF2.
kill yourself
kill yourself
>Boba Fett
>not Jango
He's in Battlefront II as well you know. Also a much better character. Boba Fett was just a cool looking suit of armour that was turned into a Mary Sue in the EU because of how popular he was as a toy with little faggot kids that had no taste.
Jango's cool but Boba Fett has the flamethrower.
I'm playing Destroy All Humans on Xbox, its a lot of fun.
Jango has a flamethrower too, at least in most EU sources he might even use it in Attack of the Clones. I genuinely can't remember if he has one in vanilla BFII.
It is indeed. Can't wait for them to ruin it in the remake.
I want to replay all the Jak games and the Ratchet & Clank games but my computer can't emulate them. May have to bite the bullet and get the Jak bundle on the soystation 4 but it's retardedly overpriced for how ancient the games are.
Just buy a PS2 you poop
Open file (2.81 KB 224x224 0000000 GTA.png)
Just been playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on my PS2

Oddly enough, I posted a video game thread over on the new /retro/ board but it turns out that there's already threads for retro games and 6th Gen stuff on here. Oh well.

Back on topic, anyone else here a fan of the PS2-era GTA games?
Open file (47.98 KB 640x480 end.jpg)
I finished MGS3 a bit ago. I'm retarded and the gameplay in the series was different from anything else I've played (mostly just 2D platformers and FPS I guess) so I kinda just stumbled through it. It was fun though and I liked wandering around the jungle looking for animals.
>anyone else here a fan of the PS2-era GTA games?
Who isn't. They defined an entire generation. I've spent hundreds of hours in Vice City and even more in San Andreas when they came out. Still remember they day I bought them at a local store. Even though I liked 4, the series will never match SA ever again.
Yeah I was a massive GTA fan during that era, but I remember being very sceptical of 3D GTA at first. I loved messing around in GTA 1 and 2, and I didn't think the gameplay would translate well to 3D. The small, grainy screenshots I saw of GTA3 in a magazine really didn't sell it to me, and I didn't hear that much about it via word of mouth. Then when Vice City was out, a friend highly recommended it to me, so I bit the bullet and got myself a copy. I immediately fell in love with it, and proceeded to play it every single day for months. After I almost wore the disc out, I went out and got GTA3 for PS2 and played that to death too. I started going to various GTA forums around this time and found out about modding, so I got myself the PC version of Vice City and modded the ever-living shit out of that.

Then there was the hype train for San Andreas. I'd be checking every GTA fansite I knew of daily, and buying every magazine I could find with any scraps of San Andreas information, it was all I could think about. Then the day came when it finally arrived (I'd preordered it, back when preordering actually made sense), and it was somehow even better than I'd imagined. I played it every single day until I genuinely did wear the disc out. I did the old "rent the game from Blockbuster and swap the discs" trick, and wore that disc out too, even managed to wear out my fat PS2's disc drive. I then got the new slim PS2, and bought a second copy of San Andreas. Bought the game a third time when it came out on PC the next year, which came in the form of a small hardback book with the disc attached to the inside back cover. I modded the shit out of that one too.

Later I got a PSP and Liberty City Stories, which was pretty good, especially with "Edison Carter's CheatDevice" trainer that let you do all kinds of crazy shit. Then came Vice City Stories, which I thought was alright, but not great. Don't think I ever completed it, just didn't hook me like the other games did. The "empire building" stuff felt very repetitive, and the GTA formula in general had gotten a bit stale by that point. These days I still occasionally play 3, VC and SA on PC, with a shitload of mods to bring back all the missing / downgraded stuff from the PS2 and Xbox versions, and general nice-to-haves like true widescreen and Xinput support. Still pretty fun, but I can't play them as much as I used to, the "open world crime simulator" novelty has definitely worn off for me.
>wearing the discs out
damn nigger were you just throwing them in a corner after you were done for the day
I always kept games in their cases when I wasn't using them, I didn't mistreat them at all. I don't know if this is true, but I've read that the GTA games were known to deteriorate PS2 disc drives because of the constant intensive streaming of both world and audio data off the disc. I think after hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of playing GTA games, something in the disc drive became misaligned and started damaging the discs the more I played them. Eventually the drive just stopped reading discs entirely, but not before rendering several of my most played games unplayable. The problem never happened again once I replaced my fat PS2 with the slim.
Hmm, never encountered that issue, been using my fat PS2 for nearly 20 years and it still works though I did switch to a modded region-free slim.
It could just have been that my PS2 was faulty, I'd only had it for about 2 years when the disc drive effectively died. It killed me at the time though, me and some mates were seeing who could complete the main story of San Andreas first, and I was favourite to win because everyone knew I was autistically obsessed with GTA, then all that shit goes and happens and I get set back weeks.

I managed to get my old fat PS2 back in action a decade or so later though. Bought a second-hand official network/HDD adapter, and an old 320GB IDE hard drive, and installed FHDB and OPL on there. Also bought a third-party module that converts the HDD adapter from IDE to SATA, just to futureproof it a bit, but I've not installed it yet. Only problem remaining is that the thing roars like a jet engine when it's on, think it might need new thermal paste and/or a replacement fan.
It'd be cheaper and easier just be buy a new one.
My goal is to get my own machine back up and running in tip-top shape (minus the disc drive which I'm not too bothered about), I have a personal attachment to this one, and replacing something that just needs a bit of TLC feels wrong to me. I don't think some thermal paste / pads and a little 60mm fan is going to break the bank, and I have some level of amateur DIY/repair experience, including soldering if it comes down to it. I've read that early PS2s were just loud because they used shitty fans, but I swear I don't remember it being this loud when I was younger. I know the fan speed ramps up higher than usual when you use the network/HDD adapter, but it's loud even when that's not in use and you're just sitting in the system menu.
>What have you been playan recently, anons?
I marathoned the Jak trilogy, Jak X is being a glitcty, soft locking piece of shit so I haven't finished it yet. Also finished both GoW. Favorite game on the PS2 is MGS 3.
I don't know if it's a bad thing or a good thing that they stopped with Jak games. On one hand it's good they had the smarts to quit before running the series completely into the ground like Ratchet, but on the other hand the lack of these comfy, colorful 6th gen platformers led to the dawn of """mature""" vidya that pestered the 7th gen and led to where we are now.
Jak is the posterchild of a colorful fun game rebooted into a shitty edgy discount GTA.
Jak is about as edgy as Westside Story
Yeah right
Back when Jak 2 was released everyone was sucking its dick for having a "darker more mature" storyline. You faggots asked for shitty next gen reboots.
Jak 2 is as dark and mature as an Adam Sandler drama.
It's one of the last games I remember that 'felt' like a videogame, right before the "cinematic experiences" started becoming the in thing. The shooting and platforming was great, and Uncharted was a huge step back in terms of both.
Video games are stupid and lame, it's all about ethics in video games now!
Don't cut your self with that irony.
Open file (173.42 KB 800x1141 Maken Shao cover.jpg)
Open file (2.86 MB 1920x960 Maken Shao.png)
Maken Shao: Demon Sword – an interesting hack-n-slash from Atlus, really liked it. The PS2 version I played is a remake of the Dreamcast version which was released two years prior (‘99) and overall this project is Atlus’s first attempt at several things: full 3D, voiced, non-RPG; and it definitely shows, the game has that unmistakable early gen/first venture vibe to it and is all around clunky but ultimately very enjoyable to play once you git gud at it. It’s actually pretty impressive for an early entry into the genre considering a good deal of them struggled with analog controls and 3D camera.
