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FBIchan general (8chan/8kun/Odin) Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 22:26:59 ID: 5aa03a No.13388
Share your favorite snaps.
Open file (133.32 KB 481x798 Muh CSS.png)
Open file (186.93 KB 445x783 s1.png)
Open file (282.72 KB 453x745 you've been fiddled.png)
Open file (169.92 KB 1119x507 you have been alogged.png)
Since the Cake is giving vch to Gahoole2 as a burden, I think it's time to close this thread good bye. It's been FUN. https://archive.vn/
>>29646 >Since the Cake is giving vch to Gahoole2 as a burden, I think it's time to close this thread how the fuck are two of these things related
>>29647 Guntstream, you had to be there last night, it was a drunken bickering of laments and wrestling
>>29648 No one cares about that shit, retard. Learn to fucking speak.
>>29648 >You would know what's going on if you watched our stream, lurked in our threads and visited our subreddit! no, fuck off, nobody here cares about your shit, or wants anything to do with you. if you will stop bumping this thread, then good riddance, now go back to where you came from, stay there
>>29673 >phoneposter Is this Mark?
>>29673 >now go back to where you came from, stay there That's here, thanks Mark! Now why is it they hate this page on the front pageūü§Ē
Open file (742.43 KB 575x821 robi.png)
>>25105 > a certain BO of this site keeps acting like he does, I see much potential in him Hopefully you don't speak of this guy. On the best way to get his own thread
Open file (350.59 KB 575x821 25963523.png)
>>29696 >not using the unshooped version
>>30144 >complains about faggot globals and how there is internal drama and ron cant prove shit yet. >hands out /a/ to /animu/ instead of giving it to a non faggot party like anon. If they're going to have the claims system it should include all boards, giving it to another BO bickers of cred should be a final solution, not the first one.
>>30273 /a/ getting fucking loves her pussy is always a good thing no matter the circumstance
>>>/v/14471 I can't find archives of newer threads, and these don't have proof of the shit shitcorders pulled, but it does prove that there is a shitcord. Complaints of them were in the later threads, but I can't find anything newer than these. https://archive.is/P2HLV http://archive.is/4MzFC http://archive.is/5KnBE http://archive.is/Yq1sX
>>31101 >07/10/17 (Mon) 00:38:46 ID: 02d6f4 No.12994683 >==THE OFFICIAL SERVER DISCORD IS UP={ >https://ghettogaggers.com/nC9Nq8w >wouldn't use it for discussing village important info Holy shit it's real. Now to find the active invite link.
Oy vey, it's still alive! https://ghettogaggers.com/9sABbGt
Open file (63.73 KB 307x2377 image (1).jpg)
Open file (122.81 KB 315x3482 image (2).jpg)
fug, I recognize EVERYONE Even the owner is a regular here.
>>31109 I recognize a lot of names,some are good lads,i feel conflicted as fuck,on the one hand it's been mostly good times when i played at least,on the other hand,it's still discord shittery,i'll probably still play,won't touch the discord with 10 foot pole though.
Open file (403.36 KB 1712x599 1581230363606.png)
>>24173 It's not 8chan's fault nobody globally reported the illegal shit.
Open file (274.83 KB 1787x385 1581331322396-0.png)
Open file (261.72 KB 1045x397 1581331322396-1.png)
Open file (147.51 KB 895x385 1581331335624.png)
Open file (30.81 KB 1783x154 1581650345758.png)
>>24173 >they used discord >they used discord >they used discord I always figured pedos were smarter than this. Darwinism on this one, retards are retarded and go the way of the dodo.
>>31902 >virus So the harlfbreed has the corona virus?
>>31866 Yeah, poor Jim never got the chance to see it even if the board was his.
>>31907 He's been ‚Äúsick‚ÄĚ, that's why there's been ‚Äúdelays‚ÄĚ to everything, including now his wrists. Forget his fuck ups, forget his school, forget his party life in Tokyo, forget how he went to see his dad for Christmas, he's ‚Äúsick, with arthritis.‚ÄĚ Archives: https://archive.ph/UrcQl https://archive.ph/155VK Someone tell >>>/meta/3941 and >>>/b/1760 they shouldn't use julay/v/ & it's meta for shit about another site. This entire thread was specifically made for 8kun.