You get all the things you expect from Atlus – unique story, fantastic art direction and some groovy tunes. Sadly the former is completely butchered by an abysmal localization but thankfully, through I don’t know what providence, the PS2 version has the original Japanese audio intact so the assrape is somewhat mitigated. The story itself is pretty good though it’s mostly unveiled through the text lore; as per Atlus's tradition there are decisions that affect the progression of the game as well as its multiple endings. Speaking about the story, funny how it talks about rise of terrorism in Europe as well as falling out between China and USA. Really makes you think.

Despite being a hack-n-slash the game has a pretty slow pace, with each Boss and enemy type requiring a careful approach (like you’d expect from SMT games). I wouldn't say it's particularly hard but that's mainly due to the multitude of characters you can unlock, some of which posses near game breaking skills, so you can adjust your game style accordingly. The graphics are decent but understandably low-tech, though I don’t know if the PS2 version was completely rebuild from the ground up or uses anything from the Dreamcast build. Superior art direction and level variety elevates the game above its technical limitations as was so wonderful with pre-CY vidya. Music has that unmistakable Shoji Meguro sound and some excellent stand out tunes. A solid experience.
The dreamcast version is completely first person
Yes I know.
Must be a nightmare to play, unless the difficulty and enemy behavior has been fundamentally changed, but at that point it's not gonna be nowhere near as fun.
You guys know of any alright romsets? I haven't had a lot of time with 6th gen, just autistically playing mario and zeldo gamecube games
>You guys know of any alright romsets?
What do you mean? Good 6th gen games?
Since 8ch is not coming back, here's an archive of the /vg/ 6th gen thread
Open file (768.54 KB 640x360 Not_vidya.webm)
Open file (7.95 MB 944x704 Under the bus.webm)
Been playing Burnout on and off lately.
Can't help but love me some God of War. I'm a simple man.
Open file (27.80 KB 1043x320 this hurts.PNG)
Open file (18.70 KB 490x451 lx6qx.jpg)
There's still some vague hope frankly the bigger worry is that if/when 8chan comes back it'll be full of edgy newfags attracted by the notoriety.
>There's still some vague hope
There isn't anymore. Jim is making his own cloudfare which will take from 5 years to infinity.
His IP block is only so big. I suspect it'll instantly get ddosed again and they'll be playing wack-a-mole attempting to jump from one IP to the next within their block. That's assuming the entire block isn't black listed by major IPs/countries. I just don't see how Jim and Ron will pull this off and keep it online. The only way I see it coming back is if they've cut a deal with DHS to make it more of a honeypot than it already was.

It'll get flooded with newfags too. Jim only cares about keeping the Qboomers on his site because that's the only part that turned a profit. Hotwheels is retarded with this personal crusade against Jim Watkins but a lot of things he is saying are true. I don't trust any of admins of major imageboards. They're all into something shady (usually datamining).
Playing Agent Under Fire now, then Nightfire after I'm done with it.
>Hotwheels is retarded with this personal crusade against Jim Watkins but a lot of things he is saying are true
Hey Soywheels.
>Hey Soywheels
See this is what I'm talking about. If you dare agree with anything the Cripple is saying you're now ignored. You faggots are just falling into the same trap you did with Moot, the cripple, and other namefags. Supporting Jim Watkins to spite the Cripple is retarded.
Okay Soywheels. Is drinking unholy amounts of soy your way of coping with being a disgusting abomination that God hates?
God, why are you so autistic.
Ignore him. Any fucking nuance at all is beyond certain retards. It's all one-liner insults and retorts, day in and day out.
Imagine being a hideous wart of a human being that drinks soy to wallow away in his misery.
Talking to yourself is even more pathetic.
I'll explain this to you because you're retarded friendly reminder that you were warned about the cripple when the first exodus happened and you probably called him based.

All Jim is going to do is set-up a reverse proxy service with his IP block. The delays are because
>Ron is incompetent and not a very good programmer
>He has to buy bandwidth from somewhere and can only afford a minimal amount which isn't going to be enough to weather heavy ddos attacks
>He can only buy bandwidth from someone willing to do business with him and there aren't many providers that want to be associated with his 8chan
>There are plenty of bad actors just waiting for 8chan to return so they can take it offline. Some are politically motivated while others are just in it for the lulz
>Networking isn't magic and anyone that knows how networks are set-up and run will tell you there isn't much he can do to prevent the same problems that plagued 8chan for years
>8chan's tor node suffered major problems and was often offline in the months before it went offline. Ron ignored it, Jim ignored it, and I doubt they've put much effort into fixing it
>Posting from tor was useless anyway because you'd just get flooded with "torfag" replies that baited newfags into filtering everyone using tor on boards that had IDs
>The Cripple is a retard for talking to the media and obviously has a personal problem with Jim but he's not wrong when he says their idea of a CF-clone isn't going to work
>Cripple probably has friends just waiting to attack 8chan via ddos or other means when it returns since he's promoting places like bunkerchan everywhere he goes and has drank the commie kool-aid
>8chan will glow brighter than the sun when it returns because Jim likely cut a deal with the Department of Homeland security. It was already a honeypot but now they're pouring sugar on the honey and will log everything
>If you go back you should only visit it from behind 20 proxies routed through tor or i2p
>If it returns it'll draw in more newfags than FOX brought to 4chan when the hackers on steroids stories aired

The solution to these problems are simple
>Only go back for content/threads that aren't in archives
>Use existing bunkers, make your own (it's easy), use the webring
>Contribute to all the p2p imageboard projects and use those. They're more anonymous, provide a platform for free speech that can't be censored, and don't suffer from the problem of one admin having the keys to the entire kingdom
Was just about to say this.
Clinically retarded.
How exactly do you jerk off, Soywheels? I assume you do have some hideous micropenis?
O-odili, is this you?
Post his shlong when he was at the tranny parlour.
I am not a namefag. I just know how networks work. Want me to tell you what his CF service will be called? The info for his IP block updated recently.
Make a >>>/tech/ thread about it.
Apologies for dictionary confusion.
Would love to discuss.
I'll make one after I see the result of the Cripple and Pig farmer meeting. The name is of his CF clone will be Hurricane Electric LLC.
Actually scratch that I'm retarded. That's going to be the bandwidth provider.
Open file (323.28 KB 1920x1080 loli full of disgust.jpg)
It's nothing but fucking noise from you. All your posts are god damn variations of, "lmao ur hotwheels, BTFO." Fucking trash that have nothing to do with 6th gen games. At least >>1287 and >>1299 is providing actual info and arguments about it instead of shitting out 4chan-tier insults. Could you at least argue, or can your nigger brain only throw shit and insult?

I'm replying to bait or a retard, but it's likely going to get cleaned up, so fuck it.
Open file (487.72 KB 1280x1808 PSU Cover.jpg)
Phantasy Star Universe – this was an interesting experience. Though I ultimately enjoyed it, the game has a lot of wasted potential. It was a part of late sixth gen's slew of offline MMO-esque RPGs with games like FFXII and Rogue Galaxy (though this one actually did have an active online mode) but unlike those it never truly figured the formula out, with some really weird decisions like having a party that you're unable to give any commands, items or instructions to like you normally would, which makes it infinitely less fun to play. The fact that party AI is nigger tier retarded, unable to do anything of worth despite having infinite MP and often glitching on geometry refusing to move, only makes it worse. The game does however have a lot of fun micromanagement for your equipment, abilities and so on which somewhat compensates for it. The graphics are really nice, not the top shelf nice but a lot of effort went into them with a lot of varied locations as well as really nice looking models with some impressive facial animations. The music I would say is decent overall but at the same time unmemorable, consisting of both orchestral and some techno tunes; and I swear they just straight up stole your dorm's theme from FFVIII soundtrack. The story is pretty weak but they did an interesting thing with it where it's separated into episodes like a series, going for that space opera vibe which somewhat elevates the material. Though that episode structure kinda hinders the gameplay - each episode consists of one long ass mission with pretty much identical structure, goals, enemies etc., it's basically a dungeon crawler and at first it's fun enough but when you realize that's how it's gonna be you can't help but feel disappointed because there was everything in place for so much more here.
The game is sadly dubbed and the dub is expectedly terrible but the real enemy here is the americanized translation which truly makes you cringe, and I guess since this was a somewhat big release they really doubled down on it.

All in all though it's pretty fun.
>Posting from tor was useless anyway because you'd just get flooded with "torfag" replies that baited newfags into filtering everyone using tor on boards that had IDs
But torpedo was a much better insult.
<Be Ruskie, HonkHonger, Iraq, Pakistani, Aussie, [insert others]
<Want to shitpost about vidya with my /v/ros to escape the hell I live in
<Can only post via TOR for my safety
<cripplekike sells site to free Free Mason,
<Mason paints anons as pedos, mass bans IP addresses, VPNs, including TOR shutdowns
<Once backup because of FOSTA/SESTA get called torpedo
And both never implemented I2P inproxies.
Freemason is one word lad. And I'm not saying to ban torpedos just that it was a much better term than torfags.
You don't get to choose the derogatory terms you're called, pal.
call me anything you want to pal just as along as Robi doesn't block TORposting. i'll never bareback an IB again with the (((witchhunt))) going on now.
Nobody is blocking anything, this isn't Cakejew hole.
I'm not your pal, buddy.
Then I'm going to call you clearnetfag.
Same difference.
nobody cares, bub
You're not ID:6e0f07, stop including yourself in.
Actually, this is funny:
But none of those has a double meaning like torpedos.
If anyone wants to replay Timesplitters, find the Gamecube versions. They emulate much better than Ps 2 ones. On PCSX 2 you have to switch between software and hardware mode to get through certain sections.
Isn't it graphically inferior though?
Open file (92.16 KB 640x480 5091titlescreen.jpg)
Napple Tale, a cutesy platformer for Dreamcast, has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/?page=translations&action=images&id=5091&imageid=title

A reminder that 2019 is Dreamcast's 20 year anniversary.
I remember renting this game and getting stuck in a cell. Couldn't figure out how to get out but apparently it was super easy and I was just retarded.
Might be the part where you're infiltrating the prison and the level ends after you sneak around under the floor and through some vents through two identical rooms. It's very easy to get turned around and lose your sense of direction then end up starting into cells from the vents behind them.
The Year of Dreamcast is over. Now it's the PS2's 20th anniversary.
>>2394 Still waiting for Segagaga and Bomber Hehe
The game that really broke in the 6th gen for me was Metroid Prime, what an expansive game, and really it was a natural step for Metroid at its time. Hell 6th gen Nintendo was pretty kickass overall.
I finally did my first playthrough of Knights of the Old Republic. Great game, but wish the morality choices were deeper than "le ebil side" and "le good side".
>>10138 Well if it's any consolation Sakura Taisen recently got translated into english. It even runs well with current Saturn emulation. DL for the patch is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jjco8jo61voin33/SakuraWars_EnglishPatch_v1_0.zip/file Sadly, I'm afraid I don't know where to find the .iso, or any Saturn rips for that matter. Does anybody here have a link to some?
Open file (84.17 KB 800x600 p3+p4 feels.jpg)
Been replaying some P3P (I know, version not on a 6th gen console but it's still a port of a PS2 game) recently. I still love it to death even if the dungeons are shit, I can't help but have a soft spot for the game that got me into MegaTen as a whole. >>10313 Aye, the first Prime game is still one of my all time favourites. Shame it always crashes my PC when I open the map in Dolphin, it holds up perfectly even when rendered at 3x native resolution. Here's hoping Prime 4 ends up decent. >>993 God I miss PS2-era Atlus, they consistently pumped out gem after gem. When the fuck will they port any of their stuff from those days to PC? Maken is hard as hell to find to my knowledge and it's the same for the MegaTen games from that time.
>>10314 Play kotor 2 on pc with the restored content mod.
>>10314 Play 2.
>>10766 >God I miss PS2-era Atlus, they consistently pumped out gem after gem That applies pretty much to everyone. I want to go back so much... >Maken is hard as hell to find to my knowledge and it's the same for the MegaTen games from that time Yeah, you have to monitor online flea markets but it's a treat every time you find one in good condition.
>>10766 >When the fuck will they port any of their stuff from those days to PC? when it becomes clear that we all wont just pirate everything they port so ever never
I've been playing Digital Devil Saga. I really like the weird scifi, Hindu, neo-primitivist setting of the game. It's such a strange and unique style for a game, and I wish there were more like it, it takes you to someplace different than your typical dungeons and dragons fantasy setting that you get in most RPGs. I just started and haven't played much to say if it's any good, but so far I like it, I will play just for the aesthetics and amazing music, but I still hope there will be more to the game than just combat, and that you can do something fun besides just grinding in Atlus's terrible dungeons.
>>12309 If you're not into dungeon grinding, SMT is not for you. That being said, DDS 1 and 2 are pretty solid, of course stellar visually, but after Nocturne the series has been on a downwards slope in general, never quite matching that excellence again. also >and I wish there were more like it, it takes you to someplace different than your typical dungeons and dragons fantasy setting that you get in most RPGs. Most 5th and 6th gen japgs are different than dungeons and dragons fantasy setting. Best time.
Open file (155.66 KB 640x884 RCcover.jpg)
I just finished playing Republic Commando and I have to ask: Why is everyone so sad about Sev? The ending felt like it was rushed, as if every mention of Yoda sucked up half the budget. Was there supposed to be a sequel that was never made and Sev just symbolizes that sequel we never got? That fucking bridge mission brought my blood to a boil.
>>13788 >Was there supposed to be a sequel that was never made and Sev just symbolizes that sequel we never got? Yes. You were going to be Stormtroopers and Sev was going to go (((Rebel))).
>>10314 Play 2 and get the opposite problem of grew being muh mary sue.
>>13806 grey*
I love the soundtrack to ratchet deadlocked, and it's cheesy as hell being able to mod your starting guns into firing so fast they shoot more rapidly than the game can render bullets...what happened to the fun, anons? something like that would never happen today, even though the game would probably ship even more broken...
>>15141 >what happened to the fun, anons? Fun is not allowed, it got replaced with soy. You have to play politically motivated AAA games of the three approved genres.