>>31909 these are small, underage children, who are spamming their iphone screencaps itt, they don't understand, or care, what's going on, as long as they feel they "belong" here, that they're le blowing the frick out of some le lolcows this whole thread really shows you how far down the shitter /cow/ has gone, letting underage children run this board like this. Jews has no spine, actual discord trannies who moderate cuckchan probably have more testosterone than anyone still left browsing this board, at this point
>>31916 >implying this thread wasn't posted by some faggot that frequents the GG General There is a reason why there is a retard constantly crosslinking here and demanding any discussion of 8kun/Mark happen in this thread.
>>31916 cry harder backseatfag :^)
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
>>31922 yes, his name is gooseposter, and he admitted to being a leftypol tranny, or at least hating on /pol/ >>31924 are you gonna call everybody some childish name, rather than call them mark now? even cuckchanners are spicier than this, yikes
>>31916 >>31925 Omg, fredposter/Pewter has graced us with his presence! Does this mean the autism threads are back in business?! What did Mark say when he denied spamming /cow/ for weeks?
>>31979 Explain phonefag is this the faggot that was avatarfagging as Fred Flinston?
>>31981 Gooseposter or his other /gg/ friends just call people various boogeyman when cornered. Back then, it was mark, now, it's some pewter whoever the fuck, I don't keep up with all the e-celebs little children worship here these days >Faggot that was avatarfagging as fred flinstone Literally who?
>>31981 The one and only! Took me weeks to confirm, but yarp! >>32013 If you don't keep up, why the fuck do you care? >Literally who? (((You)))! Scroll up, there's even your tranny discord linked here as well!
>>30144 Since someone asked me about this on IRC: >we were having a meido drive at that time, someone with a commuist sounding name applied an I wanted to check /leftypol/ >Tenicu's mail was "Come on let me in I'm the cleaning fairy" We may not have been taking 8ch quite as seriously as Ron was.
Open file (34.79 KB 751x322 e1.png)
Open file (25.10 KB 511x255 e2.png)
Open file (12.93 MB 1280x720 kirino_deletes_animu.webm)
>>32867 It was this. What really set Ron off was that shortly after I joined /animu/'s team as a gag (and soon after got dropped when they realised), their BO decided to hand the board off to a sperg named Kirino who promptly deleted the entire board for severe autism reasons. I think Ron always blamed us for that, even though we really dindu nuffins.
>>32911 >Kirino is a good guy <T.kirino Top kek
imagine using 8chan
>>32992 *8kun I noticed latley the PPH is pretty low as of late. Which I am conflicted. One side of it you have less people going to a VERY glowing website, going to a broken site, and less people going on Mark's /v/.
>>32998 Hit space too soon... On the other, it seems the communities are pretty split, so posts are very slow compared to what it was before 8chan got shutdown. I really feel like this is approaching the end of imageboards as we know it, but who knows.
>>33000 (checked) Sweet summer child, imageboards were dying even when 8ch was still around. It was already dying a slow death with activity steadily falling down on every board in the last 3 years, and every board outside the main page was pretty much dead. It is inevitable.
>>33002 God dammit I don't want it to, I've only been on imageboards for over a decade and has pretty much helped define who I am. I can't stand much outside of them bickers of how cushioned communites are outside of them. Vast majority will just ban you for even implying something that isn't quite politically correct or even being slightly 'mean'. 4chan is just fucking reddit at this point with not even a handful of communites on there any decent. I refuse to go back.
>>33009 Holy shit I had a stroke on the second sentence. What I meant to say was, I can't stand online communities in general. The people in these places are too soft. Please excuse my retardation.
>>33009 Just go to the gym and enjoy the little things in life like camping and shooting vermin on your property.
>>32998 What's a broken site? >>33009 Remember when people had pen pals?
>>33050 like G‚ÄčAMERGATEs?
>>32998 >>33000 I sincerely hope you're not the type to call people crazy for believing in "conspiracies" bickers holy fuck what a hypocrite you'd be. NiggerG‚ÄčAMERGATEG‚ÄčAMERGATEG‚ÄčAMERGATEG‚ÄčAMERGATE PPH on 8 is low bickers paranoid schizophrenia is all too common, and the software fucking sucks so it barely functions.

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