Open file (123.80 KB 800x1138 Grandia III cover.jpg)
Open file (3.80 MB 1920x960 Grandia III.png)
Grandia III – after being somewhat let down by Grandia II my expectations for this game were actually quite high, especially after looking at it for years in an old magazine. Now that I finally played it, it didn‘t quite live up to my decade old hype though I still enjoyed it. The game looks great and that’s despite being low tech as fuck. This was truly the golden age of gaming when thanks to superior art direction even small dev teams could put up a product that held up against the biggest of guys – the quintessential AA. Great deal of attention went into all the miscellaneous effects and animations, especially the facial ones. They really doubled down on sky and water looking especially good. I also want to mention the compression technique they used for their pre-rendered cutscenes, I have never seen anything of the sort during the era, even from Square, they look flawlessly sharp without a single artifact, even when upscaling the screen; virtually 720p quality. I don’t know what black voodoo magic they used to archive that but it’s a great shame this tech wasn’t widely used at the time. The music is pretty solid as well with some stand out tunes, though it’s not as strong as what Grandia II had to offer. The story however is extremely weak and simplistic, I would say it’s even weaker than Grandia II; they really should have hired a better writer. That reflects in a weak game structure too. A big shame really considering such solid premise as fantasy planes, you’d think it’s gonna be the main crux of the game – flying around exploring shit. Instead the whole plane thing is almost immediately abandoned and the world is really small and uneventful. They really didn’t get the whole adventure vibe down. The combat is the defining aspect of the series so they wisely chose not to reinvent the bicycle here and kept the battle system as is – really solid and addictive. Overall the game turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag, it looks and plays great but there doesn’t seem to be much passion behind it apart from its technical side. It was so close to being legendary tier but fell short. A somewhat disappointing but still comfy experience.
>>15141 Reddit. If you're able to do anything fun in a game, reddit will whine about it being OP.
Open file (5.56 KB 184x184 trt].jpg)
>>10137 >6th gen is retro now I feel so old.
Open file (106.96 KB 1920x1080 ts2.jpeg)
>>15141 >what happened to the fun People like us stopped making games and started complaining about cucks making games, when fags sellout to corporations and publishers everything goes to shit. The fun can be brought back if a bunch of people here started making vidya or copies of older games, the best games of all time were made by nerds trying to make something fun. Graphix whoring killed PC gaming along with steam too.
>>19032 "We", as in nerds, didn't stop - the industry changed to the point where AA was absolutely not sustainable anymore. It got exposed to normalfags, went mainstream and because of that became too technologically challenging. No more could a team of 10 people make a game in a japanese basement, get picked up by some obscure publisher and make a living out of it.
>>19034 >didn't stop You did >AA went mainstream, not sustainable It was always mainstream and AA was a thing because it was the cheaper alternative to making quality games without kikery such as horse armor >technologically challenging That is only the fault of the fag that thinks thats what the people want, people now and have been for years making 2D and low-ish poly 3D with great success with the only tech limit being that they are made on shit engines like unity and unreal >No more could a team of 10 people make a game in a japanese basement, get picked up by some obscure publisher and make a living out of it. This happens far more often now, many literally whos were bought by some shitty publisher to push their literally who game into the mainstream, but the main reason as to why they cant make a living from this is that they sold out to a publisher in the first place. >indies getting picked up by queerbox flopping hard >japanese publisher not paying devs their cut >third worlders getting their money taken from them by their shitty government or a publisher Today its much easier to make, release and publish an AA game than it was back then when your only option was getting raped by EA or jewbisoft
>>19035 >You did no >It was always mainstream >AA was a thing because it was the cheaper alternative to making quality games without kikery such as horse armor by the time horse armor came about AA was already nearly gone you absolute newfaggot >That is only the fault of the fag that thinks thats what the people want no, that's what people want, go look what normalfags are discussing >This happens far more often now, many literally whos were bought by some shitty publisher to push their literally who game into the mainstream no it's not, you're talking about indie trash that is brought up to fill the catalogs of Steam and shit consoles with no games. That's not AA you dumb faggot. AA used to be an actual game dev niche making game content on par with AAA and even surpassing it. >Today its much easier to make, release and publish an AA game than it was back then when your only option was getting raped by EA or jewbisoft You're so new I doubt you held a six gen controller in your life. Never post here again, I'm sure as fuck not gonna read it. Thanks.
>>19036 >no, that's what people want, go look what normalfags are discussing normalfags arent people, and even then they are still in love with shit like blundertale, "retro" fps and remakes of older games >m-muh newfag! >n-no you! lol
>>19034 AA could easily be sustainable in the age of digital distribution, that's the sad thing, it's just that it's broadly incompatible with microtransactions and current publisher practices. Why make a AA game that's more of a pay once/play once replays and so on yes but games with a defined end and put down affair when you could up the budget a bit for player retention and microtransaction jewery? Obviously this has flaws like ignoring the sectors of the market that are actually better served by the play-once model including autists like us but also older fags and parents who can't spend 24/7 in some F2P shit but that's the thinking. There's also a limited number of whales they're all competing for which is why the focus has shifted onto children and teenagers who're much easier to turn into a whale because of limited life experience and a huge emphasis on social standing linking in-game cosmetics to a schoolyard setting is amazingly profitable for the few games that can manage it. The view is that play once games are just too prone to what they perceive as random failure quality is irrelevant, they believe a given amount of spending on marketing should influence sales. The other thing publishers routinely ignore is the value of long tail sales. Play once games, now that we have digital distribution, keep selling for years at reduced prices allowing even a flop to eventually break even if it's got the quality to be recognised later on. Mostly they just care about the initial weeks though for shareholder reasons, followed by how much you can jew the whales. Publishers also interpret their wildly inefficient management of AAA devs as 'proving' that the cost of development will keep increasing exponentially just because assets cost more to make slightly true so making one-off assets is dumb but making assets you can charge for individually like cosmetics is smart.
Open file (124.04 KB 800x862 C_yRHZLVYAIHe8e.jpg)
Been playing Crash Bandicoot. After that it's Path of Radiance and then maybe GUN/Mario Sunshine/Metal Gear Solid. My favorite gamecube game is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle because of autistic memories. For the PS2, maybe I'll check on Silent Hill 2 again.
Dawn of Mana (aka Seiken Densetsu 4) – a great little gem from when Square still used to make video games. Unlike all other Seiken games it's not an RPG but a rather unique action platformer, which is why it being a numbered mainline installment is questionable, but it's still really fun nonetheless. The main gimmick of the game is that it's physics based – slashing around won't do you much good, instead you have to use your whip and throw objects into enemies, smash enemies into one another, stagger them and finish them off; the stronger you get the more shit you can throw around. The combat engine is pretty basic and it's clear that interacting with the world is the main crux of the project, not so much just hacking and slashing; it's pretty satisfying knocking boulders on unassuming enemies and causing debris avalanches. All that on large open levels with complex geometry. It’s pretty impressive to say the least and of course the game looks fantastic, with incredible art direction and late gen technical prowess that you used to expect from Square. Music is extremely solid as well. The story is nice and simple but more of a fanservice for the fans of the series, especially considering the shorter length compared to an RPG. All that gameplay freedom can make controls a little bit unruly at times but that stops being an issue once you git gud at it and of course it's a great technical achievement that it all works as good as it does. About the only downside of the game is that it's too repetitive, you do the exact same thing on every level and it’s a damn shame considering the variety of mechanics and puzzles that would work with this premise. It's also pretty easy mainly because it's too easy to max out your stats on every level. All in all, a great vidya. It has that mix of Kingdom Hearts/Dark Cloud/Okami vibe going on, comfiness levels through the roof and it got my nostalgia real hard.
Gen 6 had some really great action games. I'd consider God Hand, DMC3 and MHFU my favourite action games of all time.
>>20151 capcom used to be king
>>20226 I like the early 2000s style graphics most capcom games had, how did they do it so well?
Open file (999.93 KB 500x192 95f.gif)
>>20258 It's not just Capcom, you can apply that to virtually every studio out there. It's the general Renaissance of the 6th gen, a very specific point in time that brought about a particularly creative approach to how 3D games looked - not stifled by asceticism of the 5th gen anymore and not yet ruined by attempts at photorealism of the gens to follow.
>>20040 Looks similar to Spiral Knights in terms of presentation, but gameplay videos make it look annoying to play. How long is it? Are cutscenes skippable? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaaZeCLgTRs
La Pucelle Tactics – an excellent tacticool RPG from Nippon Ichi, basically a predecessor to the Disgaea series. Extremely wholesome, greatly enjoyed it; it’s as they say the whole package. The story’s nice, it’s characteristically cutesy mixed with surprisingly dark moments. Somehow when bad shit happens to cute chibi characters it feels even more impactful, although, sadly, the game is heavily censored but at least there’s Japanese audio option so you don’t have to suffer through horrific dub. Learn nip. The visuals are overall superb with exquisite sprite work and gorgeous hand-painted backgrounds. It is however very much a PS1 game running on PS2, it even came out on CD originally. As such, 3D backgrounds, while still pleasant looking, are rudimentary and 2D backgrounds are static to the point where you have to be content with a motionless fountain. There’s also this weird thing where you can rotate the camera on certain areas but not the others for some reason. But it never bothers you, really. Well, maybe the fountain thing. I mean, just don’t draw a fountain if you know you can’t animate it. The music was one of the highlights for me, it's extremely good and I wish there was more of it… perhaps also a downside of using a CD. Gameplay wise it’s a pretty standard nip SRPG. Good shit. Notable gimmick being the ability to convert monsters to your side so your party ends up being 50% monster based. I found it generally too easy tho, mainly because the game screens are so small there’s just not enough room for grander strategies so it feels more like comfy chess matches. In fact, some battles get so tight you actually have to accommodate meta elements like spawn and exit squares that enemies can’t step on into your strategy, which was interesting. On a side note, I know it’s characteristic of the genre but the whole not being able to select your target when facing multiple opponents and missing the enemy with 1 HP remaining is ass splitting. The game just radiates that carefree 5th gen atmosphere of better days; it’s now one of my favorites in fact. Would very much recommend it. Haven't played the Disgaea series yet, largely because of the NIS cancer, but if it's as good as this I'll find a way to get to it eventually.
Open file (113.98 KB 750x669 M9FnXBL.jpg)
>>18997 >2005 was 16.000 years ago >>20268 Shading ruined everything
>>20268 Is it still possible to achive these asthetics with an engine like godot?
>>21622 I bought this on a whim many years ago. I was pretty young back then and I remember that I identified with some edgy guy far more than I should have. At the time I had little experience with these tactical RPGs so i probably didn't play it properly. At one point there is a massively overpowered whale that you have to run from, and I remember that you had to defeat it for an optional objective. I had no idea how that was possible, but knowing NIS it likely involved grinding or somehow exploiting mechanics.
>>21767 Good memories, anon. There are several ways to kill that whale if you chose to, like using trickery to level up your characters early on or, alternatively, converting a few boxed gremlins, trapping the whale between them and chipping away at his HP slowly. It's not worth it either way since all you get is several levels worth of XP and you don't really need them because the game is too easy anyway as was mentioned.
>>21766 You can of course imitate them, but it's gonna be only that, an imitation and imitation never truly understands the thing it imitates, just look at modern pixelshit.
>>21766 Just use an older engine like iD Tech 3/4. They can run on modern systems and are open-source. Like what >>21803 said, all you are going to get is an imitation if you use a modern engine.
>>20274 >comparing 6th gen masterpiece to some shovelware garbage kill yourself
After upgrading my HDD I realized how many great games the OG Xbox had. Hell even the early 360 had some cool ones. Its a shame how Microsoft fucked everything up.
>>15141 >...what happened to the fun, anons? Video games became institutionalized and their culture of origin changed. During the 90s and early 2000s the people who made video games were Computer Science Nerds, who either were obsessed with the technology itself or the artistic expression the technology allowed them to have. John Romero and John Carmack are basically the two archetypes for these kinds of people. Fueled by their obsession, they searched for sponsors and publishers to sell the software they made. On jewtube there is a great polish documentary about the German PC cult game Gothic and it goes into great detail about what kind of people were behind the game. Alternatively look up the development studios that made the original Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot games and in what kind of environment they made them. The media these people consumed was also quite different from today, you must remember that the people who made games until the 6th generation grew up largely without the Internet and got their ideas from books, movies and magazines. The people who came afterwards and who are making games for the big publishers today are basically just codemonkeys compared to these guys. They are some dead beat college student who gets tricked into a degree to become a video game developer, during his time he learns from pozzed university professors without job experience how to make games, with that useless degree he will apply for a job by one of the big studios who are owned by their publishers and these studios use him like a slave to create a game after the designs made by crony crayon munchers from the marketing department. In the past most developers were permanent employee, today most people you see in the end credits are temp workers. The nature of game design also changed, in the past video games were used as a proof of concept for the technology that run them, today's games try to exploit human behavior and psychology to make them addicted to subscription models. Alternatively the game is just a front for more devious activities, like the new XCOM: Chimera Squad titel which is mining data about how you use your computer and sends it to Amazon, Microsoft, Google and XSolla.
>>29955 Great explanation, if discouraging. Thanks Anon.
>>29955 Needed some spellcheck but good post.
Open file (189.97 KB 1265x435 vidya.png)
>>29955 Mandatory
There is nothing comfier than the dreamcast startup sound
Open file (777.03 KB 1920x1080 Aliens.jpg)
>>29955 I just wanted to escape my shitty reality
>>15141 Jews, leftists, shitskins, faggots, trannies, and autist happened. It's solved by killing them all. >>15189 >You have to play politically motivated AAA games of the three approved genres. No you don't. Play only games from before 2007. Everything else is shit.
>>35374 woa, check your privilege
Open file (329.08 KB 679x481 Angel.PNG)
>>29870 >Microshaft It wasn't just them, it was big AAA companies as well, but the big 3 fucked it all up in different ways, the internet becoming mainstream along with mobileshit only helped the hobby become what it is today. As bad as thing have become in general, things have also become better for enthusiasts from 7th Gen as now there's much more variety in the games you can play and they're pretty much all available on PC while staying away from AAAshit. Nothing will beat the Golden Years of the 90s and 80s though, pure technological bliss and PC, console and arcades were all different and had their own appeal, strengths and weaknesses It's a shame we barely see any good game with good production values nowadays but mid sized releases are thriving and that alone makes this half a decade better than the previous one.
>>29955 Nail, meet hammer.
>>29955 >Alternatively the game is just a front for more devious activities, like the new XCOM: Chimera Squad titel which is mining data about how you use your computer and sends it to Amazon, Microsoft, Google and XSolla. Wait, what? I know that's common now but I don't remember a leak about them
>>29955 A bong-specific addon to this: in the 80s the ZX80 and ZX81 were the budget computer of choice and they outright required you to learn to code to do anything worthwhile which created an entire generation of fags who had at least the basic competence to make vidya. Once this generation started retiring or selling off their companies in the mid-2000s things went to shit. The ZX-80/81 were popular and cloned elsewhere, as far as I know, but I know they were also a flop in North America as apparently burgers hated having to type in programs before they could do anything and more importantly had access to cheap nip consoles for vidya instead.
Open file (1.08 MB 276x260 Intruder.gif)
>>35380 >pic who dat
>>35889 Reported, enjoy your ban
>>35909 >>35923 >responding at all
>>35909 What is this zip supposed to be exactly?
Open file (112.87 KB 1242x1152 Jack Link's.jpeg)
>>35909 >>35923 sometimes i'm just retarded and forget about reverse image search wizardry i had a long day at work fuck off
>>35950 I'm thinking its a mugen character, not sure though, haven't played it in a while so I forget what the files look like
>>35967 yeah double checked and it's a lewd mugen. neat that it's small enough to be uploadable.
Open file (347.09 KB 1024x576 a friendly jew.jpg)
>>823 6th gen was the last good gen
>>35923 Reported for what? >>35949 This actually. >>35950 Mugen char 18+, ultra rare. >>35966 >i had a long day at work fuck off Make it up to me, where do you work, seeking employment. >>35975 You're welcome faggot.
>>35966 Nigger it's in the fucking filename >>35990 Pretty much, I'm just glad I was lucky enough to live those days and the ones before. Can't say the same about film or music, when I was born they were already turning into pure shit.
Open file (1.59 MB 762x1072 DMC cover.png)
Open file (3.97 MB 1920x960 Devil May Cry.png)
Devil May Cry – featuring Dante from the hit Devil May Cry series. Last time I played the original DMC was somewhere in mid 00s so this was basically like playing it fresh. The first thing that really struck me was just how gorgeous the game looks, the art direction is absolutely incredible, it can honestly rub shoulders with DMC3 in that aspect and this is a 2001 game. It’s definitely up there with early gen trailblazers like MGS2, Shenmue2, FFX, games that looked like something out of distant future in an unbelievable leap from 5th gen with its barely definable blocks to something that still looks good today… Man, the 6th gen shift was truly the greatest in all of gayming; you almost feel bad for newfags who will never experience something as groundbreaking, with modern vidya doing just light cosmetic upgrades every new gen. Gameplay wise it’s still very much recognizable as a DMC game but understandably humbler. Kinda amazing how core elements carried all the way up to 4, although control layout is different to the rest of the series and it took forever for my brain to adjust. Where it definitely differs is in objective variety, you’re mostly just meandering through castle grounds collecting keys in a very down to earth manner for son of SUPADA; it’s quite comfy in its own way and there’s much more flavor text than in any other entry to go with it but all that definitely cements the game as Resident Evil with swords. There are also uncharacteristic underwater FPS levels that had the potential of being a major pain in the ass but they are so short it's not really an issue. Boss battles however are excellent, just what you'd expect and probably where the game stood out the most at the time as a new sub-genre. Music is good but it doesn’t leave such an impression as it did in 3 and 4, there’s much more ambience and kinda flaccid one note techno than the kuhrayzee techno of the sequels. The story is mostly bare bones, more of a premise really and it’s instead more interesting to look at it retroactively through the prism of the franchise. For instance, even though I vaguely remembered that the mysterious knight was Vergil, I didn’t expect to actually see his face in this game and even some iconic moves like Summoned Swords. Or how Trish did nothing of value but forced herself onto Dante to give her free housing. Good time.
>>36408 It was originally supposed to be Resident Evil 4 as well, probably why the level art design is so atmospheric and moody. compared to more the fantastical and cuhrazee later titles. When I play DMC1 I always get this desire to also play it's levels as a slow paced Resident Evil game.
>>36414 Yeah you don't even encounter that many enemies in the first half of the game, often allowed to just explore empty rooms full of misc. details and flavor text in order to build up the mood, which is in stark contrast with the rest of the series. They clearly wanted you to be somewhat uneasy in this, at least during early stages before you become unstoppable killing machine.
>>35990 Anon the change between the 6th and 7th Generation was so dramatic, you can see it in prominent franchises when they made the jump from the 6th to the 7th. There is a noticeable drop in quality, a lack of innovation and change in design choices to make games for the retarded masses that swarmed the internet in 2007. Many of my favorite franchises from the 5th generation didn't make it into the 6th generation or their 6th generation entry were arse, but it didn't matter because we had so many alternatives to chose from and it was a vibrant time. Meanwhile the 7th generation was so fucking awful it almost turned me off from gaming completely and I went into retro gaming and handhelds. The 7th generation improved slightly at its end, but we are still living in desolate times.
>>36458 >The 7th generation improved slightly at its end I would say 7th started ok but with many errors and when everyone started copying wagglan mechanics it all went to shit.
>>36458 The problem was the adoption of retard-friendly online multiplayer for consoles. All of the cancer stems from that.
Open file (84.93 KB 450x658 Terminator.jpg)
>>36294 >Make it up to me, where do you work, seeking employment. I drive for 3 hours to plug in printers and reinstall wangblows for boomers >>36299 >Nigger it's in the fucking filename >angel.png yeah that really narrows it down
>>36458 >The 7th generation improved slightly at its end The hell do you mean? It got even worse at the end, it just started off well before devolving into shit 2-3 years later. >>36467 It certainly was a catalyst but there was a massive flood of people towards tech of any kind and videogames were also reaching places like the Middle East and India with massive success. 8th Gen got even worse as China, which was mainly stuck with PC F2P shit and why ASSFAGGOTS and F2P became so popular at the time, opened the console floodgates in 2013.
>>36479 >The hell do you mean? In the beginning the 7th generation of games was stuck in a "brown period", console FPS and cover shooter flooded the market. Media about games wasn't great before, but it became really obnoxious during the 7th generation and we got shit like publishers declaring entire genres of games to be dead. This changed towards the end of the 7th generation, games stopped being brown and certain titles, both big and small, showed that certain game genres weren't dead and that there was still a market for them. Then Sony tried to eradicate Linux support on its consoles, but that lead to people breaking the console open and allowing people to pirate everything. Similar thing happened to the Wii, which no matter what bullshit Nintendo tried to pull became a open platform. And on top of all that we got the Gamergate shitstorm ripping the Game media a new asshole over how political corrupted they have become, thus leading to a new renaissance of independent game reviewers on youtube. If you were looking for good games during the start and middle of the 7th generation, you had to overcome a wall of shit. This wall of shit started to vanish towards the end, allowing to pull out the few good games this generation had.
>>36515 >Gamergate shitstorm ripping the Game media a new asshole over how political corrupted they have become, thus leading to a new renaissance of independent game reviewers on youtube. Goobergate died in about 3 months after it began and led to nothing. If you think jewtube eceleb shills are "independent reviewers" you need to go back to 8coom and kill yourself.
>>36515 It's obvious you weren't playing games at the start of 7th gen >In the beginning the 7th generation of games was stuck in a "brown period", console FPS and cover shooter flooded the market No, that was the middle of it. In the beginning you still had middle market games and Japanese devs still at the helm of console development. Once you get to 2008, it's all downhill: Japan games are in decline, PS3/360 duke it out for shitty third party FPS and TPS games slathered in bloom, brown, and 30 fps, Nintendo is more worried about wagglin, etc. And it only got worse. >games stopped being brown and certain titles, both big and small, showed that certain game genres weren't dead and that there was still a market for them Yes, it was great seeing [niche genre] revived by [indie cuck who doesn't understand games] while they needlessly put [trannies, niggers, etc] in it for no reason besides indoctrinating what used to be a politically odorless medium. >Then Sony tried to eradicate Linux support on its consoles, but that lead to people breaking the console open and allowing people to pirate everything. Similar thing happened to the Wii, which no matter what bullshit Nintendo tried to pull became a open platform. Outside piracy attempts did fuck all to actually make games good. And in the Wii's case, Nintendo deliberately went out of their way to not bring over Last Story and Xenoblade until a fucking petition forced their hand. They clearly wanted to siphon off "gamers" to handhelds while dedicated home consoles were for normalfags. Oh, and nice job on ignoring Sony's infamous security breach. >And on top of all that we got the Gamergate shitstorm ripping the Game media a new asshole over how political corrupted they have become Which they've only tripled down on while people calling them out get silenced or discredited. GG won't mean shit until outlets like Kotaku are fully dead. >renaissance of independent game reviewers on youtube. Oh fucking boy I sure love seeing faggots given software and hardware review copies to shill for them in video form.
>>36472 >I drive for 3 hours to plug in printers and reinstall wangblows for boomers That reads heavenly right now, got an open position? >angel.png >yeah that really narrows it down Yeah, it does: https://www.bing.com/search?q=%22angel%22%20videogame%20character
>>36479 I cannot speak for that anon, however, once the ps4 released and normalniggers jumped ship from the PS3 there was a quite a number of good releases by japanese developers from 2013-2016. This obviously doesn't speak to the generation as a whole but that's one way to say say there was an end of generation increase of quality.
Open file (560.64 KB 1515x2158 Dead Rising.jpg)
Open file (36.99 KB 316x445 Destroy All Humans 2.jpg)
Open file (47.20 KB 498x498 AC4.jpg)
Open file (25.94 KB 305x423 Blue Dragon.jpg)
>>36515 >In the beginning the 7th generation of games was stuck in a "brown period", console FPS You're an idiot, there was tons of crossgen stuff and the aesthetics, variety and genres of 6th Gen were still very much present but with 7th Gen hardware >>36537 >there was a quite a number of good releases by japanese developers from 2013-2016 They were mostly cross gen titles with the PS3 and the Vita and most were pretty mediocre.
Open file (37.46 KB 1280x720 0167 OTR.jpg)
>>36551 >There will never be another decent dead rising game It hurts
>>36551 Yeah when you bring that up, those were cross generation titles, still they were games on the ps3, if you were part of the existing userbase you had that game on your platform at the time. I still found enjoyment in some of them, Dragon's Crown and Fighting Climax are my standouts from the time period I'm talking about.
Open file (47.51 KB 375x500 kotr.jpg)
Open file (59.98 KB 323x433 kotr 2.png)
Decided to play pics related, what am I in for in terms of quality, and if the first one is trash, can I skip to the second if it's any better?
>>36608 the first Knights of the Old Republic is objectively better than the sequel in all things except maybe the writing and having more skills and powerups Knights II is bugged as fuck and missing content and lacks the same charm as the first.
>>36608 They are both good but the gameplay was never incredibly deep. but both are competent SRD d20 nerdshit served up with some decent writing. As >>36619 notes, Kotor2 got shafted during development and its plot sort of just falls apart at the end. Still worth if you liked the first game's premise.
>>36608 not him, but are the games worth a playthru if I don't actually care about soywars and their lores, as their own standalone experiences? Will I know what's going on and/or will I be having fun?
>>36516 Not that anon but while youtube e-celebs and streamers are by no means immune to paid shilling it's still better for them to be the method of choice for publishers than for 'traditional' video games media because the barrier for entry is far lower and the only motive is profit. With traditional sites and magazines the control over who can review stuff is in the hands both of the publishers who fund it and those running the magazine/site who have been getting progressively more SJW over time and so exclude white males, anyone with non-approved tastes/beliefs and so on. With youtube/streamers there's still generally the fact that almost anyone successful is in the pockets of publishers and has to toe the line that way but publishers don't give much of a shit about the political side just the greed side. Basically before you'd be fired for saying the wrong game was bad or for calling trannies mentally ill but now the latter is fine as long as you still do what publishers want.
>>36646 You don't have to watch Star Wars or know much about it before playing the Knights games. I didn't. A lot of the lore in the games were self contained and learn as you play experiences. Almost everything is explained in optional dialogs with NPC and Party members you meet along the way. You won't feel lost
>>36608 Get the fanpatch/restoration mod for II: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-sith-lords-restored-content-mod-tslrcm **don't bother with the additional planet. It's most necessary for the bugfixes and making the ending less shit. >>36646 >not him, but are the games worth a playthru if I don't actually care about soywars and their lores, as their own standalone experiences? II is, in my opinion, and also tends to show where the lore has flaws so you might like that. I never liked the first that much but it's a perfectly standard pre-SJW Bioware experience so for me it's a bit bland. If you've played DA:O or Jade Empire think that with lightsabers for the first one. >Will I know what's going on and/or will I be having fun? If you're not retarded you'll be fine with the lore and story. You could also drop the first game part way through and skip to II and as long as you talk to fags and pay attention you'll be fine plotwise.
>>36660 Are the games Good, tho? What other games would you compare them to the closest? And about how much are both of them combined going to take me to beat? >>36661 >It is similar to Jade Empire That's another game I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. Can you give me a TL;DR on it? I think I might just play all 3, on a binge Was the first Dragon Age even good?
>>36662 >Are the games Good, tho? I loved the first Knights game.The characters, the world building, the quests, the soundtrack. It's an MMORPG minus the MMO aspect. Combat is based on dice rolls and rapidly clicking on your attacks and power buttons in the hopes that you manage to get the first hit or have higher stats than the enemies you're fighting. Some people aren't sold on the fact that Knights didn't have freeform combat, but the games really are worth it. What have you got to lose by giving them a shot?
>>36587 Brown FPS shit came later when Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 were massively popular. That's what I'm trying to say.
>>36608 I played the second one first and didn't have any problems at all understanding the story. so skipping the first one isn't the end of the world but the feats and powers and other character building is a lot more fleshed out in TSL it's hard to go back to 1. That being said combat isn't that great, it's mostly just spam this attack feat or that force power or maybe you can spice it up and cast some buffs and THEN spam attack feats, and I honestly remember being more challenged in the first game than the second one (but then I played the second one a LOT more) Despite what some people say the restored content mod doesn't fix everything perfectly and even with it there are a few spots that still show the fact that the game was rushed also if you really don't like your party members you can still get their bonuses and upgrades they give in the second game if you get negative influence and in the first game you can fucking murder them
>>36662 >And about how much are both of them combined going to take me to beat? Shit I missed that question The first Knights will probably take you about 18 hours to beat if you avoid all optional content and ride on the main story's coattails from start to finish. Different story paths based on if you want to be a goodie or a baddie adds more time to playthru I never managed to finish the second Knights but it's probably a bit longer than the original
>>36662 >That's another game I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. Can you give me a TL;DR on it? I think I might just play all 3, on a binge Interesting but unevenly executed combat system, decent enough setting. Standard Bioware plot. On the action end of ARPG. Easily the game I had most fun with out of the three but I wouldn't rate it as amazing. >Was the first Dragon Age even good? I didn't like it very much personally. Some fags enjoyed it for the combat but the complete and utter blandness of the writing (setting, characters and plot) just bored me and the whole origins ideas just means a slightly different tutorial and the occasional callback to it later. If you like somewhat mechanically sound games and enjoy playing in a generic world you'd probably like it, if you're after a memorable RPG or decent writing I'd skip it. I'd say go for the idea of trying all three in a row. You can always drop them.
>>36672 >gaylo and cod4 >starting the brown FPS trend Dont you mean quake and WW2 shooters? cod4 and gaylo have much more colors and overall they're more green
This is the best game, not only of the 6th gen but possibly of all time.
>>1069 he means like those downloads that have every dumped rom for a particular console. They seem to be more difficult to find than prior gens.
>>36692 why did i respond to a nearly year old post
>>927 Give VCS another try, it's one of the best GTA campaigns. >The "empire building" stuff felt very repetitive People like the empire building side mission only because it gives you a shit ton of money to spend on the good weapons and go apeshit on story missions (you can outright skip a lot of chase missions with the rocket launcher, and the scoped revolver is an OHKO on nearly everything, makes the fight with the diaz brothers a joke).
>>36695 heh, no worries mate. we've all been there. :^)
Open file (27.18 KB 220x288 Legendary.jpg)
Open file (27.55 KB 250x317 FarCry 2.jpg)
Open file (798.92 KB 900x1252 Homefront.jfif)
Open file (25.39 KB 256x304 Haze.jpg)
>>36681 >cod4 and gaylo have much more colors and overall they're more green Yet none of their copycats had any of that >Quake Not unless you think stuff like Duke and Strife is brown and drape >WW2 shooters that are mostly set in either france or the Netherlands filled with greens >Brown No
>>36695 because he's a newfag rapefugee
>>36408 Interestingly, according to Kamiya the mission-based structure was introduced late in the development and originally it was even more like Resi.
>>35990 Agreed.
Open file (430.13 KB 800x1124 Cover.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 1920x896 Eternal Ring.jpg)
Eternal Ring – I haven’t played the King’s Field series yet but from what I can tell this is basically KF lite. This was a PS2 launch title and I don’t know whether FromSoftware wanted to or were asked to coincide the game with the launch, or whether they were testing 6th gen waters before the next mainline installment. Either way it’s pretty bare bones. The game’s main gimmick is a ring crafting system which is probably its best aspect; it’s pretty in-depth and satisfying: making rings, finding rings; rings with offensive spells, rings with defensive spells, status rings, there’s a lot to experiment with. They all also have very nice renders. Other than that there’s really not much else to do, the game is pretty short and not particularly well designed; yeah it’s tough but also very primitive and easily exploitable - nothing can stand up to your circle strafing. The visuals are pretty weak and in fact the game looks worse than King’s Field 3 on PS1, both in terms of art direction as well as actual tech. The game just has no mood or style to it at all. There’s also a plethora of bugs, with my favorite being projectiles hitting you through walls and ceilings. It’s so unfair I almost kinda like it, it completely changes the conventional vidya dynamics – “you thought you were safe behind that wall, faggot? Wanted to heal and regroup? Think again!” I did however like the HUD and UI, they are well designed and crisp. Despite the manual and the game itself lying to you that the analog controls are supported, they are in fact not so you have to play with a d-pad and with PS2’s pressure sensitive buttons you have to jam hard the directional button for hours; my thumb needs an extensive therapy now. The music is weak as fuck, it’s completely inappropriate 90% of the time with the same limp loop playing ad nauseam. Even no music at all would be a better choice. The story is barely present and sadly is also shit, there’s just nothing to work with here. No good lore™ or anything either. You might be thinking I hated the game but despite all that I still enjoyed it, there’s a certain charm to playing something so hardcore and archaic, I just wish there was some incentive to play it other than meta. King’s Field 3 and 4 look much better in that aspect so maybe they are what I'm looking for.
Open file (3.60 MB 1158x1600 Cover.png)
Open file (3.19 MB 1920x960 Ico.png)
Ico – finally hunted down a reasonably priced copy in good condition and damn, it was perhaps worth it to wait nearly 20 years to play it and truly appreciate it, what a great vidya. Art direction, aesthetics, atmosphere – all are absolutely impeccable; it’s one of those games where you know you’re playing something very special from the first minute. And of course Yorda is top tier barefoot waifu. From technical perspective the game starts very simple and at first strikes you as a budgetary title of sorts but then proceeds to showcase some jaw-dropping visuals that look on par with late gen titles. Very impressive water, cloth and lighting effects; especially of note is the final escape through the rainstorm which looks incredible. And all that from a 2002 game that runs in 240p. Gameplay wise I was kinda surprised what a straight up platformer this was, just like with its visuals the game starts simple but then goes full Tomb Raider, with big dumb videogamey levers and everything. The combat is basic and closer to survivor horror games, acting as more of a distress situation than an actual gameplay mechanics and the idea is to avoid it; you can even solve some puzzles in a way that will not spawn enemies at all. In fact, feels like they missed on the potential of making the castle more open ended, giving you the opportunity to explore it and tackle some puzzles out of strict order. The game even continuously shows you entire layout of the castle from every vantage point, which I believe it was one of the first to do; I remember thinking how that looked very Dark Souls and it turns out Miyazaki was heavily inspired by the game. But oh well, still good shit. The story is that specific brand of minimalistic narration that relies on solid concepts and lore to do the job, I really liked it. You immediately want to know more about the world. There’s barely any music in the game as it mostly goes for ambience, and what few melodies are present only slightly punctuate the situations so there’s not much to talk about here but it is the game’s distinctive style. It is a shame that normalfags sort of hijacked the game's image and use it as a talking point for their immersive cinematic™ experience shit, downplaying that Ico uses that in favor of actual gameplay and there’s never any moment when you’re not in control of the situation.
Are there any modern games like this? HD remake when?
>>38906 >Are there any modern games like this? No, platformer genre has died. >HD remake when? Hopefully never.
>What have you been playan recently, anons? I finally got my ass down to go through the first Kingdom Hearts. it's a shame that only now I got around to playing it So far I'm really enjoying it aside from the fact that the difficulty seems to be all over the place. I spent one full evening just trying to defeat Cerberus, but later I wiped the floor with everybody in both Agrabah and the Jungle (even though they're supposed to be harder). Again, aside from that, fun. Fighting is satisfying, voice acting & cutscenes well done, characters well made/written.
>>38856 I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading reviews in this format. Thank you
i don't speak moron. what's a vidya?
>>39246 >he says, in moron
Open file (1.38 MB 1231x1754 4354345.png)
>>39205 I would tell you to play the Remix 2.5 version of the series if anything. The game on the PS2 does not do it justice in fact it really is the most dated of all the versions honestly. The only rough part about the game is it's length in the beginning with Tarzan and certain parts of the end as well but it is worth it as you make your trek through the series.
>>39215 Sure thing anon, though I moved to smug/vg/
>>36689 I only had the demo and I still have great memories, nothing better than nailing your buddy with a bottle right before he crosses the finish and stealing the win.

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